Pondering Potential,,,

Happy Friday folks.
It’s totally understandable that despite a few victories, there remains the waft of disappointment in the air given the prize on offer and more than likely finishing position.


I’m well aware misery loves company and that whilst at a lower ebb it can be easy to forget how good riding the crest of a wave can be for us Tim’s who truly do have something special here.
When all are on the same page, amarch, it can truly be spine tingling.


So with the hope of changing the record, I would be delighted to read your opinion on a topic that seems to be on repeat recently between the mates and myself.
And that is the potential of Glasgow Celtic.


For starters a chap I’m delighted to call friend has asked me a couple of times to sit and ponder a hard question.
That question is,,
If every Celtic fan that wanted a ticket for Seville was guaranteed one, how many would have went?
This opener digs into the very heart of the issue in a different way, how much potential is there not just emotionally or financially but physically if possible?
It’s a great question and my first answer was theres no stadium built could hold that crowd.
Stadia themselves can for safety reasons only hold so much which does limit them, in our case by a huge amount.
My honest answer was a quarter million to which the chap agreed that as a good starting point. His rationale being every single Tim would want at least two, himself and the next generation of Celtic supporters.
So automatically 100k who.would always wish to go, around the number that travelled by all accounts, would have at least doubled, if capacity were available.
It’s such a shame nowhere exists that would let us gather in such numbers, the Stadio Azteca perhaps the last great bastion in that respect.
How many tickets do you think we could have sold yourself?


Second, while we are talking fans and numbers, I put this to the bhoys the other night.
We have one world class asset.
Yourself, hopefully one day myself, the fans in the stadium, the faithful.
‘That’ atmosphere which all the greats rant and rave about, you know the one.
Some might say weve a world class history and while it is to us, many teams have had quite a journey with the Busby Babes a stark reminder that history while wrote by the victor, can be very cruel. So I will stick on one world class asset.
And that biggest asset is free!
It’s ironic the club receives a pittance for said atmosphere btw, and a miracle that what I believe to be the most corrupt league in Europe can produce such a unique experience.
You, me, footballers, broadcasters, literally cant get enough!
Any business person worth their salt would not need to be told, maximize your biggest asset.


In that respect it should not be rocket salad to determine some things.
First of all, the more the merrier.
Everyone gets into it, everybody either enjoys it or participates.
More bodies, more atmosphere. It looks that simple.
Which leads to the question,,how big should our stadium be?
Well, look at the above fact, more bodies, more atmosphere.


62k is a strange number and I would love to hear how is became settled upon, but given that the stadiums coming 50 now, half a decade of history under her bent, when the refurb or rebuild is considered, the capacity number really needs to be examined.


Given the Seville question was settled on a quarter million give or take,,given that many would take an extra or two along to the big games if that possibility where available,,given that many simply settle to watch those famous European nights on telly because they have ‘no chance of a ticket’,,and then factor in the International Supporters Clubs who would indeed travel en masse to the big games together IF the twenty thirty block of seats needed to accommodate the clan were actually available.
I think our stadium number needs looked at, bigtime.


Now you’re probably thinking ‘Mahe we get a tuppence in a backwater, cant afford the rebuild and what happens when theres only 40k in this huge stadium as was happening?’
The pittance we accept from Sky and BT should stop tomorrow.
Is the best atmosphere IN THE WORLD not worth more than the mere pittance tossed out way als the appetizer before the biggest league in the world?


Whilst a full price VST is not the answer, a larger stadium with tiered season ticket for example a minimum wage worker tier and of course an elderly and youth tier, with the stadium then filled by the unemployed as soon as the ball kicks off is my dream, and we dont sell out to Murdoch or whoever, but those who arent attending can stream for 5 pounds or another decent flat rate with deals galore to entice interest.
Barca hit the hundred thousand, still couldnt match us.
Imagine us with at a ton capacity,,,the last minute corner yell would wake my wee one up ๐Ÿ˜‰
Build it and they will come I reckon.


And finally as three is the magic number, Supporters Clubs.
Either joined or founded one everywhere I’ve roamed, whether the happy landlord but bleary eyed staff, or the organically grown garage turned shrine which sums up my own over here, shout out to Calibhoy and the crew.
In the countryside the smaller ones are needed fullstop.


However, having cut my teeth in the hospitality trade, I believe the club are missing a trick here.
Around this date 17 years ago yours truly was a regular in a rugby teams official partner ‘outlet’ or something similar.
Positioned somewhere central with footfall, the designer then maximized the exterior space by filling it with those beautiful green and white hoops and the rest on display just drawing you in. That ‘superstore’ was small but equipped, a bored teenager when I had a butcher’s, but can you imagine the Hoops on display in the bigger USA cities saying come in and get me right here right now?


The establishment was the pre home game meeting point, with two big buses coming to take all those with cash,card or a season ticket to the game and back.
A large menu was always on offer, reassuring the just awake or the straight in after work supporter he could grab something substantial.
There was a bar of course.


However in my humble opinion the establishment’s jewel in the crown was its mini stand. Against a wall facing a roll down screen sat a mini set of bleachers that had the teams colors etc so you could actually sit shoulder to shoulder stadium style. I thought it was fantastic, it actually tended to be used be the elder fans for the better view and the younger ones seemed happy to give it up.


Transferring such a vision to our beloved club, such a place would be the perfect pre travel staging area within the isles surely, if not traveling the perfect CSC or as close as we shall get.
and I would have one in NYC, Boston, and SFO etc.
I would have a big hot box full of pasties, sausage rolls, and Scotch Pies full at all times and smelling great at the front beside the foot traffic. Take home packages for the expat.
The existing city based supporters clubs who have always been judged attendance vs opening costs by host bars can be left behind.
The ‘hardcore’ that watch live would see the establishment benefit from not only their attendance but the 3pm delayed recording crew (as we do) plus the shirt sales, pie sales, beer sales, all food sales.


I would have Official Glasgow Celtic Supporters Clubs in all the globes major cities where everyone knows they can catch the game live or replay, hear a friendly accent, grab a good fry (because I wouldnt accept anything less) or sample the hotbox,,grab haggis or black pudding etc to go, then all profits flows towards the club, employees being paid the average wage in that sector plus tips and bonuses.
A chunk of profit to local charities for the cherry on top!


Oh, on tops,,,why aren’t the local homeless and recovering vulnerable making them in an friendly workplace and even if a lesser quality we would buy if they actually help and support the community .
But that’s for another day.
What about you? Ever thought we were ‘missing a trick?’
I would love to hear below.


By Mahe.

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Think you have the wrong end of the stick here.
Nobody besmirched your uncle. Certainly not BMCUW.


JimmynotPaul @ 4:39 pm,


:)))) Excellent, you were lucky, they take there pool awful serious.

Often went up to Highbury in those days but didn’t go to David O’Leary’s testimonial for some reason.

We could do with his likes at Centre Half.

My local was out of town in those days, the pool team was the best in the district.

They had a fall out with the landlord and went to play for another pub. Now, the B team was the second best team in the district but wanted to keep together – they were probably going to win the title anyway with there friends and main rivals gone.

One evening the landlord said… You guys play a bit of pool fancy joining the A team.

Free food, excuse to get out on a Monday night, why not?

What a disaster….

There was always fear and trepidation when our “A team” arrived at a pub on a Monday night – the custom was you played your game, the loser bought the winner half a pint… I was so bad the amount of times I got a pint off the winner:))))

Glad you had a great trip, brilliant carefree days as you say.

Hail Hail

Packy, I wouldn’t take it personally about your uncle. Garry & Bobby were just saying what might have been a typical reaction in other circumstances and with other people. That’s how I read it.


According to the 20 minute Tim’s the PLC are reaching out to those on the waiting list,
I assume to firm up actual numbers.
There may be trouble ahead,,,,
They clearly want to see what they have in reserve, can see most most saying wrong time sorry.
Very interesting

Hail Hailstorm


Listening to a Liverpool podcast yesterday,,
When they played Leicester they dominated the opening 25 creating a few chances.
Brendan made the tactical switch at 25 and that ultimately won him the game.
Hes still improving. I wouldnt be surprised if he lifts the EPL title some year.


Mahe i’ll definitely be buying a season ticket it’s as good as chipping in a few bob for Pete’s retirement doo, well after I’ve finished constructing a full size boeing 747 out of post-it pads, that is.

big packy

ok wee joan has just arrived home, no change, her mother is still on life support breathing on a ventilator the nurses sent her home she has been there since 2.am this morning, anyway bobby if your up for it will phone you while im walking the dugs,H.H.

Just heard a rumour of Fergal Harkin, DOF & Enzo Maresca, head coach.


Jim 5.49.
Get some of your winnings on, Enzo still 10/1 with Skybet, although he was 8/1, last week, so has drifted a little.


Jim Feargal Sharkey and Enzo The Rapper would suit the nightshift better ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


JNP, think I’ll put a pound on for a laugh!



The ‘good fenian’ certainly wisne the polis horse. Never liked those feckers since 1st May 1985…Janefield St. Horse charge.

Probably unfair to blame the poor beasts… it’s the DOBs on their backs that were the problem.


I get what you mean about not drinking as much when necking from a bottle. Broke my top end beer mug the other week…the type that keeps yer beer gassy for the whole 10 seconds it’s in the feckin’ tumbler. Was given to me by a barkeep at my local, who was impressed that I offered to pay for it…rather than simply nicking it.

Hail Hail.


One of the difficulties the CST have is their close association with shareholdings and gaining shares as a means of influence. Of course it makes sense to beef up that particular arm of leverage but most recognise it is a longer term solution.

That probably explains “Celtic Shared” becoming a group who can act with more flexibility and immediacy but (and there is ae a but) it all falls back on who are being represented on what particular issue and how, as there are many. An issue the model I posted a few weeks back was a suggestion to address.

Now what everyone would agree on I think is that the main arm of immediate leverage are ST Holders and it is interesting to see the emergence today of a new group today called “Celts In The Stands”.

“Aw naw no another Judea’s peoples front” , but these guys might be the coalescing point that we have been waiting for.

Their stated mission: To connect all Season Ticket Holders, together in one voice, and share that opinion with Celtic FC.

I’ve signed up not as an ST Holder but as a wannabee ST holder (even if I don’t use it often but will Kano it) who would have to subscribe if my reasons not to i.e. a game rigged by The 5 Way Agreement, were being addressed.

Celts In The Stands are now registered with Celtic FC as an official Supporters Club, and they have had emails from the SLO and the DAO (Disability Assistance officer).

So please sign up https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWGJu1QEo1LhEtyD55dV1b35xYfnPptilIkV9D19yz0hQRcw/viewform

and although results have been delivered to the SLO another batch can always be added so no harm in taking the poll at


This bit from the Survey introduction is important:

To see the survey results you would have to join up but I found this from the lead in to the survey very encouraging:

We are available to contact through:
โžข Email: CeltsInTheStands@gmail.com
โžข Twitter: https://twitter.com/CeltsInTheStand
โžข Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeltsInTheStand
โžข We have members also belonging to the following groups (In alphabetical order):
(These Groups may or may not share the same opinion as our members)
โ–  Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters
โ–  Ancient Order Of Hibernian, Port Glasgow
โ–  Arthur McKenna Lochgelly CSC
โ–  Ayr Bhoys CSC
โ–  Brian Hogan CSC
โ–  Dundee Celtic Travel Club
โ–  Eagle Inn CSC
โ–  Erskine Renfrew CSC
โ–  Greenock CSC
โ–  Heriot watt & Edinburgh Universities CSC
โ–  Irvine Celtic no1 Sports Club
โ–  John Thomson CSC Cardenden
โ–  Lee Walker CSC Dundee
โ–  Lennoxtown Celtic Supporters Club
โ–  Luton CSC
โ–  Moodiesburn CSC
โ–  Naomh Padraig CSC
โ–  Preston Emerald CSC
โ–  Share Holders
โ–  The Celtic Trust
โ–  The Pat Anderson CSC, Glenacre
โ–  Twintowns Celtic Supporters Club
โ–  Tyneside No 1 CSC
โ–  Willie Maley CSC Newry Co.Down
โ–  Willy Angus CSC
โ–  Wim the Tim CSC
โ–  Many fans who are not part of a group

Hoi Garry! Let them know about Clydebank CSC ๐Ÿ™‚


Tremendous goal from Shaun.
15 years ago today, Shaun Maloney scored this beauty with Zurawski scoring four as Celtic hammered Dunfermline 8-1 ๐Ÿ€



Interesting, but sad tweet from Paul Larkin.
Iโ€™m going to take a break from social media as Iโ€™m ill just and in a lot of pain.Equal to that pain is where Celtic are and how fractured the support is. On my first point,
Iโ€™ve loved the club all my life. Yesterday I found out how much folk there hate me. Stay safe folks.








Auldheid – done ๐Ÿ‘



Naka goal I could watch all day




Fan a tic

Being cynical i viewed the minutes of the CST and Celtic PLC as being nothing more than their usual behavior of prevarication.
Lotโ€™s of wait and see and we know how that turned out for Auldheid and the Res 12 guys.
Honesty and openness is not in this boards DNA.
Or perhaps the we donโ€™t know response is because they have no plan just reaction on what circumstances will impact on their Old Firm model?

Oh very plausible bud. I hope not. Iโ€™ll stick with my half full glass for now but with limited confidence!



Sorry to hear about Paul’s health. I’m sure everyone on here wishes him all the best. Sadly,from the second part of your/his comment,it would seem that others do not share those sentiments.


Rumors that Luke Shaw to Celtic may not quite be a done deal yet?๐Ÿค”


I watched the 5 mins, you posted.
Great game.
As usual hun players fighting, after they lost.

big packy

HI GHUYS, just had a good hour talking to bobby, it was just a misunderstanding, lets draw a line under it and move on, same to you garry if your lurking,im too auld to fall out with you young ghuys, you will be watching celtic when im not,๐Ÿ˜Ž


That Naka strike eh!

Bet you immediately thought of Ryan Christie ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Packy, put a wee bet on there, a ยฃ1 double. One of the horses jumped out at me ‘Uncle Charming’ ! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ If it wins I’ll send a thank you prayer up to your uncle!


Maybe because it’s Liam Shaw we are signing? ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚

big packy

JIM, cheers for that๐Ÿ˜Ž


Glad you spoke with M.
Peace & Love fae Dalmuir to Cheshire. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ€

Tampa Bay Downs –
20.51 Uncle Charming @ 4/1
21.21 Sacramento Q @10/1

ยฃ1 ew double = potential winnings ยฃ60 ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m feeling lucky!



Probably signing a kid named ‘Luke or Liam’ from a struggling English club, i’d never heard of him so not bothered if he signs or not, more concerned with another apparent communications Feck up from Celtic.

big packy

GARRY, thanks for that,buddy,๐Ÿ‘


Looking forward to Wolves v Leeds in 25 minutes. You tuning in?
Should get good stream as it’s on BT Sport.


All good down in Swindon. As BIGPACKY said,a minor misunderstanding,soon righted and a guid wee blether to follow!


Jim Gl

Not had time to scratch my bum today.

Gonna tune in to the Leeds match.

big packy

you know what as i was talking to bobby, a true story came into my mind, ask bobby if you dont believe me๐Ÿ‘ but for the life of me i cant remember what it was, dont worry it will come to me eventually ,another true story.


Have never heard of Liam Shaw, or is it Luke, before last week either.

I was going to watch the snooker but I’m not a big fan of Ford or Williams so I’ll watch the Wolves v Leeds game. Not sure who to support. I know Garry will say Leeds! ๐Ÿ™‚

big packy

you know something ghuys, wolves have always been my second team, but dont tell garry, that is not a true story๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Twisty & Jim
Mon the YRA! ๐Ÿ’ช

I’ve played in Leeds Town Hall! A fantastic venue.


Saint Thomas Aquinas school tie was black and gold. The school team played in Wolves strips.
I quite like Wolves. That’s a secret. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

big packy

and ive drove past it umpteen times๐Ÿ˜Ž another true story๐Ÿ˜Ž



Fuxake,that’s tame by Kilwinning standards. It’s not known as the open air asylum for nothing,you know.

big packy

GARRY, your secret is safe with me.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž


I’ve got steaming in Leeds Town Hall Jim. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Was an Irish Folk Festival. Remember nothing about it ashamedly. ๐Ÿ˜”

Paddyโ€™s Maw

Sorry Mahรฉ.

I just donโ€™t get your thought process in the article. I canโ€™t see how it would work. I love going to the games and being in the pub beforehand but if I had the choice of paying about 50 quid a game to attend in person with a few drinks beforehand and petrol or a fiver between three of us to sit on the couch or about 15 quid to sit in the Celtic club Iโ€™m not sure I would think having a season ticket was worth it! So I donโ€™t see how you could fill 80,000 Seats. Donโ€™t forget we had banners over the seats pre-Rogers and I have absolutely no doubt theyโ€™ll be back next season too!
Can I add I have every intention of supporting Celtic and will be buying my ticket for next season but I wonโ€™t be buying it in April like I did this year!


I once spent a week in Leeds being wined and dined on company expenses. Testing subsea wellhead equipment at Cameron’s huge manufacturing facility. The place was massive. The plant has since closed down with many hundreds of jobs lost.

Thank goodness they’ve got the kid on crowd noise. much prefer that!