Success Has Many Fathers


The Old Firm,eh-what are they like? Known all over the world for well over a century for their intense rivalry,the bubbling cauldrons inside the stadia when they meet,with fan clubs spread to every corner of the world. A rivalry that truly made the footballing world sit up and take notice of a very small country,even if that country was as responsible as any for spreading The Gospel According To Football to countries who had never heard of Scotland OR football before.

But they have really outdone themselves in the last decade or so. Events on and off the pitch in the decade before that had seen the establishment club,long favoured quite brazenly by the powerbrokers in the country,being dragged down into an abyss of its own making,spending recklessly and indiscriminately to keep down the upstart interlopers from the East. During and after the eventual unseemly climax to that episode,inalienable maxims were recast-because they were dead and buried,with only the liquidators and creditors left to fight over the stinking corpse. Yes,the administrators sold off company assets in order to raise funds prior to that liquidation,but they could not raise enough to prevent it.

They died,and their historical record with them,leaving only that corpse. And a new entity-formed by buying assets from the administrators-had to apply for admission to the Scottish league system. Yet here we are,less than a decade since their administration and liquidation,about to see them claim their 55th title in a miraculously short period of time.

Who said there are only two certainties in life-death and taxes? There’s one maxim shot down right away.

There also seems to be some confusion about a team applying to join the league system,as it appears that being promoted to it from nowhere actually means that they were relegated. No. One club died and went the way of all flesh. Another applied to take the place that it vacated. They could bring to the party a big but crumbling stadium and a promise of big crowds to fill it,but no accounts and certainly no glorious history. And yet here we are,less than a decade since their administration and liquidation,about to see them claim their 55th title in,yes,a miraculously short period of time.

Where are the laws on phoenix companies masquerading as a defunct one? Or the regulations about player registration,which sees a 3-0 defeat and appropriate points adjustments for every game involving registration breaches? A senior SFA official twisted the space/time continuum with a convoluted explanation that the players were improperly registered,and because no-one had realised at the time,then no applicable rules had been broken.

If a tree falls in a forest…

I could go on-I already have-but the one maxim above all others that The Old Firm have broken for us all is that truth has many fathers,while failure is an orphan. It is true that no-one is rushing to CLAIM fatherhood-indeed,most in the frame for it are denying its very existence!-but there is little doubt in the minds of the vast majority of the Celtic support where the blame lies. And in this case failure too can be said to have many fathers.

All of us have watched with bewilderment this season as players with big reputations-and egos-and in many cases a long list of success have suddenly became bang average at best. There is barely a game this season when the fans have been fully confident of victory,and in most we have feared the worst-only to be proven wrong,as the players somehow contrive to make our worst fears seem like a fond wish. So bad have the overall performances been this season that I doubt that the eventual winner of the club’s Player of the Year or Young Player of the Year award will embarrass himself by putting it on his cv. Or even be around to receive it.

They win as a team,they lose as a team. And what a team of losers they have proved to be this year!

Another trying to avoid a paternity suit is the manager. Is it his fault he was appointed to a job to which he was clearly unsuited in this day and age? Of course not. He is Celtic through and through,as we all are. It is unreasonable to suggest that he should have turned it down-but not unreasonable to suggest that he should have at the very least pushed to be mutually consented at the end of October,if not before. The season was still salvageable at that point,but it was extremely unlikely to be so if he remained in charge. He even said he would walk if results did not improve-instead they got worse,and he is still here-officially,at least! There are multiple rumours around as to why that should be the case and none reflect well on the club or him.

Another person in the frame of course is our de facto Director of Everything. A finger in every pie with his pockets full of plums. You can apply a soubriquet of your own choice after that description. From hawking around the idea that there might be a statue erected for him,he now finds himself lucky that hanging has been abolished in this country. Though it might not be wise to visit certain pubs near the favoured site for said statue. He initiated this fall from grace by undermining our best manager since Jock-though more on this aspect tomorrow-and bringing in Neil Lennon to replace him. Without his own trusted backroom staff! Sure,he saved a few quid on wages by doing this,but we have watched aghast as his meddling and chiselling have brought us to our knees so many times before. That he lasted this long is a disgrace,that he was allowed a free hand to do so is inexcusable. He leaves in the summer. Around the same time that the pubs open again,so by coincidence there’s gonna be one helluva celebration,I can tell you!

But it is the person most responsible for allowing Lawwell that free hand that is most to blame for the shitshow,long in gestation but finally making its gruesome arrival before our eyes. The man who told everyone that our foes are a great club,that he looked forward to seeing them back in the Premier Division. A man who can’t be bothered to attend an AGM,rarely watches a match,treats the fans with undisguised contempt. Etc,etc,etc. Yet who,as our major shareholder,could have nipped all this in the bud-had he wanted to. That he didn’t do so raises a number of questions,none of which we will ever know the truth of. The most obvious ones are…

Is this season and its outcome part of his desired plan or wishes? Or does he really just not give a monkeys?

The final maxim which has been shattered by this shocker of a season is that you’ll never get the Celtic support to agree on anything. Now that is still strictly speaking true-in a sample size as large as the Celtic support,unanimity is impossible. But I reckon at least 80% agree that the players,Lennon,Lawwell and Desmond are responsible for what has happened,while the other 20% are kidding themselves on for reasons known only to themselves. Quite simply,they have turned us into a laughing stock and are undeserving of our support. And they might well find out how undeserving when season ticket renewal time comes around.

Success has many fathers,but failure unites the Celtic support…

Above article by BMCUWP

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So Neil is going.

Caretaker manager = John Kennedy.

It was always going to be thus. Months ago I said this would be the route map.

They won’t appoint a full time manager now for the reason that drives them. £££. If a new guy had shown little or nothing in improving things, that’d be more cost at season book renewal time.

I’m quite certain Kennedy will be here until May only.

Regardless of what JK does between now and the end of the season, in the remaining dead rubbers, he won’t get the job. If he did, they’d be lucky to shift 15,000 season books.

Noel Skytrot

it was always in the pipeline, either that or one of the oul guard brought in to see the seasons failure to the bitter end. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here? Will the board bring in the big name manager or will they run with a lesser option?


I still think it’ll be a decent name manager. I’m still hoping Eddie Howe. Let’s see.

One thing I’m planning. On our last game of the season, if Kennedy has had decent results, I’m personally going to stand guard at the shower doors.

( I should add, IF JK wins the title , he should get a 10 year deal😁)


The Stock Exchange waits with bated breath…

Noel Skytrot

Surely with the damning season we’ve just had they know that they have to get the support back down the renewal road and bringing in a decent manager might just swing it their way, then again, it’s a nest of vipers currently in control of our club. William will be laughing their hun arses off at everything that’s transpired this season and will be lost in their delusions of winning 55 and all the other shite, Red Arrows, getting the Best to the top of the charts etc but I think the more pragmatic among them will be worried we bring a really good manager in and fire them back to mediocrity.


I was contemplating the timing of all of this. I’ll bet it wasn’t the result v Ross County that was the catalyst for Neil packing his bags.

More likely his post match interview whereby after the worst effort I’ve ever seen by a manager trying to answer the question “ why are you losing so many goals from set pieces, and what will you do to arrest it” where he had absolutely no answer to give, he says in the next breath, “ I’m the man to rebuild the team”

I’ll bet that have the board kittens as they considered the impact of that statement on renewals.


A fine piece of writing from Ian Archer,about the last time we blew Ten In A Row. Courtesy of SOLKITTS.

Noel Skytrot

The possibility of reduced capital and the share price plummeting is probably the catalyst for punting Neil Lennon, as Bobby rightly states it’ll be interesting to see what happens with regards to the share price.



It is four months too late for saving our season,and the damage may also be already done to any hope the board had of a big uptake in ST sales. We shall see…

Also,I wonder who leaked the news? I suspect that only Lennon-belatedly-Lawwell,Desmond and Bankier were aware of the call taking place. My money is on Lawwell,in an attempt to save a payout to NL for breaking his NDA!

Noel Skytrot

I wonder how many supporters will think that balling Neil Lennon will resolve all our issues?

By the way gents, I’m currently sitting in my workplace and instead of writing notes, I’m sitting commenting on Sentinel Celts.


I suspect we all agree with your assesment Bobby, but they have taken the first 3 steps step to steer the ship,1.D McKay
,2. Lawell and now
I am more interested in GOH, 5way, SFA, Referees, Resolution 12/11, 55 or 1, Bankier? Interesting times ahead.Maybe too big a gap to bring me back in.


NEIL LENNON has been SACKED by Celtic – and the departure will be made official when the Stock Exchange opens later this morning.


Suggest he refused to go but hung in for the ££. Forced to sack him.

Sol Kitts

Club statement, official line is he resigned.



I’ve left tomorrow’s article on NL’s departure for MAHE to cover. He was for doing one for today in advance of an official announcement but I felt it was only fair to wait for that,and to maybe be a bit more kind to him.

After all,it is true that the last eighteen months have been a disaster,but that is far from the case for much of the rest of his lengthy time with us.

A thing of beauty

Hallelujah. At last. Only two years too late.
Right till the end neil Lennon is still telling us he worked as hard as he could. Eh, no you didn’t because if you did you would have improved your coaching and found ways to adapt to the modern game. He was a very successful player for Celtic but as a manager in his second spell he was an unmitigated disaster. Let’s not rewrite history.



A boxer is only as good as his last fight,and NL hasn’t put in the hard yards needed to be a success this time around. Celtic are as much to blame for this as he is though-they ignored all the warning signs because they “knew better”

Jobo Baldie

The decision should have been made earlier. Neil Lennon is a decent guy and the things that he has had to put up with throughout his career as a player and as a manager should not be underestimated. However, the problem (to me) was that he was a Manager when what we really need is a Coach. get someone in who can actually employ tactics, make changes during a game, make substitutions at the right time, etc. I don’t think there’s a single player at Celtic who has improved over the last 2 seasons.
It’ll make this Saturday’s game against Aberdeen slightly more interesting – will John Kennedy just continue in the same vein or will we discover that he will try to be his own man in the short period left till the end of the season? It’s easy to say he’s not the long term answer – but who is?
Get someone who gets the team playing in the same way that Leeds Utd currently do under Bielsa and I’ll be a happy old man!


Celtic Football Club today announced that Neil Lennon has resigned from his position as football manager with immediate effect.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Well I’ll go to the golf today with a spring in my step! Or at least some Reb tunes on the speakers instead of the Rolling Stones. At last fholks, at last. Don’t give a shit why now and not before. Everything comes to he who waits, and I’ve waited since the 2019 Cup Final.
Goodbye Neil. You were a great player but a ‘He’s no very good’ manager for us.

bada bing1

We need a team to come in and rebuild the Club from the Academy upwards,coaching and fitness is non existent, Lennoxtown is not producing players to challenge for a jersey,needs to change, must be about £2.5 million a year to run the place.It should have been addressed years ago,but Lawwell was only looking at what was behind us,instead of looking forward,which was Europe, if we had built a team for CL/EL,the domestic stuff would have taken care of itself.


Phil McG saying Lenny was offered a deal to leave that included his ‘Irish property problem’? Absolutely no idea what that even means so would appreciate someone enlightening me. This also fits in with the theory that Lennon was stubbornly holding out for as big a payoff as he could get, irrespective if that meant flushing 10IAR down the lavy. The PLC is equally at fault here as they should have just paid him what they were contractually obliged to and sacked him long before this juncture.
Phil also hinting that Dermott is less than impressed that news of Neil’s imminent departure was, once again, leaked to the press shortly after the meeting to can him had ended? Who is the Celtic grass?

Well, we will just struggle on to the end of the season with JK in charge. I was wrong in that I was convinced that Lennon would at least see out the remainder of the season. Thought I’d be much happier to see the back of Lennon but all I feel is a sense of relief.
Hopefully, as some have already mentioned, Lenny’s prior contribution to Celtic and the crap he had to endure in ‘one Scotland many cultures’ will ensure that this is what he is long remembered for and not just this season’s disaster.

Buachaill dána CSC

I mentioned a few days ago I think Neil had problems in the past with his investments. Now Phil McG mentions difficulties with his Irish property (portfolio? )
I wonder who his financial advisor is.

Makes me think his ‘loyalty bonus’ could be boardroom speak for a bail out from DD and/or Celtic plc.



His financial problems are exactly that – his alone. Both the PLC and Lennon’s intransigence in respect of money and paying off contracts ended any hope of securing 10IAR. I doubt neither party will be losing too much sleep over it though.



What do any of us really know about John Kennedy’s coaching abilities? Has he been the “defence” coach? Had he any input on signings?
I have no idea. This could be his chance to show what, if anything, he can do on team tactics and motivation. It could land him a job somewhere. Even if he is brilliant in the remaining games, now is not the time for John Kennedy full time Celtic head coach.


Lenny tells the squad he is offski tomorrow😂🤣
comment image


Phil M

Usual twaddle. Late to the party. How many of this guys predictions or exclusives ever prove corrrect?


He got one prediction correct once.
Has been dining out on it for a decade now.

Andy Pandy 2

Sat at work, on my break obviously, reading all the comments from various sites. As expected ranging from total contempt, to adoration for past glories. Personally, not sorry that he’s gone, should have been earlier. But, listening to his recent pressers and knowing what we do about his mental struggles, can only hope he has time to come to terms with his failure. Your too much of a Softy I hear you say, yeah probably, but hey that’s just me. Poisoned Chalice now for JK, but he’s on a hiding to nothing, so we may some changes. KPI from the board will be second place, but need some stabily and plan in place for next season. STs to sell. Still a lot to worry about. Anyway break over, drop in later hopefully.



Still Celtic PLC try to control the narrative.
Neil resigned, aye right.
Desmond becoming like Moonbeams, We don’t sack managers.


This is interesting from David Low.
I’m reminded of all the morons that abused Fergus McCann. Supporters should take responsibility for their own hate. All is not as it seems and all will become clear in time, just as it did with Fergus.

This obviously hints at what Neil was alluding too.
I don’t have the foggiest idea, what they are hinting at, though.


Hello pop pickers.
We have a new number 1. Kennedy regains the position, will he make 10 games, though? That will depend if the Scottish Cup, restarts, as there are only 8 league games left.
Caretaker and interim managers completing at least 10 competitive games will be deemed the permanent manager.
As Twisty said, all the money is for Eddie Howe, who has been cut to 9/4.
Steve Clarke, a huge drifter,from number 1 to number 6.
John Kennedy
Eddie Howe
Frank Lampard
Roberto Martinez
Rafael Benitez
Steve Clarke
Roy Keane
Alex Neil
Enzo Maresca
Jack Ross
Dan Petrescu
Gordon Strachan
Martin O’Neill
Henrik Larsson
Shaun Maloney
Thierry Henry
Damien Duff
Mark Hughes
Nathan Jones
Paul Lambert
Slaven Bilic
Andriy Shevchenko
Jindřich Trpišovský
Sean Dyche
Wayne Rooney

That’s me had the covid jab. It was an English lady soldier!
She was quite surprised when she saw my D.O.B.. ‘You don’t look that old, in fact I was just about to ask you if you’ve ever thought about joining up’ ! 🙁


It should be remembered that Lennon was a very good Celtic player bought by Martin o’Neill as a vital component to his team.
O’Neil chucked it despite bringing success due to the elephant in the room.
Strachan arrived and though successful the football was drab, predictable and uninspiring but in fairness the team were able to get results in Europe after our initial disaster.
Mowbary arrived unqualified and predictably was not up to the job.
Lennon got caretaker role and despite being poor was given job on a full time basis.
He promised to bring back the thunder.
This was preordained with the ridiculous stage-managed road show designed to fool the fans.
The elephant in the room was busy that season.
Huns collapse meant Lennon eventually sees success.
We have good players but are never quite the sum of our parts and often rely on better players to have great individual moments to secure victory.
His greatest victory came with a backs to the wall performance against Barcelona when Wanyamma and Forster were immense and rest of team just brilliant.
For me it was the one time he truly brought back the thunder.
As the elephant in the room sold our best players on back of that performance and replaces them with poorer players Lennon walks.
Caught unaware the elephant scrambled around and came up with RD.
Another guy who was unqualified.
Is there a pattern here.
RD had some very good ideas about modern football ,science and diet but was never capable of replicating them on the field of play.
The fans stayed away and the elephant reacted.
For the first time in quite a while we appointed someone who was qualified in BR and the results showed what proper recruitment brings.
Fantastic back to back trebles ensued but unfortunately threatened the Old Firm model so the elephant had to act.
After a period of undermining and lying BR walks.
The elephant was triumphant and vows not to let it happen again.
He brings back Lennon who had been sacked at his two previous jobs.
We limp over the finish line in an incomplete season.
Elephant appoints Lennon full time in showers and has arrogance to boast of such.
Huns collapse in second half of next season ensures title despite some really poor performances though signing FF was a masterstroke as he was worth at least 12 points.
Preseason gave ample warning with the only decent performance being against Hibs with youth players.
Lennon abandons youth completely and again relies on experience players carrying us over the line without any need for tactics or strategy.
The predictable happens as we struggle in every game and get humiliated in Europe while the youth head for the lifeboats.
Meanwhile the elephant in the room is silent and happy.
Way to late Lennon is bounced.
The elephant continues his cunning plan.


Still no Marcelo Bielsa on your list.
That is who I would like in.
Heard his pre match interview yesterday, saying his contract at Leeds ends in May, and that he would make no decision on his future until May.


He is listed with Skybet. I stop at 40/1,as the list is huge.
So just for you, my friend.
Marcelo Bielsa


Thank you.
Reckon I will stick a coupla quid on El Loco. 👍


Slightly worrying to see Eddie Howe so prominent. Definitely not the manager I would want. Reminds me of Tony Mowbray too much.
We appointed TM after he saw his team relegated. EH’s last job in football was to get Bournemouth relegated. Think he would be a disaster.


David Low of the Celtic trust is not to be trusted.
Hiding behind obscure words and the trusts stance on Res 12 should see him ignored by the fans.
His description of Celtic fans in his tweet showed the same disdain for the fans the board has.

bada bing1

Kennedy no thanks, let him go to a Hibs and see if he’s any good, if he got it now and in October we were chasing it again, we will say we should have moved him on.

Ideally I wouldn’t want John Kennedy even to the end of the season. A few weeks at most, until we get a proper DOF & coaching staff in and begin the rebuild.
But with Lawwell at the helm God knows what will happen. I don’t think there is ANY expertise in the Board to properly manage this.


Surely John Kennedy is an interim appointment till season end?
A bit like our Graeme Murty.


Fan a Tic
Don’t know, but they are both Celtic supporters. 😊


I would rather have McIntyre till the end of season as he knows our youth better.
Any time i saw the youth they played a modern game with shape and purpose.
Since youth are vital to our rebuild now is the opportune time to see what they can do.
Cant see them being any worse than the lot who capitulated to County the other evening.


Afternoon All,

As for John Kennedy? Don’t know him or how he coaches so no comment.
But found this text received earlier funny….

Getting rid of Neil Lennon and putting John Kennedy in charge is like escaping Fred West’s gaff and getting into Peter Tobin’s car.




Morning all, and so the Celtic crap starts again! This inactive board have had their hands bound tightly by a/ their refusal to deal with the management/coaching/recruitment issues which have been obvious to everyone for so long. b/allowing PL to stay in situ while DM serves his notice at the SRU. The situation we find ourselves in today is typical of this Board, we have no continuity plan in place…John Kennedy FFS!! He’s been part of the feckin problem! No 2 to Lennon FFS!! Somebody mentíoned Tommy Craig yesterday, JK is our modern day Tommy Craig. I hate to use the term Wage Thief but I do wonder what Kennedy does at Parkheid that is so valuable to us. We were told Rogers wanted to take him to Leicester but Celtic refused to let him go – really? Come on this guy’s contribution to the Celtic First Team has been invisible, in fact if his title was Defence Coach then his contribution has been VERY visible!!
I’m not sorry to see Lennon go, we’ve all put up with more than enough. But Lennon was only the public face of our failures, they run much much deeper than that. I understand the criticisms of David Low but I hear what he’s saying about the similarities in abuse doled out to Fergus and Lennon!

bada bing1

Garry- absolutely, I would have chased Kennedy and Strachan now as well, and as fan a tic said,I posted a few weeks ago,put McIntyre, O’Dea in till the end of the season

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