The King is dead, long live the King !

He’s a lifelong fan of the club and always will be. After making the transition from stands to player he left it all on the field, a natural leader who never knew fear or if he did it never showed.
He gave the best years of his career to his beloved Glasgow Celtic, and once the boots were hung up like a true Tim he gravitated back to his one true love in a coaching capacity only to reach the very top position.
With that, his name joined a very small list of those true Tim’s who have done it all,, supporter, player, and manager.
Well done John Kennedy on getting what must be your dream job and best of luck Sir.
Spookily, the above also holds true for the man he will replace, who couldn’t turn down the job for obvious reasons but ended up overstaying his welcome. Part of me is glad the support didn’t play much involvement with this parting by way of huge protests. Yes there were two small gatherings, but apart from handbags at the barrier and a few hastily scrolled banners, the support have more or less been innocent bystanders in Neil’s implosion.
This makes me very happy. The claim of bloodlust just doesn’t stand up when he was clearly given much more time at the helm than others who hadnt delivered such a poor points return. It’s clear he had extra time in the dugout, I mean this is almost March, we haven’t best a top 6 team since late September and we find ourselves in a fight for third at current pace. The parting was well earned, and well overdue, and I posit if there’s any parties can walk away here with a modicum of respect it’s the support who didn’t rebel but watched the car crash wondering when, instead of giving into bloodlust, thank you.
Another (spooky) fact that ties the two Tim’s mentioned above is that they are both unfulfilled potential in my (maybe many) eyes. One on the pitch, the other off it. John had the potential to go all the way, and now has a fantastic stage to showcase his management abilities. Neil fulfilled his playing potential, but the man once dubbed ‘one of Britain’s brightest young managers’ never kicked on after looking to have managerial qualities.
In his very first stint in management he took the scalp of the mighty Barcelona delivering an iconic night for the club, but both the necessary mentality and structure was not in place for him to move up a level. Shunning cutting edge training and analytics in favour of a more old school approach should be no surprise given the names he played under, men whose style he prefers to imitate. He then placed the immediacy of victories over long term growth by ignoring youth almost altogether. He’s not the first to feel winning today is better than planning for tomorrow, only a confident long term visionary can embrace the best of both worlds.
After being badgered from above, a common occurrence on Kerrydale Street, he would have walked away fairly confident in his abilities to eek out a career given the success under his belt.
That confidence was misplaced, hindsight now tells us fielding a better quality of player than the opposition was his main ace in the hole. A perfect ace for the biggest team in a backwater though if they are talented, hungry, and responsive to your motivation.
The Lenny we got second time around was a very different man than we had seen during that first stint though.
I said it at the time, he was setup to fail, the perfect fall guy. And so it has proved.
The season from hell will be analyzed from here to kingdom come, with each drawing their own conclusions over the root causes.
My top three in no particular order,,
1,, He removed the goals from our side. Odsonne Edouard at this moment in time is not suited to lead the line. He comes too deep, isn’t mobile enough for that job though he might have the great touch thats needed. During the successful Dubai trip the coaching staff cottoned onto the sole fact he needs another striker to play ahead of him, ideally mobile to catch the through ball. It worked, he was paired with a leading the line Griff and we romped to the ninth title in a row.
Yes Griff has been a write-off bit to go back to just Eddy is criminal.
If none of Griff, young hungry Polish workhorse, or Marko Viduka Mk2 were up to the task of leading the line, then a strong manager would have demanded someone who was.
That should have been his line in the sand, even if we ended up with Nisbet or Longshanks.
2,,allowing himself to be isolated.
At his peak he had his trusted lieutenants, which if truth be told wasn’t diverse enough. They were very similar in age and playing experience, had peaked under a Martin in his peak, so were always bound to believe somewhat in his methods. They weren’t worldly enough, no one brought anything different to the table, and they themselves had habits the modern professional looks down upon.
But they had each other, the collective knowledge of what was required after walking out that tunnel, and they also had a free shot at the title for a while, any management teams dream.
Mk2 Lenny should never have accepted the conditions offered, no Ill will at all to John and Damian or Gavin.
Celtic wanted him at the time, we know this now from Dermots comments about having their eye on him as he ticked all the boxes. Neil failed to capitalize on the cards he held,,when offered the job in the showers he should have told the world he had his own conditions of acceptance and would enter into negotiations.
He took what he was offered full stop, maybe proving the old adage love is blind.
3,,,convincing players to stay.
This is public knowledge now, he personally convinced a few to stick around for this historic campaign.
Once again hindsight is a wonderful thing, for yes there have been players persuaded to stay who went on to win the Baloon D’or (Christiano Ronaldo at United) so I’m hesitant to use this as a stick to beat Lenny with,,BUT,,
Probably the biggest reason for any very foreigner to join and play was off the table, this surely should have made a dramatic difference to the footballing department s outlook on keeping players who had expressed a desire to leave.
Think about it for a second, right now someone like Odsonne is being asked to work, live and sleep in a complete bubble in a foreign land, you’re not allowed out of your region never mind into your home country, you’ve no family around and any that do get sick you cant up sticks and visit, you’re not learning under this manager, and the atmosphere that made you sign and fall in love in the first place is gone gone gone.
Yes the chap has a local lassie, but given the extremely hard circumstances we are asking foreigners to endure is it any surprise some just check out then bail out ala Ncham, El Hamed, Frimpong?
Hindsight now tells us we should have let them go home to deal with this pandemic and empty stadium phase were they are comfortable, and filled our ranks with the best of local talents in their stead.
Does anyone reading think we would have been worse off with Gallagher, Porteus, Gauld, and Nisbet in the squad instead of the wantaways?
As a club we should learn big lessons here on when to trade and when to keep.
With his departure Neil becomes the second high profile casualty of the disastrous 10 campaign,,and it would be a travesty if Bankiers head didn’t roll to make it three. There’s very few of us would say no when Glasgow Celtic come knocking, in that respect he earns my sympathy, his love of the club was clearly his weak spot to be exploited, and it so cruelly was.
No team can expect to introduce six new first team players at once while some of the others wished to leave, and not encounter big problems. Especially in an empty stadium.
A poor manager placed in an impossible situation, set up to fail.
Ten was never on our PLC’s agenda, the Lurgan lightening rod was deemed the perfect deflector shield. Wasn’t enough to fully deflect from the CEO though, he’s a success in that regard.
There’s very few of us will ever come close to going through half of what the man has went through , all whilst battling an unseen disease, but ultimately the club must come first and it must always be bigger than just one man, no matter who.
Good luck Neil, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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Good morning Mahe. A new beginning for us all. Dom Mckay will have had assurances I’d imagine to lure him




Good stuff,caught me by surprise at the start!

NL simply wasn’t a modern manager,nor an ideas man. Yet his greatest success was a tactical masterstroke! IMO that was because,prior to that Barca match he had his trusted lieutenants with whom he could toss ideas around.

They didn’t have to study Barca in-depth,they just had to watch them. Hell,we ALL watched Barca then! And the only way to stifle them was to stop them passing around and through you in the middle. Send them wide,they didn’t have the height up front to take advantage of that.

No trusted lieutenants meant no original or alternative views. Lawwell must have known he was neutering Lennon as a manager by doing this. But it suited him,so it was done. Sod Lennon,sod Celtic,it’s only about Lawwell.


Alarmingly , JK now has an eight game audition – 2 v The Huns, to stake his claim.

Will he get the “ new” boss bounce that seems to follow a change in the dugout?

I’m hoping a Gold Standard coach, not manager, is in the offing but who knows with this Board?

McCaff 1.39

I have not seen the documentary yet but Having met the Director, his Celtic credentials are not in question. Neither is his awareness of the juxtaposition of the Nationalist/ Loyalist divide.
The section in the documentary you refer to will have been included for “educational” effect for the uninitiated.

Noel Skytrot

John Kennedy should be out the door along with Neil Lennon, our defensive frailties have been a big part of our downfall this season. I read that Brendan Rodgers highly rated JK as a ‘coach’ but I’ve not seen anything that confirms that, though time could prove me wrong. I’m still of the mindset that a big name coach needs to be brought in along with a DOF.

As for Neil Lennon, he’s part of the fabric of the club and hasn’t deserved some of the vitriol that’s been directed at him by our own supporters,its probably the eejits that call Celtic Park-Parkers that have denigrated him on social media, no need for it.

Noel Skytrot

The huns in my work winding it up as expected, fair enough, but a guy who is a massive Sevco fan sitting saying nothing and I ask him why he’s not at the wind up as he’s usually ball deep in it. He replies ” I’m going to enjoy winning the league but i wonder if Declan Desmond (its Dermott, Andy) will get his big cheque book out and blow us away? There’s too many in our support thinking this is it, but I’m not so sure, they’re not thinking ahead.”


Happy to move on from Neil.
Friendship and circumstances gave him a job twice he was not qualified for.
Our money loving board seized opportunity with patriotic waffle that fooled the support.
Moves that have also caused a loss of our football standing and ultimately money.
Let’s hope his departure is the end of our custodians lack of professionalism.
Time will tell?

bada bing1

Neil is often accused of trying to fit square pegs into round holes.
Can we really be surprised when his mentor Lawwell does the same?
First time around when Neil was given caretaker role after Mowbary few in the Celtic support were impressed and thought he should be given the job.
Since Lawwell had already decided and was determined to install him as he was right and the support were idiots the roadshow was born.
A stage-managed farce began with his chosen audience and the drip feed to the press of real Celtic man.blah blah blah duped the support.
Never once did his football qualifications come into it.
And Neil was appointed.
Step forward almost a decade and a period of unequalled success under BR as they employed someone who fit the remit of a football coach,
As he didn’t fit Lawwell’s structural pyramid he was undermined and quit.
Enter Neil who most definitely loved his masters voice to come to our aid.
After we stumbled unconvincingly through the season winning the league(we had a huge lead to begin with) and scraped a cup final victory Lawwell entered the showers and did as he intended.
The fans were not happy as many rightfully felt the team was going backwards.
As Lawwell had already made the decision probably during BR’s tenure it was always going to happen.
Folowing season the cracks made by our square pegs being rammed into round holes strategy saw a narrow title race up to New Year that dissipated as the huns collapsed.
Lawwell was proud that he was right in strategy and his proud prodigy stood alongside.
Cue this season and when the cracks started to widen his strategy was damn repair lets just hammer those square pegs deeper into the hole and the result has been what any clear thinking professional would expect.
Two peas in a pod who thankfully will be gone next season.


Former Schalke and Huddersfield Town manager David Wagner is interested in becoming the new Celtic manager.
The 49-year-old, who was Jurgen Klopp’s number two during his glittering Borussia Dortmund reign, is set to put his name forward for the vacant post.🤔


Ride of the valkyries CSC


Toney – could have signed him for £6 mill plus add ons and made a big profit in a couple of seasons. Now valued at +£25mill. No oul Blue Peter decided the cheaper unfit Ajeti was the way to go and Toney was sent packing. How much would we get for Ajeti now – a lot less than we paid for him I believe.


In Brendan’s first season these defenders all played more than 15 games in the season; Toure, Izzy, Jozo, Gamboa, Boyata, Lustig, Sviatchenko and KT. Craig Gordon played 55 times. Invincibles. These players had less than 15 appearances; Ambrose, Ajer, McCart, Ralston, Miller.
A total of 13 players used in 60 games.

In Neil’s first full season these defenders all played more than 15 games in the season; Jullien and Ajer. FF played 39 times. These players had less than 15 appearances; Taylor, Jozo, Bauer, Boli, Frimpong, Elhamed, Welsh.
A total of 9 players used in 62 games.

This season to date these defenders all played more than 15 games; Taylor, Duffy, Ajer, Laxalt, Elahmed, Frimpong. Barkas has played 20 games and Bain 15 games. These players have less than 15 appearances; Julien, Kenny, Ralston, Welsh.
A total of 10 players used in 41 games to date.

The reduction in quality and also strength in depth is clear and has undermined every part of our Club – including Rogers and Lennon. And that’s just the defence – I never looked at the middle to front.

I agree the criticism of Lennon is fair as he’s the man in the frontline but the reasons for the decline belong to one man and only one man.

A thing of beauty

Fan 10:56
Sums up perfectly the ineptitude that Lawwell was allowed to put into practice at celtic in the last 10 years.
The tweet from Bada is this in a microcosm. Peter Lawwell should be chased down London road for the disgraceful mess he has made of his tenure. To think he’s trousered £20m whilst doing so is shocking. I’ve said it before and will do so again – dermot Desmond would never allow an employee of any of his other companies the autonomy he’s allowed Lawwell. Also if they displayed the business acumen Lawwell has in the last decade Desmond would have fired him long ago. As James Forrest (blogger) pointed out yesterday our club is a play thing for these two charlatans and it sickens me.


Two men and Lennon.
DD and PL.

Gordon64 Neil Lennon’s successes will live on once anger over the ending subsides by Tom English
‘Lennon, the Celtic colossus, has gone, but the problems the club is facing don’t go with him. They remain in many forms’



English getting the facts wrong again. NL’s first game as manager for us was a 3-1 win over Kilmarnock. The Ross County semi was his third game in charge.



That story from McGowan is shocking but not surprising.

Again,IMO,we are the victims of a PL pissing competition with another chairman he had history with. And both times we lost out on the player.





Fan…like many others you have focussed on Lennon’s failings. I have no problem with that, as I said in an earlier post he’s the public face of our failure. You often highlight the loss of a proper coach, Rogers. I thought he was a good coach but from his second season on the fitba was stale and predictable and could be downright boring, but we took the success – as we did with Lennon. At the time I put it down to him being unable to change it. Now I think he was suffering in the same way that Lennon suffered. He was being undermined in his capacity to do the job. The difference between Lennon and Rogers, as I was hoping to highlight with the details of the defenders, is that Rogers had a higher calibre of player overall and more strength in depth. In my opinion Lennon took a job that any one of us with a love for Celtic would have taken. None of us are privvy to conversations regarding what was or wasn’t on the table regarding the terms of his permanent contract therefore anything we posit is conjecture or supposition, neither useful! One thing is clear though – Lawell is the puppetmaster here. Even more than Desmond. When Lawell messed up with Deila, and he did mess up, it was Desmond who stepped in to sort it. The appointment of Dom McKay is Desmond stepping in again, it’s taken longer than it did for us but he’s had enough of Lawell.

Saltires en Sevilla

BMCUW – enjoyable read and a very fair review.

Best wishes to Lenny for future, and a huge thanks and respect for many achievements at Celtic.

Trophies won in double figures, as a player and as manager.

Very few Celtic fans can make that claim…

Neil Lennon will be remembered, with affection, as a Celtic Legend!




MAHE’s work this morning! I’m happy to remember Neil as a tremendous player for us. I was happy enough with him as manager first time around too.

Like a boxer who made one comeback too many,we are better to remember him by his earlier achievements.

Good to see you on here again!

ATOB @ 11.21

The 20m smackaroonies that Lawwell trousered from Celtic is the least of it. There was also all the undeserved bonuses. The only bonus I would have awarded this Hun would have been a boot up the rear-end… continuing from Parkheid all the way to the Saltmarket.

On a day to day basis, how much did this thieving fecker take. Has he ever paid to watch the Celts? Ever?

It’s a fair bet that he was receiving all his meals free.

Big expense account…check.

Luxury travel to away games and Europe…check.

Luxury accommodation all the way…check.

Why oh why did he have to personally attend all European draws. Should have watched it on Sky like the plebs have to do. How much did that cost?

All this at a time when food banks and food poverty are on the rise even amongst those lucky enough to have proper employment…i.e. not a zero hours contract.

Aye Lawwell. Brother Walfrid would be real proud of you. Just do the decent thing and go now…and don’t ever dare to show your face at Parkheid again.

I’m pretty sure you will receive a warm welcome at Ibrox…like all bitter Loyalist bastards. Too much? This is me being polite…public forum and all that. Rant over. For now.

Hail Hail.


Not only Lennon was my focus.
I focused on the structure of the club and lack of pathway for youth as well as DD and PL.
Anyone who remembers my past postings will be able to tell you i criticized Rodgers in his 3rd season for too much focus on possession without ever separating it into positive, passive and negative.
I think his lack of pragmatism and insistence on adhering to his system negates some players strengths.
I have stated often that KT regressed because of such.
I think that’s whats stopping him from being a truly world class coach.
I understand why you think i focused so much on Lennon but he was our head coach.
I also have been steadfast in my opinion on Lennon since his return.
In reality it was the appointment of him that bothered me most as it demonstrated how unprepared and unprofessional we were as a so called top club.

Angel Gabriel

Excellent and well balanced article.
My only issue is where you’ve written that Neil was convincing the players to stay.
One of Neil’s biggest critics on Twitter ( @ jucojames ) recently put up a tweet defending Lenny in regards to convincing players to stay.
The tweet basically said that new information had come his way. The information from someone, as he put it ,
“inside the room “ .
Apparently Lenny was the only dissenting voice regards keeping all the players. His preferred choice was , cash in on Eddy, get in Tonev . He wasn’t overly concerned with keeping Nitcham either.
Lenny was over ruled, which seems a recurring theme .
The tweet was magnanimous, from a guy who called Lenny being in charge, a coin flip from the suits .
He’d been warning about our decline for months.

As ever , there’s more strands to our dramatic decline than meets the eye . Just saying.
Btw . Best of luck John Kennedy , you’ll need it . HH


I prefer to remember Neil Lennon for his achievements at Celtic, and not his failings.
Is our greatest ever manager remembered more for Lisbon than Milan?
For winning 9 in a row, or losing the 10th?
Good luck to Neil for the future.
Good luck to John Kennedy. Let’s see what he is made of. May just surprise us?

Angel Gabriel

Whar is everyone ?
Have the boozers opened back up , out with Ayrshire?



I’m getting to the stage where I can’t wait for the barbers to open up again!


You getting the Iggy Pop look? 😁😂👍




Fan, thanks for clearing up any confusion but I now think that you are saying basically the same as me. So the issue was never Lennon’s it was always the structure of the Club. I’ve defended Lennon only because I don’t think he’s been supported just like I mistakenly criticised Rogers for not progressing the team as we all thought he would do. The common denominator is PL. His megalomania has regressed the club but too many people have focussed solely on Lennon’s failings without addressing why he failed or if he would have failed if he’d been properly supported. I was happy for Lennon to be appointed when Rogers walked as I thought he could replicate the feeling and passion he brought in his first tenure. I honestly thought the Ten was a shoo-in, even allowing for Lennon’s shortcomings, which I always did, I thought we’d have had enough to see 10 become 11 and on. There was no reason to think otherwise. Unfortunatelyy it hasn’t been the case.
No real need for analogy but would Tyson Fury be what he is with one hand tied behind his back?


Hello, pop pickers. Another day at number 1 for John Kennedy. Steve Clarke is the mover,back up to number 4, after dropping from 1st to 8th.
John Kennedy
Eddie Howe
Frank Lampard
Steve Clarke
Roberto Martinez
Rafael Benitez
Enzo Maresca
David Wagner
Alex Neil
Jindřich Trpišovský
Roy Keane
Jack Ross
Craig Levein
Dan Petrescu
Gordon Strachan
Martin O’Neill
Henrik Larsson
Lucien Favre
Shaun Maloney
Thierry Henry
Damien Duff
David Martindale
Mark Hughes
Michael O’Neill
Micky Mellon
Paul Lambert
Slaven Bilic
Wayne Rooney
Andre Villas-Boas
Andriy Shevchenko
Jose Mourinho
Mick McCarthy
Nathan Jones
Sean Dyche
Zeljko Buvac
Marcelo Bielsa ( for Garry )


I wonder if that is anything to do with Mark Guidi saying on Clyde SSB last night, that he had heard an inside snippet that Steve Clarke would be the next permanent Celtic manager?



More like Chewbacca


Howdy folks,
Having a spell of warm sunny weather here which is great for the spirit.

Angel Gabriel and whoever interested,,
A couple of podcasts just came out recent events. The Etims lads aren’t prone to BS and they stated Neil resigned a month or so ago only to be told no this season and particularly Dubai are not on you, they talked him around.
They state (I swear I had already wrote my article by this stage) the foreigners are going up the walls insane due to Covid, Neil had to check up on two daily.
I can just imagine that.

Juco I enjoy listening to, be great to get him on one day. The OE rumour he mentions,,
Don’t do rumours on here but heard it was Athletico before Barca balls up Saurez and forget to put Athletico on the list of names he couldnt go to. Once he was available it squashed Eddy’s move obviously. There’s a rumour a day usually, some sites spend their lives on them despite the fact .3 percent or something have any truth. Many recent ones say SC getting job if you’re interested. I would like him, I’m a huge fan of staying local if possible, the nation certainly produces the players, it used to produce the managers until they closed the mines 😉

Hail Hail


Who or what is Chewbacca???
Neil and Snus?


Could Toney have played in our system,that’s the question.


Great question. Elyounoussi and Ajeti were dynamite together in the Basel system.
We have seen them start together once. The night Moi scored two belters in Lille.


That would not surprise me,I have often wondered who rubber stamps the players, who ever he/they are should be fired as well.

“Don’t do rumours on here but heard ……… Many recent ones say SC getting job if you’re interested.”

Mahe, SC= Sentinel Celts?


I am sure Mahe was alluding to Steve Clarke.

Garry, I was hoping it was you and Fan-a-tic!


Don’t despair over the barbers.

I generally paid a visit to my local Turkish barber for the ould head shave once a fortnight. Haven’t been since November. Fae the back I look like Noddy Holder in his prime. Fae the front Iook like Kojak in his prime. I believe that this style could catch on. Could either be referred to as the lockdown look, or as one cheeky fecker of a neighbour said”I see the Max Boyce look is coming back”. Bastard. Guy’s a Fenian as well.



Well our interim manager is a relative of mine. As close as I will get. 😊

So will that see your nephew coming in? LOL 🙂


John was Marcus coach in the past for Celtic Development Squad.


Fan a tic

A bit more info on that Roadshow.

The idea for it came from the Celtic Trust initially.

I know because after it was announced I got a phone call from JF telling me so but asking if I could do the Twitter feed, a task JF normally did, but in the case of The Roadshow JF was the chair and needed a substitute.

I’d never used Twitter before but got a quick walk through from a Celtic Underground blogger pre the show. The challenge of being constrained by 126 characters at the time being greater than how to actually Tweet.

Now near the end JF with a smile on her face said (and I paraphrase) ‘let’s imagine there is a supporter on the Board and they ask for a show of hands in favour of Neil Lennon for Celtic manager.

The vote was clearly carried.

In reporting this at the time on Twitter I used the word “jokingly” simply because to me that was the spirit in which the suggestion was offered.

I have no reason to think it was done in cahoots with Celtic and a few not to think so, including the theft of the idea.

When NL later won the cup I congratulated Jeanette on her choice of manager and at the time Neil Lennon was exactly the manager Celtic needed to put fight in the belly of a club combating one that was using financial steroids and bent referees to survive.

As I’ve often said whatever meaning we give an event depends on the information that forms the meaning.

The wider context of what Celtic were up against at the time influences the meaning.

My gripe is that instead of using that cheating to change the footballing landscape in Scotland, PL has in effect allowed Rangers to become a franchise and to combat that change Celtic either go down the same road or admit acceptance of 5 Way Agreement for commercial reasons was a mistake and restore integrity to the game by having UEFA principles iro of debt dumping made clear in SPFL rules.

As it stands we are being asked to support a competition run as a franchise.

Sorry for bringing this up to those who are regular match goers.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL AND JIM and especially to solkitts i know he wont admit it but i upset him with one of my stupid posts the other night,,sol once again apologies,👍couple of things im glad neil has gone luvved him to bits as a player not as a manager, but wish him well, now my auld da would have been 93 today god bless him, he was 53 when he died complications of lung cancer and a chest infection,,a good tim from holy cross parish in croy, what he would have made of this lot i dont know😎a bit of musical trivia ill give you 2 songs, you will never walk alone our anthem, and the impossible dream from the musical man of la mancha, when you hear them they sound the same but the time signatures are different, youll never walk alone is in 12/8 time, so its, 123 223 323 423,.the impossible dream is in 9/8 time so its 123 223 323 123 223 323 etc etc,dont know why i posted that to be honest once again SOL apologies, be back later if bobby lets me😎😎


I shave my head twice a week. The auld Gillette razor does a great job. 👍



Before our downfall PL for all that was coming out re Res12 and 5 Way Agreement knowledge was seen by DD as good for the bottom line.

That changed after the downfall.

That thinking needs to change from what does the bottom line say to what is the cost of keeping the bottom line? Is it factored in?


This is a call for help could not read any new posts 8 hours ago and still cannot see any

Mike in Toronto

Tim Horton @ 3:11

Could Toney have played in our system,that’s the question.


That’s a trick question. We dont have a system.

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