Costing Failure


Today is exactly two years since our best manager since Martin O’Neill,and probably our best since Jock Stein,walked out on our club. If a week is a long time in politics,then two years is an age in football. Brendan Rodgers arrived at the club less than three years earlier,and left having won all seven domestic trophies available and well on the way to an incredible Treble Treble.

All of us were,of course,furious at his timing. Walking out halfway through the season was and still is unforgiveable,but a great many of us knew the reason why he would agree to do so. In fact,it was the same reason why MAHE and I had decided to set this site up less than six months previously-and that was the interference by Peter Lawwell,which amounted to Lawwell preventing Rodgers from doing his job. His job was to get the players requested by Rodgers-as long as they were within the budget-but he either signed who he liked and foisted them unbidden onto Rodgers,or simply didn’t bother completing requested deals,preferring instead to lowball the selling club and incoming player to the point where refusal by either or both was the inevitable outcome.

And he had a bad habit too of getting involved in pissing competitions with certain selling chairmen,people who would harbour that grudge in the future. And Lawwell is not the type to be held over a barrel. He’ll show everyone who’s boss,asking prices will not be met,no sirree.

The reason I bring this up now is the recent suggestion by Neil Lennon of mitigating circumstances behind the scenes which have led-in part at least-to this season’s horror story. His departure from the club,hard on the heels of the announcement that Lawwell would be leaving in the summer,has seen some clarifications offered in the media about the aborted transfer of Ivan Toney from Peterborough,who eventually went to Brentford.

We were told at the time that the deal fell through because Peterborough wanted £10m,and Celtic did not value him at that price. Which is fair enough-Brentford apparently paid £5m,with add-ons bringing it to a potential £10m. I’d suggest that with 24 goals already this season,and Brentford well placed for promotion,a fair amount of those add-ons will soon be realised. And he is already being spoken of as a £30m target for other clubs. Does PL have history here,history which might explain why a £6m deal for the player-who was actually at the ground to complete a deal with us!-fell through,and is it an example of a pissing competition with a chairman from the past?

I reckon so. Who can remember Lee Tomlin? Celtic had apparently agreed a £2.5m deal for him six or seven years ago,only to try to chisel down the offer to the club and player at the last minute. The deal didn’t happen,and Peterborough chairman Darragh McAnthony was scathing about the process,and Lawwell in particular. He had the upper hand this time,and made it plain,but Lawwell isn’t the type to accept that. So we signed Ajeti instead,the comments about needing to sell Eddie first being just a pack of lies.

What about Lawwell’s dealings with Petrie at Hibs? He refused to meet the asking price for Fletcher in 2009,having overpaid,in his opinion,for Scott Brown. So when the deal for John McGinn was set up thirty months ago,everything in place with just the final input required from PL,back came the grudges. Lawwell refused to pay the asking price,and let it be known that we would sign him for free on a pre-contract in January. Aston Villa agreed to meet the asking price and Lawwell ignominiously folded,but quite rightly McGinn had had enough and was off to Brum.

It isn’t always like this,of course. Lawwell doesn’t have grudges against everyone. After all,a phone call from Dudu Dahan,and a deal is done virtually on the spot! I struggle to think of any real successes from that avenue of communication,right enough,and I wonder how many times we have lost out on players in the past because of Lawwell’s brinkmanship. Those two players alone are a combined current value of £80m. Would they have enhanced too our chances of progress in Europe,bringing further millions into the club,and with them the ability to sign more and better players? We will never know,because The Lawwell Strategy put paid to any of that.

Just like two years ago-and I’ll put a link to my article then on the subject-when he got rid of a top manager and backroom team,he has to be seen to be calling the shots. And replacing a £5m a year management team with Neil Lennon on about a tenth of that was good business,wasn’t it? It saved us about £9m over two years-didn’t it?

Well,let me put it this way. Trying to save about a million quid on the two deals mentioned above has cost us about £80m. And saving that £9m on management costs? That’s probably cost us another £80m,and left us with a massive rebuild cost to boot.

I’ve said before that history will not be kind to Lawwell,even as he was being lauded to the skies elsewhere. But this particular history has already been written,it is only the cost of leaving this man in charge for so long that has yet to be finalised. Celtic will be paying that for a long time to come.

Above article by BMCUWP

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puff puff

Them were the days when we had wonderful posters like mick gillon , now we have to read the pish that is McCaff .

Saltires en Sevilla

BMCUW- when we see those examples – just squirming with frustration at the hapless interference. Select managers, give them the tools to do the job and let them get on with the job.

As you say, history will not be kind.

Morning all & Packy,

As a good mhan used to say, One sleep to go!
Can’t help feeling excited about tomorrow’s game. Don’t know what to expect. What will the reaction be?
Team selection, subs, shape, tactics. So many questions.

I’m glad to see Lenny away and JK is only a temp. We are in limbo. But I’m still looking forward to a chink of light in the gloom of February during lock down.

Saltires en Sevilla

Saltires en Sevilla

It’s a real comfort to know you are all over this stuff. Your patience & tenacity is truly admirable.

Remember responding to you on another channel, when you advised the group that the ball might be on the slates/ or long grass ( not your words…just my impression at the time)

Recall feeling deflated and mentioned ‘suddenly feeling very old’… expectations had been high!

Are you ever feeling inclined to calling for an outright bhoycott- acknowledge it’s not really your style And I’m sure you have explained why that isn’t the preferred option. Aims would have to be clear and achievable etc.

Perhaps it crosses your mind … occasionally?
Good to see your name come up.

There is simply no appetite for a boycott because the anger for one is not because the game is rigged but because the team/The Board have failed to be good enough to make the rigging not matter.

There is enough evidence to indict the SFA, the SPL/SPFL AND Celtic on the Res12 Archive at

Here is a link to just one document that should have supporters/shareholders demanding answers from Celtic about not involving the police

but I guess it gets lost like teardrops in the rain amongst all of the other documents including this one to Lawwell on engaging with LNS in 2018 after the Craig Whyte trial.

It does not help that the main stream media have avoided the issue like the plague.

It will be interesting to see if the SFA or SPFL formally recognise or congratulate Rangers FC Ltd on their first or 55th title.

If they do, Celtic could get approval from shareholders to publish the UEFA Traverso letter of 8th June 2016 copied to them that calls the applicant for a UEFA Licence from Ibrox in 2016 as a NEW club/company, as will the SFA also copied in although their Head of Communications allowed a different version omitting the reference to “new” to be published by STV.

That approval letter can be published on social media.

Its more my style LOL.


Auldheid thanks for reply and the helpful supporting data.

You are perfectly placed with a well-balanced approach. I like your style!

You are withholding on ST until things become clearer and we can hope this will encourage more to adopt same policy. My view since 13/14 season has been to withhold, but the vacancy was readily filled and made no impact other than to frustrate the life out of me 😩

Agree 100% the priority issues are fixing corruption/governance of the game in Scotland.

The team performance is a close second. Winning in Scotland isn’t enough… the bar is far too low.

My view that a Celtic Board prepared to stand up and resist the skullduggery ( far less participate/construct it…) would also be wholly focused on building a team that could grace any football pitch in Europe.

This has been suspected for a long time …. thanks to guys like you, in the last decade, we now have the evidence.

Please, keep at them!


No problem reading your lead tonight. It ,just grates the amount of money pissed away How can a Billionaire be so loose with one of his companies
The othere thing you mention is starting this blog, I was a dedicated follower on the other blog but had to groan at times when you just wanted the Host to take off his shackles since I found this site have probably gone on there 5 times max since coming over, and that was to get their match report
This site is like two sites day and night shift. The biggest thing I found on the night shift is Gerry Cinnamon hope he makes it to Vancouver someday

Thetic, Gerry Cinnamon? Great to listen to – probably one of the best to come out of Scotland in a long while.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday from a dry and bright looking EK.
Jimthetim53 – I’m with you on the excitement about tomorrow’s game. I suppose we’ll get an idea around 1.45pm when the team lines come out whether John Kennedy is going to start with a clean slate for the remaining 8 games. An indication of that could see names like Barkas, Klimala, etc. When Neil took over after Mr Rodgers’ departure he understandably didn’t want to change too much as we were, in the main, winning. Surely it’ll be very different with this latest interim manager?


Sevco now in last 16 of Europa. A potential tie against Ajax, Arsenal, Spurs, Roma or Manchester United awaits. The Hun has pocketed an estimated £5 mill thus far in this seasons competition😣
Sevcos’ win on Thursday means Scotland still sit 11th in Uefa’s rankings, a spot that would likely earn a direct place in the 2022-23 Champions League group stage for next season’s Premiership winners.
Are you paying attention Dermott ?????- oodles of money to be made if you invest in the team and hire a quality coach


Sevco v Man U now there is a thought. Such a pity their fans will not be able to travel to Manchester due to covid restrictions if the 2 are drawn together

oglach, LOL 🙂

I wonder what the reaction would be down in Manchester if there wasn’t a lock down!

Andy Pandy 2

Fergus McCann 80 today. History has been kind to him. The Stadium stands as a reminder of what he did, and what can be achieved with some vision and hope of a better future. Today….where is the vision? Hope? at the moment it feels like wanting to get to the end of the season without any more embarrassment.
So Good Luck JK…. you’ll need it.

Celtic Champs Elect

Abdallah Sima of Slavia Prague I like him watched him last week v Leicester then again last night very good player and never stops working hard on the pitch.

I hope he is our first signing


óglach 8.44
It will be difficult for Scotland to maintain 11th place.
Ukraine are less than the equivalent of a draw behind Scotland and still have two teams left in the Europa League.
Shakter and Dynamo Kiev.
So effectively, Scotland’s sole remaining representative, will have to match both of those teams.


Hello pop pickers, a new number 1, as Eddie Howe, has regained the position, he held a while back.
It’s now 3/1 the field, which suggests, no one has a clue, possibly, that includes the PLC. Roberto Martinez and Martin O’Neill particularly Martin, are big climbers, today. Thierry Henry has rocketed to number 7, in the charts.
Eddie Howe
John Kennedy
Frank Lampard
Steve Clarke
Roberto Martinez
Martin O’Neill
Thierry Henry
Enzo Maresca
Rafael Benitez
Alex Neil
Jindřich Trpišovský
Roy Keane
David Wagner
Jack Ross
Damien Duff
Dan Petrescu
Gordon Strachan
Michael O’Neill
Henrik Larsson
Lucien Favre
Shaun Maloney
Craig Levein
David Martindale
Jesse Marsch
Mark Hughes
Micky Mellon
Paul Lambert
Slaven Bilic
Wayne Rooney
Andre Villas-Boas
Andriy Shevchenko
Chris Davies
Jose Mourinho
Mick McCarthy
Nathan Jones
Sean Dyche
Zeljko Buvac
Marcelo Bielsa
100/1 ( for Garry )


óglach 8.44
It will be difficult for Scotland to maintain 11th place.
Ukraine are less than the equivalent of a draw behind Scotland and still have two teams left in the Europa League.
Shakter and Dynamo Kiev.
So effectively, Scotland’s sole remaining representative, will have to match both of those teams.
I wasn’t aware of that. Errm, what a dilemma, hope Sevco progress further than the 2 Ukrainian teams so we can take advantage ( hopefully, if DD gets his act together) or hope they get pumped next round. Think I’ll play it safe and hope they get absolutely pumped next round.

bada bing1



40-49 year olds,next for vaccine


The Leeds Festival end of August is going ahead this year. Gerry Cinnamon and headliner Liam Gallagher are playing Friday night. My son and I are going down to Leeds for it.
Gerry Cinnamon was due to tour Canada and the US with Dropkick Murphy’s this year. Hopefully that will still go ahead next year.


Tune by the Castlemilk Bhoy


Andy Pandy
Would be an appropriate time to rename the North Stand in honour of Fergus McCann.
Happy 80th to him. 💚🍀

Celtic Champs Elect

To all the punters on here PILE ONTO SLAVIA PRAGUE they will destroy the huns home and away


John Kennedy has promoted former Celtic team-mate Stephen McManus to first-team coach, to work alongside Gavan Strachan and Stevie Woods.

So one of the old sieve now coaching the new sieve🙄😂


Afternoon All,

SLAVIA Prague v the Huns it is.

What kind of curse will the Huns inflict on SLAVIA now with their curseiness? 😁


bada bing1

McManus promoted to first team coach

bada bing1

CCE- With penalties and deflections, I wouldn’t be too hasty, another favourable draw right enough


SLAVIA Prague v Sevco😒, ahh i was hoping they would draw an English team. Another easy draw in comparison to some of the other teams they could have met.




Nice to see you back on CQN, no wonder the die hards didnae take to you’re posts.

It’s fair to say the comments from many, in an industry that keeps it’s dark underbelly out of the limelight, does show that Big Pedro is exceptionally difficult. From Jackie Mac, Darren Ferguson, through Norwich to WBA and way beyond. The amount of football folk and Clubs that PL pees off during his pissing competitions is legendary.

Of course there are ways of dealing with folk. The O-Lyonnaise President who knew Big Pedro personally was on record during negos, stating it was like dealing with a bulldog, all the while taking Dembele off us for a song.

Taking a big juicy bone off a raging bulldog, that takes Gallic flare:))))

On the Toney thing, I read sometime back that Nick Hammond flew down to Peterborough to close the deal. It would be interesting if that coincided with Toney being at Celtic Park at the time. According to Barry Fry, Hammond came down but didn’t bring any money… Embarrassing.

Hail Hail


Watched Leicester v Slavia game last night.
I would tip Slavia Prague to absolutely destroy the huns in both ties. Excellent fitba team who were far better than Leicester City.

bada bing1

Wee Eck pleading the 5th now…


Afternoon all…gutted at Puff Puff’s hit and run comment from early this morning! Sneaky fecker! 😥😥😥
So Kennedy appoints McManus – BIG WAHWEE!! Although I don’t suppose he’s got many options at this stage of the season. Where does that leave wee Strachan who was interim when Lennon et al where isolating on return from Dubai?
I watched JK’s interview earlier…I’m not sure he understands he’s a major part of our problems this season. He was Lennon’s right hand man after all!
Regarding the Huns, they’re a poor team but you don’t get to the last 16 of EUFA competition without having something. They are well organised with options in every position. For all their luck and bias in Scotland they are doing the business in Europe, I mean they were able to bring a teenager off the bench last night to score for them, FFS!!

Angel Gabriel

Afternoon all.
Great chat reading back.
I only watched 10 minutes of Slavia Prague at Leicester last night. Prague were efficient, they defended well and have a top youngster from Senegal up front that looked the business. Leicester were rank . They passed mainly sideways , and failed in any attempt at passing forward.
The Orcs will need to play well to win. Feck the co efficient, I hope they get horsed .

Auldheid . Any chance of refreshing my memory with the statement the SFA used to justify not sending the European licence issue to CAS ?
If I remember right, it mentioned the implications being too dangerous , or not in the best interest of the game’s wellbeing….. or something along those lines .

Looking forward to the team announcement tomorrow.
Will JK play 2 up top ? Give Soro a start ? Hopefully he’ll only play one number 10 ????

Back to work csc.


On the theme of Lawwell’s failure just posted on E Tim’s a point from a different angle.

Financial Fair Play should have been brought in in 2012 as it’s absence has cost Scottish football its integrity.

Instead we had a 5 Way Agreement Celtic actually accepted that has paved the way for our nearest rivals to become a franchise and not gaf about unsustainable debt.

There is the problem. Celtic do. Rangers dont. A financial equaliser atc the least and with biased refereeing a disadvantage.

Perhaps the fear of debt is historical as a 5 Way Agreement would have been unlikely in 1994 but why should our rivals fear it if in the worst case scenario the company goes bust taking the debt with it and the club sails on to their next title after a points deduction that leaves them still in second place or back after a season or seasons in lower division?

Lawwell”s business failure was not to take into account the advantage having no real worries about the consequences of debt had for our rivals and fight for FFP as a condition of the 5 Way Agreement.

Doncaster is his partner in crime in that he put into motion the idea of an owner of a club separate from the club ignoring corporate law and taking advantage of a rule change never intended for franchising purposes.

Thus you have an Agreement with no safeguards like Article 12 of UEFA FFP whose purpose is to protect the integrity of UEFA competition, an Agreement the sharp suited man accepted.

Put another way without domestic FFP the club who will be most successful will be the one who spends the most and spends it wisely to win football matches.

It doesnt matter if the spend is affordable making it is other people’s money, as long as its spent.

If DD is that smart he should looking at the cost to him of Lawwell’s failure to bring about domestic FFP or be ready to match the ” investors” over Ibrox way who may have been buying confetti but now have a team in the last 16 of UEFA cup, with an easier route to qualifying in the group stages for the CL. and might find their confetti is worth a bob or too.

I’ve been writing about this since 2010 as it was obvious then there was no control over what Rangers were prepared to do as a business to stay ahead of us.

New managers, new players new DoF , ultimate success depends on the amount spent and if Celtic do not take steps to curtail what our rivals are prepared to spend then we have to be a lot less financially prudent and DD needs to allow for that and underwrite the risk.

All else is chatter in Plato’s cave. Enjoyable for sure but chasing shadows.


If a review of PL’s transfer activity was done and that included talking to other clubs for their views then there is one reason he is offski.

bada bing1

At corners, I guarantee we will man mark and have 2 on the posts,to disassociate himself from Lennon


I am really looking forward to watching tomorrow’s game. Hoping to see a different team selection and set up from the Ross County fiasco last week.


I find it strange-to say the least-that Lawwell can piss-off other clubs’ chairmen, costing us quality players, yet spends the rest of his time cosying up to the Huns. Funny that.

Still find it hard to believe that this eejit has not yet been sacked for gross negligence.

Hail Hail.

Sol Kitts isnae upset

Waiting to see how JK does. Will he turn out to be Lenny lite, or will he be freed from the chains and show us something new? Maybe he’s been trying to get his ideas across to NFL but has been blanked every time? If so, it would explain the apparent indifference he displayed on the bench.
We’ll find out soon enough. If all we get is more of the same, we’ll know that JK has been part of the problem. If he gets the players back working to a system and playing well, it merely reinforces our view on NFL’s lack of tactical nous.
Either way, if we want to entice better players to the club, and retain the services of our best current players, we need to be offering them more than JK, someone who they will see as able to develop them. I’ve said before, good players want helped to become great players, great players want helped to become superstars. Will they get that from JK?


Sol Kitts
I don’t think they would get that from John Kennedy, but they would certainly get it from Marcelo Bielsa. I sincerely hope that he is on our radar. His contract at Leeds ends in May.


In some quarters there seems to be some revisionism happening w.r.t NL. Certainly, it is sad when someone loses their job, and doubly so when you know that this individual has received personal abuse during his time at Celtic.

However, there is a fine balance between blaming others and absolving NL from his part in the shambles.

First off, NL was better placed then anyone to understand the restrictions under which he would be working. He would have been told in advance who his management team were. He would have known the influence that PL has……did he not walk last time because of it? Knowing all of this, he still took the job…..his decision, nobody else’s.

I could but I will not list all of the evidence that demonstrates that NL is, at best, an average SPL manager. He selected the teams and the shape. He made the subs. He decided to give the team time off after the first game of the season. He made all of these decisions, not PL, not the Board.

Yes, there are other problems at the club but let us not use these to exonerate NL’s performance in the job. He was given more time than most managers would get to sort out the football problems. Last weekend we all saw the truth.

The Most remarkable thing about the Toney story is why it surfaced now. Look out for others in the same vein as consciences and revisionism take hold.



I think that there should be collective culpability for our malaise this past year. The entire club are responsible. I include John Kennedy in that too, but for me, he starts with a clean sheet tomorrow afternoon.


Auldheid . Any chance of refreshing my memory with the statement the SFA used to justify not sending the European licence issue to CAS ?
If I remember right, it mentioned the implications being too dangerous , or not in the best interest of the game’s wellbeing….. or something along those lines .

Here is what the SFA said to justify not approaching CAS, taken from

” Finally on the 19th May 2020 two years plus to the day limited charges were first made the SFA Board decided

“A Judicial Panel convened to consider a notice of complaint raised against Rangers FC in 2018 – in relation to alleged new evidence regarding representations received prior to the awarding of a European licence for season 2011/12 – determined at a preliminary hearing that it did not have jurisdiction to determine the matter.

“Instead, it concluded that jurisdiction lay with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

“Following consideration of the implications of such a referral, including legal opinion, it was the board’s unanimous position that this matter should not be referred to CAS.

“The Scottish FA now considers the matter to be closed.”

Comment from the Res12 Archive

The implications for the fair and honest governance of Scottish Football are staggering in that in a case where all the evidence points to fraud, the national association who may have been complicit in granting the licence in 2011 under the Licence Committee Chairmanship of Rod Petrie can, under the same person as a President of and member of the SFA Board, close down an investigation into his part in what evidence suggests is fraud. Indeed all actions by SFA since first contacted by Celtic shareholders in 2014 have been that of an organisation trying to cover up what on the evidence provided is fraud, itself wrongful if not criminal behaviour. This included setting terms of reference for the SFA Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal (JPDT) that omitted the grant
period from scrutiny whilst at the same time knowing, (as Celtic did since 2012 yet insisted the matter be dealt with by the SFA), that the SFA had no power to adjudicate because of the CAS Referral clause in the 5 Way Agreement sent to Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell and Director Eric Riley as an attachment to an e mail from Neil Doncaster SPFL CEO seeking acceptance of the agreement, which was taken as default if no response by the following day.

Further comment:
It is this SFA statement that Res11 has addressed and on which Celtic stated they would engage with the relevant authorities – the SFA, but which engagement (if any) is being done behind the curtain of confidentiality according to the meeting the CST recently had where the matter was raised.

I know I keep on and on but Celtic’s problems are of their own making, in particular an absolute failure to have those responsible for the original licence application in 2011 brought to account and those responsible for the ensuing cover up also brought to account.

That is never going to happen of course as long as Peter Lawwell, compromised by the 5 Way Agreement , remains in post. It is up to supporters to make it in The Company’s interest thereafter to see that rules that govern the integrity of the game are applied. Otherwise they are watching a rigged game and know it as opposed to suspecting it.

Integrity comes at an initial price but long term it more than repays that cost.

Sol Kitts

I agree that a bigger attraction is needed than JK could provide. Our next few games, though, will go some way in clarifying if JK has been unfairly maligned by being damned by association with NFL. Doesn’t mean I want him as next permanent coach. Our club needs to have a top level coach in charge, the best we can attract.



Yup Neil is no innocent and the truth WILL come out. It is already there but there might be more focus on it now the glitter that kept it hidden has gone.

Mike in Toronto

Even if JK has been number 2 for a while, we all know that there is a huge difference between being number 1 and number 2… the buck stops with number 1 … JK has survived 3 regimes.. which tells me that he isn’t seen as having great input in any of those regimes…. otherwise, he would have been gone as well.

Why is that important? Except for the most exceptional of candidates (and there are always exceptions… but they have to be that… truly exceptional), the role of Celtic manager is not a place to be learning the job.

We had a decade where we had that luxury… no competition, and direct access to European money …. then would have been the time to put a system in place, and to give people a chance …. but, I won’t say we fucked it up… we didn’t try … why? I believe because we didn’t want to be too far ahead of Rangers … I won’t say we drove in the slow lane, so much as drove on the shoulder of the road…. and eventually, Rangers caught up, and has apparently overtook us…

For years, we were hearing from the club (through their proxies) that the Scottish league is so bad, it isn’t possible to prepare a team to face European competition …. the zombies seem to be doing okay at both this season …. and with CL shake-up, we are in danger of being left behind..

you only have to look at the Man U example …. a slumbering giant that hit a decent patch in 1990, which happened to coincide with the TV boom, and then CL shakeup, and they went from a sleeping giant to the top team in England, and relevant in Europe ….it was only though rich owners buying competitors and pumping in vast sums of money (think Abramovich at Chelsea, or the Etihad gang at Man City) that the EPL didn’t end up like the Bundesliga, where one club now dominates…

if Celtic are not careful, as quickly as our huge advantage over Rangers developed, it could almost as quickly evaporate, if not turn around…

The problem is that Celtic shat the bed… and are still doing so … by failing to even acknowledge the prior ‘mistakes’, we are handcuffing ourselves going forward…

no decent manager is going to come in, and go through what RD (players did a Paul LeGuen on him) or NFL (be the CEO’s flunky, scapegoat) did.

So, they get another who will be beholden to the them…. JK was here in one position or another for most of the last decade while the club rotted from the inside…. is he going to fall on his sword, and tell the truth? almost no chance. …. so, expect more of the same….

it is the old saying, when you are in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging….


Saltires en Sevilla

Thanks. Next item is the illegitimacy of the 5 Way Agreement and why recognising the next title won by “Rangers FC Ltd” as anything but their first would be the ultimate step in turning Scottish football into a franchise.



I agree that many must share the responsibility for this season. Perhaps this is why I am still so angry even tho’ I know the season is a write-off. I know I have to get beyond my anger to the next stage of whatever this is. At the moment, I simply cannot.

The gut wrenching thing is that the malaise has been there for a long time and existed in a weird equilibrium that brought success, at least partially. Europe revealed the truth but we got high on domestic success as compen. The shambles of this season could have happened at any point during NL’s reign, last season, next season… was the big mealy puddin’ waiting to smack us in the eye. Sevco’s inconsistency, superior players and a bit of luck kept the ship afloat last season. But the puddin’ was just waiting and growing in size.

The reasons for failure can all be seen in the demise of a monopoly. Incompetence, inefficiency, complacency are the hallmarks of an organisation that has a monopoly position……as we had. My son works for an internet provider that has a dominant position. The firm has many employees who cannot do their job. Important decisions do not get made. Productivity is low. Innovation is resisted at middle management level. In spite of this, the firm makes a huge profit, year on year. It just takes one element to change and the equilibrium will be upset and the pack of cards will come tumbling down. Let us hope that Celtic is not a humpty dumpty!

Uncertainty is at the heart of sport. Who will win? How will my team perform? How will my favourite player perform? How will my closest rival perform? Managing the factors that control uncertainty is key. Celtic are now awash in rough seas of uncertainty. Team rebuild, new CEO, CEO not arriving until late on, structural change, new manager/coach, season ticket renewals uncertain. If we have success next season, it will be quite an achievement. We could easily be out of Europe, and 10 or more points behind in the league before the new regime has settled.

Of course, it is the uncertainty that causes our interest and enjoyment in the sport. But this much…….who knows?



John Kennedy has got one chance to impress us.
If he picks Bain, Taylor and Christie to start tomorrow, then he should be sacked immediately. 😜😁

Billy Bhoy

I just had a chat with my next door neighbour. He’s a Rangers fan – but not a hun.

He asked me WTF had gone wrong with Celtic this season. I said we’d be here till midnight if I got started.

But I was reminded of a conversation we had after about 10 games at the start of last season. He had commented that Rangers were pish and in his opinion had no chance of winning the league.

I said that I agreed with him for the simple reason that the bulk of our players were pretty much guaranteed to put in an 8/10 performance every game while I thought Rangers players were generally a 6/10. He didn’t disagree. At that point the big question was just how many Rangers players would make the Celtic team. Only Barasic got my vote.

Reviewing that statement now its not hard to see where its gone wrong. Leaving aside Lennon’s many limitations how many of our players are playing to that level? I’d say Ajer, Turnbull and perhaps Soro – when he’s played. Last season, Forrest, Brown, Calmac, Christie, julien, Edouard and Griffiths (post Christmas) were all guaranteed 8/10 performers.

Initially, I was angry at JK taking over but I’m at peace with it now. I’m sure the long term plan was BR to achieve the Ten then hand the reins over to JK. At least now, he’ll get 8 meaningless games to stake his claim.

If i was JK I’d bench Edouard. He almost certainly won’t be here next season and TBH he’s barely been here for this one! We should use these 8 games to find out what we’ve got in Ajete and Klimala – and see what is left in Griffiths. The alternative is to start with a new striker for the CLQ games.

I’d play Barkas too. Again, its late February and we have no idea how capable he is. That position needs clarity.

I’d bin the loanees – with the exception of Kenny – as apart from Elyanousi they’ve offered little and I’m not even sure I’d want him here next season. I’d also bench Broony again. Perhaps JK could use him as an assistant for these 8 games. Mind you, I wouldn’t want him on the coaching staff permanently at this point. He’s nowhere near ready for that.

As others have said it will be very interesting to see if the players immediately step up and perform to last seasons’ standards.


Lots of lesson’s to be learnt from Lawwell’s tenure and little good.
McKay should take whatever advice Lawwell gives him and use it as what not to do.
Managerial and player replacement should never rely on wild punts and luck.
Look how the Red Bull franchise use their coaches and players in succession planning?
They rotate through their lesser teams till they are ready.
Jesse Marsch was RedBulls NY coach before being appointed assistant at RB Leipzig and after a year was named coach of RB Salsburg progressing through different circumstances till ready.
Having a team in Ireland and USA would help with player and coach development.
Succession planning should be pivotal to McKay’s remit.
Kennedy may or may not be a modern successful coach but now is not the time.
The fact he is Lawwell’s chosen one does not bring confidence.
Even if he does well he should cut his teeth elsewhere.

As an aside watched some of Leicester v Slavia and one of BR’s failings which i used to post about was evident.
Leicester are a good possession team but clueless without the ball as we where under him and European teams cruelly expose this flaw.
He needs to focus a little more on what to do without the ball.
We where poor at this under BR but NL actually made us even more scattered and vulnerable without possession.

big packy
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