Tricks of the trade, flex the name!

The most welcome news that perhaps our main impediment to modernization, the vastly overpaid CEO, is ‘falling on his sword’ after ̶b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶f̶o̶u̶n̶d̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ too long at the helm forces me to wonder shall we heed the huge lessons available to us all regarding our off field leader(s)?
19 years give or take is enough to learn anyone’s habits for better or worse, we would be fools to not make it for the better given what we are witnessing.
All of us should now be aware of what exactly manipulating the support looks and sounds like, and at the very first hint of new guy trying a repeat performance we must make it crystal clear we are savvy and won’t be lead up the garden path again by no one.
For starters, take Peters little protection scam, offering an influencer snippets in exchange for zero public criticisms.
I can see the temptation for those offered such a deal, but do they realize the long term implication? Should the snippets dry up, you just became a lot less interesting. Alas as a true fan everyone of us should turn our back on practices that are unbecoming or could harm our beloved institution, clearly there’s something underhanded about this quid pro quo. A person conducting their business above board has nothing to hide, should this deal ever get offered around by Dominic, it should be spurned with alarm bells ringing.
Next up, the little cliches that just never stand the test of time.
Champions League Club,
Every penny goes back in,
Sharp Suited Man (warns of an ego),
Generation of Domination,
The players just weren’t available,
The players wouldn’t sign until they knew,
And more.
The minute a single cliche falls apart under any new look set up our eyebrows raise, the instant a second does we seek immediate answers for our suspicions, and with no small reason I don’t need to add.
They should cease altogether and our talking done first and foremost on the pitch. Besides, self congratulatory soundbites smack of hubris and arrogance, two traits we as a support have seen far too often in the corridors of power and perhaps the main two reasons for our current ails.
Then there’s delegating. If Dominic is wise it shall be the first if not one of the first things he does, and its probably the most important. If we see or hear of a finger in every pie, or the tools for the job just aren’t being provided to key personnel, lots of praising the appointees character or credentials rather than professional assessments, we must point out we have seen that show before, and know how it ends.
There’s many lessons but the main point is having endured and witnessed an out of control megalomaniac maneuver himself into supreme authority, each and everyone of us must adapt an ‘over my dead body’ attitude.
It’s an attitude you are more than entitled to take I must emphasize.
Watch and scrutinize the new bloke as never before, and be prepared to act upon those suspicions for removing someone with their hooks in can be nigh on impossible. He may not like it, finding himself questioned more than ever, but a high level of accountability should come with the (well renemerated no doubt) territory. Should the new look board complain about this, they could pick up the phone to those they replace and ask why trust is a dirty word on Kerrydale Street.
We see any of the old tricks of the trade attempted, it’s meetings, emails, and letters galore threatening complete financial withdrawal.
I would be extremely happy if we get a churchmouse who doesn’t utter a peep, as long as behind the scenes solid foundations are being laid. If we are going to appoint a high profile figure who will hog the limelight, then let it be a name manager who willingly accepts the 24/7/365 goldfish bowl nature of life at Celtic.
Infact I posit that a real focal point character that everyone from board to fan could rally around is probably the best thing for the club right now. There’s only so many would willingly accept that, less still could pull it off, but they are out there.
With big responsibility should come a big salary though, but if one single appointment could suddenly lift the gloom, raise the spirits, allow us all to dream again, then at this juncture in time it’s easily a price worth paying.
Our stature may have fallen in recent years, word gotten out about boardroom ineptitude and interference, but times they are a changing. Soon he who badgers will be gone, a new look professional operation should appear to deliver us a new era, it’s very important this new regime hits the ground running, not just limps onto the scene.
With that in mind, it’s easy to say we should push the boat out and sign up the very best manager we can tempt. Yes a lot easier said than done, but we do have our own cards to play in that respect.
That world famous atmosphere he had heard of,,well after being shut down due to Covid, supporters itching to get back, and perhaps excited by a new look side that has yet to be put together, upon resumption the pent up frustration and emotion may lead to those famous nights actually being kicked up a notch or two, believe it or not.
The potential is there, absence making the heart grow fonder after all.
And there’s the clear shot at silverware, something everyone wants in the cabinet come retirement age.
The exposure, the available adoration, hero status,,all those and more await.
Peter may have sullied the great name of Glasgow Celtic in his dealings, but Dominic must hold that great name up and sell it for all it’s worth when getting our new manager. He must play the cards he’s given for maximum effect, have that bloke drooling about managing one of the biggest clubs in the world, a truly iconic team with the beautiful shirt, history, and fans to match.
Kiss the Blarney stone if it helps, but pick a winner and sell him the vision and then provide the tools he needs.
Dominic does his part, I’ve no doubt the support will do theirs when the time comes again.
He brings a name, we bring the A-game.
By Mahe.

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big packy

what was john waynes real name


Marion Morrison


CB Great question 👍 Had to google the answer

big packy

GARRY, cyber pint👍


Would love to share a real pint or 12 with you pal. 🤞


What a goal this is.


CB In the Beatles’ movie A Hard Day’s Night, Paul McCartney’s grandfather begins singing the song at the British police officers after they arrest him for peddling autographed pictures of the band members.

big packy

GARRY, are you paying,😍😍


Of course. I am still working. 👍


A Nation Once Again

Blown away..

big packy

GARRY only joking pal, the beers are on me👍


In the Beatles’ movie A Hard Day’s Night, Paul McCartney’s grandfather begins singing the song at the British police officers after they arrest him for peddling autographed pictures of the band members.
Was that ole Steptoe ?


Rebus, I’m in no doubt that there is nothing to back up your theory.

As I said 70mins in just about every game for even players that have never had covid, the facts speak for themselves.

Professional athletes that can’t or choose not to go the distance. Remember this is a choice, why can lesser players last 90min, ie. Ross county players, Aberdeen players.

Shankly described it best, its criminal players not trying and not giving their all.They should be locked away, they are a menace to society.

I said Long covid/ respiratory and this is exactly what you were trying to infer as it effects their stamina.

There is a real lack of effort on and off the training field, but ensuring that you are the best that you can be. That’s a professional athlete, with a correct mental attitude and always wanting to better yourself.

You are correct in one way, I am often wrong. but I’m never to big to say sorry and admit it when I am.

And again you are right, its great being me and I wont apologise for that.

Do you feel sorry for yourself?

big packy

what was old mr steptoes real name, and what country was he born in.


Invite Jim the Tim. He is only 53 and a professional gambler. Loaded I hear. He will buy a few rounds I’m sure. 😜😁👍


Bang on mate.
It is inexcusable that any pro football player should be spent after 70 minutes. We have a squad full of them. Shameful really.


Wilfred Bramble.
Will guess India


Seen a interview with Paul McCartney talking about “give ireland back to the irish” on my Google feed..

big packy

GARRY, no chance, ive seen him drinking, when he mixes his buckfast with carlsberg special brew, get out quick😍😍😍


I have met JTT53 on a few occasions. He is definitely a lover, not a fighter. Crackin dancer wi a few vinos in him. 😜😁👍

Gordon64 Paul McCartney’s Irish roots
Beatles star and the singer-songwriter who penned “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” has strong Irish roots and his people tread a well-worn path as working-class Irish Liverpudlians.


John and Yoko 👏👏👍🇮🇪

bada bing1



Should Crowdfund the guy’s fine

big packy

GARRY I know, was only joking, he will know that. he is invited to the party along with senga 👍


Actor Nicol Willaimson sings The Rebs in 1969 film The Reckoning


bada bing1

Rita ,Sue and Bob Too- an old guy singing the Rebs in it,funny movie, and the guy acts the best drunk ive ever seen.

bada bing1

Aberdeen used 1 bus to get to CP today.

John Higgins is in some form at the snooker. good to see at least one Tim at the top of his game at the moment LOL 🙂



This is my last attempt. Clearly you have more stamina than I.

In the beginning of this meaningless exchange you misinterpreted what I said. You concluded that I was suggesting that Covid was the reason for Eddy not passing the ball to Soro for a tap in. Simply show me where I said that, precisely. Since you are unable to admit that you made a mistake, you attempted to obfuscate by introducing other issues.

Read my initial post again. But this is now beyond silly and a waste of my time, if not yours.

Like you, I do not apologize for who I am but I have no difficulty admitting when I am wrong.

I suggest that you ignore my posts as I intend to do the same with yours.

The floor is yours if you are into last words.



Bada Bing 1
Think it was 1 bus from the hotel to the ground (allowed on short journeys) and other buses were at the hotel

El Classico final tomorrow for snooker. John Higgins v Ronnie O’Sullivan.


Canae wait. The Wishaw Wizard is on top form. 💪🍀💚


Thanks for all the movie suggestions, Top Bhoys 👍 🇨🇮

Heard this as Gerry comes to the squat in London In the name of the father.



Rebus ok I will.

Edouard looked knackered at the end and you could see his speed had slackened. I wonder of Covid has done for him.

This is what you wrote, how else is it to be read.

When you are knackered you make wrong decisions.

Full stop scroll by

Gordon64 Gene Pitney-“The mhan who shot Liberty Valance” (a rebel song according to the Strathclyde Polis) 🇮🇪


Gordon64 😁

Will we ever hear the likes again?


Gordon64 Wolfies-Women of Ireland 🇮🇪


This land is your land…the boss


Woman of.ireland..

Gordon64 The Wolfies-Many Young Men of Twenty 🇮🇪

Gordon64 The Wolfies-Banna Strand Let’s not forget our LGBT comrades 🌈 🇮🇪

An irish poet,an irish rebel


What’s the rebel song that goes through the timeline of our brave martyrs?
Heard it in the tolbooth before I went to the waterboys gig,had tears in my eyes..
Searched u tube canny find

Gordon64 Christy Moore sings at burial of Martin McGuinness 🇮🇪

Gordon64 Martin’s song ‘Where my heart will always be’ 🇮🇪


Who is on my turntable the now


When we were in Dublin for 1916 centenary celebrations Roy Croppie and myself had just visited the Sinn Fein museum and as we left who was walking up O’Connell St beside us but the bold Martin. Needless to say he got a rapturous welcome fae the Ruglen massif HH 🇮🇪


Mon the Doctor

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