Taint reaches the top.



How the mighty have fallen! Or maybe todays perfect example of power corrupting, but either way the fall and scandal surrounding arguably the biggest club in the game is a very worrying sign of the times.

For a club some 600 million in debt, illegal practices and arrests of some board members will be the very last thing wanted, but it is clearly necessary. The mighty Catalan bastion will have to take two steps backwards now, in order to go forward later, and vie for the pinnacle once again and without their talisman.


For many fans it is the home of football.
If asked to imagine the beautiful game billions would close their eyes to conjure a Messi drop of the shoulder and dink followed by that famous roar.
And that’s why this particular episode is so galling, even the very biggest and best the sport has to offer just couldn’t stay clean.


It raises huge concerns about the membership model adopted by the blue and red. The will and desire to hold onto the reigns of power brought those men to cross the line, morally and legally, and in being able to influence future votes by spreading online propaganda, they’ve exposed a massive flaw in the members voting system. They also tipped everyone’s hand that type of thing can and will happen, it’s up to us to see through it.


Can’t say I’m a regular visitor to Barca websites but let’s assume they are along similar lines to the Celtic ones for the sake of the argument.
One night the regulars of SentinelBarcas would have been working out who is staying and going, is liquidation a possibility, would Real push for their death or restoration etc etc.
And bam ‘lurkers’ galore come out of the woodwork insisting everyone was wrong and they better vote their versions of Dermot, Peter, and Bankiers back in.
This message is backed up by other lurkers and then broadcast repeatedly, ‘strangers’ with an agenda hogging the website stifling debate.
Of course we would see through it, and when you notice all the websites are undergoing such a metamorphosis, it wouldn’t take a genius to work out it’s coordinated and it wouldn’t be long before fingers get pointed at the boardroom. Few would have guessed their season books paid for the trick though.


I’m delighted for the Barca support seeing some justice on that front, justice I wouldn’t be confident of being meted out in Bonnie Scotland, and indeed part of me feels what all fans of football up north have been served up recently isn’t that different from this sorry tale.


We know our top clubs manipulate the online and regular media to frame the narrative and control the talking points. Whether it’s a blog offering ‘protection’ for snippets, Jabba demanding certain questions are off limit or the press conference is over, or perhaps the radio phone in show where some callers are clearly plants and those who present a rational argument are derided then blacklisted. The media is the first line of defense.


Laws may or may not have been broken, but then people weren’t looking that hard for that evidence, but they were certainly bent, skirted, and toyed with.
After all EBTs were judged to be a form of tax avoidance, MASH won his court case, throw in a few malicious prosecutions, and of course Res12 and yes we have clear similarities.


One of the nations giants has been humbled from a position of supreme power not that long ago and must now begin the process of a major rebuild almost certainly while watching it’s eternal rival and it’s support reveling in the success and your clubs fall from grace.


Should that huge club fold under the weight of it’s debts, would the famous ‘duet’ die and with it the world renowned clash of the titans? Or would they be deemed too big to fail by authorities who see the dollar sign over sporting integrity?


Yup, the similarities are striking. It looks like suits everywhere just can’t be trusted, and it’s the average fan on the street and the sport that suffers the worst.
Barca going bad is the biggest signal yet the beautiful game itself needs more control and oversight.
The current level of supervision just ain’t cutting it, now we have giants succumbing, and of course some clubs willing to go completely bust so satisfy egos.
Our own club of choice, unfortunately, got it’s hands dirty in it’s dealings, turning a blind eye (Res12) making our board complicit.
There’s no more evidence needed, the game is getting dirtier.


The bankers showed us all what happens if unchecked, but football hasn’t fallen off the cliff yet. Before it does, someone must force heavy regulation upon it, much heavier than what we have ever seen.
That’s two of the globes great footballing spectacles have now been close to permanently ending, showing what’s at stake and the level of codependency.
The Serial A scandal should have taught big lessons but no,,its gotten worse when here in Scotland we have offences just under the level of match fixing and a sectarian referee representing us at headquarters.


Whether a commissioner or a committee,
something has got to happen now that football is officially eating itself.

By Mahe.

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March 2, 2021 6:04 am

Much to the distaste of the Screws we ended the no-wash protest this morning. We moved to ‘B’ wing, which was allegedly clean.

We have shown considerable tolerance today. Men are being searched coming back from the toilet. At one point men were waiting three hours to get out to the toilet, and only four or five got washed, which typifies the eagerness (sic) of the Screws to have us off the no-wash. There is a lot of petty vindictiveness from them.

I saw the doctor and I’m 64 kgs. I’ve no problems.

The priest, Fr John Murphy, was in tonight. We had a short talk. I heard that my mother spoke at a parade in Belfast yesterday and that Marcella cried. It gave me heart. I’m not worried about the numbers of the crowds. I was very annoyed last night when I heard Bishop Daly’s statement (issued on Sunday, condemning the hunger-strike). Again he is applying his double set of moral standards. He seems to forget that the people who murdered those innocent Irishmen on Derry’s Bloody Sunday are still as ever among us; and he knows perhaps better than anyone what has and is taking place in H-Block.

He understands why men are being tortured here — the reason for criminalisation. What makes it so disgusting, I believe, is that he agrees with that underlying reason. Only once has he spoken out, of the beatings and inhumanity that are commonplace in H-Block.

I once read an editorial, in late ’78, following the then Archbishop O Fiaich’s ‘sewer pipes of Calcutta’ statement. It said it was to the everlasting shame of the Irish people that the archbishop had to, and I paraphrase, stir the moral conscience of the people on the H-Block issue. A lot of time has passed since then, a lot of torture, in fact the following year was the worst we experienced.

Now I wonder who will stir the Cardinal’s moral conscience…

Bear witness to both right and wrong, stand up and speak out. But don’t we know that what has to be said is ‘political’, and it’s not that these people don’t want to become involved in politics, it’s simply that their politics are different, that is, British.

My dear friend Tomboy’s father died today. I was terribly annoyed, and it has upset me.

I received several notes from my family and friends. I have only read the one from my mother — it was what I needed. She has regained her fighting spirit — I am happy now.

My old friend Seanna (Walsh, a fellow blanket man) has also written.

I have an idea for a poem, perhaps tomorrow I will try to put it together.

Every time I feel down I think of Armagh, and James Connolly. They can never take those thoughts away from me.

March 2, 2021 6:57 am

Morning all
Mahe, parallels can definitely be drawn. Club officials manipulate the media. Smear campaigns.
Where the parallels end lies within the desire of the police , the footballing authorities, the press and no doubt the majority of the public, to see justice served.
The dishonesty in Scotland is more widespread. It’s embedded in the fabric of society. Football itself is affected by;
Football’s governing bodies

in varying degrees, but with a definite bias towards the establishment club.

You’d like to think that someone will one day take them on. Look to have a root and branch clean up of our game.

Until then? We’re stuck in a poker game where the deck is marked, and if that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve recently learned our own custodians helped to mark the cards.

One of my kids only last night sent me a video clip from an Australian soccer game. It was of a goal decision being discussed. Referee talking to the players, third officials, reviewing VAR, then communicating his decision to the players.
I told him that this type of review will never be allowed in Scotland. Referees with a mic? Us able to listen to them ?
The reason it would never be allowed is simple. It introduces honesty. Ambiguity is preferred by our authorities. Transparency is not desirable. I genuinely believe that. It makes it very difficult for them to operate with bias, and with impunity.

(I’ll see if I can link that clip from WhatsApp)


March 2, 2021 6:57 am

Barcelona ,the Italians,SDM they have only scratched the surface. How about where Chelsea’s money came from, the poor people dying to build the infrastructure and the stadia for the World Cup The bigot from Scotland working at EUFA
The Whites and Kelly’s skinning or skimming the tills. I remember being on a bus going down the Alexander Parade
1962-4 Bertie Peacock got on he was retired from football at that time , As a 12-14 year old at the time I noticed he was dressed just like a guy who could only afford the typical Glasgow blue collar outfit. Obviously he couldn’t afford a motor. What if those players had been paid a bit more than your average tradesmen as their career was probably a maximum from 16 – 30 years old
Some of that skimmed gate money could have helped guys like Bertie
I was lucky to grow up oblivious to the shenanigans going on in football, but I always knew my dad did not like the
I hope Karma kicks in

Noel Skytrot
March 2, 2021 7:36 am

Football globally is a money making monstrosity and most of those involved at the higher end are gaining wealth that’s off the scale through corrupt practices. Look at FIFA and UEFA for example, bent as. Bidding to host the World Cup, bent as, dodgy owners, bent as, takeovers of football clubs, its the same. We’ve been sold a product that is rotten to its core and as Twisty states it runs through the very fabric of civic society particularly in this country as we have witnessed with the dead club. Too much fuckery in the game as a whole.

Noel Skytrot
March 2, 2021 7:48 am

thanks for your post, having personally sat with people who’ve lightly touched on their own experiences was a harrowing and sombre experience which left me absolutely stunned due to being unable to apply any rationale for what this person had endured.

Jobo Baldie
March 2, 2021 8:17 am

Good morning, friends. A great article Mahe and great responses too. It pretty much encapsulates where I am in the ole season book debate. Getting pretty sick of paying up front into a rigged game. Can’t see me ever being able to not watch football or to attend games. But more likely to be on different terms than the last 25 years, paying at the gate rather than providing an annual cash windfall. .

March 2, 2021 9:17 am

Morning all & Packy.

Jobo, that’s one of the reasons why I would like to see a new main stand. Increased capacity. Room for max. season ticket holders and enough space left for ‘pay at the gate’ fans, Euro. nights etc. Seats too for ‘worthy causes’ – free and reduced prices for people on low incomes, the homeless, kids groups etc.

Having said that, I can’t see that as being a priority with the Suits on our Board. Even a new Board.
One can but dream!

Jobo Baldie
March 2, 2021 9:25 am

Jimthetim53 –
Wouldn’t increasing the capacity be more likely to REDUCE the number of season books sold. Quite a few current season book holders renew because that’s the only way of guaranteeing a ticket for all games. If there was say a 70,000 seater stadium you’d be almost certain of securing a ticket for every single League and Cup game (bar 2!) and probably most European ties, group stages anyway. I think that’s why there’s been no further expansion on the capacity – supply and demand and all that. But like you I’d love the Main Stand to be increased to make the whole stadium more complete.

March 2, 2021 9:44 am

Great concept and admirable in theory and sentiment. It’ll never see the light of day of course, because of greed.
The bottom line is, well, the bottom line.

That doesn’t apply only to football of course. The rich want to get richer and don’t give a flying fig for the underprivileged.

I was up in my mums yesterday and we were talking about Covid, and the costs of it. She gives a fairly decent amount ( relative to her income comprising of a pretty meagre pension) to various charities.
Whilst her memory isn’t what it used to be she still talks about her school days and giving money she got every week for polishing the fireplace, to the ‘ black babies’ as they were termed then.

Anyway she said “ how much do you think this Covid is costing?”

I’d no idea so I looked.

UK alone borrowing figure is just short of £400billion. Worldwide I’ve no idea but obviously it’ll be into the trillions.

She said “ do you know how many people in the world live in poverty?”

Again I didn’t but a quick google search revealed

“ Around 1.89 billion people, or nearly 36% of the world’s population, live in extreme poverty. Nearly half the population in developing countries live on less than $1.25 a day”

She said, “ so if they can find all that money now why couldn’t they have given money to the poor countries over a number of years to help them?”

Seemed such a simple question but tbh I couldn’t really offer much of an answer.
A bit like the Scottish game I guess. No appetite for fairness or equality.

March 2, 2021 9:46 am

Jobo, Twisty, yes there is a certain amount of ‘panic buying’ with STs. It might shift the balance between STs & PAYG attendance. But I think the demand would not be reduced, maybe even maxed out! In fact are pay at the gate tickets not slightly dearer than the equivalent ST price?

March 2, 2021 9:52 am

Jim I think they would be slightly more expensive but of course the club wouldn’t get the money up front. Have a bad season and your pay at the gate revenue would drop off towards the end of the season

( or in the case of this season – January 😬)

March 2, 2021 10:29 am

The key to getting maximum attendance inside the stadium is to get the product correct on the pitch. Give us a team playing in the style of Brendan Rodgers Celtic team, winning all domestically and challenging in European competition, and you will see full houses in Celtic Park every week. Regardless of stadium capacity.

March 2, 2021 10:38 am


That’s two and a half years we’ve had this site running,and nobody yet has offered us money to sell our souls. Basterts must think we are incorruptible!

(Well,we’ve had advertising offers,but we do have some principles after all…)

Terrific article once again,and yes,we have been saying for years that football will eat itself. But it has probably gone back further than the Juventus scandal,or even Abramovic buying protection via buying a London football club. I’d suggest that it goes back to the Glazer buy-out of Man Utd,when they bought the biggest club on the planet-and forced the club to buy itself for them!

And that debt still hasn’t been paid off,yet the Glazers are taking huge dividends every year while the football-the end product,remember-goes backwards.

Barcelona shows that fan ownership is mightily flawed,but the two big Manchester sides have private ownership,one which works and one which doesn’t. Really,there is no ideal form of club ownership-there is only what works at a given time. M&S and Tesco both started as market stall,for instance,and both became titans in the retail field. But millions of market stalls failed too in that time.

So,is it possible to have a plan for that ideal ownership? It probably is,but I’d suggest that if the plan has pissed off the likes of JOBO and my entire family to the extent that they are seriously questioning ST purchase,then that plan has failed.

Yes,football will eat itself-but it has lived high on the hog at our expense.

March 2, 2021 10:40 am

BTW,it probably goes back to the FA allowing Irving Scholar to turn Spurs into a Plc. 1985,I think. He then started paying players via an offshore trust,out of the reach of the taxman.


March 2, 2021 11:10 am

Will be keeping an eye on your editorials once our new CEO is in place. Being an Ayrshire bhoy like you. 😁😂

March 2, 2021 11:40 am


We went to the same school,believe it or not. Which means that if Stevie Clarke gets the manager job,they can compare notes on the teachers they had!

(Nearly all of the teachers were terrific when I was there. The common denominator that went wrong was me!)

March 2, 2021 11:51 am

Get Roy Aitken, Mark Reid and yourself on Steve Clarke’s coaching team, and we will have a Saint Andrew’s Ardrossan full house. 😊👍

Noel Skytrot
March 2, 2021 11:59 am

Remembering both Billy McNeill and Tommy Gemmell on this day. I wish we had players like them in the current squad with their skill, desire and knowing what it meant to pull on the jersey.

March 2, 2021 12:06 pm

Well remembered. Cesar would have been 81 today.
Tommy Gemmell 4 years anniversary today of his passing. Absolute legends. 🍀💚👍

Noel Skytrot
March 2, 2021 12:19 pm

Garry, it seems like only yesterday when my friend and myself laid flowers up at Celtic Park from everyone at Sentinel Celts in remembrance of the big man.

Bada Bing
March 2, 2021 1:59 pm

Cheveley Park move horses from Elliott’s yard

March 2, 2021 1:59 pm

Hello pop pickers, it’s a second day at number 1 for Enzo and his odds have now shortened to 3s. Is lucky Jim on another winner? John Kennedy still hangs around at number 2, though, just to annoy Twisty and Bada. A new entry, rocketing ib at number 6 is Julian Stephan, after his resignation from Rennes. Paul Lambert is up to number 8, but I reckon, our poster, fan with his tactical knowledge has more of a shout than Lambo.
Enzo Maresca
John Kennedy
Eddie Howe
Roberto Martinez
Steve Clarke
Julien Stephan
Frank Lampard
Paul Lambert
Martin O’Neill
Sean Dyche
Michael O’Neill
Rafael Benitez
Alex Neil
Roy Keane
Thierry Henry
Jack Ross
Jindřich Trpišovský
Bruno Lage
Damien Duff
Dan Petrescu
Domenec Torrent
Gordon Strachan
David Wagner
Henrik Larsson
Lucien Favre
Shaun Maloney
Jesse Marsch
John Coleman
John Terry
Mark Hughes
Slaven Bilic
Wayne Rooney
Andre Villas-Boas
Carlos Queiroz
David Martindale
Jose Bordalas
Mick McCarthy

March 2, 2021 2:02 pm


That’s tomorrow’s article,just sent it to MAHE

March 2, 2021 2:06 pm

Tiger Roll will not be given the opportunity to try to win a third Grand National after owners Gigginstown withdrew him from next month’s race at Aintree.

In a statement, Gigginstown announced Tiger Roll had been removed from the National at today’s forfeit stage due to an “unfair weight burden”.

The Gordon Elliott-trained Tiger Roll won his first Grand National in 2018, beating Pleasant Company by a head carrying 10st 13lb, and followed up in the 2019 running when winning by two and a three-quarter lengths carrying 11st 5lb.

The weights for this season’s Grand National on April 10 were unveiled last month, with BHA handicapper Martin Greenwood raising Tiger Roll 7lb from the 2019 running, a weight of 11st 9lb. Last year’s race did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Owner Michael O’Leary and his brother Eddie have been outspoken in their view that they would not allow Tiger Roll to take his chance unless he was “fairly treated at the weights” for the £750,000 handicap, threatening to divert him elsewhere, and on Tuesday they stuck by their word when withdrawing the 11-year-old from the race.]

Bada Bing
March 2, 2021 2:06 pm
March 2, 2021 2:08 pm

JNP, I’ve got Enzo on at 5/1 🙂

March 2, 2021 2:11 pm

Now a jockey has been found to have done the same as Gordon Elliott
Cheltenham Festival-winning amateur rider Rob James has confirmed he is the individual sitting on a dead horse in a video circulating on social media.

James has issued an apology over the clip, which is being investigated by the the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB).

Just days after racing was left reeling following the circulation of an image of trainer Gordon Elliott sitting on a dead horse, the footage – apparently from April 2016 – shows the former champion novice point-to-point rider sitting aboard a deceased five-year-old mare on an unidentified gallop.

James told the Irish Field: “I have become aware of a video circulating of me on social media. I would just like to apologise for my actions which were wholly inappropriate and disrespectful to a lovely five-year-old mare, who unfortunately suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while at exercise earlier that morning, April 30, 2016.

“I sincerely apologise to the owners of the mare, the staff who cared for her, the horseracing industry and all followers of horseracing for my actions.”

‘I am heartbroken by the damage I have caused’

He added: “To try defending my stupidity at the time would add further insult and hurt to the many loyal people that have supported me during my career. I have caused embarrassment to my employers, my family and most importantly the sport I love.

“I am heartbroken by the damage I have caused and will do my best to try and make amends to those hurt by my conduct.”

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB) announced it was investigating the video this morning, stating via Twitter: “We are aware of further social media content circulating and the matter is under investigation.”

The video shows a stricken horse on the floor and James moves to straddle the dead animal. It appears the body was set to be moved when the video was recorded.

Three other people are shown in the close vicinity and laughs can be heard after the rider, who has partnered 235 point-to-point winners, sits on the horse. James then pats the horse as he dismounts before the video ends.

A spokesman for the BHA said the regulator was aware of the video but would not be commenting further at this stage.

March 2, 2021 2:12 pm

bada bing1

Pontins anti Irish policy

I’m boycotting that place.

Bada Bing
March 2, 2021 2:17 pm

VP- 😁,are they not Blue Coats anyway?

Sol Kitts
March 2, 2021 2:28 pm

RIP Ian St John

March 2, 2021 2:35 pm


There’s another reason :O)

big packy
March 2, 2021 2:48 pm

AFTERNOON ALL AND JIM, SOL, agree great player with liverpool ,met him a few times at dinner dances and stuff, while playing drums, always came across as a good bloke, and never lost his lanarkshire accent like me..IAN STJOHN RIP.

March 2, 2021 2:50 pm

League’s one and two and Scottish Cup to resume, which means John Kennedy is now 6/4 favourite to get his 10 games, in charge.

March 2, 2021 2:50 pm

Wee tune for Packy.

March 2, 2021 2:50 pm

Today’s article describes, perhaps, the beginning of the end for an era in football. I doubt it means the end of professional football, more likely it is simply the continuing evolution of the game.

Other news today takes me back to a previous era of football….one, no doubt, made more rosy when viewed through the glow of nostalgia. The passing of Ian St John brings to an end the great Motherwell inside trio of Pat Quinn, St John, and the under appreciated Willie Hunter. All three have now left us but what memories they leave behind!

St John was one of Ancell’s babes and symbolised an era when Scotland produced truly world class players. The Scotland team of the early to late sixties was a team full of giant players and giant egos….Law, Baxter, Johnstone, Crerand, and St John. Getting them to play as a team was like herding cats, but when it worked, mainly through the influence of the Ghost, John White, it was poetry in motion.

Ian St John, proud Scot, gallus wee man and humourist…….when will we see yer like again?



March 2, 2021 2:54 pm


Shocking reveal,all the more so that it was case proven by EHRC. I’ve met a few travellers in my time-I’m sure we all have-and tbh it is wise to be a bit wary at first. Then as things settle down,terrific company!

And then of course,there is TRAVELLERBHOY,whom many of us know. That lad is a gem and a gentleman,as is his son Mark.

Pontins might not put them up,but I would. Though I dunno where they could park up round here!

March 2, 2021 3:05 pm


Aye,Scotland really did have the best of the best post-war. The players you mention,plus the Hearts and Hibs players in the 50s.

Not to mention,of course,”The Scotch Professors” who took the game to the world in the first place,or Johnny Madden who took it to central Europe.

And then there’s the famous midfield that Albion Rovers had,early 70s I think. Curry,Sage and Rice.

Bert Rice is one of the finest I’ve ever met. Just saying.

big packy
March 2, 2021 3:09 pm

JIM, lovely piece of music, but not for us drummers, too many semiquavers, a drummers nightmare😎not to be confused with the 70s disco beat, which was mostly semiquavers or 16th notes if you like,.another true story😎

March 2, 2021 3:22 pm

The travellers I encountered were nothing but thieving destructive bastards. That was in England and Scotland. Twice a victim of them. I’m sure there are good and bad but there was fuck all terrific about the ones that I crossed swords with.
To make matters worse the police were shit scared of them, threatening to arrest ME, the fucking victim. I hope the ones I refer to suffer something like the shit that they put me through .

March 2, 2021 3:24 pm

Morning folks.

Some great chat.
Jobo I know Auldheid is a great advocate of moving away from the season book model. Once that cash is handed over that’s it, no accountability. Now we see the members model has flaws, admittedly the fraud was caught, but it isn’t perfect. It’s still better than the ST model myself and others believe.
Basically all members sign up for a payment subscription and the club works on that projected income using a float to compensate for variables. All members get to vote.
I think that model would see supporter revenue go up, instead of down which it’s increasingly looking like. If we go out of Europe early as I suspect considering we dont have a defence, sales drop further and pay as you go becomes more popular.
I’m not adverse to Bobby’s suggestion of grabbing a couple STs for the blog in general, but I need to like what I see and hear first.

Twists and Jim, 100k stadium with 50 percent seats held for match days , the other 50 can be bought as season tickets. Tickets vary according to closeness to pitch but 20, 10, and 5 for unemployed, youth and disabled. Good team sees a packed park in the main.
The world’s best atmosphere would improve 😉

Bobby, as much as Uniteds buyout was morally repugnant, they aren’t doing that bad out of it. Still Europe with one of the globes best turnovers, and look set to challenge again now.
Can MIT not leverage buyout Celtic?

Back soon, dog to groomer time

Hail Hail

March 2, 2021 3:42 pm


I recall you telling us of the basterts wrecking your new premises,and how bloody useless the cops were.

They were of some use,of course-they stopped you getting done for murder!

TRAVELLERBHOY,trust me,he is like an ambassador for his community. You would love him.

big packy
March 2, 2021 3:47 pm

TWISTY, where i walk the dogs here in daresbury,has been made into a lovely walk where only a few years ago, travellers had made it theirs, you could not walk anywhere near it as you got insults, thankfully they have all gone👍

March 2, 2021 4:02 pm

RIP Ian St John.

Bada Bing
March 2, 2021 4:04 pm




Wee Nippy saying restrictions might be lifted sooner…




March 2, 2021 4:04 pm

I love reading travellerbhoy’s stuff. Some of the most powerful reading ever. He could write a best seller.

I can’t remember, I think it might have been Leeds city council who tried to come to an agreement with the travelling community. Give them a place they’d be welcome but with some rules attached. I’m not sure how it all panned out. I’ll see if I can dig it out.

March 2, 2021 4:06 pm

They’d have been too much for me I’m afraid. I’d have definitely come off second best! I’m mad but I’m not bloody daft. 😬

Noel Skytrot
March 2, 2021 4:08 pm

My experiences with the traveller community have always been sound.

Myself and my two friends were walking up the Gallowgate going to the Dembelition game and as you all know there’s always loads of people walking up to the ground, in front of me four guys going in the same direction and I see something dropping from the guys jacket. Its the fellas wallet, up I go to these lads and say, ” excuse me you’ve dropped this pal” the big lad looks at me as though i’m mad not quite grasping the Glaswegian linguistics, the guy starts talking back and I’ve not a clue what he’s saying, all I can here is him saying may all the saints bless you, St Anthony, St Patrick etc anyway we part back to our respective company and walk. We walk up to were the retail park is and the guy comes over with a box of Budweiser and also tries to hand me a £20 note. I say thanks, but decline as I don’t drink and that I have money. Guy looked a bit miffed that I wouldn’t take him up on his offer, its a cultural thing but I never knew this. Turns out they were Irish travellers who lived on the Isle of Man and travelled everywhere watching the Hoops. I’ve met travellers in North Kilburn, Glasgow and Manchester and always found them sound though I struggled to understand a single feckin word they said.

March 2, 2021 4:12 pm

Can’t find the original article but came across this when looking.


big packy
March 2, 2021 4:12 pm

JIM ,a musicians story, to cut a long story short got to the wookey hollow club in liverpool where i was resident drummer, only to find my drumkit had been taken off stage and put behind the tabs, that is the curtains for you non musical ghuys 😎guy comes up to me im graham broad he says drummer with bucks fizz, well turned out he was only the session drummer, we started talking he said he had been taught by lloyd ryan i knew llyod ryan used to be the drummer on all the game shows back then the bruce forsyths the genaration game and all the des o connor shows ,we had a good chinwag, graham i said i luv ya to bits ,but dont ever put my drumkit behind the tabs again, another true story😎😎

big packy
March 2, 2021 4:15 pm

TWISTY, got it cheers👍