Taint reaches the top.



How the mighty have fallen! Or maybe todays perfect example of power corrupting, but either way the fall and scandal surrounding arguably the biggest club in the game is a very worrying sign of the times.

For a club some 600 million in debt, illegal practices and arrests of some board members will be the very last thing wanted, but it is clearly necessary. The mighty Catalan bastion will have to take two steps backwards now, in order to go forward later, and vie for the pinnacle once again and without their talisman.


For many fans it is the home of football.
If asked to imagine the beautiful game billions would close their eyes to conjure a Messi drop of the shoulder and dink followed by that famous roar.
And that’s why this particular episode is so galling, even the very biggest and best the sport has to offer just couldn’t stay clean.


It raises huge concerns about the membership model adopted by the blue and red. The will and desire to hold onto the reigns of power brought those men to cross the line, morally and legally, and in being able to influence future votes by spreading online propaganda, they’ve exposed a massive flaw in the members voting system. They also tipped everyone’s hand that type of thing can and will happen, it’s up to us to see through it.


Can’t say I’m a regular visitor to Barca websites but let’s assume they are along similar lines to the Celtic ones for the sake of the argument.
One night the regulars of SentinelBarcas would have been working out who is staying and going, is liquidation a possibility, would Real push for their death or restoration etc etc.
And bam ‘lurkers’ galore come out of the woodwork insisting everyone was wrong and they better vote their versions of Dermot, Peter, and Bankiers back in.
This message is backed up by other lurkers and then broadcast repeatedly, ‘strangers’ with an agenda hogging the website stifling debate.
Of course we would see through it, and when you notice all the websites are undergoing such a metamorphosis, it wouldn’t take a genius to work out it’s coordinated and it wouldn’t be long before fingers get pointed at the boardroom. Few would have guessed their season books paid for the trick though.


I’m delighted for the Barca support seeing some justice on that front, justice I wouldn’t be confident of being meted out in Bonnie Scotland, and indeed part of me feels what all fans of football up north have been served up recently isn’t that different from this sorry tale.


We know our top clubs manipulate the online and regular media to frame the narrative and control the talking points. Whether it’s a blog offering ‘protection’ for snippets, Jabba demanding certain questions are off limit or the press conference is over, or perhaps the radio phone in show where some callers are clearly plants and those who present a rational argument are derided then blacklisted. The media is the first line of defense.


Laws may or may not have been broken, but then people weren’t looking that hard for that evidence, but they were certainly bent, skirted, and toyed with.
After all EBTs were judged to be a form of tax avoidance, MASH won his court case, throw in a few malicious prosecutions, and of course Res12 and yes we have clear similarities.


One of the nations giants has been humbled from a position of supreme power not that long ago and must now begin the process of a major rebuild almost certainly while watching it’s eternal rival and it’s support reveling in the success and your clubs fall from grace.


Should that huge club fold under the weight of it’s debts, would the famous ‘duet’ die and with it the world renowned clash of the titans? Or would they be deemed too big to fail by authorities who see the dollar sign over sporting integrity?


Yup, the similarities are striking. It looks like suits everywhere just can’t be trusted, and it’s the average fan on the street and the sport that suffers the worst.
Barca going bad is the biggest signal yet the beautiful game itself needs more control and oversight.
The current level of supervision just ain’t cutting it, now we have giants succumbing, and of course some clubs willing to go completely bust so satisfy egos.
Our own club of choice, unfortunately, got it’s hands dirty in it’s dealings, turning a blind eye (Res12) making our board complicit.
There’s no more evidence needed, the game is getting dirtier.


The bankers showed us all what happens if unchecked, but football hasn’t fallen off the cliff yet. Before it does, someone must force heavy regulation upon it, much heavier than what we have ever seen.
That’s two of the globes great footballing spectacles have now been close to permanently ending, showing what’s at stake and the level of codependency.
The Serial A scandal should have taught big lessons but no,,its gotten worse when here in Scotland we have offences just under the level of match fixing and a sectarian referee representing us at headquarters.


Whether a commissioner or a committee,
something has got to happen now that football is officially eating itself.

By Mahe.

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Ok, folks.
I will stop posting the managers update, unless something dramatically changes.
Kennedy is 5/6 favourite and I think will remain so, for a while, because the Scottish Cup is back up and running and that means, he is more likely to complete 10 competitive games as Interim.

Good story Packy. One hero I bumped into back stage at the Royal Albert Hall was someone you probably haven’t heard of. Wynton Marsalis. Brass players the world over know him. A trumpet player. Had a few minutes chat, compared notes! πŸ™‚



We were in Stuttgart for the game ,decided to get something to eat and a beer ,ordered from chef/cook
no problem…traveller comes in and orders ….herr chef not got a clue ,he looks at me for help ” Sorry haven’t a clue either “

A thing of beauty


big packy

JIM, you lucky sod, wynton marsalis, all the brass players in our band loved him, as you know im not into brass, although my dad played trombone in the croy silver band,,does that count😎 he also played accordian, his cousin was a ghuy called will starr another croybhoy,H.H.

Mike in Toronto


I’m one of those rare creatures … like a hooker with a heart of gold…. a lawyer who doesn’t really care about money. As long as I have enough to pay my bills, go on the odd holiday, have enough left over to give something to the kids, and feed Seamus… I dont really want more.

Had I wanted more, I would have married the billionaires years ago … hell …. had I done so, I may have been able to buy Celtic myself!

And, worse still, she was drop dead gorgeous! Every so often, LiT will, out of the blue, smack me…. and then say, ‘you could have married that billiairesse… idiot’.

I have to admit … buying Celtic would have been fun. Although, we probably wouldn’t have been friends if I had … because, as owner, I would have, of course, insisted that the manager (me) pick me as his striker! Then bloody nuisances like you and BMCUWP would have been bugging me all the time … trying to tell me how to run my team (grumble, grumble…)

Life, eh? …..


Mike in Toronto


I was a fan of the Marsalis family going years back … tI saw the dad, Ellis, play, and he was really good … incidentally, he also was Harry Connick’s piano teacher …

but, musically, my favourite was Branford … more bluesy, funky … I once paid a good penny to see him play in a small club … what a disappointment! He was such a jerk! Didn’t give a shit about the audience (and said so, at one point!) … still a good musician, but dont love him the way I once did …

Wynton, on the other hand, I always respected, but thought he was a bit too ‘technical’ for me…. but saw him play a few times, and he was so nice, so genuine… he clearly loves jazz and its history, and wants everyone to love it as much as he does …. took LiT to see him play with the Lincoln Centre Orchestra.. and LiT was also blown away by how gracious he was, and how he allowed each member of the LCO to shine… he was the complete opposite of his brother… and I have come to love his music all the more… because when I hear it now, I can hear the love he puts into it.

Of late, I have been on a bit of a Clifford Brown kick (maybe the greatest tone ever… who knows how great he would have become had he not died at 25) …. same with Lee Morgan … his work on Moanin’ is some of my favourite ever trumpet playing… and he was only 19! another who died too young… only 33 I think… imagine how good those guys could have been had they lived longer!


Bunny Wailer RIP



MIT, after reading of GaGas dog getting snatched for half million ransom, just promise me you’ll up your surveillance game πŸ˜‰

Jim and Jnp,
The bloke Maresca is very interesting in that we have officially spoken to a Juve based Italian to be sporting director. A double Italian act would be likely if the Juve guy gets the job, they could sell us as a stepping stone to down south to all those fine Italian players, they can spot a goalkeeper, the can drill a defense no problem, and more.

The are cons of course, will hate the climate and food and don’t travel well because Italy is near perfect, but opening up that market would be exciting.
I’m kinda hoping we go that route tbh.

Hail Hail


RIP Bunny


Bunny was born Neville O’Riley Livingston.
Reckon he had Scots/Irish blood.

Mike, The week-end of the National Brass Band Championships in London starts with a massed bands concert on the Friday Night in the Royal Albert Hall. Wynton was the guest star. A fantastic night, a total sell out, he was terrific.
I was playing the next day in the contest and met him as he came out of his dressing room where he picked stuff up from the night before. I knew he had played in a marching band as a youngster and mentioned it. From that he explained his love of British Brass bands because their roots were in working class miners, mill workers, factory workers etc back in the 19th century.

As you say he was lovely guy to speak to. Briefly!


Super article.

Speaking of corruption, here’s a quote from Pat Anderson’s book ‘Damned Agnivores’ on the Supreme Court’s decision that EBTs were in law, taxable income and that the Huns had cheated for years:

“The decision will be greeted with dismay by the ordinary creditors of the club, many of which are small businesses, who will now receive a much lower distribution IN THE LIQUIDATION OF THE CLUB, which occurred during the ownership of Craig White, than may otherwise have been the case.”(My capitals).

The speaker of the above? None other than Sir David Murray.

So there we have it. Ranger’s legends such as SDM, Walter Smith and Richard Gough have all publicly confirmed that Glasgow Rangers did indeed die. Probably worth pointing out to the liquidation-deniers in our midst.

On a less serious point, the man-Sir David Murray-has a massive set of brass ones. Blaming the fact that creditors were royally rogered on the Supreme Court…and by extension HMRC. Class, sheer class.


Thanks for taking the time to post the diary of Robert Gerard Sands. Still heart-breaking even after all these years. I very much enjoyed your post on the Irps escape from the Kesh.

Hail Hail.


Evening all

Mahe another good article, and some similarly good responses. Corruption is global, it’s just we appear to accept it more than any other country. I missed yesterday MON’s birthday, and sad to hear Ian st john has passed R.I.P. Having read back I liked oglach prison break memoirs πŸ‘

JNP I’ve enjoyed your managers updates, thanks
On that note I’ve been told Neil has been offered a coaching job with Team GB bobsleigh, apparently they’d like to see their team go downhill just as quickly as we did. *cough*



The season is no longer a dead rubber.
We have a record 5 in a row Scottish Cups to go for. Do you think we will be up for it?

Noel Skytrot

The legendary Bunny Wailer, the man from the island of light and fire has sadly passed away.

Nyabinhgi Blackheart Man RIP

big packy

A true story, there is a small cafe in liverpool called the punch and judy ,its next to lime st station on a street called skelhorne street ,now skelhorne street is where the national bus garage was, when i went home to visit my parents in the 70s thats where i got the bus to buchanan st bus station in glasgow, anyway i used to get my breakfast there, sausage egg and beans, got friendly with the owner, annie mulholland, she told me you know what, 10 years ago the beatles sat where you are sitting now, they would come in and order egg beans and fried bread ,they could not afford the sausage, they actually wrote ticket to ride here as it was so close to lime st station..H,H,


Now even the Fuzz are hiring Influencers
‘Officials in Minneapolis had planned to pay six influencers $2,000 each.” To broadcast city approved messages during the soon to be George Floyd (RIP my man) trial.
Still trying to cover their asses


The last time I walked down Lime Street, I met loads of friendly girls asking me if I was looking for business. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚



I wouldn’t have been giving you grief,mate. I’d be too busy driving you about. You’d need a chauffeur,seeing as you drive on the wrong side of the road…


Fror those of us that like a bet. Here’s Paul Nicholls view on horses changing stables so close to the festival.
Switching horses to different yards so close to a major target is full of risks, Britain’s 11-time champion trainer Paul Nicholls outlined on Tuesday.

Nicholls, in line for a 12th title this season, was reacting to the news the Thompson family’s Cheveley Park Stud will send eight horses trained by Gordon Elliott to Willie Mullins and Henry de Bromhead, who will welcome unbeaten superstar Envoi Allen, the red-hot favourite for the Marsh Novices’ Chase at the Cheltenham Festival in two weeks.

The move is in response to a picture surfacing of Elliott sitting on a dead horse – actions that will be investigated by the IHRB on Friday and have led to the BHA barring entries from his yard until it is concluded.

Weatherbys Champion Bumper hope Sir Gerhard joins Mullins, who lost a host of Jared Sullivan-owned horses to Nicholls last year.

“It wouldn’t be ideal for horse or trainer,” Nicholls said.

“You wouldn’t want to be changing a horse’s diet so close to Cheltenham. It would have a massive impact, it wouldn’t be increasing your chances.

“You’d almost want to be on the same hay, the same feed, the same diet. People do things so totally different.

“I had quite a lot of horses come to us from Willie’s this year and it’s taken them the best part of a year to get used to our routine. It would have been the same the other way round.

“It is quite a shock for the horses. It’s not going to be an advantage moving so close to Cheltenham, that’s for sure.”

big packy

GARRY ,being a good catholic, i wouldnt know anything about that 😎😎😎

I heard that Paul McCartney was in the Punch & Judy recently asking where big Packy used to sit!

bada bing1


James Corden and Paul McCartney, it’s very well done




You just told a porkie.
A good act of contrition needed. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

big packy

GARRY, you got me there, good act of contrition as we speak😎

big packy

JIM, yer just jeless 😎😎


I was honestly taken aback the first time I was in Lime Street Liverpool at night. Had never seen anything like that before.



If TRAVELLERBHOY had access to all his original posts on CQN and published them in the order he wrote them,as he wrote them,and not in order of how events happened to him and his family,it would be a best seller and a blockbuster movie.

It would also be deeply hurtful for him and his family,but if it prevents anyone else going through that,I think he would view it as a price worth paying.

I think everyone who read his posts was shocked at the raw honesty behind them,and the brutality of the life he and his family had endured. To call it abuse doesn’t scratch the surface. Yet when you meet the man in person,he isn’t quite what you expect. He doesn’t blame the society which treats him and his with contempt,he doesn’t blame the system which put his brothers and sisters in the care of molesters. He blames the people who did that,they are not allowed to hide behind excuses. If you think his CQN posts were brutal,you should be in his company,maybe with his wife or his son too,for a few hours.

I won’t go into it on here as it wouldn’t be fair to them,but yes,he has a story which needs to be told.

big packy

GARRY, when the pandemic is over im taking you down lime st and the beers are on meπŸ‘


Trip down memory lane.πŸ‘

big packy

BADA, thanks for posting that, the barbers shop on penny lane,pauls house in forthlin,road, know them all as well as johns house on menlove avenue in woolton πŸ‘

Bada, never seen that before. It was well worth a watching. Thanks.

ps I think I mentioned on here in the past, I have had a drink in the Philharmonic pub in Liverpool.

Big Packy@20.39

Now that’s wan piss-up I would love to be on…hint, hint.

Hail Hail.

bada bing1

BBC Scotland Sky 115,wee Nippy caught lying, on now



Early 90s,I was working in one helluva busy pub on Streatham High Road. Very mixed crowd,heavy duty guys up one end,middle class types down the other end. One of the latter was an early-morning regular,him and his pals would discuss the topics of the day while they completed various crosswords. One day he asked my boss if it would be ok for him to donate a piano to the pub so that him and his pals could come in and play a jam session every Sunday!

Well,what we didn’t know was that Trev was a pro,had written a lot of stuff,his name was on the credits of a lot of TV programmes. And his friends had a similar background,but when they weren’t working they had nowhere to play. And if Trev could find a new home for his piano…

Those Sundays will live long in the memory. His pals did not come empty-handed,they had their drum kits,guitars and sound equipment,you name it. And they weren’t trying to impress us-they were trying to impress each other!!!

Marvellous memories,those…

big packy

MAGUA, your welcome palπŸ‘ these 2 videos are for you and garry this is what we are up against please watch. https://youtu.be/as9y83ME9wE https://youtu.be/Mdbq1jO30ko


Song about the Leith version of Lime Street.


Jobo Baldie

Any chance that everyone on here could always “play the ball, not the man/woman”? I’ve no problem whatsoever in folk giving opinions on anything they like but perhaps the childish nicknames could be left on that other channel – one of the reasons for my transfer here in January! πŸ˜‰



I’m honestly unaware of childish tat on here,and grateful too that we don’t do that. Please tell us which concern you-it won’t be viewed as cliping!-and hopefully it will be sorted.

big packy

GARRY, callum beattie one to look out for, enjoyed thatπŸ‘

Jobo Baldie

At the risk of igniting a debate Wee Nippy, or similar, just hits a nerve with me. No prob at all with anyone highlighting the subject matter or being vehemently for or against against any politician.
Aff oot!!! (but I’ll be back ra morra!)


A decent Hibs song by Callum Beattie.


Big Packy

Just watched those videos. Hell’s bells. It must be written in the Orange constitution that all bandsmen have to be the size of a hoose.

Whit about the fecker in the kilt? Charles Manson or what?

Hail Hail.



Ah,gotcha now!

We like to try to keep politics off the site,but ocassionally it is allowed if the politics involve Celtic or someone who has had a kick at Celtic.

And since my opinion of the SNP is well known,I try silence for the first time in my life. I just sit quietly going boo-hiss…

big packy

GARRY enjoyed that, MAGUA arent they just the scum of the earthπŸ‘


I agree. I think Nicola Sturgeon’s jaiket is on a shoogly peg tonight though.


Seeing as Barcelona appear to be in a wee bit of bother at the moment.
If, I know it’s a big if, they were to go under. Could we put in a cheeky wee bid for their history?
Could do it via the SFA. 😁