Whats the chances?

Two weeks from now and we will be well into the best four days of the calendar year for those of us who love the jumps. Those who prefer life without its hurdles will,of course,look forward to Royal Ascot in June. Both have been ticked off my bucket list already,and I tend to at least try to have a few quid set aside for them as I attempt to take the bookies on.
God loves a trier,after all. Though He’s been making a good job of pretending recently that He isn’t actually that interested!
The bookies too,love a trier-especially one who actually isn’t that lucky. I flatter myself that I am,that I am way ahead of the ledger over the years. And even if I’m not,the big wins are important while the occasional ten or twenty on a Saturday isn’t missed-and that is something that only makes sense to regulars in a betting shop! So following on from MAHE’s excellent article yesterday about how football is eating itself,I thought I would share a wee titbit about the gambling-especially as it came hot on the heels of some serious Cheltenham news!
Monday night,the only game of any significance was Everton v Southampton. The latter have been in a dreadful run of form,but Everton aren’t much better at the moment. The prices weren’t that attractive,given that the bet was on two out of form teams,so I didn’t bother. BetVictor weren’t inclined to give up on me though,and offered me various options soon afterwards,my mail inbox being splattered with offers.
One which caught my eye was their BetBuilder. I actually mailed them about that around two years ago,pointing out that it was an illegal bet. Seems the laws have changed. The reason I know it is-or was-an illegal bet is because I put a bet builder on DECADES AGO!
1987 FA Cup Final,I was working in South Shields. Football on the telly,but Spurs v Coventry? Who CGAF about that-certainly not me! Except…
Clive Allen had scored about 40 goals that season,he was 6-1 for the first goal. Me being me,I figured out how to make a profit from that-and have an interest for the whole game! The bookie next door to the pub was an independent,so I offered him the following slip.
Allen first goal,6/1
3x£1 singles,3x50p doubles and a 50p treble.
He told me to GTF,that’s an illegal bet-betting on the same event. I said it was the equivalent of an win,forecast and tricast. He told me to come back in an hour,he would see what he could do. And what he did was take the bet for a quid,not a fiver,and at 4/1,14/1 and 14/1-IIRC,not sure as it was a long time ago. I remember how much the payout was though.
Well,if Allen scored first I still got my money back-and that was the whole point of the bet! I’d found a way to beat the bookies!!!
(I hadn’t actually. I forgot about the tax)
So there I am in a pub in Geordieland cheering on the southerners-for all of two minutes until Allen scored! Think I got away with that one… Then cheering them on again after Coventry had equalised-and calling Cyrille Regis a big fouling bugger when he scored just before half time,fortunately it was ruled out. I damned near hit the roof shortly after when Gary Mabbutt put Spurs in front!!!
Not many Spurs fans around here,said the guy next to me at the bar at half time. Eh? I’m not a Spurs fan! Wheey,ya fooking sound like one!
I told him I might surprise him in the second half-and I did. Because I’d spent most of the first half cheering on Spurs-it was one each after ten minutes-but I now needed Coventry to score. So for twenty minutes or so,I’m cheering them on,with a pub full of Geordies wondering if my drink has been spiked! And once the equaliser goes in,I start demanding that defenders break bloody legs,don’t let anyone get a shot away!!!
You’ll gather I got my bet up,and I explained the situation to the lads around me. Then in comes the bookie-no night racing back then-and hands me £141.30. £157 less the tax. And I was actually apologetic about it! Sorry,illegal bet,thanks for taking it,feel guilty,etc.
Not at all,mate. I saw what you did and why-laid it off and put a ton on over the phones. It’s me that’s buying you a drink.
Now,what’s that got to do with anything? Well,remember all these mails on Monday night? I was betting on the important aspects of that match-the result. First goal,half time score were crucial too-but there was little that I or anyone else could do to influence any of it. Particularly not when the whole country was watching it live on TV. But there are nearly 200 bets now available on matches,and that includes all the ones that aren’t shown live. How many corners or free kicks,how many red or yellow cards. A specific player to be carded. All of these are highly manipulable,and will largely slip under the radar. Even a penalty is little surprise these days,depending on which team you put the money on.
And there’s the rub,the big question. Who have you put the money on? Who had a reason to release an old photo which shows Gordon Elliott in such a bad light-and why now? Has someone perhaps put a wedge on Willie Mullins-blameless himself,I hasten to add-and laid off large against Elliott on the exchanges? Taken the evens on Mullins and given threes on Elliott on say BetFair? Maybe doubled and trebled on Aintree and Punchestown?
I think Elliott has been stitched up-but that is not my point. My point is about the betting markets. How easily manipulable they are these days. There isn’t anything to stop a years old photo being leaked,and wrecking a sporting festival,destroy a whole year of the sport. There isn’t anything that stops someone giving a wee extra corner kick or yellow card either.
And in Scotland,there’s nothing that stops you from having a gambling problem and a season ticket for a certain club,then being awarded nearly a grandsworth of betting slips to referee your favourite club!
Football will eat itself? It’s serving itself up on a platter to the bookies.

Above article by BMCUWP

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Did anyone see the Repair shop where the y fixed the windup horse race? That’s the least rigged horse race ever
I only made one bookie bet in my life, my auntie gave me the money ,a note, and asked me to run a couple of hundred yards up the road , from Barlanark across to a close in Easterhouse
I always wondered if she won
I love going to Vegas , never play card games don’t want my mistakes to cost the other punters, The sheer size of the Casinos ,and people watching is good enough for me ,while the wife plays the slots. I get more enjoyment sitting in the sports bar drinking watching 20 different sports at any time
What’s the chances? St Mirren to win the Scottish .Cup 2021
And Damien Duff to land back at Celtic Park this year in a position to be determined


Morning all
Bobby, really enjoyed the leader today. Anyone getting an edge over the enemy has my respect.
I’ll keep it light today! I told this story elsewhere some years ago. I still laugh when I think of my old pal, sadly no longer with us. A mam I learned a lot from. Not all good as you’ll see by the time I post a story or two about him / us, ( actually, I’ll make it a treble and post three) but nevertheless, a man who played a big part in my younger years.

Chapter one.

J was in his late forties. An ex amateur boxer who once had a reputation for being a man you didn’t get on the wrong side of. His boxing skills had left him a long time ago, but his reputation lived on around the local areas.
Him and I became good pals. He had a number of greyhounds he liked to run at the local flapping traps. Armadale was his home track, but we also ventured to other much more exotic places. Coatbridge, Ashfield, Thornton. Living the dream.
I soon realised that his biggest motivation for having the dogs was the gambling side of it.
One day he said to me he’d a plan to win some money at ‘The Dale’. “Foolproof” he said. “Cannot lose”
Intrigued, I wanted to know more. My enthusiasm was tempered somewhat by him revealing that the key to the success was……….me!

He continued to spell out the detail. He was entering one of the dogs in a race and he was pretty sure it would win. Having been ‘stopped’ for its previous few races ( no drugs involved, just a good feed before the races) it was getting let loose for this next run. Effectively we had an A5 dog running in an A7 race.
He’d forecast odds of around 4/1.

However, as anyone familiar with dog racing will know, things can go wrong. Bumped, Baulked, common pitfalls of dog racing.

Here was the kicker though. This is where I came in. There was a fence ran around the perimeter of the track. Probably 8feet high. I was to stay outside the track, on the back straight, and peer through a gap in the fence.
I’d be carrying with me, the other integral part of the plan. A dead rabbit!!

Idea was simple. If our dog was winning, no need to intervene. If however it had gone pear shaped for any reason, and the dog looked like he would lose, I’d launch the dead rabbit over the fence and on to the track. This would see the dogs go for the rabbit and the race would be voided.

Hopefully we win but with the insurance of the void race should it go wrong.

On the night itself, it was now dark. That was a bonus. I felt safer in the shadows than were it a bright summer evening.

From outside the track, I could see J across at the area where the bookies all stood on their makeshift stools taking bets. He’d said he’d wave across once he’d got the bets laid.

The dogs came out on parade. Our lad was running in trap 2. Blue jacket. J duly gave me the signal so I knew the money was down.

The dogs entered the traps, the bell rings, hare running. I’m gazing through the fence, holding the rabbit in my ‘throwing

To this point it all seemed perfect. However as the dogs left the traps, peering through a small 1/4” gap doesn’t really allow you the view you might think you’d get. Bearing in mind the race is over in less than 28 seconds, and the critical part of the race, where they pass me, allows only a few seconds to make the call of whether to throw or not.

J had warned me beforehand. “ Twisty, if you throw it, you’ll need to run like the clappers, as they’ll definitely come after you”

So I’d a few things going through my head as the dogs thundered towards me. From the view I had, I could see we were up there, but it seemed as though there was at least one dog ahead of us. Bearing in mind id probably the equivalent of my weekly wage riding on the outcome, I decided to launch the rabbit.

That’s where it went wrong. Badly wrong. Being so close to the fence, I’d failed to appreciate the angles properly! I’d no time to get a few yards back from the fence so as I threw it, it battered off the fence and landed at my feet!!

In despair I slowly made my way back to the front of the track. I must’ve waited 5 minutes or so but it seemed longer.
I then see J coming out the track and heading towards me.
He was smiling. Gives a fist pump as he nears.

“ Tell ye what” he roars with enthusiasm. “ Yer a ballsy bastard, I thought we were beat down that back straight”

I’ve quickly realised we won

“ oh no. I knew it was tight but I could see we were getting up”

I can’t tell you the relief. Told J the real story some time afterwards and we both had a good laugh about it. Dishonest I know. I appreciate that now. At the time? Loved every minutes of my times with a man who a heart of hold when you knew him.
Need to dash. I’ll put up another couple of stories along similar lines later . No time for grammar or spell checks I’m afraid



I’m feeling exceptionally well today. (It’s only the third day, I know, but all the same I’m feeling great.) I had a visit this morning with two reporters, David Beresford of The Guardian and Brendan O Cathaoir of The Irish Times. Couldn’t quite get my flow of thoughts together. I could have said more in a better fashion.
63 kgs today, so what?
A priest was in. Feel he’s weighing me up psychologically for a later date. If I’m wrong I’m sorry — but I think he is. So I tried to defuse any notion of that tonight. I think he may have taken the point. But whether he accepts it, will be seen. He could not defend my onslaught on Bishop Daly — or at least he did not try.
I wrote some notes to my mother and to Mary Doyle in Armagh; and will write more tomorrow. The boys are now all washed. But I didn’t get washed today. They were still trying to get men their first wash.
I smoked some ‘bog-rolled blows’ today, the luxury of the Block!
They put a table in my cell and are now placing my food on it in front of my eyes. I honestly couldn’t give a damn if they placed it on my knee. They still keep asking me silly questions like, ‘Are you still not eating?’
I never got started on my poem today, but I’ll maybe do it tomorrow. The trouble is I now have more ideas.
Got papers and a book today. The book was Kipling’s Short Stories with an introduction of some length by W. Somerset Maugham. I took an instant dislike to the latter on reading his comment on the Irish people during Kipling’s prime as a writer: ‘It is true that the Irish were making a nuisance of themselves.’ Damned too bad, I thought, and bigger the pity it wasn’t a bigger nuisance! Kipling I know of, and his Ulster connection. I’ll read his stories tomorrow.
Ag rá an phaidrín faoi dhó achan lá atá na buachaillí anois. Níl aon rud eile agam anocht. Sin sin.
(Translated: The boys are now saying the rosary twice every day. I have nothing else tonight. That’s all.)


Thanks again for putting the diary up. Appreciated.


Chapter 2.

It’s a Monday evening and I’m making my way home from work. As I walk down the lane to my house, I meet J coming the other way.
“ Fancy going to the dogs tonight?” he enquired.

Now normally on Mondays I’d be heading to the dancing but I wasn’t going that night as I’d ran out of cash.

“ Nah I’m skint”

He says “ it’s ok I’ll get us in and a few beers and bets”

It was unusual for J to have cash on the hip on a Monday, but I was happy to accept the offer.

When we arrived at the Dale track, I’m automatically heading to the bar when he stops me.

“ Hold on” he says “ I need to do something first”
He walks along to the area where the bookies are up on their boxes marking the boards.
If you picture a mini version of the jungle at CP, you’ll get an idea of the layout of the track. J says to me “ you go and stand down at the wall, ( picture the front of the jungle) and keep an eye on me. Whatever happens, don’t take yer eyes of me”

“ Why, what you doing? Where are you going?”

“ Like I say, just keep an eye on me at all times” he replies.

So I make my way to the trackside wall and watch as J approaches a bookie perched at the back of the ‘terracing’

He’s talking to the bookie, and i see the bookie look down towards me, then start talking to J again. Something passes between them, then J moves along to the next bookie. Same thing happens again. It’s quite clear I’m being spoken about because this bookie looks my way in a similar manner.

This repeats along the row of 5 or 6 bookies.
Each time, something is definitely passed between them.

J heads towards the bar and waves me to follow.

We get a beer, sit down, and I say “well? what was all that about”

“ ah nothing” he replies. “ I let them know which dogs I’m running over the next few meetings and which ones are stopped, which ones are trying, and they give me a backhander for the info”

Sounded plausible enough.

Anyway, a few times throughout the evening, J would start laughing.
I asked him what was funny and he fobbed me off telling me he’d a funny story to tell me but it was rather long and he’d tell me later.

Genuinely can’t remember how we did that night, probably lost, but we had a good night.

Must’ve been the following Friday or Saturday I met up with him again in the local. We were having a few drinks and he bursts out laughing

“ oh yeah, I forgot to ask you. What was the funny story you’d to telll me?” I enquired.

“ Well I’ll tell ye, but promise me you won’t lose the plot” and all the time he’s still laughing.

“ why would I lose the plot over a story” I asked?

“ Just promise me you won’t” he says.

“ ok I promise, tell me”

He says “ Well, you see when we were at the Dale, and I told you that story about me passing info to the bookies in exchange for a bung, it wasn’t quite true”

Go on I say

“ well I’d no money, but I knew how I could get some. I told you to stand and keep watching me. I told the bookies, I need a fiver from each of you, and see if you don’t give it me, you see that guy standing down at the wall, well he’s gonna come up here and clean every one of you off those stools”

This explains why the bookies were looking my way. Now bear in mind I’m standing arms folded staring up at them, but totally oblivious to what’s going on.

They must’ve thought I was some kinda nutter!!

When he was done telling me the story, I was kinda mad, but he was laughing so much himself, and such an infectious laugh, the two of us just laughed like maniacs.

Again, not an episode of my like that will reflect well on me come judgement day, but I’m hoping the amount of dough I’ve given to the bookies since will help balance the good v bad !!

Noel Skytrot

I’ve an image in my mind of the scene from the Glaswegian sitcom Still Game were the character Winston played brilliantly by Paul Riley goes to extraordinary lengths to have his bet honoured by a bent bookie, its hilarious.

Gambling is not my gig as I work first hand with people who have lost everything due to their addiction to the chase, though I know not everyone goes down this route. If your sensible I’d imagine its fun. As an aside, if anyone on here has problems with gambling and needs any help I would be willing to do so.

thanks for taking time to post Bobby’s words.

bada bing1

BMCUW- many moons ago,I bet on a Scotland game,Strachan first goal and Scotland to win 1-0,it won…..I thought, next day bookie said it was an illegal bet,because I was basically betting on the same thing, which I didn’t agree with, they split the stake and paid me out on 2 singles.

bada bing1

Twists- cracking stories.


Where’s the edit buttons gone??

As most of you will be aware there are different types of gambling. Since joining my on line betting site last year I noticed the amount of incentives sent to me for slot machine, roulette etc. type gambling games. No thanks! Over the years I have watched several folk in pubs & clubs addicted to slot machines. The speed of the gambling is fast and furious. On line the stakes are even higher I believe.
I only bet on horse racing as a rule. Far from everyday. When I do it’s usually a Yankee. 11x10p bets. So £1.10 or £2.20 if I go each way. That lasts me all day. On the slots it might last 2 minutes!

If I win – brilliant! If I lose – shit happens! I don’t go chasing my losses. 🙂 I leave it there. Keep it fun.

Noel Skytrot

your right about the roulette and slot machines. I was working with a young woman who was putting every dime she had into them and ended up accruing a substantial amount of debt due to her addiction of trying to recoup the dough back, this was before they were regulated. They’re the worst, in gambling terms, they’re the equivalent of smoking crack cocaine.


Score predictor..
2 games tonight..6pm kick offs…


It’s all gone very quiet on the ‘boycott’ front. IMHO now is exactly the time to be saber-rattling to keep the PLC focused. Can’t say I am overly impressed with any of the managerial front runners but with PL still in situ and planning for next year aligned with a likely exodus of the best of our squad will any bright young thing want to come?🤔


Great stories, thoroughly enjoyed them, thanks for sharing.
As you can imagine, I have one or two myself, I will maybe share later.
Jim the Tim.
You are spot on, I knew someone, who had 5 Black Cabs and was doing really well, for himself, working hard and renting them out.
Those roulette machines came into the bookies and everytime, I popped in, he was playing them, last I heard he lost all 5 cabs. A very sad story.

All this talk about betting! Youse have just encouraged me to have a look at the racing 🙂 I notice IZZY’S Champion 13.15 at Musselburgh – 12/1. Might be worth a £1 flutter for old times sake!


Not much happening with Celtic.
So a cheerful wee tune and film to brighten your day.


When it’s spring again……….
Celtic defeating Ajax in 1982. That game in Amsterdam was available in the video van (ask yer Da) with Dutch commentary 🙂 https://t.co/W1CkAaeE3c

bada bing1

JTT- a safer bet is 15/8 a penalty in the Sevco game………shocking when you think about it….



Blinkin’ flip! Now I know why everyone speaks so highly of you-they’re bloody petrified not to!!!



I’m genuinely fortunate that gambling is a pleasure to me,and not an addiction. My wee hun pal in Swindon isn’t so fortunate,and no matter how hard we all try with him,he just can’t help it. We have tried everything with him,but he still spends more than he earns,is never off the scrounge-and this is a guy who gets about £500 a day from IT contracting.

I’ve never borrowed a penny from him,none of his friends or family have-but he is permanently in debt to us all. And the bookies must know he is losing money at an unaffordable rate,yet still take his money,bombard him with offers,etc.


You’re an imposing defender who terrified SPL thugs.
Imagine then being told Gary Caldwell is better than you?



Yep,that was what I got told then. If the bookie next door had been a national and not an independent,I wouldn’t have got the bet taken.

Angel Gabriel

Great article Bmcuwp . I was living in East London at the time . Remember it well , we got a cargo for the flat and I backed Coventry to win the cup . In the bookies and in wagers with pals , I thought Coventry won 3-2 , if my memory serves me right.
A recent betting scam. A young scouser I know through meeting his da and others at golf tournaments, had a remarkable turn.
His gig ( he’s very disciplined) was the big handicap every Saturday, where Wily Hills always payed on 5/6, or even 7 places .
He backed every horse each way. He done the sums and couldn’t lose . On line betting was a no , no down to the scrutiny. They quickly closed his accounts. He then got pals involved as he was soon barred from the shops.
Last year they covered every horse with £25ew. In one particular handicap they announced the wrong winner in a photo finish.Both were outsiders. They then payed out on both.
He couldn’t lose using the margins. That day he doubled his usual profit.
He was using every Hills shop on Merseyside. They cleaned up , everyone that put on a bet , got a £30 wedge then got an increase after the double win .
Shortly after they increased security in the shops , then Hills abandoned the offers.
Seems that it happened elsewhere in the North West . His photo is now in all the shops. Legal scam that caught them out .
I might give him a bell and see what his latest adventure is .
Lastly. Love the greyhound stories. Yer old pal PFAyr told me your a big dude , so your mate at the track was wise . The best story I’d heard from Whitletts track in Ayr was a pals Papa . He painted his best dog a different colour. Got away with it once . Tried it a 2nd time but it started raining before the off . His Papa was barred for life ;-))) . HH

Angel Gabriel

Thanks for the diary. Appreciated.

Noel Skytrot

An all too familiar story. I hope the guy seeks help and tries to stop it.


My story about Greyhound Racing.
A friend of mine, was a dog owner and indeed one of his dogs reached the semi final of the actual Greyhound Derby, no mean feat.
Anyway George would ask us, occasionally, did we want to go Shawfield? George could go all night and not have a bet, he knew fellow owners and trainers and would enjoy the craic more than the gambling, unless, he received information of the kind Twisty spoke about.
Not so my friend Garry, he is a bit like Twisty’s friends, he would go along all the bookies and ask for bigger prices than they were offering and would fall out with them, if they said, no. It’s incredible how many would actually offer a half point extra just to get rid of him.
Then things became interesting!! this is 100% factual and under 20 years ago.
One of the bookies, asked to speak to him and offered him information on a dog most meetings, there were 2 conditions.
1. Was he didn’t bet the tip with him, but had to bet it with another particular bookie
2. All other races, that evening, he did bet with him
Now why would a bookie do that you might ask?
Here’s the rub. Billy King owned Shawfield and this particular bookie was cheesed off, with the annual fees increasing and King ruling the roost and not listening to their concerns.
So Garry was to place his bets with King.
The bookie gave him/us 22 tips, some meetings he would say, he had no information. The dogs, that we were given always ran in on of the first 4 races, ( usually a 10/12 race card )
The odds were always between Evs and 2/1 ( so not great prices ) How many won….?
19 out the 22 won.
We then like dafties, would bet our winnings,with the other bookie, who gave the tip and almost always lose, as we didn’t really have a clue, ok I would go home with what I came out with, except the 3 losers but I wasn’t winning, not been quick on the uptake, it took me, till about the 18th tip, when I decided, no more, I would bet the tip and then drive home, Garry and others decided to do the same, that’s why the information stopped, the bookies fell out with us and said we were taking the piss out of him, he had a point, but of course, he had been using us, too. in effect, he was getting us to take money from King and give it to him.
How did it all end up?
Well about a year later, I went back on a whim, there was the bookie, he was now a punter. King had either worked out what he was up too, or more likely someone had told him, the ex bookie said. King revoked his licence to bet at Shawfield.


This came up on TwItter.
One of the worst refereeing decisions of all time!
From the early 1990s, the Dundee United players shot clearly hits the stanchion, the defender catches the ball coming out gives it to the keeper….and the referee waves play on!
#DundeeUnited #VAR https://t.co/d2RggcJcUf

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ,talking about greyhounds my oul granda had 4, curly flossie lady and billy, he used to race them at shawfield if i remember right,,i was only about 5 years old, the name mount vernon comes to me, was there a greyhound track there dont know, but you know something my granda loved those dogs, had a massive big kennel in the back garden fresh straw every night fed them well, but looking back if it was me then not a 5 year old but a grown up, i would have had them in the house not sleeping outside, yes its easy for me to say ive got 4 westies not 4 greyhounds, but in those days the dogs always slept in kennels, another true story.👍

big packy

https://www.rte.ie/archives/2021/0212/1196797-the-gorbals-in-glasgow/ hope saint stivs from the other channel does not mind me posting this, remember my dad taking me to the gorbals probably about 1960 i would have been seven, to meet his uncle danny kelly, wow id never been to glasgow before never seen tenaments, danny my dads uncle showed us round not much to see a small kitchen area not big enough to swing a cat ,bedroom where you pulled a rope and a bed came down ,but that was life for a catholic living in glasgow at the time, another true story.H.H.


You are correct, there was a Greyhound Track at Mount Vernon. It was just off the A74, which was the London Road that goes past Celtic Park. It was close to Calderpark Zoo. Both have now gone and housing built in their location.


Mo chairde, as well as posting Bobby’s written words each day I also intend to post vids produced by Sinn Fein in which Bobby’s prison diary is read each day by different individuals.

Day 1 read by Kelly Donaghy


Day 2 Read by Leah O’Brien


Your Uncles house in Gorbals would have been identical to my first house in Partick. A room and kitchen with outside shared toilet in the landing. We were the only Catholic family in our tenement block. It was not only Catholics who lived in those conditions. Plenty of Protestant, Jewish and Muslim families lived in slum housing in the 60s and 70s.

big packy

GARRY, cheers for all of that, did you watch the video👍


Yes. Watched the video thanks.
I never was in Gorbals, but that video was just like the Partick I was born and grew up in the 60s and 70s. 👍



Coventry did indeed win the game 3-2,but only after extra time. My interest ended at 90 minutes!


I went to Shawfield a few times with my dad.
He preferred betting on greyhounds than horseracing, as he said that he would trust a dug more than he would trust a jockey on a horse.

bada bing1

New contract for Hazard, not for me……another new contract handed out on the back of a few games.


I know the Doohan family locally in Clydebank, and maybe biased, but I think big Ross Doohan is the better goalie of the two. Both the same age too.

bada bing1

Kennedy 5/6 with skybet to be in charge for 10 games. Already been in charge for 1 another 7 league games left, 2 Scottish Cup ties and the bet is up.


New dates for the 2020-21 Scottish Cup have been confirmed.

Second Round: Tuesday, 23 March
Third Round: Saturday, 3 April
Fourth Round: Saturday, 17 April
Fifth Round: Saturday, 24 April
Semi-Finals: 8 & 9 May
Final: Saturday, 22 May


bada bing1

Garry- zero presence, totally unconvincing


That’s weird you posted about going to Hackney with CCB, I can’t see the post now.


Hazard or Doohan?
Or both?

big packy

OK this may be a true story or not a true story, cyber pint for the correct answer, my boss phoned me about 8-o clock one night was just watching the sopranos, winkie he says thats what he called me😎ive got a job tomorrow im giving it to you because you are the closest to chester zoo, the zoo needs 3 elephants transporting to edinburgh zoo.ASAP, wow 3 elephants anyway gets them loaded ,the truck had airsprings and air conditioning, I set off was told to just use the trunk roads dont know why,anyway it was getting dark i phoned jimthetim53 told him the story, look you can stay here for the night he says and then onto edinburgh zoo in the morning, thanks jim i said, BTW he only charged me 100 quid for the nights stay and that included breakfast,well continental breakfast, a well fired roll and if you wanted butter on it 5 quid extra, but its the thought that counts, anyway is some of the story true, none of the story true,or all of the story true, a cyber pint awaits.😎😎😎

Packy the £100 was for feeding the elephants too!



I was in a bit of a rush to post it before I got off the bus,and wasn’t quite as careful with the wording as I usually try to be! I deleted it,rather than rewriting it.

bada bing1

Garry- not seen Doohan



I heard you had enough left over to take them to the pictures the following night!

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