Who’s ‘that’ player ?

Rebuilding, or more specifically how we should approach it, has very much been at the forefront of the conversation these days, my partner in crime has been expertly expressing the hopes and fears of many a Tim regards which direction we travel.
Of course we all realize it’s conjecture, this site neither wants nor needs any special insights so it shall always remain pure conjecture.
So whilst the boul’ BMCUWP has so eloquently looked at off field conjecture, I felt it would lighten the mood not to mention provide conversation,if I were to indulge in some not so serious conjecture.

Namely, who?

You know that well established football fact that there’s always one certain player who really flourishes under the new management style, of course you know that fact.
Well my question to you is (the answer will be tucked away to judge later)
Who will be ‘that’ player next season?

It’s a regular occurrence if truth be told, and an age old tale, one man’s methods just happen to inspire you more than another’s.
We’ve all had good and bad bosses I assume, who maybe got a bit extra out of yourself than normal, it’s no different in the fitba which is actually a work environment at the end of the day no matter how well paid the modern dribbler is.

Big Jock, he got the very best out of his squad but when pushed Maggie Mc Gill assured me Wee Jinky was ‘that’ player.
Not his beloved Davie Hay to my surprise.

Moving onto the Wim era, maybe the consensus would be Craig Burley was ‘that’ player, rivalled by SID or Jackie?

The Dr Jo era possibly Mark Burchill emerged as ‘that’ player although I thought big Stubbsy had his finest years around then.

Kenny and John era is a hard one, Stan is out as they brought him in.
Paul had peaked under Hitzfeld ending up with a big cup showing his pedigree.
The fact that Jackie became the unofficial Captain of the team, the poster boy, the swashbuckler that we know and love so well around that time, my nod goes to him.

And then to Martin, a team and time I recall so well, bittersweet as I was emigrating after Seville but without a trophy in the pocket, despite some of the best days of my life, days I’ll never forget.
However it’s a hard answer, because there’s two parts to Martin’s reign as we all know, the fast lane and the slow lane.

Part one is easy.
I recall going to a Celtic facing barber once a whole and shooting the shit about all things Hoops. Riseth for booted out, but the guy we thought was destined to follow him not only stayed, but found first, second, and third gear somehow.
Somehow being ‘Midas’.

‘There’s only one Bobby Petta, in the summer he got betta’
You recall the song and the dazzle. Where he found it I don’t know but that lad took a grip of that left wing and started to run games from there, believe it or not.
He had the pace needed to burn the opposition, the delicate left wand for a pinpoint pass or slide it past the tackle and move onto it so very easily.
He skinned em and crossed, or followed in helping the strikers with a sweet left foot.
Either way, Bobby Petta absolutely transformed under Martin.

And then we got the slow lane.
Admittedly a few names really carried the cause back then, Jackie in particular.
Shaun Maloney burst on the scene proving a phenomenon when fit and ready, a rare occasion that became a luxury.
But Stan really brought himself to a new level under Martin imo.

His form earned him a move to the biggest league in the world and allegedly he was the one player in that dressing room ‘Midas’ told he would be coming back to buy, that’s how highly one of the most highly rated managers in the game though of him. And Stan literally did this all by himself, and since has went onto light up the Premiership and defeat severe illness. What a guy and thank you so much for everything, Mr Petrov.
I do wish we had snagged yer buddy Petkov at the same time now.

Gordon, it was almost Stephen McManus, but he didn’t go onto bigger things post Celtic.
Aiden was our biggest ever sale at the time and I’ll tell you all why plain and simple, because he was dynamite.
This kid had it, but like so many never fulfilled his potential.
Still, POTY for your Russian team isn’t bad when you don’t speak the language and the diet bulks you up.

Aiden McGeady went from the most coveted schoolboy in Britain with a Ronaldo dribble before Ronaldo had arrived, to a chap who if made of chocolate would eat himself.
All the talent but wrong mentality.
It would be easy to ponder if a non native stubborn wee bassa like Gordon hadn’t been the gaffer what would have happened?
Magic, I say. The kid got you on the edge of your seat when his head was in the game.
Of course the refs knew not only this but of his volatile temper, I recall him being sent off for evading a leg breaking challenge ffs.
He is the one who got away, great player, wrong time and manager, but in giving him the platform, Aiden’s improvement somewhat rests at Gordon’s feet.
He was ‘that’ player.

Mogga, let’s just pass shall we.

Lenny Mark1.
Samaras full stop.
He signed under Gordon but ended up a Hunskelper under Neil.
Who can forget him tormenting them with his long stride and delicate touch, unleashed from the left wing to attack.
He formed an off-field partnership with wee Jay, but could be the most frustrating lazy bassa at times. I know a bloke who could tell within the first five minutes whether he was going to play that day or just fill the jersey.
Low key games he tended to do the latter, but the big games he came alive.
He peaked with us, maybe due to us, so the easy answer is George.

That’s the hardest of the lot considering it was woeful.
Lustig, he was there and developing, showing leadership qualities.
Most of the rest either over the hill or passing through.
The Swede takes it for me, but it’s not really a choice.

No brainer.
Stuart Armstrong was just a local lad with natural athleticism, a big strong frame,and one hell of a touch.
He could have stayed a local with talent to burn, until he met the man that wasn’t prepared to be ‘just’ a local with the talent to burn.

He and Brendan clicked, big-time. I recall watching this mop of blind hair picking his receiving spot, and then exploding into action from there once neatly under control, head always up.
The perfect pass followed by the perfect supporting run. He needed a ‘Sensai’ and he got one, a man he knew he could not only look up to but listen to for HE KNEW HIS SHIT!.
It brought him goals, our respect, a new level, and his big move.
Where he ends up we shall see, but the lad moved up levels under Brendan we all surely agree.

Lenny Mk2,,,
Ok,the skipper has been very good on occasion, maybe his finest games.
Kris was on an upward trajectory, I count him out.

No need to count JK yet, though we may after 10 games, double digits being a fair enough mark to scrutinize in my humble opinion.

So, that brings us up to present day,,who will thrive? Who of our players will step up a notch or two under new stewardship?
Is there a star or stars waiting within our squad?
For starters you need to know who will be there to actually improve. While a certain percentage of conjecture can always be discounted it’s not that hard to imagine who will hit the road next year, within a couple players anyway.

I expect to depart,,
Ajer, Barkas, Odsonne, Calmac,
Add on the loan players Laxalt, Duffy, Moi and there’s most of a team gone.
It’s clear that Welsh will never get a better chance, and by all accounts the lad is trying hard, slowly improving with playing time as one would.
Soro already looks good, Turnbull looks real quality, but my tip is for young Henderson to step up to the plate if called upon by new manager unknown.

The kid plays without fear, hasn’t had the arm around the shoulder treatment from a manager that believes in him and can impart that belief, inspiring the youngster.
I thought his brother’s departure was a mistake, and Italy has very high lifestyle and footballing standards which Liam clearly passed for he is thriving in that beautiful land I pine to gaze upon once more.

Euan though, why those shoulders may just be the exact ones we need right now.
Soro shines brightly he’s offski ala Kayal, Turnbull may naturally see the mega money EPL as a cash cow to exploit given he has many tools in his locker and will be coveted by bigger soon I believe, leaving Euan as our new lynchpin.
I would have him in right now knowing he is fit and available for those early season qualifiers.
John, like too many Celtic managers, will succumb to the immediacy of on the day success, a hindrance to a club rather than a help.
Given that we’ve seen the old guard take the field during his debut in the dugout, chances are he is playing it safe, better the devil you know and all that.
All that type of thinking and rationale that got us into this mess that is.

So, my answer is Euan Henderson.
Who’s ‘that’ player?

Notify of

Kerr McInroy, currently on loan at Dunfermline and the best player in their team.

Has to be Turnbull for us,

And if there are changes made on and off the park that make things more professional and up to date, like we hope, it would only be a matter of months before we see the effects on all the squad.




A wee milestone today,and I’m gutted I can’t be there to celebrate it with you. In fact,I’m gutted that you can’t celebrate it properly at all. But I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.



Morning all
Happy Birthday ATOB

Hope you have a great day.

( you share it with my eldest brother who is 65 today!)

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ATOB- Hoopy Birthday



Happy Birthday ,hope you have a good day .hh


Ok I’m going to make a big admission today. This is difficult for me. I’ve been hiding a secret for a long time. Sometimes it’s easier just to keep your powder dry and hope no one finds out. Stay under the radar if you like. I guess I’ve been hoping no one would ever find out about this but it’s becoming more and more difficult. So I’ve taken a big decision and I’m going to own up. It’s probably been 3 or 4 years now since I started feeling like this and I thought it might pass, but it’s clearly not going to, so, if you’ll allow me to stand up for this announcement. Today’s leader has forced me into this:

Hi, my name is Twisty, and I’m a Ryan Christie fan.

There, it’s out in the open now. 😬


The Welfare sent for me today to inform me of my father being taken ill to hospital. Tried to get me to crawl for a special visit with my family. I was distressed about my father’s illness but relieved that he has been released from hospital. No matter what, I must continue.

I had a threatening toothache today which worried me, but it is gone now.

I’ve read Atkins’ statement in the Commons, Mar dheá! (Atkins pledged that the British government would not budge an inch on its intransigent position.) It does not annoy me because my mind was prepared for such things and I know I can expect more of such, right to the bitter end.

I came across some verse in Kipling’s short stories; the extracts of verses before the stories are quite good. The one that I thought very good went like this:

The earth gave up her dead that tide,

Into our camp he came,

And said his say, and went his way,

And left our hearts aflame.

Keep tally on the gun butt score,

The vengeance we must take,

When God shall bring full reckoning,

For our dead comrade’s sake.

‘I hope not,’ said I to myself. But that hope was not even a hope, but a mere figure of speech. I have hope, indeed. All men must have hope and never lose heart. But my hope lies in the ultimate victory for my poor people. Is there any hope greater than that?

I’m saying prayers — crawler! (and a last minute one, some would say). But I believe in God, and I’ll be presumptuous and say he and I are getting on well this weather.

I can ignore the presence of food staring me straight in the face all the time. But I have this desire for brown wholemeal bread, butter, Dutch cheese and honey. Ha!! It is not damaging me, because, I think, ‘Well, human food can never keep a man alive forever,’ and I console myself with the fact that I’ll get a great feed up above (if I’m worthy).

But then I’m struck by this awful thought that they don’t eat food up there. But if there’s something better than brown wholemeal bread, cheese and honey, etcetera, then it can’t be bad.

The March winds are getting angry tonight, which reminds me that I’m twenty-seven on Monday. I must go, the road is just beginning, and tomorrow is another day. I am now 62 kgs and, in general, mentally and physically, I feel very good.


The one guy I would like to see get a run is Ralston ,he could be the defensive fullback we don’t have to buy
Scottish guys with the right coaching and management will do for me. With a sprinkling of any other nationality on the Park or Coachingteam
I would love to see big Kris get a run in the midfield with Soro
My biggest disappointment this year is Griffiths, his age,ability, goal scoring ability, the support he has had from the club and fans, and his understanding of how important this season is to our history makes him an ungrateful user



May I recommend you contact Ryan Christie anonymous (Which incidentally is exactly what he has been all season😎)


Good advice. 😁

I think under the right manager all isn’t lost for RC just yet.

bada bing1

1% pay rise for NHS staff, truly fkn shameful, about £3.50 a week, the price of a cup of coffee….


I agree with Twisty RC is a player as a matter of fact I think the right manager will do what BR did, take basically RDs team and turn them into a team playing for each other
We have the players not the coaching staff to get the best out of the players and lay down a plan without chopping and changing every week


The Tic
I genuinely feel RC has been trying too hard this season! Which will surprise most I’m sure. The guy covers every blade of grass but his final decision making reeks of desperation. No composure. Yet, only a season or two ago he would use craft and ingenuity in the final phase.
Admittedly anyone watching him this year would conclude he has limited ability, but previous evidence suggests otherwise.

I hope he rediscovers his former levels…. with us!

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM,,, happy hoopy birthday to a thing of beauty👍 twisty, yes if ryan can get his form back from last year, there is a player there👍


Get the RC fan club started up. I’ll be president 😁



I’ll respond to the gist of your article later-a very interesting topic!


RC is only one of a number of players who have been deeply disappointing this season. There is little doubt though as to his quality. He will be hoping that he can still interest teams with sufficient quality already there which will bring out the best in him. He’s still a young lad,but not that young that his career can afford a wrong move for his next contract.

I think our new manager Enzo Maresca will bring out the best in Ryan Christie 🙂


Happy hoopy birthday ATOB 🎂🎂🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🍾🇮🇪


Christie is a skillful player who lacks game intelligence.
He thrived under BR with a clearly defined role and struggled under NL’s just get out and play approach.
In an unbalanced midfield and team he and McGregor have receded at an alarming rate.
Less and less today we see fewer mavericks in world football have success as it has become a more athletic type of team game.
Klopp’s Liverpool’s present predicament is interesting because his defense has been decimated but the real issue has been the almost unplayable front 3 of Mane,Salah and Firminhio no longer have that fluid potency and are struggling to score.
A balanced 11 are no longer balanced?
This season to date they have a goal difference of +12 in 27 games.
Last season as title winners they had a goal difference of +52 in 38 games.
My point being its hard for a player no matter how skillful to fully display his talent in a disjointed team.
In Henderson and McInroy we have two exceptional young talents but will we find a coach who can nurture them in a complete and balanced team?
We have to stop looking at individual players strength’s singularly and plan with an eye on some form of structural success.

Noel Skytrot


Happy birthday and I hope you have a lovely day.

you could be Christie’s personal ball boy, better dig that astronauts outfit out.

On the next big player, its David Turnbull for me. I’m suprised no one has opted for Karamoko Dembele.


Noel Skytrot
Because it’s generally accepted that Dembele will be gone at end of season.
Criminal mismanagement by Lawwell and Lennon will see us lose a potential star.
He should look at the Bundesliga as a place to showcase his skills.

Happy Birthday ATOB!



Noel Skytrot

Fan a tic,
I have saw some speculation that he will be moving on, but nowt concrete. If he did stay and start in the team the poor boy would be booted fuck out of every time he had the ball.

The Star Above The Crest

For me, I’d have to say Turnbull, although Mikey Johnstone might be the one. Euan Henderson looks like a ‘baller, perhaps too much of one for the “robust” nature of the game we enjoy in Scotland. It’s a shame for us that Liam Henderson didn’t make it here however given that he’s now living in probably the most beautiful place on Earth I won’t be feeling too sorry for him.


Noel Skytrot
No doubt but since the club have remained silent on referee sanctioned thuggery it’s no surprise.
Also our receive pass take 3 touches then look up to find a teammate makes us an easy target.
Better passing and movement would reduce the chance of opponents thuggery being effective.

The Star Above The Crest

Hoopy Birthday ATOB, I hope you have a great day 🍀🍀🍀🍺🍺


Is Dembele óg not out of contract soon? Will one of the ‘big’ teams come in for him? Can a 5’4″ player make it in todays’ game when 5’8″ players are deemed as tiny these days?
Who’s ‘that’ player? A Petrov or Lambert type🤔Don’t know as he definitely ain’t on our books yet. Turnbull seems to have the attributes but has a way to go.

bada bing1

Rangers have written to the SFA and the Scottish government, asking for permission to allow fans into ibrox stadium to celebrate their first title win

The request has been granted but the only fans that can gain entry are the fans that saved the club from liquidation



The team have got huge problems when they are in possession,they seem unable to make the correct decisions and by making the wrong ones,we are frequently caught on the break.

It is easy to say that we are passing the ball far too often,but not often enough while we are in dangerous areas-we have probably been guilty of that for a couple of seasons now. But one of our biggest weaknesses is also not passing at the right time,or not to the right player. Too often we see players taking those extra strides whilst in possession,or taking on one player too many,and the result is to either be caught in possession or to make a hurried pass.

Either way,the result is the same-caught on the break. Our players either don’t trust themselves to let the ball do the work,to make the peck passes as the stattos call them,or they don’t trust their team-mates to be on the same wavelength.

Yet,think back to our goal against Aberdeen a few weeks ago. CalMac runs straight up the park,he knows he has DT beside him and clearly knows he is expecting the pass. The quality is there,but the confidence isn’t.


Everything you say can be attributed to one thing.
COACHING or the lack thereof !



Yep,which many of us have long highlighted on here!

Angel Gabriel

First things first. Cracking article, that’s thought provoking.
Much like Twisty, I think that Ryan Christie is a cracking player that needs better coaching and an authoritative voice to guide him a tad better. The authoritative voice would quickly remind him there’s no i in team.
My selection for’ that’ player is Patrick Klimala.
He’s eager , fit , and hard . He knows where the onion bag is and just needs game time and a manager that utilises him properly. Imho.

ATOB . Many happy returns.


Last night in last 15 minutes of Liverpool v Chelsea you could see the difference Teuchel has made.
Chelsea were patient and brave in possession in their own last third.
This of course was made possible for man in possession due to passing options,anticipation and awareness.
They knew Liverpool would press hard but teammates always gave them options to bypass.
They looked well drilled.

Angel Gabriel

Bada 7.34am

1% rise for the NHS .
Tories taking liberties, as per usual.
I heard one fud on the radio defending the miserable rise with that old quote “ there’s no magic money tree” .
They shook £1Billion for the DUP during Brexit from a money tree somewhere.
Feck their clapping, it was always an insult not worth the propaganda it was based on .

Many Happy Returns.
Is it a Hawaiian themed birthday party?


Noel Skytrot


Jinky’s height is listed as him being 5’4, Roberto Carlos, 5’8 and Leo Messi, 5’7 Diego Maradona, 5’5, just four players I can think of who lacked inches but boy could they play. I know they’ve all played in different era’s and in their own rights are fantastic footballers, but if Dembele was coached right, changed his attitude, he could be a useful player for us if he decides to stay. I’m not for one minute suggesting that he’s in the same bracket football wise but methinks if you have the footballing ability then height shouldn’t be a factor.

PS, thanks for posting the diaries.

Sol Kitts

Happy birthday ATOB, have the best day possible despite wee Nippy’s best efforts. 🍷🍷🎂🥳


Happy Birthday to ATOB.

Euan Henderson for me.


Sol Kitts
‘Wee Nippy’???
Nothing to do with BawJaws?


Garry oooft! Many Happy Returns ATOB🎂🥂, have a cracking day

bada bing1

Angel G- £ 22 billion for Track and Trace? Need to track and trace the Tories and their pals scam,it stinks…


Noel Skytrot @ 12:32 pm

I agree if one has the skill and ability of a Messi or Maradonna which very few do. Modern football is based on athleticism and strength and also to an increasing degree the height and build of a player are a consideration rather than pure talent. Could Dembele handle the agricultural nature of the SPFL? Could this be the reason he wasn’t afforded more opportunities? Barca’s wee ticky tacky individual brilliance football team has been superseded at the elite level by well-drilled super-fit athletic teams. Is it more pleasing to watch – no but that’s how the game has evolved. Imo we have too many lightweights in our squad, all the skills, and tricks but too easily brushed off the ball by bigger stronger less gifted opponents. We need to get back to a MO’N type team.

Maybe Dembele has to leave in order to advance his career.

Noel Skytrot

I don’t disagree with any ot the points you make as football has changed in so many ways and the requirements for players to reach the top are different these days. There’s a wee bit of bias from me as I love the wee guys with skill and a low centre of gravity that bamboozle big cloggers who’s only remit is to try and just lay one on them. As for the current players being lightweight, I agree. I stated a few months ago that we needed the exact type of players you’ve mentioned, no fecking about. Could you imagine Morelos trying any of his nonsense with Mjallby or big Joos? They would’ve skelped his erse. As for Dembele, only time will tell.

That is the real Scamdemic in this country.
Utter Tory Scam Scum!


I always look for the signs that a player who makes good use of his loan spell, has a fair chance of making it at Celtic. In recent times, Calmac, Christie and Ajer have come back from loans and really kicked on. Players who did not do so well on loan, were Liam Henderson (at Hibs- regularly subbed), Ewan Henderson (at Ross County- rarely played and did not improve), Ross Doohan (rarely played at RC), Afolabi (a rarely used sub at Dundee).

We have some potential in Scott Robertson ( has done well with both Gillingham and Doncaster), Leo Hjelde (who is being played by John Hughes at RC), Lee O’Connor (who has reinvented himself ass a DM at Tranmere having disappointed at RB with Partick). Barry Coffey has only recently gone to Cliftonville so its too early to judge and Kerr McInroy is doing fine with Dunfermline.

Of our first team and fringe loanees, I don’t expect to see Ntcham come back and stay, and I see Bolingoli having difficulty being accepted back. Shved and Bayo have blown hot and cold, but the outstanding improvement has been with Jack Hendry, who I felt was completely hapless and Shane Duffy level with us but is getting rave reviews in Belgium.

However, my belief is that the next “That Guy” will be one who has not gone on loan. If Mikey Johnston has managed to overcome injuries then he will be That Guy. I know he has not done it on the park for us yet but the noises the senior pros make about Mikey at training suggest there is a lot more for us to see. he does not need to bulk up a lot. Ryan Christie is no heavyweight and neither is Ryan Kent. Skill will always find a place, if you are injury free. James Forrest showed us that.

So- in order of “That Guy” promise, I will put:-

1) Mikey Johnston
2) Scott Robertson
3) Jack Hendry
4) Lee O’Connor
5) Leo Hjelde- a bit of punt but we badly need a young defender

The only 2 of your 5 who I think may make it at Celtic are Robertson and Hjelde.
Hendry, O’Connor and Johnston will never be Celtic class imo. Seen enough of all 3 to form that opinion.
Ross Doohan and Kerr McInroy have a better chance of making it, I feel. High hopes for Adam Montgomery too.

bada bing1

Wee Nicola positively gushing about the Euros……but she told us she wasn’t remotely interested in football…more faces than the town clock

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