One big blank canvas

Following on our train of positive speculation to prove we aren’t a doomsday site at all, I decided to look at the idea of,,, “a blank canvas”.
Hopefully you know what I mean by that . We are down, or at least could be down to ‘skeleton’ staffing levels, needing major recruitment.
‘Major recruitment’ though has many different meanings and as we well know after this regimes shenanigans money spent does not equate to money spent wisely.
With the predicted or projected departures the footballing operation has needs in every department, goals, rear, middle, front, but most importantly in the dugout and the subsequent structure to support that privileged fellow.
We find ourselves in the incredible position of an entire team departing this summer, like it or not.
On the books staff will be at their lowest level I’ve ever known, there will be fresh blood at the very helm of the operation with not much financial baggage at all from the previous given the 19 million in the bank plus the ten million Frimpong money to come.
Then you’ve Odsonne, Kris, Calmac or Christie or both to sell plus the keeper who wants to return home ala El Hamed.
Funds will be raised, not far off the expected level I believe..
Add on the loan savings and the departed managers wage, and we essentially have,,,
A blank canvas to work with.

I typed ‘a blank canvas’ into Google and within a small swipe were three negative headlines.
‘The scary thing about a blank canvas’
‘Conquering the fear of a blank canvas’
‘Grief is like facing a blank canvas’
Please forgive me wise and mighty Google but there are actually some, maybe a lot, that feel a huge tingle of excitement looking at a blank canvas.
Those who take the footballing reigns at Glasgow Celtic right now literally can do what they want.
All options are on the table.
Does this character quickly win the league back by buying available talent he knows at a cutdown price?
How about the older gentleman who likes bringing through youth ala Hodgson?
Mostly youth with an experienced spine ala The Busby Babes?
Or just field the best of ‘the islands’ for now while we sort things out?
The average age of the squad is always important. Given that we shall be chasing the Champions next year, logic tells us the more experienced the team the better the chances of regaining that league trophy, youth and younger players being notoriously inconsistent. Experienced players also tend to stand up for themselves physically, again raising the odds of success. Experience does cost but with the widespread availability of Bosmans in the age group we are talking about (26-33) we needn’t necessarily pay a transfer fee, but offer those freebies good wages and maybe a slice of their transfer to sign up for the cause and you will get some takers I believe.
Filling the team with experienced Bosmans would be ‘todays’ managers choice, he who wants and needs results here and now and isn’t building for the future, he wants to look great at his stepping stone club. It wouldn’t be my choice but like I say, it ups the odds of taking our title again and makes sense for a club with little cash for transfer fees.
We do have a bit of cash though, at least we should have when the dust settles. We can reasonably expect 50 million or so given sales and savings, but how much of that should be forked out isn’t easy to state given there’s many who won’t buy a VST again. But there’s surely a chunk to spend.
Spending used to be a lot easier and simpler though.
Buying foreign may look the natural path, but times have changed with the Virus. We now have young men feeling stuck, can’t go and unwind where they call home, can’t hug their mammies anymore etc. It’s just not the best time to buy foreigners, another year or two should see things calm down on that front but avoiding them short term makes sense.
Given this information, hoovering up the best local talent looks the safer bet. Given that we could do with every penny for this huge rebuild, expect safer bets to get the nod.
That’s not to say it’s the wrong path, no Siree. Alba produces fantastic players repeatedly, I’m constantly impressed and sometimes feel it’s an underappreciated fact, perhaps even an assumption at this stage. Joining the biggest most successful club in the land then improving under the higher standards isn’t a given for the natives I expect we will target, but it certainly does help mitigate some of the risk factors every transfer comes with.
But short term I certainly envision a home based majority.
Some won’t like that, some will love it. I’m in the latter camp, and I think this will play a role in determining who fills the vacant positions. Two Italians at the helm next sounds great, sexy and a new market to exploit, but the timing would be all wrong all around.
Unfortunately. People are sticking with what they know, and to be honest Italians don’t tend to settle anywhere outside of home, unsurprisingly given all Italy offers.
Homebased need not mean boring. A footballing purist who brings out the best in his players ala Eddie Howe would get my juices flowing and stop the best kids saying Auf Wiedersehen Pet.
Witnessing a proper coach transforming players is not only an education but a privilege, not to mention a great income stream. It alone can be worth a season ticket, witnessing ‘that’ player live in the flesh.
The stage is set, brains need brought in as the path needs plotted.
A new era begins this summer, and sitting here now I genuinely do not know where we shall end up, how the journey will go, who will drive the bus and who will direct him.
Anything could happen.
Glasgow Celtic is one currently one huge blank canvas, let’s enjoy watching it be filled.
By Mahe.

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Certainly food for thought on a new setup Mahe. I don’t believe Calmac will be going, the others I agree with to a certain extent, but their net worth must have fallen dramatically, being absolutely rotten this season.

My main fear is Pistol Pete is still here until the summer, both looking for and most likely buying in cut price sh*t with his untrained eye.



There was no priest in last night or tonight. They stopped me from seeing my solicitor tonight, as another part of the isolation process, which, as time goes by, they will ruthlessly implement. I expect they may move me sooner than expected to an empty wing. I will be sorry to leave the boys, but I know the road is a hard one and everything must be conquered.

I have felt the loss of energy twice today, and I am feeling slightly weak.

They (the Screws) are unembarrassed by the enormous amount of food they are putting into the cell and I know they have every bean and chip counted or weighed. The damned fools don’t realise that the doctor does tests for traces of any food eaten. Regardless, I have no intention of sampling their tempting morsels.

I am sleeping well at night so far, as I avoid sleeping during the day. I am even having pleasant dreams and so far no headaches. Is that a tribute to my psychological frame of mind or will I pay for that tomorrow or later! I wonder how long I will be able to keep these scribbles going?

My friend Jennifer got twenty years. I am greatly distressed. (Twenty-one-year-old Jennifer McCann, from Belfast’s Twinbrook estate, was sentenced to twenty years’ imprisonment for shooting at an RUC man).

I have no doubts or regrets about what I am doing for I know what I have faced for eight years, and in particular for the last four and-a-half years, others will face, young lads and girls still at school, or young Gerard or Kevin (Bobby’s son and nephew, respectively) and thousands of others.

They will not criminalise us, rob us of our true identity, steal our individualism, depoliticise us, churn us out as systemised, institutionalised, decent law-abiding robots. Never will they label our liberation struggle as criminal.

I am (even after all the torture) amazed at British logic. Never in eight centuries have they succeeded in breaking the spirit of one man who refused to be broken. They have not dispirited, conquered, nor demoralised my people, nor will they ever.

I may be a sinner, but I stand — and if it so be, will die — happy knowing that I do not have to answer for what these people have done to our ancient nation.

Thomas Clarke is in my thoughts, and MacSwiney, Stagg, Gaughan, Thomas Ashe, McCaughey. Dear God, we have so many that another one to those knaves means nothing, or so they say, for some day they’ll pay.

When I am thinking of Clarke, I thought of the time I spent in ‘B’ wing in Crumlin Road jail in September and October ’77. I realised just what was facing me then. I’ve no need to record it all, some of my comrades experienced it too, so they know I have been thinking that some people (maybe many people) blame me for this hunger-strike, but I have tried everything possible to avert it short of surrender.

I pity those who say that, because they do not know the British and I feel more the pity for them because they don’t even know their poor selves. But didn’t we have people like that who sought to accuse Tone, Emmet, Pearse, Connolly, Mellowes: that unfortunate attitude is perennial also…

I can hear the curlew passing overhead. Such a lonely cell, such a lonely struggle. But, my friend, this road is well trod and he, whoever he was, who first passed this way, deserves the salute of the nation. I am but a mere follower and I must say Oíche Mhaith.


Still staggering all these years later Oglach the total conviction and bravery of that man, and his patriotic brothers and sisters 🇨🇮


I always thought George Galloway was a fantastic speaker.


1 Game suspension.

Slippy: “After my apology post match, I expected the referee to call to apologise for his part in the incident but I didn’t hear from him.”

Goes onto the field confronts the referee, then swears at the ref and is looking for an apology, couldn’t make this sh*t up

He seriously needs a checkup from the neck up.


English MSM alleging that Leicester City believe they have won the race to grab Odsonne Edouard’s signature and are closing in on a £15m deal that would see him reunite with former Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers😕😲🤔

‘IF’ true it means basically no profit from Eddy as PSG has a hefty sell-on clause. I wouldn’t be overly surprised if £15mil was a realistic figure given his performances this season and the likely drop in transfer fees due to the effects of the pandemic on football.


Fantastic article Mahe,

We need the new men in PDQ to ensure they have time. CEO/ DOF/manager/ backroom staff.

Do the board not know that the euros are on this year and a lot of our players will be off site during the summer.

We then have CL qualification very shortly after and this will give the new guy virtually no time at all to get his plans in place.

This is where the fear comes in for me anyway, again leaving everything to the last minute.

Shocking state of affairs.

Noel Skytrot

I think we may struggle next season as its going to be one of transition, new CEO, new manager (not Kennedy) players in, players out, possibly no fans (I firmly believe that the players miss our energy) we’ll have players at the EC and the qualifying rounds for Europe will be on us in jig time. This is going to take a monumental effort to sort out.

Noel Skytrot


I agree regarding Callum, he’s one player who I think will stay to wrestle the title back from the panhandlers.



Not only a monumental effort to sort out,but we will also have to take into account the effects on the transfer market of Brexit. I’m still not sure how it works-I don’t think anyone is!-but it will certainly make it more difficult to sign from abroad at our price level.

Younger players with promise will be unlikely to match the work permit requirements due to their inexperience,while older players on Bosmans will likely face the same problem due to lack of recent international experience. And the chances of signing someone from a country outwith FIFA’s top 50 ratings are even less.

We may not like it,but we may well end up with youngsters from the UK plus our own fringe players and only one or two bigger signings. And worryingly,the likes of Barkas,Duffy,Elyounoussi and Ajeti would pass the qualifying barriers but Eddie and Moussa,etc,wouldn’t.

Never mind the slow lane,we could be in Shitshow Alley for a while…

There’s a happy thought to open with on a Saturday,so I’m off to sort out the Naps updates.


Cheers Bobby, another reason to be cheerful.

Right anybody like darts.

Morning all & Packy.

Packy, sorry about being missing in action yesterday, the snooker’s back on the telly!

I see you’ve bet an outsider in the naps again. 1/8 On !!! LOL 🙂 Good luck.
(Would you not be owing the bookie money if it won?)

I just checked, you would win 12p for a £1 bet LOL 🙂

Garry, don’t know if you’re watching the snooker. The Gibraltar Open is best of 7 frames all the way to the final! Best of 7 is fine for the early rounds but I think the final should be best of 17 or 19, an all day affair. Think of all the twists and turns you get, leadership changing, the differences after the break etc. Makes it more interesting and exciting. Must be more money in it for Barry Hearne!



Back in the 80s,one of my mates put a tenner on a fav double. Both won at very cramped odds-but he lost money!

IIRC,he had joint favourites at 11/10 in the first race-which meant his stake was split,a fiver on each. That meant he had £10.50 going on to the second horse.

It was 4/5,but the race was called as a dead heat and again the stake was halved. His return was £9.45-but he still had to pay the tax on it!

He got back £8.51 for his winning tenner bet. I don’t think he ever got over it,tbh.

Bobby LOL 🙂 unlucky sod!



Hi Bobby! Sent you a text, not sure about the phone number I used though!

Hope you are good!


The 15 million is not a realistic value for Ed.
Despite his indifference he still has 16 league goals and 2 assists playing in a crap team.
He has scored 11 goals in 8 games for French U21’S.
Since joining Celtic he has scored 62 goals in 80 games and not always as a starter.
Quality strikers are hard to find so we should not sell him cheaply due to Celtic plc’s fearful business model.




You’ll need to wait till the next hoot for a birthday drink though…



Form is temporary,class is permanent. Anyone who thinks they can get Eddy for £15m is in dreamland. As you say,quality strikers are hard to find,and I expect our add-ons alone to be nearly £15m!



Got it,mate. Thanks. Texted you my main number too. iPhone needs to be plugged into the wall for most of the day,bloody cheek calling it a mobile phone!

Usual best to you and the girls.



Cheers Bobby! Olivia send her love and says next time we meet up the drinks are on her!

That’ll be a first!

Speak soon!

Noel Skytrot

I meant to add to my earlier post about the ramifications of Brexit and transfers, I think it’s worth a look at.

Noel Skytrot

Check Slippy’s comments regarding the tramps celebrating their 1st title win. A prick of a man.



Tell her I’ve taken a screenshot of her promise!



I’m not sure if Brexit ramifications on our transfer policy are a known unknown or an unknown known! Either way,it makes a successful rebuild more difficult.

Noel Skytrot

If we are going to hire a first class manager it would be a master stroke to announce him on the day the carpet baggers clinch the title. Looking at the meeja here they’re pishing their pink frillies at the thought of the huns rubbing it in our faces. I know that all clubs need people in the press to be on their side but we need to start fighting back and prevent the tramps from controlling the narrative.

Noel Skytrot

Thousands of rats plaguing the South side this morning, saw loads of them in Partick. I never knew why they where all out, turns out they’re having a party over at the William Dome.


Going by the images on social media it would appear that the Scottish Govt and Police Scotland have suspended all restrictions on social gatherings 🤔


What’s your Bet for charity..


FC Slavia Karlovy Vary score from a bizarre corner kick routine during their 10-3 defeat by Slavia Prague in the Czech Cup.

A strange huddle-like set up for a corner. They still got pumped 10 – 3

bada bing1

Stuart from Mogwai on Off the Ball

A thing of beauty

Very interesting time on the bike this morning listening to John Kennedy speaking to the fan media. This guy talks a very good game and sounded so plausible I refuse to believe we will not see a major upturn in our fortunes towards the end of the season. I accept the job is too big for him just now and he needs to go elsewhere to develop but in my opinion this guy is a modern, forward thinking coach. I urge any of you to give him a listen. You’ll find it on various Tim podcasts. When you listen to him, like me I believe you’ll understand why Celtic hung onto him. He’s definitely got a future in the game. He was as complimentary as he could be about Neil Lennon but it’s clear they had completely different outlooks on what players need. It seems unsurprisingly all Neil could bring was motivation and lacked the understanding of how much personal development players are looking for.
I did say I would accept him as a coach under maloney if that is the route we choose but if we are going to go big as etims suggests then John needs to go and prove himself elsewhere and let the new man bring his own backroom team.


Fan / Bobby

Celtic will “address” Odsonne Edouard’s future at the end of the season, says interim manager John Kennedy, as he confirmed interest in the French striker amid links with Leicester City.🤔

I think it is worth remembering Eddy will be free to sign a pre-contract in a relatively short period of time as he enters the final year of his contract with Celtic. Celtic are in no position to play hardball over a transfer fee if they wish to recoup any of their initial outlay on the player. The best we can hope for is a bidding war between clubs that interest Eddy. Otherwise, Celtic has no alternative apart from accepting the low ball offer from Leicester otherwise he decides to stay for another season – turns on the style again, and signs a pre-contract with anyone he wants to come Jan 2022, and Celtic receives hee-haw.

What would you do?



I’ve texted G64 with that,mate.



I expect more than one club to enter the bidding.


A cheeky wee 6/1 winner by a nose 😁




Nice one!



Irrespective of who bids what amount Eddy is very much in the oul proverbial driving seat. Arsenal bid +£20mill Leicester £15mill. Eddy’s reps tell Celtic Eddy wants to go to Leicester and he isn’t interested in going to London – basically, take it or leave it. That’s how I see this ending.

PS I believe Eddy can sign a pre-contract in Dec this year🤔


As ATOB has been banging on about.
Rutherglen. I hope the Vogue punters have removed it.
A belated Happy Birthday to ATOB, I hope you had as good a day as possible under the circumstances.



Large crowds have gathered outside #Ibrox ahead of #Rangers game against #StMirren this afternoon.
Another example of lockdown not applying at Ibrox. This is video evidence of This morning.




They’ll probably let them in quoting safety reasons 😡




Ahh bless em, it is their 1st ever league title after all 😛

bada bing1

Today’s weatherman on BBC news channel, is obviously a Tribute Act to Ken and Kenneth from the Fast Show……

It must be exciting for the huns, nearly at the point of losing their virginity. Being alive when your club wins it’s first ever title, is a big deal for them.


JnP At least the inbred mutants managed to spell ‘Fenian’ correctly 😜

bada bing1

Chalmersbhoy Cheers mate 👍 Bayern to win 3-2


It’s early in the day to be handing out awards but my nomination for Post of the Day is for Garry’s;

“It must be exciting for the huns, nearly at the point of losing their virginity. Being alive when your club wins it’s first ever title, is a big deal for them.”
Well put Garry! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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