One big blank canvas

Following on our train of positive speculation to prove we aren’t a doomsday site at all, I decided to look at the idea of,,, “a blank canvas”.
Hopefully you know what I mean by that . We are down, or at least could be down to ‘skeleton’ staffing levels, needing major recruitment.
‘Major recruitment’ though has many different meanings and as we well know after this regimes shenanigans money spent does not equate to money spent wisely.
With the predicted or projected departures the footballing operation has needs in every department, goals, rear, middle, front, but most importantly in the dugout and the subsequent structure to support that privileged fellow.
We find ourselves in the incredible position of an entire team departing this summer, like it or not.
On the books staff will be at their lowest level I’ve ever known, there will be fresh blood at the very helm of the operation with not much financial baggage at all from the previous given the 19 million in the bank plus the ten million Frimpong money to come.
Then you’ve Odsonne, Kris, Calmac or Christie or both to sell plus the keeper who wants to return home ala El Hamed.
Funds will be raised, not far off the expected level I believe..
Add on the loan savings and the departed managers wage, and we essentially have,,,
A blank canvas to work with.

I typed ‘a blank canvas’ into Google and within a small swipe were three negative headlines.
‘The scary thing about a blank canvas’
‘Conquering the fear of a blank canvas’
‘Grief is like facing a blank canvas’
Please forgive me wise and mighty Google but there are actually some, maybe a lot, that feel a huge tingle of excitement looking at a blank canvas.
Those who take the footballing reigns at Glasgow Celtic right now literally can do what they want.
All options are on the table.
Does this character quickly win the league back by buying available talent he knows at a cutdown price?
How about the older gentleman who likes bringing through youth ala Hodgson?
Mostly youth with an experienced spine ala The Busby Babes?
Or just field the best of ‘the islands’ for now while we sort things out?
The average age of the squad is always important. Given that we shall be chasing the Champions next year, logic tells us the more experienced the team the better the chances of regaining that league trophy, youth and younger players being notoriously inconsistent. Experienced players also tend to stand up for themselves physically, again raising the odds of success. Experience does cost but with the widespread availability of Bosmans in the age group we are talking about (26-33) we needn’t necessarily pay a transfer fee, but offer those freebies good wages and maybe a slice of their transfer to sign up for the cause and you will get some takers I believe.
Filling the team with experienced Bosmans would be ‘todays’ managers choice, he who wants and needs results here and now and isn’t building for the future, he wants to look great at his stepping stone club. It wouldn’t be my choice but like I say, it ups the odds of taking our title again and makes sense for a club with little cash for transfer fees.
We do have a bit of cash though, at least we should have when the dust settles. We can reasonably expect 50 million or so given sales and savings, but how much of that should be forked out isn’t easy to state given there’s many who won’t buy a VST again. But there’s surely a chunk to spend.
Spending used to be a lot easier and simpler though.
Buying foreign may look the natural path, but times have changed with the Virus. We now have young men feeling stuck, can’t go and unwind where they call home, can’t hug their mammies anymore etc. It’s just not the best time to buy foreigners, another year or two should see things calm down on that front but avoiding them short term makes sense.
Given this information, hoovering up the best local talent looks the safer bet. Given that we could do with every penny for this huge rebuild, expect safer bets to get the nod.
That’s not to say it’s the wrong path, no Siree. Alba produces fantastic players repeatedly, I’m constantly impressed and sometimes feel it’s an underappreciated fact, perhaps even an assumption at this stage. Joining the biggest most successful club in the land then improving under the higher standards isn’t a given for the natives I expect we will target, but it certainly does help mitigate some of the risk factors every transfer comes with.
But short term I certainly envision a home based majority.
Some won’t like that, some will love it. I’m in the latter camp, and I think this will play a role in determining who fills the vacant positions. Two Italians at the helm next sounds great, sexy and a new market to exploit, but the timing would be all wrong all around.
Unfortunately. People are sticking with what they know, and to be honest Italians don’t tend to settle anywhere outside of home, unsurprisingly given all Italy offers.
Homebased need not mean boring. A footballing purist who brings out the best in his players ala Eddie Howe would get my juices flowing and stop the best kids saying Auf Wiedersehen Pet.
Witnessing a proper coach transforming players is not only an education but a privilege, not to mention a great income stream. It alone can be worth a season ticket, witnessing ‘that’ player live in the flesh.
The stage is set, brains need brought in as the path needs plotted.
A new era begins this summer, and sitting here now I genuinely do not know where we shall end up, how the journey will go, who will drive the bus and who will direct him.
Anything could happen.
Glasgow Celtic is one currently one huge blank canvas, let’s enjoy watching it be filled.
By Mahe.

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Gordon64 The Doors-Maggie McGill 😎

Gordon64 Johnny-Sunday Morning Coming Down 😎

Maggie McGill is home.
Fuckin great night noo. 💪

Welcome home song for my friend Margaret McGill.

Puff puff
Gordon64 Roy Drusky-Jody and the kid 😎

Gordon64 The Kingston Trio-Hang down your head Tom Dooley 😎

Totally love that Blink 182 track.
Class ma man 💪🍀💚

One for you Puff.
I love this song.
Hope you do too.

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Brilliant man brings memories .

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A amazing band for you Garry …the Pacific northwest has some incredible music .

Gordon64 Thd Seekers-The Carnival is over 😎

My son and I saw Fleet Foxes at Benicassim Rock Festival Spain. What a band. 👍

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Sweet man wish I was there .

Thom Yorke wrote this on a ferry, sailing up the Liffey into Dublin.
He thinks it is Radiohead’s best song.

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Before you call it a night listen to this Garry

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Radio head is just fecken incredible man .

Never heard Bon Ivor before.
That was magic ma man.
Great track 👍

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Glad you liked it man …you passed on some wonderful stuff to me this past year .

Wan for Puff.
Wee belter of a song bro.

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Amazing ..

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No a bad young band .

That is a new band to me.
I liked That 👍

Goodnight folks
Great bedtime lullaby

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Sleep well man . your a good wan .

Last wan fae me.
The Partick Junkies. 😁
Great Sheffield band.

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Good night timland xxxxx sleep well .

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Haha ..


I received a most welcome note tonight from Bernie, my sister. old Bernie. I love her and think she’s the greatest.

I am now convinced that the authorities intend to implement strict isolation soon, as I am having trouble in seeing my solicitor. I hope I’m wrong about the isolation, but we’ll see.

It’s only that I’d like to remain with the boys for as long as possible for many reasons. If I’m isolated, I will simply conquer it.

A priest was in today, somewhat pleasant, and told me about Brendan O Cathaoir’s article in The Irish Times during the week, which I saw. We had a bit of discussion on certain points, which, of course, were to him contentious. He was cordial in his own practised way, purely tactical, of course, and at the same time he was most likely boiling over inside, thinking of the reference to this week’s AP/RN (February 28th issue) calling him a collaborating middle-class nationalist, or appropriate words to that effect.

He is too, says I, and I sympathise with those unfortunate sons of God who find themselves battling against the poverty, disease, corruption, death and inhumanities of the missions…

I am 61 kgs today, going down. I’m not troubled by hunger pangs, nor paranoiac about anything pertaining to food, but, by God, the food has improved here. I thought I noticed that during the last hunger-strike. Well, there is a lot at stake here.

I got the Irish News today, but there’s nothing in it, that’s why I got it.

I’m looking forward to seeing the comrades at Mass tomorrow, all the younger looking faces, minus the beards, moustaches, long rambling untamed hair matted in thick clumps.

One thing is sure, that awful stage, of the piercing or glazed eyes, the tell-tale sign of the rigours of torture, won’t be gone – if it is ever removed. I wonder is it even conceivable that it could be erased from the mind?

We got a new comrade during the week. Isn’t it inspiring the comrades who keep joining us? I read what Jennifer said in court. (On being sentenced, Jennifer McCann said: ‘I am a Republican prisoner of war and at the moment my comrade Bobby Sands is on hunger-strike to defend my rights as a political prisoner.’) I was touched and proud, she is my comrade.

I’ve been thinking of Mary Doyle and Ellen McGuigan and all the rest of the girls in Armagh. How can I forget them?

The Screws are staring at me perplexed. Many of them hope (if their eyes tell the truth) that I will die. If need be, I’ll oblige them, but my God they are fools. Oscar Wilde did not do justice to them for I believe they are lower than even he thought. And I may add there is only one thing lower than a Screw and that is a Governor. And in my experience the higher one goes up that disgusting ladder they call rank, or position, the lower one gets…

It’s raining. I’m not cold, my spirits are well, and I’m still getting some smokes — decadence, well sort of, but who’s perfect. Bad for your health. Mar dheas anois, Oíche Mhaith.

Noel Skytrot

Woken up slightly calmer after watching the scenes from yesterday and have reached the conclusion that we as a support need to start fighting back off the field, listened too and read tons of commentary by various press outlets, politicians, the radio, social media and its clear that the panhandlers are treated differently in the best wee bigoted shitehole in the world. We’re back to being treated like dirt and all of the above are complicit in this. Don’t listen to the radio shows, buy their publications, click on links, be wise with your vote in the upcoming Scottish elections etc Yesterday was as painful as anything i’ve felt in my 50 years on the planet. Sadly the same pain won’t be felt by those who allegedly run our club, scab bastards the lot of them.

Dermot Desmond should read Bobby Sand’s diary.
Compare how his ‘principles’ match up.
You could buy DD’s heart & soul for Bitcoins.

big packy

DESMOND LAWWELL BANKIER, hang yer heads in shame, you are a feckin disgrace to the celtic community, ive got a feeling there will be a few of the scum at parkhead, well im 68 and im going up there to defend my stadium, 68 or not.H.H.


The thought that some people are contemplating the idea that if John Kennedy does well between now and the season end, he may get the gig permanently, is mind boggling.
I don’t care if he wins every match between now and then. He is NOT the guy to take us forward.

We need someone with a presence and tactical awareness. It’s also important if we want to attract decent names to us that the manager has earned some status and respect in the game.

I’m also unimpressed that some think he “ talks well in post match interviews”

I could talk very well in post match interviews. Wouldn’t mean I’d be the man for the job.

I’d go as far to say if he were to be appointed, they can think about shutting a couple of stands. I was down in the dumps when Neil was appointed. Ffs don’t send me into deep depression with another cheap nonsensical appointment.

Quite right Twisty!

Pick me up on the road Packy!

Noel Skytrot

Jim the Tim,
I hope Desmond is strapped to a chair and has the carpet baggers celebrations played on a loop. I get that we can’t win all the time, but the capitulation in the season of all seasons for Celtic fans should never be forgotten by the supporters. I expect the GB to have something to unwrap when we can safely enter the stadium. In fact their should be an all stadium tifo reminding them of their abject failure.

yep, I can talk all day long about my job and what it entails and what can possibly be done to improve certain aspects of it. I think giving Kennedy the job would be a severe boot to the balls of the supporters. It would probably be my personal Rubicon being stepped over if they don’t go all in and I suspect it will be the same for many others.

big packy

NAE PROBLEM ,ill haud yer jaiket as well😎


My love affair with Celtic is reaching the point of ‘irrevocable difference’. Any remaining passion is of the negative/hate variety, I truly despise the individuals who have knowingly and willfully lead us to this juncture in pursuit of cash. And my contempt for those who continue to ‘happy clap’ despite the years of evidence that we were being lied to and manipulated by our custodians is unbounded. I hope that a ‘full reconciliation can occur and that my passion for the ‘club’ can be directed in a more positive manner that is supporting a football club proud of the ethos and culture/people from which it was birthed. However a GOH for Sevco, for me, would mean that the club/culture I have supported for so long no longer exists, and any residual emotional ties severed.
Kennedy being appointed manager would come a very close 2nd.

Buachaill dána csc


MIT thanks I appreciate your comments on my post and I hope my occasional posts add to this great place. Like yourself I compose comments to post then delete it instead as I feel as though I’m constantly repeating myself in my quest for our board to grow a set and speak out for the good of the game.
We all have our professions to bear and mine was a civil servant for 26 years too many so I couldn’t judge anyone else’s choice 😇.

Noel like yourself I watched clips of what was happening yesterday and the response from media, government and Gerrard.
Firstly when celtic supporters turned up to protest at the start of the year (wrongly given the covid circumstances in my opinion) they were forcibly moved on and then fences erected to stop it happening again. In comparison during the week there were pictures of police and fire service in amongst supporters breaching covid regulations and the players ran to those people at the end of the game. Why then was there no fences erected and people turned away as they turned up yesterday.
The video of Gerrards car driving along had audio and there was no condemnation of what they were driving through in fact they seemed to find it funny and encouraged it by waving and speaking to these people through the windows.
There was then a clip shown on the news of the players and management running to an open gate (whoever sanctioned this should be made to explain themselves) to celebrate with the fans encouraging covid breaches and also a clip of Gerrard and players hanging out windows waving and encouraging thousands of singing fans to continue breaching covid regulations. The media response was to smile while reporting this and to justify it by falsely claiming they were celebrating ending their fiercest rivals 10 year dominance.
Gerrards response was incredible by any standards in that he understood why people turned up because of what they have been through over the last ten years. Really, peop!e haven’t seen family and friends for a year, been locked down on and off for a year, and nhs staff at breaking point and yesterday’s actions could possibly extend all this even further but he understands why😈.
The government response was to tell everyone the euro’s in Scotland could now be in doubt in other words punish everyone else apart from the perpetrators.
I would hope any celtic supporters contemplating turning up over the next couple of weeks think twice about the damage it would bring to the club but more importantly the potential damage to the hopefully soon to be lifting of restrictions where we can all protest together.



I’m with you on JK. I have nothing personally against him,what happened to the career of an outstanding prospect was utterly tragic,but if he is the answer then I’m afraid that we are asking all the wrong questions again.

A concern-once again-might be how Brexit affects our recruitment. It isn’t only potential new signings who will fall foul of work permit regulations,it applies also to new managers-and I think they are even more stringent. For example,Ole Gunnar Solksjaer wouldn’t have qualified for one either as a player or a manager.

Of more concern-Virgil wouldn’t have,but Boerrigter would have!

I’ll maybe do some research on this,try to flesh it out into an article. The problem is that I’ve tried already,and there are many conflicting accounts to be had-and of course official HMGov sites are no help. As ever,that lot don’t have a bloody clue!

bada bing1

Definitely seen this prk Williamson in The Thick of It



I disagree I hope that thousands of irate Celtic supporters besiege the PLC at Parkhead. Damage the club? What as much as the parasites masquerading as our ‘custodians’ have.



Thanks for continuing to post the diaries.

I’m 100% in agreement with you on the happyclapper types,as far as I’m concerned their support of the regime and their continued shooting down of any criticism is as much to blame for our current state as is the regime itself. Dissent was simply not tolerated,and was stifled any time it became even slightly uncomfortable for them-the sheer numbers of people who would mysteriously surface to shout it down made you wonder if someone was sending out the bat alert!

They accommodated the ruination of our club,supported them as they watched them do it. They are as much to blame as if they had been holding the wrecking ball in their own hands.

Quislings,the lot of them.

Noel Skytrot

The Scottish media and pundits getting themselves into a frenzy over the dead clubs first title win, they’ll need to pull the likes of Alex Rae, Kenny MacIntyre and the rest out of his arse to make room. A truly despicable shower of lying bastards.

Noel Skytrot

Omitted ‘Gerrard’s arse’ from my last comment.

Noel Skytrot

I noticed the hun players accepting scarves thrown too them by their eejit supporters and putting them around their necks. Not the brightest.


Oglach the parasites have damaged the club and we need to let them know that at the first opportunity but if thousands turn up to protest under the current climate the media and government will not be reporting it in the way they have this weekend they will show mock outrage and word things to show the fans and club in a bad light to the rest of Scotland . The board will also see it as an opportunity to get the stick out to beat the fans with.

Noel noticed that too and also hanging out windows when thousands singing to them when the virus is airborne is not stupid too.



Same as it ever was then? I may well be in a minority here but I couldn’t care less what the SMSM print about the Celtic support, as it is usually utterly biased, do I care what the rest of Scotland thinks about us – no because I already know it’s- ‘lie down croppy’. Also, I don’t think the board has much of a stick to beat us with, a twig may be a more apt description. Whereas we, the support, have a feckin’ huge shillelagh ready to beat the financial bejaysus out of them should we get ourselves organised enough to make use of it?


The rocky road to Dundee.

Victory a must, if only to dampen the Glasgow fireworks another end of season game, in the season that never seems to end. For Neil Lennon, see John Kennedy, a fast talker who is perhaps in the right job but the interimship label spells the wrong time. He’s changed nothing in the training schedule he says? shuffled the pack, can’t shackle Laxalt, make Ajer jump or Taylor tall, speaks a good game for Celtic TV, if he keeps on winning and with his family pedigree, he’ll be a shoe in for the summer showers.

We’ve so many out going players in the squad there’s nothing to train, nobody to motivate and a bottle necked bench that prevents a glimpse of any future stars, barring Stephen Welsh the token Tim. Do us a favour and ditch the silly diamond, its been poor, play high press, closer together and just tackle to win every ball, remember that?

If you ever go to Dundee its natural to stop at a chip shop on the way back home, Tannadice, city of discovery, the Celtic end shed, SKOL, Belhaven, Fat Sams. Dalglish scores dust comes up, the only time I ever want to be in Dundee is when Celtic are with me.

Dundee Utd 0 Celtic 4

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