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Blue Monday is a track we will all know from our distant youth,so good was it in fact that I wore out my first copy and had to buy another one! Well,that means that my Blue Monday isn’t my first-and neither is this Blue Monday my first this season either. Far from it,actually.

This was a game that Celtic had to win,even if only to hold back the inevitable of handing their title over to a bunch of,well,you can figure out your own words to fill in the blanks here. And blanks is pretty much an operative word for yesterday,and for our entire season.

We didn’t play yesterday like a team who had given up,and indeed looked for the first 45 that we would steamroller the opposition. But the truth is that as per bloody usual,our decision-making in the crucial areas was as lacking as our cutting edge at the end point. In fact,we threw away the initiative towards the end and were barely hanging on grimly for a draw.

I’m not going to throw anyone under a bus in this article,yesterday and today aren’t about that. This was to be our season to rank up there with the Lisbon season of our fathers and grandfathers,and we didn’t blow it yesterday alone. We blew it a long time ago,and how that happened is also perhaps for another day. We are in need of a complete overhaul of footballing operations-and that includes the realisation from Celtic Plc that it only exists because of Celtic FC,and is there to be a vehicle to its betterment.

Not the other way round!

We have to prevent the future recurrence of every single identifiable event and factor in our eventual and probably inevitable abject collapse this season. We certainly won’t be back at the top of the tree by repeating past mistakes,because it is only by doing so that we got toppled in the first place. We now have to put up with those supremacist basterts rubbing our noses in it for a while to come,and from what I can see,it might be quite a long while.

Many of us have warned repeatedly about this day but our thoughts on the matter were roundly abused,discredited in a sea of noise. Seems we had our own supremacists too,people who were happy to look at the surface and not see the rest of the iceberg and the dangers it posed. We have been left with a hard road in front of us because of these idiots,these buyers into a cult of idolatry of one man and his methods.

The failure wasn’t yesterday alone,it was a long time in gestation. This time,we need to ensure that the silver bullet is properly used.

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Garry…I’m remembering when the Queen visited Govan in ’77 as part of her Jubilee celebrations. The school had us all make wee Union Jack flags to wave as she came down Helen St in her motor. Of course, being the young rhebels that we were we ripped these flags to fuck before she arrived!! The corner of Helen St and Crossloan Rd was covered in red white and blue confetti pieces!🤣 🤣🤣🤣 Of course the teacher came along and told us to pick it up and wave it anyway. As Her Majesty passed we were waving these miniscule bits of paper and singing Off To Dublin in the Green!! What a memory!

Back in 53, aboot t’ time o Coronation, we lined The West Carriageway at Glasgow Green wi nae flags tae wave as her car drove past.

T’ teacher ordered us tae tak aff t’ cardboard slats tied oan wi string oan oor feet an wave them above oor heids like elicopters.

One lad lost an eye an a lass ended up in t’ Clyde because o her longhair caught in t’ jet stream from elicopter.

The Queen was most amused apparently.

You try telling that to a class o 77 an they’ll no believe ye.


Auldheid…is that you on the left? 🤣🤣🤣


Suggested attire and matching accessories if planning a wee trip to Celtic Park on the 21st😏
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Auldheid…is that you on the left?
The very man. Tim intit?

A Glaswegian Tim singing a Celtic song.


Goodnight folks.
Tonight’s song to sleep. 🍀💚


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