Biggest mess I ever seen

Billy Connolly needs no introduction on these pages. What was noticeable about him, not quite immediately, was that he was a comedian that didn’t tell jokes, something of an oxymoron indeed.
The reason why was simple, he didn’t need to.
He found enough humour in the everyday transactions of the folk around him,and maybe his best skill lay in transporting you into those situations, during which both the protagonists and antagonists had no idea they were being hilarious.
He found life funny,and made an honest living from that simple fact. Chapeau.


These days I increasingly find myself at the opposite end of the spectrum, although like Mr Connolly we are both only interested in the truth, having no need for make believe.
The daily and weekly goings on in Scottish football provide this site with more than enough talking points, but even though I don’t need it and try as I may to avoid it, there is a certain element of make believe involved for everyone involved in the national sport.


We have reached the stage that in order to get involved by supporting a team, any team, you must accept lies and falsehoods. You must accept an unbalanced brandishing of the rulebook, that all do not start out on an even footing, that there’s an institutional bias towards one particular club.
To get involved you must compromise and simply accept certain things as they are, or the league is not for you.


As children we all watched big games on the television then hit the streets throwing down jumpers for goalposts attempting to emulate those titans of the sport who graced the beautiful game, Pele, Zico, Maradona, Rumminegge and so many more. Inspired by packed stadiums, loud and colourful crowds, delicate chips and dinks, heros being made in the flesh, how many little boys and girls of every creed, colour, and religion, watched a World Cup game and wanted to do that themselves one day?
All of us.
How many of those starry eyed little boys and girls who feel in love with the beautiful game had no idea it would involve malicious prosecutions, kettling of supporters, engine room subsidiaries, Employee Benefit Trusts, and Liquidation?
All of us.


The scenes at the weekend, the tit for tat press releases, the dragging into the fray of innocent parties, trashed and pissed on public areas, broken memorial benches, have nothing to do with football.
Yet all football fans are automatically dragged into it, the league might be at stake and it’s upcoming big match could well be cancelled on safety grounds.
This will cost refund money to broadcasters, who will now baulk at being asked to consider increasing their bid for television rights.


The responses to the weekends scenes show that the system is broken as much as the sport,,pandering to the mob is not only expected but essential for any public servant, more than their career is on the line just ask that copper in Manchester who was deemed lucky to be alive.
The SNP are part of the problem, afraid to lose their vote to stay in power, yet will never get a tick beside Independence from them.
The police take the easy option time after time, which coincidentally happens to be the safest option, dont tug the tail of the tiger orders come down from above, lodge and work.


The biggest losers are the ordinary fans of all other clubs, and the ordinary people whether football fans or not. Whether your taxes are paying for services they should not have to such as Mr Whitehouse and Clark’s damages payouts,, whether you can’t take a seat and enjoy a minute in a public area because it’s full of broken glass or drunken maskless ned’s,,or perhaps you’re a fan of Hibs or Aberdeen watching your team play by the book while a financially doped up rival is just never tasked with trading responsibly,,you are or will be a victim of this to some degree.
The national sport has been the biggest victim though. From conquerors of Europe to the worst league in Europe, Jesus wept.


It’s normally at this juncture wiser heads than myself would step forward with words of wisdom, ideas on a roadmap to normalcy, and introduce rational thought into the debate.
Not only is that lacking, I’m not sure normal could even exist at this point.
Normal as in adhere to the regular rules of business and don’t spend more than you earn like other clubs?
No can do. One club just cant be completely above board, and even worse I believe that business model can’t be changed now. Given they are at a natural disadvantage through facing a better funded rival via bigger stadium and season ticket base, and given the superior mindset of club and support, playing with debt along with a blind eye turned is about the only option they can turn to in a bind.
Player trading too risky, building a team too slow, but with Hampdens ‘support’ debt can butmy the league IF NEEDED RIGHT NOW.
Moving away from that model to an honest one is a lot easier said than done, thats the big pickle now because the support are on a roll which means they spend more, but they expect the team strengthened and deep European runs to continue, not consider this title job done and step down five notches to living within their means.
Now top place must be maintained or face fury, which means more debt.
Leave and kick it down the pipeline, which more than likely puts the average citizen on the hook again.


Thats the governing bodies toothless against them (again) as they will be ones who killed the Old Firm, should they force the blue half to play by the actual rulebook.
That’s their safety on the line,the kids houses and careers, advancement in the lodge, nice days out all over if you are ‘that’ guy, Turnbull Hutton (RIP) would confirm. Blind eye it is then.
Hampden stymied.


The SNP won’t tackle them and like any bully, cops only fight battles they can win. Their nice normal protected life suddenly at risk and it’s better to go in easy unlike Timmy. Recent events have only served to ingrain this mentality making it that much harder to break.


The Rags serve the establishment and it’s team fullstop, blind eye is the unwritten rule. Put both giants in the same situation and you’ll see two different slants emerge, something Meghan just noticed and quite rightly brought up very publically. It happens to minorities, rich and famous or not. It’s clearly not just a Scottish thing given what happened re Megxit but up north they will never turn on their master,,their last great demographic being the daily buying The Rangers fan who succumbs time after time to the tried and trusted good Blues, bad green headlines.
The Scottish media are thus locked into the cycle completely.


The corruption runs deep, its hooks fully set in. In its eagerness and haste not to loose it’s world famous sporting spectacle, a monster has been created. The knowledge it’s protected and deemed vital for society has only served to embolden those who lead and follow that particular ‘team’.
With announcing 55 being the admission that ‘we need you’ the chances of forcing the rule book upon the entity diminished, and with it the chance of ‘normal’.
What we’ve just seen looks set to be the new normal.


We have a national government and its mechanisms afraid of it, the sports rulers afraid of it and of losing their biggest export, joe bloggs paying for it whether fan or not, other clubs victim of it, a presspack that needs it so feeds it, fans through their club forced to endure it.
No one, not a single entity out there, will stand up to or stop it.
It’s the biggest mess I’ve ever seen.


By Mahe

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Reading today’s header was like reading about Real Madrid under FRANCO,FIFA,and EUFA under any of the past presidents, Money is the problem and easily delivered in Brown Envelopes, or butchers aprons.
How can a guy run up millions in Debt sell the debt for£1, Then when everything falls flat Cherry pick the parts with future potential , walk away and leave the taxpayer to pick up the tab. Then when the authorities try to pin the mess on another shyster it costs the taxpayer almost as much as the original debt.
When there was talk about Celtic moving to the English leagues I couldn’t believe how many people on here were against it
It reminded me of the battered woman who didn’t want to leave the partner who beats her up. How beat up do we have to be to actually try to leave
Packy who’s going to beat your drum if you resign? Take care of your health , and our mental health by supplying us with truths, half truths and outright lies.

Puff puff

You got that right thetic its been over a hundred years of hate , maybe one or of you could explain again the reason to stay ..

Puff puff

Enlighten me please as to why wee stay around shit that treats us like shit .

Dharma Bam

Someone should’ve told the Celtic twitter guys.


It has been a fairly normal day in my present circumstances. My weight is 59. 3 kgs. and I have no medical problems. I have seen some birthday greetings from relatives and friends in yesterday’s paper which I got today. Also I received a bag of toiletries today.

There is no priest in tonight, but the chief medical officer dropped in, took my pulse, and left. I suppose that makes him feel pretty important.

From what I have read in the newspapers I am becoming increasingly worried and wary of the fact that there could quite well be an attempt at a later date to pull the carpet from under our feet and undermine us — if not defeat this hunger-strike — with the concession bid in the form of ‘our own clothes as a right’.

This, of course, would solve nothing. But if allowed birth could, with the voice of the Catholic hierarchy, seriously damage our position. It is my opinion that under no circumstances do they wish to see the prisoners gain political status, or facilities that resemble, or afford us with the contents of, political status.

The reasons for this are many and varied, primarily motivated by the wish to see the revolutionary struggle of the people brought to an end. The criminalisation of Republican prisoners would help to furnish this end.

It is the declared wish of these people to see humane and better conditions in these Blocks. But the issue at stake is not ‘humanitarian’, nor about better or improved living conditions. It is purely political and only a political solution will solve it. This in no way makes us prisoners elite nor do we (nor have we at any time) purport to be elite.

We wish to be treated ‘not as ordinary prisoners’ for we are not criminals. We admit no crime unless, that is, the love of one’s people and country is a crime.

Would Englishmen allow Germans to occupy their nation or Frenchmen allow Dutchmen to do likewise? We Republican prisoners understand better than anyone the plight of all prisoners who are deprived of their liberty. We do not deny ordinary prisoners the benefit of anything that we gain that may improve and make easier their plight. Indeed, in the past, all prisoners have gained from the resistance of Republican jail struggles.

I recall the Fenians and Tom Clarke, who indeed were most instrumental in highlighting by their unflinching resistance the ‘terrible silent system’ in the Victorian period in English prisons. In every decade there has been ample evidence of such gains to all prisoners due to Republican prisoners’ resistance.

Unfortunately, the years, the decades, and centuries, have not seen an end to Republican resistance in English hell-holes, because the struggle in the prisons goes hand-in-hand with the continuous freedom struggle in Ireland. Many Irishmen have given their lives in pursuit of this freedom and I know that more will, myself included, until such times as that freedom is achieved.

I am still awaiting some sort of move from my cell to an empty wing and total isolation. The last strikers were ten days in the wings with the boys, before they were moved. But then they were on the no-wash protest and in filthy cells. My cell is far from clean but tolerable. The water is always cold. I can’t risk the chance of cold or ‘flu. It is six days since I’ve had a bath, perhaps longer. No matter.

Tomorrow is the eleventh day and there is a long way to go. Someone should write a poem of the tribulations of a hunger-striker. I would like to, but how could I finish it.

Caithfidh mé a dul mar tá tuirseach ag eirí ormsa.

(Translated, this reads as follows):

Must go as I’m getting tired.

Morning all and Packy.

Dharma Bam, Thanks for that info. Didn’t realise that we – Celtic – signed up to the ‘Old Firm’ rights as recently as 2001/2

I wonder who our biggest shareholder was at the time?


The reason to stay in Scotland is, imo, simple. It is where Glasgow Celtic belongs irrespective of bias and hatred directed at the club from various elements in Scottish society, leaving is tantamount to surrender. Should we let the bigots win and force the club out of Scotland? Should the Irish diaspora in Scotland follow? Isn’t that what they want? Isn’t staying and trying to wrest back control of the club from the capitalist charlatans that have taken it from us be our number 1 priority? The same charlatans that want us to join an English league set up with Sevco as part of the package. I’d rather we followed Belfast Celtic’s example and honourably withdrew from football altogether citing the reasons for our doing so and letting the world know why.

Control of our club 1st then starts the cleanup of Scottish football. As for cleaning up Scottish society, well, imho again, it is going to take an Indy-minded real socialist party that doesn’t exist at the moment. Just imagine if you will an indy Scotland with the SNP in control, and anyone who thinks it will not be them in power for the foreseeable future in the event of a successful Indy Ref 2 is only fooling themselves

If you know your history CSC



I see you have taken Meghan’s side in the battle of the Brit monarchy. Not that I give a flying f”*k over family arguments among privileged multi-millionaires. I guess my point being if either side told me today was Wednesday i would check my calendar.


Dharma Bam @ 7:54

Aye a chara but that was before one-half of the OF died, registered in 2002. Doubt the registration will be renewed, or at least I hope not.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Oglach 8.23 : The last sentence in your post is ,IMO, the embodiment of independence. Anyone who thinks Messrs Sturgeon, Swinney, Black etc will ‘retire’ from public life in the event of SNP’s reaching their goal/ reason for existence is indeed deluded.
Just look at the way NS is leaving quietly after her prevarications at the present…… and that’s only within her own party.
‘ Right’ said Nicola, after independence, ‘ My job is done here now so I will ride off into the sunset’!
Aye that’ll be right,Batman.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Funnily enough, the Palace is using the same excuse as Ms. Sturgeon! ‘ That’s not how I recall the conversation ‘.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Come to think of it….. It must stick in her craw that it is the GREEN party that keeps her in majority…. shades of Mrs May and the DUP. No doubt the Greens are doing it for nothing!

Cosy Corner Bhoy

The wee white ball beckons….. it’s a sad day when my golf is the same standard as Celtic’s football😟.

Dharma Bam

Unfortunately, there is more.
If you click on view historic detail, it shows it was renewed last week. And the other owner is THE rangers football club

My goodness! I missed the historical section. So Celtic RENEWED their legal rights to ‘The Old Firm’ term last week! Well if ever we needed proof that Celtic are committed to the Old Firm we have it now. Disgraceful.


Dharma Bam
Unfortunately, there is more.
If you click on view historic detail, it shows it was renewed last week. And the other owner is THE rangers football club
😲😲I did not see that, thanks for putting me right. Now who would have done such a thing🤔


Who authorised the renewal of the brand and who authorised last night’s tweet and have we the proof that the board are lying to the supporters again.

Great article this morning must have taken a lot of patience to compose and time to put down in print, well done.


Well feck me😤🤬🤬🤬

The ‘OLD FIRM’ Trade mark number

List of events
02 March 2021
Renewal of the trademark
Trademark has been renewed on 02/03/2021. Number of classes before renewal is 1. Number of classes after renewal is 1

22 November 2018
Recordal registration. Recordal type: Change owner details
Change of owner details has been recorded due to recordal RC000116100 received on date 30/10/2018; owner(s) Celtic F.C.Limited (id: 218706),Sevco Scotland Limited (id: 613831) has been updated to owner(s): Celtic F.C.Limited (id: 218706),The Rangers Football Club Limited (id: 613862)

Agreed DRM a great article by Mahe.

The Star Above The Crest

Óglach, I admire your resolve to stay and fight the hun hordes however when you wrestle with a pig, sooner or later you realise the pig is enjoying it. I’d have Celtic in the EPL in a heartbeat. The sooner we’re rid of those jackals the better.

The problem is the media would prefer the Old Firm in England if that was to come about. not just Celtic.


The Star Above The Crest @9:30

Well prior to wrestling the pig one should ensure that one is armed with a fecking great pole-axe. We had such a weapon, provided by the Res 12 bhoys, but ‘they’ refused to use it. Take control of the club and I am sure we can find where it has been hidden.

Wishful thinking CSC


Morning all. Not sure about the Old Firm company credentials….a quick look at Compnaies House offers no proof that it is Celtic PLC or Celtic FC who have registered it. More likely to be a naughty individual a few years back trying to cash in via a trademark or suchlike? I dunno, just a thought.



It’s a possibility but knowing how Celtic protects their trademarks etc I would doubt something like this would have gone unnoticed for so long. I guess if someone could contact the SLO an answer could be quickly sought

bada bing1

If the Club don’t want to use the OF term,but renewed the trade mark,what’s in it for them? Got to be money? Can someone enlighten me here?


Anyone have the SLO’s contact details please post or even better, someone known to him asks WTF is the score with the OF trademark


Folks those engaging with Gonzagga, please look at this.
I think he’s a fake hun.
When asked to explain, he blocked. Explain


Oglach et al…the registration of the company is to Sevco and Celtic FC with company numbers that don’t relate to, as far as I could see, any number previously linked to either CFC or Sevco. The history the Old Firm company also depicts two logos, registered 20 or so years ago, which I’ve never seen before! It looks to me like the work of a gold-digger!
Here’s a tune for you, need to go to work now…


Important repost, from last night.
Not one response to this. A big chance to give your views on the policing at the weekend, no point moaning on here.
Believe me, Aamer won’t miss, he was beaten up by the Police as a youth and has the pictures to show it. He won’t give them an easy time. If you have time, give him your views.
Here’s a chance to give your views about the weekend.
From Aamer Anwar.
I along with others, sit on the Independent Advisory Group set up to monitor use of #Covid police powers let us know your views on @policescotland handling of football events over the last few days or any other Covid policing, post detail on the portal:


JNP, lying thinking before I got out of bed this morning I was wondering how to put together a timeline of this season specifically regarding the Covid breaches and punishment, or not. There are a lot of questions surrounding both the results obtained by TRFC and the actions of the regulatory boards in regard to the breaches by TRFC.


Good tune.


JNP…I clicked the link last night but didn’t read to far into it. I’ll have a look later when I’ve got more time. The whole situation – from Scot Gov to Police to SFA/SPFL to CFC/The Huns – needs to be stripped down to the bones and analysed. Something is not right and it’s coming from above not below.


Cheers, JNP…need to go now though, catch up later.


Bhoys & Ghirls

Just sent an email to the SLO. I Will let you know his response -if any.

Dear John Paul
Could you please answer the following query? The club issued a tweet yesterday distancing itself, one assumes, from the Old Firm tag, “we are not half of anything”, yet seemingly Celtic FC have recently renewed the trademark on ‘The Old Firm’, see below. Can you please let me know what is the current situation in regards to Celtic FC and ‘The Old Firm’ trademark?

I am a Celtic FC shareholder, details can be provided if so required


Good news,folks. Had a mail from BIGPACKY who is completely embarrassed about misleading the site last night. Seems he was googling symptoms at the time and then put that by mistake into his comment. As we know,that EDIT facility doesn’t always work! He apologises for the upset this caused,of course. He is waiting for a doctor’s appointment for things now,and let’s hope he gets the all-clear from the clinic.


HaHaHa…Big Jim Packy get your leaky ass back on here!! You deserve a doing for having everyone sending you messages of sympathy. I knew last night something didn’t ring true about your story, as fecking usual, but as it was a serious subject I was giving you the benefit of the doubt! It’s no even April 1st!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Not even remotely funny, my father died from prostate cancer.



I wasoff the site from about 2-7pm,and saw posts mentioning BP and prostate cancer-but I couldn’t find the actual post from him! Anyway,no harm done,and it wasn’t deliberate. I only got the mail about things a few minutes ago,but it was sent much earlier so I could have let people know earlier.


Good news,folks. Had a mail from BIGPACKY who is completely embarrassed about misleading the site last night. Seems he was googling symptoms at the time and then put that by mistake into his comment. As we know,that EDIT facility doesn’t always work! He apologises for the upset this caused,of course. He is waiting for a doctor’s appointment for things now,and let’s hope he gets the all-clear from the clinic.

Hope that’s a true story!


Excellent post!
5 years ago we got Brendan Rogers to boost the season tickets sales. This year the architect of resurrecting the old firm has the audacity to tweet about half of nothing!!!!!! He really holds the fans in utter contempt!
As I posted on last blog :

Five Way Pete starts the manipulation to get fans to buy back into his Hun Loving Criminal pact, with a miserly tweet about “not half of anything”.
Actions speak louder than words Fatso!


So much I could say on here re prostrate cancer and the devastation to my family but better I don’t.
Fucking shameful and I ain’t interested in crap lame excuses.
Pathetic. Utterly pathetic.


You’re trying to defend the indefensible.
There are no words can defend that type of shite.

bada bing1

Not the first time he’s pulled this needy bullshit BTW


Morning.Billy Connolly can make most things seem funny but I bet he sees nothing funny about what happened this year.As for COVID breaches ,alleged,that mob are so arrogant they think they can get away with anything because the only club with the clout to call them out just will not do it giving them fuel and a sense of who is going to challenge anything they do or say.
Even going back to the Ebt scandal does anyone think this would have seen the light of day if it had been Police Scotland had found it and not the City of London Police?
Just to finish off on the same club lie ;if they are the same club as they claim they will be looking for the Sfa to sign off their Euro status this month, if I am correct ,but surely they don’t qualify as this club has outstanding and payable social taxes due and this negates your fight to participate.Cant have it both ways.
Or I may be wrong on this.

Sad reading this morning.
I am reminded of one of Aesop’s Fables, ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’.
Pretty pathetic really.

Great leader as usual Mahe.
As for the cancer stuff, least said, shocking.


Sad, reading indeed.
My friend Paul Fitz died from Prostate Cancer, a few years ago, in his mid fifties.
I know for a fact, at least, one of his brother’s lurk here.
Having read the post ” live ” there is no way, in my opinion,that was posted in error.

Packy responded to me that he had prostate cancer at 6.29pm There followed 4 posts expressing sorrow and speaking about the condition.
Garry posted at 7.07pm saying he was sorry to hear Packy was stopping posting because of something that happened over on CQN. I was surprised at this. I now see that his post at 6.29 had been edited to omit the cancer scare and was only about a CQN reaction to Packy posting there. The edit facility only lasts for an hour after posting.

So he edited his 6.29 post sometime before 7.07pm. Let’s be kind and say, when he saw the error of his ways.

Why did he not jump on immediately and stop all the sympathetic posts? He knew before his final post at 6.53 when he thanked 3 posters that he had fecked up.

I am baffled!


Good morning folks, while agree about the lying and histrionics, there’s some serious deep rooted problems clearly at play here. I feel genuinely sorry for BP, god knows what in hell is going in his head and in life.
I’m not saying it’s wrong to be angry, my own family has been decimated by that bastard disease like many on here.
Maybe take into account why on earth he would feel the need to post it.

(BMCUWP told you so😉)

Senga, I don’t think you’re far wrong there.

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