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Yesterday saw a terrifically barbed article about some of the events in the last ten years which have culminated at the weekend in our foes claiming,rather ridiculously,their 55th title since 2012. It also suggested a number of options which are still open to Celtic to challenge that obvious fallacy. One wonders whether that is likely-why would we do it now,rather than strangle the idea at birth all those years ago?


Celtic coming out now and ridiculing the claims of 55 will be trumpeted everywhere as sour grapes. That is quite simply because we should never have allowed the ridiculous clarion calls of “Going For 55” to gain credence in the first place.


This year is their first title,they were indeed “Going for the one”. Celtic allowed the continuity myth to take hold and made no effort to strangle it at birth. And now we view the monster we have created. That monstrosity plays at the same stadium,with the same fans and the same songs and mentality,and in the same colours. But it is Celtic more than anyone who has nurtured it into growth,allowed the encouragement and comfort that their “history” bestows on them.


Despite knowing full well that their mindset is hellbent on wiping us off the face of the earth,individually and collectively! Far too many Celtic families have their own sad tales to tell because of this simple fact.


It is never too late to repent,even if it may be too late in the eyes of some of your victims,because the acceptance and forgiveness of even one of your victims is more than enough. Repentance isn’t about making yourself look good,about how others view you in the wider world. Repentance isn’t about the sinned against allowing you to mix freely amongst them again,to be able to hold your head up in their company once more instead of being the first person to spot a lousy quid lying on the floor.


Repentance will show all of your craven wrongdoings of the past,allow the world to treat you with contempt because of them-yet that contempt is what you spent all your life trying to avoid,all the lying and deceit to look better in the eyes of others. Was it worth it,when one day you knew payback must come? Of course not,because what you gained so fleetingly,that acceptance by others,it was nothing compared to what you lost-the love and respect of those who should have mattered to you.


For Celtic Plc,the sackcloth and ashes moment has not yet arrived,because complicity and guilt has not yet been publicly declared. But we all know that the tortured soul lying within needs to be publicly cleansed. The first step to healing is through finally admitting to mistakes. The Plc has a long road in front of it,but a loving family never turns its back on the prodigal. At the moment,Celtic Plc is estranged from the rest of that Celtic family,and they know what to do to make things right. But are they brave enough to do that?


Well,I believe that actions speak louder than words. Knowing someone has changed,seeing the difference in that person,is much more important than a shallow apology which is forgotten before it has even been said. I’d rather see a cleaning of the stables than hear the same old voices apologising-and then carrying on as before!


Make a start,and we will welcome back an important part of our family,and with open arms. That start should include a congratulation to the club which won their first title this year,and should be deliberately worded to include that point.


Because maybe it’s time to realise that our forbearance isn’t forever,and best get a bloody move on!


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Another well laid out leader. The way I read the situation is, the only people in the football world who care if it’s the first or 55th is basically the Celtic family with a few other Scots.
I also believe Celtic acted to save Scottish football from a complete collapse, and it had to be done in between the end of one season and the beginning of the next season
If the League’s had collapsed how many people would have lost employment and how much civil unrest would have been directed at Celtic if they did not bend to the 5 way and keeping the history
I believe we were between a rock and a hard place , and didn’t know how to come out and tell our fans the truth about what happened. I especially feel sorry for the requisitioners who were led down the garden path, they did a magnificent job of revealing the amount of corruption at every level of the SFA/SFL. It has gone on for so long it’s so deep the only solution is the same solution that got us here, expose the whole sham and let the League’s collapse, or keep shoring up the club with endless credit lines
Is it worth it?


Morning all

Bobby. I’m not sure if it was deliberate, but that article couldn’t be more fitting. Not purely to the Celtic related situation, but to SC blog activity over the past 24 hours or so. I don’t need to go into detail as most will be fully aware of the situation I refer to.

“….all the lying and deceit to look better in the eyes of others. Was it worth it,when one day you knew payback must come? Of course not,because what you gained so fleetingly,that acceptance by others,it was nothing compared to what you lost-the love and respect of those who should have mattered to you”.

Most importantly:

“ Make a start,and we will welcome back an important part of our family,and with open arms”

I agree 100%. I’m sure most others will feel likewise.


Angel Gabriel

Morning all . Just a quick post before I keep the communication world on it’s feet by climbing up poles and down manholes.
“ Make a start and we will welcome back an important member of our family with open arms “

The problem is , that the suits don’t see the fans as family, only customers. The customer base has a huge emotional tie to the club that in their eyes is a business . Money talks , and as long as we buy into the club we’re buying into a lie . Sport ? The beautiful game ?

When I go to visit my da , tonight it’s pointless telling him that I now wholeheartedly agree with his often voiced opinion. Celtic & Rangers, 2 cheeks of the same arse that Lord it in a 2 horse race to the detriment of the game. Even worse for him , is how both clubs ruined more talent than any other in the country, over the last 40 years , as he ran successful boys teams .
My old fella is now riddled with dementia so the only good conversations are ones about fitba and racing from the last century.
The secret 5 way agreement is just a reflection of the con . 55 is the cherry on top . My old fella wouldn’t have been surprised, at how I’ve felt for months now.

Celtic PLC don’t reflect the feelings of a huge amount of their customers. They care not.

Scunnered to the hilt csc

big packy

MORNING ALL, have just come on because mcaff asked me to try and explain what happened the other night, i posted that in error i genuinely thought i was posting on google and i swear that on wee joans life, i did try and take it off but it just got posted, then when you ghuys started saying your lovely comments i just froze in embarressment, i should have come on and explained i accept that, anyway i know im not welcome here, good luck with the site, bobby and mahe have done a great job, thanks for having me.H.H.


Now that we’ve all had a bit of time to reflect on the club’s Not half of anything tweet, is it possible that it went out without Lawwell’s approval? It just seems so far removed from the Fat Controller’s MO. Could someone within the social media team have gone rogue and thought fuck it…..?


I received a large amount of birthday cards today. Some from people I do not know. In particular a Mass bouquet with fifty Masses on it from Mrs Burns from Sevastopol Street. We all know of her, she never forgets us and we shan’t forget her, bless her dear heart.

I also received a card from reporter Brendan O Cathaoir, which indeed was thoughtful. I received a letter from a friend, and from a student in America whom I don’t know, but again it’s good to know that people are thinking of you. There were some smuggled letters as well from my friends and comrades.

I am the same weight today and have no complaints medically. Now and again I am struck by the natural desire to eat but the desire to see an end to my comrades’ plight and the liberation of my people is overwhelmingly greater.

The doctor will be taking a blood test tomorrow. It seems that Dr Ross has disappeared and Dr Emerson is back…

Again, there has been nothing outstanding today except that I took a bath this morning. I have also been thinking of my family and hoping that they are not suffering too much.

I was trying to piece together a quote from James Connolly today which I’m ashamed that I did not succeed in doing but I’ll paraphrase the meagre few lines I can remember.

They go something like this: a man who is bubbling over with enthusiasm (or patriotism) for his country, who walks through the streets among his people, their degradation, poverty, and suffering, and who (for want of the right words) does nothing, is, in my mind, a fraud; for Ireland distinct from its people is but a mass of chemical elements.

Perhaps the stark poverty of Dublin in 1913 does not exist today, but then again, in modern day comparison to living standards in other places through the world, it could indeed be said to be the same if not worse both North and South. Indeed, one thing has not changed, that is the economic, cultural and physical oppression of the same Irish people…

Even should there not be 100,000 unemployed in the North, their pittance of a wage would look shame in the company of those whose wage and profit is enormous, the privileged and capitalist class who sleep upon the people’s wounds, and sweat, and toils.

Total equality and fraternity cannot and never will be gained whilst these parasites dominate and rule the lives of a nation. There is no equality in a society that stands upon the economic and political bog if only the strongest make it good or survive. Compare the lives, comforts, habits, wealth of all those political conmen (who allegedly are concerned for us, the people) with that of the wretchedly deprived and oppressed.

Compare it in any decade in history, compare it tomorrow, in the future, and it will mock you. Yet our perennial blindness continues. There are no luxuries in the H-Blocks. But there is true concern for the Irish people.

Retired Internet Bampot

A complete and total exorcism is required. I was along Bobby’s path until earlier this year when a good and well connected friend advised me of the Old Firm trademark and that it’s still active. Noo I assumed, wrongly it now transpires , that it died a death in 2012 but it seems not and as of the beginning of March our board have renewed the registration but worse have allowed TheRangers to be part of it.
I know it covers a whole lot of services BUT the point is , the shenanigans behind the scenes are still going on and we are now being tarnished by association.

A full clear out and thought process reset is required to rid us of these parasites from across the river. The longer we appear to be associated the more damage will be done on our club and our reputation.

Noel Skytrot

They will never cut ties with the tramps particularly around the ‘old firm’ tag as its what the broadcasters want. A tweet on social media lacks any real substance and in my opinion, they’re playing us for fools. If they want to really cleanse and purge themselves i’m sure they know exactly what is required.

Its all about the funny money.

The Gombeen Man

“Rangers is a great football club, it has a great history and it’s unfortunate that they have been relegated,” said the Irish businessman.

“We would certainly like to contest with them every week – we believe we’ve got a better team and a better management structure.

“Rangers is a fantastic football club, it is one of the greatest football clubs in Great Britain, we’ve got to acknowledge that.”

Dermot Desmond, October 2012

That’s Dermot’s position.

Disregard whatever soundbite they might Tweet from behind the barricades at Celtic Park. Any form of sleekit Tweet with a reference to One or similar throw away quote.

You really don’t need to know anything further. The strategy behind every action and inaction of Celtic Plc appears to have been motivated to save their sectarian cash cow, The Old Firm, UK00002264673.

They don’t give a damn about the destructive consequences of sectarianism on your children and society. They make a fortune out of it.

The majority shareholder and main player at Celtic Plc lauded the ‘great history of Rangers’ and stated they were relegated in 2012.

That makes it virtually impossible to challenge any notion of a first league win. Desmond would look a fool and that’s not likely to happen.

Forget squirrels about changing bus companies (why now?). We’ve been patronised and told “we’re better than that” for years. Forget any notion of share issues, to the mitigate the loss caused by the changed Terms and Conditions in your SBs.

Pedro’s blog kicked that into touch yesterday.

(“Anyway, if you can afford it, buy shares, own a piece of Celtic (that will forever unlikely be diluted to compensate for poor value from the season ticket”.P67)

Any nonsense or gesture out of Celtic is just baloney to sell SB’s and reserve your seat at the back of the Parks of Hamilton bus.

It’s all drama, theatre for Desmond. He knows we’re addicted. It’s the same as ripping off punters in the bookies or an online casino.

The 5WA was the mechanism that paved the way for the sleight of hand that moved the titles over…(The agreement Pedro hasn’t seen).

In the Plc’s view the Old Firm are a joint enterprise.

The majority of the support were distracted, while the Plc downsized the squad dipped the supporters’ wallets and handed over their personal details to Police Scotland.

The goal was always to have a successful Rangers in business with Celtic.

It’s that simple.

The support will just have to suck up the grief that comes with it. Give Rangers a run at a few trophies and spend their way to CL glory…And hope Sevco keep their side of the deal.

Repentance is really an old fashioned word for transformation. Pain usually initiates transformation. It’s the individual that’s transformed and freed from the addiction/slavery to Old Firmism.

When that happens the nonsense about 55 doesn’t matter anymore. You’re in a different place, free from much of the social and religious conditioning that the Old Firm have exploited for generations.

The Old Firm can’t change it’s the individual who wakes up.



Thetic @4:59 am

The PLC did not act in an altruistic manner quite the reverse. ‘They saved Scottish football’, which they could have but didn’t, because of their own self-interest, nothing else. Remember PL’s comment when watching the Celtic support singing ‘having a party when Rangers die’ – “That will cost us £10 mill”. As for the civil unrest, nonsense put about by the SFA, imho absolute utter crap, as many pointed out at the time the British state has ample resources to ‘deal’ with Civil unrest, it would never have happened, the Hun couldn’t organize themselves enough to save their club let alone stage a mini-revolt because it died.
Neither do the PLC care about people losing their jobs, – they are uber capitalists – again their ‘caring side was amply demonstrated by the fact that they had to be forced kicking and screaming into paying people employed at Celtic a living wage while at the same time paying themselves obscene amounts in bonus and salaries.

Celtic PLC had the choice – a new start for Scottish football, reorganisation, truth, and a new team playing out of Ibrox – recognized as that or the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on Scottish football supporters. We know which path they chose. The only thing that forced them to complicity agree to the 5WA was cash. £25 for a ticket to see a brand new team at Celtic Park with a partially filled stadium or £45 to welcome back the miraculously resurrected ‘Rangers’ and the same old shite with Parkhead full to the brim🤔

Please let’s not hear any more revisionism, they were wrong, and continue to be wrong and its time we chased every last one of them down London Road.


A symbiotic relationship that is parisitic.
Without it the wider football world would give Scottish football as much thought as Welsh or Irish.

In turn it is deferential, in order to allow both parties to flourish. What we have seen since Sunday is our partners return to ascendancy.
Not surprising in the least to see their sickening exuberance; they have waited a decade for something, anything to mark their relevance.

Whether we like it or not Celtic only matters( to anyone outside the Local Bubble) because they do.


Another great article and totally agree with twistys reading of the article.

Did anyone see debate night on the BBC Scotland channel last night? The 2nd question from a virtual audience in Dundee was about the fans behaviour at the weekend. Couldn’t believe how quickly it turned into celtic and rangers fans behaviour. One audience member mentioned 55 and the host Stephen Jardine found it funny and said he was glad he sneaked the 55 titles in.
This was a great opportunity to debate the 55 but it was laughed off, we have no chance.



You know you are welcome on here,but what you did the other night was either disgraceful or bloody stupid-and that’s me being polite about it. You owe everyone who has their own bad memories of that and other diseases a genuine apology,and their acceptance or not of that is down to each individual.

I know how difficult it is to do that when you’ve REALLY screwed up-that,at least,shows that you know you are wrong,and that your conscience is doing its job. I can’t tell you what to do though-that is for you to decide.


As for the club,well,I damn well will tell them what I think they should do! The problem is that they won’t. They will tell us that we know nothing of running a football club,nothing of the problems they face,etc.

So here’s a thought-you have an operation which brings in twice what its nearest competitor does,with everyone else nowhere. You have the most faithful customer-base in the country. You have the most valuable assets. AND YOU STILL FUCKED IT UP!!!

That suggests to me,at least,that the people in control are the ones who know nothing of running a football club,blahblahblah. They’ve had their turn,they’ve been shown wanting any time a challenge is laid down-either on the field or off it.

Einstein told us years ago that the definition of insanity was leaving those bloody incompetents in charge season after season,and he was bliddy right.

Noel Skytrot

The Gombeen Man,
you’ve absolutely nailed it with your post.

Billy Bhoy

Bobby & Mahe

Terrific articles over the past few days!


From last night – totally agree about Lawwell. He has utterly trashed his legacy.
For once – it had to happen eventually I suppose – I agree 100% with Dave King when he said arrogance cost Celtic The Ten.
I wonder if Lawwell now regrets releasing Gordon, Lustig and Simunovic (the backbone of our Invincible season) and back filling with inferior players. To say nothing about replacing a £25m player with a £2m punt from Kilmarnock!

In respect of the shares, the CT suggestion is really the only way out for the PLC. Partial or full refunds would cripple the club financially. Giving fans shares equivalent to the difference between the ST and the value of the VST (£90) cost nothing. I hear the concern from Oglach that it dilutes his holding but unless you are one of the big investors does it really matter what percentage of the club you own. We’re talking multiple figures beyond the decimal point here.

I suspect its all moot anyway and we’ll be lucky to be offered a “free” new home “tap” as our added value!


The family is all good thanks! I hope you’re feeling better after your recent downturn mate!



All true,and how! And also makes me wonder-as ever!-just how hard we really tried to win those three titles before they went bust.



“I suspect its all moot anyway and we’ll be lucky to be offered a “free” new home “tap” as our added value!”

They will probably try to offload the thousands of “I Wanna Be Edouard!” t-shirts left in stock. They can have mine,for starters…



The main disruptor of the OF Business Plan has been a poorly managed Huns in the boardroom and in the dugout this last decade.

Equivalence had to come from somewhere, so self destruction in the form of managed mediocrity found its way down to meet financially doped incompetence on the way up.

The relationship is self sustaining.


Billy Bhoy

The ‘Club’ doesn’t have to give VST holders hee haw read the T&Cs, it was discussed on here when the VST was being sold. Giving away shares to the VST holders at the expense of small shareholders is a nonstarter. As Bobby said expect a money-off coupon book for Celtic stores or an Adidas t-shirt there’s your value for money.

Caveat emptor, the law of commercial transactions, the principle that the buyer purchases at his own risk in the absence of an express warranty in the contract. In Celtic PLC terms ‘added value’ means hee-haw.

PS I was referring to the monetary value of my shares being diluted if the PLC were to give shares away.

Billy Bhoy


Yes , that’s all true – I agree.

However, the club are shortly going to ask those 52,000 fans to once again roll the dice and hope that they don’t get stiffed again. I’m not sure that a majority are going to be impressed by ” you should have read the Ts & CS!”
I’d love to be proved wrong but, as things stand, I’m not confident that Celtic Park will host 60,000 at any stage next season. So, what exactly are we going to be buying into? I certainly won’t be rushing to renew.

Noel Skytrot

I’ve just read that a walk in covid testing centre has been opened up across from the William Dome in the Ibrox Football Centre, all that wailing and gnashing by certain government officials was either a sham, or, they’ve sat and had a discussion to iron out the issues regarding the carry on from the carpet baggers at the weekend. The gates of irony have fully swung open. Its all very cosy now.

Noel Skytrot

Billy Bhoy,
i’m leaning towards not renewing for the forthcoming season as Scottish Football and everything associated with it poisons your well-being.


Billy Bhoy

Some of us proponents of a boycott don’t want to see 52k season tickets purchased ‘UNLESS’ the PLC through positive actions indicates that it is listening to the support. If you are contemplating buying an ST please at least consider holding off for as long as possible. Giving them your money without any positive changes being made to the structure of the club is the proverbial pissing against the wind. It’s time for the likes of DD to step up and show us their money 1st.



Speaking of caveats,here’s one to consider. Those T&Cs were still as before for everyone who renewed at the first stage. Celtic Plc are on a dodgy wicket if they try to apply the new T&Cs to those too.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks BMCWPS, I know it’s a difficult pill to swallow but they’ve actually opened the door out of the trap.
If we only knew the half of it.
It’s an opportunity really.

I hope you’re well down in Swindon. The Blog is going well. Lots of good stuff from a growing number of posters.

Noel Skytrot,

Thanks. This is probably a complete contradiction. I think you posted that your Dad wanted to go back and that was putting you in a quandary.

For what it’s worth I’d go with him. Time is important and if that’s a way to spend time with your Dad, I’d personally go with him.

Your credentials aren’t in any doubt.

Apologies if I’ve confused you with someone else.


bada bing1

No shares,no money back, an Adidas Quadruple Treble T shirt, and a QT Medal,in it’s own beautifully designed box,that’s yer lot.



I guess the percentage of VST purchased prior to the new T&Cs will be a deciding factor. However, I suspect the PLC will have had their legal team look at this well in advance of the T&Cs being updated. If legally obliged to offer compensation it will be the bare minimum as required under the law. Diluting the share value of current shareholders by giving away shares is also open to legal challenge. Doesn’t any share issue have to be agreed in advance by current shareholders?



Swindon has never been so boring! Apart from that,all well-and thanks for asking. Hope you and YER family are coping well. Say hi to the fishing lads,tell them to save some Guinness for me when the shebeens open again!

As you say,once someone loses your trust,it is natural to question their actions further back in time. IMO,events since 2012 must lead to an examination of actions and motives before then too. And the conclusion which is most likely does not make good reading for the Plc.

Noel Skytrot

The Gombeen Man,
it was myself who was mentioning my position with my father but the more I read and learn the more I struggle with renewal. My sister also has a season ticket so I might use hers when available rather than fork out for my own. Its murder.


“No income tax,no VAT.
No money back,no guarantee”

Wee jingle for Old Firm Plc…


On more wee thought on the shares for debt idea. Didn’t we all laugh and rip the pish out of Der Hun for doing exactly that 🤔


Still not received an answer from the SLO. I do wonder if it is because he has been inundated by irate tims asking WTF is going on?

Noel Skytrot

John Paul is usually quite responsive when contacted, maybe he’s chucked it lol as I wouldn’t fancy doing his job of late.


Billy Bhoy

Some of us proponents of a boycott don’t want to see 52k season tickets purchased ‘UNLESS’ the PLC through positive actions indicates that it is listening to the support. If you are contemplating buying an ST please at least consider holding off for as long as possible. Giving them your money without any positive changes being made to the structure of the club is the proverbial pissing against the wind. It’s time for t he likes of DD to step up and show us their money 1st.
Just a reminder to supporters that Celtic in writing at 2020 AGM undertook under Res 11 to engage with relevant authorities (SFA) on the abandonment of rules by them because of a clause in the 5 Way Agreement.

One of the conditions before renewing is to make it dependent upon Celtic providing a progress report and timetable for completion.

It’s as simple as that. Awareness of corruption is growing as is the part the 5 Way Agreement has played in it and it is time to stop it.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

My post on previous blog re acceptance of LNS decision and pretense of being surprised by it and not agreeing with it tells you all you need to know about how far Celtic will go to preserve the codependency on Rangers. They will lie to your face constantly.

It will continue as will the corruption as long as it makes money.



Just mailed you on a very similar point!

To express surprise and then carry on as before,what a sell-out.

Noel Skytrot

that’s one of the contributing factors amongst others for myself as an individual severely struggling with renewal. If they would come clean and shed their ‘Old Firmism’ and address a multitude of other issues I would reconsider.

PS: thanks for all the facts and information you’ve collated and put out for others to read. I don’t always understand it all but get the general feel of it.


Afternoon all…including Big Jim Packy if you’re lurking.

Regarding the Trademark…I’ve copied a link that shows the Trademark is registered by Celtic. There’s also a couple of links, particularly the BBC report that shows they were actively helping The Huns to protect the IP of the players back in the early days of player identifies and profiles becoming more available online.

The more interesting ones for me are the registrations of THE BHOYS and THE CELTIC FOOTBALL CLUB 1888. Both of these names are integral to the commercial activities of Celtic and as such need the trademarks require to be owned to protect Celtic’s interests. As such they are registered in various Classes each defining HOW the Trademark is protected to Celtic FC.

Notably the OLD FIRM trademark is registered to only one Class, 39, which seemingly relates only to Travel Services.
The trademark is registered to Celtic FC only but the registration address is Celtic Park and Ibrox Stadium.

Finally, and to be honest this requires a bit of conjecture and supposition, the following link to the Celtic Star blog highlights the Huns going mad because the SPFL decided to rename the Old Firm game the Glasgow Derby. Is it possible that Celtic have told the SPFL the OLD FIRM tag is trademarked to CFC and only CFC and they deny it’s use. Now, if this is the case it then behoves Celtic to continue to register it to safeguard its misuse. I can’t remember any Celtic or The Rangers directors/managers using the term in an official capacity since 2012.

As I say there’s a lot of conjecture and supposition involved but it would make sense, to me anyhoo!!

Noel Skytrot

This is a bit of a strange question, does anyone know if football clubs employ barbers/ hairdressers?


HaHaHa…it’s a strange question indeed Noel but one that’s crossed my mind often as my silver crop grew to resemble Dorothy, the big, manly one in the Golden Girls!! 🤣🤣🤣



Not a strange question at all. And I and others know why you are asking it. For example,when lockdown ends,most people would expect me to head to the pub to celebrate. I’ll celebrate a damn sight harder if I can get this bloody thatch removed!


Hi Bobby, I posted a comment and just noticed its awaiting moderation…have I used too many sweery words, or are you just starting to clamp down on me?? 🙄🤪



Unusual for that to happen. I’ll have a look when I get back in the house.

It might have triggered a word we had to ban because of all the spam we get hit with-about 300 items a day,believe it or not! But usually that just bins the comment completely.

Let you know,mate.


Bobby, it’s now disappeared! There were no swear words at all. It was wee look at the trademark stuff with 3 or 4 https links, none of which seemed contentious.
Anyway, it’s lost now and it took too long to find the links so you’ll all need to believe me when I tell you it was a fine piece of investigative reporting, akin to the type of stuff you’d expect from Andrew Jennings. Ah well…maybe it’s just not meant to be…back to nailing bits of wid!!


Next up on radio 2 J Vine talking about the proposed bridge between Scotland and Ireland should be worth a laugh

It is amazing the amount of WAGS that are hairdressers. 😁

Noel Skytrot

a sight to behold. Lol
being a skinhead myself, its been easy with regards to the oul heed needing sorted.
I just wondered how the football players have nice, sleek haircuts while most have heads like a burst charity shop two seater, strange.

Noel Skytrot

I never considered that.

One of the advantages us skinheads have in Lockdown.
The auld Gillette razor does a great job 😁

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