The Italian Job?

If asked to gaze into my crystal ball and map out the teams short term future, I wouldn’t be that confident of getting it all right, but I do see a true coach of the game arriving that’s for sure.


Looking at the financial climate, projected sales, fan contentment or otherwise, and given our Rangers loving billionaire’s propensity to keep his hand out of pocket where the club is concerned, then bringing in two people working in tandem seems the likeliest path.
One brings the players, one coaches and plays them.


It’s the modern way that most cottoned onto an age ago, the incessant demands of the modern game too much for just one man. It’s incredible to believe an under pressure manager who has an important game upcoming should be spending precious time reading player scouting reports or flying across time zones to witness the potential live in the flesh.
Talk about an unwanted distraction, even if he does need to unearth a diamond in the rough.


No, the coach being given players of a prerequisite quality to improve is the way, key phrase being prerequisite. We’ve just witnessed how easy it is to buy the wrong player time after time in the hopes of finding a real player, those hopes raised after a few initial frogs turned into princes, but the lessons in failure never heeded.
The huge list of shame won’t be completely eradicated, there’s always a few just cant leave their mammy, but at least with qualified eyes on the case we can all rest assured the hype around the new Bangura will be somewhat justified.


Qualified eyes of course meaning actual scouts, double triple and quadruple checked by other scouts, alongside analyst’s looking at everything from character references to expected wage demands.
The Head of Football Operations or whatever the title can then watch the lad live and if recommended the CEO jets over to get signatures at a reasonable price. The Head coach need never be involved.


We all know why we didn’t go this route until now, but it’s most definitely the route we should go now. The Head coach in this case needs to be onboard with the system for a start and that rules out many domestic managers, who as the name implies like to manage such activity. Given that it’s their head on the block I understand why, but on the continent they are used to not being in control of player trading, that’s not a deal breaker at all.


Perhaps one reason they suit better is because they are more tactically astute in the main? That’s a huge feather in the cap, underated in Britain where the old school control freak motivator is still in existence.
Perfecting positioning and knowledge of different playing systems is generally not something associated with Celtic players these days, changing that would most definitely be a good thing.


So take my expected criteria,,
A training ground coach
Tactically astute
Fine with being handed players
And throw in willingness to join us, why he would want to join us, wage demands, other possible suitors, connections within the game,,,jumble them all about and you get,,,
Enzo t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶a̶k̶e̶r̶ Maresca!


He ticks all the boxes I suspect need ticking, plus he has hovered around the top of JnPs betting odds list from the beginning.
He hasn’t ruled us out,
He deems himself ready to step out of the safety net and become a first team coach,
He has connections,
He won’t get a bigger suitor so his wage demands should be satisfied,
The platform is huge with a chance of European career enhancement.


A solid defense is the spine of any good team and there’s no defenders better in the sport, Italians see the art in defending that few other nations do and it shows.
Given we don’t actually have a defense an Italian may be ironic, maybe that’s the one area we try to push for good incoming quality overall and build upon it.


There would be some with misgivings should Enzo get the nod, entirely reasonable.
We’ve seen rookies go wrong before and many feel we are simply too big to learn on the job. While these might be true we’ve just seen what a rookie with a good coaching staff can do if focused and helped in their task,,three years later you have a solid successful unit.
To lay down strong foundations I would take the hit, many wouldn’t.


I would also argue that should he himself prove the incorrect choice, I doubt the model adopted will. We’ve all read that huge list with less than 30 appearances, hundreds of millions down the tube.
It’s only fair all around we move to halt that wastage. Let’s see two at the top of the pyramid working in tandem, and judge after five years if it suits our club.
The percentage of signings seeing regular first team football should significantly increase.


Enzo currently runs the under 23s City team which is nice as many of those world class talents would surely love game time on loan with a man they know, breaking into Peps team not the easiest. His much traveled career opens more continental loan doors, music to the ears to those worried about budget. If ever there was an acceptable time to take on several loan players to ease short term transition then this is it.


While he’s not going to stay longterm, and it’s easy to understand we would simply be his career launchpad, both our objectives align for the next few years. Success, it’s that simple.
He moves on and hopefully the successful structure he worked under stays in place and another young hungry coach comfortable on the training ground slots in seamlessly, rinse and repeat.
Glasgow Celtic could then be faced with the rather exciting prospect of becoming a managerial breeding ground, Brendan’s 9 million the benchmark to be beaten in that respect.


So no information but my own choice would be Enzo not just for the man himself but also what he represents, a new system and a step in the right direction.


By Mahe.

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big happy Friday from a rather grey and driech looking East Kilbride.
Thanks for that breakfast read, Mahe. I too am expecting our Club to adopt the 2 man approach but can we really thinking about who would fill each role in isolation? I think the Director of Football or whatever title is given is arguably the more important one that we need to get in place first. Although I accept that it is then the coach who is likely to give us our joys and successes. Having someone who can actually implement changes whilst a game is in progress will be a start.
Work calling….

bada bing1

The Harkin/Maresca thing I can buy into, I would also add another main figure to that,a full time post for someone to work with the main 2,to clean out and run Lennoxtown. A clear coaching structure to run from grassroots to first team,same style of play and tactics, so if a 17 year old comes tn to the first team, he knows automatically where his position is,and where his team mates are at any given situation. Last I heard, we have 35 full time coaches at Lennoxtown, through all the teams,who coaches the coaches? They will need retrained into the Club philosophy of playing, or shipped out.The last guy to come through and hold down a jersey was Tierney,that’s 3 managers ago,and a rake of cash spent on Lennoxtown, it is a major part of the big fix.

Andy Pandy 2

So, according to “someone in the know” 4 people have already been interviewed. Howe, Keane, Lampard, and Maresca, with Moyes’ agent chapping at the door. All very interesting candidates I’m sure. BUT what about DOF. If the new manager/coach can’t work under/with him, what’s the point of having either in position. Maresca and Harkin would be a good fit, they already know each other, tick a lot of boxes, have experience of working in a top club with all that entails… sounds great. Knowing Celtic we’ll end up with a hotch potch of appointments and no clear strategy. Sorry, if anything over the last few years has taught me, it’s never expect the logical. I hope I’m wrong!!


Re. Lennoxtown should totally reviewed and all options considered. The first is the location which in my opinion was always wrong. I have trained or at least tried to train young aspriring footballers and trying to do this in the teeth of a howling gale is absolute murder. I know this is typical weather in the West of Scotland but a training facility so close to the Campsie Hills never made much sense to me. The other option would be to shut it down, flog the land to developers and rebuild at a more sheltered location, Barrowfield maybe? The third option would be scrap the current youth system at one location and have regional centres across Scotland. That way young players don’t have to uproot themselves from their families and friends which may help their development. If we did that, we could easily find a smaller training facility for first team squad and under 23’s.


Excellent article.Looking at the club at this moment in time most of us agree we have went backwards at a great rate of knots over the last 2 years ,we can see it ,practically feel it,but I don’t believe the suits think the same.I think they think a bit of tinkering and all will be well.My worry is we will appoint the same style of manager as before and on we go.

bada bing1

M6bhoy- about 18 months ago, plans were in place to redevelop Barrowfield at a cost of about £2.5 million. Included was an indoor pitch,medical and rehab suite,a couple of new pitches,every team except the first team were being relocated there,and Lennoxtown would be for the first team only, not sure if it’s slipped down the pecking order just now….

Noel Skytrot

Just for the laugh….the scum Sun rag has an exclusive stating that Scott Brown will be heading to the Dolly Arena to be player/assistant manager if one of their former players gets the manager’s job. Broony tae Eberdeen, fit they like, eh?

Weet weet weet




Fr Toner was in tonight and brought me in some religious magazines.

My weight is 58.75 kgs. They did not take a blood sample because they want to incorporate other tests with it. So the doctor says they’ll do it next week.

Physically I have felt very tired today, between dinner time and later afternoon. I know I’m getting physically weaker. It is only to be expected. But I’m okay. I’m still getting the papers all right, but there’s nothing heartening in them. But again I expect that also and therefore I must depend entirely upon my own heart and resolve, which I will do.

I received three notes from the comrades in Armagh, God bless them again.

I heard of today’s announcement that Frank Hughes will be joining me on hunger-strike on Sunday. I have the greatest respect, admiration and confidence in Frank and I know that I am not alone. How could I ever be with comrades like those around me, in Armagh and outside.

I’ve been thinking of the comrades in Portlaoise, the visiting facilities there are inhuman. No doubt that hell-hole will also eventually explode in due time. I hope not, but Haughey’s compassion for the prisoners down there is no different from that of the Brits towards prisoners in the North and in English gaols.

I have come to understand, and with each passing day I understand increasingly more and in the most sad way, that awful fate and torture endured to the very bitter end by Frank Stagg and Michael Gaughan. Perhaps, — indeed yes! — I am more fortunate because those poor comrades were without comrades or a friendly face. They had not even the final consolation of dying in their own land. Irishmen alone and at the unmerciful ugly hands of a vindictive heartless enemy. Dear God, but I am so lucky in comparison.

I have poems in my mind, mediocre no doubt, poems of hunger strike and MacSwiney, and everything that this hunger-strike has stirred up in my heart and in my mind, but the weariness is slowly creeping in, and my heart is willing but my body wants to be lazy, so I have decided to mass all my energy and thoughts into consolidating my resistance.

That is most important. Nothing else seems to matter except that lingering constant reminding thought, ‘Never give up’. No matter how bad, how black, how painful, how heart-breaking, ‘Never give up’, ‘Never despair’, ‘Never lose hope’. Let them bastards laugh at you all they want, let them grin and jibe, allow them to persist in their humiliation, brutality, deprivations, vindictiveness, petty harassments, let them laugh now, because all of that is no longer important or worth a response.

I am making my last response to the whole vicious inhuman atrocity they call H-Block. But, unlike their laughs and jibes, our laughter will be the joy of victory and the joy of the people, our revenge will be the liberation of all and the final defeat of the oppressors of our aged nation.


Received an answer from JPT regarding the ‘OLD FIRM’ trademark.

Thanks for getting in touch, I checked this out and was advised of the following:

“The trademark is an old one, established in 2001. It is renewed for legal reasons to protect

Celtic Football Club.”

I think there are various legalities around trademarks and their uses so it’s considered it’s in the Club’s best interests to renew it’s ownership of this.

I hope this helps
Kinda feel sorry for him, Club says one thing via a tweet, and the very next day it is exposed as a massive porky pie.
There you have it – protect the club – from what? And monetary considerations (clubs best interest) outweigh doing the morally correct thing and distancing ourselves as far as we can from Sevco. Two cheeks of the same arse undoubtedly.

Anyone still considering paying to be a part of this farce i would ask you to reconsider. We are being treated like eejits, again.


On the manager’s position. Going purely on Phil’s info on who has supposedly been interviewed and those who have expressed interest thus far, it would have to be Roy Keane with Damien Duff as his assistant and Fergal Harkin as DOF. Probably because i’d love reading all the FFS negative comments about another 3 paddies having been given a job by Dermott🤣

Enzo Maresca – not at the moment for me it would be another Ronnie D ticks all the boxes but not enough experience.
Frank Lampard – dodgy as his missus is a Hun and would give him no end of grief albeit Phil’s article mentions he, allegedly, did well at the interview
Eddie Howe – probably EPL bound so we’d be his second choice if he did arrive
David Moyes, nah


So if we legally own the Old Firm brand what’s to stop the PLC telling everyone to stop using it in the context of Celtic and Rangers? If the club is serious about putting distance between us and them, it could simply put out a cease and desist notice to all media outlets instructing them to stop using the term The Old Firm. If they refuse then we sue the ass off them. After the not half of anything tweet, this is surely the obvious next step?

bada bing1

Wilder quits Sheffield United



it is joint ownership between Celtic, and Rangers, Sevco, The Rangers – errr or whoever the Huns have morphed into as the trademark is updated each time a club playing out of Ibrox changes identity. I guess it would take both parties to issue a cease and desist order.

bada bing1

Really can’t see Moyes leaving West Ham right now,probably using us to get a better deal there.

Noel Skytrot

I wouldn’t be surprised if Desmond hired the aforementioned people for the roles at the club. Roy Keane, tremendous footballer who would make sure the players didn’t shirk their responsibilities, though I don’t know enough about his management and coaching skills.

Damien Duff, definitely has something about him and would be more than welcome.

Fergal Harkin, I don’t know anything about the fella.

The huns would be raging at the tripartite of Irishmen being employed and as you state correctly, it would be a wall of fenian this, tarrier that, and plenty of other bigoted nonsense from the hordes. I genuinely think the huns would shite themselves if Roy Keane was installed as they know that it would be serious business on the field of play.


I want a DOF and Coach for footballing reasons.
It should be a professional appointment without taking club history/ fan sentiment into the equation.
Look what happened the last time we did that?
Unconvinced we have the board vision ,effort or leadership to do the right thing for the football team.



Agree but if a suitable candidate also happens to be a ‘fan’ should that bar them from consideration. It is only speculation at present but of all the ‘potentials’ mentioned by Phil I believe Roy Keane is the standout candidate, having the well respected and highly thought of Damien Duff, also a Celtic fan, alongside him would be an additional bonus. One guaranteed thing there would be no taking it on the chin mentality from Keane, neither would he put up with any interference from the PLC or shite from the SMSM.

One thought if Damien were to return to Celtic would that mean that his leaving for family reasons was all bullshit?

bada bing1

Oglach- Duff left the ROI job quickly as well, maybe if he doesn’t like the direction of things,he won’t buy into it,seemed the players at CP rated him.


Keane was not exactly a success in his previous managerial stints
He got Sunderland promoted but left halfway through next season.
After a two year stint at Ipswich he left them slightly worse off than when he arrived.
If our ambition is purely Old Firm and SPL then he would certainly be box office so i can see his appeal to DD especially with money making factor without too much investment.
Can’t see him working well within a DOF Coach structure as he likes to have it his own way.
Duff i have no idea about but the reports on him are good.
I would prefer we unshackled ourselves from the toxic Old Firmism and prepare for the future European football landscape .
I am more inclined to want a technically minded coach and DOF in a symbiotic relationship preparing a long term strategy for growth and success.



According to McCaff post yesterday, Celtic is the sole owner of Old Firm trademark

Not sure how authoritative this website is but if it is accurate then nothing to stop club issuing cease and desist notice as I suggested.


Back in the early 80s,Aberdeen were very much our bogey team,the team to beat. Chief amongst our tormentors was a certain Gordon Strachan.

Unless you saw him play against us,you will have no idea how much I could have swung for that wee bastert! Of course,if you were there too,you probably felt the same…

When it was announced that he was to take over from Martin O’Neill,I was surprised. I doubt he would have been my first choice-but then there weren’t too many options. But I certainly wasn’t angered at the thought of being managed by someone who barely two decades earlier had been a thorn in our sides,wasn’t a Celtic supporter. In fact,I welcomed his appointment-even if,as time went on,I freely admit he went down in my estimation along with the quality on the pitch.

So for me,the question isn’t the Celtic credentials of our new management,it’s the management credentials of our new Celtic. Because make no mistake,the new manager will have to fashion a new Celtic. The current one is heading for the breakers yard,and I don’t envy the rebuild.

On the plus side,he will not be forced into fielding too many players he inherited and doesn’t rate!



As i mentioned it’s only speculative and based on Phil’s piece. Albeit the other potentials mentioned records do not stand up well either, I think Eddie Howes’s record isn’t great yet some see him as the best candidate, Maresca is a massive gamble as would Lampard be. Chances are that none of those mentioned gets the gig.



click on historic links towards the top of page

ps should have mentioned I included the info shown below in my query to JPT. Sevco’s joint ownership was not denied in his response.

The ‘OLD FIRM’ Trade mark number

List of events
02 March 2021
Renewal of the trademark
Trademark has been renewed on 02/03/2021. Number of classes before renewal is 1. Number of classes after renewal is 1

22 November 2018
Recordal registration. Recordal type: Change owner details
Change of owner details has been recorded due to recordal RC000116100 received on date 30/10/2018; owner(s) Celtic F.C.Limited (id: 218706),Sevco Scotland Limited (id: 613831) has been updated to owner(s): Celtic F.C.Limited (id: 218706),The Rangers Football Club Limited (id: 613862)


I think the structure will be more important than any individual.
Have no clue who will be employed but if it is for box office rather than forward planning i will be disappointed .
We won’t pay top dollar so Keane may be our box office candidate.
He is not entirely conducive to a harmonious environment.
Haven’t paid much attention to bookies candidate’s list so it will be interesting to see who is chosen?
As an aside i always thought Ronny D had good ideas but struggled to implement his tactics on and off the field of play.
Wonder if he had a DOF and more professional staff around him would he have been the right choice?


The ‘significant threat’ should lead to cancellation of the game on 21st March. This is a no-win (sic) situation for Celtic. And, Celtic should take the initiative and cancel it themselves – to hell with any consequences – because it is the right thing to do in the current circumstances.

IMO, of course.


A good article, but I really don’t fancy a rookie manager like Maresca, and I certainly don’t want a team constructed of Man City or Italian loan players.
We have a huge construction job to rebuild the team. I think this will require an experienced Director of Football along with an experienced Head Coach. Tried and trusted with a track record of success. Don’t think that rookies like Harkin and Maresca would suit us just now.


Oglach…perhaps this is too simplistic but we’re assuming Celtic renewed the Trademark registration. Could TRFC have done it as it seems a bit coincidental that as Park released a presser mentioning the Old Firm the trademark info was immediately made public!
Also, there’s something strange about it being only Class 39 Travel Arrangements etc. It doesn’t appear to be of any use with regard to the categories mentioned. IMO its a necessary protection which you won’t necessarily need until you need it – if that makes sense!!


If we have any ambition at all to improve our Club Moyes should be nowhere near Celtic Park or Lennoxtown!! I’d take Lennon back before Moyes! (Joke!)

Why are you so against Moyes?
I think he would be a decent choice for Celtic manager.


Fan…at Ronnie’s time at the Club I was hearing a lot of stories from within Lennoxtown that things weren’t right. In particular regarding diet and medicine, including unqualified physios and holistic therapies. RD and his team were regarded by some as a bit leftfield. My opinions on Ronnie were based on what I was watching at the time and the stories I was hearing and I was glad to see him go.
Notwithstanding that, he was a second choice appointment due to, yes you guessed it, Peter’s first choice knocking him back. The problem has always been Peter! I hope McKay gets the backing to do what needs to be done!



I am assuming nothing a chara. Irrespective of who renewed the trademark it is stretching incredulity a wee bit too far to think Celtic weren’t fully aware of this. We were treated like mugs again. A wee tweet to placate the peasants when all along they knew we, in their eyes, are as much a part of the Old Firm as we ever were –

Best interest of the club me arse CSC


Garry, I never liked his style of play, I was never that impressed with Everton or Man U when he was there. I don’t think his record of wins at any Club would make impressive reading. To my mind he is still playing 90s football in his head. I’d take an Eastern European with tactical nous and a bit of steel.


I also was happy to see RD go.
Put simply the game he described never manifested itself on the field of play.
Was just wondering if a better structure would have given him a more realistic chance of success?
That’s why i feel succession planning and structure should be prime factors on this recruitment drive.


Naps table updated.

Table after 6/3/21-four Saturdays left.

Premier Division

RayMac £24.41 (7.99)
The Real McCoy £3.33. (17.82)
Celtic Champs -£1.50 (13.66)
Cosy Corner B -£3.50 (3.50)
Big Packy -£8.04 (1.81)
Vogue Punter -£8.60. ( 13.36)
Craig 76 -£9.30(9.44)
Jim the Tim -£15.33. (7.56)
Leftclicktic -£21.38. (15.34)
Bada -£22.67. (6.95)
Mahe -£24.10. (19.09)
First Division

Garry -£7.12. ( 14.70)
BMCUW -£7.82 ( 15.09)
Calton Tongues -£12.50. (11.80)
Chalmersbhoy -£17.00. (7.36)
Gordon -£24.60. ( 5.93)
Valleybhoy -£24.67. (20.36)
Jimmy NP -£26.25. (4.83)
Twisty -£36.00. ( 11.6)
Big Railroad B. -£36.00. ( 7.65)
AS67 -£36.00. ( 4.66)
Mea Culpa -£36.00. ( 0.63)


Oglach…the use of assuming wasn’t meant as an insult! My point really is it’s better for Celtic – and the Huns – to have control of the term “The Old Firm” to prevent misuse and profiteering than find you have been exploited with no legal recourse. As much as we don’t now wish to be associated with the Huns a hard fact of life, and business, is that we are and are still widely recognised as such. Having control over the misuse of the term could be beneficial.

I thought Moyes did an excellent job at Everton, and has done an excellent job at West Ham. I like the playing style of his teams.
Admittedly, he failed at Man United and Sunderland, but I think he is very capable of rebuilding the Celtic squad. Someone with the experience to do that is needed just now. Think he fits the bill.



We’ll have to disagree. Any link, tenuous or otherwise, that associates Celtic with Sevco, and the toxicity of the old firm should be removed like a gangrenous limb. It may severely impede us, financially, but it’s the right and only thing to do.

As someone once said, any part of Celtic reliant on Rangers (Sevco) I’ll happily lose.

Is that a Peter Lawwell quote?
Remember him saying something like that in 2012. Looks like it was a lie now.

A thing of beauty

Just popped in for a quick peek to see what’s happening after reading the article. Roy Keane? Whit? On what planet does this man improve football clubs. On what planet is this man able to work with modern footballers who want an arm round them? On what planet has this man ever stuck at any job past 2 seasons? He cannot be employed by celtic in anyway shape or form if we want anything different from neil Lennon.
Frank lampard is also a no for me. No use appointing a man with a young family. Too much call on his time. He’d be up and down the road like a yo yo.
Eddie Howe – see frank lampard plus he is “undecided”. Hmm enough said
David moyes – when we were looking at a replacement for BR I scoffed at moyes. Not now. The football would be dire but he would sort us out and our European performances may improve. Put it this way, if the Huns take him when Gerrard leaves we may regret it.
Enzo Maresca I think this is the road we will go down with harkin as DOF. I’m ok with that. If we are
Looking at change then it’s not before time.
Obviously that’s my views on whatPMcG reckons is going to happen so it’ll likely be a load of nonsense anyway.


Garry…I thought his time at Man U was very poor and also his term in Spain. At Man U the requirement, like at Celtic is to keep the ball and play on the front foot. I’m not sure he has the mentality for our preferred style of game.


Oglach…fair enough, I respect your point of view but I also think we need to have the tools to protect ourselves when necessary.

What you have described, is the style of play of the current West Ham team.
Good football to watch. As were Everton under Moyes. He is one hard muthafucka too.


Garry…to be fair I’ve not seen West Ham under Moyes this season, I’ve got a mental block about him as at Man U he performed pretty much as I thought he would. And I couldn’t believe when he went to Sociedad(?) as there was no way his style suited the Spanish game. Maybe I’ve got him all wrong…

Mike in Toronto


If things were normal, I would agree that Celtic would want to control misuse of the term “Old Firm”…., but under our present Board?

To me, it seems akin to putting Marjorie Taylor Green in charge of gun control or appointing Pablo Escobar as minister of health


Police Scotland spent £1.4m on Rangers investigation

Livingstone could not say exactly how much police time was spent on the investigation as officers often worked on a number of cases at the same time.

However, he calculated that the cost of the “core team” on Operation Iona was £1m in salary payments between 2013 and 2016.

Mr Livingstone said that after that date the core team was stood down and investigation was part of usual police activity.

In addition to the salary costs, the chief constable said he had identified £400,000 in costs such as travel expenses.


Is is April 1st already?

Weet weet weet

Try again


A SCOTTISH MAN has been arrested and subsequently charged after posting an ‘offensive’ tweet about the late Captain Sir Tom Moore.

The 35-year-old, from Lanarkshire, now faces up to six months in prison or a fine of up to than £5,000 (€5,690).

The tweet, which was later deleted, read: “The only good brit soldier is a deed one, burn auld fella, buuuurrn.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “On Friday 5 February 2021, we received a report of an offensive tweet about Captain Sir Tom Moore who died on Tuesday 2 February.

“A 35-year-old man has subsequently been arrested and charged in connection with communication offences and is due to appear at Lanark Sheriff Court on Wednesday 17 February.”

Captain Tom died in Bedford Hospital last Tuesday morning, having been initially admitted for pneumonia and later testing positive for coronavirus.

The 100-year-old had captured the hearts of a nation with his fundraising efforts during the first coronavirus lockdown, raising more than £30m for NHS charities by walking 100 laps of his garden.

While the tweet about him was undeniably tasteless, many are up in arms about the notion of someone being arrested over an ‘offensive’ tweet.

“Totalitarian stuff. The tweet was disgusting, but it should not be considered an offence,” wrote one social media user.

“That was seriously all [the tweet] said? I’ve had people say worse things to my face and way worse on the internet. Sure, ban his account but to be arrested for this is pretty pathetic,” wrote another.

In 2018, Lanarkshire police were caught up in a similarly divisive issue.

A man was convicted of committing a ‘hate crime’ after he posted videos on YouTube of his dog giving Nazi salutes.

His trial was placed under a microscope when public figures, such as comedian Ricky Gervais, questioned if the Communications Act undermined people’s right to freedom of speech.

The Communications Act 2003, states a person is guilty of an offence if he or she sends “by means of a public electronic communication network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character”.


Hello pop pickers. A new day and a brand new number 1, as in brand new, not someone who has been there before. Straight in at number 1, it’s Chris Wilder!!!
Chris Wilder
John Kennedy
Roy Keane
Eddie Howe
Enzo Maresca
Paul Lambert
Roberto Martinez
Frank Lampard
Rafael Benitez
Sean Dyche
Steve Clarke
Shaun Maloney
Alex Neil
Derek McInnes
Martin O’Neill
Michael O’Neill
Jack Ross
Thierry Henry
Ange Postecoglou
Damien Duff
Dan Petrescu
Domenec Torrent
Gordon Strachan
Henrik Larsson
Jesse Marsch
Luca Gotti
David Wagner
Lucien Favre
Jindřich Trpišovský
John Terry
Mark Hughes
Slaven Bilic
Wayne Rooney
Andre Villas-Boas
Andriy Shevchenko
Bruno Lage
Carlos Queiroz
David Martindale
David Moyes
John Coleman
Jose Bordalas
Julien Stephan
Mick McCarthy

1 2 3 4