Above The Law?


No,today’s article isn’t a comment on the events of the weekend,where certain peepil decided that the law didn’t apply to them-while strangely the authorities,with one or two honourable exceptions-agreed with them. That,of course,is nothing new to anyone who has been paying attention. Rather it relates to another murky part of this country’s preferred way of dealing with its own leetle difficulty,the infamous Five Way Agreement (5WA).

I am indebted to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain for doing the legwork on this,and will post a link to his article in the comments.

Questions for Celtic about the 5 Way Agreement – Phil Mac Giolla Bháin (philmacgiollabhain.ie)

He has asked a number of questions on the subject of the 5WA to UEFA,with particular regard to how it stands against the restrictions placed by UEFA’s own Article 12.

Although the final contents of the 5WA have never been made public,certain parts of it have made their way unavoidably into the public domain. This has usually happened only when-and let’s be honest here!-something rears its head from the past and the huns tell everyone to GTF because the 5WA gives them a Get Out Of Jail card!

Cast your mind back to the summer of 2012 when it was clear that they were bust. Gone. Finito. Elements of Scottish football were jumping through hoops to find ways to find a way back for them,but the rules of the three footballing authorities in the Scottish game were clear. Liquidation isn’t just a game changer,it is the end.


Nowhere does it mention the end of a chapter,or the beginning of a new journey.


And once that club is removed,the next clubs in the pyramid are free to apply to take their place-subject to meeting the parameters of membership. Such as three years of audited accounts. And for me,that was always the most important one,for it was the one which automatically excluded any replacement being one which had not previously existed-such as a Newco.

Had it not been for Turnbull Hutton and those other chairmen of the lower clubs,things would never have even got that far! But fortunately,though they may represent the smaller clubs,they had balls that the chairmen of the bigger clubs could only envy. And that the charlatans at the very top of the game could never dream of possessing,for they were and are in thrall to a club which cheated them and their clubs for years,and robbed the taxpayer and small businesses alike of over £100m,because…

The law doesn’t apply to them!

Under normal rules once a  vacancy occurs, the next club in the pyramid are free to apply to take the vacant  place-subject to meeting those parameters of membership. Under Scottish rules for a new club that is the ability to provide 3 years accounts. For UEFA FFP rules that is to have 3 years membership of the SFA. For me, these were  important,for it was those that should have  automatically excluded any replacement in the league system being one which had not previously existed-such as a Newco-and which thus required the 5 Way Agreement to justify abandoning the normal rules.

Importantly,the latter prevented them taking up a place in UEFA competition in 2012/13,the one which Oldco had “won” by dint of their second place in the SPL.

But as I said,the law doesn’t apply to them…

And then when The Four Musketeers behind Resolution 12 found their way blocked BY OUR OWN CLUB,they found something that even Celtic couldn’t deny,and forced them to take it to the SFA for judgement and punishment. Only to discover that Rangers can no longer be sanctioned like other clubs in Scotland,or indeed like other clubs in Europe. That only the Court for Arbitration in Sport (CAS) has the right to judge and sanction,due to clauses in the 5WA.

This,of course,is not how sport works,nor justice. And it certainly isn’t how Article 12 tells us that UEFA works. So why have they agreed that one club in Scotland has that allowance?

As Phil explains in his article,Uefa have got nothing to do with it. They neither agreed nor disagreed. They did not even know of it.

Scottish football kept UEFA in the dark,the same way they kept everyone else in the dark!

Now,this suggests that Scottish football could be in big trouble with UEFA,and quite possibly too FIFA. It means that they have permitted and indeed facilitated an operation which blatantly breaks UEFA’s own articles. This could have wider repercussions,and which I think could impact upon the innocent as well as the guilty. Because any sanction which might follow a UEFA investigation into this is likely to be aimed at Scottish football as a whole. And that would likely mean that not only is the 5WA agreement declared null and void,but that Scottish representation at club and international level could be prohibited for some time due to those sanctions.

Other associations have had to come to a Settlement Agreement with UEFA in the past,with Serbia,Albania and Kazakhstan for example “requiring redirection” on their role as licensors of UEFA FFP regulations.

That sanction won’t be aimed at Rangers as the guilty party,but at Scottish football because UEFA will decide that it is Scottish football which as a whole is guilty. And I have to say that I cannot disagree with that point of view. Scotland could well see itself banned from representation at club and international level in any competition organised by UEFA or FIFA. All to facilitate parachuting cheats into our league system.

Scottish football has allowed itself to be cowed by Rangers for so long that it could not countenance life without it. But thanks to what Phil has discovered,it might be that life WITH Rangers will be the death of us.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Puff puff

Hahaha brilliant thetic enjoy and keep on posting your stuff man .


Thanks Puff

Saltires en Sevilla

BMCUW – A really Good start to the day

SFA’s Achilles’ Heel…

Now it seems Hector is the least of their worries.

Charybdis,lurking under the surface in the form of FIFA, would love to shatter the imbalance of power held by the four Home Nations, including Scotland’s disproportionate influence via IFAB


Just how much UEFA leverage on this influence, and will seek to protect that, remains to be seen…

Right now, I’d be willing to bet Celtic can survive, in some form, without Europe for an extended period. Hell, there may still be a team in blue claiming to be something they are not. However, the SFA could be well and truly obliterated.

A price worth paying.

We can dream…

Noel Skytrot

Personally, i’m not too sure of what to make of Phil’s claims. Does UEFA really give a toss what goes on at the bigoted, narrow minded, corrupt SFA? Celtic, just how deeply involved in the fix are they? Again, its all about the funny money.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks BMCWPS for the article. I guess it comes down to finding a way to have the matter heard by UEFA.

Sevco are a new club and it’s disrespectful for the new club to claim any connection with the Honours won by Rangers.

I guess that’s why there’s still such anger and belligerence coming out of Ibrox. They haven’t dealt with the grief of the loss of Rangers.

It doesn’t feel the same watching football the lack of integrity is killing it.

This will haunt them, Celtic and Scottish football.


I’m not a huge one for the television but I’d recommend the mini-series on Netflix called the English Game on Netflix.

It charts the beginnings of professional football in England when the late nineteenth century a club called Darwen FC paid money and signed two Scotttish footballers.

I hadn’t heard of Darwen so I looked into the story.

In 1879 Darwen FC signed two professional players, Fergie Suter and James Love, both from Partick F.C. This is believed to be the first involvement of professional players in English football…Darwen reached the semi-finals of the 1880–81 FA Cup.

It’s a lovely footballing story and proved to be the turning point in the development of the English game.

The Glaswegian link with Darwen struck again in 2009 when like Rangers financial calamity struck in 2009.

Following two petitions for liquidation brought by Thwaites Brewery and ING Lease UK and their refusal of an offer of 25p in the pound, on 14 May 2009 the Darwen Club was wound up in the High Court.

The 134-year-old football club called Darwen F.C. ceased to exist.

A new club, A.F.C. Darwen was formed in May 2009, and joined the West Lancashire League.They play at their predecessors stadium and have achieved some success since their foundation winning the
North West Counties League
Division One Trophy  in 2014–15 and the
Martin Vizzard Memorial Trophy in the
Winners 2016.

These Honours are in no way linked to the successes of Darwen FC.

So Liquidation brought an end to the club that established professional football in England.

It’s a shame that the law couldn’t find a way around the reality of the liquidation process and the 139 year history of the club was brought to and end in 2009.

Given that Darwen FC were liquidated it was clearly inappropriate for the new club to claim any connection to the successes of that club.

Indeed it would have been disrespectful to exploits of the Darwen FC to claim any connection between the two entities.

It’s fitting that Netflix immortalised the memory of the early days of the club that played such an important part of the history of the game.

It’s worth a watch.

Till later.


i think UEFA’s response was a big who cares?
The information has been out there so the we have never heard of line doesn’t fly.
Any organization worth their salt has their ear to the ground for anything that imperils the system.
The huns/sfa have deliberately placed many in that organization for decades so have nothing to fear.
Is it coincidental that the huns get more decisions in Europe than other small nations since the cheat and bigot Dallas got his gig?



An interesting follow up to the PMG article.
That is very much what the likely outcome would be IF UEFA investigate it.
Sevco of course couldn’t play in the UEFA Cup that year after Rangers 2nd place finish. New club and all that. But interestingly Sevco had to enter the Scottish Cup at the earlier rounds, and not the stage reserved for Top Six finishes. So the SFA changed their rules IF it was the same club.

IF there is nothing Dodgy about the secret 5 way agreement, why is it not in the rule book? As a clause within an existing rule or as an appendix? Why is it ‘secret’? It’s obviously important and active. So put it out there SFA! What have you to fear?

I would even love to hear them deny it’s existence, that would be fun.

I could be wrong, but I think Peter Lawwell didn’t exactly deny it but merely said that he hadn’t read it.


I’m not superstitious, and it was an uneventful day today. I feel all right, and my weight is 58.5 kgs.

I was not so tired today, but my back gets sore now and again sitting in the bed. I didn’t get the Irish News, which makes me think there is probably something in it that they don’t wish me to see, but who cares. Fr Murphy was in tonight for a few minutes.

The Screws had a quick look around my cell today when I was out getting water. They are always snooping. I heard reports of men beaten up during a wing shift …

Nothing changes here.

Sean McKenna (the former hunger-striker) is back in H-4, apparently still a bit shaky but alive and still recovering, and hopefully he will do so to the full.

Mhúscail mé leis an gealbháin ar maidin agus an t-aon smaointe amháin i mo cheann – seo chugat lá eile a Roibeard. Cuireann é sin amhran a scríobh mé; bhfad ó shin i ndúil domsa.

Seo é cib é ar bith.

D’ éirigh mé ar maidin mar a tháinig an coimheádóir,

Bhuail sé mo dhoras go trom’s gan labhairt.

Dhearc mé ar na ballai, ‘S shíl mé nach raibh mé beo,

Tchítear nach n-imeoidh an t-iffrean seo go deo.

D’oscail an doras ‘s níor druideadh é go ciúin,

Ach ba chuma ar bith mar nach raibheamar inár suan.

Chuala mé éan ‘s ni fhaca mé geal an lae,

Is mian mór liom go raibh me go doimhin foai,

Ca bhfuil mo smaointi ar laethe a chuaigh romhainn,

S cá bhfuil an tsaol a smaoin mé abhí sa domhain,

Ni chluintear mo bhéic, ‘s ní fheictear mar a rith mo dheor,

Nuair a thigeann ar lá aithíocfaidh mé iad go mor.

Canaim é sin leis an phort Siun Ní Dhuibir.

Translated this reads as follows:

I awoke with the sparrows this morning and the only thought in my head was: here comes another day, Bobby — reminding me of a song I once wrote a long time ago.

This is it anyway:

I arose this morning as the Screw came,

He thumped my door heavily without speaking,

I stared at the walls, and thought I was dead,

It seems that this hell will never depart.

The door opened and it wasn’t closed gently,

But it didn’t really matter, we weren’t asleep.

I heard a bird and yet didn’t see the dawn of day,

Would that I were deep in the earth.

Where are my thoughts of days gone by,

And where is the life I once thought was in the world.

My cry is unheard and my tears flowing unseen,

When our day comes I shall repay them dearly.

I sing this to the tune Siun Ní Dhuibir.

Bhí na heiníní ag ceiliúracht inniú. Chaith ceann de na buachaillí arán amach as an fhuinneog, ar a leghad bhí duine éigin ag ithe. Uaigneach abhí mé ar feadh tamaill ar tráthnóna beag inniú ag éisteacht leis na préacháin ag screadáil agus ag teacht abhaile daobhtha. Dá gcluinfinn an fhuiseog álainn, brisfeadh sí mo chroí.

Anois mar a scríobhaim tá an corrcrothar ag caoineadh mar a théann siad tharam. Is maith liom na heiníní.

Bhuel caithfidh mé a dul mar má scríobhain níos mó ar na heiníní seo beidh mo dheora ag rith ‘s rachaidh mo smaointi ar ais chuig, an t-am nuair abhí mé ógánach, b’iad na laennta agus iad imithe go deo anois, ach thaitin siad liom agus ar a laghad níl dearmad deánta agam orthu, ta siad i mo chroí — oíche mhaith anois.

(Translated, this reads as follows:)

The birds were singing today. One of the boys threw bread out of the window. At least somebody was eating!

I was lonely for a while this evening, listening to the crows caw as they returned home. Should I hear the beautiful lark, she would rent my heart. Now, as I write, the odd curlew mournfully calls as they fly over. I like the birds.

Well, I must leave off, for if I write more about the birds my tears will fall and my thoughts return to the days of my youth.

They were the days, and gone forever now. But I enjoyed them. They are in my heart — good night, now.


Really don’t believe UEFA will do much if anything at all.


Scott Brown to be offered a contract extension by Celtic. Good move or should we look to replace him?

Of course, we should really question who is making these decisions. Would the incoming manager want him?


Hi Mahe,
Can i ask all the Bhoys & Ghirls on here to say a prayer for a wee girl, Riley Hamilton, she has undergone heart surgery & she isn’t doing too well.
Say a prayer for her & her dad Kerr please.



What’s your charity bet today?

Playing golf at 1pm,if possible can you let me know before..


Try again…

Prayers said Monti.

At last something interesting to watch out my window during lock down. There is a brick built garage going up across the road. So I looked up ‘A beginners guide to bricklaying’. The brickies across the road are following the rules to a T. Seems straightforward enough, I’m thinking of going over and asking them if they need a hand!

The Gombeen Man


It’s the Novena to Saint Joseph at the moment. No better time to ask him for a bit of help.



CB Cheers mate but still traumatised after last week’s near miss so happy to pass responsibility onto another poster or let it roll over until next week HH

Weet weet weet

Prayers offered for wee Riley,get well wee barra



Best wishes to all concerned,mate.


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xheYfAYyRI8 Jimmy Johnstone, Jinky [Goals & Skills]


Praying for a good outcome bud.
Take care.

A thing of beauty

Absolutely. Hope things get better for the wee girl soon.

As regards Scott Brown getting a new contract. I think we should offer him a years deal on much reduced money and he should not play unless we are down to the under 13s. He should be there only for continuity and to learn from the new set up. His numbers are absolutely shocking. I know people don’t like juco James but he’s not making things up. I urge anyone who thinks he should be playing for us to listen to the huddle breakdown podcast for this week. He lost 60% of his tackles, made 8 forward passes the whole game and completed three. The other team had 27 forays into our box which is similar numbers to Sparta and Milan. The only thing that saved us conceding was DUFC couldn’t execute. No amount of pointing and swaggering can cover that up. Father Time waits for no man, it’s just fact.

bada bing1

Oglach- Scott Brown still has a huge role at the Club IMO, with new staff and players coming in,we need someone to sit them down, and let them know what’s required to play for Celtic, Lustig and Tierney were big characters on and off the pitch, who were badly missed, and never replaced.


As g64 has passed up on the charity bet today due to ptsd from last week’s effort😁😁
The next in line with 4pts were.

The first one to post their bet for charity wins…
As long as it’s in before 12.45..
Good luck..


2 Tweets 30mins ago from F.A.C.

We’ve been made aware that @policescotland have been to visit the homes of numerous Celtic supporters to “warn them” not to show up at Celtic Park next week. This seems to be ongoing. This harassment is entirely unjustified and we urge all fans to stay calm and know your rights.

It should also be noted that most of these fans have no previous convictions, yet have been harassed at their homes late at night, or early this morning, in front of their worried family members. These are the actions of an authoritarian state.

God bless wee Riley.
Praying for a full recovery 🙏



Fekn shocking !!

Scott Brown’s influence on his peers in the Celtic dressing room should not be underestimated. He was highly valued by Brendan Rodgers for his leadership qualities.
I think he should be retained, and hopefully semi retires from playing, to concentrate on coaching duties. A form of continuity in the club.



Were the cops involved this morning on holiday last weekend? Basterts.



I think we all got PTSD from that bet!

Could I post a charity bet please.
Correct score bet.
Leeds United 2 Chelsea 1.
12.30 kick off.
Thank you


Thank fek Garry beat me to it :O) good luck mhate.



I’ve put your £5 on at this end,16/1

Good luck!

Chelsea favourites, but with Leeds you never know.
A battle of two master tacticians.
Argentina v Germany.
Bielsa v Tuchel.
Should be a cracking game.


Bet on @15/1..here’s hoping.

Chalmersbhoy & BMCUW
TYVM Bhoys 🤞💚


Good luck.
It’s outrageous.
They facilitate those breaking the law last weekend and this weekend, harass innocent fans.
The difference is obvious for all who wish to see.
Celtic silent on it, nothing will change there, probably Ronnie Hawthorne who gave the cops the addresses to visit and harass.


Thoughts and prayers with all concerned.


Thanks guys for all the prayers & kind messages for wee Riley.
I don’t know the wee girl or the family personally, it was raised on yesterdays ‘ A Celtic state of mind ‘ and it really touched me.
As a dad to a wee girl myself i would be broken if anything happened to her.
I just wanted us to show this family support.

Thanks folks


Garry Good luck mate🤞Cracking start to the game and Leeds unlucky not to be in front


I suspect PMG’s 5WA article is nothing more than clickbait for his waning reputation and blog. My reading of the Uefa response is to tell him to piss off and not bother us with piddling little matters in a far away small country association that quite frankly we don’t give a monkey’s about. Right now, Uefa are much more concerned about the potential threat posed by a breakaway by the big clubs in the five top leagues which would leave them high, dry and skint. It’s going to take much more than an enquiry from an obscure journalist to get them to sit up at take notice. At the very least, it would need an official request from a club before they would dare to even think about looking into the matter. Anything less, even a lawyer’s letter from shareholders, is just not going to cut it. The chances of Celtic doing this are next to zero so sadly I don’t see any progress being made on this matter unless I am totally misreading the situation. Only the prospect of a ST boycott might force the club to do something but I think the chances of this happening will diminish once the club appoints a new manager and enough fans get taken in by the birthday card PR pish that will come out of the club at ST renewal time. I hate to say this but I have come to the very sad conclusion that the cheats have won and they did so because they were aided and abetted by scoundrels and traitors at the heart of Celtic. The choice now, many on here have to make, is do you just suck it up and pay up knowing the game is a bogey and what else do you have to do on a match day …. or do you stop paying into a corrupt and rotten set-up till such times as it changes? I made a my choice a few years ago because I could see the way the wind was blowing. I see no reason for changing my mind. Over to you guys.

Jobo Baldie

Good afternoon, friends.
For the first time in many a year I’m actually quite glad that Celtic don’t have a game this weekend. I think the events since last Saturday afternoon have sickened me even more than I could have imagined. And in the run up to next Sunday’s game I fear my mood is going to deteriorate further.
What’s the point in remaining so emotionally involved in a game where the odds are stacked so much in favour of that mob, both on and off the park. Maybe the Lowland League will be getting much more of my attention in the years to come (until EKFC reach the top flight, obviously 😉 )



And when people like you feel that way,I reckon it’s time someone woke up to the damage that is being caused to the game and to Celtic.


Hello Pop Pickers, it’s a second day at number 1 for Chris Wilder and his odds have been trimmed further but so have John Kennedy’s, with a lot agreeing with BMCUW, that if he wins one cup tie, he is likely to be in charge for 10 games, he had drifted to 7/2 but is only 2/1, now. It’s 10/1 bar the top 2, now.
Chris Wilder
John Kennedy
Eddie Howe
Enzo Maresca
Roy Keane
Frank Lampard
Roberto Martinez
Paul Lambert
Rafael Benitez
Steve Clarke
Shaun Maloney
Alex Neil
Martin O’Neill
Michael O’Neill
Sean Dyche
Jack Ross
Dan Petrescu
Derek McInnes
Gordon Strachan
Henrik Larsson
Mark Hughes
Damien Duff
Domenec Torrent
Jesse Marsch
Thierry Henry
Ange Postecoglou
David Wagner
Jindřich Trpišovský
John Terry
Luca Gotti
Lucien Favre
Slaven Bilic
Sven-Goran Eriksson
Wayne Rooney
Andre Villas-Boas
Andriy Shevchenko
Carlos Queiroz
David Moyes
Mick McCarthy
Serse Cosmi

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