All Quiet On The Western Front,,,

It’s been a quiet week at The Good Ship Celtica,as we gratefully lapped up the huns celebrating their first trophy in the company of their police benefactors. Took everyone’s eye off the ball that the main facilitators of their success are highly paid employees of our club.
When you have two,three,five times the income of a competitor,when they are running a market stall-true!-while you have a superstore,it sure takes some doing to cock it up to the extent that Celtic did. I honestly don’t know whether to nominate Lawwell for a Ratner Award or a Darwin Award. I doubt he would thank me for either of them,so I’ll nominate him for both!
But is that fair? Is it fair that I hold Lawwell responsible for this season? Is it fair that I’ve been on his case since he told Martin O’Neill that his replacement for Henrik was an on-loan dud from Wolves? Or that I vehemently disagreed with him trying to wreck the career of the best centre back in thirty years,along with one or two others?
Yes,it is. It isn’t just fair comment,it is something that an increasing number of us have decided to be true. Lawwell has been a disaster for our club,that it has taken so long for the club to realise this points to a failure of governance.
Celtic have a new CEO arriving. His first step should be to get rid of everyone in the board room,all the guid pals appointed by Lawwell to enable him to run the ship like Captain Bligh.
Meantime,the fans are concerned about a new manager. I’m not too impressed by the candidates so far,but I’m honestly more concerned about the new CEO. I’ve no reason to doubt him,but the problem is that he needs to be strong. To be in control. Yet he also needs to delegate,and in a company which isn’t used to it.
Celtic may or may not win the league next season,depends on how quickly we recover. The carnage that Lawwell has wrought on the Plc and on the FC will take longer.
Above article by BMCUWP

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Song for you Mahe.
The only band that matters!


Cheltenham competition.

Each race:

1st 10 points (plus sp odds)
2nd 5 points
3rd 3 points

£30 first prize,graciously offered by our benefactor,TWISTY

One for you mate. Know you love this track as much as I do.
This is The Clash!



Love The Clash,mate. Outstanding band just when music was maybe getting a bit stale.

I was in first year in 1977 at Saint Thomas Aquinas school for young gentleman.
Heard the eponymous album The Clash, and my 13 year old life changed for the better.
I was into poetry and lyrics of songs.
The Clash lyrics made me join my dad’s Marxist convictions for the first time. He had introduced me to Dylan and Marley. But we clicked with The Clash.



I,m with your Dad on the Bobs,but if I’m honest,it was the sheer energy of The Clash that got me. More of a rock band in the punk era than a punk rock band.


If we are interviewing I would love to know who is doing the interviewing
I also believe the buck stops at the CEOs desk, and up until last year it didn’t take much effort to be the best in Scotland
Keane as DOF and Maloney or Duff as Manager would be ok for me, although I think Maloney is a wee greeting face ,I airways thought he was greedy at free kicks etc He has gone out and got some experience coaching , however let’s hope the decision is made by the new CEO as he has to live with the results .
It would also be box office listening to Keane after watching some of the refereeing decisions we put up with game after game. He doesn’t know the way to the back of the bus



I wouldn’t have Moloney near the place. How’s he meant to motivate players,tell them to put their lives on the line for the shirt?

F…..g waster in our time with us,and don’t start me on that free kick in Seville.


We can speculate for fun who the next coach,manager,DOF Or whatever , but it will take a lot more than changing the faces to bring me back , Truth and Reconciliation is my line in the sand
When my son who is 45 was 10 I took him and my nephew to see Hulk Hogan and a few others one night ,I knew before I bought the tickets it was rigged I didn’t feel cheated. I took my grandson to a NASCAR race in Phoenix up until the last two laps I thought it was on the level ,without going into detail I left knowing the finish was rigged, I watched the Rugby 7s with my son and two grandsons last year in Vancouver just before COVID took hold, I thought that was the best money I spent on a sporting event. I will spend my money wisely as possible , if the game is rigged for one team in Scotland I will not spend it there.


Morning all
Well, I get the dreaded Covid injection today. Take it or forever holiday in Scotland. 🤔

I have made my mind up on one thing. If they tell us we need to get this injection annually, I most definitely will be holidaying in Scotland forever more. Had I not already had 2 holidays booked for this year, I wouldn’t be getting it today.


I’m assuming, ( I know i know) that Dominic will be different.
I’m still concerned though that every passing day without him at the reins is another day lost.

So much to do and so little time to do it.


On the Covid

Here’s a question?

IF someone refused it, will the NHS refuse to treat them? I’ve a feeling that’s what will be coming next!


Maloney free kick. Brought back a memory for me.

Was in Milan. We were at 1-0 down. Time running out. We got a free kick.

I said to the kids…..” this is going in- I can feel it”

I’m pretty certain it was Lee Naylor stepping up

Silence….. the ref signals the ok…,, “ I’m telling yez this is going in”…….he comes forward….. strikes it….. “ awww ffs”

Oh well.


Frank has now joined me on the hunger-strike. I saw the boys at Mass today which I enjoyed. Fr Toner said Mass.

Again it was a pretty boring day. I had a bit of trouble to get slopped out tonight and to get water.

I have a visit tomorrow and it will be good to see my family. I am also looking forward to the walk in the fresh air, it will tire me out, but I hope the weather is good. I must go.

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Post disappeared…

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Video doing the rounds of Mr Singh’s staff,Elderslie St,singing the Billy Boys,bhoycott if true

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Hope someone reports it as a hate crime, that would confuse the fk out the Establishment

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A thing of beauty

Looks like the spam filter has allowed some advertising to infiltrate the blog. I am not sure of the profits involved in bit coins but I’m sure we wouldn’t want to encourage people to lose any money unless of course they are gambling on horses, football or two flies going up a wall 😂😂


Lots of talk re Roy Keane,but leaves me underwhelmed and lazy thinking.Need a modern type who understands health,fitness,data and can work with a dof.If he hasn’t managed for10 years there is a reason for this.And do you think he could work with anyone questioning him.

A thing of beauty

Balornock bhoy
Agree with all you say. What I would also point out is that we are in serious danger of becoming the second most attractive club to sign for in Glasgow. That will be increased if we appoint Roy Keane. As discussed ad nauseum on this blog, modern players want coached, they want to improve and they want an arm around them when things don’t go well. Agents will be well aware of Roy Keane’s MO and will advise their players to steer well clear. When you bear in mind our parsimonious board like to shop in the same financial market as the nine year old club we could have trouble recruiting for our major rebuild. Honestly I just can’t believe it’s got any traction at all.

Interestingly, Roy Keane has stated that he wants the Celtic manager job.
Doubt he would have said anything, if he didn’t think he had a chance of landing it.


Gday folks,
Hope all are well on this day of the moon.
Woke up yesterday to be told it was my wedding anniversary and the new red tier meant a restaurant!

Anyhow, our beloved club, can’t live with them can’t live without them eh.
On manager speculation, part of me feels what’s the point, part of me enjoys it, part of me feels it’s necessary and the general vibe surrounding candidates on social media is taken into account I believe.
Therefore we all should indulge.

I’ll write my thoughts on Roy after another few coffees.
Wonder if the game will go ahead?

Hail Hail


So, Nicola can do a briefing on a Monday, obviously to do with Primary 4 to 7 children, returning to school today, here in Scotland, which incidentally gladdens my heart as my youngest is in P.6. No more home schooling😁
Hmmmm. Posted in action last Monday, though.
Sorry for political post but it’s connected to how Celtic and their rivals are treated.


Brendan says we should show class and form a guard of honour.
Managers should have a standing rule they only discuss their club and players.


Mahe. 1.48.
Brendan can do one.
He forgot to mention that Sevco refused to give his team one.


“As a Celtic supporter I’m disappointed”
He’s at the windup, but should shut up. Likes his own voice and to be quoted me thinks.
Hail Hail

Mahe & JNP
Brendan Rodgers is saying what Neil Lennon said two years ago. That if the shoe was on the other foot, that Celtic would give the huns a GOH.


I’m not fussed. If the tradition was broken then it’s gone.
If it was never broken then we would do it I believe.
It’s on them through originally breaking it.

Hail Hail

I realise that I am in the minority, but I think we should offer a GOH.
Not one for lowering myself to thems level, on any matter.


Hello pop pickers.
A very quiet day on the managerial market, a third day at number 1, for Chris Wilder, which I can’t see happening, what do I know, though?
Chris Wilder
John Kennedy
Roy Keane
Eddie Howe
Enzo Maresca
Frank Lampard
Paul Lambert
Rafael Benitez
Roberto Martinez
Steve Clarke
Shaun Maloney
Alex Neil
Martin O’Neill
Michael O’Neill
Sean Dyche
Dan Petrescu
Derek McInnes
Gordon Strachan
Henrik Larsson
Jack Ross
Mark Hughes
Vincent Kompany
Damien Duff
Domenec Torrent
Jesse Marsch
Thierry Henry
Ange Postecoglou
David Wagner
Jindřich Trpišovský
John Terry
Luca Gotti
Lucien Favre
Slaven Bilic
Sven-Goran Eriksson
Wayne Rooney
Andre Villas-Boas
Andriy Shevchenko
Carlos Queiroz
David Moyes
Mick McCarthy
Serse Cosmi


Fan. 8.44.
That a great and, sadly, an accurate article.


Roy Keane hasn’t been away from management for ten years entirely, he was Assistant Manager of Ireland, under MO’N, from 2013 – 2018 as well as being an assistant manager at Aston Villa 2018 / 2019.

PS Brendan should shut the f**k up


ATOB @ 1.21

‘IF’ Dermott appoints Keane as our manager I have little doubt a significant ‘war chest’ will have been promised to entice him to sign. As far as ‘agents’ advising their clients not to go to Celtic because of Keane – nonsense- if the money is there they will come. In the same market as der hun you say – well what Sevco players would you say have improved under Stevie G. True he and his coaching staff has them playing as a solid well-drilled unit but improved any of them beyond the level of what they arrived at the club at, few if any🤔 Also Stevie G is not averse to publicly throwing players under the bus either, not too much of the old arm around the shoulder modern manager there.

PS I note that Hun minded pundits and former Hun players are now either advising RK not to go to Celtic or for Celtic not to touch him, interesing🤔

Jobo Baldie

I don’t want a manager, I want a coach.

A thing of beauty

Are you serious that you don’t think any of their players have improved under Gerrard.
And that’s just off the top of my head. Until we as a support start recognising the improvements they have made and realise we need to get a structure in place to challenge them we are going to be a distant second.


Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury sign two-fight deal ahead of undisputed world heavyweight title fight
Anthony Joshua to defend his WBA, IBF and WBO belts against WBC champion Tyson Fury in an undisputed world title fight, with a date and venue to be confirmed, after British rivals signed a two-fight deal.


If both fighters at their best. I’d fancy Fury to win. Of course AJ has that power that can take you out in the blink of an eye, but I’d favour Fury with his non stop approach to win.
Betting will be interesting when it’s confirmed!!
I’d price it up :

8/15 Fury
8/5 AJ



They have improved as a unit, not as individuals, a very well-drilled team with tactical options. Have any of them been ‘realistically’ linked with big-money moves away from Sevco, will any move for mega deals, or one that will surpass the amount we received for KT? Let’s face it apart from Barasic would we have wanted any of the others you mentioned anywhere near a Celtic squad at the start of the season? Let’s not conflate our collapse with the Huns becoming superstars


I think that Celtic supporters should form a GOH on the London Rd for the new Huns bus when it arrives. They are after all the newest team in Scotland and this is their first league championship and it would be churlish not to remind of that.

bada bing1

PPV estimates for the fight is £40-50….


Twisty. 4.01.
You are almost bang on the button.
Skybet have priced it up
8/15 Fury.
11/8 Joshua

A thing of beauty

I’m sorry, I dont agree. Id have taken tavernier over frimpong as a right back. Barasic is a given. Kent is far better than Mikey Johnston and more consistent than elyanoussi. Morelos scores goals for fun up here and would have been a better option than griffiths who for two and a half seasons has robbed our club on a weekly basis. Jack is better than an ageing brown and we knew that before the season started. The only doubt of the list would be goldson as he was dross but is an example of the improvement the coaching Beale has had.

Billy Bhoy

I honestly thought all this speculation about Keane was just a joke. So, having given it some serious thought while golfing here are my thoughts.

Firstly, I would not want him as manager/coach. He has a long and consistent track record of being absolutely intolerant or anything resembling less than 100% perfection. He publicly slaughtered what he felt was falling standards at Old Trafford causing him to leave the club abruptly. He famously had a meltdown with McCarthy as soon as they arrived in Japan for the World Cup again, slaughtering McCarthy if front of the entire squad for the poor preparation and training facilities.

I love watching and listening to him on Sky but you can see every week how he comes down so hard at every mistake. I was PMSL at his reaction to the tackle that gave Man United a first minute penalty against City last weekend. He isn’t mellowing with age is he?

Now, imagine him coping with the defending we’ve been subjected to this season. A goalkeeper who hasn’t made a save yet. A back four who were conceding two goals a game for months and literally unable to defend a set piece! A striker who failed to be fit enough to start a match from the beginning of the season right through till March. A league title surrendered not only before the split but with 2 Glasgow derbies still to be played!

I just don’t think Celtic and Keane would be a good fit. Sadly, we are nowhere near the level of club or have the level of player that would satisfy Roy’s high standards.

If Keane had taken over from Lennon last summer i reckon he would have walked out by now.

Now, all that said, maybe Roy would perhaps be perfect for the DOF role. He would be demanding that the club pursue the type of players we see at the likes of Barca, PSG and Bayern. I wouldn’t mind some of that!!


Oglach ATOB
The fact that the huns players can compete as a unit suggests they have improved as individuals.
Even if only their in game intelligence has got better then it’s a vast improvement.
Positional sense is essential in the modern game and that has become far better under Slippy.


U.K. Taxpayers.
This is what Downing Street’s new (£2.6million) press briefing room looks like. Flag-heavy. Pic via @NathanLeeTV.


Hi,earlier I posted my thoughts on Roy Keane etc .Reading the comments the discussion has moved on to Whether or not Newco have improved.Totally wrong in my opinion to say they havent improved and in a post last week our inquest should have started after the Betfred final last year when ,with the exception of our keeper every Celtic player was bested by their opponent.What did we do? Had a day off.
Its fair to say they went south after the break but it was obvious then some improvement had statted.But we dont do learning from games played.We really need to up it at all levels.


A wee rant from Twitter to someone who appears to be connected to The Board re CST shares with ST

I feel context is missing from the debate here. People giving their opinions when not clued up on the intricacies. Held up as a win, win with no downside. This would see club expose itself to hugely damaging financial losses. Impact on new manager etc.

Ever considered asking why supporters want a say? Is gross mismanagement since 2012 not a reason to ask why Board not trusted? Is answer not to involve us in a meaningful way & build trust? Stop telling porkies for a start. As long as that is perceived there will be disharmony.

Do u guys know what it FEELS like to b treated as idiots by those whose suits r not as sharp as the wearers think? To b asked to accept a version of reality that’s an insult to our intelligence? The frustration that causes yet Celtic reluctant to acknowledge it far less tackle it?

Hubris is the characteristic of excessive confidence or arrogance, which leads a person to believe that they may do no wrong. The overwhelming pride caused by hubris is often considered a flaw in character.

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