Line in the sand game?

Over the last few months comments around social media have lead me to believe there are only two camps,,those who see the game is a bogie and are not prepared to fund the farce anymore, and those who sense the games a bogie and know not what to do.


Scottish football is a house built on sand, and until it admits and confronts it’s issues it shall remain a footballing backwater.
Fundamentally flawed by it’s 5WA with regular footballing laws meaning little, mediocrity awaits the bent never boring SPL should it continue it’s current course.


Of course, it needs supporters or more specifically their funds to continue.
That’s you and me, the target demographic, and you can rest assured most clubs will have a figure in mind of roughly how many tickets they will shift next season, anything above a bonus, anything below a disappointment.


But it’s not just a pandemic that threatens those numbers, it’s also customer dissatisfaction. Bigger than ever, with more specific complaints than ever, the lifeblood of the game are more than aware the last decade or so has pushed them to their supporting limits.
At this moment, love of club and habit is just about winning out over having to throw common and legal sense out the window with old club/new club, whilst there’s little semblance of impartiality from the whistlers.
It would be fair to say, fans are at the end of their tether with the game.


Now is not the time to antagonize the support, a low profile and a season or two of exciting nip and tuck with scattered cup victories would be perfect to help fans forget the past and move on.
But oh no, the beast must gorge and they just can’t help but push a little bit more even when unnecessary.
We’ve already seen that, the mass gathering brushed under the carpet by the media already.


As stupid as it sounds but that should be it. Ok a celebration was had, everyone got it out of their system, but that should be the end of the mass gatherings.
That doesn’t need said. Number one is being hushed up, there should be no number two even thought of for health and community relations grounds, but that means little these days to a huge percentage.


Which brings us to this weekends game.
It will go ahead, there’s refund money on the line yes but there’s something much bigger than that also and that’s the semblance of being in control.
To call off the nations most prestigious sporting event due to heightened tensions would be a political disaster, alongside a sporting one. One might truly wonder what the police can actually do if they can’t keep two crowds separate, this after causing a crush not long ago.
Sky themselves won’t bid again if the nations big one and main reason they buy can be called off so willy-nilly.
The first minister would experience a drop in confidence and votes one imagines, fans of the Ibrox club wanting to really rub it in won’t take lightly their victory romp on our turf being cancelled.
Yep, it goes ahead.


Setting aside what might happen on the field for later in the week, off the field the game will automatically bring huge focus on its policing and how the fuzz approaches this clash.
We already know some Celtic fans were approached in their homes and informed to stay away from the stadium that day.
I find this truly disgraceful, have never heard of it happening anywhere else, and hope some supporters organization or other speaks up with regards to this practice.
Despite the fact there have been clear online plans to march to the stadium, I’ve yet to read any of the blue persuasion receiving similar visits, which when looked at alongside our warnings will be taken as a tacit nod to the mob.
One week of strong, clear, unequivocal calls for zero gathering alongside a zero tolerance policy would convince me otherwise, but I haven’t seen or read that.
It should be screamed from the rooftops.


Time will tell and I really do hope I’m wrong on this one, truly deeply, but for all intensive purposes they might be allowed to gather unhindered at our stadium and go ape shit, all because they can’t be controlled and they need to get it out of them.


Now please don’t think Im asking you to go down and protect our turf or anything, it’s well protected with huge barriers outside making sure the building itself will be fine.
Stay away, if anything for the health implications of another superspreader event.
But what I would ask you to do, if it comes to pass, is make that your line in the sand.


Should home fans be threatened and prevented from being near their own home stadium simply to pander to the mob, say that’s enough for now.
If you see a mob of hate escorted to outside our home, ordered to be left alone, call it a day for now.
For such scenes would yell ‘you are second class and so is your club’.
To pay up and go along would be an insult to us all, born and unborn.


For a season that is full of defining images, from JKs blank star at the defense to Shane’s ‘fuckin hell’ gritted teeth and short nod at teammate, Saturday has the potential to hand us another few snapshots of the season from hell.
You just know a certain Columbian will be feeling cocky, and their manager will probably fancy hogging the limelight himself. Get prepared for them to crack a bottle of champers and do the huddle themselves, honestly. A huge 55 firework or printed front and centre on their post match t-shirts.


I could handle all that and I expect it off them to be honest. But if we see scenes of their support partying near our stadium with Tim’s held back, that will become this season’s defining image for Celtic fans.
And a line in the sand for thousands.
Please make it yours.


By Mahe.

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One nap per race for the festival.
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Napsters Comp.

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Have I posted these in the correct place, Mahe?


I hope every Celtic fan stays home. I honestly think they will come out in numbers, as long as we all stay home we will not be tarred with the same brush. Every time they FU we give them a stupid excuse to ring us in with them
Every Celtic supporter has to get behind the stay home campaign, let’s separate ourselves from them and not get sucked in with bravado
If they do damage to The Celtic way or the stadium,it can be repaired. Bodily injury or worse is not what we want for our support , pass it around to your friends and families we are not part of them



Spot on. We are not part of them – we are better than them. Let’s show the world how different we are.


Got injection yesterday. Straightforward. Very well organised. In and out in minutes.

Got to bed last night. Shivering …,, could not get a heat in me at all. Eventually fell asleep but woke up again with my arm as stiff as a board. Head bursting this morning. Hopefully clear up with a few paracetamols.

GL to all in the naps competition.

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Hi Twisty many thanks for your competition again :-))) Just love it.

Cheltenham Tuesday 16th March 2021

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Bluegrass Celt

I’m afraid that there will be a selected few who will turn up and the Monday headlines will be “two cheeks of the same arse” once again. It was always thus

Cosy Corner Bhoy

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2 All mankind
3 Ayr Right
4 James du Berlais
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6 Busselton
7 Soldier of Life



Sorry to hear you had a reaction to the vaccine,mate. I’m due to have mine in three hours. I think the last time I had a vaccine was when I was at primary school!


In the interests of accuracy.
The Union Bears have been on line complaining, bitterly, because that’s what they are, bitter, about Police Scotland using similar tactics with them.
The thread was quite interesting, they put a banner up saying ACAB and it went down like a lead balloon, with their ultra loyalist support, of course, a few who responded, on the timeline,were relatives of serving Police Officers and were pointing out that their family members enjoyed George Sq as much as they did.
Well there’s a surprise, said no one ever.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

This weekend gives us two chances to demonstrate that we are not two cheeks etc. We don’t ‘ Turn up to defend our ground and we don’t give them a guard of honour.
In the first case, the PLC can look after any damage to property, and in the second the Club states no GOH as we are reciprocating their intentions, similar to their announcement on cutting tickets to 800.
For the young, and, some not so young, it will be difficult, but, would be well worth it IMO.


Soldier Of Love N/R in the last


Not trying to put anyone off vaccinations.
I had the Oxford vaccine 3 weeks ago today. Morning after I felt nauseous and had a blinding headache. Next day I felt great, better than I had felt for years.
My wife, who has cancer, ended up in A&E 12 hours after her first jab. Her temperature went through the roof. Antibiotics sorted her out but it took about a week for her to get back to normal.
Despite this we are both going back for second helpings.
(Jab = Jag. Been living in England too long)


The jag itself is absolutely painless. I felt fine until bedtime. Wife got hers same time. She’s absolutely fine. My brother and mum both fine too. My next door neighbour though was in bed for 4 days as was my niece.

Seems it’s just your luck!!

Hopefully you’ll be fine with no side effects



I’m really sorry to hear that about your wife. There’s me moaning about shivering and sore head whilst you’re obviously going through hell.
Best wishes to you both .


Thanks Twisty.
We’re fine, got to keep positive. My wife is being well looked after. We just try to get on with it.


Garry and ATOB
Your recent discussions on Barnsley’s coach for Celtic job got me looking.
Would not be easy to lure cheaply as Barnsley are owned by some very wealthy individuals.
Conways PMG group have stakes in quite a few clubs.
Wonder if he is influenced by the Red Bulls franchise success?
Also the most interesting thing for me was an interview with owner Lee Chien where he talked about budgeting sustainability and data being used for such.
Would their coach be the same without such help?


Frodsham Bhoy
I’m full of admiration for you. Your positivity is inspiring.
Hope you get a positive outcome.



The Barnsley management team have recently been discussing the methods behind their recent success. I hope it doesn’t backfire for them,like when Barnes went on tv and told everyone what his team formation and tactics were!

Noel Skytrot

my missus was the same, but was feeling okay the following day. As someone rightly stated its just your luck, no different from a flu jab.

Bluegrass Celt

It’ll only take 10 Celtic fans and 1000 of the uglies to turn up for the SMSM to portray it as “Old Firm fans from both sides cause mayhem” .
Anyway, I’m away for my jab (jag) . If I have any wee flunkies I’ll give you an update. 👍

Noel Skytrot

Celtic Park (not Parkers ya bassa’s) is locked down. If the panhandlers are doing any celebrations in the East end of Glasgow I’d imagine it won’t be anywhere near Celtic Park.

It would be absolutely futile to go over there on Sunday unless you want to hang around London rd for a few hours, or worse, spend some time in the cop shop. After the criticism the cops took regarding the huns the other week and also being huns themselves, any excuse for lifting will do.



Agreed. The huns can do as they like,but that’s no reason to lower ourselves to their level.


I had a wonderful visit today with my mother, father and Marcella. Wonderful, considering the circumstances and the strain which indeed they are surely under.

As I expected, I received a lot of verbal flak from Screws going and coming from the actual visit. Their warped sense of humour was evident in their childish taunts, etcetera.

I wrapped myself up well to keep me from the cold. My weight is 58.25 kgs today, but I burnt up more energy today with the visit. I’ve no complaints of any nature.

I’ve noticed the orderlies are substituting slices of bread for bits of cake, etcetera — stealing the sweet things (which are rare anyway) for themselves. I don’t know whether it’s a case of ‘How low can you get?’ or ‘Well, could you blame them?’ But they take their choice and fill of the food always, so it’s the former.

They left my supper in tonight when the priest (Fr Murphy) was in. There were two bites out of the small doughy bun. I ask you!

I got the Sunday World newspaper; papers have been scarce for the past few days.

There is a certain Screw here who has taken it upon himself to harass me to the very end and in a very vindictive childish manner. It does not worry me, the harassment, but his attitude aggravates me occasionally. It is one thing to torture, but quite a different thing to exact enjoyment from it, that’s his type.

There was no mirror search going out to visits today — a pleasant change. Apparently, with the ending of the no-wash protest, the mercenary Screws have lost all their mercenary bonuses, etcetera, notwithstanding that they are also losing overtime and so on. So, not to be outdone, they aren’t going to carry out the mirror search any more, and its accompanying brutality, degradation, humiliation, etcetera.

Why! Because they aren’t being paid for it!

I’m continually wrapped up in blankets, but find it hard to keep my feet warm. It doesn’t help my body temperature, drinking pints of cold water. I’m still able to take the salt and five or six pints of water per day without too much discomfort.

The books that are available to me are trash. I’m going to ask for a dictionary tomorrow. I’d just sit and flick through that and learn, much more preferable to reading rubbish.

The English rag newspapers I barely read, perhaps flick through them and hope that no one opens the door. A copy of last week’s AP/RN was smuggled in and was read out last night (ingenuity of POWs again). I enjoyed listening to its contents (faultless – get off them ! – good lad Danny (Morrison)). I truly hope that the people read, take in and understand at least some of the truths that are to be regularly found in it. I see Paddy Devlin is at his usual tricks, and won’t come out and support the prisoners…

Well, that’s it for tonight. I must go. Oíche Mhaith.

Noel Skytrot

not for me either, but each to their own. I’d imagine there will be a heavy duty police presence on all locations that offer access to the area. Personally, I think its just showboating by the likes of the Union Dobbers or other fuckwits of a similar nature. Got to get FB and Twitter likes you know!!


Bhoys, we are 2 cheeks of the same arse. No matter if no Celtic supporter is within a mile of Parkhead this weekend if there is any trouble we, the club & support, will invariably be drawn into the subsequent ‘fall out. Individual supporters taking the moral high ground counts for nothing when our custodians are more than happy for us to be ‘one cheek of the fetid arse’ and couldn’t care less what you or I feel. They proved it again within the last couple of weeks the Old Firm trademark updated and renewed and just to rub our noses in it further released a whopper of a lie via an official club tweet ‘not half of anything’ – aye that will be fecking right.

If there is trouble around Parkhead this weekend expect more of the same kind of bullshit from our complicit leaders. This triumphalist OF bullshit could have been prevented in 2012, it wasn’t. The overwhelming majority of the Celtic support didn’t care then and I am convinced don’t care now and I am sure many still salivate at the idea of ‘reliving’ the Williamite wars 4 times a year. Of course, this is evidenced by any potential drop in ST uptake being driven not by a desire to see The club rip up the ‘Old Firm’ partnership once and for all and becoming a club we can be truly proud of but what manager we appoint.

Back of the bus timmy CSC

Gerard Smith

Sorry but no one cares. They say perception is reality, well reality is reality. The reality is there is a club playing out of Ibrox called Rangers which has beaten us for a title quite convoncingly. If we had been good enough, the vast majority wouldn’t give RES 12 or the 5WA a second thought just like we didn’t the last few years when we were tanking them 5 and 4 nil. Guys like Auldheid, what is your endgame?

At the end of the day UEFA couldn’t give a monkey what goes on in our little backwater, if they did the Huns would have been banned from Europe long ago. Not just because of their financial doping but because of their sectarian and racist fans aswell.

This is the game we are in, corruption and all, either accept it or find another hobby because every time I read whining about Res 12 or the 5WA, I ask myself what fo you really think is going to change. The old firm is alive and well, accept it, deal with it and move on.

Noel Skytrot

If you frequent Celtic sites there a plenty of supporters that do give a fuck about the governance of our game. The only ones that have a blase attitude are the happy clappers and those who aren’t informed.

bada bing1

Twists- et all- it’s very common to get flu like symptoms after one of the jags,that’s it working.


Celtic could be handed a Champions League boost by the league situation in Russia. ‘IF’ Spartak Moscow remains in second-place, Celtic will be seeded for the third round of Champions League qualifiers. It’s all to do with the co-efficient seeding permeations of Spartak finishing above CSKA🤔.

Not that it matters it will be another opportunity squander because it is unlikely we are going to have a settled team, we haven’t even got a manager lined up yet. But on the positive side, Blue Pete is still beavering away planning for next season🙄.

bada bing1

1 Metier
2 Shishkin
3 Milan Native
4 Epatante
5 Dame de Compagnie
6 Riviere Deteil
7 Next Destination

What kind of world would we be living in if we just accepted corruption because it is embedded? Bosses, leaders, owners, governments, dictatorships, monarchs etc? On the larger scale it could be argued that many of the problems in the third world are because there has not been enough civil unrest or revolutions. Too much acceptance that everything is inevitable.

Here at home we should just accept sectarianism, bias, corruption, cheating as the ‘norm’?

Thank God for folk like Auldheid.


Big Packy don’t forget to pick your horses for today

bada bing1

BMCUW- this is the Naps page,going by the link

bada bing1

Sky Sevco News- ‘ the game was in doubt, due to fans breaking Covid restrictions ‘…….dogs.



Mahe cocked up tghe link,mate. See my post at 0819

bada bing1

Clarke didn’t dismiss Celtic link on SSN there….

bada bing1

Cheers M,sorted


Morning folks,
Hope all are well.
Bobby,,oops 😉
My head just isn’t here these days Sir, probably evident.

JnP, honestly didn’t know that re Union Bears. Are the blue side gathering do you know?

Noel, I seen pics of barriers outside but couple hundred yards away from the stadium. Still, Parkhead would be in the background if they wanted a party selfie.
Don’t work too hard.

Hail Hail


Welcome aboard.
There’s a lot of interest in off field events and the numbers are growing with every mistake the governing bodies allow.
Aye it’s ingrained and it’s hooks are deep, but don’t think it can’t be beaten.
All Celtic needed to do was hand over Res12 and the game would be much different, it was one step away.
Now, as Phil showed, Uefa don’t know about the 5WA, again only one step away through some club asking them to check if kosher.
Uefa have issues, but can’t say they are uninterested on these topics as they haven’t been approached. The situation is fluid.

That club means too much, that’s why we don’t just find another hobby.

Hail Hail

Why was that post from Archie removed?
I agree with what he was posting.
Are alternative views now being censored on SentinelCelts? Slippery slope if so mate.


Dinamo Zagreb coach Zoran Mamic has resigned ahead of their #UEL clash with Tottenham after having a near-five year prison sentence confirmed by Croatia’s Supreme Court on Monday.

Archie McParchment

Alternative views have always been censored on SentinelCelts, Garry.

This place is nothing like what it says in the headings.


Don’t agree Garry.

bada bing1

26 April outdoor hospitality, 17 May indoors…

It is your hoose, you are the host.
I totally agree with Archie’s post.
Why was it censored and chopped?


For starters to come on and kick one single person for getting the vaccine almost everyone on the blog is getting is wrong.
And don’t say it to us all either because we dont want to read it.
Me and Mick and I’m willing to charity bet the majority dont want it on here, it hasn’t been and we are happy at that.
It’s a divisive subject, we are taking the vaccine and about to start getting a semblance of normality back, so why here and why now?
Will everyone who gets a jab get told bad choice?
Anyone who wants virus/vaccine chat can find it elsewhere.
Let people get their jab and leave them alone for their decision. Especially our posters.
Hail Hail

Fair enough. Your view, which I totally and utterly disagree with. I can’t believe that people are sleep walking into the dangers of this vaccine without question.
Each to their own, but there is no way I will be getting this experimental, recombinant mRNA modifier jag. I am hoping my children desist too.

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