To stand still is to fall behind

Scotland and Belgium aren’t bedfellows by any stretch of the imagination, yet when I look at the continental progression I can’t help but get a sense of ‘look at what you could have had’.


Both nations share borders with a much bigger footballing setup, however Belgium opted not just to supply their neighbours with players, but to gatecrash their party and form a tie-up league, the Beneliga.
Of course, desire alone is not enough to create a new partnership, the will must be there, and in that respect money talks.
A merger that dilutes the cash pool is never going to get the go ahead, one that drastically increases the income will though, as just shown.


Europe’s new league is estimated to become the sixth most valuable on the continent, knocking the Championship down a notch. Belgium it seems negotiated from a position of strength.
They are Internationally ranked above their neighbour for starters, not just some mickey mouse outfit wandering around with the hand out but a proper footballing nation of its own accord.
Their players are the equal of their neighbor at least, some of its clubs also giants in their own right.
Just as important, this isn’t just a flash in the pan, a nation stumbling upon a golden generation. The foundations have been laid for Belgium to flourish as a football nation, and Holland will now reap a lot of those benefits, so will fans seeking something new and exciting.


Old Bonnie Scotland once had the chance to turn the page and begin a fresh chapter of the national sport. The McLeish report should have kick-started a new era for the game up north, something surely the man himself intended and he definitely didn’t intend for his time consuming work to gather dust in a drawer somewhere in Hampden. While Belgium’s top teams help each other and sign deals that will bring huge improvement to the domestic game, Scotland’s dynamic duo bicker about Guards of Honour while one stadium takes strong steps to ensure it won’t be damaged during events surrounding the nation’s premier sporting attraction.
Over the last decade Scottish football has seen it’s lowest point, Belgium has witnessed it’s footballing surge.


Ironically, ‘our’ giants would topple theirs, on any other metric but the playing field that is. The more renowned, world famous as a matter of fact, larger stadiums and one team with history they could only dream of, plus that iconic strip to be found on every corner of the globe, an oxymoron surely? You don’t find an Anderlecht Supporters Club in every major city, never mind obscure places, no harm at all to them and their fortunate support.


Fortunate to be on the rise that is, a feeling Celtic fans dream of. At this moment I might fancy giving Anderlecht a decent game, but they and all involved will soon leave us in their wake footballing wise, despite us statistically dwarfing most if not all of them.
Dutch football threw out it’s plastic pitches and now it’s latest partner in crime will be forced to, lucky bassas. It’s technical and brings through a lot of youth, who previously were forced to move to one of the big five leagues for life changing wages. With the expected hugely improved revenue, a higher wage tier is on the table, keeping some of those stars whilst also raising the leagues profile to keep the dollars rolling in.
Starting as the sixth biggest league doesn’t mean staying there, the big five are just waiting to be knocked off their perch, unprepared for competition and mostly hype anyway.


Any new league should though look around the landscape and try to take the best of other leagues, while taking steps to avoid their mistakes.
For instance, dont let Champions League money skew the league into a small bunch of possible winners from now until eternity.
Try to keep the competition as open and unpredictable as humanly possible, there’s ways. Spread the lion’s share of all clubs European prize money possibly alongside giving every club in the league an even amount no matter the finishing position?
Salary cap? Anything but watching a new creation go the same flawed route as its predecessors.


Will they have home nation referees who declare their sporting allegiance?
Opt for VAR after seeing England’s tussles with it?
Will this initiative help both nations on the International stage?
Will it improve general relations between the two nations involved?
Reasonably priced with easy viewing options?


As the first merger (of many) plenty eyes will be scrutinizing this fresh start-up, wondering could they transfer it’s model elsewhere, IF it is successful, success of course being subjective.
Club Brugge’s owners may judge their swelling coffers as success while their fans gawk at the fact they aren’t favourites to win the league. Those same fans just may accept that, if they are suddenly gawking at world class players and teams gracing their stadium regularly.
If the games remain accessible to Joe Bloggs while the standard of player and team improves, it could easily be claimed as success.
After ignoring the McLeish report then Brexit killing any chance of an Atlantic League, watching the Beneliga emerge and grow will be very bittersweet.


By Mahe.

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Napsters one horse per race allowed for the big meet.
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Interesting article.
Sadly, we are inhibited by geography and football status from achieving anything similar.

We are seen as a country offering nothing progressive in football quality terms. Our only pitch is two clubs – the reunited “Old Firm” – and all that means.
Standing still isn’t the issue , managed regression for decades is.


Good for Belgium and their neighbours,Scotlands neighbours to the south don’t want to share their wealth with Scotlands top two and probably figure the rest of Scotlands teams are 3rd division at best. It’s going to take pressure from the Government if the same was to happen in UK. The biggest benefit would be the standards of the referees, and governance at the Association headquarters.
I am off line now for at least 4 days maybe more,I am going away with my caravan to Osoyoos , Canadas driest spot gets only 9-12 inches of rain per year.Osoyoos is at the norther tip of the Sonoran Desert that runs all the way from Mexico to Canada.
Good luck on Sunday Celtic, if the game goes ahead. Remember stay home stay safe .I will miss my fix of daily SC



Have a great mini break bud.

big packy

MORNING ALL, was not going to post on here again, but, mick/bobby, phoned me last night and asked me to come back on, and that is a true story, anyway once again i apologise for that stupid post, but once again im telling you it was not meant for the blog ,the mistake i made was not coming on the blog straight away and letting you all know, for that im truly sorry,,im off out dogwalking now, if anyone wants to respond to this post feel free, i will catch any replies later H.H.


Happy St Patrick’s Day to all, and Happy Birthday to Garry’s Patrice.

From another similar middle-named fhella..!

HH 🇮🇪🇮🇪🍀🍀


The effects of the vaccine appear to be easing up thank fff. By 5 last night I’d full blown flu symptoms. On the wain now though .

Happy St Patrick’s day all and Happy birthday Patrice.


The Beneliga, if it comes to pass, will be welcome. My understanding, though, is that so far 24 professional Belgian clubs have voted for it to happen. That is a fair way from a done deal: it will require similar agreements from Netherlands clubs, UEFA and FIFA. I do wish the proposal well and hope it succeeds.


Hing in there…



Apologise in one sentence and follow it up with a “ once again I’m telling ye”

You don’t need to tell me , nor anyone with an ounce of common sense , anything.

You knew fucking fine well what you were doing. So don’t come on here trying to say any different.

If you had an ounce of decency you’d come on and tell the truth whilst apologising, and that might, just might, see people have some degree of sympathy for you.

Continuing the lie does you no favours whatsoever.


Morning and a Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all.
Big Jim Packy…good to see you back on, catch up later hopefully.
Twisty, glad you’re feeling better.
Patrice…despite the boozers being shut…enjoy your day -Slainte!
Mahe…great article today. One thing unmentioned was the inability and lack of professionalism at the SFA to look beyond the view from their offices at Hampden. As long as we have an inward-looking administration and a separate League body, pulling in different directions, no facility for Youth to develop properly, a Rule Book that is ignored to the benefit of SOME but never ALL, until these localised problems are addressed we will never progress.
For all at the SFA….


To err is human.
Show me someone who hasn’t fucked up, at some point, in their life and I will show you a liar.
I know I’ve messed up soooo many times, in my life
The thing is, see when we mess up, we have to own it.
That way, everyone can move on.( If they choose) but without owning it, people wont/can’t move on.
Anyone who followed, the timeline, that day, knew what happened.
Your post at 8.15 is an insult, to this fine blog.
You are treating people as fools.
I ask you to own it, rather than keep digging, then people will move on and I’m fairly sure, it will mostly, if not completely, forgotten about.


The Tic.
Have a blast.


I notice you haven’t been on for a while.
I hope the reason is, that you are disillusioned with Celtic, rather than anything untoward.
Be well, my friend.

Noel Skytrot

Happy St Patrick’s to everyone on the blog.


The Beneliga development is very interesting and a possible welcome counterweight to the Big Five leagues. If the Celtic board had any ambitions outside sustaining Old Firmism, they would look to apply to join this new league when it forms and leave the rest of Scottish football to rot alongside the carcass of Rangers (1872).

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Happy St Patrick’s Day from the wee country that doesn’t celebrate it, for reasons historical but continuing today!
I’ve been on holiday around now in several countries and it’s celebrated in them all. Plus ca change.
Now that’s something I’d demonstrate for.
Anyway today is wearing of the green day for me at the golf including new shoes of Green and White and the New Balance golf top of ….green and white accompanied by a wind cheater of same!
Thinking of pinning some clover to it as they’ll think it’s shamrock for a moment at least.
To matters more serious… Big Packy. Angry as I am at the sheer stupidity of the extremely contentious post, he is to be ‘worried for’ more than anything. My opinion is Sentinel Celts is his lifeboat in his sea of troubles and/or worries. I would hope that we would be a forgiving lot and let it lie, but have no problems if others feel differently.
Lastly, horses ran like donkeys yesterday. Today is a new day😁.


I agree 100% with you. I’m of the opinion that forgiveness and support should be a trait inherent in all of us.

JNP put it in a more constructive way than I did. One of my own faults is I’m very reactionary. Quick to the trigger if you like. Nevertheless, continuing the lie isn’t the way forward.


I can’t remember who said last week about us being spied on, even on this blog. ( maybe Noel) Here’s Tebbit confirming spying, on the working class, it goes back to, at least, Thatcher
Lord Norman Tebbit reveals to parliamentary meeting that he received #spycops intelligence about union activists when Secretary of State for Employment in Thatcher government. The info included such specific details such as where leftwing union members went on holiday.


After your fine post, I’ve added a little bit on to mine, to let B.P.know, that I believe people will move on, if he owns it.


Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh.

Noel Skytrot

Can you imagine the fuckwits within the SFA having any input into something similar here if it was ever to occur, me neither. Instead of bungs and fully paid junkets they would be demanding goats.

Noel Skytrot

Jimmy not Paul,
I was involved in a far-left group here in Scotland who have been monitored for decades. I have been out on a street and witnessed two males standing in a shop called Dune’s which is on Buchanan St who had ear pieces in and were taking photos of our activity due to our support for Palestine. I suspect that they belonged to the pressure group, Friends of Israel or maybe something far more nefarious.

The Gombeen Man

Day Two of the Spring Festival of Patrick.

Day One was The Gathering, Day Two the Feast of the Saint, Day Three (18th) was known as The Scattering or Sheila’s Day.

All three days involved much watering of the shamrock and a dispensation from Lenten Observance.

Tomorrow until after An Gorta Mór was always known as Sheila’s Day (Síle or Sheelah’s Day). Many believed that Sheila was Patrick’s wife or mother but it’s thought now that Sheila was originally a form of Gaelic Deity of the Feminine.

Anyhow, in times past the tradition of the celebration of Sheila was carried on by escapees from the horrors of starvation to Australia and Newfoundland in particular where the tradition continued after the celebration died out in Ireland.

(Rather the celebrants died of starvation and the authorities wanted to eliminate Celtic culture from Ireland).

Sheila’s Day is where the Australian’s got the word Sheila meaning woman from. It was originally a generalisation for a ‘ disheveled Irish woman.’

No appreciation of Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome, of course. In the 19th Century it would have been the Workhouse or the Policeman’s baton.

The word Paddy stuck with the Irishman. It was very much the case of the labelling of the “drunken Paddy and his drunken Sheila.”

So enjoy the Feast of Pádraig and raise a glass to Síle/Sheila on the 18th.


Lá Pádraig inniú ‘s mar is gnách níor thárla aon rud suntasach, bhí mé ar aifreann agus mo chuid gruaige gearrtha agam níos gaire, agus é i bhfad níos fearr freisin. Sagart nach raibh ar mo aithne abhí ag rá ran aifreann.

Bhí na giollaí ag tabhairt an bhia amach do chách abhí ag teacht ar ais ón aifreann. Rinneadh iarracht chun tabhairt pláta bidh domhsa. Cuireadh ós cómhair m’aghaidh ach shiúl mé ar mo shlí mar is nach raibh aon duine ann.

Fuair mé cúpla nuachtán inniú agus mar shaghas malairt bhí an Nuacht na hEireann ann. Táim ag fáil pé an scéal atá le fáil óna buachaillí cibé ar bith.

Choniac mé ceann dona dochtúirí ar maidun agus é gan béasaí. Cuireann sé tuirse ormsa. Bhí mo chuid meachain 57.50 kgs. Ní raibh aon ghearán agam.

Bhí oifigcach isteach liom agus thug sé beagán íde béil domhsa. Arsa sé ‘tchim go bhfuil tú ag léigheadh leabhar gairid. Rudmaith nach leabhar fada é mar ní chrlochnóidh tú é’.

Sin an saghas daoine atá iontu. Ploid orthu. Is cuma liom. Lá fadálach ab ea é. Bhí mé ag smaoineamh inniú ar an chéalacán seo. Deireann daoine a lán faoin chorp ach ní chuireann muinín sa chorp ar bith. Measaim ceart go leor go bhfuil saghas troda.

An dtús ní ghlacann leis an chorp an easpaidh bidh, is fulaingíonn sé ón chathú bith, is greithe airithe eile a bhíonn ag síorchlipeadh an choirp. Troideann an corp ar ais ceart go leor, ach deireadh an lae; téann achan rud ar ais chuig an phríomhrud, is é sin an mheabhair.

Is é an mheabhair an rud is tábhachtaí. Mura bhfuil meabhair láidir agat chun cur in aghaidh le achan rud, ní mhairfidh. Ní bheadh aon sprid troda agat. Is ansin cen áit as a dtigeann an mheabhair cheart seo. B’fhéidir as an fhonn saoirse.

Ní hé cinnte gurb é an áit as a dtigeann sé. Mura bhfuil siad in inmhe an fonn saoirse a scriosadh, ní bheadh siad in inmhe tú féin a bhriseadh. Ní bhrisfidh siad mé mar tá an fonn saoirse, agus saoirse mhuintir na hEireann i mo chroí.

Tiocfaidh lá éigin nuair a bheidh an fonn saoirse seo le taispeáint ag daoine go léir na hEireann ansin tchífidh muid éirí na gealaí.

(Translated, this reads as follows:)

St Patrick’s Day today and, as usual, nothing noticeable. I was at Mass, my hair cut shorter and much better also. I didn’t know the priest who said Mass.

The orderlies were giving out food to all who were returning from Mass. They tried to give me a plate of food. It was put in front of my face but I continued on my way as though nobody was there.

I got a couple of papers today, and as a kind of change the Irish News was there. I’m getting any news from the boys anyway.

I saw one of the doctors this morning, an ill-mannered sort. It tries me. My weight was 57.70 kgs. I had no complaints.

An official was in with me and gave me some lip. He said, ‘I see you’re reading a short book. It’s a good thing it isn’t a long one for you won’t finish it.’

That’s the sort of people they are. Curse them! I don’t care. It’s been a long day.

I was thinking today about the hunger-strike. People say a lot about the body, but don’t trust it. I consider that there is a kind of fight indeed. Firstly the body doesn’t accept the lack of food, and it suffers from the temptation of food, and from other aspects which gnaw at it perpetually.

The body fights back sure enough, but at the end of the day everything returns to the primary consideration, that is, the mind. The mind is the most important.

But then where does this proper mentality stem from? Perhaps from one’s desire for freedom. It isn’t certain that that’s where it comes from.

If they aren’t able to destroy the desire for freedom, they won’t break you. They won’t break me because the desire for freedom, and the freedom of the Irish people, is in my heart. The day will dawn when all the people of Ireland will have the desire for freedom to show.

It is then we’ll see the rising of the moon.

Bobby Sands recorded his diary for the first seventeen days of his hunger strike in which he detailed his thoughts and feelings on the momentous task that lay ahead of him.

In order to secure his status as Irish political prisoner he was willing to fast until death, an event that would earn him a place in the annals of Irish history and in the hearts and minds of Irish republicans world wide.


Jesse Marsch: “I know enough about it to say of course it’s interesting. It’s an amazing club and it would be an honour to even be considered. Three or four years ago, being linked with a club like Celtic would literally be an impossibility for me.”

Said on here weeks ago that I would love Jesse Marsch as head coach with his former boss and mentor Ralf Rangnick as Director of Football. A proper dream team.

bada bing1

Same lying nonsense, another true story…….


I was gonna start a “ Garry for football operations director” campaign but I’m not doing it until you agree to include Eddie Howe in yer shortlist. 😁

bada bing1

Happy St Patrick’s Day


Not good.
Appeal Court overturns decision by Sheriff Appeal Court to quash convictions in breach of the peace cases arising from display of “paramilitary imagery” at Celtic v Linfield match.

Big Packy
I hope your head is in a better place than it was last week.
Cut the crap, and you would be a valued contributor on here. Hope to see you back posting more often.


Garry. 10.44.
You did, indeed.
As they say over to you, Celtic

I wouldn’t want Eddie Howe anywhere near a job at Celtic. So I will need to refuse your campaign drive. 😁😂

The Gombeen Man

From the Confessions of Patrick and why he has been celebrated for 1,500 years.

“If I am worthy, I am ready also to give up my life, without hesitation and most willingly, for his name. I want to spend myself in that country (Ireland), even in death, if the Lord should grant me this favour. I am deeply in his debt, for he gave me the great grace that through me many peoples should be reborn in God, and then made perfect by confirmation and everywhere among them clergy ordained for a people so recently coming to believe, one people gathered by the Lord from the ends of the earth.”

One people.

At that time Ireland was literally ‘the ends of the earth.’ Pre St Brendan and Columbus.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh.


Right that’s it

I’m starting a “ Get Garry aff SC campaign now”

I’m away tae make some banners……

I will make the banners to welcome the German Rangnick and American Marsch to Celtic.
Happy days ahead with that pair.
Howe would be a disastrous appointment.

bada bing1

Jesse Marsch quoted as being interested, we need to follow it up and ask the question.

Noel Skytrot

Happy birthday to oul ‘rubber legs’ himself, Frank McGarvey. Absolutely loved his unorthodox style of play when driving at the opposition. Another guy who knew what playing for the jersey meant.

Happy Birthday to your ghirl Claire Patricia Grogan, 59 today.


Afternoon bhoys/ghirls
Happy St.Patricks day.

Score predictor update 17/3/21.
Vp(j)..1 pt.. 130
Bmcuwp (j)..3pts..123
G64..0 pts..106

Bada’s lead cut down to 8 points
Still a good few can win if they play their jokers wisely!!

I got most points last week (4)
The bet will rollover to Saturday’s fixtures
The most points won on Saturday will get a free£10 charity bet of your chosing for Sunday

Also the person with most points on this weekend fixtures will still win a free£5 bet for the following week.

Good Luck All


CELTIC-DAFT Trevor Sinclair has lit the blue touch paper by claiming ‘the Old Firm died in 2012′.

The ex-England winger was quizzed on whether Sunday’s Parkhead showdown will go ahead as Nicola Sturgeon threatens to axe the derby amid fears fans will take to the streets in a repeat of Rangers’ title win mayhem.

Both clubs have sent out repeated messages ordering supporters to stay at home as they fight to ensure the Premiership clash goes ahead.

But Sinclair claims the world-famous derby is not as fierce anymore as he aimed a subtle dig at Gers’ liquidation in 2012.

Speaking to Jim White on talkSPORT, he said: “It’s not an ideal situation.

“Obviously the Old Firm died in 2012 when Rangers went into administration.

“The Glasgow derby, the rivalry is still there, but it’s on a different level now because of the success that Celtic have had.

“I think the police need to keep a very strong stance.”


You’ve missed a race out bud

bada bing1

Twists- thanks, was on a Placepot 6 selections…

big packy

TWISTY/JNP, there was no lie, that post was not meant for the blog and ill keep saying it, i should have come on the blog and explained what happened i hold my hands up, but dont accuse me of lying

Big Packy
When you are in a hole, it is usually a good idea to stop digging. I pray you get better, and seek the professional help you need pal. God bless.


I will accuse you of lying because you are .

If that’s your position on it fine. I’ve given you mine.

Better we just leave it at that.

I want nothing more to do with you. Let’s just agree to keep our distance from each other.


Big Packy.
I’m not sure why you have, just singled, me and Twisty out.
If you have been reading the blog, you will know many more posters have said, you are lying too, even today.
See if you actually go back to that date and read your posts, you will see the contradictions, that show why many on the blog ,don’t believe you.
See what Garry, says. That’s all meant with good intentions, no one wishes you ill.
You could easily have resolved this sad state of affairs, but you have chosen to continue with the lie.
How sad.

big packy

listen i did not phone mick up and beg him to let me back on the blog, i will say once again then im off for good, that post was not meant for the blog, but you all have made your minds up, take care .

Packy, there was a build up to that post which you said was in error.
At 4.25pm You said you would be posting your last post later on.
At 6.25pm in response to me, you repeated that. Mentioning you hoped the doctor might give you 3 years to live.
At 6.29pm you said you had prostate cancer.

That makes the 6.29 post seem deliberate, not a mistake.

can you not see why people think you are lying?

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