We have a match at the weekend,and due to our club making a complete arse of the season so far,we are being asked to make a Guard of Honour to the bunchacunts who won the league this year,


So I expect our board to have a wee run out,applauded by their heroes in blue.


Notify of

Napsters, Cheltenham one horse per race allowed, link below


And I stand by that article.

Puff puff

Brilliant article Bobby and o so true.



Cheers,mate. No point in effing about,eh?

Mike in Toronto

Slavia have joined Barcelona as Sevco’s biggest fans….


Noel Skytrot

I’m sound mate and I hope your the same.

they point blank refused to acknowledge our achievements and refused us, now why should we?

Mike in Toronto


DD not only acknowledges their achievements, he even credits them with things that this club have never achieved ….a great club with a great history, I think he called them….

Mike in Toronto

Reading Gerrard’s comments … I would say that Sevco are going to try to use the allegation of racial abuse to get the result overturned…..

Puff puff

This is for you Garry enjoy man .

Noel Skytrot

your spot on with that. I just think with the current climate around Celtic at this time there would be a lot of unhappy people if they chose to do a guard of honour. Your point regarding Gerrard kicking up a fuck was something I thought about as well. Any racism regardless of what team the recipient plays for should be utterly condemned, though huns squealing about racism rings a tad hollow with me when you consider how overt they are with prejudice.

Mike in Toronto


I agree that the club are unlikely to give them the GoH. Celtic and Rangers are all about a pretend rivalry… and they need to keep up appearances so that fans will keep handing over their money.

Not doing the GoH will allow Celtic fans to continue to keep up the pretence that they aren’t business partners

That is the club’s mo…. do backroom deals with the zombies but throw out occasional crumbs of opposition, so that the fans can tell themselves that the club hasn’t sold us all down the river.

Dharma Bam

Very witty!!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy St Joseph’s Day Friday to you all from a dry, bright and pleasant looking EK


Looking at the footage and listening to Gerrard comments, it would seem the Rangers player was racially abused.
SG said he wouldn’t want to repeat the word but it would be a reasonable assumption that the N word was used to Kamara. Or very similar.

There can be no level of acceptance here by us simply because it’s a player from a club we despise, and who themselves have a lot to answer for in respect of discrimination, sectarian behaviour or whatever.

However, trying to prove what was said will be impossible I’d have thought.

If you refer back to McCoist doing the exact same thing to NL, hand over mouth and a sly comment in his ear, we still never found out what was said. Whatever it was hit a nerve with Lenny though. Kamara reaction last night leaves no doubt in my mind that he’s been racially abused, but trying to prove it will be nigh on impossible I’d suggest.

How UEFA address this will be interesting. For all I’ve said above, the fact remains that the Slavia player may deny he said anything racist, and might say he was winding him up about the result, or about him being a crap player, whatever.

Where does that leave UEFA to go?

Really unfortunate in this day and age that these types of incidents are still happening in football. Ridding the game of it will be difficult.

At some point there will be an incident that CAN be proven. At that point, the offending player , and his club need to feel the full force of UEFA sanctions.

The Gombeen Man


Yes I fully agree .

At some stage our very own versions of the N word, Hun and Taig and all of the other unsavoury trappings of sectarianism/racism will be viewed in a similar light.


Thanks for the reply last night. I’ll reply later.


Morning all!
Twists…well said and I agree 100% there is no place for racism anywhere in sport or society. Let’s hope Steven and his Board remember this when the Copland Rd lead the rest of their vile mob in their matchday chorus.
As much as SG is absolutely correct to call it out, and he did it well I thought, it’s nothing more than a massive deflection from his team’s performance on the night but particularly Roofe’s tackle which on replay looks like he followed through rather than make any attempt to avoid!
Typically, for me, the Huns want to have their cake and eat it.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Whatever was said certainly made Kamara livid. On seeing it again on the highlights show I thought it interesting that the Slav appears to ‘pick out’ Kamara as he passes a couple of players to whom he could have said the same ‘unknown’ words. The reaction definitely favours racist implications as the ‘hand disguised’ words. It overshadowed the boots at the ball/prone player which should have resulted in more yellows.
Nice to see the Liverpudlian support his player by emphasising he would stand toe to toe with his player. Don’t know if that meant he would be in his corner or in the ring itself.
Jokes are jokes but racism is never justified. The irony of being called a ‘Fenian Bastert’ by Hun supporters will escape many of my acquaintances !



Totally different version from Slavia on the ‘ race’ incident!!


I am sure UEFA won’t follow the SFA’s balance of probability and ban player for a prolonged period.
Having spent 6 weeks a year in Prague for the last 12 years i am inclined to think the Czech player did.
But i think the real issue is deflection from his team’s thuggery which i felt was lucky to see them finish with 9 men.
Even the huns placemen in UEFA will struggle to mitigate their behavior.
The supremacists lost the plot and Kamara was very lucky to stay on field as he had been booked earlier.
The whole thing kicked off when Goldson fouled guy from behind then kicks ball off player who was down.
Ref booked Kudela and Goldson but ignored Kamara’s attempts at fighting,
I thought the Slavia spokesperson hit the nail on head with his aftermatch statement.
From the BBC.
(In their statement, Slavia added that Kudela was reacting to one of the “brutal tackles” the team faced, citing a facial injury suffered by goalkeeper Ondrej Kolar that led to Kemar Roofe being sent off. Rangers finished the game with nine men.
“Slavia players faced an unprecedentedly malicious play from their opponents. They have never experienced such play in any game they participated in the modern history of the European competitions,” read the statement.

“After the end of the game, the team was not allowed to enter the dressing room.

“Ondrej Kudela was assaulted by player Kamara and hit with fists in the head with manager Steven Gerrard witnessing the incident”, the statement claimed.

“Even the Uefa representatives who were also present on the site of the incident were shocked by this behaviour.”
A Uefa spokesperson said the governing body “is aware of an incident which occurred in the tunnel after the match and which involved some players of both teams.

“We are waiting to receive detailed reports of the match officials who were present at the game before commenting further.”

Uefa is also awaiting reports regarding the alleged racist abuse.

Meanwhile, Rangers striker Roofe was subjected to racial slurs on Instagram after the match.

Roofe shared the abusive messages and commented: “I could be up all night screenshotting all of these types of comments. @europaleague.”)


Great post, Fan. It’ll be an interesting UEFA Disciplinary discussion at the next meeting!


Excellent article my friend, spot on


…from The Guardian’s comments section on last night’s game…
“The Czechs are bouncing at Ibrox yet again”


I watched the whole of the huns game and one thing stood out clearly for me.
Slavia OutRangered TheRangers.
They simply held position and huns lack of creativity was apparent.
When the huns play out from the back it’s always a centre mid who comes for outball and then he immediately returns it to defender who switches ball to wide men.
They then rely on overlapping fullback or long diagonal.
When that didn’t work plan B the run at opponent and fall for a free kick was used.
With the ref not buying it they could not get ball into Slavia box much.
Hope Kennedy was watching though a Scottish ref will aid in their plan B.


A neat deflection from the real talking points of Huns abject performance, on field violence and indiscipline.
Yet again they prove that honest observation:

Permanent embarrassment and occasional disgrace.

Noel Skytrot

We all know that racists are backward and non progressives and that if the Sparta player is proven to have aimed racist remarks towards Kamara he should be banned.

Just a thought, did Slippy not support Suarez when the racist incident with Patrice Evra happened? Not engaging in whataboutery just curious on what his take was on that whole episode

bada bing1


Slavia Prague version of events, including assault witnessed by UEFA official

bada bing1

If the UEFA official seen a player assaulted, long after the final whistle, can the huns guarantee the safety of players in future? Dallas will be all over it trying to get it buried, they should be banned.


Jim the Tim.
I hope you are well.
I know I’ve had an occasional spat with you, but I’ve always held you in high esteem and thought you were a man of integrity.
One of your posts made me think you may be hurting, a little.
If I’m wrong, sorry for the imposition.
Here’s a song for you, Ive no idea, if you like it, but there’s a horse running today, with the same title, so I thought it was topical.
You raise me up. Josh Groban.

JNP, Thanks for that, I love that song and I love Josh singing it. It moves me to tears.

Can’t remember having a spat with you, probably me defending Packy again.

Somebody’s got to!

The Gombeen Man


I thought I’d spend a bit of time today highlighting a few things about Irish participation in different campaigns on the side of the British.
One third of the British Army was made up of Irishmen during the Napoleonic Wars. Others fought for the other side.
Irishmen fought on both sides of the American War of Independence.
Native Gaelic Chieftains sided with the Normans against other Irish born leaders.
The English Civil War period and the war in Scotland.
200,00 enlisted in WW1, 70,000 enlisted in WW2.

St Patrick himself was the victim of an Irish raid on Britain.

It really is endless. I could go on and on and on. Pointless…

A labyrinth with no conclusion other than, it’s a waste of time to keep ruminating about the past.

Ireland has her troubles with racism too. Ask the Travelling Community.

Human beings have their dark side or Shadow. We all do. Part of the journey is to find it and integrate it.

Scots & Irish are no different.

The say “hate racism and prejudice but the key is to hate it in ourselves first.”

– If we keep looking for it externally we won’t be disappointed-.

The Old Firm serves a useful purpose in highlighting the dark side of us all.


You’re welcome.
I’m pleased that you love that song.


I concur with your post to Jim.

There’s a cloud hanging over the blog at present. I’ve had my say on it and I hope as we are at the end of another week, things get back to normal.

Part of the problem is this:

Some of us have a greater affinity with certain posters as we do with others. Borne out of chats in, and out, of here.
Big Packy is obviously a friend of Jim, Bobby and a few others.
I think when a stronger relationship is evident, it brings a greater level of tolerance. That’s understandable.

If I caught one of my family stealing from me, I’d probably cut them a bit more slack than if it were merely an acquaintance.

So I get the differing viewpoints.

On this latest incident, tolerance levels are even less for a lot of folks given the subject matter and the heartache it’s thrust on many. None more so than myself I can tell you, so I accept my own reaction to it is probably seen by some as ott.

I’d make this appeal to BP. You don’t need to come on here and tell your life story. I do think though that a simple apology for the behaviour, an acceptance that it was a monumental error of judgement, and equally important, a promise to yourself that it’s not going to happen again, and we can all move on.

Some will choose to ignore you, others will respond, and also importantly, some will be pleased to see you back.

I appreciate how difficult it must be, and I know you’re probably suffering alone, but it doesn’t need to be so.

Just make that initial post BP and believe me, tomorrow you’ll be in a better place and probably be surprised at people’s reaction to you.

You can do no more than that.

After a traumatic week, I hope you’re in a better place next week. I think you will be after that initial first post.



You probably did have a spat with JNP….. cos he’s a troublemaker. 😬

The Gombeen Man, As you suggest things are complicated. I used to go over to a pal of mine’s from Dublin – Coolock – and we went to a party one night. I had just began to sing what I considered a rebel song when my friend immediately stopped me. “That wouldn’t go down too well here!” I can’t for the life of me remember which song it was but apparently it had something to do with events in the Civil War and I was in the wrong side for that tune! LOL 🙂



I hope BIGPACKY reads your posts and does as you suggest.


The racist accusation being seized upon by the huns and partners in the mssm is as expected.
Deflection and moral outrage used as the perpetrator’s become victims.
There is a pattern emerging here!
Morelos and car tampering.
McGregor and girlfriend.
Huns and Hector.
McCoist and shame game.
Cup final v Hibs players attacked???



“There is a pattern emerging here!”

I disagree. It long ago became the narrative for them and their MO.They have become very good at it,with the help of their onside facilitators in the press.




If you are lurking, I agree with Twisty and BMCUW.
Just get yourself back on, you will be happier.


The Gombeen Man

My point is that the Irish Nation has never subjugated tens of millions of people. As I mentioned last night ‘individual Irish men’ took the queen’s shilling you well know for many it was a matter of that or starvation – due to Ireland being occupied by the British and the Irish utterly disenfranchised. Many more Irish chose exile – millions of us. Some to the US where you rightly point out fought on both sides of the Civil war – some Irish nationalists fighting on the side of the Southern states – the most famous of them being John Mitchell who was a very vocal advocate of slavery.
However My initial question was in reference to a point you had made in regards to Scotland in a post – something along the lines of ‘Scotland coming out of colonialism’, and my question being did you mean as a colonised state or as a country weaning itself off a reliance on colonialism and Empire? Scotland having directly benefited from its Imperial adventures with England. Something that many Scots today, especially the SNP and its support, struggle to reconcile with. Sathnam Sanghera refers to this Scots phenomenon as ‘selective amnesia’ in his book ‘How imperialism shaped modern Britain’.

PS now that I think of it the Irish people’s last foray in ’empire building’ was Dál Riada on the West coast of Scotland in the 5th / 6th Cent. It’s where the name Scoti or ‘Scots’ came from😏


Fan a Tic
Remember the hun accusations against Michael Gardyne earlier in the season. Is this them crying wolf again?
Aesops Fables FC.


Champions League Draw.
Quarter-final draw:
You have to think Chelsea and Liverpool will be happy.

Manchester City v Borussia Dortmund

Porto v Chelsea

Bayern Munich v Paris St Germain

Real Madrid v Liverpool

Semi-final draw:
Bayern Munich or Paris St-Germain v Manchester City or Borussia Dortmund

Real Madrid or Liverpool v Porto or Chelsea



Does that mean that Dalry,the town next door to Kilwinning,is actually the cradle of civilisation in Scotland? That’ll be news to the current inhabitants there.

When someone reads it out to them…



I reckon Porto and Real will be delighted too.

I reckon the semi-finals will be 2 German teams, a Portuguese team and a Spanish team.

bada bing1

Won’t take the rags long to throw us into this story ‘ Celtic linked with racist Slavia Prague coach’


BMCUW 12.10.
Yes, indeed.
I think the 3 strongest teams are Bayern,Man City and PSG and they are all in the same half of the draw.

Europa League draw.

Dinamo Zagreb v Villarreal
Ajax v Roma
ARSENAL v Slavia Prague

Semi Final.

Dinamo Zagreb/Villarreal v ARSENAL/Slavia Prague

Granada/MAN UTD v Ajax/Roma


A few of your teams are tasty prices.
Champions League.

Manchester City
Bayern Munich
Real Madrid
Borussia Dortmund


Howdy folks and a big happy Friday from the rainswept central California.

Bobby, well said and if you hadn’t addressed it I would have write an article called What Honour To Guard?.

The blues, holy guacamole they are bad boys. Sore winners and sore losers. That Roofer tackle was one of the worst I’ve seen, now we have a beating?
Let me ask,,,is there a chance they get fucked out,,with us getting the nod,,and they needed that money big-time?
Would a Euro ban bring another liquidation?
What a team,,they might just have undone all their dishonest work.

Hail Hail

BP,,I echo the above. Apologize fully and return.

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