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Our incoming CEO faces an unenviable task,and I think we have all known that from the start. His appointment was announced around two months ago,yet he doesn’t take up his position for almost another hundred days. That’s an awful lot of time to try to figure out what needs to be done-but the date of his appointment leaves him next to none at all to actually do it!


I touched on some of this in yesterday’s article,where I pointed out that he has to appoint a Director of Football,a new manager and coaching staff-which I trust will actually be the new manager’s choice!-a new captain,a new chief scout and probably at least six first-team ready players plus back up for virtually position on the pitch. Added to which he will be looking to get top dollar for the players who are leaving,and it is clear that he does not have his problems to seek!


He is effectively inheriting a footballing operation which requires a full rebuild,having been bequeathed an absolute disaster zone by his predecessor. He is clearly a successful operator with the CV to prove it,but I have to say that his talents will be stretched in his new role. In fact,I’d go as far as to say that he may have allowed his support for Celtic to override his professional judgement by taking the role on-I’m not sure that a non fan would have touched it with a bargepole,such is the scale of the problem awaiting him.


Another task which awaits him is to clear out the boardroom of all the deadwood and cronyism which has affected it for far too long,and that is something which is unlikely to make him friends with some of the people he will need most,but it is a task from which he must not shirk if he wants long-term success.


And then we come to the big imponderable,which is the support. Us. He has one factor in his favour on that front,and that is the building levels of dissatisfaction over the years of the actions of his predecessor. Most of us were see happy to see the back of Lawwell,and we certainly all recognise the difficulty ahead for Dominic McKay. For that reason,I think he will be given time by the fans to get things right-even if we aren’t quite taking our title back immediately. But how many of us will buy our Season Tickets to witness any transformation? And that,as I say,is the big imponderable,as even a lot of the fans themselves are currently undecided!


Next season couldn’t have come at a worse time for DMcK,given all of the above,and that’s before we factor in the COVID-19 pandemic,and the ramifications from it. There will be decisions to be made on how much of the c£30m worth of season tickets sold this season to return to the holders,and on how best to do it. There will have to be a balance between keeping the fans happy and keeping the bank manager happy. We aren’t in too bad a financial state just now,given all the facts,so I think that much less than 30% will be viewed as unacceptable. Much more,and he might be crossed off the bank manager’s Christmas card list! But even then,many fans are so pissed off with events that they will not renew regardless of any incentives,while others will simply be unable to due to the financial pressures being felt themselves by the pandemic.


And I’m quite sure too that still more will have found other ways to occupy a Saturday,or simply won’t fancy the possibility of continued social distancing requirements either at the ground or in the pubs beforehand. Adding up the above reasons not to renew and I think we will be down by at least a third-the last thing a new man undertaking a major rebuild wants.


Dominic will be walking into a club with no management structure in place,a depleted squad and major discontent from the fans. None of this is his fault,but he is the one who has to fix it all. It might well be his dream job,but it has come at a nightmare of a time for him. And for all of us! He will be judged by us on how effectively he deals with it all,but I think we should realise that it is no quick-fix,and give him the time to do it properly.


It is a good sign that he is aware of the problems and is still brave enough to take the job.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Noel Skytrot

Its staggering to read just some of the things needing done at the club for the upcoming season. I think that we might struggle to win back the championship from the grifters due to the disarray. They really need to get cracking on and turn this around.

Jobo Baldie

Worrying times indeed, Bobby.
You hinted there at some sort of refund on this season’s ticket but my own memory, when renewing last May/June was that there was a disclaimer recognising that fans might not get into all of the league games and we would not be entitled to any refund. That’s not to say that our beloved board might not offer something but I really don’t see that happening.
I’m also not sure that we will even get any home Scottish Cup ties included in the Pass To Paradise package. I see that our 3rd Round tie against Falkirk is a 7.30pm kick off on Premier Sports, clashing with the ole Easter Vigil!


Morning all. Major surgery required whichever way we look at it, absolutely no doubt about that. I wonder if a large dollop of hubris is a significant factor… of course we have no given right to win any competition, we must earn that privilege. I do live in hope: “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…”

bada bing1

Morning all
Bobby – fully concur with all that you say. I’ve commented frequently on this over the past few weeks.
So much to do and a relatively short, and diminishing timeframe in which to do it.

At the risk of boring you all by repeating myself, and launching into business management rhetoric, the fundamental method to address the current situation is a full on gap analysis.

I’m sure it’s nothing new to many of you, and again I apologise if it seems I’m trying to teach to an already educated audience, or indeed preach to the converted, but it’s something I feel very strongly about and it will be an essential tool to us succeeding as we move forward.

The basics are simple:

– Analyse the current state
– Establish the desired future state

Quantify everything in between and present a plan to eliminate the gap.

The initial assessment, ie the current state, is fairly obvious to all of us.

It’s the desired future state where I feel there will be a major disconnect between the desire of the support and that of the board.

If we all, that’s the owner, the board and the support, see ourselves as a top European side with the ambition to be participating in the CL latter stages on a regular basis, then we could be in for an exciting ride.

That is unfortunately by no means a given. There is strong evidence to suggest that over the past few years, the Europa League has been deemed as an acceptable level, as opposed to the fall back alternative it should be, on the rare occasions we fail to reach the top table.

A number of people praised the financial planning by PL when Covid arrived. We were in a good position financially to see it through due to his shrewdness over a number of years.

I do not buy into that at all.
In my opinion his penchant for selling off our top performers over a number of seasons, and replacing them with substandard quality, cost us literally tens of millions, and possibly even hundreds of millions due to missing out on CL football.

Dominic M will need no lessons from me on business management. His track record suggests he could teach me, as opposed to the opposite. That may be a fact, but in the great scheme of things, it’s irrelevant.
What IS relevant, is what I said at the outset. What is the future desired state he envisages for the club?

We should be told prior to asking us for season ticket money. What is the vision? What are we being asked to buy into?

April looms. As you point out, there is a mountain of work to get through. That worries me greatly.

A top European side with ambitions? Still without any infrastructure on the playing side? It is so amateurish it’s unbelievable.
That brings up the role of the NED’s. What are these guys getting paid for? They are supposed to ensure the proper governance of the club. How can we be in this current position? Every one of them needs replaced.


Question for you more IT, or more social media astute than myself:

The “ newsnow Celtic” website. How do they choose the sites to feature? Is it based on advertising? Is that why SC do not feature?

I’d say E Tims and SC are head and shoulders above the rest.

It certainly cannot be based on the quality of the articles.

So much crap and click bait on that newsnow
site. “ Football insider” WTF??

How can that meet any standard? Utter shite it is. As are many others. Regurgitation of the same storylines and primarily rumour and speculation.

As I say , I’m guessing advertising?

Twisty, I don’t know how NewsNow select the sites to feature but I use the ‘manage publications’ feature extensively. I click on the rubbish site and select ‘hide’. As a result only the readable, in my opinion, NewsNow Celtic sites are displayed to me.
I ‘hid’ Football Insider many moons ago!

Perhaps Mahe or Bobby could contact them to be listed?


I’ll follow suit!

bada bing1

Football Insider is a Daily Record site seemingly


I’m not sure if you can contact them to be listed? I’m genuinely curious as to how it works.


Is it really. That perhaps explains the content. 😬

Billy Bhoy


Wow, that is a very sobering wake up call today!

Its particularly so for two main reasons . Firstly, we’re currently 20 points behind with considerable scope to go further behind. Given the scale of restructuring you’ve highlighted this is far from an ideal base to be starting from.

Secondly, having re-read the interview with Desmond it seems clear to me that the plan was to win The Ten then use next season as a bedding in period for a whole new structure off-field and a whole new squad on-field.
I imagine that they would have got away with this while we partied for a year on the back of The Ten and a Quadruple Treble.

What now though? I, for one, will be cutting the bastards no slack whatsoever.

I wonder how much the collapse will send them scurrying back to the drawing board. Winning The Ten would have given the incoming CEO and manager at least six months grace. Now, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth at the first dropped point!


Morning all, not so many happy leaders on here lately, because of how shite we’ve been and continue to be, surely it can only get better …eh ?

I hope the EBT guy in trouble is Dalex Rae (the diaper).. always on someones ass, and constantly full of shit.

Twisty SC has been on Newsnow before some of the articles i did on players had links to here on there, the only difference I’ve noticed is when we had a picture of said player or a video attached to the leader it seems newsnow aggregator snagged the article to link it. I’ve never noticed a link on NN of a plain text SC leader

A thing of beauty

Excellent post and great insight for the non business people like myself to easily understand. I feel more heartened after reading that because if we do things properly then we should be be able to compete with the ibrox mob in short time and in the long term we can move away from them again. The piper has to be paid at some point as regards their finances and although they have access to Champs league money this year they must have outstanding bills to pay from this year.
I am disheartened by DD’s continued backing of Bankier and am hoping that when McKay gets his feet under the table, that snivelling old prick will be the first out the door. Excuse my language but I have utter contempt for him in the same way he has utter contempt for me.
Good news that Butt is off to Derby. I really am getting the fear that Keane is going to get this job and at least that is one rumour out to bed.
Right off to work. Unlike Bankier I am not fortunate enough to get paid for doing the square root a hee haw.


Really? I wasn’t aware of that bud. So , how did you get listed if you don’t mind me asking?


Did they ask your ( or Bobby / Mahe) permission to reproduce your posts? Or is it a given that if you post on a forum the content belongs to anyone who wants to use it?



I consider getting a post approved by yourself as being like one of those Michelin star thingies. 😁


Actually, I’ve been meaning to do something on a Sunday for a few weeks now and didn’t get around to it.
In the old style of the top of the pops countdown to the number one that I used to listen to every Sunday night ( armed with my old cassette recorder to tape my favourites) I’m gonna list my Twistys top 10 posts of the week starting one week on Sunday.

( I won’t be including any of my own as obviously I’d be number one every week and you’ll all be crying “ it’s a fix” 😁)

On a serious not I won’t include the lead articles as they’d blow us all away and fill the top 10 most weeks

Just a wee bit of fun but if I can annoy a few people and create some animosity at the same time, that’ll be a bonus 😉

Look in a week on Sunday at 6 pm for the first top 10.


Just a wee tip

If anyone happens to mention Leo Sayer as being one of the worlds greatest ever performers it may elevate them into the top 10. 😬

Right – aff oot for a bit.

Noel Skytrot

In order to be elevated, I think Leo Sayer is shite. Lol

Leo Sayer is Brilllliiiiaaannntt!

That should be enough I think… what’s the prize money like Twists? 🤡


Whatever the prize is – it’s yours 😂


Consider yersel’ oot the top 100. Shocking behaviour.


Twists…there’s a Board seat at Parkheid waiting for you – you’re bought far too easily!! 😁


Being the resident Leo NaySayer i should be in the top ten every week.

So after all Celtic Football Club has achieved over the past 9 years,seemingly thousands of our supporters if the right coaches are not appointed are throwing in the towel,Well I can tell you miserable lot off so called fans I’m for renewing,like thousands of fans around September,October time with Lennon and co i really felt deflated the way the club was being run,Peter Lawell and Dermot Desmond should have sacked Lennon and Kennedy after being knocked out of the Champions League and Europa League teams ,then being humiliated by teams like Ross County etc ,Who is going to be the next coach I haven’t a clue ,but my love for Celtic will never change no matter who is the next coach.


Fan…here’s a good one for you – “Long Tall (Half) Empty Glasses”!! 😉🤣🤣🤣


TimBhoy2…good post mate and you’re not alone but you’re in the minority on this site at the moment! My feelings are exactly the same as yours with regard to Celtic but this season, the dramatic exceptional failure of this season has caused me to consider next season. Its not necessarily about the lack of success, anybody over 40 knows only too well what its like to follow a poor Celtic side. The issue for me is the failure to recruit properly from a position of strength, the failure to ensure a viable successful Academy system – not one which has seen players leave for Germany and England, the failure of Celtic to stand up to obvious corruption in how the Club and our fans are treated differently from The Huns – see Covid and fan gatherings, the failure of the club with regard to the VST at FULL PRICE when we are treated to poor technology and pricks like Gary Caldwell commentating on our games, the failure of the Board to communicate effectively to the fans any future plans. For me I understand exactly where you’re coming from, I’ve been an ST Holder in the same seat since The North Stand opened, but the Club has shown a huge disregard for us and are on a completely different wavelength to the fans in terms of what they think is acceptable or not!
I admire you for your stance and ultimately I will probably end up renewing because the draw is too strong for me, too…but right now I am absolutely scunnered by many aspects of how the Club has been managed. Remember last year we were talking about 9, 10, 11, 12…in a Row. All of that should have been possible! It’s over-simplifying it to lay the blame at Lenny’s door the problems run much deeper.

Andy Pandy 2

As a non season ticket holder and infrequent match attendee I feel sad that people are contemplating giving up theirs, as is their right. Given the opportunity I would bite your hand off for one, because for me like many others it’s the emotional draw, and family history, and much more which would keep me coming back. Wife says I’m a glutton for punishment!! But therein lies the current dilemma for many….how far do I go in actions which would harm my team, and allow our biggest rival the opportunity to stretch ahead. Like I said previously no glances in the rear view mirror from them. And the events of the last fortnight, perversely, might harden the resolve of many doubters who who might feel that they could not stomach a repeat of what has gone on, and back the club…..let’s put the hun back in their box. The board know this, and they will be banking on it. They also have up to 10k waiting to pick up the slack, their insurance policy. In the end it’s about choice and it’s probably the hardest one season ticket holders have had to make in a long time. I don’t envy you/them.
On a more serious note….I think Leo Sayer was a great artist, and much underappreciated.




AP2…if I decide not to renew it will be the toughest decision I’ve ever made regarding Celtic. I’ve sat through the shit periods and often thought “What am I doing here, sitting freezing watching this shit.” But I’ve never left a game early, apart from when my wee girl, 6 at the time, poured a cup of coke all over herself on a cold October night, and I’ve always renewed fill of optimism and expectation. I’ve loved the last few years going for the Ten even although the fitba has been really poor at times. But, as I’ve already said, we should have been building ourselves into a position of ABSOLUTE strength in Scotland and competing to a decent level in Europe. Instead we’ve become poor also-rans this season and the team will be decimated at the end of the season in a way that, in my memory, we will neve have been before. There is a gross negligence of duty on show here and if you think this season has been bad I fear we’ve yet to see the worst of it!!


…and a huge part of my decision making will be the loss of real quality time with my wee fella. It’s an incredible source of pleasure for me to go to Parkheid with my son and I like to look on it something he will do with his family and reminisce of games and times we had together. It’s all a bit soppy really but just like everyone on here Celtic was, is and will be a huge part of our lives.

Noel Skytrot

hahaaaaa, watch me shoot into the top 10.

Noel Skytrot

I have the same dilemma as yourself regarding a season ticket, its a family thing.

welcome to the blog mate. If we keep in the same vein and the ‘custodians’ continue to run roughshod over us, what would your method of trying to affect change be?

Andy Pandy 2

I can’t disagree about the way things have gone, we have been let down in so many ways, too many to list and all discussed before, and probably in the future. But your assertion that you are being soppy…no its not. On the few occasions I have been to games with my boy I have found myself watching him, just as my dad probably did with me, seeing the joy, frustration, and excitement that it brings to his face. THAT is why for everyone like yourself, Noel and others this decision is so difficult. In an ideal world you maybe say screw the board, but when those other factors come into play…that’s the hard part. That is why I don’t envy you. I hope you all make the right decision.


AP2 – “They also have up to 10k waiting to pick up the slack, their insurance policy.” Seriously? So if 10k current season ticket holders don’t renew, their seats will be instantly grabbed by the 10k on the waiting list?

Let’s try to unpick the the ST waiting list myth. The first point is the list contains existing ST holders who have asked to be moved to another part of the ground, often so they can be next or closer to their mates or family or even away to get away from people in the seats close to them. I have no idea how many that is but I would imagine it is a substantial number.

The second point is the club have been floating the 10k ST list for years to encourage/frighten existing ST holders that if they don’t renew them they will lose their seat, possibly for ever. And the figure 10K is always the one mentioned. Never 7, 8 or 9k. Always 10k.

Thirdly, this season was always going to see demand for tickets grow as many more fans wanted to be there for TIAR. If TIAR had been achieved, I suspect demand for tickets would have returned to more normal levels.

Fourthly, the waiting list insurance policy assumes that they are all “happy clappers” who are champing at the bit to get season tickets and care not a jot about about the way green huns on the board have mismanaged the club and blindly think the same people who are responsible for this clusterfuck are capable of sorting it next season.

The 10k waiting list is not real and exists only in the heads of the PLC who will lie to the supporters if they think it will get them to part with their hard-earned cash for next season.

I did once have family season ticket and travelled a round journey of 600 miles to go matches. I was that uber but there then came a point when I realised that the team I had followed since the mid-sixties had become secondary to the commercial and business interests of the PLC. At that point, I decided that I wouldn’t put another penny into it. Really tough to begin with, especially as it meant not going to matches with my sons and my younger brother but sometimes you have to follow your head and not your heart.

The Star Above The Crest

If DD appoints Roy Keane as manager it will, for me, stink of Old Firmism.

‘EPL legend Keane 🇮🇪 Vs EPL legend Gerrard 🇬🇧 in OF showdown’

Buy your season ticket to guarantee your seat for the OF games!!

Watch Celtic manager Keane lose the plot and disgrace himself at honest mistakes in the OF game!!

I hope I’m wrong but it would be such a short term appointment that indicates the powers that be have all but given up on doing anything in Europe. ‘Rangers are back and it’s as you were’.

Andy Pandy 2

Don’t doubt what you say ref the waiting lists, I’ve probably been as guilty as others in the past of buying into the “hype”, but if one thing is certain, being on here has certainly opened my eyes. The point I was trying to make in my cachanded way was that the board will be, like you said, pushing all of these emotional buttons to sell as many tickets as they can.


Twisty I didn’t do anything special to get on newsnow, it’s an aggregator site, that fetches news from other blogs, I assume it’s automated, and scans Celtic minded blogs and also grabs Scottish football feeds from various outlets. The only time i have seen SC articles fetched by Nn is when the article includes either an image or video in the main leader. The daily leaders I submitted to Mahe and Bobby usually included an image or youtube video (so i can only assume it searches for articles with images or videos).

That probably makes as much sense as a deaf person playing musical chairs, but that’s what I have seen.

I agree with you that lots of the feeds, that news now grabs are absolutely pants.



Bobby, that is a good article that underscores the critical issue. Can the “new” Celtic get its act together for the next season?
If I were a betting man, I’d say it is unlikely, sadly.

The fatal error for next season may already have been made….namely appointing a CEO who cannot take up the post until July. Effectively, this means that the old regime are calling the shots during a critical period of recruitment on and off the park. Yes, I am sure that DmcK is consulted but he will be heavily influenced by those who know where the toilets are…i.e. the current CEO and certain board members. Further, several of them will be leaving so their stake in the game is questionable.
Also, I have yet to be convinced that PL will leave the club completely. Will he be a future Board member? Can you imagine how that will impact a new CEO?

The critical decision point for change was back at the end of last year, prior to the Dubai fiasco. At that time, it was already clear that NL had lost the cooperation of much of the playing squad. At that time, it was clear that he did not have the nous or flexibility to steer the team out of its malaise. It was also clear that none of his support team could step into his position. At that time, an interim manager should have been brought in from outside with a couple of assistants. Ideally, a DOF should have been recruited and tasked with finding his/her choice of coaching team. Failing that, an interim should have been brought in. Keeping NL and his support has only caused further damage to the confidence of the squad, and perpetuated the bad practices that he introduced. We know that Dubai was a disaster but if it was decided to continue with it, it should have been used to introduce the new coaching team to the players. No change at that point, meant that the next season was compromised.

Fresh ideas and better training would have boosted the current squad and, perhaps, muddied the waters for some who were thinking of leaving. Performances in January could hardly have been worse under an interim coaching team.
Now, the changes that should have happened in January are being pushed forward to the end of this season. Incoming management will have to work with players who have decided to leave, i.e. up to half of the first team squad, as they prepare for CL qualification. No new players, unless they are out of contract, can be brought in until August. They will need time to settle. The scene is set for another Ferencvaros.

Who is to blame? Clearly, the current CEO and the Board who must have approved his plan for this season.
Someone said that you cannot manage the unknowns. Unfortunately, the club cannot manage the knowns far less the unknowns.



One thing that the huns have put to bed is that winning in Europe is beyond Scottish teams.
They have proven that coaching and organization can provide results no matter how limited your playing squad is.
They have beaten some decent teams in last two seasons.
They have been coached to organize without possession.
Both BR and NL’s Celtic teams were hopeless at this.
A convenient lie often given credence on Lawwell’s blog after another typical crap European night for us is that those who think we could have done better are dreamers with an agenda against our brilliant board.
That point has been pushed often by one particular poster.
Having a plan and the basic’s of coaching can bring success.
Hiring Roy Keane is a plan to maximize the Old Firm business model for profit with football reasons being a very distant second.
One thing that i will find particularly perplexing if Keane gets the job is why wasn’t he appointed when we still had a chance of salvaging the season?
Not like we had to pay compensation to another club as he hasn’t managed in years.

Angel Gabriel

Timbhoy2 .

Fair play. However.
Our custodians threw in the towel years ago.

Whatever part of Celtic that signs up with the Old Firm and doesn’t comment, never mind challenge corruption, while lying to the support , can basically go f##k itself.

Not in my name. Our 2nd honest 9 was wonderful. How it ended, will be debated for years.
The article above , sums up how much damage a few individuals, while benefiting financially , have done .
Our decline isn’t accidental, it’s a reaction to hubris, over confidence and treating the support like mugs .
When driving past Celtic Park recently, rather than think about how much I love the place , I now feel pain , as it’s ran by imposters.

Everyone to their own, but I’m not buying into a game that’s rotten , when our custodians contribute to the bad smell.
It stinks.
As I said, everyone to their own . HH


Hidden at the very bottom of this link:

Uefa is preparing to get rid of Financial Fair Play regulations to allow teams greater control over their finances. (La Gazzetta dello Sport via Mail)

If true, time to go into MASSIVE DEBT Celtic if we want to win the CL 😁

We can always dump the debt as it’s legal now.


Dormant McAyeTheNoo

Having read Dermot Desmond’s in house interview in full I have to say I’m horrified.

His praise for that slippery weasel Bankier, ‘The Man Who Does Nothing’, and who called the Celtic support ‘racist’ for their wholly justified condemnation against that Tory rat Livingston and his voting against the poor to give to the rich is just unconscionable, an absolute disgrace that spits in the face of everything Andrew Kerins ever did or dreamed of for Celtic and the local areas.

With that one statement from Bankier I knew that the soul was being ripped from our club, had already been ripped from our club, so to read Desmond’s statement praising the rat was the worst thing of all, even after the fact that he was practically telling us in no uncertain terms that he’d more or less told us to forget the league next year too, what with us being in a ‘transitional phase’, when what he really meant was ‘We’re all over the f*cking place and are too busy fannying around golf courses to be bothered fixing it.’

So it’s Sevco for the league next year too then while Boss Hog DDrefuses to accept any responsibility for any of it …

I don’t believe for one second that a billionaire like himself ‘made errors’ this year, rather I think the 5WA and his love of ‘Rangers*, the great* football club with a long history*’ is the onky thing that has brought us to our knees.

I’ve been reading before it even began that this entire season was designed to fail, which at first I could not believe, but having watched the entire slow motion car crash unfold before us since November and no one call a halt to it I can only agree that the Celtic board have bought into the survival of Sevco as Priority No.1 and that their touting of Roy Keane, in ANY Capacity, is nothing but a GIRFUY to the Celtic support.

No manager, no coaching staff, no leadership, NO TEAM and a board of spineless Yes Men who bow and scrape before their master with his ridiculous twirly moustache who only seems to know fellow Irishmen in the football world and I realise that Lawwell wasn’t the problem at all, it was the man upstairs pulling his strings who is.

It’s a nightmare scenario already and this season hasn’t even finished and all with less than 3 months to the qualifiers, with an i renationalise tournament in between …

And we’re screwed already.



Dormant McAyeTheNoo

‘ Our decline isn’t accidental, it’s a reaction to hubris, over confidence and treating the support like mugs .
When driving past Celtic Park recently, rather than think about how much I love the place , I now feel pain, as it’s ran by imposters.’ – With thanks to Angel Gabriel.

This is why I don’t comment as it takes me a dozen paragraphs to say that.

And that feeling is one of the worst in the world, to have these Hun lovers in our boardroom not only robbing the support blind but condoning the hatred and division across Scotland by contributing to the damage done to the psyche of the Scottish people when they could have saved innumerable lives, including that of Kamil Charyszyn, amongst how many other unreported racist/sectarian tragedies, by stamping out that hatred FOREVER in 2012.


The site seems to be working for me now where it wasn’t before. Time to start posting.
Looking back over the season, the thing that pisses me off the most is the fact that as we watched this slow motion car crash, the board sat back and watched one disaster after another and done NOTHING.
Not one attempt of ANY kind to try and get us back on track. They waited and waited until it was all too late. Unforgivable.

Dormant McAyeTheNoo

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but they don’t deserve a penny from the Celtic support until every last Hun loving one of them is gone.

Desmond says that claims he’s not a Celtic supporter is an contemptible suggestion’ but I ask him is it as contemptible as claiming Sevco, the newest club is Scotland is ‘Rangers*, a great club with a long history‘?

Answer that, Dermot, for it looks to us now more than ever that your support for ‘Rangers*’ this season has FAR outweighed any ‘support’ you might have for Celtic.

The only club on Earth with a de facto owner who takes money FROM the club without putting one thin dime back INTO the club, no matter the importance of this disastrous season we currently find ourselves still in.

Even if he had came out with even the semblance of a plan, with some suggestions or ideas for the future a la ‘I’ll do this, this and this to fix it’ when instead all we get is ‘Ian Bankier’s great and WE made ‘some errors’ …

Talk about contempt …

I’m disgusted at his contemptible attitude towards both the club and the support.

And as said earlier, that ‘10k waiting list’ is just another stick with which to threaten us.

The sooner this man is removed from the club the better it will be for all of us, I’d rather start from scratch than have this shyster on board a minute longer.


Robert McIntyre v Dustin Johnson coming up. C’mon big Rab


Excellent leader today and some brilliant posts from all you merry pranksters.

Does anyone know exactly how many members are on that bloated board? I think it was Twisty that posted this information some time ago. I personally had never heard of half of these feckin’ old coffin Dodgers. Reminds me of the old Soviet Politburo. Is there any need for say, any more than seven board members? These bastards have had their snouts in the trough for far too long, and may be unwilling to give up their cushy lifestyles. Where’s Carlos The Jackal when you need him? So, thanks Blue Peter for acting like some kind of medieval monarch and dishing out sinecures to your court favourites. Your treachery will be long remembered, wherever green is worn.

One wee final word to those thinking about not renewing. As previously posted, I gave up my ST when Strachan was appointed, and have always regretted it. The fact that I can no longer make games, due to health issues, is neither here nor there. I still wish that I was sitting in my seat for every game. So ponder carefully Bhoys and Girls.

Hail Hail

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