Fork in the road Part 1

Happy Friday folks.
The news our Captain shall move onto pastures new and more than likely play against us next season broke after the bones of the main article had been laid out, and being of such stature it’s only right he receives an article dedicated to him when he does hit the road.
As such I will only touch briefly upon the not so unsurprising announcement.
I’m glad for a few different reasons. Perhaps the biggest was fear of falling back onto the old guard next year due to lack of bodies coming in. Fielding a middle of Broony, Bitton, and Rogic next campaign would give me a heart attack, at least one of those is out of the picture now.
Next, a succession is best without the previous incumbent on the scene I believe.
If Broony is walking around that dressing room gee-ing everybody up as usual, how is new guy supposed to state clearly and with conviction I’m Captain here to the group. Out with the old and in with the new as the saying goes. Transition periods happen in business but the outgoer merely shows the ropes then departs, Broony is a strong character and it’s that void needs filled and is part of the next guy’s role.
I’m delighted for him, and The Dons have done well for this may help cement them as the nations third biggest club. If it does it was an easy price to pay.
I’m happy he will experience a different environment also, for just staying in house will limit the knowledge, or at least does for most. He’s more than welcome to go gain the necessary experience elsewhere then return another time if he can bring something to the table.
Watching Celtic run out without you will be strange.
The main article though was my thoughts on Dermots thoughts. As the learned MIT points out he only speaks when he has something to say, and I believe this was in response to a previous director claiming the ownership and state of the club was not something Fergus envisioned, he should put the shares into fans hands.
Couple days later Dermot hits back in his own way.
Given it seems reactionary the words may not have been chosen with utmost care, but there were several important underlying issues addressed, enough to take note.
First the delivery. Club channel is a positive, much rather that than the rags, and exclusive content helps drives subscriptions. But a false interview setting with pre-scripted questions was not the wished for truthful sermon with answers.
Instead it became an ego rub, a mini rant which can be summed up as ‘It’s mine, it’s fine, go about your business.’
It’s often true that typing, therefore the medium of the internet, cannot express the sentiment of the sentence correctly.
The tone of real life and typing are different for most, just a weird quirk.
Yet repeatedly Dermot has been described post interview as aloof and out of touch with the rank and files feelings on the club.
‘I know best’ seems a repeated boast, yet most of us would claim otherwise.
Assembling more cash than the average man is a great achievement and all, but Dermot seems to have mistaken the ability to amass funds with the ability to charter a course worthy of a world famous football club, being good at one doesn’t mean you will succeed in the other.
A bigger bank account doesn’t give the right to lecture either, humility and the ability to listen being traits most Celtic fans wish for in their leaders.
To scorn the Tims, is to lose them.
‘No bigger Celtic fan’ is quite the boast, smacks of hubris and any ‘mere’ poster would get laughed off the blog for stating such but there you have it.
Most of us would probably know a supporter they consider an Uber Celt,
I doubt many just thought of Dermot.
Of course the big takeaway was the fact his shares are going nowhere, he is going nowhere, he’s in charge and that’s that.
I actually felt the entire charade was a nod to the Old Firm, now our club has publicly acknowledged this particular title as the 55th and so the Old Firm is alive and the back and forward tussles for titles shall commence truly forthwith just like days of yore. Dermot popped up upon their resurrection to say that’s still them, great competitor etc, and here he is at the end of that liquidation cycle tipping his hat on behalf of not only the club but all of us.
After this, there can be zero doubt he is very pro Old Firm, and has hitched us as a club firmly to them, at least in his mind.
At the core of Dermots defense is his absolute insistence that the club has been successful under his watch, he reiterates that belief.
Yet I posit that is a lazy weak mentality.
We have won the majority of trophies available but at the risk of repeating myself the biggest business/company/club/organization in the land should beat the competitors, it’s that simple in business, but we are being told to believe bloopers happen. Aye, but losing a league after managed decline isn’t a blooper.
Hiding behind the previous titles garnered does nothing for those seeking a root and branch clear out of the old board buddies, nothing for those who have seen the game descend to the worst league in Europe.
All involved are asking you to turn a blind eye to the malarkey when handing over your hard earned, pointing at silverware then tugging at heartstrings with cliches and colours, while the media ignoring the refs worst calls becoming the pulse of the nation and controlling the talking points.
Meanwhile the streets become increasingly tense, communities on edge, public amenities trashed.
Arranged marriages rarely work says Google, and Glasgow.
Though not Dermot,the PLC, and all the rest of the games hangers on from pundits to whistlers, and Hampden who would hardly rock their own boat.
Well he’s went and done it.
Brought us to a fork in the road.
The overwhelming majority of Tims are good people who fell in love with Celtic at some stage or other but first and foremost were football fans.
Football, you know, two teams of eleven with a rules based referee blowing for any fouls, 90 minutes of blood sweat and glory,may the best team win.
The beautiful game grabbed us, whether game first or team first makes little difference for you can’t have one without the other.
There’s nothing beautiful about the Scottish setup as it stands. It’s the opposite of beautiful, football based scenes that have good honest folk contemplating their futures in the nation never mind their season ticket.
Hitched to a wayward twin with no say in the matter and scorn if you’re not jumping aboard?
Well Dermots done something alright, he’s shown us exactly where we are as a club, were we are going as a club.
Jock once said if they knew the half of it they would burn down the park, well now after having exposed the half of it he cracks the verbal whip, all’s ok pay up.
And this after some of the nations worst scenes in years.
People fearing due to a ‘game’ and some elements of the national sport, yet we get a condescending broadcast?
It’s clear where ‘his’ side and club would go if given the choice.
Dermots choice is the Old Firm highway, full prices in but the team is never strengthened too much, lots of EPL castoffs and loaners, some big Euro games but bent refs and a doped up rival whose fans may become dangerous again.
The big bad bent Old Firm in all it’s dirty glory.
Mediocrity awaits, those who see through the act walk away whilst those there for the atmosphere and tradition dwindle.
Dermots path and it doesn’t really matter who the manager is they will work under his preset parameters, we as a fanbase never get to see how high our club can leap or can we hatch a plan to crack Europe.
We sit in limbo, waiting on a European reshuffle to call us both, which looks further away than ever.

The other fork leads,,,,,
Well you tell me. I can recount endless tales where being brave was the right call at the time, myself summed up and most expats would say the same.
On the field whether granting Jock full control, or signing the mercurial Shoonski Nakamura or Lubo, unlikely lads who turned into top bhoys, our club of choice has always been adventurous, Mohammed Salim would agree. That star is testament to it.
The current Champions have done very well in Europe, Seville have completely cracked it, we ignore it for the most part.
Europe excites the support in a way the derby games dont, we want the experience of new lands and stadiums, colours and chants.
Likewise we wish to host the continents best names but not only as an also ran.
We want European action, the more the merrier, it brings out our best, yet our board has never fully tried to establish us a proper foothold.
Vision mixed with action and intent could remedy that, but it means the end of staying one step ahead, the traditional Old Firm safeguard.
A playing style with a DOF who has a remit to be ready for those qualifiers come rain or snow would be the correct path to sustained entry into Europe, not grabbing the latest available Irishman.
Dermot and a freshly installed Peter once placed a top bracket manager in the slow lane, they are doing the equivalent to the entire club now, while insisting on top dollar. From you of course not them.
Everything isn’t alright, we want fundamental change, plans put in place instead of reactions, not a scolding.
Patronizing those who must turn a blind eye to death, FFP and bent refs just to stay involved is hardly the greatest business strategy in the world but incredibly it looks like one our majority shareholder has chosen.
My name’s Stevie and I’m a football fan. My team of choice is Glasgow Celtic like those on here, but first and foremost I’m a football fan. Two teams of eleven and a ref going by the rulebook, that’s the basic premise that lured me and millions, nay billions into either watching or trying the beautiful game in some form or other.
But unlike almost every other league in the world, in ‘ours’ competition is manufactured. It must be, the Old Firm business model would not sustain us sprinting away into the distance, spoils must be shared, it’s an unwritten rule and just another one of our clubs dirty secrets.
Increasingly Glasgow Celtic fails to offer me what football fundamentally should offer me, yet Dermot ignores this, either blinded by money or very out of touch.
Now he tells me this is the way it is, he’s going nowhere.
We have arrived at the fork in the road.
By Mahe

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March 26, 2021 6:33 am

What kind of warped, perverse, mind set does Dermot Desmond have?
I’m only a second generation Irishman, Scottish by birth. But I’m well aware of the suffering of countless millions of Irish people for centuries at the hands of the English/British establishment. For being Irish and Catholic.

That way of thinking still exists to some degree in Scotland especially around the orange order and ‘Rangers’.

Why on God’s earth would an Irishman, a Catholic? relish and wish to thrive on a concept like the ‘Old Firm’? His stomach churning praise of the Ibrox club & it’s history? Is he a secret unionist/orangeman? He speaks like one!

This is the most depressing aspect of Mahe’s article. He is the power behind it all. Of all that is wrong at Celtic. Encouraging the most hateful elements of Scotland.

The curse of Cromwell be upon him.

March 26, 2021 7:48 am

Powerful stuff. Depressing actually, but they say the truth often hurts.

Great opening comments to today’s leader. Not sure I could add anything else that wouldn’t just be echoing the thoughts of Mahe and yourself.

In other news:

The worlds fucked with no signs of it getting any better. Think I’ll need to stop reading the news. It’s not so much the lies and deception being peddled to control our lives that is the biggest issue for me, it’s the fact so many are buying into it. Seemingly smart people not prepared to at least look at the numbers, question the logic. I can’t understand why. Had a conversation with someone yesterday whom I considered an intelligent person, and walked away depressed at their “ well if the scientists are saying it, then it must be true” attitude

I actually saw someone out running along a country lane yesterday with a mask on. Not even a normal face mask either, one of those big open face visors. I felt like stopping the car to ask them wtf they were thinking? In fact I felt like punching them, which is ridiculous.

Businesses on the brink, mine included. Lives being ruined .

I’d say I’ve been a fairly responsible person all my life. Now I find myself thinking it’s time to riot. In fact I would actively encourage it. Irresponsible I know but tempers running high.

Gonna have a few days out folks. A lot of stuff to think about and deal with. Good job the hoops are flying and can provide a welcome distraction eh! Ahhh shit…

Catch ya all in a few days ….. take care amigos. As Rodney said “ I’m gonna go find a small bloke and start a fight”

March 26, 2021 7:54 am

Sobering lead, depressing actually, but as Yogi Berra said “when you get to the fork in the road take it”
This year we all know the fork to take

March 26, 2021 8:16 am

I was a month short of my 8th birthday when my dad took me to Celtic Park for my first game. We played Patrick Thistle and lost 1-2. I was awestruck at the crowd; thousands of grown men shouting abuse at the referee and players whose names I barely recognised but would soon become my heroes. The mood was one of disappointment and quite fearful of the forthcoming game against Dunfermline. I heard new words like fuxake and orange bastard for the first time in my life.
I didn’t go to the cup final the following weekend but my dad did, and his mood coming back to my granda’s house was totally different. Uncontrolled joy at winning the first trophy in eight years. I was hooked and started going regularly to witness the rise of our best ever team. The next time I actually saw us lose a game was against AC Milan in 1969. How’s that for getting spoiled? In the meantime I had seen us win nearly every trophy we entered. This following Celtic malarkey was excellent craic.
But still the referees got foul abuse at every game. They were orange bastards. It was simply a fact of life. Mr Stein told us in the Celtic View that we just had to play well to make the refs’bias irrelevant. And, by God, we did.
My point is that Celtic have always accepted that we never get a fair crack from the refs or the SFA. NEVER! We put the Huns in their place on the park. We knew it wasn’t a level playing field but we were so superior it didn’t matter. We didn’t see any Hun triumphalism because they won next to nothing and they KNEW they were second best. What a time to go through my teenage years.
Time warping to the modern era, we experienced something similar under Brendan Rodgers. Domestically, we were even more successful in terms of trophies and regular drubbings of the Huns, although our performances in Europe were disappointing. The key to our success was our manager/head coach. Everything flowed from that basic truth. The minute we have anything other, rhe refs and the SFA get out of their boxes and the Huns rear their ugliness. Think Liam Brady, Lou Macari, Tony Mowbray and most recently Neil Lennon.
So we need the best coach available. Period.
It must be clear to even our current board that this is the case. It follows that appointing a mediocre head coach allows our south side rivals to prosper. Is it deliberate or just bad luck? I think they’re feart to be too successful. Almost half of the market are Huns. If we demoralise them too much, the cash for our club dries up too. That’s where our club’s custodians seem to be.
Do the majority of Celtic fans accept this? History shows that they do. Most aren’t really aware about the 5WA, Res12 , our board giving out names and addresses of fans to the cops etc etc. We are regarded as keyboard fanatics, internet bampots indeed, and we are sidelined, our concerns ignored.
Dermott is staying put. We can’t shift him. We can only hope that he appoints a good management team to achieve some success. We are not going to bury our south side rivals and so the bigotry will be allowed to continue along with their ugly triumphalism . It’s a real bind for us. Do we continue to fund the OF charade? If we want to follow our team of choice, there ain’t much choice. It’s take it or leave it..
The bigotry will only stop as and when they go out of business and that will only happen if they allow their finances to get totally out of control again. This could well happen, but their handers in the banks and the SFA will do everything to keep them afloat.
Sad, but oh so true.
If Roy Keane gets the job, but has a good team of coaching and other back up staff, we could put a decent team on the park,but how long would it last? How long before he blows a gasket and rips the dressing room apart? Maybe FanaTic is right and RK is a squirrel, to enable a ” at least it’s not him” candidate in. Who knows, but Mahe, you are so right. We’re at a fork in the road and dependent on an absentee owner over whom we have no influence.

March 26, 2021 8:31 am

Spot on Twisty. Powerful but depressing lead.
I really don’t get Desmond. We look at doped up clubs, Man City, Chelski, PSG to name but three, where money is poured in in pursuit of success. Sevco have also been kept “afloat” by money pumped in to stop the ten.
We get a billionaire “Celtic lover” who takes money out in the form of preferential share dividends and watches a modern, forward thinking manager leave. He then sits back as the team withers and dies. Go figure!

March 26, 2021 8:38 am

DD is just a businessman plain and simple, how many agm has he not bothered his arse? I would love for someone with a greater business brain that myself to tell us after his initial buying of shares how much is he creaming in on dividends and more shares. Has he put his hand in his pocket at any time or is Celtic just a plaything for him? I always thought with football it’s a simple business model get a good team playing good football with young exciting talent coming through and the crowds will flock in the doors and willingly hand over their hard earned cash and let’s be honest now is the time that every spare penny really cld be used elsewhere in a normal household. Celtic is so important to so many people day in day out and to see it being used as a plaything is heart breaking. Surely Celtic plc know the thoughts of many and it wont take much to break the straw on the camels back if by the sounds of it it’s not already broken!!

Andy Pandy 2
March 26, 2021 9:16 am

they’re feart to be too successful…
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Bang on. No OF, no relevance in their eyes. Instead of putting together a good team, capable of competing at the highest level, they appear to want mediocrity, a few trophies and hang on to the coattails of the the other half. Every time we seem to be pulling away, the breaks go on. Is it any coincidence that this has been more obvious in the last 20 years, especially after Seville. And just in case they can’t slow us down by themselves, in step the other facilitators. And the support have to like it or lump it. I am not an economic expert, but surely the simple premise of a successful team=increased support=increased revenue=better quality players=further success and ultimately, if you’re a shareholder increased dividends. What’s not to be happy about? Or am I missing something?

March 26, 2021 10:11 am

Morning all…just about to read the lead article but I thought it would be a good time to say “Leo Sayer! Isn’t he just wonderful?” Have a wee listen to this to brighten your day…

March 26, 2021 10:52 am

Excellent read today, Mahe! A superb leader that is astute and nails Desmond for the charlatan that he undoubtedly is. It seems to have been a lucky choice to play ‘One Man Band’ for Twisty as it ties in perfectly with Desmond the subject of the article!
Twists, Jim, Ger57, GD, Frodshambhoy, AP2….all bang on the money with your comments, too. I honestly couldn’t add to any of it. A depressing thought really!
As an aside to your recollections, Ger57, my wee fella’s fifth game was at Parkheid v Hearts when Garry Hooper scored all 5 in the last game of the season. I’d taken him to the last 5 games of the season and ‘sneaked’ him through the turnstiles with me. He was 6 at the time.
As The Huns died so my wee guys love for the Hoops took off. The following season was his first season ticket. Yeah, the Euro performances in his time have been poor but the memory of the 125 TIFO and the result of that night will live with him forever. He’s 15 now and Celtic and fitba daft but like you as a boy…he’s known only success, he’s not known anything other than domestic superiority. He has witnessed Celtic win 19 Trophies. 19!! In his short time watching the Hoops! It’s incredible.

March 26, 2021 11:22 am

Morning bhoys and ghirls
Predictor update 26/3/21

Bada(j)..0 pts..138
Bmcuwp (j)..1pt..124
Lct.. 6pts..106
C76..0pts..106 entry…93

Well done Celtic champs elect,you have a free£15 Bet for charity. know your bet before next round if fixtures please.

Getting closer at the top now,still.all

My.sincere.condolences to you and your loved ones of the passing of your mother.
May perpetual light shine upon her
May her soul rest in peace..

Bada Bing
March 26, 2021 12:09 pm

Another week drifts by,and Celtic have still got nobody in to start on the absolute mess the Club is in.

March 26, 2021 12:42 pm

Excellent article,MAHE.

Most companies who treat their “customers” like this would lose them,and for good. Celtic have an advantage over most companies as even those “customers” who turn their back will still wish to return. In much the same way,the shareholders of most companies would stage a revolt against the board were their wishes to be brushed so contemptuously aside by the “I’m in charge!” attitude of a 35% shareholder.

DD gets away with it because of how that shareholder base has been gerrymandered via the underwriting of various share issues,and the proxying of shareholdings being permitted at AGMs. In particular,the larger shareholders proxy not to rock the boat while the smaller shareholders see their vote not counting due to their not being present.

Such is life,I suppose. If we can’t change our club,and we can’t change the club we support,the only option left to make our feelings known is via “civil disobedience”,but instead of sitting down on the streets we sit on our hands when the call to renew comes along. They CGAF about us,only about our money. Time to show that we CGAF about them,only about Celtic. And we can watch them on the telly or on a laptop for a while just as easily.

March 26, 2021 1:08 pm


I can understand you wishing to take a break from the blog and from the news, in general. I have been there myself. I believe this is an undocumented effect of the crisis that will be realised after the virus is under control. It is a wearing down of the spirit due to constant restrictions and bad news. Throw in concerns for your way of life and those that you love, and the pressure is significant.

When you look at football and see very wealthy, privileged people messing up, you just despair of the unfairness of it all.

Your condition is shared if that is any consolation.


March 26, 2021 1:38 pm

I have lived in London for over 30 years. Despite visiting home regularly to see my old mammy I cannot day that I have my hand on the pulse of the nation. The rise of the nats and the demise of labour is something that I didn’t see coming. So I’m not on the best position to judge if Scotland has changed for the better or not. We will all have the horror stories from our parents and grandparents of the blatant bigotry, violence and discrimination our people suffered. As a good Catholic I was taught to move on and to forgive the past, in other words, to love. I think that it cannot be as bad as the past but the reports of the last few weeks have been very disturbing . In the phone to my mother she tells me about the union jacks everywhere and whole villages being blocked off for celebration. As a West Lothian man my mother told me that Blackburn was particularly nasty – she said that it never used to be like that. More serious is the violence and abuse. The badness never went away and was just waiting for an opportunity to surface. The hatred and bigotry was always on the internet.These people have nothing in their lives and are more to be pitied.
I don’t know the answer but I do know that this should not be tolerated in a fair and decent country. This is not sour grapes. Let them celebrate in a civilised manner. What is more important, winning at what is basically a game or the life of a young Polish man. Scotland is a truly beautiful country with most of it’s people decent and kind. It’s sad that these savages and losers ruin it for the majority . My dream was to eventually buy a nice little house in the countryside and come home to see out my days in peace. I’m having second thoughts now. Am I overreacting to a piece of nonsense or is there something rotten in Scotland?

Noel Skytrot
March 26, 2021 2:00 pm

Good article as per,
regardless if its Keane or anyone else for the managers position, does anyone think he’ll be bankrolled in terms of signings?

i’m watching you and your newfound Leo Sayer love in. Lol

are you susceptible to a brown envelope? Lol

Mike in Toronto
March 26, 2021 2:06 pm

Here’s one for our ‘American’ host …..

Surely I cant be the only one who picked up a strong whiff of Trumpism (“I am the greatest…”) in Dermot Desmond’s “I am a Celtic supporter” statement this week. But I think the similarities go beyond merely the belief that they and they alone can lead their respective minions to the promised land.

Dermott Desmond and Donald Trump love golf. They were both infamous for playing golf while ignoring slightly more important events… (for Trump it was the G20 Summit… for DD, it was the AGM.. which one you ask? Pick one!) Both have sons who (if the poster is, indeed, the youngest Desmond) seem to be fatuous, entitled brats with a penchant for shooting their mouths off online, particularly towards anyone who would dare question their fathers.

Over the last decade, we saw an American President who did his best to rip the heart out of public education and healthcare, in favour of plans that favoured the rich, including tax breaks that were meant to and did benefit the richest of the rich property owners. He appointed people to cabinet who were so out of touch with reality (Betty Devos, whose family are Blackwater and Amway to over see public education! She tried to gut the public school system in favour of a system what would financially favour the elite. And she made about 400 million during her time in office!)

Yet it wasn’t that small group of very rich elite who voted Trump into office.

For the most part, it was poor, rural voters… the type who were most adversely effected by Trump’s policies. It was the bible belters who voted for a man who not only serially cheated, but was in all likelihood a serial rapist. It was the same supporter who Trump, in in private, sneered at for being taken in by the ‘scam’, as Trump called it.

And yet these people voted … in many cases, with record turn outs. And they voted for Trump! The highest recorded vote total for a sitting president.

And what did DD and PL do while Trump was golfing? DD was also golfing. And PL, his minion, was busy NOT checking his email… and NOT reading the 5WA… and NOT knowing the rules that determine how the business he runs operates.

And even today, after January 6, many will still tell you that their great-grandfather was a republican, their grandfather was a republican, their daddy is a republican, and they will never not vote republican.

Others will tell you that they dont support Trump, but they will always support the Republican Party.(as an aside, look how well that policy of appeasement has gone for the mainstream Republicans, who now have to kiss Trump’s ass – a ring was not enough – in order to try to hold on to their jobs.)

And today, after the debacle that was this season, many supporters will tell you that PL did a great job. Others will concede things are not perfect, will still tell you that they will ‘never, never, never not renew.’ They will tell you that they dont support the Board, but they will always support Celtic.

The Celtic playbook has been right out of the Republican playbook …. any more so, and they might replace You’ll Never Walk Alone with Dueling Banjos over the tannoy.

As Celtic shareholders, you get to vote at the AGM. But, because of the way that system is set up, that vote is worthless. So, your only real vote, the vote that counts… is your money.

Are you going to vote for another 4 years of Trump?

Saltires en Sevilla
March 26, 2021 2:07 pm


Superb today!

Falling in love with football first, and Celtic as a close second. Family transcends all of that, of course, and your values align to most folk I know.

Billionaires are a curse on society, anyone with those aspirations and ‘front’ will never think, feel or act like the vast majority.

The days of ‘just going to see the team’ and meanwhile claiming to be ‘not endorsing the Board…’ , hopefully, coming to an end.

Good luck to those that can stick with that thinking.

Each to their own, absolutely!

March 26, 2021 2:07 pm

Noel… Heeheehee!! Twisty portrays himself as a man of honour but he’s as susceptible to a brown envelope as a man who lowers himself to post Leo Sayer videos as a means of public recognition!! 🤣🤣🤣

March 26, 2021 2:09 pm


Welcome aboard!

Regular posters TWISTY and SOLKITTS gave their thoughts on the subject earlier in the week. IIRC,TWISTY had been in England for around twenty years before moving back. Now he is seriously considering moving away again,despite his close family ties locally. SOLKITTS has been in Essex for 25 years,and has decided NEVER to go back.

Both gave similar reasons to those you raise.

Me? Been down here twenty years,and nearly a decade before that too. I’d go back like a shot-except that my prospects are better down here. Though being unemployed for the first time this century is pissing me off!

To summarise,there’s four people with the same thoughts on our country,each with a different take on things. But all with one thing in common,our concern that we are being treated as an underclass in our own country. What a bliddy shitshow,eh?

March 26, 2021 2:12 pm


Superb post,worthy of its rightful place as Article of the Day!

March 26, 2021 2:26 pm

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have a look at the comments in earlier posts.

March 26, 2021 2:28 pm

Great article Mahe. Unfortunately it has put me on a bit of a downer.
MIT’s excellent post has just compounded my feelings.
Difficult to read both, but bang on the money bhoys. Pun intended 😊

Noel Skytrot
March 26, 2021 2:30 pm

I thought as much. I’ve the Leo Sayer album in cd format- Silverbird ordered from Amazon and a brown envelope ready to go. Twists, over to you. Lol

March 26, 2021 2:39 pm

Hello pop pickers, it’s another day at number 1 for Roy Keane, his odds have contracted even further.
As far as the bookies are concerned, he’s a one man band.😁
Roy Keane
John Kennedy
Enzo Maresca
Eddie Howe
Chris Wilder
Frank Lampard
Rafael Benitez
Gordon Strachan
Patrick Vieira
Paul Lambert
Roberto Martinez
Steve Clarke
Thierry Henry
Alex Neil
Damien Duff
Dan Petrescu
Derek McInnes
Domenec Torrent
Henrik Larsson
Jack Ross
Jesse Marsch
Jindřich Trpišovský
John Terry
Mark Hughes
Martin O’Neill
Michael O’Neill
Nicky Butt
Sean Dyche
Shaun Maloney
Slaven Bilic
Wayne Rooney
Andre Villas-Boas
Andriy Shevchenko
Carlos Queiroz
David Moyes
David Wagner
Jim Goodwin
Luca Gotti
Lucien Favre
Mick McCarthy
Sven-Goran Eriksson
Vincent Kompany

March 26, 2021 2:40 pm

That’s another great leader, although not pleasant reading.

Mike in Toronto
March 26, 2021 2:41 pm


Didn’t mean to bring you down … hopefully, this will lift your spirits a bit … get up, stand up …

March 26, 2021 2:41 pm

Jobo. This is for you.
🤩It gets better every time you see it!

A moment of magic from @jmcginn7 as Scotland draw level again!

Follow #SCO vs #AUT in the #FIFAWorldCupQualifiers here:

March 26, 2021 2:48 pm

Just a wee bit of whimsy from me…hope yez don’t mind.

Further to my post the other day, describing that great community on this blog, I’ll go even further. This blog is an online Celtic Supporters Bus. With a couple of exceptions no names, but I hope that some of yous will recognise yourselves.

First up, we have Mahe and BMCUW, our esteemed bus conveners.

Next up, we have our Social Conveners aka The Nightshift Merry Pranksters. They keep us supplied in the very best of music on our journey.

Next up, the mid-bus smokers, who do a fine line in exotic cheroots, and keep us all entertained with their madcap antics, especially on the way back from a tanking.

Then of course, there is the mad skwad occupying the last two rows of our bus.
Mad rebs to the core. No away game would be complete without that well known plaintiff cry…”Get that war music on driver”. All before the poor driver has switched on the engine.

Then we have the singers. These generally fall into the following categories:

1. Those that can hold a tune, and know every Celtic song word perfect. They also know every reb song from 1798 till the present. Though the guys that belt out every fifteen verser on a long trip back from Dingwall are not always appreciated… especially as the rest of us are trying to get some kip.

2. Those that have their own party piece, and stick to that.

3. Those that think they are Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra, but sound more like Father Jack Hackett on steroids.

The next category are those universally respected by all…the Old Bhoys that have been going to see the Tic for many a long year. Their stories are legendary, and personally I never tire of hearing a wee historical Celtic tale. Unfortunately, the years catch up on us all, and we all reach this milestone much sooner that we would wish.

Every Supporters bus needs a lawyer, in case of unwarranted attention from the fuzz. Sorted.

Last but by no means least, ever Supporters bus has its very own Girls. They bring to the bus, certain qualities that us guys just don’t, including level headedness, poise and intelligence. Many a polis has been talked out of lifting a bus member, by the intervention of these angels.

On my last Supporters bus-i was a member for nine years or so- I was a member of the mad skwad. We weren’t typical though. Our ages ranged from mid-20s to late 40s. Mostly Bhoys with a sprinkling of Girls. Ever journey was a hoot. Memories that I would not change for anything. I will take the fifth on which category of singer I slot into. The only problem was when new members joined. The younger ones felt that they should occupy the back seats and not “them auld bastards”. Of course anyone in their mid 20s or above, is an auld bastard, doncha know

Final tale about the mid bus smokers. This was all fine and dandy, but not on a freezing cold February night, returning from Rugby Park. Of course, the windaes
we’re tightly shut. On disembarking the bus, every fecker was found to be high as a kite, even those that did not imbibe. There was a lot of explaining to do when we arrived at the homeplace… especially those of us that were aff the bevvy for Lent.

Hail Hail

Puff puff
March 26, 2021 2:56 pm

MAGUA … haha brilliant .
Leo is now officially banned from the nightclub/nightshift.

Noel Skytrot
March 26, 2021 2:57 pm

I’m not a fan of Desmond in anyway as i’m all for the supporters having a say in how the club functions, but, and its a big BUT, what if he comes through and gets a really good manager, DOF, coaching staff and bankrolls said manager with a right few quid and we go on a roll again, where does it leave our dissenting voices if his input brings us domestic success and we do well in Europe?

The general consensus by most on here is we want our club back and others to be held accountable for their misdeeds but talking to most supporters they just want us to be the club on top. How do we get them to change their minds?

March 26, 2021 2:58 pm

Thank you. That is a Friday afternoon belter.
Almost 40 years since Bob died. Time flies.

March 26, 2021 2:59 pm

Hahaha. Excellent post. 👍😁😂

March 26, 2021 3:02 pm


Ah,you brought back memories there! Over forty years since I attended by supporters bus,mind. Went by train after that,most of the time.

Sometimes,meeting SOLKITTS before the match,he would talk me into the rest of the weekend in Edinburgh. Talking me into it might be a bit of an exaggeration! So we would jump on the oul’ Citylink after the match. Which would be the next best thing to a supporters bus,being full of Celtic fans making their way home!

After an unfortunate occasion when they supplied a bus without a toilet-and like you,we plead the fifth on events-we just took the train. Still full of Celtic fans making their way home!

March 26, 2021 3:10 pm

Song about cities.
I always thought it was written about Glasgow, when I was a child in Partick.

Noel Skytrot
March 26, 2021 3:16 pm

cheers for posting Concrete Jungle by Tuff Gong, my favourite song. Marley’s music can make plants dance. I’m actually sitting and i’ve a Trenchtown FC tshirt on with a pair of customised Bob Marley trainers on my feet.

One good think about music when it hits you feel no pain. Brilliant.

Noel Skytrot
March 26, 2021 3:20 pm

The last sentence of my last post are not lyrics to the song Garry played, but I think they are brilliant lyrics to open a song.

March 26, 2021 3:21 pm

Gimme a few coffees then I will reply.

Aware the merry pranksters are from California?
Ken Kesseys Merry Pranksters and there is a fantastic documentary about them called the magic trip.

The Gombeen Man
March 26, 2021 3:22 pm

Dermot’s not only been busy resurrecting the rough diamond of the Old Firm.

Mr Desmond owns 32% ownership of Canadian diamond mining company, Mountain Province Diamonds…

The company announced losses for 2020 of $263.4m Canadian Dollars yesterday.

Dermot spent $100m USD during 2020 buying diamonds from Mountain Province Diamonds (at a discounted price) via his investment company, Dunebridge.

He also took over $25m USD of the mining firm’s debt.

As part of the deal Dermot agreed to split the profit on the sale of the diamonds when the market recovers (percentage split not known).

Yesterday’s announcement of $263.4m loss for 2020…

“Net loss of $263.4 million or $1.25 loss per share (2019: net loss $128.8 million or $0.61 loss per share). Included in the determination of net loss is an impairment loss on property, plant and equipment of $217.4 million (2019: $115.8 million) offset by an unrealized foreign exchange gain of $12.3 million (2019: $20.8 million) on the translation of the Company’s USD-denominated long-term debt and Dunebridge (Dermot owned investment company) revolving credit facility. The unrealized foreign exchange gain is a result of the strengthening of the Canadian dollar versus US dollar.”


(Less Detail)…

Background during 2020.

March 26, 2021 3:29 pm

Right Garry.
It’s Friday, afternoon, in Scotland.
Let’s get the party started.
Ashcroft. Break The Night With Colour

March 26, 2021 3:30 pm
March 26, 2021 3:31 pm

Fleetwood Mac Go your own Way

Noel Skytrot
March 26, 2021 3:31 pm

I think we should lobby Bobby and Mahe to make sure that Leo Sayer is banned from the site, what ya think?

March 26, 2021 3:32 pm

Gerry Cinnamon Discoland live. Today’s Banger.

March 26, 2021 3:35 pm

Dennis Brown. Money in my Pocket.
That’s this week’s Friday five, folks.

March 26, 2021 3:54 pm

Scores after 20 March.


Premier Division
RayMac £23.61 (7.99)
The Real McCoy £1.33. (17.82)
Celtic Champs -£3.50 (16.16)
Cosy Corner B -£5.50 (3.50)
Big Packy -£9.24 (1.81)
Vogue Punter -£10.60. ( 13.36)
Craig 76 -£11.30(11.19)
Leftclicktic -£11.38. (15.34).
Jim the Tim -£17.33. (8.06)
Bada -£24.67. (6.95)
Mahe -£26.10. (19.09)
First Division
Garry -£4.12. ( 14.70)
BMCUW -£9.82 ( 15.09)
Calton Tongues -£5.50. (11.80)
Chalmersbhoy -£19.00. (7.36)
Gordon -£26.60. ( 7.81)
Valleybhoy -£26.67. (20.36)
Jimmy NP -£28.25. (4.83)
Twisty -£38.00. ( 11.6)
Big Railroad B. -£38.00. ( 7.65)
AS67 -£38.00. ( 4.66)
Mea Culpa -£38.00. ( 0.63)

March 26, 2021 3:59 pm

MIT your post of the day reminded me of the Tommy Douglas film about mice
Tommy Douglas, Kiefer Sutherlands grandfather was a Scottish immigrant to Canada, he was voted as Canada’s greatest Canadian of the twentieth Century. He was also known as the father of Canadian Socialism, when he was elected Premier of Saskatchewan he brought in Provincial Health Care for all residents of that Province ,and later copied by the Canadian Federal Government
Douglas made a movie about Mice and how the mice always voted for Fat Cats,when the fat cats screwed them they voted for Black Cats ,then White Cats so on down the line… until a brave little mouse came up with the idea why don’t we elect a mouse? This didnt sit well with the Cats so they locked the brave little mouse up. Douglas said you can lock the little rebel up but you cannot lockup his speach or thoughts. The film is dated but was warmly received by Labour in Canada and is still showing in Labour Courses
When i Was 16 in 1967 we had just moved to a suburb of Vancouver and a new friend and I saw a crowd of people go into a banquet hall being curious we poked our heads in and the guest speaker was just being introduced,we stayed and listened to his speach it was Tommy Douglas
That was also the first time I met my future wife, her friends dad owned the banquet hall/ nightclub. I didn’t see her again for a few years but here we are two years away from our 50th wedding anniversary, I bumped into my future wife and Tommy Douglas in the same day

March 26, 2021 4:01 pm


Dunno what part of that post I enjoyed the most!

Wishing you and Mrs THETIC all the best in a couple of months,congratulations.

March 26, 2021 4:08 pm

A mini update, folks.
In the last hour or so, Roy Keane has drifted back to EVS.
Eddie Howe has been cut from 12s to 5s
Roy Keane
John Kennedy
Eddie Howe

March 26, 2021 4:12 pm

I absolutely adore the Wigan genius. Belter of a tune. Up the RA!

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