Interesting Times.

We certainly live in interesting times,and the origin of that particular phrase lies,ironically,in a Chinese curse. Never before have we faced such an upheaval as the one that lies before us,not even in the ones which I outlined in Monday’s article.
Although we have identified our new CEO,he is yet to take up his post. That leaves the outgoing CEO as either a lame duck who can do nothing,or the exact opposite-in place,able to rule at will but without any concern over the outcome of any decisions he might make. That’s why most companies either put their staff on “gardening leave” or alternatively pay up their notice period and remove them from the building. In fairness,such is Lawwell’s control over every aspect of the company,it is probably important that he continue to hold the reins while baby-stepping various titular heads of department on how to do their job free from interference.
It may well be too that he is involved in the massive recruitment process that the club needs to undertake with some urgency. After all,it is hardly sensible to wait until Dominic McKay takes his seat on 1st July-we need to get the spadework done long before that to rebuild our squad,even before we take into account the work to be done on managerial structure and personnel. I’m sure that DMcK will have the final say on those appointments,but it is not fair on either him or his current employers to expect him to do the hard yards in finding the right people or in actually getting them on board. Nor can we wait until he arrives!
But who and what are we likely to need? Well,the obvious position which needs filled is that of probably the most important person at the club-the manager! I’ll come back probably tomorrow to my shortlist for that one. And although nothing has been said officially,the smart money is on us creating for the first time a role of Director of Football/Technical Director,who will oversee the footballing department and remove the CEO from any decision making in our recruitment process. I have no views on the correct person for this job,as it isn’t a subject that I’m versed in.
It is likely too that Nicky Hammond will be replaced,and that the entire scouting department will be pulled apart and rebuilt. Long overdue,this one. The last decade or so almost makes me look back longingly at the likes of John Park.
And then there’s the crux of the matter,the playing personnel. Let’s start with the premise that the new manager arrives with the intention of giving the youngsters a chance as cover for injuries,suspensions,etc when the first team squad is depleted. This will itself be a huge step forward for us,because the last decade has been something of a desert for us. Far too few players have been given that chance for any worthwhile period of time,and on many occasions we have seen young starlets sparkle brightly,only to be snuffed out and banished once more to the darkness.
But are those players actually there? This season,we have been crying out for cover at centre half,and what we had was a young right back! Admittedly,Stephen Welsh has hopefully made that position his own,but when we later needed a replacement right back,he was already playing at centre half! Young Conor Hazard stepped into the breach when we needed a keeper,but unless and until he is brave enough to make every ball into the box his,shouting “M-I-N-E!!!!” so loudly we can hear it in McChuill’s,then I hae ma doots.
Ditto Michael Johnston. An undoubtedly skilful player,but one who seems to have no idea of his best position and needs to be more robust in every aspect of his game.
Wee Karamoko is one who seems to have decided his future lies elsewhere,as Harper has already done,and I don’t think they will be the last ones who decide they are better served elsewhere. There are though still plenty of options,and I hope the new manager uses them wisely.
So where does the manager start with the rebuild? Well,unless there’s a gem of a keeper going for the square root of sod all,I’d start at right back. And the chances are that we will need two automatic first choice centre backs too,as it is unfair to load too much expectancy and responsibility onto young Welsh so early in his career. I’m actually quite happy with Greg Taylor at left back-which will have ATHINGOFBEAUTY,GARRY et al choking on their cornflakes-as there are more pressing areas to deal with. But that is still three defenders needed.
Our midfield for next season as it stands is likely to consist of Soro,CalMac and Jamesie out wide. Ntcham may well return,tail between his legs,and due to the fact that he is in the last year of his contract he could finally get aff his fat lazy arse and do a bit. But we certainly can’t put our faith in that unlikely possibility,nor in Tom Rogic deciding to play again for the same reason. So again as in defence,we probably need three top midfielders,as I’m still undecided on the fitness levels of David Turnbull. We can probably fill one of those roles with young Henderson and our left side with Johnston,but still two top guys required. And then we come to the real problem…
Our front men have been truly honking this season. Eddy can’t be arsed,Griff and Ajeti can’t even be arsed to get fit,and Klimala doesn’t fit our style of play,a la Harald Brattbakk. There is no-one lighting up the youth leagues who we can confidently place into the team either,so we are looking at an entire new strike force-or a bloody miracle from the ones we can’t get rid of!
Now,my article on Monday showed us that rebuilds are possible,and have been done successfully in the past. MAHE yesterday explained that in each case,there was already a nucleus of remaining players for that rebuild to be structured around. That is unlikely to be the case this year,with a huge number of the personnel clearing their lockers for the last time,and in most cases leaving for a mere fraction of their true worth-thus making it more difficult for us to replace them.
Make no mistake,DMcK has his work cut out,and so too will the people that he puts in place to rebuild the entire footballing structure of the club. That in itself is an indictment of the gross failure of his predecessor and his enablers on the board. He will need time to get this right,as will the people he puts in place.
May you live in interesting times? I could do without it,thanks.

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If Lawwell has anything to do with anything, history will tell us that it will not be the best thing for the club, but what is best for his ego (Dictator). Is he staying on as an advisor to the board that he controlled or is he looking for a post at the SFA, or UEFA?


I make it two keepers with Hazard out on loan.
One left back as clubs need two.
Two centre backs and three if Jules either can’t be counted on or wants a move.
Two right backs, though Ralston and one is more likely.

Ryan will need replaced if he goes, Scott certainly does, but Olly and Tam may not.
We do have Nir, Soro, DT, Euan, Calmac, so two would sort that area out, rather than four in four out. Could put some of the spare change towards the strikers.
James needs competition/injury replacement and the left wing wing ditto Mikey if that’s not a stretch too far.

Up front it could do with four of varying qualities, but we all know that’s not going to happen.
More than likely Griff and Odsonne leave with the remaining two under contract staying.
That might sound bad but there’s a workhorse in Paddy, and a player somewhere in Ajeti.
A good manager may get much more out of them .

My count makes it ten to twelve players needed, effing incredible.
In fairness I have mine leaving to free up the positions and wages, hopefully.
Their fees would cover a medium scale rebuild, if we assume four to five million a player.
Then use the loan system to plug gaps I guess.

I don’t think Dominic realized the scale of the task, DD doesn’t seem to.
If ever the boat should be pushed out for some quality in the dugout it’s now.

Hail Hail

“the smart money is on us creating for the first time a role of Director of Football/Technical Director,who will oversee the footballing department and remove the CEO from any decision making in our recruitment process. I have no views on the correct person for this job,as it isn’t a subject that I’m versed in.”

If you are going to learn from your history/mistakes Dictator with a big ego no more, a football person not a bean counter.


We only have three viable assets with decent realistic sales potential- Ajer, Christie, Edouard.

Any other sales will likely be at market levels we will be hoping to buy at when we replace.
Ntcham, Rogic, Griffiths, possibly Barkas- £4-5m and under.

With 4 loans departing and two keepers required we will be shopping in the bargain basement for a dozen first team ready players. To include a ready made Captain.

The nucleus that are left who want to stay or can’t be sold at any price are thin on experience, lack leadership and leave us with Forrest and McGregor as our Continuity Celtic.
In other words a team in search of an identity.


Morning all

I’ve seen the final Cheltenham results. Congratulations to


Very unlucky to JIMMY NOT PAUL who lost out by the equivalent of one winner. Great effort bud.

CCE – just let me know if ya want the £30 in cash txfer or on one or more bets. If you need my e mail addy for a transfer , I’m sure Bobby will oblige.

Apologies for the late verification, I didn’t realise the final table had been posted.

Well done again CCE.

Some off them young football players up in Lennoxtown really need to be part off the first eleven,after all look at some of the players we have bought who were sent out on loan never to return,so what I’m saying is to give them development players a run in the first team could save the club a fortune ,instead of them being stale up at lennoxtown

The Gombeen Man

Good read this morning BMCUWPS,

What we have seen on the pitch and can infer from the recent articles is really the failure of corporate governance and strategy at the club.

The inspid, rudderless performances are really just the physical manifestation of the failings of corporate accountability.

It’s a given that assigning multiple roles to a single executive-level individual is likely to create havoc to a business’s continuity and negatively affect its long-term profitability.

Mr Lawwell has too many senior roles and that’s a operational red flag. No proper checks and balances or accountability…An operational disaster waiting to happen.

Dominic McKay has a vital job. He comes from a role in a in a different sport. From what I’ve seen he’s an excellent communicator. A lot depends on what the Board ask him to do and the resources he’s given.

Make no mistake. This is a different role in a very different environment.

Celtic need to get the Corporate structure right. That’ll take time.

All of that presumes that Celtic want to improve and have the humility to accept that mistakes have been made. The support and Scottish football have been let down by the club’s reluctance to address the regulatory failures in the game.

Let’s hope that Celtic are serious with this appointment and it’s not an attempt at window dressing to appease the support?

There’s so many examples I could give of failures of corporate governance at the club.

At the root of it all is the disease of capitalising on the misery of Old Firmism and all the toxic baggage that comes with it.

We’re preoccupied by projecting demons outside of Celtic, when in reality we should have been looking within.

As a footnote, the Coaching or lack of it at the club has been so poor that we might be pleasantly surprised what modern coaching, tactics and direction might do for some of the squad?

Till Later.

One of McCaff’s hobby horses is to look at the problem of progressing players from Lennoxtown to the first team. I think he says we should go back to having a reserve team & league. I totally agree with this. Why it was done away with – I can’t remember. The inclusion of ‘x’ amount of senior players, coming back from injury etc. was all to the good. And a great stepping stone for the young players. Get them trained & coached identical to the senior team of course.
Go for it Celtic!


Don’t know enough about Howe to have an opinion on wether he is a good coach.
Generally not impressed by the standard of coaching in the EPL.
Despite that vast wealth tv has brought to that league their teams are often found wanting in Europe
The great Guardiola has not been near a European trophy with City despite their vast spending.
Klopp won one but his team are struggling.
BR’s limitations were obvious in the Europa.
Mourinho looked well past it in Europa.
Guys like Bruce and Allardyce should be nowhere near modern football teams.
The money available to EPL coaches gives them access to players beyond our financial reach yet most struggle to put together teams.
I hope our search has been thorough and we have cast the net wider than EPL?


Luca Connell’s goal to put Queens Park 2-0 up last night 👇

Hi all.
A sweet strike from Luca.



I’d forgotten that Allardyce was back in the game,at WBA! What a sad postscript for a managerial dinosaur,simply forgotten even when he is actually working…



Our open letter on twitter has had 101,131 views and rising not bad for some old Celtic Da’s, honestly we are not trying to do an English exam at our age, just passion getting the better of us, (personally I remember I needed to get at least 7 out of 10 for my spelling at St Mary’s primary back in the day to play for the school team, and I was the Captain and we wore yellow tops, green shorts and yellow socks in Masonic Lanarkshire ☺ but you can bet that was the only day I got the 7) another true story.

We are trying to express the views we all hear on the supporters bus home after the game, the pub after we get home, and for days later if it was a bad result, also on Sentinelcelts you have a worldwide virtual supporters bus with differing views from all walks of life, Gary at the back with the songs, Mahe and BMCUP at the front telling the driver that its only banter! And the rest of us fighting for the seats that are left that would be some bus.☺

We are stubborn and will continue trying to make sure our club’s new CEO knows what he has to deal with up front from the fans point of view and hopefully he will be allowed to finally deal with the elephants in the room so we can all get back to supporting a club that we are able to feel part of. We all need to hope that he is the opposite of the dictator that is leaving, fingers crossed.

We must be doing something right as we have been under zombie attack on twitter for a couple of days now, but the block button is handy as we have more important business to deal with and that is the Celtic.


Hello pop pickers, it’s another day at number 1 for Eddie Howe, if the truth be told, it a strange market, today. Eddie has drifted and is almost back to evs, John Kennedy has slightly drifted, Roy Keane is out to 10s and Enzo remains at 12s, so no money for any of the first four, in the market, overnight. Steve Clarke is next and he has been cut from 33s to 16/1, however if you have been following, you will know he has been much shorter, previously. It would appear no one has a clue, how very Celtic. 😉
Eddie Howe
John Kennedy
Roy Keane
Enzo Maresca
Steve Clarke
Frank Lampard
Chris Wilder
Rafael Benitez
Paul Lambert
Jesse Marsch
John Terry
Marco Silva
Mark Hughes
Michael O’Neill
Patrick Vieira
Phillip Cocu
Ralf Rangnick
Roberto Martinez
Slaven Bilic



“It would appear no one has a clue, how very Celtic”

Like a dagger through the heart,and I hope someone in the upper echelons reads that,realises the truth of it,does something about it in future.

Gerard Smith

Not confident at all for next season, as pointed out in the great article a lot of work to be done. EDDY and Ajer definetly away, leaving us with no defenders and 2 unfit strikers. Also don’t hold out much hope for a top manager and just because someone has been successful in Europe (MARSCH & RAGNICK EG) it doesn’t mean they can adapt to Scottish football. See Paul Le Guen as evidence.

On a side note why did we not identify John McGinn in January 2017 instead of wasting 3.5 mil on Eboue Koaussi. McGinn had already won the league cup with St Mirren and was a major part of the Hibs team that beat SEVCO in the Scottish Cup final 2016. If we had paid the money for McGinn then and hand him back to Hibs on loan for a year we wouldnt have cocked up the bid for him on the Summer of 2018.



Great point about McGinn when he was at St Mirren,and I know a lot of people thought we should have gone for him then. I think you might like tomorrow’s article,it really hammers the point about coughing up the cash when it is the right thing to do.

BTW,if you would prefer not to use your name,maybe a moniker instead,put that moniker into the “Name” column. If you want me to delete your name from your comment,let me know.

Bobby, I think I might start using a moniker!

Excellent article.

3 points.

1. I agree that GT should be our first choice LB. He showed at Killie that he is a solid player. Unfortunately, his game-like many-has fallen apart due to the tactical genius that was Neil Lennon. Let’s see what he can achieve with a manager that knows his stuff.

2. Interesting that you compare Klimala with Harald Brattbakk. This makes sense. If the ball was played directly to Harald, he was useless. If however, the ball was played in front of him, then he was lethal, as evidenced by 9th May 1998. Time will tell whether Klimala can do better with some real coaching.

3. Lawwell should have his lazy, incompetent arse booted out of Celtic Park right now. As you intimated, he still has time to do a lot more damage.

Sorry I did not namecheck the author of the article.Im guessing it’s Mick, but I’m not 100% sure.

Hail Hail.



No point,mate. We know who you are!



If the article hammers Lawwell,you can guarantee that I wrote it! More tomorrow…

bada bing1

Taylor is a Kilmarnock standard player, nothing more

Forgot to say re. goalies. Under the present set up, any goalie in the world would struggle. So again, let’s keep what we have, and see how they do in a real set up, rather than the Fawlty Towers comedy cuts that we have seen this season. SB has already shown that he is some keeper. Not spectacular, but solid. Not this season though. With his constant chopping and changing, Lennon managed to destroy the confidence of all 3 keepers…surely some sort of record. Scott Bain in fact, reminds me very much of Johnny Gould. Still cannot believe that MON discarded him so quickly.


Welcome to the blog.



From the minute TG left in 71 till nearly forty years later with Izzy,we never had a competent left back,though as I said Mark Reid came close. He is considerably better than the ones we endured in that period. Converted centre halfs like Brogan,converted left wingers like Lynch,taking TB out of the midfield,etc. Or Lee Naylor et al.

We were spoiled for nearly a decade with Izzy and then KT,so it is maybe unfair to judge him by them. Judge him by most of his predecessors.



Apparently MON got rid of Gould because he was megamouth to the press.

Great article. I happen to agree with you about keeping Greg Taylor, but only if we are short of ball boys. Dreadful player for Kilmarnock, and worse at Celtic. Would happily never see him wear a Celtic shirt again. I fail to see what anyone sees in this guy. What qualities do you see in him?
I am truly baffled.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ASWGL from last night, thanks for that, yes wee joan is a rock to me, even as im posting here she is looking under the computer table looking for any alcohol 😎 😎 anyway back to celtic, we need to get this managerial appointment right ghuys or them bassas from govan will be laughing their socks off, in my opinion lets go for a european coach and get the european nights under the floodlights back to parkhead.H.H.


Cheers, no need to remove my name from. Comments. I look forward to the article tomorrow, hopefully Dom McKay will realise that penny pinching can actually lead to major cash loss issues down the line.



Takes a lot to make me laugh these days! Well done. That ballboy comment was KWALITYMAN



Two new posters for the price of one,excellent!



I think you are doing the right thing,but you should also seek medical advice. It may not be that the problem is alcohol,and that it is merely a symptom.


Even though I am a fan of big Taylor, I was left with no option but to crack up over the ball boy comment.

I’m gonna nick that one, for future use.



Good article as per. Lots to ponder on, but what to do? Disagree with your view on Jim Brogan: he was top notch and a quality left back, and hard as nails of course. Oh how we could do with a replica of him now!


Hing in rerr…

Packy, I’m not sure the Ibrox mob wear socks. Are they not cloven hoofed?

big packy

BOBBY, have been the quacks he gave me a thorough medical, then gave me setraline tablets, another true story,

big packy

JIM, forgot about that 😎 😎

big packy

FRIESDORFER, cheers pal.👍



There were only two players in the original 9IAR era who I didnae get. Jim Brogan at left back-granted,a different player as a hard as nails centre back-and Tommy Callaghan. No offence to their families,of course.

bada bing1

Bolingoli is our best left back…

Sol Kitts

I’m not changing my username to Monica, think I’ll just stick with Sol.

big packy

BOBBY, seen tommy callaghan tear us apart in a cup game at parkhead in 1968, dunfermline beat us 2-0, jim brogan had a pub in coatbridge called brogans bar met him a few times in there, but as you say hard as nails.

big packy

anyone seen SOLKITTS, im at his house now, think maybe his doorbell is broke😎😎



Monica is reserved for a friend’s daughter if she ever decides to post. Granddaughter of a Lisbon Lion,btw.



Yer some man,only c… I know who can bugger off about the country during a lockdown!

BTW,don’t bother wi the bell,squeeze through the catflap like I have to when I’m marginally late back from the pub.

Latterly, Jim Brogan owned Wintersgills Bar on Great Western Road Kelvinside. Big Celtic shop that the Jim Brogan CSC is based. There was never any bother when Jim Brogan was behind the bar. A lovely guy, but hard as nails as you say.
Sadly gone too young Jim.

big packy

BOBBY, ill try and get in thru the door to his swimming pool,😎

bada bing1

School kids Covid home tests, this video explains it all

Coincidentally, Jim Brogan, Mark Wilson, Kieran Tierney and myself, all have the same birthday. 5th June. Oh, and James Connolly too.

big packy

HIMIE the jewish businessman is at his wits end, he is facing bankruptcy, he starts praying to the lord, lord please help me win the lottery, please lord,this went on for 6 days, finally on the seventh day the clouds parted, the lord shouts down ,HIMIE meet me halfway, buy a fucking ticket, 😎

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