The Hardest Job In Football?

Here we are at the end of a disastrous season,rudderless and leaderless. Our CEO is on the way out-at last!-as is our captain and about half of our first team squad. On top of which,we don’t have a manager-and seem to be dragging our feet somewhat on that,since it was perfectly plain from at least October that we needed a replacement. And with the whole scouting network also needing a boot in the baws,it’s fair to say that we can rip it up and start again,as the old song says.
(I preferred Edwyn in his Orange Juice days,but then I’m a contrary bastert anyway…)
In fact,I think it’s fair to say that things can only get better! Even if that’s one track guaranteed to get me hitting the off switch. The word on the streets,so to speak,is that we intend to restructure football operations,and the fulcrum of that is going to be the appointment of a Director of Football/Technical Director who will ultimately have control of all footballing operations.
This is a huge and overdue appointment. It means that we will be handing control to someone,that he will be telling the youth coaches how he wants his teams to play so that progression is seamless. He will be discussing budgets with the new CEO and the new manager,and making recommendations to both based on that. He will also be the epicentre of contract negotiations,whether renewed and extended,or incoming. And he will be in control of both the scouting department and the technical department.
Now,that is definitely a difficult job-but is it the hardest job in football? I think not,we are a superbly financed club,especially given our geographical position in a financial backwater,and success is really only a matter of competence from those entrusted with their particular roles. We certainly cannot afford anymore the cheap option which costs us in the long run,and have to trust people to do their jobs properly,no matter the possibility of an eye-watering initial cost.
Which brings me back to the headline! The most difficult job in football for the last fifteen years has,I think,been to operate as a manager under the tyranny of Peter Lawwell. Apart from his well-documented failures in negotiations with certain chairmen,based purely on personal animosity,he also suffered a fit of jealousy every time someone was earning more than him. He chased Brendan Rodgers out of the club for that reason,and he wanted to release Scott Brown on a Bosman at the end of his first contract for the same reason. He actually succeeded with Joe Ledley,who had only asked for a continuation of his contract,and with Samaras later that season too.
He’s gone,and I won’t miss him. No secret that I’ve been on his case since he tried to replace Henrik with an on loan dud from Wolves. Prick. Replacing him will be pretty bloody easy for DMcK,I reckon!!!
No,the most difficult job in football is that of the next Celtic manager-except that it isn’t! It’s only a difficult job if you’re the wrong man for the job,you aren’t up to it. If some eejit who thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room has appointed you way above your level of competency! And we have seen the results of having a proper manager in place,where our turnover almost doubled and the standards on the pitch increased exponentially.
So,do we look at the £600k pa market of Jack Ross or Alex Neil,the £1.5m pa of a Lambert,or do we go for someone who can actually do the job? The improvement in income in the BR years shows that a manager who knows what he is doing is really worth his weight in Rhodium-I don’t throw these articles together on a whim,I do a bit of basic research!-and the increase in value of the playing staff backs that up,IMO.
The Celtic job should be,and is,attractive to anyone who knows football. It is toxic because of the reputation of our outgoing CEO,and also because of our backwater status. But BR showed what can be done,even with his hands tied behind his back. And the financial impetus that his success brought suggests to me that our club should not baulk at a £5m pa or more demand from the likes of Rafa or AVB.
A manager should be viewed as an investment,same as new signings on the pitch. A terrific and experienced man will make us as fans a bunch of happy bunnies and it will put a smile on the face of the accountants. The cheap option,any cheap option,is planning to fail.
The most difficult job in football isn’t that of the next Celtic manager. The most difficult job in football is to persuade the Plc of the above.
Above article by BMCUWP.

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Kev I hold my hand up I was one of the people you are talking about. I was even pissed off at BR when he left,I should have known and remembered there is two sides to every story. I kept waiting for some payback when Resolution 12 was finally blown wide open and the SFA SPFL would finally be exposed ,and we would get our pound of flesh..You were right we were wrong
Most of us are now convinced Celtic PLC are part and parcel of the whole charade, and they are about to try and do it again. They hope that when they bring in a new manager the fans will flock to support him and buy season tickets. There will be lots of season tickets sold but they have lost a lot of us and only a Reconciliation will have me thinking about coming back to spend money on Celtic. Like a lot of you it has disappointed me to think we were led down the garden path,I feel like the kid who finally gets to meet his hero only to find out he is an arsehole.I gave up watching other teams as I got older ,I only had enough emotional energy for one team, that energy has been sapped from me.


Bobby I still say the DOF should be hired before the manager and the DOF should be the managers supervisor
The manager should be responsible for coaching,training,sport science ,diet ,tactis and adhere to the clubs philosophy of how the club wants its team to play from youths up to first team
The days of the manager only doing team motivation talks and choosing who plays are over.
I could take Keane as a DOF with DUFF as Manager in my hierarchy
, if as posted on here the players got along and enjoyed working with Duff ,that goes along way of them wanting to run through wall for him
I don’t think Keane or Duff would crack under the pressure of working at Celtic Park

Cosy Corner Bhoy

KEVJUNGLE: I know you are fully aware that for any league game at Celtic Park, tickets purchased ‘on the day’ cost relatively more than the AVERAGE season ticket holder’s entrance fee. No season ticket holder therefore pays £49 to watch der Hun unless you want to say it’s £98 for those two games and the total minus £98 for the rest!
The proof of your theory would no doubt be tested should Celtic and the Govan Works X1 be drawn together in an early Scottish Cup game at either Ibrox Stadium or Celtic Park. Offhand I can’t remember how much I paid for games at Hampden, a neutral venue and semi or final tie, and you wouldn’t be able to help me because you wouldn’t have been there, being Missing in Action since 2004.
Have a nice day and try put your valid points separate from your degrading supporters ones. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them stupid.

bada bing1

Sven Goran Eriksson
John Kennedy
Peter Grant

Ffs,embdae want a season ticket?

April fool’s day.
I wonder if Lawwell will make any announcements today? 🙂

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Just watched Finding Jack Charlton, brilliant watch,highly recommended. On BBC I player.


Kev Jungle

If you think of a belief in Celtic as a matter of faith like a religion then you will appreciate the enormity of the task of changing that belief.
For many our beliefs are what we cling to like a life belt in the stormy sea of life, so persuading folk to let go is a nigh impossible task.
It is at that point of realisation that the best thing to do is let go and let life do the persuasion for you..
That does not mean giving up, it means waiting and hoping for a change of heart that life brings everyone constantly.
It is incredibly difficult to let go of the life belt that entraps rather than rescues you, I speak from experience and as life operates in time so patience is needed to let it do its job.
A nice line from a time travelling movie is ” Time has a purpose you know , it stops everything happening all at once”. Its like sitting in a train travelling at 10ft per hour. You look out the window and you dont realise the train is moving until the perspective of what you see changes and with it so does the inner self.
It must be incredibly difficult for good people to have to look inwards, or is it downwards, to accept our feet of clay,.
However when we do, we realise everyone has them and in doing so become more forgiving and less judgemental of them as we would have to apply that same judgement and condemnation to ourselves.
It is a metanoia moment when we realise what we thought was love, in this case for Celtic, was based to some extent or other on hate of Rangers and their followers.
Then the decision each individual is faced with is who do I want to be? A lover or a hater?
Not romantic love of course but love of the unconditional kind not eros or phileo or sturge but Agape.

For me a purpose of life is to reach Agape and I like to think life is designed to take us there and we all have a role to play to help each other on the journey, but it is speeded up if we abandon judgement of others because it forms a station where the slow moving train grinds to a halt whilst the judge and judged argue the toss over the judgement.

It’s the Serenity Prayer Kev, itself a matter of judgement not of individuals but of self. It keeps us nutters sane. 🙂

O God and Heavenly Father, Grant to us the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed; courage to change that which can be changed, and wisdom to know the one from the other, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


Anyone reading my post to KevJ before I added an edit will have seen I referred to the Serendipity Prayer.

That made me smile so I looked up Serendipity

Learn to pronounce
the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
“a fortunate stroke of serendipity”

How Freudianly apt I thought because in handing over in having the wisdom to know the difference we allow the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

In my experience anyway.



Whilst those following Res12 became aware of the reality it exposed, how many supporters followed the narrative?

All folk want to do is go to a football match and because the narrative was buried by the main stream media and Celtic, the required head of steam was never achieved.

That is why Res11 and CST support for it was and remains essential.

The CST have an AGM at end of April to build up the head of steam and a more favourable environment in which to do it.

The narrative of what looks like betrayal needs to be faced and corrected, be that new information from Celtic that challenges the narrative or admission that too much heed was paid to the commercial element of the solution aka The 5 Way Agreeement and not enough to protecting the integrity of our game which is now viewed by many as rigged.

bada bing1

“What a quick year! April Fools Day already… or as rangers fans know it, the 55th of April”.



I totally repudiate and refute every one of your allegations,apart from perhaps the one about ruining the site for everyone else. I assume,of course,that you can prove me wrong?

Carry on,old son,the site awaits the validation of what you have said.

Well said Auldheid!

There are not a few posters on here I would love to see joining the CST. Knowledgeable people. Articulate. People whom I know would give deserved support for instance to your up coming proposals/resolutions.

The CST operate on One Member One Vote. Your vote counts as much as David Low’s! I pay £5 per month subscription. You don’t need to be a shareholder.

It’s easy to criticise any shortcomings the Trust may have but the best solution is to join it and help it improve. You’re not applying to be President!. But being a member, voting and perhaps speaking at a meeting are crucially important too.


Kev or KEV,

It must be hard living with that level of bitterness. I hope tgat you can eventually let it go and find a happier life.

All the best,


Maestro Fan

Agree with every word. Especially re Lawwell. Utterly toxic. The only mystery is how much affection he continues to command from a section of the support. All based on hollow hype.


Thanks, you saved me posting on the £49 crap.

Son Of Gabriel

Methinks fans are getting a little too hung up on structure…

In my opinion the key here isn’t the structure.
The key is that the individual setting the structure outlines their vision and correctly defines both the roles & responsibilities and how they interlink within that structure. More importantly, they then have to correctly identify the skills required for each of those roles to be successful and properly execute their responsibilities.

Once all that is defined we need the club to accurately scout the talent pool of potential staff for people who fit that vision and build a team with a collective unified vision and a single plan on how we are going to achieve that.

Then we can start looking at the product on the pitch.

Always comes down to scouting. Always.


Son of Gabriel

In my working days that was called Strategic Alignment.

It was an exercise the IT Dept went through to identify which activities aligned with the goal of the organisation, ditching the techy stuff of interest to our geeks and fun, for those that helped the business operate better.

I understand something on those lines took place over the winter but as you say the skill sets need identified to take the strategy forward then those with them need recruited.

For that reason I’m fairly relaxed on the time being taken as a sign the proper process is being properly handled.

Despite all the negativity – mine included – I suppose if we look at it from a distance, we wanted a clear out.
so far:

CEO – Going
Head of Football Operations – Gone
Manager – Gone
Club Captain – Going (Feel a bit guilty about including Scott)

I know! It’s early days!

Son Of Gabriel

I sincerely hope you are correct and the process is being followed and accurately scouted.

In my eyes the majority of the best appointments in world football, and indeed in world sports, have been when the correct skills have been recognised, scouted and hired (Pochettino will always be the example I hold dearest)

As tentatively happy with the turnover as I am, getting them out the door is the easy part. The hard part is not only finding replacements but finding improvements.

Son of Gabriel. Agreed.


See all this anti-Lawwelism?…in staying with the song theme…I Just Can’t Get Enough!!


As I posted the other day, you obviously care deeply about the club, or you wouldn’t waste so much time and effort posting your views. I’m glad that those posters that have replied to you, have kept it civil and not been tempted to resort to personal abuse. There is a lesson for you to be learned from the comments of CCB, Rebus and Auldheid. Please reflect on these comments and hopefully you will become less angry. Best wishes .

Hail Hail

Celtic Champs Elect

I am with Kevjungle


Happy 1st of April-April Fools Day-to all Sentinel Celts.

For any lurking Huns:

Happy 55th of April.

Hail Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, im pleased to announce ive just been offered the job of head coach at celtic football club, the club ive supported for 60 years, im taking solkitts as my second in command, and jimthetim53 as my fitness coach, would like to thank mr mckay for giving me this opportunity.H.H.

So the Huns* have been given yet another £2m emergency loan, which has been converted into worthless confetti i.e. shares. These fools obviously have more money than sense… don’t they ever learn?

It would be karma indeed, if the Huns* go bust before the start of the new season, and were therefore unable to compete in Europe…and we take their place. The celebrating George Square mob would be spitting blood. As will Lawwell and DD.

Etims have a fantastic article today re the medical staff at Parkheid. Required reading.

Hail Hail.

Big Packy

Can I be your CEO?. Could not do a worse job than the present incumbent.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA, the job is yours 👍

Afternoon Packy. Thanks for the job as fitness coach. As long as I don’t need to lead by example. I’m 67 after all!

big packy

FFS jim, im nearly 60, age doesnt matter😎

Aye right!


67 is the new 30…or so I have been told. Get yer joggie bottoms and get those players fit.

Hail Hail

Magua, LOL 🙂
Can I not do it using Zoom?

big packy

on a serious note, ive told JIM this, i wont watch celtic until lawwell is gone, make no mistake it was him that stopped us winning the ten not rainjurs,.and that is a true story,👍

You’ve got a good get out Packy he’s working his notice!

big packy

JIM ,yes the sooner the better, a charlatan of the highest order, mind you the rest of them are not much better, freemasons to a man,


WTF is this ‘zoom’ thingy?

Sounds too technical for me.

Bada Bing

You beat me to the punch on the 55. Kudos. Memo to self: Read all the feckin’ comments before posting. Doh!!




I’ve got a lace up bladder and a pair of “top dog” boots.
Any room for me?



If you can bring some Dubbin and Wintergreen with you,yer in!

big packy

31003, hi pal nice to see you on, of course there is room for a good tim like yourself,👍

big packy

BOBBY, ffs dubbin your giving your age away now😍😍😍

big packy

I remember them brown leather lace up footballs, if it was raining and damp and you headed the ball you feckin seen stars, then one day 2 guys in my class at primary school, clifford and armando di nardo, sons of the ice cream man, and who also owned the chip shop were playing with this lovely white leather ball, no laces,we were all jealous, but heyho they had the money H.H.



“Clubbies”,we called them in Kilwinning of my youth,while the newer ones were “tubies” but we were mainly restricted to the cheaper options of a Frido and the hand-grenade Mouldmaster option. Though I did get a proper leather one for my 7th birthday,and I can tell you I got my moneysworth from it!

Still got it Bobby? LOL 🙂


Evening All, away for read back.




The Frido “World Cup” balls were one step up from balloons, BUT, you could shape its direction anywhere you wanted. Banana kicks, Rabonas, hooks, knuckle balls were all no problem, but the ball went in s l o w m o t i o n

bada bing1

Howe worked with Peter Grant at Bournemouth years ago,he fell out with his No2 who took the Bournemouth job when he left



Correct,you could make them swerve or dip. Only problem is that they had a mind of their own,so all you had to do was aim it between the posts and then watch the keeper tying himself in knots trying to figure out which way it was going next!



Btw,at that age I was more interested in Ribenas than rabonas.



That’s a puzzle? Surely if you fall out with your no 2,the obvious thing to do if you can’t resolve it is to fire him,not to fire yourself?!!!

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