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Canny beat a bit of Gerry Rafferty over the morning cornflakes,eh?

MAHE and family are hitting the trail for both the Easter weekend and wee Fionnuala’s third birthday,so I’m afraid you are stuck with me for the weekend article. And at a time of major flux at the club,there isn’t very much actually happening for us to discuss!

Or is there?

Yesterday gave us rumours of an imminent white smoke moment,the announcement of a new manager. Our own version of a Good Friday Agreement,though that may be in bad taste given recent disputes on the site. As I write this,no announcement has been made officially,and in truth I didn’t expect one to be,not based on that rumour. As far as I am aware,it is against Covid regulations to travel for interview as Eddie Howe is alleged to have done,and Celtic more than any other club have good reason to stay within both the spirit and the letter of those.

So,no. I didn’t believe those rumours at the time of his appearance at Celtic Park,negotiations can easily be done by phone or Zoom,etc,and the finer details can easily be thrashed out then too,or via e-mail. That doesn’t alter the fact,of course,that I don’t think that we should be considering the appointment of a manager until he has been up to the ground,the training pitch,maybe met a delegation of the players and staff just to get a feel of the place. I don’t think I’m the only person to have walked into a workplace for the first time and got a heavy hit of the Moriarty Negative Waves,and that’s why I finally got wise about it and asked for a wee tour of my workplace before I ever took a new job.

Trust me,that is not possible under current restrictions,and the last thing I would want from a new manager is for him to walk into his new workplace and think-this isnae for me! Due diligence works both ways,we have to get the right man for the job,while the new man has to know that the job is for him. Think back to the “I am the CEO of Bobo Balde” comment,and this appointment is crucial to us,and has to be a perfect fit for both the club and any new manager.

But will that new manager be Eddie Howe,as the dogs on the street are telling us? Well,it certainly seems so. I have long been fascinated by his career,where-aside from an impossible few months at Burnley-he took a minnow from the brink of relegation from The English League to the upper parts of The Premier League inside a decade,from the unlikely age of 32yo. I thought his side were desperately unlucky to be relegated last season,there were plenty of times during the last game of the season where they were in 16th or 17th place but at the end of the ninety minutes,they were in the bottom three,down and out.

And Eddie Howe fell on his sword,42yo with a young family and probably thought that it was the right time to take a break,recharge the batteries. Picked a bad bloody time for it though! Of the big clubs,only Chelsea have changed their manager this year,and I’m pretty sure that they only did so because their preferred candidate had recently become available. No coincidence for me that Lampard got the elbow as soon as Tuchel became available. So Howe was never in the running for that job,and the others quite simply haven’t opened up for him. The Tottenham job will probably be available soon enough,but when? And he is hardly a shoe-in for that. The big four in the North West look stable under their current regimes,and Arsenal appear to be doubling down on Arteta. Few of the other teams are attractive either,and the potential suitors there like Leeds,Wolves,Villa,Newcastle are unlikely to bin the boss under current circumstances.

I don’t think he ever wants to see the A666 to Burnley again,and so the only option for a manager that I genuinely hold in high regard is Crystal Palace!

I am being won over by the argument that Eddie Howe will be our new manager,and as I have said,I hold him in high esteem for the miracle that he created at Bournemouth. Our club seem to have learned a number of lessons from the dying days of the Lawwell era,and that it is dangerous to leave one man with so much control over every aspect of a football club. I believe that he is an outstanding young coach,and if he is allowed to do his job while other people provide the assistance for him that is in their job description,we will have a man who can match the achievements of a Martin O’Neill or Brendan Rodgers.

We should move heaven and earth to make it happen,but I don’t think we will have broken covid restrictions yesterday to shift things along!!!

Above article by BMCUWP

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Morning All,



Anything to do with a Celtic signing is usually torturous, so I doubt Eddie Howe will be signed up soon. He was touted as a possible future England manager a few years ago. I didn’t take much notice of Bournemouth when they were in the Premiership to be honest so difficult to comment on his style . It does seem though that he is at the higher end of who we can expect as the new manager. He will have to be given a season to bed in and allowed to change the whole setup from top to bottom .
The interesting thing will be to see how bad a manager Neil Lennon actually was. The clueless tactic he has used in the Champions League qualifiers were a disgrace. If Howe is appointed now maybe he can patch things up in time for the qualifiers. Also it will it will be interesting to find out how much the players were actually trying for Neil Lennon. The young boy Harper who went to New York is talking about cliques in the dressing room. The disorganisation and lack of morale was astounding. The players are so much better than that. Maybe a new manager and a few tweaks will make galvanise the team in the short term while long term changes to the whole structure take place. Brown was finished so will not be a big loss, get rid of the ones who don’t want to be here along with all those loan players. Maybe Howe will need to bring in a few additions to bolster the remaining core. The youth system seems to have been destroyed so will take longer. Maybe it is confidence with some of the players. The Greek goalkeeper must have thought he had joined Billy Smart’s circus. Hopefully with some professionalism and organisation the players will settle and begin to perform.
Things can only get better. It’s Easter… we will rise again!

bada bing1

Graham Hunter podcast with Eddie Howe

Sol Kitts

After the last few days where posts have managed to offend people, intentionally or not, I have decided that this post will only use words which will not offend anyone.



I’m heading out in an hour bud. Need yer selections before 1pm iif possible. I might not see them if later than that…


SK How very dare you

The Real McCoy

Thanks Bada 🙏🏻
Mentioned Cesar’s Bar on the nightshift.
Looking good 👏
Also a wee mention about the statue for Big Billy at Bellshill X .

Sun is shining in Dalmuir.
Bob Marley blasting out.


Bada Bing 1
McGregor does not have the mental fortitude to be our captain.
He had the armband a few times this season and the avoidance of responsibility was clear.
He offers little be it defensively or in attack.
In 44 games this season having played almost every minute he has a paltry 4 goals and 7 assists.
I think he has been a big part of our problem this season.


But I didnae shoot the Deputy.



Hello m8ty, Callum has, IMO, qualities to lead by example. He will be Tchaikovsky if he isnae the Captain. For what its worth, I’d make him the Capitano, he has had burnout this Season but next Season I expect him to be Magical again – assuming he is on board with whatever Celtic are coming up with.

No Woman No Cry

bada bing1

FAN-A-TIC- I hope Callum misses the Euros and gets a rest ,you seem to forget how good a player he is?

People Get Ready!

Sun is Shining.
Weather is Sweet.

Bob’s last message before his departure.
His most important?


Bada Bing 1
Was very good for 2 seasons under BR.
A neat and tidy player in a well functioning team.but never a leader.


Garry – Forgiveness is the Ki!!!!!

I am noone to Judge anyone.

God Bless Brother in Rhythm


fan I know what yer saying – you want a fire em up type Captain.

Fitba has totally changed. Callum has real intelligence about the game and IMO, that is where we need to go, to get anywhere in Europe.

Who knows there may be a new Jock Stein just roon the corner that will totally revolutionise things. I hope so.


One Love, We don’t need another Love……


Petec bada bing 1
In comparison David Turnbull has started 25 games and been subbed in most.
He has appeared as a sub 7 times mostly too late in games to have any impact.
He has scored 8 goals and had 6 assists in far fewer minutes on the field than McGregor.
I wouldn’t advocate for him being captain either.
Personally if we got a good offer for McGregor i would sell as i don’t see where he fits in our midfield.
Petec it’s not about intelligence to constantly shirk responsibility and recycle ball back to where it came from.
Can’t tackle and not creative enough in his present cautious guise to hold down a place.


what would be the sell price fan?

Thomas @10.18am
Very good post. Lots of interesting food for thought!

A Tim fae Glesga who knows the Hampden Roar.

Here we feckin go!

For all you wee belters oot there.


Leeds v Sheffield Utd
I like Leeds tryingto play.
McBurnie?? Wtf?
Must break his heart wearing green.


A music Genius told me that their were 2 Marthas in the group. I had no idea!!!!!

A Miracle to survive to any hood he was born so premature.

John has lost his Son from what I am hearing, an Amazing man is John in so many ways.




Perhaps McGregor’s “intelligence” tells him that the “lack of intelligence” and by extension lack of movement, from team-mates around and ahead of him, leads to having to recycle? There is a player there imo. Maybe a lack of coaching since BR left, plus not resting him are significant factors also.


Hello pop pickers. I left it later, today, as the market had been quiet, but in the past 30 mins, Eddie has been backed from 2/7 to 1/7, so getting closer to white smoke, still, bookies don’t give free money away, so not a done deal yet, but edging closer.
Eddie Howe
John Kennedy
Roy Keane
Chris Wilder
Enzo Maresca
Frank Lampard
Steve Clarke
Patrick Vieira
Roberto Martinez
Slaven Bilic

Mike in Toronto


M& M were a local band (well, local for me, not for you guys) … and you were right, they added a second Martha part way through.

Also, interestingly, they replaced their bassist with a lady, Jocelyn Lanois, who suggested that they give her brother a chance to produce their new album. The record company reluctantly agreed to let him produce, but, since he was an unknown, cut their budget. Her brother was Daniel Lanois who went on to have a ‘sort of successful’ producing career, winning multiple grammies producing for people like U2, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel to name but a few….


McGregor often has the ball with players ahead of him but his caution see him turn back to recycle.
He is a no risk stat type of player who does not produce for the team.
His numbers are telling about how little he contributes for all his playing time and he is a defensive liability.
In a system that suits he will be a neat and tidy player but i would expect candidates for the captaincy to produce more.

Mike in Toronto

Rumor is that, if Juve lose the Turin derby today, Pirlo will be looking for a new job….. weren’t many better at the deep lying midfield role than Pirlo ….. if anyone could save Calmac’s career, maybe it would be him…..

Seriously, the problems with Calmac are, I believe, so much bigger than him. How many players have developed beside Scott Brown? How many creative players have blossomed under under ‘pass (back) and run (away)’ strategy?



I disagree with you about Callum, the new Coach will make him shine If he is Capitano.

Callum has so much in his locker. Granted he isnae a Wanyama but Attacking wise he is a Belter, the Coach needs to let him loose. Callum IMO is an incredible Team Player.


There may well be players ahead of McGregor at any given moment, however there is little movement or anticipation on their part. Not suggesting him for Captain btw.


I have been saying since the Brown and McGregor partnership was formed that it does not work.Brown has energy and can tackle but lacks discipline and positional sense.
McGregor also lacks positional sense and cannot tackle.
Under RD and BR he became a very good pass and move player who could shoot.
As time passed under BR’s possession above all system he developed a lot of bad habits by taking no chances with zero risk passing which usually meant sideways and backwards and he stopped moving for return ball.
Like KT under BR his talent was nullified to fit a style of play and possession first system.
KT has a coach now who has encouraged him to play his natural game and he is flourishing plus he has a determination and courage i have not seen in Calum.
For Calmac to succeed he would need to be retrained but i don’t think we have the luxury of waiting to see if he could change 3 seasons of bad habits.


His stats don’t suggest he is an attacking belter.
Captain’s lead by example be it with skill or courage.
His play is generally negative which exacerbated our problems this season.

Mike in Toronto

Man City …. up front they have Kun Aguero, supported by De Bruyne, Jesus and Mahrez…. with gundogan, Foden and Silva on the bench! What depth!


Callum has struggled this Season because he set such a high bar and the whole World went BATSHIT crazy. I can be on my own for very long periods, others can’t.

Fan, I don’t do stats, own eyes is a much better appraisal.

We will have to agree to disagree.

So what would you value Callum @ if he was to be sold?

Mike in Toronto

As good as Man City is to watch, that away strip is just honking!


Twist I enjoyed the Howe video good to see a manager being vocal and getting out in the field
If the players get the basics right a good coach can spend more time taking them to the next level

Gordon64 Eddie Howe-Celtic Song 🍀


I like it Big Smiler.

Happiest guy I ever seen.

The Roses possee.


Pete 👍🍀 The Stone Roses: Sally Cinnamon 😎

Gordon64 No I Wanna Be Edouard 🤔