Celtic 3-0 Falkirk


This was a strange wee game,to say the least. It was encouraging enough in its own way that we had over twenty attempts on goal in each half,and that we had players who were getting themselves into scoring positions. It was a pleasant change too that we played at such a high tempo from the off,something which has seldom been seen this season. That was tempered of course by the quality of the opposition on the night and by the simple fact that it took us so long to score the opener!

It may be true to say that we could have played the game without a goalkeeper-Scott Bain probably improved his crossword skills during the match-but so profligate were we in front of goal,particularly in the first half,that the Falkirk keeper didn’t really have much to do either.

The main culprits were the recalled but misfiring Leigh Griffiths,and Ryan Christie. The latter was struggling to keep the ball down when he had an attempt on goal,while Griff honestly couldnae kick his own arse on the day! That didn’t stop him from trying,and to be fair he won a clear penalty in the eyes of everyone but Cheatin Beaton,but really,bloody hell. Miskicking when presented with a clear chance,and on three separate occasions…

The game was effectively won early in the second half when James Forrest,switched to the left and slapped one off the head of a defender and into the far corner. Christie followed up almost immediately by cutting in from the right onto his favoured foot and firing in a daisy cutter to the same corner.

A flurry of substitutions then followed,which broke up our rhythm a little without much reducing the number of chances we had. And the next goal was the best of the night,and as good a take and finish from a tight position as you will see. Kenny drove the ball low and hard across goal,and Mo killed it with one touch while freeing up some space for himself in the same movement. Faced with the advancing keeper,he placed a delightful dink over him and into the net. A finish which took me back a good few years,if you catch my drift…

If you haven’t seen it yet,read back to the comments on Saturday night where JIMMYNOTPAUL put a link to it. Time well spent,I can assure you!

This was obviously a game which we were expected to win,and win well. Falkirk defended their box fairly well,they were reasonably organised there but allowed us far too much of the ball to ever be a threat themselves. That shouldn’t detract from what was a very encouraging performance,even if it was one from which we probably learned very little that we didn’t know. Matters of importance now move from on-field performances to dredge some silverware from a hugely disappointing season to the more important off-field issues of managerial and playing staff rebuilding.

Will we see the fabled white smoke this week for the apparently favoured candidature of Eddie Howe,or as some fear has he used our interest to smoke out an alternative club which he believes may well be more to his liking? Time will tell on this,but he has always struck me as a thoughtful and intelligent man. I doubt other options are there for him either now or in the near future,and I doubt he will be offered a better or more rewarding challenge.

A thoughtful and intelligent man will know this,and I remain-if cautiously!-optimistic.

Above article by BMCUWP

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Morning all
Like you Bobby I’m very keen on the idea of Eddie Howe managing Celtic, so hopefully we get this over the line sooner rather than later.

Equally important to me is the news that Dominic will after all be joining us earlier than we’d been led to believe. I’ve made the point on several occasions that the initial reported date left him no hope of completing the essential work we need to be done if we are serious about both making the hun revival a short lived one, plus getting ourselves organised for CL qualification.

By all accounts it’s DM himself who has initiated the earlier than planned transfer to his new role.

I think that signifies he is well aware he has a lot to do. A forward thinking CE? What a welcome improvement that will be.


Here is the Jimmy Not Paul link to the goalthat Bobby references . Save you searching.



Who really knows how good a manager JK could be now that he’s pulling the strings. The very fact we don’t know rules him out as our next permanent manager. We need an experienced winner and we’ll have that in Eddie Howe if he comes. We need his fresh ideas for we’ve simply stagnated and become stale. I hope JK takes the next managerial job offer that comes along, not only to test himself but to see if one day he’s capable of becoming a permanent manager for us.


…..and for those who say Howe hasn’t won anything, Bournemouth were a perennial division 3/league 1 team for as long as I remember. Their only claim to fame was eliminating Man Yoo from the FA cup back in the ‘70s (Ted mcDougall and all)
Eddie Howe changed that big style



I agree.

“ On 19 January 2009, Howe was awarded the permanent managerial job at the, then, League Two club, leading the club to safety despite a 17-point deficit.
The Cherries were then immediately promoted in the following season under the guidance of Howe before he made the move to Championship team Burnley in January 2011.
Howe guided Burnley to eighth and 13th place in the next two seasons before a return to AFC Bournemouth in October 2012.
At the end of the season, Howe had achieved automatic promotion to the Championship before claiming the league title two years later, lifting the Cherries into the Premier League for the first time in their history.”


Well I must admit that I didn’t fancy EH, but after watching and listening to a couple of his interviews I’m more than happy with the appointment. This plus the fact the DM is starting early is what I was complaining about last week and it looks like both have been addressed.

bada bing1

Gerrard playing politics in a pandemic, over a suspension, truly reprehensible, it tells you Tavernier won’t be fit for the SC tie.


If Eddie does come, the thing that will shock him most will be the passion of the fans.
I watched the Bournemouth promotion game with 3 friends in a pub in Swanage. It’s a seaside town about 10 miles from Bournemouth. A Wednesday night and the place was mobbed. If they win and get promoted there will be some party. There must have been 150 people in the pub.
At the final whistle they all realised they were now a premiership team. Then, they all promptly went home leaving myself and 3 friends alone in the pub.
Imagine that happening to Celtic. We’d be partying for a week


Dominic McKay must have read Celts for Change 2021 Open Letter. 🙂

A thing of beauty

From last night. Thanks for the link to Gerry Cinnamon’s Canter. It came in the radio on Friday and I could feel tears of rage can’t over me. Stupid I know but the song is so apt for Lawwell and I knew when I first heard it, it was going to have meaning.
Agree with you both about Howe. Unlike pitymenevin I have not looked at the links regarding his coaching style etc because if we don’t get him I’ll be even more disappointed. I think what we need is to get the professionalism back to lennoxtown. For whatever reason that has seriously declined since BR left. Howe or his ilk will bring that back. For us to have two strikers costing circa 60k per week and neither is match fit in April is a terrible indictment of their attitude and ours. Sviatchenko spoke about Scott Brown fining him for being late for a team meeting. It’s clear the same standards are not in place now or these two would be struggling to pay their mortgage (if they have one). Proper managers do not put up with shit like that and I’ll be glad when it changes.
I’m also glad that Dominic McKay is on his way. I know Twists was clear this was necessary and couldn’t understand the delay. For whatever reason he is here now and the first thing he needs to do is write to the SFA and ask them wtf they are playing at with the hun Covid 5. We will be around 10 weeks past the incident before any of these players face retribution. It’s almost like Covid is a problem for every other team and support and they just carry on regardless. It stinks.



Eddie Howe was available all season. Lawwells pal on CQN said we weren’t looking at ANY out of work managers/coaches. The delay in appointing a coach and allowing him to assess squad is negligent in the extreme, or more planned failure!

Maestro Fan

I too think Howe will come in. I also think he is inheriting a right royal mess that will take 2-3 years to remedy. Lawwell and Lennon really did do a number on us in those 2 years.


Hello pop pickers, another day at number 1 for Eddie, however it’s another drift, 1/7 on Sat, 1/3 yesterday and now 2/5. John Kennedy continues to shorten, only 2/1, from 7/2, can you hear the screams from Twisty’s kitchen?
Does that mean bookies think J.K. will be here until the end of the season and get his 10 games?
I don’t know, but what I would say is, the market is not going the way I expected.
Those that lurk and think an announcement to the stock exchange, is imminent, tomorrow, as has been suggested on social media, by some, if you have any, genuine, inside information, then fill yir boots.
Those odds suggest to me, that the bookies think, a deal hasn’t been struck yet, or if Eddie is the new manager, then he’s not coming until nearer the end of the season.
Remember, I have no inside information, whatsoever, but if a deal with Eddie, is imminent, I would expect the odds to be so much shorter.
Eddie Howe
John Kennedy
Enzo Maresca
Roy Keane
Chris Wilder
Frank Lampard
Steve Clarke
Patrick Vieira
Roberto Martinez
Slaven Bilic






I found him to be hard working and professional in his attitude. Very reminiscent of BR and no doubt he will use us a stepping stone, but at least he has never mentioned his love of Celtic and for me this is also a positive in a certain respect.

I boy comes from a single parent family and was 1 of 5, his admiration for his mother and her hard working life has given him a good grounding.

Let’s give him and the new CEO a chance and only time will tell.

I looks like PL has been given the boot early another positive, things might be looking up.

Tomorrow is a new day, hail hail



Nail on the head re the shoddy way the appointment of a new manager has been dealt with and we’re still waiting to be put out of our agony.
Like some… I wouldn’t be surprised to be let down with Eddie Howe, be it his choice or our boards incompetence.
Here’s hoping all go’s well and we put the huns back in their hole. 🍀



I wanted a new manager brought in during the international break at the end of October. As did a fair few of us on here.

Nearly six months later,still waiting. And for what,to make things worse? Make the job impossible for the new guy so that some eejits can tell us we should have stuck with the old regime?



A blind man and his dug could see what was coming, the annoying thing was the way the blinkered board crossed their fingers and hoped for the best.
Looking forward to a hoot, hope all is well mate. 🍀


Craig. 1.26.

Good article BMCUW.

Bada Bing

If Tav isn’t playing in the SC tie, it could spell disaster for the Huns*.

The big question then would be:

Whose gonna take their penalties??



Fuxake,sair yin!



All well here,and hopefully at your end too. Hoot is being quietly planned…

I really wish I shared most folk’s optimism about Eddie Howe. I really hope it is not him. Why the clamour for this guy?
I think he would be a poor appointment.

I see that Kris Commons is up to his usual tricks. Yet another anti-Celtic rant…he is basically slamming a man not yet appointed to the manager’s job at CP, while bigging up Gerrard.

Honestly. What is it with this guy? Celtic did everything for this character, both on and off the park. You would think, would you not, that some measure of gratitude would be in order?

But no. What is your agenda commons?

On a brighter note, if we announce a double appointment tomorrow, I will be celebrating like never before, at least as far as this season is concerned. I’m in the AABK camp…almost anybody but Keane, though not John Feckin’ Kennedy obviously…or JFK for short.

Most importantly for me though, will be the moment that Lawwell walks out of Paradise for the last time. To paraphrase the artist formerly known as Prince: I will be partying like it’s 2099.

Hail Hail.



I’m delighted that we will finally see the back of Lawwell. But just watch his “pals” spring to the defence of him,that we should have stuck with him,when DMcK takes his time in getting things right-which is sadly inevitable. They will casually ignore the wreck that he has inherited,and also who was responsible for it in the first place!


I’ve just read this…


Gerrard “negotiating” with the SFA over an appeal date? There are rules for that! Saying that he shouldn’t be judged too harshly because he’s only 19yo? Above the age of criminal responsibility.

What he means is that he needs him for upcoming games. He isn’t making ANY defence of the other players involved. Disgraceful attitude,and a disgrace too that the SMSM aren’t laughing him out of court on this.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, magua you are welcome to come down here to deepest cheshire when blue peter goes, because ill be partying for weeks, but dont worry solkitts is paying for the beer,.another true story,👍😎



Sod coming to your place for a party-you’re aff the drink!

big packy

BOBBY, ill be back on it when blue peter goes, for 3 nights only,😎😎


You may well be correct that some clowns will come to the defence of Lawwell. Sadly, In the MSSM that is inevitable…and they won’t all be of the Orange persuasion. Sadly, many ex-Celts have sold their souls to the devil, in order to get a gig in the media. They know how the game works, after all…see my point above re Commons as an example. On the plus side, most Celts will give the pro-Lawwell nonsense a body-swerve. As you well know, we Celts have long memories for individuals that do harm to the club…both enemies without and enemies within.

Big Packy

I’m already packing my bags!!

Hail Hail.

A thing of beauty

Incredible defence of Patterson. Don’t be too harsh because he might play for Scotland. Wtf? This guy is running the show up here and we need someone to put him back in his box pronto.

A thing of beauty

Commons loves soup, loves it – which surprises me because when he played for us he looked like he only ate burgers and chicken nuggets. He should have been hunted out the club straight after the Molde? game where he embarrassed the manager and the club. We let ourselves down there. It would have sent a message to others like mulgrew who just trotted up the tunnel in a game soon after before we even had a sub ready. Brown didn’t exactly cover himself in glory either under deila. The poor guy never had a chance really.

bada bing1

Celtic game on Freesports just now, last 20 minutes, Sky 422




348-LOL,and correct!

bada bing1

Seems Klimala off to NY Red Bull ,loan I think

big packy

OK quiz question, cyber pint for the correct answer, was walking the dugs this morning and came across a plaque in the woods, this is what it said, this was the birthplace of charles dodgson, the manse where he was born was burned down long ago, but if you close your eyes and go back in time,you might see the ????? fill in the blanks,,



This is where Lawwell should be feckin’ well exiled to.

Hail Hail.



I think he was Lewis Caroll,but I can’t fill in the blanks.



I assume their playing season is over the summer,so he might come back fit and ready. IMO,we should not write him off as I don’t think he has been given a chance with us. On the other hand,I think he is a Brattbakk type,ill-suited to our usual system.


“The bastards that done it”



Ah,if that isn’t the correct answer,it bloody well should be!

big packy

BOBBY cyber pint on its way the plaque said if you close your eyes you can see alice and the mad hatter, and caterpillar and the duchess,,its a lovely walk bobby ,one day im going to drive down to essex pick up SOL then drive up to swindon to pick you up then,its all systems go, oh i forgot the most important person JIM if your lurking i will be coming to collect you, and thats a true story.


Don’t think I’m winning the cyber pint Bobby

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the link. I promise I will watch and listen to everything I can find on Howe if he gets the job. Until then I’m not going to jinx it.
Like you I feel Klimala is not suited to a team like us who has so much possession. One thing I will say is he has worked as hard as he could to make a success of it and I hope it is a loan where he can go and learn how to play in our team.



You get one off me for making me laugh!

big packy

31003, its alice in wonderland.😎😎


With Klimalla being farmed out, the new manager, who ever it is, will indeed be starting with a blank canvas

big packy

31003, your welcome to come to the hoot in my house in cheshire, garry delaney will pick you up no problem, although he doesnt know it yet 😎😎

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