Save The Player of the Year Award!


We are all aware of just how bad a season this has been,both domestically and in Europe. Wrecking our quest for The Ten in such a way that I very much doubt that we will ever celebrate The Nine in the same way that we still celebrate “the original and best” from 1965-74,that was bad enough. To have our reputation in Europe trashed in the way that we did,that was unforgiveable.

As an aside,how out of touch is our former manager when  he doesn’t realise that the huns were playing Slavia Prague a few weeks ago,and proceeds to tell all those watching and listening that they are a really good side,as they proved against us earlier in the season? Try getting away with describing Man City and Man Utd as the same team!

While we still await official confirmation of a new manager and the possible arrival of DMcK  far earlier than planned-each of which will be music to the ears of our long suffering fans-there is still a trophy to be won. Still something to haul from the wreckage of a dismal season.

The SFA may not have intended to have us drawn against the huns in the next round-presumably some unpaid intern hadn’t read the script about hot and cold balls!-but they may have inadvertently done us a favour. I know that The Lanarkshire Loyal (Referees Division) will be queuing up to referee this,desperate to keep their idols on track during what they still think is their own invincible season-but although our recent record against them has been bloody awful I doubt we need to worry too much. I am genuinely optimistic this time,something I rarely admit to,and they are due the doing that we should have given them the last twice.

Doing so in their own midden and in the cup will be a sweet feeling,even if it won’t make up for the disaster of exactly six months previously. And it will certainly boost our chances of that consolation silverware from a disastrous season,just as we did in 1975.

It might too give another trophy some meaning,that of our Player of the Year. God knows,we would struggle to think of anyone who is deserving of it this season,and I think it might be a sheepish-looking acceptance by the winner if we don’t win the Scottish Cup. But if we do? Maybe it puts a bit of undeserved gloss back on the season and also on the award. Even JOBO scrapped his POTY scheme a few months back,and the shortlist for the official one might be the shortest ever! In fact,if we don’t win the cup then the shortlist should be zero and the award withheld.

Even if we do win the cup,I can only think of two possible candidates for POTY. Stephen Welsh-who only came into the side recently,covering for injuries and/or numpties-and Kris Ajer,and the latter only at a push. If any of our highly paid squad,those players who think they are better than playing for us,needs a reality check or a summary of their contribution to our season,they should look no further than that. That I can’t think of anyone who deserves to be on our shortlist for Player of the Year other than a teenager who wasn’t even in the squad,wasn’t in the manager’s thinking,until very recently.

They can take their high opinions of themselves and GTF,as far as I’m concerned. Every single one of them has damaged their reputation in the game,reduced their potential suitors,trashed their earnings potential by their attitude and performances this season. Hell mend them,they won’t be missed. And they won’t be on the wraparound mural on our stadium either.

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Morning all.


1. too powerful to be defeated or overcome

Wednesday 16th December 2020
Scottish league cup quarter final
St Mirren 3 Rangers 2.

I rest my case m’lud.
Admittedly I used the OED to get the literal meaning of invincible, the Scottish media may be referencing their own version, which also has some variation from the OED on a number of other words. Too many to list, but a quick ABC example would be:


On the POTY award. It would be David Turnbull for me by quite some distance. Despite the managers’ inexplicable penchant for subbing him he has still managed 25 appearances and contributed with 6 goals and 5 assists.

Welsh looks a talent and in respect of contributions, 6 appearances and 1 goal was vg in a desperate season, but it’s Turnbull for me.

A thing of beauty

Straight from the heart. I can’t speak for all the support but I am disgusted with the players this season and would quite happily withhold the player of the year trophy. I’ve been to a few of the poty dances and it has been a great night, even in years we’ve not won the title but I think this years would be carnage. Can we honestly say the players have given their all every day for the team and support? Absolutely not would be my answer and that is unforgivable. I listened to another view point from Jacky Meehan who has spent years as president of the North American Supporters Association. He was on a Celtic soul podcast. He spoke brilliantly and his craic was fantastic. I recommend it as a listen but also because he had a totally different view point from myself. He believes the players should be remembered for winning nine in a row and a quadruple treble. I see his point and I did momentarily feel a bit ashamed. Then I thought about all the graffiti and supremacist shit their win has brought about and got back to my permanent state of complete disgust. Sorry Jacky, I tried.


You make a very good point. Those players should be remembered for their contribution to our history. It’s a real shame the gloss was taken off somewhat by the dismal events of this season, which, although the players cannot be totally absolved of blame, was primarily as a result of gross corporate mismanagement and negligence.

The very fact that such a shadow hangs over the club just illustrates the extent of that mismanagement. Perhaps if we put the huns back in their box tout suite, the dark clouds will fade?

(Okay “ tout suite” is impossible I guess, but you get my point. Bientot perhaps?)

I still think if we had lost the title by a point or two, having battled hard but been touched off by a better side, we could have lived with the loss and indeed celebrated what HAD been achieved previously. It was the catastrophic performances due in no small way to the aforementioned mismanagement that cut us so deeply.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy New Tax Year from a cold, slightly snow dusted but clear skied East Kilbride 😉

bada bing1

Seems the issue is Howe’s backroom staff, not sure if it’s assistants or recruitment guy


If that’s correct, you’d forgive me for suspecting the hand of Lawwell is still involved?


Or should I say the “ tight fist” of Lawwell!

bada bing1
Jobo Baldie

Given the subject matter of this morning’s lead article I thought it might be worthwhile publishing this as a reference point. I ran the unofficial CQN POTY survey until our 2-2 draw away to Livingston on 20 January. Here’s an extract from my “last post”, the day after that game 😉

“…..Those of you who were good enough to vote should have received an automatic reply confirming that I’m ditching this wee venture. I no longer have the drive for it in the current climate, with last night’s game just bringing everything into focus. Actually, last night’s performance was far from the worst this season. But there’s a far far bigger picture that needs to be addressed than deciding who this season’s player of the year should be. And calling it the CQN player of the year also troubles me as I find myself less engaged with the lead articles (occasionally) and sub articles (regularly bottom of the barrel drivel, if I’m allowed that opinion)…..(But) thanks to everyone who contributed to the 5,446 votes that have been cast over the past 36 games.
Here’s the final table showing all 32 players who got onto the park at some point this season. The figure in brackets for the top 9 (in a row) is the number of appearances, including as a substitute –
1st – Ajer – 55 points [30]
2nd – McGregor – 54 points [35]
3rd – Laxalt – 52 points [20]
4th – Christie – 44 points [31]
5th – Frimpong – 43 points [32]
6th – Soro – 36 [14]
7th – Turnbull – 35 points [17]
8th – Brown – 29 points [29]
9th – Elyounoussi – 27 points [30]
10th – Duffy and Rogic – 19 points
12th – Edouard – 18 points
13th – Ntcham – 16 points
14th – Griffiths – 14 points
15th – Bitton– 13 points
16th – Taylor – 11 points
17th – Barkas – 9 points
18th – Ajeti – 8 points
19th – Elhamed and Welsh – 7 points
21st – Forrest, Jullien and Klimala – 5 points
24th – Bain – 4 points
25th – Hazard – 3 points
26th – Ralston – 1 point
27th – Bolingoli, Dembele, Harper, Henderson, Johnston and Okoflex – 0 points

Thanks. It’s been a blast!”

We have played 12 games since the draw at Livingston. Had I continued with the voting I agree that it’s very likely that Welsh would have moved significantly up the placings.
You never know, I might resurrect something come next season….

Aff oot 😉

bada bing1

Twists- that is a worry, need Dominic in the door to start blowing cobwebs like Lawwell out the door.

Jobo Baldie

Hmmmm, just posted a rather long screed there and it’s nowhere to be seen???


Bobby has I believe got a filter applied which has key words included which will see your post help up for approval. It’ll probably appear once it’s been cleared. Will be something innocent that’s been caught up.

As I say, it’ll appear shortly I suspect. Happened to me earlier in the week.


Have you asked Bobby to put John Kennedys name on the spam filter list yet 😀😀

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If the issue is Hughes or Harkin, for the sake of one guy’s salary, get them both in,a drop in the ocean compared to the money we’ve spunked in the last 10 years, I think Hughes is a recruitment guy, fine,Harkin a DoF possibly, is a bigger brief IMO squad management, Lennoxtown etc.

Jobo Baldie

Back from my walk and I see my earlier post has now re-appeared 😉 . I’ve re-read it and wonder which of the ‘spam filters’ caused it’s delay? Not complaining, just curious as I can’t see anything that’s that controversial?


Morning all from a lovely bright Renfrew.
I got my vaccine on Easter Sunday morning and have been floored ever since! Temperature, joint pain and headache for 48 hours but feeling better today though and will probably go out to work for a bit.
Anyway…to the situation with Howe and Hughes. It stands to reason that Howe must be permitted to bring in at least ONE trusted lieutenant, remember a lot of criticism this year was Lennon’s apparent isolation, but if a structure has been decided by DD and DMcK eg DOF and Head Coach, then Howe would be expected to work in that structure. If Hughes’ remit at Bournemouth is too similar to a DOF then Howe can’t call the shots, unfortunately. As usual with the ‘Tic it’s never simple!!
Bobby… good article at a time usually reserved for a review of the ups and downs of the season just past, a reminisce of the great play and great goals that highlighted the best of the team, the chance to get excited about the prospect of a second season with a new guy who’s shown flashes but not quite enough, when a successful season allows difference of opinion to be accepted in good spirit without resorting to insult as the job was done in the end up…there can be NO player of the year this season! There is not any single player who has stood head and shoulders above the rest of the squad. When reading the article my mind was drawn to Ajer immediately and Calmac second but on reflection they both have failed to live up to their own high standards. Welch could be considered but only played 10 or so games. What an indictment on the Club that a boy with so few minutes under his belt is even being considered when we have so many experienced players in what should’ve been a monumental season for us.
Twisty… dismissing the ’55’ as the fallacy it so obviously is would go a helluva way to putting the Huns back in their box ‘tout suite’! Unfortunately we now know it’s not gonna happen!


Jobo…maybe posting all those underachievers in one post was too much for the blog!! 🤯

bada bing1

McCaff- I don’t think any server could handle that….


BadaBingBadaBoom!…we should be looking at that list of players and talking about how they’ve achieved something momentous for this Club. Can you imagine Eddie or Ntcham, Ajeti or Boli, Duffy or Barkas coming back in 15 or 20 years time to make the Half Time Draw?

Ayrshire Bhoy


Duffy might win half time draw in 15 years 🙂

No white smoke yet?


AyrshireBhoy…Duffy would be more likely to drop his £2 coin and watch it roll down 4 flights of stairs than have any chance of winning the HT Draw!!

Maestro Fan

Hear hear


While we often malign players for their performances it’s frequently overlooked that it is a team sport.
Pogba brilliant at Juventus but indifferent form at Man Utd.
Is it a case of environment enhancing or reducing players ability?
Armstrong was ridiculed under RD and lauded under BR.
A coach and systems can make or break players.
This season everyone was pretty ordinary due to lack of coaching and strategy.
This season should be if nothing else interesting by comparison.


TGM…as much as we can all sympathise and empathise with the loss of a parent I’m sure Duffy himself would not look to offer up his father’s passing as an excuse. Duffy was the wrong guy in the wrong team at the wrong time…it’s as simple as that as far as I can see. But what’s worse than that is the blatant attempt by whoever signed him – whether it was PL or Lennon – to align us to the Good Cellic Bhoy mentality/run threw a wa’ for us/walk to Parkheid to play for Celtic – when he clearly did not fit into our style of play (although…who the feck did this season?)
He’s a cheap target, I’ll grant you that but his displays for us were absolutely woeful this year. Probably the worst display of CB fitba I’ve ever seen at Parkheid…and I saw Tebily and didnae see Scheidt!

Mike in Toronto



Hello pop pickers, it’s another new number 1, as John Kennedy regains his place, at the top.
Can someone check that Twisty is ok, please, also can you check, that he’s not heading to my place as I break the bad news. Always remember Skybet pay out, on the interim manager if he is manager for a minimum of 10 games.
However, Eddie was 1/7 on Friday, in this market and is now Evs. Hmmmm.
The bookies clearly think, if he is coming, it’s not imminent.
John Kennedy
Eddie Howe
Enzo Maresca
Roy Keane
Chris Wilder
Frank Lampard
Steve Clarke
Patrick Vieira
Roberto Martinez
Slaven Bilic

The Gombeen Man


No bother. Hopefully Shane will recapture some of his better form wherever he ends up next Season.

Maybe we tried to do him a favour and it just didn’t work out the way it was intended?





You really do have to laugh at their lofty aspirations to having an invincible season. Maybe defeats don’t count-in the same way that covid breaches don’t count when it’s them either.


Hello pop pickers.
A wee market update. Positions have reversed, again.
Eddie Howe
John Kennedy


Awww FfS


You know these key words you can plant to prevent unwanted, or unwarranted comments , well can you do me a favour please?

Can you add to your list, all or some of the following:

Odds on
Number 1

Hopefully that’ll sort him oot.


Twisty. 3.08.
I’ve moved house, in case you come looking for me.😂😂

Good to hear that you are feeling a bit better.


Jimmy NP
Yer safe. I’m staying out of trouble. You know my Achilles heel. One punch in the belly and I’m going down 😁

Paddy’s Maw

Just listening to radio Scotland from yesterday with Ian McColl talking about the poor refereeing at his match. Daryl Broadfoot is a tool and a complete ignoramus!

Jobo Baldie

Saturday 17 April at 4pm for our cup tie away against Triggers Broom FC.


Gday folks and hope all are well from a sun kissed central California.

The little one got spoilt rotten over her birthday weekend, fed the giraffe some lettuce and had a smile as wide as the Clyde when everyone sang happy birthday.
Thanks Bobby for covering the time off.

Anyway, you always think these things never happen to you but they foiled a mass shooting here in my area yesterday ffs
I’ll say no more, what is there to say.

As for 44 legs chasing a piece of cowskin, havent a clue, haven’t seen any 😉

Any electricians reading by chance? Got some questions.

Hail Hail

Nana Mouskouri

McCaff is on the bevy for the full weekend then blames the vac jab for feeling rough!!!

Mike in Toronto


I have been following the Uber case in your area with interest.

for those who haven’t been following it …. the California government previously said that since Uber set fares, and rules about who drivers could/could not pick up, etc., its drivers were employees, such that Uber had to provide benefits such as healthcare.

In response, Uber decided that it would no longer set requirements for fares, and let drivers decide who they would pick up and how much they would charge. The idea was that, since the drivers are now in control, they aren’t employees as such, and Uber shouldn’t have to pay benefits.

Uber spends a quarter of a Billion dollars on an advertising campaign, and , based on these changes, the voters decide to exempt Uber from having to pay benefits.

So, what does Uber do?

As soon as they were granted the exemption (which is worth about $500 million exemption), Uber decides that they are going to return to their old practice where they set the fare/driving requirements for their ’employees.

So, they now go back to their old ways, with drivers as employees, but without having to pay the benefits that employees are properly entitled to.

What a fucking scam!



Did you hear Brian Rice going on about the referee Hamilton had on Saturday? Blinkin’ flip!



UBER’s practices will eventually see them out of business. I couldn’t believe it though when I read in November that they had won that vote,in California of all states!


4pm start for the hun cup tie on 17 April.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, bobby the huns are deid, well in my eyes anyway,,another true story.

big packy

reading back from this morning, if blue peter has interfered with eddie howes backroom staff, well not only has the bassa lost us the ten, he might even have lost us eddie howe, peter if your reading this, GTF and dont come back, another true story,



I think it’s a bit early to blame Lawwell. My take on it is that Howe wants his own team,the club have probably agreed to that,but he hasn’t yet persuaded all of them to come.

I’d think that most of Howe’s preferred back-up staff are already working,probably in South England with young families. The wife and kids might be the snag here,rather than Lawwell


The Scottish Cup fourth round clash between Rangers and Celtic will take place on Saturday April 17.
And it will kick-off at 4pm and be shown live on Premier Sports.
It’s the first time the broadcaster will show a game between the two sides and it’s been handed a later kick-off than often expected for it. 🤔

big packy

BOBBY, as you know I blame lawwell for everything.😎😎

bada bing1

Scottish Cup Sevco v Celtic


Saturday 17th April 4pm kick off

1 2 3 5