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We are all aware of just how bad a season this has been,both domestically and in Europe. Wrecking our quest for The Ten in such a way that I very much doubt that we will ever celebrate The Nine in the same way that we still celebrate “the original and best” from 1965-74,that was bad enough. To have our reputation in Europe trashed in the way that we did,that was unforgiveable.

As an aside,how out of touch is our former manager when  he doesn’t realise that the huns were playing Slavia Prague a few weeks ago,and proceeds to tell all those watching and listening that they are a really good side,as they proved against us earlier in the season? Try getting away with describing Man City and Man Utd as the same team!

While we still await official confirmation of a new manager and the possible arrival of DMcK  far earlier than planned-each of which will be music to the ears of our long suffering fans-there is still a trophy to be won. Still something to haul from the wreckage of a dismal season.

The SFA may not have intended to have us drawn against the huns in the next round-presumably some unpaid intern hadn’t read the script about hot and cold balls!-but they may have inadvertently done us a favour. I know that The Lanarkshire Loyal (Referees Division) will be queuing up to referee this,desperate to keep their idols on track during what they still think is their own invincible season-but although our recent record against them has been bloody awful I doubt we need to worry too much. I am genuinely optimistic this time,something I rarely admit to,and they are due the doing that we should have given them the last twice.

Doing so in their own midden and in the cup will be a sweet feeling,even if it won’t make up for the disaster of exactly six months previously. And it will certainly boost our chances of that consolation silverware from a disastrous season,just as we did in 1975.

It might too give another trophy some meaning,that of our Player of the Year. God knows,we would struggle to think of anyone who is deserving of it this season,and I think it might be a sheepish-looking acceptance by the winner if we don’t win the Scottish Cup. But if we do? Maybe it puts a bit of undeserved gloss back on the season and also on the award. Even JOBO scrapped his POTY scheme a few months back,and the shortlist for the official one might be the shortest ever! In fact,if we don’t win the cup then the shortlist should be zero and the award withheld.

Even if we do win the cup,I can only think of two possible candidates for POTY. Stephen Welsh-who only came into the side recently,covering for injuries and/or numpties-and Kris Ajer,and the latter only at a push. If any of our highly paid squad,those players who think they are better than playing for us,needs a reality check or a summary of their contribution to our season,they should look no further than that. That I can’t think of anyone who deserves to be on our shortlist for Player of the Year other than a teenager who wasn’t even in the squad,wasn’t in the manager’s thinking,until very recently.

They can take their high opinions of themselves and GTF,as far as I’m concerned. Every single one of them has damaged their reputation in the game,reduced their potential suitors,trashed their earnings potential by their attitude and performances this season. Hell mend them,they won’t be missed. And they won’t be on the wraparound mural on our stadium either.

Above article by BMCUWP

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