Your responsibility

A cold hearted observer with no skin in the game would have noted the following regarding our club of choice.
Terrible managerial hire,
Terrible signings,
Bad start,
Extremely bad middle,
League lost and manager leaves,
Head honcho gets involved and rings the changes.
Let’s focus on the last part.
According to urban myth a deep dive was ordered into our recent affairs under you know who.
We’ve since seen,
Keano used as smokescreen presumably with a nod from buddy Dermot,
Enzo was used as a smokescreen presumably with a nod from buddy Fergal,
Four high profile structural departures,
A stinging rebuke of an interview from our majority shareholder,
John steadying the ship with one Championship 21 year old on a pre-contract confirmed.
When all the above is brought together and studied, I get the impression the Macroom man has discovered there is rot at the club, and held more than a few responsible, plus is determined to get a little hands on, plot a course for better or worse.
All of these need not necessarily be a bad thing at all, but it does beg the question just how bad where things, and does this mean a more hands on approach in general?
What was there to discover should be the starting reference point. The non interfering boardroom of friends is one, the cliques in the dressing room as revealed by young Cameron Harper is two, but one suspects the third and final straw was the jaw-dropping list of projects signed that played less than 30 games for the club.
Over one hundred million blown and that’s being conservative, and this a club in a backwater supposedly different,very different.
That’s enough to completely buy and setup a feeder/sister club elsewhere.
Enough to build a hotel with restaurant for visiting fans AND complete that Barrowfield rejuvenation project which would finally see us step into the modern world with a full size indoor training pitch.
It’s a fortune in modern Scottish football terms and it’s gone like the wind.
Did this sting Dermot, possibly prompt the verbal lash out that all is okay in his hands and in his hands the club shall stay?
He had realized how poorly run we were, but being stubborn and prideful won’t admit it’s a shambles to all Tims?
When you think about it, he’s probably right, throwing the hands in the air and yelling it’s a basket case can’t and won’t help.
What will help though is real strong proper leadership right at the very top.
If the Peter years have resulted in Dermot now giving extra attention to the club and it’s running then done it, that is probably a good thing.
A hurt Dermot with the desire to put things right is exactly what’s needed to be honest, for he can deliver.
But all of these are an admission things weren’t right, hence the need for change. Some knew before others, some now know the signs, but what looks very apparent is that the one person who really needed to know this sad and sorry fact has finally cottoned onto it.
Now that he knows things aren’t right, it’s on him to fix it. Please never forget that.
We wont find out just how bad it was, but we will see the response to the rot that was allowed to set in under his stewardship.
He knows we are watching.
A true and long standing rebuild and repair job could be his legacy rather than a blown ten and Peters failed Projects.
A true Celtic fan, just as he claims, will know the correct path.
History will judge if that’s the one chosen.
Over to you Dermot.
By Mahe.

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Gordon64 Socrates and the Corinthians’ Democracy
Who needs a manager 🤔


Morning all

Some chat last night about bookies .

Masters starting tomorrow so I wanted to bet on some of the following:

80/1 Corey Conners
50/1 Sergio Garcia
40/1 Paul Casey
33/1 Viktor Hovland
28/1 Collin Morikawa
18/1 Rory McIlroy
12/1 Jon Rahm
11/1 Bryson DeChambeau
11/1 Jordan Spieth
9/1 Dustin Johnson

Went on to 365. Requested some forecast prices. Purely for an interest at big odds. “What price can I have on Conners to beat Hovland and vice versa?”

Got an e mail this morning:

2500/1 and 200/1 respectively.

Hmmm ok. I thought I’ll have £1 on each of those.

Went to place my bet .

Hit “ bet now”

Message back:

“ you cannot bet £1 , you can have £0.80p”

Gottem running scared 😂😂😂

Deary me


I see they’ve added it to their site now. If anyone tries the same bet let me know how you get on 😁


Excellent leader today again. Mind blowing spend when you see it. Not mind blowing in the respect of the amount, we can afford it, mind blowing in the quality of the spend.

Aye Peter was doing a wonderful job right enough. I’ve used the term gross financial mismanagement before and your summation renders it justified.

The counter argument from others quarters was always that he was prudent, and “ do you want us to end up like the huns?”

A financial genius my arse. Self serving incompetent.

He’s still hanging around and there are signs that he’s still holding us back. Pleased to see Dominic arriving sooner than initially announced, however, no new manager as yet?

Tick tock tick tock.


For years even as a five year old I could recite the Celtic team, now I see a name mentioned and I don’t recognize them even though they played for us 3 years ago. The players door was revolving but not the Boards
I honestly believe DD is a Celtic supporter but he just can’t relate to how much percentage of income the fans put in. Nor does he realize how it is to be a Celtic/ Irish heritage supporter in Scotland

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM , THETIC, yes i could recite the lions team backwards👍 as regards dermot, I think his son is more into celtic than he is,H.H.


Fairhill bhoy
Lennybhoy-I thought you were going to tell us our new manager was being announced tomorrow 😉
Good to see you on.

Morning J
Nobody knows when the white smoke will appear. All I’ll say is, all good things come to those that wait. 👍🏻

Keep the Faith!

Hail Hail!

Saltires en Sevilla

Mahe/the Tic

Not like any Celtic supporter I’ve ever met.

He has taken money out of Celtic via dividends. Someone with far more knowledge, might confirm he has had all his original Capital/investments, repaid via dividends… mebbes aye, mebbes naw?

The delay in Taking Action feels deliberate… calculated!


Good morning amigo

Yes I know. We’ll hopefully hear soon enough.

A business colleague of mine, very much a rugger man, is friendly with Dominic. I was talking with him a couple weeks ago. ( the colleague is a Rangers supporter but as I say more into his rugby. Has a debenture at Murrayfield)

He’s convinced we’ve landed ourselves a vg man in Dominic. Says he’s very proactive, and extremely focused on improvement.

I’m obviously encouraged to hear this, but, as I told him, that’s all very well but even the best people are limited should they need to operate with one hand tied. Now I wasn’t suggesting he can simply say “ I’m targeting the CL latter stages and I’ll need £100m tomorrow”. Of course not. It doesn’t work like that and we all know it.

There has to be a budget, and there has to be a realistic approach, particularly given the current financial climate. What he does need is freedom to operate without unreasonable interference from Bankier and his like.

All my colleague would say on it was that knowing DM as he does, he’s simply not the type who will be dictated to and that he would be very unlikely to leave his current role without having some sort of assurances on the ambition of the board meeting his own.

All words of course, and the proof will be in the pudding but I’m encouraged.


I’ve been reading back, this is for you.
This is for you.
Rickie and Last Call.


Btw – I was gonna mail you last night. I’m not sure why but you’re mail address does not come up on my list now. Not the first time I’ve had this issue. I wonder if it’s time related.
A few others have disappeared over the years. I really should set up folders I guess to see if that helps. I’ve checked my settings but can’t see why it happens.
If you’ve still got mine drop me a quick mail and I’ll save it again.



Good morning all!
JNP…cheers for your good wishes yesterday. Went back to work for a bit yesterday, overslept my alarm this morning! Just heading out now…2 hours later than intended!!
Craig76…cheers for the recognition of my contribution to Construction Comedy yesterday…more than a few truths in there!!
Mahe…probably as close to the truth as we’ll get regarding Executive Thoughts. It looks to me like Bankier is the Bag Man in the handover…as soon as he’s served his purpose he’ll be honourably discharged – dishonourably charged would be preferable – and DD and DMcK will rebuild the Boardroom, imo.


You still on moby No. ending 073?
I’ll try it anyway.
Keep the Faith!
Hail Hail!



Another very interesting article. Oh how I wish this forensic investigation were true! The waste of money on projects is astonishing. How every manager since MON has signed a couple of them is even more astonishing! The investigation missed one huge aspect that you don’t need a microscope to uncover. Rangers FC is not a great club with a great history. They died in 2012. Our Shareholders were lied to. Truth and reconciliation is essential to restore faith. For me McKay and Howe are part of the same smokescreen Brendan Rogers was part of. The Old Firm.
Keep up the good work! Hail Hail.

bada bing1

Twists- we hope Dominic doesn’t have to answer to nomarks like Bankier, I hope he gets the message and jumps ship as well.


Got ya. Replied.

JNP – ty bud.


Absolutely bud.
New broom and all that !

Angel Gabriel

Twisty. 7.31am

Just re activated my Bet365 account.
Placed a £1 on Justin Thomas to beat Spieth & vice versa . Both 125/1 , which is better odds than the same bet I took last night from Sky Bet (80/1)



Got it and replied to you.

Keep the Faith!

Hail Hail!

Son Of Gabriel

On the subject of Eddie (whether this happens or not…) I went on a little scouting mission from the people who know him best;

For those wanting the short versions the Bournemouth fans were kind enough to give me the following links;

Hope you all enjoy.
I’ll be asking Burnley fans as well in the coming days

Morning all and Packy.


A Eureka moment
A Road to Damascus moment.

Maybe DD’s realisation wasn’t as sudden as that. But if he has finally came to a realisation that all was not not well and needs an overhaul then I can only say Thank God!

That alone would give him a few brownie points.

I wonder what I will be thinking this time next year ?, God spares me 🙂

Thanks for the link. Hilarious! 🙂




I’m not telling you his age,but he reckons he’s had to cancel his Club 18-59 membership…

Sol Kitts

Been upgraded to Saga Seniors 😎

bada bing1

SoG- well done ,a lot of good feedback there


Sol Kitts
Happy birthday and wishing you many more of them. Have a grand day.

Happy Birthday Solkitts! And many o’them 🙂

Twisty, great minds think alike! 🙂


Hey Sol Kitts.
Happy Birthday and enjoy.


Hello pop pickers.
It’s another new number 1 as Eddie regains his place at the top, that J.K. had taken, at this time, yesterday.
It’s still very close between them.
Is J.K. staying in charge until the end of the season? Who knows, but the odds suggest Skybet think J.K.will be in charge for a few games, yet and maybe reach 10.
Eddie Howe
John Kennedy
Enzo Maresca
Roy Keane
Chris Wilder
Frank Lampard
Steve Clarke
Patrick Vieira
Roberto Martinez
Slaven Bilic

Many Happy Returns Sol Kitts & our old friend Pogmahonyahun. 🍻🍺🍀💚

Very good article Mahe.
We are about to find out how much of a Celtic supporter Dermot Desmond is. Is he going to restore us as a force in Europe again, or is he really more of an Old Firm supporter than he is a Celtic supporter. Time alone will tell.


TWISTY Naps Competition 20/21-Final Table

Premier Division

RayMac £21.61 (7.99)
Celtic Champs £0.00 (16.16)
The Real McCoy -£0.67. (17.82)
Cosy Corner B -£7.50 (3.50)
Big Packy -£9.00 (2.37)
Vogue Punter -£12.60. ( 13.36)
Craig 76 -£13.30(11.19)
Leftclicktic -£13.38. (19.84)
Jim the Tim -£19.33. (9.44)
Bada -£26.67. (9.20)
Mahe -£28.10. (19.09)
First Division

Garry -£6.12. ( 15.45)
Calton Tongues -£7.50. (11.80)
BMCUW -£9.82 ( 17.59)
Chalmersbhoy -£21.00. (12.86)
Gordon -£28.60. ( 13.31)
Valleybhoy -£28.67. (20.36)
Jimmy NP -£30.25. (4.83)
Twisty -£40.00. ( 11.6)
Big Railroad B. -£40.00. ( 7.65)
AS67 -£40.00. ( 4.66)
Mea Culpa -£40.00. ( 0.63)


Some really big priced places in those last two weeks as some of the troops clearly went for it! Particularly GORDON64 and CHALMERSBHOY,not beaten much and both at 22/1. Special mentions also to LEFTCLICKTIC and VALLEYBHOY who,with place money of c£20 can consider themselves unlucky.

Obvious thanks to our sponsor-to the total of £300 overall!-who declined to be involved for ethical reasons.

TWISTY,yer a star!!!


We now move on to the final leg of TWISTY’s three competitions,with Aintree starting tomorrow.

As before at Cheltenham,the standings will be decided on the following basis.

1st-10 points plus SP

2nd-5 points

3rd-2 points.

One selection in each race please,and all selections to be entered prior to the opening race.

Good Luck!

PS-I’ll be more on the ball this time and will update by noon the day after each set of results!



Would be good to catch up with POGMATHONYAHUN again. Been a while!

My driving licence is 40yo today too,how’s that for a hat trick!!!

Paddy’s Maw

Happy birthday Solkitts.

Celtic Champs Elect



You missed out my winner on the final tally :-)))

My Nap today is HAQEEQY Donny 3.10 9/2



My apologies,mate. There were a few non-runners in that race-and elsewhere that day!-and I was wondering why you hadn’t posted a replacement!

I’ll update in a couple of minutes.


I am not sure that the projects approach is a complete financial failure. Proper analysis would be needed in order to judge that. For example, Dembele in for 500,000 and out for 20 million covers off the outlay on 9 or 10 projects, ignoring salaries. We have also had other earners….Wanyama, Van Dyke, Foster and Armstrong. In the Wanyama case, it was in for less than 1 million and out for 10 ish million.

Notice all of these examples played in the first team, virtually upon arrival. Whereas, the Klimalas, Soros, O’Connor, Connels did not. Did the club stunt their development rather than foster it by having no development plan for these players? Games for the development squad seem haphazard.

The real problem with the projects experiment is not the money wasted, it is the priority given to it, rather than buying first team ready players. Given a fixed modest transfer budget, it has proven to be a disaster, especially when the youth system is incapable of backfilling the shortfall in first team ready players. It is yet another example of short term thinking and risk minimisation. All of this has resulted in lost opportunities.

This is PL’s legacy…….although the club will never admit it.

Let us just hope that DD sees this, otherwise prepare for more turmoil.


Does that mean that Mahe gets relegated and I get promoted in his place? 😁



If we were spending approx £6m pa on projects who never made it,and putting them on 3 or 4 year contracts costing us around £2m for each of three duds a season-which we were doing for most of the PL days-the cost runs to over £10m pa on failures.

Lawwell was happy to bask in the glow of the profit achieved from selling those players-approx £50m,by my reckoning-but each sale weakened the team. He could have used a fraction of the wasted money to offer them better terms,and if there was an established pattern of players being offered better terms and being happy to stay in a team which wasn’t being weakened on a yearly basis-until their mid twenties,say,instead of leaving in their early twenties,first chance they got-who knows what would have happened?

Quite simply,his focus on going to poundland cost us a fortune. His focus on a cash grab to cover his mistakes cost us a fortune too. But worse,it cost us the spine of a very good team,it cost us a very good manager,and ultimately it has seriously damaged our reputation in the game.

He should have been reined in long ago,or booted out the door.



It’s better than that-you win the prize for the first division champion!

When did we last sign a player of better quality than the player he was signed to replace?
I am really struggling to come up with any recent names.
That is why our squad quality is so poor.
We sold off all our best players, and replaced them with shite.


Hi Mahe


Another great leader this morning.

.Hopefully Dermot is showing patience with regard to who will be at the helm for us next season as it is such a crucial decision.The correct choice can quickly put us back on a successful path but the wrong one could lead to years in the doldrums.I would also hope our outgoing CEOs handover to Dominic is as simple as that,there is the keys to the boardroom but this I doubt.


Thanks for the info re The Masters.

I have had to reassess my selection as Brooke’s Koepka
has had knee surgery just 4 weeks ago so although he fancies his chances I now dont.

1.Justin Thomas 10 to 1
2.Jason Day 45 to 1
3.Patrick Cantlay 18 to 1
4.Colin Morikawa 25 to 1

All in the hope that Dustin Johnson has a nightmare.

Be lucky.



I think we are saying the same thing but I am not clear on your arithmetic. Are you saying Klimala and Amido Balde were on 2 million each per season? That would be around 40,000 per week which would be amongst the top salaries at the club? Or do I have not wrong?

I agree the plan was a failure overall but I am shocked that it was never challenged.

Rebus…off for a bath



The salaries for a project I assumed at c£12k pw. Thee or four year contract will be between £2-2.5m over the term. Balde apparently cost us £1.8m,Klimala £3.5m and even the likes of Bayo,Shved and Bangura at £2m,Kouassi at £3m and you can see where it all adds up.

If there is one particular annoyance in how Celtic lay out their accounts,it is that operating costs are lumped in together. In MON’s last season,they were £58m. In WGS’ time,they averaged out at £60m and in NL Mk1 they averaged £57m. And this despite the high-earners being binned!

So much for cost cutting,so much for Martin the spendthrift. The only clear reduction there is in the quality on the pitch.

Mike in Toronto

Apparently Keiran Tierney will likely not require surgery but will be out. 4-6 weeks after injuring his knee in the recent game against Arsenal. Too bad, as after such a bad run of injuries, he was finally rounding into form, and starting to show what a great player he could be..

If the kid didn’t have bad luck, he’d have no luck at all.

Given that these sorts of injuries often take longer to resolve than initially stated, this must put his participation in Euro 2021 in jeopardy.

Would be a shame if he misses out, so hopefully, it will work out for himl.



Our issues as you guys have stated are not down to one disastrous season.A fish rots from the head.

Under Lawells leadership if we want to call it that ,we were season on season eroding the quality of our team.A team that had we strengthened when in a position of strength we would have not only achieved the ten but at least punched our weight ior above in Europe.Instead of this Lawells constant meddling in transfers and just staying that little bit ahead of the team across the river has brought us to where we are..

That’s why BR got out and that level of professionalism left with him.

We have enjoyed an unprecedented amount of success in terms of a second nine in a row,an actual invincible season and a quadruple treble.Unbelievable success but throughout that success we did not have a leader off the field thinking of upcoming chess moves and how to counteract them.We had an individual thinking of his bonus, taking his eye off the ball and we now have to rebuild.Good leaders do not require a rebuild as they are constantly replacing good players with better players or at worst like for like but not our Peter or should that be Pewter as he has consistently replaced decent players with so called project players.Some projects made Celtic decent money but the majority over the years weakened our team and our squad.



Hi Danny
Gl on yer Golfers bud. Good to watch with an interest.

On the National, I’ve already backed 3. No doubt I’ll add a couple more on the day.

Some Neck
Potters Corner
Mister Malarkey

33/1 25/1 25/1

There’s one horse in the race which I’ve only got £2 on and that is simply down to the fact I’ve backed it so often, I’d be distraught if it won ( I don’t think it will!) and I hadn’t at least got something from it.

Alpha des obeaux. I could have bought that thing twice over! 66/1. If it won I think I’d cry with the pain if I didn’t get at least £100 from it 😁

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ,a big hoopy happy birthday to my mate SOLKITTS, im not telling you how old sol is but his first car was a vauxhall velox 3 speed gearbox column change, sol could not go the fancy ford anglia with 4 gears, 3 was enough for him, he used to start it with a starting handle, remember them I dont jimthetim53 told me about them😍anyway I digress, sol would come to me on a monday morning, haw packy ma hauns are sair from lufting they glesses a guinness last night, will you start the car for me, as usual muggins here starts the car for him wae the starting handle, even to this day my wrists are still sore, but hey he is a good ghuy and thats all that matters, SOL if your lurking have a good one buddy.H.H.

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