Watch out, Beadles about ?

Upon pondering, it struck me that next season holds the potential to offer up some strange sights, freakishly strange actually.
All of the following are not beyond the realms of possibility at all, some more likely than others, but it’s a growing example of how fast the world and football changes.

You sit down at home to watch the match to a TV panel of Neil Lennon, Roy Keane and Martin O’Neill.
It’s very early season but yet the team are prepared for their qualifiers through the head coach and Director of Football being on the same page.
Scott Brown and Leigh Griffiths walk out of the Parkhead tunnel together, but playing for Aberdeen lining up against Celtic.
You’re scanning the channels and there’s Cameron Harper and Patrik Klimala lining up together as a striking partnership, for New York Red Bulls.
You browse the sports channels to see Odsonne Eduoard and Calum MacGregor walking out the tunnel together, playing for a Brendan Rodgers lead Leicester City.
Likewise you witness Kieran Tierney and Odsonne Eduoard walking out the tunnel together, playing for a Brendan Rodgers lead Arsenal team.
Match day attendees look towards the VIP seats only to find young professionals striving only to further the club in their respective fields, not the Last of the Summer Wine brigade enjoying their status.
3 sorta decent years at the helm of the Ibrox outfit may be enough to land the Liverpool managers job.
Peter doesn’t get mentioned after a defeat.
There’s actual hot water in the bathrooms, sanitizer and all.
We believe the CEO when he speaks.
A sizeable spend allied with a quality coach onboard sees us begin the next campaign as favourites.
EPL players actually want to join us to learn under our esteemed coach.
Lenny takes another SPFL job, and once again sits in a dugout at Parkhead.

Like I say, some could come true, sitting here now we know this, yet the thought of such occurrences just seems so very wrong in some instances.
The new normal will clearly take a bit of getting used to, a sign that we as a club and support aren’t used to seeing huge sweeping changes swiftly impacting us, having been used to slow and steady with the same old faces.
You might rub your eyes and look again, but next season will literally be a case of can’t believe what I’m witnessing.

By Mahe

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Morning all

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new”
( Socrates – circa 400bc)

Admirable sentiment which on the whole I do agree with. So why do I still have the urge to fashion a doll which resembles a certain employee at Celtic and use it as a pin cushion?

Perhaps there is another quote which explains it.

“ They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel”
( Carl W Buehner – circa 1960)

I’m not sure if I’m alone in my thinking but immediately I heard there may be a problem with Eddie Howe’s appointment, my thoughts turned to Peter Lawwell. Regardless of whether or not Howe is the favoured candidate of everyone , the breaking news that no deal was imminent was all too familiar.

So we stumble along. Actually, that’s not true. Not even stumbling. We are static.

How many new first team players will be coming in? 7? More? How many being moved out? Similar numbers?
We have potentially anything between 12 and 20 transfers ( ins and outs) to deal with.

Add other structural changes, manager, back room team etc, and you’ll understand the scale of the task. We are into April now. Time is not our friend yet there seems to be no recognition of this?

I find it all very concerning. Will our new look side be ready for the immediate challenge of qualification for the CL? Given they never have been in the past it’s a fairly safe bet the answer is no.

As I said at the outset. This has the stamp of Lawwell all over it.

“ A statue? It’s a good boot up the arse he needs”
( Twisty 7am this morning)


Still got yer bet remember. Didn’t catch you last Saturday

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM TWISTY, that shyster that charlatan stopped us winning the ten, make no mistake rainjurs didnt win it lawwell and his cronies gave it to them,H.H,



Yes. As my favourite, Leo would say, “ giving it all away”

As I’m in quote mode this morning, here’s one that kinda encapsulates my thoughts :

“A life directed chiefly toward the fulfillment of personal desires will sooner or later always lead to bitter disappointment”
Albert Einstein

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Masters Weekend 😉


Morning Jobo

Looking forward to the Masters. Good weekend for sport.


I am with you on that this seasons events have Lawwell’s grubby paws all over them.
Them squirrels are flying.
Keane,McKay arriving early now Howe less likely and Lawwell’s pet blogger blowing it out his arse as usual this morning.
There will be many more based on potential season ticket sales.
Our PLC have used these tactics throughout the DD and Lawwell heist.
If squirrels were points we would walk the league every season.


Morning bud.
I’ll have a look at the item you refer to shortly. Just heading into shower.

“Last of the Summer Wine Brigade”

LOL 🙂 Well said Mahe! 🙂

Morning all & Packy.


A wee shout out for Robert MacIntyre at the Masters. He tees off at 5ish tonight.
Not bad for a corrie fisted shinty player from Oban. Very keen Celtic fan.
I have £1 e/w on him at 125s.


Hi Twisty

Sorry mate,Put my personal bad breaking horse news in the wrong segment.Apologies for interrupting the guys NAP S section.

Now that Storyteller is out of the National I will have to have a further review but at least I have time to do so.

Good Luck with the horses today.🍀


I seen it was out, but as you say, lots of time to get another one picked.
If Billaway copes with the track today he’d be my biggest fancy.

Something niggling away at me too about the Nicky Henderson runners. He’s been a bit up and down but I wouldn’t be surprised if he knocked a few in.



Henderson is a crook.

Paul Nicholls has the more favoured horses today but I would not be surprised if Hendo upstages him.

Usual decent card today at Aintree and Billaway should have won at Cheltenham.

Good luck with all your selections today.

Hitman Waiting Patiently Song for Someone and Grey Diamond are my unlucky 15 horses.

Be lucky T.


Good luck CL with yer nags today. Be good to get a few £ in the tank for the next 2 days.

The Gombeen Man

Good read Mahe,

Let’s hope that last night’s news from the Daily Mail is inaccurate.

It sounds like Dermot cut the deal and said to Eddie Howe,” Peter will sort out the details…”Next thing, Wallop…Same old story.

The first sign of trouble for me was the rumour that Eddie Howe was happy to retain John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan.

I put that down to internet rumour.

But also an uncomfortable feeling of déjà vu. Are we playing hardball? The hardball that lost some many others? Rodgers, McGinn, spring immediately to mind.This season’s bright spark David Turnballl was almost lost to the same ineptitude to Norwich but for a failed medical. Do we ever learn?

Second thing was Gordon Strachan’s lukewarm comments at the Falkirk game.

The beginnings of a feeling of a real issue.

Thirdly the delay.

Fourthly the CQN article yesterday announcing that Howe was expected to join in a number of weeks.

Classic Lawwellism, I’m afraid. A subterfuge, designed to distance him from the fallout from possibly another act of executive folly. An offer has been made. Take it or leave it.

Pride, arrogance, fear.

Trouble is we’ve been misled by Celtic for so long, we are used to life in an abusive relationship.

Cameron Harper’s comments at the weekend are probably the most revealing of anything to come out of the club in recent years.

We’re bedeviled by cliques and self-interest. That self-interest runs all the way from the Boardroom to the misinformation, blame and deceit of certain Blogs.

It’s little wonder that Celtic Plc are so unpopular with so many, throughout Scottish society and the football world.

If Eddie Howe has decided not to join Celtic, prepare yourself Eddie for the Glasgow Celtic Way.

That means character assassination. We’ll be told how, ” Eddie played us.” How Eddie “didn’t cut the mustard .” How we’ve “dodged a bullet.”

We really are a toxic mess. Unfortunately our main shareholder stood by while this monster was created.

The solution lies in the corporate structure. Mr McKay is about to find out how has hands have already been tied behind his back, by the 5WA (and who knows what else).

Mr McKay has many bridges to rebuild throughout Scottish society. Let’s hope Mr Desmond is onboard for what’s required.

A complete clear out, starting from scratch seems a good place to start.

A good place to start for a new executive is start with an audit. Walk in the front door and have the place audited.

There’s likely to be more skeltons in Celtic Park than the Necropolis. The minute you take the job, that mess is on you.

Nobody wants to be ungrateful to John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan but if we want to get serious about football, we need to up our game at every level.

Get on the phone Dermot and sort this shambles out.

Till Later,

Happy Belated Birthday to Sol Kitts, I hope you had a great day yesterday.


The Gombeen Man
Absolutely bang on. Quality read.


Sandy Lyle and Ian Woosnam are both in the saddle today just after 2.00pm in ye olde Masters


Sandy Lyle riding “Playing on past glories”
Ian Woosnam mount “I’m only here for the money”

Both rank outsiders

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Twisty,

I hope your naps go well.

Angel Gabriel

No surprise that Howe’s agent is saying that he’s not interested in taking up an appointment till the summer.
Most football contracts don’t start till June 1st .

My worry regards a text I received this morning.
“ Lawwell could be the next Celtic chairman “ !!!

Dear Doctor. Thumbs doon.

My wee trixie for Aintree today includes Shunter , Adajio & Jason the Militant.
More excited about the Masters though, let the fun commence . A weekend of punting from the big chair . Enjoy HH


Copied over from CQN in terms of the relationship between Celtic and their supporters.

AULDHEID on 8TH APRIL 2021 1:11 PM
From Previous

AULDHEID on 8TH APRIL 2021 12:20 PM

EmeraldBe \0/


Agree fully with that. But …….. IF you were running the Club and wanted to keep your fans/supporters on-side would it not be really, really easy to make an official statement (via the SLO or other source) to clarify the steps that are being taken right now (in the most general of senses) in the pursuit of restructuring the Club. At a stroke the supporters are informed, they can dismiss the various ‘experts’ and their (perhaps) tainted views and can give the Club a bit of breathing space as they await developments.

Instead the vacuum is filled with some well – meaning (and some less well – meaning) gossip and viewpoints, lots of crud from media sources that are not terribly well known for favouring and promoting positive news about Celtic, and a growing feeling (which is not discounted by the Club) that things might be continuing as we have witnessed for a number of years now (and THAT doesn’t fill us/me with great enthusiasm and positivity).

We just don’t KNOW and that fact lies at the door of the Club. They are in a business that relies heavily on commitment and engagement from their customer base yet they seem to dismiss the idea that they should communicate, how ever generally, with that customer base. That I don’t understand. If they are not aware of the disquiet among the fan base, that I don’t understand either.


The under lying problem is there is no trust and trust is a two way street.

I suggest the Board are reluctant to say anything because whatever is said will be seen via mistrust spectacles by a number of supporters with reasons to be mistrustful.

There has to be a change of attitude on both sides but the responsibility to take a lead lies with the Board, having set the scene for openness first.

Being truthful would be an epic start but that is not a discernible quality of those at the helm.

Go Tell The Spartim has it right in terms of the Board’s attitude to the support. It stinks, condescending and arrogant, the natural outcome of not being accountable for their decisions.

I like to think, and why wouldn’t I, that if Res11/12 has done anything it is to send a message to Celtic that the support are no mugs and if properly led by CST, who have grown in size with new members with a voice in the CST democratic process – their AGM is on 27 April – can endeavour to seek trustworthy relationships with the new CEO.

Res11 at last AGM, where Celtic undertook to engage with relevant authorities on non application of the judicial rules, surrendered under the toxic 5 Way Agreement, was the result of recognising supporters/shareholders were no mugs with a handle on the truth, a point forcibly made.


Angel Gabriel
No surprise that Howe’s agent is saying that he’s not interested in taking up an appointment till the summer.
Most football contracts don’t start till June 1st .

My worry regards a text I received this morning.
“ Lawwell could be the next Celtic chairman “ !!!

Dear Doctor. Thumbs doon.

My wee trixie for Aintree today includes Shunter , Adajio & Jason the Militant.
More excited about the Masters though, let the fun commence . A weekend of punting from the big chair . Enjoy HH

No chance. He has resigned, why put someone who is responsible for many bad decisions and mendacity in charge?

bada bing1

Crystal Palace not renewing Hodgson’s contract, they are our main rivals for EH,Desmond will be at The Masters in Augusta, so don’t expect anything until Monday, priorities and all that……


Afternoon All,

Watched the 6-2 game on Sky earlier and, during the celebrations at the end, I noticed Tommy Burns in the background. Thank F there was no Social Media then as he would probably have got slaughtered like John Kennedy does these days for ‘hingin aboot’ 😁




I know yer a chef,but I don’t think those mushrooms you had are entirely what you thought they were! Terrific article.



Tomorrow’s article sent-unless there are any developments of course.

Great bit of writing and excellent use of your imagination. Crackin read 👍


This is how it feels to be Celtic.

Angel Gabriel

Auldheid 1.16pm .

My thoughts also , but it’s Celtic we’re talking about. I think it’s been pointed out on here , that PL has resigned from being the CEO.
Does that exclude him from any other position ?

I don’t understand the mechanism that’s kept PL or the non executive directors , in position for so long . To the detriment of the club, and the game in general. HH



Mixed signals? Aye,not sure whether to give us one finger or two.

bada bing1

Gary Player won The Masters 60 years ago, just pinged one a couple of hundred yards down the first


Quality leader.

The Gombeen Man

One of your best posts. I have believed for some time now that Lawwell will have something special up his sleeve, as a final two-fingered salute to a Celtic support that detest his toxic presence. We have all seen this movie before, and it’s being repeated once more, in front of our very eyes.

Mr Desmond, if you really cared about The Celts, you would dismiss this Machiavellian bastard with immediate effect.

Peter Lawwell GTF.


I think Gary Player was the first (well known) golfer to be into fitness back in the 60’s



Aye-and the more he practiced,the luckier he got!

Mike in Toronto

Dont want to start off an argument, but it is worth noting that the European Court on Human Rights has now ruled thatcumpulsory vaccinations against childhood diseases is NOT a violation of the Article 8 of the ECHR charter granting respect for private life, and that compulsory vaccinations are necessary for protecting the most vulnerable in society, and as such are a reasonable requirement in society. I am oversimplifying the decision, but that is the key.

the case, which was started in 2013, after children were denied access to schools, if they didn’t get inoculated against various illnesses (measles, whooping cough…), is likely to have significant implications for those who oppose the Covid vaccinations.

I dont believe that there is an appeal from this decision.

Here is a link to the English version of the decision.

If you guys dont want this on here, feel free to delete. I won’t be offended.{“itemid”:[“001-209039”]}


Practice doesn’t always pay off
Ask the guys who bet everyday
It’s a bigger mugs game than Scottish Football tilted for one team


Sol Kitts.
I hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations.
One for you
This is the most Sunday League tackle I’ve ever seen!


Seems Griff’s contract isn’t up next year,which was what I was led to believe. He will be off in the summer unless he and Celtic agree on either taking up the one year option or signing a new contract.

I think you picked a bloody stupid time to decide that training wasn’t for you,Leigh.



The bookies need to be lucky all the time-we just need to be lucky now and again!



I think he just mistimed it.


What steps, if any, are the PLC taking to ensure the safety of our players when visiting the bigot-dome for the Scottish Cup tie?

What happens, if hundreds-or indeed thousands-of Orange thugs turn up to ‘welcome’ the team? If recent weeks have shown us anything, it is that the Scottish Govt. and Police Scotland have given permission-slips to these animals, to behave as they see fit. Meanwhile our brave peelers stand back and watch devastation unfold…or worse still, actively join in the ‘fun’.

Over to you, Lawwell and Co.

Hail Hail.



No action taken after the New Year game. I think that is likely to be your answer.

big packy

MAGUA pc plod will be joining in, make no mistake,another true story

big packy

MAGUA, met a hun taxi driver this morning the only one in the village, haw jim he shouted what feckin time is it, 7 past niven i replied ,he was not very pleased,😍😍😍


Angel Gabriel

Your comment “this is Celtic” is a nice introduction/excuse for copying over my post on CQN about folk vilifying/hating PL.

AULDHEID on 8TH APRIL 2021 4:14 PM
JHB on 8TH APRIL 2021 1:50 PM

I remember the years just preceding 2012 when the Ibrox club went belly-up. They were still spending money like it was going out of fashion. Murray & Walter Smith knew the state they were in and where it was inevitably leading them – however egged on by the fan base they carried on spending and we all know where it led them.

During that time Peter Lawwell was subject to the same kind of vitriol that he is receiving now for not spending as recklessly as Murray – he stood firm in the face of the flack and was proved 100% correct. That was leadership and is why the path to a second 9iar was easier than the first and a quadruple treble clinched.

Of course mistakes have been made and certain judgements can be questioned – what can’t be questioned is that Peter is a Tim through and through and his record and stewardship will stand longer and stronger than the carping of those who hate him.

“You cannot reason someone out of a position that they have not reasoned themselves into”

It is wholly unreasonable to vilify Peter Lawwell.
Not if you have reason, but do not mistake that reason as vilifying or worse hating.

Rangers behaviour put PL/Celtic between a rock and a hard place, where the integrity of PL, Celtic and Scottish football took second place to commercial considerations and took no account of the supports ‘ feelings on what was appropriate justice for 10 years of being cheated.

Certainly not retaining claim to titles won by unlawful means not open to other clubs, protected by the 5 Way Agreement The Board in the shape of PL and Eric Riley were aware of, that requires us to believe a football club is immortal and can behave like Rangers did and not face the consequences.

Behaviour that arguably helped lose us the title this year to a club financially doped up like before, by being much better than the clubs on much lower budgets, whilst our standards had declined.

Worse though was the pretence since 2013 that Celtic could do nothing about challenging the SFA and the LNS Commission.

Sitting at an AGM in 2019, what was revealing , was listening to denial of sight of 5 Way Agreement and a justification for dropping Res12 based on a question PL said he put to UEFA before the AGM with regard to any sanctions for breaches in the monitoring period. This question was self serving and totally ignored evidence of possible fraud at the grant point. It was handed to him in front of witnesses in Aug 2018 with reasons why licence was granted on false pretence. You can read about it in the footnote to this post.

It was suggested Celtic take the evidence provided (minutes of a meeting on 21st March 2011 between HMRC and Rangers) along with the walk through UEFA FFP articles to UEFA which can be read from the link provided in the footnote.

That was not done by the Nov 2018 AGM, Celtic hiding behind the stalled SFA JPDT process and in 2019 AGM a new Res12 to take matter from SFA to UEFA was voted down on same JPDT basis as in 2018. PL’s response to shareholders at the 2019 AGM in respect of what he asked UEFA before that AGM was totally disingenuous.

The SFA formally abandoned their JPDT process in May 2020. This produced Res11 in which Celtic undertook to engage with SFA.

The CST have taken monitoring of progress on Res11 on board and the more who sign up to CST the more representative of supporters feelings the CST will become.

Those wrongs against the supports feelings will fester until admitted or a way is found to make Board members accountable for what they tell shareholders and supporters.

In fact being truthful about it all would be incredibly healing as reconciliation is dependent on the truth.

I appreciate the truth is not the cure many have any interest in pursuing, it is supposed to be a game of football after all, where results are settled on the park and nothing else matters.

However what takes place on the park is the consequence of what happens off it and if that performance is disingenuous then so will be the performances on the field of play.

Being disingenuous is no foundation to build anything on, but for Celtic it is totally unacceptable, a sin against Celtic’s soul.

Footnote of Meeting 10 Aug 2018.

10 August 2018. Celtic meet a representatives from Res12shareholders, the Celtic Supporters Association and a representative of bloggers from social media to discuss content of letter of 25th June and lack of SFA response. Two other well known bloggers with good Celtic connections were also invited. One declined the invite and the other had an emergency to attend to on the morning of the meeting so missed the following. Celtic were left with a document suggesting UEFA Licence should not have been granted on grounds of breaches of two UEFA rules both of which involved dishonesty/fraud breach of good faith. Celtic were left to consider the document see

and it was suggested they approach UEFA and contemplate next steps if the narrative contained was accurate. A further meeting to be arranged early September to hear response but that was never forthcoming on the merits or demerits of the case not even at the November 2018 AGM.

big packy

Big Packy

Seven past Niven… haven’t heard that wan for years.

One of my favourite photos of all time, is Dick Beattie holding up 7 fingers to the Celtic End after Willie Fernie scored the seventh…pity it wisnae at the other end.

Hope you’re keeping well.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA love this song,

No offence, but I would rather not read quotes from that prick JHB on SentinelCelts thanks.
The likes of him and Ernie Lynch, are why I don’t read CQN. Can read those views in the Daily Mail thanks.

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