Watch out, Beadles about ?

Upon pondering, it struck me that next season holds the potential to offer up some strange sights, freakishly strange actually.
All of the following are not beyond the realms of possibility at all, some more likely than others, but it’s a growing example of how fast the world and football changes.

You sit down at home to watch the match to a TV panel of Neil Lennon, Roy Keane and Martin O’Neill.
It’s very early season but yet the team are prepared for their qualifiers through the head coach and Director of Football being on the same page.
Scott Brown and Leigh Griffiths walk out of the Parkhead tunnel together, but playing for Aberdeen lining up against Celtic.
You’re scanning the channels and there’s Cameron Harper and Patrik Klimala lining up together as a striking partnership, for New York Red Bulls.
You browse the sports channels to see Odsonne Eduoard and Calum MacGregor walking out the tunnel together, playing for a Brendan Rodgers lead Leicester City.
Likewise you witness Kieran Tierney and Odsonne Eduoard walking out the tunnel together, playing for a Brendan Rodgers lead Arsenal team.
Match day attendees look towards the VIP seats only to find young professionals striving only to further the club in their respective fields, not the Last of the Summer Wine brigade enjoying their status.
3 sorta decent years at the helm of the Ibrox outfit may be enough to land the Liverpool managers job.
Peter doesn’t get mentioned after a defeat.
There’s actual hot water in the bathrooms, sanitizer and all.
We believe the CEO when he speaks.
A sizeable spend allied with a quality coach onboard sees us begin the next campaign as favourites.
EPL players actually want to join us to learn under our esteemed coach.
Lenny takes another SPFL job, and once again sits in a dugout at Parkhead.

Like I say, some could come true, sitting here now we know this, yet the thought of such occurrences just seems so very wrong in some instances.
The new normal will clearly take a bit of getting used to, a sign that we as a club and support aren’t used to seeing huge sweeping changes swiftly impacting us, having been used to slow and steady with the same old faces.
You might rub your eyes and look again, but next season will literally be a case of can’t believe what I’m witnessing.

By Mahe

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Long been of the same opinion,that he is compromised.

Great plan. Especially with the May elections imminent. Can only imagine what CQN will be like with political infighting. Much prefer your policy mate. In my local, religion and politics are taboo subjects. For a very good reason.

When your best mate and business partner of many years standing, is prominent Freemason Eric Riley. You leave yourself open to scrutiny.



We all saw it happen elsewhere,so best avoided here if possible!

Song for you and everyone on SentinelCelts.
Love this gritty Yorkshireman.

My happy optimistic tune. Listen to it most days.
Almost as therapeutic as The Wailers. 😁

Bob & The Wailers

Bob’s last. My last for the night.
This is for us all.