Kerrynation Street.


Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether Celtic have an address in Kerrydale Street or Coronation Street. What a soap opera our hunt for a new manager has turned out to be! Of course,it is traditional on a soap opera to have so-called  cliffhangers,the will he,won’t he type,who shot JR-or in our case,BR-and even the occasional marriage. Our marriage to Eddie Howe seemed to be all going to plan,but it seems that we will be left standing at the altar.

Of course,it is traditional for the jilted bride’s friends and family to rally round,tell her that he was a no-user and that she had had a lucky escape. At the moment,I feel like that jilted bride-except that like most jilted brides I don’t believe a word that I’m being told-otherwise I wouldn’t have been standing at the altar in the first place!

Leaving the analogies aside,we have to wonder how we arrived at this place. It is nearly six months since the patience and support of a lot of the fans for Neil Lennon ran out,following our abject display against the huns. A well-run club,even if having no intention of changing the manager at that stage,would have been reviewing the list of potential replacements. A CEO,one who saw his main interest as being that of the club rather than himself,would have been scouring the various leagues to check on clubs which appeared to be punching above their weight and investigating how their manager achieved it,would he be a fit for Celtic,etc. Which high profile managers with a decent track record are out of work? Or even checked through the drawers in his desk for the eighty or so CVs and applications that had been sent to him about 18 months earlier!!!

Not us,we doubled down until the inevitable came to pass,and even if four months late,it was nearly two months ago and we are actually further back in our search than we were at the time! You really do have to wonder at the imagination of the scriptwriters at our club,this is BAFTA quality. Of course,in last week’s episode of SOAP,Celtic-style,we all looked like living happily ever after. The club had got its hands on their man,the footballing structure was to be rebuilt,and the new CEO would be arriving early. This was music to my ears.

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I wanted AVB two years ago,and that he will be available to join us at the end of this season too-and it would have been worth it just to have seen Ntcham’s face if that had happened!-but Brexit is a gamechanger in football as in so many other industries. We need someone with an intrinsic knowledge of the British game,especially the players outside the top top teams. Eddie Howe fitted the bill,and as I explained last week,his chances of managing near the top of the English game were being seriously squeezed. He was a good fit for us,and we were a good fit for him. Yet it looks as if it is going pear-shaped in the time-honoured Celtic fashion!

So why might that be? There are a number of possibilities here. The first is that Howe is having difficulty persuading his family of the benefits of the move,but to be honest,if you can’t be the boss in your own house,you’re gonna struggle in a dressing room! Or some of his preferred team might not fancy it. Celtic might not want him to install Hughes as his own Director of Football,and in this one I agree with their stance. The DoF should be independent of the CEO and the manager,while working and liaising closely with both. If he wants Hughes so badly,install him as a replacement for Hammond. No problem is insurmountable!

Even if the sticking point is Celtic’s refusal to bin Kennedy and Strachan,just sideline them. It’s not difficult!!

But back to Square One,where we were six months ago,and none the wiser. Meanwhile,we have a very important cup tie against our neighbours who have beaten us home and away already this season. We also have a departing CEO who might not really be departing after all,somewhat reminiscent of a certain shower scene-and Celtic fans have had their fill of us replaying famous shower scenes in the last couple of years! We are definitely at a crossroads at the moment-no manager,no defined management structure,a new CEO and a previous one playing the hokey-cokey,and the biggest squad rebuild probably in our history. Well run club,my arse,and Dominic McKay has his work cut out.

Confused? You will be! Tune in next week for the latest episode of a long-running saga which has long outlived its welcome.

Above article by BMCUWP

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Great article mate.
Song for all us plebs

We live in such a fake fecking planet today.

GNGB folks.
Song written 2 decades ago about today.

Nothing to fear.


Lenny Always Punched Above his weight.

Getting Aidan to let me buy him his Season Ticket is hard enough.


UB40 – The Way You Do The Things You Do (Official Video)

What is that Saying?

Anger is an Energy!!!!!!!!

Love is ALL……………………..


Today’s article and most posts on here are very good,they are full of information, humour and quite often history. I admire how our hosts keep coming up with great leads. I don’t know enough about the candidates for manager to comment .
I hope the delay is because of proper management practices, and due diligence .
Every time we appoint a manager is always more important than any decisions we have made before , let’s hope that’s what is causing the delay in the selection process
There is no real blueprint DM has-to follow ,as you said this is the biggest rebuild in our history, and there isn’t just one man who is capable of bringing us managerial success, let’s check out as many as we can

Noel Skytrot

I see Kennedy is questioning the SFA process regarding the Ibrox Covid 5. When are the club going to start doing so? Imagine if any of the hun players that are now free to play against us in the Scottish Cup score the goal that denies us a chance of a trophy, our club is run by a shower of shitebags and are a total embarrassment.


Clever piece of writing. Very imaginative yet ironically accurate. Clever stuff. Cap doffed.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Another excellent article although praise ‘from within’ is usually biased! Haven’t seen what Kennedy said about the Hun Covid breakers and though surprised and delighted someone said something. By the time the guilty ones actually ‘serve’ their sentence the fitba’ will be over….or in our case, still won’t have started! I forget when they transgressed and the SMSM seems to have forgotten full stop.
The roof certainly fell in when some foreign player allegedly made a racist remark but the sky is blue when 50,000 of them are actually singing about racism! Never mind, once the Greens persuade the SNP that their support in any hung Parliament is dependant on no Catholic schools I’m sure there will be no more racism songs at Hundome! Those Green leaders are a bit like our green leaders…. haven’t a clue!
Anyway, things Celtic wise haven’t changed and won’t till PL leaves. The best advice for DMK is ignore anything and everything PL tells you except his departure date.


Cosy Corner Bhoy
I hope DMcK takes your advice on Lawwell.

Type of ball boy we need.

Noel Skytrot

Scottish footballs other SPL clubs sit and engage in selective mutism as the carpetbaggers are yet again given free reign to do what they like aided and abetted by the cabal who run the Scottish game. Question, how do we challenge and change this?

Saltires en Sevilla


Good stuff buddy, one of your best.

Note you utilised Corry and studiously avoided Dallas…😅

Has anyone seen Howe’s European performances?

Remember seeing him once in Madrid, his solo on The Silent Wings of Freedom was epic!

bada bing1

JNP- the betting for next manager has been removed from Skybet and Betvictor sites?

Noel Skytrot

looked at Oddschecker regarding betting on the new manager and saw Ian junket Paisley (jr) in at 500/1 gotta be worth a tenner splash.


Bada. 10.03.
Yes, Skybet, took it down, on Wed eve, after Howe’s agents comments, and haven’t put another market up.
I don’t know if they think Kennedy is now a shoo in, to get 10 games.

Noel Skytrot

Celtic are being sponsored by a debt recovery company, shameful.



I think I managed about a dozen,and the D-one was Who shot JR,plus the shower scene. Kicking myself for not including the simpler Dynasty.


I read the main blog in the wee hours but held of posting about its sheer quality.

Superb stuff and it is churned out regularly.


Top quality post today Bobby!

If Celtic told Harkin at Man City the D O F is his ,then that’s that ,Eddie Howe ain’t coming he and his agent have more of less said so,Let’s forget about Howe ,surely Celtic will have a list of good coaches that can be attractive to our club,personally there is good German Norwegian and Spanish coaches who take us forward .

Saltires en Sevilla


There was a JR and a shower scene in Dallas? I should have stayed in more…💯

Saltires, funnily enough that involved someone coming back from the dead! Like The Rangers? it was all a bad dream 🙂


Phil the Greek dead. Saves his wife a telegram,I suppose.



As always with Celtic,wait and see. Always the last to know…

Oh God, cancel the papers. switch off the TV & Radio! Thank god for SC.


State funeral? Social distancing measures I hope?


Surprising news about Phil, given that he has never worked a day in his life.

bada bing1

Someone has managed to get his jammie’s off and put a suit on The Gonk

bada bing1

Recorded as a Covid death? Good enough for everyone else…

bada bing1

Controversial = racist

Saltires en Sevilla

Saltires, funnily enough that involved someone coming back from the dead! Like The Rangers? it was all a bad dream 🙂


Did they move to Houston too?


Crowds gathering at Bucks Palace. Get them fined.

bada bing1

‘Royal correspondent…’

Get a real job ffs…

Maestro Fan


Noel Skytrot

I rarely revel in the loss of human life (Thatcher apart) but oul Phil reached a number that most of us will probably never reach and was a member of the ruling class. No fucks given. Cue a wave of butchers aprons and days of endless drivel about the Greek and his German family.

bada bing1

Game cancelled next Saturday?


Have ITV cancelled the races coverage???

Noel Skytrot

The huns will be going into overdrive over the Greeks death.

bada bing1

Gerrard will have to tell the SFA to delay the Covid 5 appeal yet again…

Wonder what the reaction of the loyalists will be.

Wee Meghan will be so upset about the death of the auld Greek parasite. 😊

ALL the BBC radio channels in shut down of normal output.
I never thought Radio Clyde would be too much affected.
However, there are no DJs, just sad pop songs one after the other!

Powers that be must think everyone is a royalist!

All media off. Rebel tunes on.

Noel Skytrot

ooofttt. Lol

Yip I refuse to listen or watch all this too Garry. Thank goodness for 100s of TV stations nowadays.

At the risk of being ‘political’ it will be interesting to see the SNP’s reactions over the next few weeks. Will be a test of their separativeness.

Alba gu bràth

Won’t the SNP and all their supporters be mourning the loss of Phil the Greek. After all they are all avowed Royalists


Very clever leader, today.
Well done, BMCUW.

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