3 Points

Here’s the first three points of the day hopefully.


1,,,,Dermot was right.
It’s not often I say that but myself and BMCUWP do deem it important to issue praise when and where it’s warranted alongside the criticisms. Hopefully soon the latter are more numerous than the former, but looking at this week’s managerial dance-off our majority shareholder may have made the best decision all around.
Seems we wanted our own DoF in Harkin, but Eddy has one he likes already and with already accepting club employees (Strachan and JK) he probably thought he could choose the rest of the setup.
Looks like he got refused and has retreated.


A refusal would have been absolutely correct considering when Eddy moved on his team once again would have went with him as part of the package again, which leaves our club of choice with still no long term structure in place, once again back to the drawing board only with two in-house coaches a bit more experienced.


Our own Director of Football or sporting Director is a necessity, and by definition that person can’t depart alongside the head coach as he should be delivering his replacement. Eddy may have felt he had a strong hand to play, but the club must come first, and if Dermot realized that then fair play to him.
I would have liked the young charismatic Englishman, but I would like a properly run club even more.


2,,,,Rock and a hard place.
In asking any new manager/head coach to begin right now immediately we risk damaging the very goods we’ve just bought. A new season feels the correct time to commence, no previous baggage, everything all brand new with every team on an even keel. A fresh page turned now anything could happen.


At least that’s how it’s supposed to be, but that’s not the plan is it. Start now and access the squad, begin implementing your playing style, start getting the defenders to gel, win the cup, beat the Ibrox mob twice, and all with enough style and positivity to force the wavering Tim’s into snapping up season tickets.
Not asking much are we?
No wonder at least one has had reservations.


I wouldn’t be surprised if we did have to wait around until summer time, for who wants potentially two defeats to rivals hanging around their neck upon commencement of their first full season?
This is a predicament the club have placed themselves in.


No doubt one of the ‘carrots’ offered for early employment is the better chance to pass those dreaded Euro qualifiers, I believe exactly 100 days away. A bigger budget will await, and a higher calibre of player will jump aboard, yes we all know that.


However this doesn’t take into account a larger percentage of blame for any qualifiers mishaps which are more likely than ever given the churn will be placed at the feet of the coach who takes on the task this season. The new guy wont get as much flak, only six games in or so and supposedly unwise to Player X, Y and Z’s weaknesses.


Starting now has the potential to go wrong impacting two separate seasons, season ticket sales, and playing budget.
A complete fresh face walking through the door in June for example can avoid all that.
It suits Celtic to grab a name now, there’s little suits the name though.
What a conundrum.
The ballsy and the bold may jump aboard, would the wise? Don’t think so myself.


3,,,,I was a bit stunned to hear the Man United keeper was missing a European semi final on maternity leave.
Then I chastised myself for thinking he was more than just an employee, no matter how well paid of course his kids birth means a lot.
Now we hear the high profile death in England will probably impact upon our fixtures up north.
Sometimes we all need examples that sport is simply that, a pastime, nothing in the grand scheme of things.
Do yourself a favour and text that person, call thon acquaintance, Zoom the family you haven’t seen.
You know, something actually important.
You’ll appreciate it later, they certainly will.


Have a wonderful weekend no matter where you are.
Come On You Bhoys In Green!!!
By Mahe.

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Morning all

Long lie today. 6am 😬. Hate waking up late and 6am is late for me! Must be an age thing.

Counting the days to my operation. They said 6 weeks. That’s 2 gone, so hopefully mid May latest.

Grand National day. Gl to anyone trying 2 shillings. Hope you find the winner.

First grand National I remember watching was won by Red Alligator. 1968 that was. So I’d have been 9 years old. I remember being in my uncle Jack’s house watching it. He’s still with us actually. 94 years old. If I make it to thst age I’ll be watching the National in 2052! Think Paddy would give you good odds on that happening 😁

Worst memory of the Grand National? 2009.

Was based in Shropshire. Done my usual analysis by age, number of chases, rating , distance etc and was left with a ‘shortlist’ of 8.
Not really a ‘short’ list is it? 8? Too many.

Thought I’ll need to score a couple of these out. What method did I use to decide the ones of take out?

Rating? Trainer? Jockey?

Nah. Despite being so diligent and analytical in my donkey work to get the shortlist, for some bizarre reason I decided to chalk off the 2 biggest pricers.
To this day I still don’t understand that logic. Would make more sense to drop the shortest prices wouldn’t it?

Still cannot remember one of the two I scratched, but the other was:

Mon Mome.

Sailed home at 100/1.

Still beat myself up for that stupidity.

Mind you, 5 years ago I paid heed to that lesson and was on Rule the World at 50/1, so it was a lesson I did learn from!

All I’ll say is :

No matter what price your horse is, don’t be put off by it.

bada bing1

Wherzi score predictor……


Speaking of memories of the Grand National. Long time ago I set up a travel company. I was 30 at the time. I’d arranged to run a few coaches to the National. It was easy money. For every seat on the bus I filled, I made £30 net profit. So I’d 3 coaches leaving from the bus station in Edinburgh. I was making £1500 from the trip.
Package included travel, 2 nights accommodation in Blackpool in a good hotel, transport into Aintree on the Sat, entry tickets and return travel to Blackpool before coming home on the Sunday.

I decided I’d travel on one of the coaches myself just to ensure everything went smoothly.

Smoothly? Let’s just say things didn’t go as well as planned.

I’d picked up 4 young lads at Falkirk en route. Bit loud and boisterous but hey ho. Nothing too bad to start with. However, a lady sat on one of the seats quite near them called me over to say they were urinating in empty beer cans. I told the driver to stop at the next service station. The driver was not too happy about this, and in fact, his attitude stank. I told him again, stop at the next service station, which he did, but still grumbling and getting a bit too mouthy for my liking. I was getting ratty but my wife was on the coach and trying her best to keep me calm.

Anyhow, bus stops. Told everyone to be back on board in 15 minutes. Held the 4 young lads back whilst everyone else got off. Told them in no uncertain terms, to check their behaviour, and if they didn’t they’d be getting thrown off the coach at the next service station and wouldn’t be getting back on. They were ok with me, so onwards and upwards.

However, this driver I mentioned. He’s getting more vocal by the minute. Moaning constantly about anything at all.

We get to Blackpool. National trip went ok, until we were due to leave after the last race. I’d said 30 minutes after the last race, but a few stragglers didn’t make it back on time. This driver is now moaning like ffff. “ I’m not waiting”.

“You are waiting. We will give them another 15 minutes”

Moan moan moan.

By now he’s really getting on my nerves.

We get back, and the plan was to let folks have the Sunday morning in Blackpool and leave for the journey home at 1-30pm.

On the Saturday night, there was entertainment laid on in the hotel. The driver approached me and said, “ I was going to take anyone interested to the pleasure beach in the morning after breakfast, and bring them back again in time to leave for the trip back home”

He said he would charge £1 and was this ok? He said it would earn him some extra cash.

Told him I was fine with it, and I’d collect names for him. There were 20 who said they were interested. I’d told them it was £1 each.

Told the driver there were 20, Told him just to collect the £20 himself from those who turned up.

He said “ it’s £2 each”

You said £1

I meant £1 each way

Well you said £1 and I’ve told them £1 so it’s £1 .

He decided to get mouthy.

Starts shouting at me “ you’re this, you’re that” etc

I warned him to shut it, and if he didn’t he’d be sorry


Told him “last chance”

Nah , he just wasn’t for shutting up and being hot headed, I decided to shut him up by punching him in the face. 😁

He was unusually quiet all the way home, but my wife persuaded me to give up the travel business. For some reason she said my communication skills needed improvement.

Strange woman. I did as she suggested though. No more travel business.


Mahe ‘Sometimes we all need examples that sport is simply that, a pastime, nothing in the grand scheme of things ‘ 🤔
https://www.aljazeera.com/program/football-rebels/2021/4/8/saturnino-navazo-spanish-survivor-of-a-nazi-concentration-camp Saturnino Navazo: Spanish survivor of a Nazi concentration camp
The story of a man who fought against fascism in the Spanish Civil War and then survived a Nazi concentration camp by playing football.


Forgot we were playing today. Only the e mail from Celtic pass reminded me we had a game. Talk about losing interest. 😬


Actually, is this how the huns felt for 10 years?

bada bing1

Spiers from the Times today.

Just checking…
I commend Rangers FC, the club I supported passionately as a kid but have been extremely critical of in my working life, for their anti-racism stand in the wake of the Glen Kamara outrage. The rise of racism in our society is worrying — fuelled by social media — and football can play its part. But I do just want to check: Rangers FC are just as animated and passionate, aren’t they, about fighting anti-Catholic and anti-Irish bigotry, which have been blights around the club for decades? They are, aren’t they?


Fair play to him. One of the few willing to tell it like it is.



I’ve had a soft spot for Spiers ever since Murray drove him out of Scotland in 2004 for telling the truth about the rangers accounts. Murray told the huns to boycott The Herald for as long as they employed him!

As if that’s not bad enough,the other papers gleefully reported it-with no sign of the condemnation anyone pulling a stroke like that down here would have got.

First thing I thought when I read about the huns social media boycott was-hypocritical basterts.

bada bing1

Death threats for Spiers to follow follow..


Good stuff Mahe, much food for thought. What to do, eh. A conundrum and no mistake. COYBIG.


Emdae got a steer on organisations looking to accept a box full of Celtic strips in good condition? Sort of recall that someone was taking such donations to an African project, maybe Malawi?


Anyone at this game.
9th April 1962, Yogi Hughes scores this cracker in a 1:1 draw with Rangers. https://t.co/e419LLQOTZ


Gie’s a clue on horse recs for the GN please – ta?


Twisty 8.13.
Brilliant story.
That’s you and your natural justice, that you’ve always stood for.
Driver was ripping people off.


My advice would be go for, what catches your eye.
Look at the Irish National on Monday.
A 150/1 winner.


Anyone with a current Bet 365 account, they are giving you back, half your stake up to £125 quid, on bets placed on The Grand National.
Here’s the things that matter.
You must place the bets, before midday.
All bets must be each way, bets.
All bets must be on the one slip.
You only are able to do it, once.
A few of us have done it and the money was back in our accounts, immediately.



Some people,they just ask for it and won’t take no for an answer…



My hun pal down here told me Bet 365 are paying places to the first eight home! Dunno if that is true,or whether it applies to that offer.


No, only 1st five a place, with 365.
Skybet first 6, a place, but they are not going Best Odds Guaranteed, or giving you half your stake back as cash.
So, of those two, Bet 365, appears better.

The Gombeen Man

Folk don’t see that most of us are born and conditioned into a Religion like a Race or Nationality.

Catholicism for many is believed to be a matter of choice. They believe (rightly or wrongly) that the Church is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths globally. They believe that the Catholic Church represents a corruption of the Spirit of the teaching of the Gospel and has demonstrated cruelty and and a denial of civil liberties on an industrial scale.

(They don’t see the good that the Church has done).

They believe that Catholicism (or any Religion) can be the worship of a man-made Religion rather than the Love of God.

Folk believe we choose a religion.

Fear has always operated in the relationship between Ireland and the UK. At the moment the Unionists fear what’s ahead in the Six Counties. There has to be a way to recognise that Fear is the main problem here.

At it’s root Fear is the fear of Death.

The test is – “And then what?”

If you ask that question to most Fears they lead back to the source, which is the fear of death.

‘If my job goes, I’ll starve. If I’m made homeless, I’ll freeze. If Dublin’s in charge they’ll destroy our Culture. If our schools go, they’ll wipe us out.’

It’s a primal survival thing that’s got out of control and manipulated by the media and powers that be (including Religions, politicians etc).

In short, Sevco don’t see Catholicism as the same as Race. Fear of death is at the root of the problem with Ireland.

Death of culture, status, entitlement…Hence the notion of the Continuity Myth…At the root of the Continuity Myth is the fear of death…and nothingness.

Similarly the use of Hun or Taig is always an expression of Fear. The same as all of these labels and can be traced back to their primal roots.

Only cognisance of these issues through honest dialogue will begin to plant the seeds of healing.

We need to wear the other man’s shoes.

Quick post, Heading oot.

Good luck at Aintree.

Thanks Mahe for the Leader, an enjoyable read.



Some people,they just ask for it and won’t take no for an answer…

Can still see the guy yet. Big ginger haired fella. Looked like a big heilander but with a Leith accent….


Morning all… JimtheTim if you’re lurking here’s a wee Tim from 1986 singing for the Dundee Boys!😉😁



You make good points. None better than sport is a small part of life. I agree on your DOF point. We could extend it and say that McKay only agreed to come if he could appoint the major shareholder….clearly an untenable position!

However, and here is the rub. Why has it taken months into the selection process to discover Howe’s key requirements? If this is true, it does not speak well for the recruitment process. Contrast our bumbling protracted farce to the speed with which Gerrard was appointed.

That word shambles is top of mind again.



The Gombeen man
Yet another excellent post. Vg read.

On religion, I’ve long since taken the view that whatever your God is, then that’s the right one.

I’ll plead the fifth on my personal views, but would add, if I ever get to meet God, there’s an awful lot of questions I’d like to ask him. He’s got some explaining to do.

Problem is, it’ll probably take a long time before I can get around to asking them, due to the time it will take for me to answer his. 😬


The Gombeen Man
Superb post.


The UK mainstream medias laughable attempts at mass mood manipulation over the past 24 hours would not be out of place in North Korea. Excuse me while a go for a wee greet 😭


JNP – thanks. 😊


The appointment of Brendan was textbook however the subsequent appointment of Lenny was farcical and i have no words for the current state of affairs which is beyond ridiculous. Surprised DD would allow one of his companies to be run without a competent manager and a CE who clearly doesnt GAF 🤔


Or maybe DD doesn’t know what’s going on and also doesn’t GAF 🤔

bada bing1

G64- Desmond will be at The Masters….


Thirty minutes till first race,still looking for selections from



Leeds go 1-0 against Man City





Bada Did i ever tell you i met DD at The Ryder Cup at Gleneagles 🏌


That’s my postman just arrived. Changed from my student job days-if we weren’t finished for opening time they sent the search parties out!



You shoulda creamed him wi yer 7-iron!


Cooper given a straight red card after VAR


Bmcuwp I wasn’t actually playing in the Ryder Cup 😜 I did however mention that we had three home games that week none of which by the way he attended despite being less than an hour from CP 🤔

Sol Kitts

Your memory’s fading, old boy. If we finished early we padded the shift out with a game of snooker before returning to the sorting office. No point returning until we got past the point which triggered time and a half…..😎😎



I wasn’t talking about clocking off early-I was talking about being in the pub for opening time. Two different things.

Sol Kitts



A thing of beauty

Great read back last night and great article this Morning.
Thanks for the background. I love that man, love him.
A word on people paying respects to the Duke of Edinburgh. Now remember I live and work in a hun infested hole, where brains are like rockin horse jobbies but I would like to doff my cap to this wonderful piece of initiative. Within two hours of the announcement I’m driving down Glasgow Street and some half wit has a fishing rod with a Union Jack attached at half mast flying out his flat window. Brilliant. I nearly crashed my car.
On a more serious note I also saw a piece of graffiti in green and white spray paint of the number 66. Nothing else, just that. Now we all know what that means and that is disgusting. That is not a Celtic supporter, that is a green hun. I hope it’s a one off but if it starts to spread I’d like to see the club condemn it straight away. If the ibrox mob had condemned the kill all Taigs at the outset it could have been nipped in the bud.


Bain; Taylor, Brown, Turnbull, Kenny, Edouard, Elyounoussi, Ajer, McGregor, Forrest, Welsh
Subs: Barkas, Duffy, Bitton, Griffiths, Ajeti, Soro, Christie, Rogic, Laxalt


Twisty, VP, Bada and yours truly off to flyer in the first race at Aintree with a 6/1 winner 👍


Ten men Leeds go 2-1 up against City in 91st min

1 2 3 12