Celtic 6-0 Livingston

Playing against Livingston has not been as easy as it should have been for the last couple of years. They have had a habit of getting right in amongst us in the middle and up front,while stifling us at the back. Their manager clearly takes a certain delight in that,as he should. Even if I can’t help thinking that this approach may not be entirely Livingston-centric. Witness his comments after the match where he recommended John Kennedy for the job!
Is that right,aye?
In fairness to the current interim manager,our last two performances have been amongst our best of the season-though that is hardly much to crow about. Neither Falkirk nor Livingston got near enough to even kick us properly,and neither referee bothered with a yellow card for either side. Must be a while since two games in succession went by without a card being issued,though I doubt there will be a hat-trick next weekend if the game even gets the go-ahead.
But to the match itself. We lined up with a little more familiarity than has been the case too often,with Eddy-who really needs to put his foot through the ball sometimes-spearheading the line and ably supported by Jamesie and Mo in the wider positions. Broonie anchored the middle which allowed DT and CalMac to press forward. Griff was relegated to the bench after his horror show last week,as were Christie and Tam. We started off where we left off the previous week,unrelenting movement and attacking at every opportunity. Yet Livi managed to frustrate us-well,me at least!-for the first half hour till we Jamesie fooled us all with his finish for the opener!
DT picked it up,played a quick pass to Eddie who flicked it into the box for Jamesie to take on the run. I don’t think the left foot finish quite went the way he planned,but it trundled past the deceived keeper to the bottom corner. We were better than good value for that at the time,yet our second a few minutes later also needed a little brush with Lady Luck. Greg Taylor played a lovely pass inside the defence for Mo to cross from the bye-line to the waiting DT a couple of yards out. His cross deflected off the covering defender,looped over the keeper,fell perfectly to DT,and even the Griff of last week would have put that away! So 2-0 up at half time,hardly undeserved,but the manner of the goals must have pissed our opponents off a tad. Pity,huh?
Well,we sure took no pity in the second half! We went for the throat,and no messing. The first ten minutes saw us doubling our lead. The first via a corner,which even after multiple replays is inconclusive as to whether Broonie or the under-pressure defender got the last touch. I’ll give it as an og,which will hopefully fire up our captain to make up for this injustice next weekend! The fourth followed a few minutes later-Mo had seen a similar effort saved just earlier by the keeper when a loose ball broke to him on the edge of the area,set up lovely for a curler from his right foot. He didn’t waste any time fannying about with a touch,just duly dispatched it to make it four. Really a delightful finish.
Which,if anything,he bettered for the fifth ten minutes later. Kris burst forward through the middle and this time Mo stayed right of central. That positioning compared to his first actually summed up his performance on the day-not just unplayable for much of the time,but bliddy difficult to pick up or mark. Kris got to the edge of the area,threaded it inside,Mo took a touch this time-and just like last week-dinked it over the onrushing keeper for probably the goal of the game. Simply delightful stuff,IMO.
Sometimes I really want this guy to stay,and then I remember some-too many-of his other performances. Maybe he’s a Samaras MkII,and I know how pissed off I was when his contract wasn’t renewed. And I remember how pissed off I could be at so many of his performances too. He’s nowhere near that level yet-except in how much he can frustrate me at times!!! Last I heard,he was available for £6m and at that price,even if only to preserve some continuity in the team after a likely huge summer turnover,I would be inclined to keep him.
And there’s an article in itself,I suppose…
The sixth and final goal-which was a very good finish indeed-owed itself to one of those “Efe moments” that we sadly became so familiar with over time. Struggling to do anything from the right side of defence,he passed it along the edge of the box and straight to Christie. He took it in his stride,ran into the box and finished calmly into the corner. I thought it was a really good finish,but he obviously didn’t rate it so highly,judging by his lack of celebration. Cheerio,son. Trust me,none of us will be saying in one year,two,three years or ever that we really miss you.
I’m not gonna finish this article on such a sour note though. I thought our performance on Saturday was outstanding. Full of running,movement,attacking intent. Hell,we even looked kinda solid at the back on the few occasions that Livi got on the ball. I don’t know whether the last couple of games have been down to coaching,or relief at the former manager no longer being in charge,or simply the paucity of the opposition. Frankly,I don’t care-never look a gift horse in the mouth! Ten goals in two games without reply is a good springboard for our visit to the hounds of hell next week. What’s not to like?

Above article by BMCUWP

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Paddys Maw

It was Alpine for me.

We used to wait on the lorry arriving.Some great stories today.Bit of nostalgia.

All good



Mike in Toronto

I had never come across that piece by coy Parsley, but that is a definite keeper. Thanks for sharing that.
Fill yer boots, I’ve a folder full of stuff like that. I picked it up from working with The Beginning Experience


founded by a wee Scottish nun , Sister Josephine Stewart that I met at a team weekend. I remember her saying “its easier to wear slippers than carpet the world” but I think I suffer from “Shareitis” a wanting to share my slippers with everyone.

Noel Skytrot

Shareitis is contagious. 🙂



Maybe not so much-my achievement is in still being alive! Him and his Mum though,wow.


Evening all, Good leader again Bobby, I have seen all our games this season on my IPTV, and for the most part they’ve been shee-ite, Saturday I lost my stream 6 yes 6 fekkin goals i missed, just my luck. When my ship finally comes in I’m at the airport.

I don’t know if this answers Rebus question but these are my thoughts

Celtic and it’s history was taught to me by my family, on many sober and non sober occasions, From the first time i was taken to Parkhead, as a kid, getting lifted over the turnstile by any family member or obliging Celtic fan, while listening to the Macaroon bar, Spearmint chewing gum calls, then standing in the jungle (one eye on the game, the other spent trying to avoid getting the back of my legs wet), and hearing the passion and songs, I knew then Parkhead was a special place for like minded people.

From my very early years it was evident, that being anything other than a prodestant (actually an ibrox supporting prodestant) in Glasgow restricted your life, only the knuckle shufflers got the nod and wink. Good jobs were definitely not for us bhoys.

The SFA the referees, they all hated us, and still to this day look upon us as second class citizens.

The more they hate us, the more I love being a Celtic fan.

The highlights that have given me the most pleasure ?

The big cup it will never be done by them, they tried it by overspending with English Internationalists and big Dutch signings, but nope they couldn’t do it, while we simply did it on a small budget with 11 local bhoys and pure attacking beautiful football. They hate us for it…and I LOVE it.

Stopping their 10 when it really really mattered, we knew they were are it, and some of their 9 should have been removed, but they were never worth a ten. Magical.

Beating the best in Europe on those special home game nights.

Having our club almost go broke, but also having a few good men come in and take up the challenge, and push us even further ahead, unlike the govania tax avoiders who let their club die in 2012.

I love being a Celtic fan because, The media hate us too, always have, and i love when we prove people like Mr Traynor wrong.

Long may it continue…


Thanks pal. We don’t always live up to our full potential in this life. All we can do, is to take each day as it comes…and if we can help some poor soul on our journey, then so much the better.

Hail Hail.



JIMMYNOTPAUL posted these just after the game-scroll down and all the goals are there. Some damned fine ones too.



Yeah I’d already worked out that Paddy and his mum had an especially close bond.

Strikes me you’re a very close knit family. That’s a lovely thing. I know.


Bobby Cheers 👍


Night all
Been a grand read on here today.

Andy Pandy 2

Jeez, been checking in on and off today, brilliant. Not been on recently for various reasons but just needed to say some great comments and some real nostalgia bringing back some cherished memories of my own. Thanks guys, really cheered me up!!

Andy Pandy 2

Night is darkest just before the dawn…or are we just gluttens for punishment??

Fecked if I know.

Big Packy and Jimthetim

If yer lurking Bhoys Hail Hail.




I’ve had about six goes at this now. Whatever it is that you needed cheering up from,I doubt I can help. But I’ll wish you strength and my best regardless.

Been very busy with family duties and work today. Just had a very pleasant read back there. Some truly excellent posts.