Spreading The Load

When you are born in a Gallowgate flat into a Celtic family then it follows as night does day that you will be a Celtic supporter in some shape or form all of your lifetime.

During that lifetime your support can take many shapes and forms according to circumstances, but what stays forever the same is a love of Celtic and what the club stands for. We often hear the term “the Celtic ethos” used in connection to Celtic and the word “ethos” comes from the Greek  meaning     “character” and is defined as the disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement. The Ethos refers to the spirit which motivates the ideas and customs so we are talking about the spirit here. However whereas the physical means of supporting Celtic can change according to personal circumstances the ethos or spirit that joins each supporter to the club and supporters to each other remains constant.

Thus it was that in my formative years along with my dad I started to watch Celtic from 1959 onwards. I remember the Scottish Cup semi and final defeats to St Mirren, (twice) Dunfermline and Rangers in the early sixties whilst a championship was a distant dream. I can remember as if it was yesterday Big Billy scoring the winner v Dunfermline in 1965 and his repeat v Vojvodina in 1967 and was lucky enough to watch The Lions and the start of the Quality Street Gang in the early Seventies. But family came along and I stopped both playing and going to games in their infant years.

My love of football was sustained from the mid 70s when I started managing my office football team at the National Savings Bank in the CS Saturday morning league (where post match recovery in The Alhambra pub took all day). I  eventually gave up that involvement in 1982 to go overseas for a couple of years and by the time I returned the kids were growing up and, being fitbaw daft (including one of my daughters) I took them to their games and stayed to support them. One of the highlight of that time was my daughter playing for Scotland U 16s v England at old Wembley, but mixing with the company of all of that younger generation, seeing my sons and daughter and their friends grow into adulthood was a very enjoyable period of my football supporting life.

I was always interested in what was happening at Celtic during all of this time but more as an observer than a full supporter. I attended and loved the Champions League games at Celtic Park in Martin O Neil’s time. I remember telling my oldest son at the start of the 4-3 Juventus game that this was an 

“I was there night” such was the atmosphere generated. It was good to see it making a comeback v Helsingborg this year.

So my connection to Celtic was always there but what started to draw me in deeper was frequenting internet blogs and forums. Kerrydale Street at first then, when I understood the blog format, Celtic Quick News. It was the time of the Happy Clappers v The Mineshafters, when, had we all kent then witwe ken noo, we would have realised that the support and club together were the ones being shafted by a club on the soo side wearing blue. 

In my advancing years I had become more of a TV watcher or radio listener than match goer, being an early contributor to what was the audio Channel 67version where it was great to hear commentary from Tims madder than I was, than some of the snidey stuff on mainstream radio.

However that changed in late 2009 when the only explanation for some of the refereeing decisions against a struggling Tony Mowbray’s team was shenanigans and skulduggery behind SFA curtains. Fed up with moaning ineffectually on line, a few CQN bloggers met up around Christmas to see if we could do anything other than just moan. As it happens the CST/ CSA had the second of a series of Open Meetings in St Mary’s Calton coming up in early 2010 so we (Mark McGee’s Eyeliner, “haud me back” Terry O Neil, throwing him up frontCanalamar, Ten Men, Rogue Leader, ParkheadCS, TBB and Paul B) all weighed in. (with apologies to any I missed)

I like to think that the voice of a united support coming from those Open Meetings played a part in challenging the SFA and helped bring about changes in the Disciplinary system in particular,although there is clearly some way to go.  However the unforeseen impact of going to those meetings was two fold:

1. A much greater understanding of what Celtic meant to each and every one of those attending. It wasn’t just the passion they had that impressed me but also what they spentin pursuit of that passion. This was not expressed in any resentful form, indeed it was the matter of fact way it just came out in conversations that made me realise just how much I depended on these great folk, nearly but not all season book holders, for giving me a team to watch every weekend on TV.

2. The match goer centric way in which the support viewed itself. This struck me whilst writing the article “After The Ball” which was a report on the first Roadshow meeting at Celtic Park in 2010 seehttp://celticunderground.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=383:after-the-ball&catid=45:season-2010-2011&Itemid=80  

and it was whilst drawing up this graphic 

(Note Ch67 now Celtic TV.)

I saw the support as one but looking from the outside with their imagined division circles shown. As a result Celtic were approached with the idea of a membership scheme to try and bring more cohesion and, along with a couple of other supporters with a similar interest, there were a number of collaborative meetings over the months to look at the kind of benefits a Membership Scheme might deliver sufficient to get a good response. 

However whatever way we all sliced and diced it,and after consultation with official supporter groups as part of the collaboration, it was clear that anything that was going to add the burden of support on the central core of match day goers, SB holders and casual attendees alike, was not going to work. Somehow the burden had to be shared in a truly Celtic Way.

Meanwhile, given the financial dedication of others I had witnessed, I decided to take my share of the load of supporting Celtic and got a Season Bookand joined the Celtic pools to bolster my meagre Ch67 monthly contribution. This made my contribution much more financial as well as emotional, I was now contributing as much to what my fellow supporters were watching (and so to them) as the next match going supporter.

The season passed (and we won the title – Hail, Hail) but the determination to find a Celtic way of sharing the load more equitably across the Celtic Diaspora did not pass and it was advanced by one of life’s ironies – this season I was going overseas!

So back to the drawing board and more discussions to see if a Celtic Way  could  be found to enable someone who could not afford to go to matches to use the Season Book of someone who wanted to support in person but could not. The outcome of those discussions with Celtic was The Overseas Season Book initiative. 

What is attractive about this initiative is that it embraces the charitable ethos on which Celtic is based with the reach of technology which is part of the future and the need to grow our own support at home and abroad. 

Crucially it allows individual supporters overseas in the fortunate position to be able to do so to be charitable, not to Celtic as such, who only divide what the existing support already, provide anyway, but through Celtic to fellow supporters who as one dictate the club’s ethos.  This is not about helping Celtic, it’s about helping ourselves AND each other, which is surely why there is a Celtic in the first place? The scheme has been devised with this in mind, to give those who can, the opportunity to help others, but with real benefits to themselves, benefits that can be added to if the take up and feedback merits it.

The response to the Overseas Season Book by overseas supporters will be crucial in helping setthe future course and establishing just how far the load of supporting can be shared. That response does not necessarily mean becoming an Overseas Season Ticket Holder, although if like me you are fortunate enough to be able to join please do. 

What the response from both those who participate and those who cannot but provide feedback via the e mail below will do, is allow Celtic to gauge the appetite for this kind of reaching out to our overseas support. Could Celtic do more? What else is needed to make an Overseas Season book attractive enough to get involved? 

It is an attempt to think differently, by seeing differently.  It is about ways of sharing the load of supporting Celtic in a world where every supporter, no matter where they are, really depends on each other for putting a team on the park. One we can all applaud, criticise, blog/podcast/tweet about or even sing and dance with in huddles, wherever we are.

It is about replacing the original graphic with one which simply says Celtic.

Celtic Launch Overseas Season Ticket

By: Newsroom Staff on 13 Sep, 2012 08:14

CELTIC Football Club is delighted to launch our first ever Overseas Season Ticket in our 125th anniversary year, in conjunction with the Celtic Charity Fund.

Celtic is a truly global club and we want every supporter to have a chance to play their part in this celebratory year.

The Overseas Season Ticket is only available to supporters living outside the UK and Ireland and every seat purchased will provide underprivileged families with the opportunity to attend matches at Celtic Park and experience the excitement first-hand.

As an Overseas Season Ticket holder you will be able to use your seat at any four home SPL matches of your choice during the 2012/13 season.

This ensures that when you are in the position to visit Celtic Park personally, you too can indulge your passion here at Paradise.

The unique benefits of being and Overseas Season Ticket holder include:
A season ticket with a special overseas discount applied*

+ A personalised Certificate detailing your seat and your contribution to the Celtic Charity Fund.

+ Complimentary Celtic TV subscription until May 31, 2013.

+ A personalised name plaque on your seat at Celtic Park for season 2012/13.

+ Celtic Charity Fund updates with stories relation to those underprivileged groups who have benefited from the use of your own seat and others throughout the season. 

This is an opportunity for every Celtic supporter living overseas to play a unique part in our 125th anniversary. You can support the club and simultaneously support the Celtic Charity Fund in keeping with the spirit in which the club was founded.

Do you remember your first Celtic game? Click HERE

* The price of the overseas season ticket is £300, which is a significant saving on the normal price of £466! Season tickets will be located in areas 412/413 of the north stand upper tier.

HOW TO PURCHASE YOUR OVERSEAS SEASON TICKETThere are various ways in which you can purchase your season ticket:

Download the Overseas Ticket Application Form HERE and return to overseasseasonticket@celticfc.co.uk 

Call the Ticket Office on +44 871 226 1888, option 1, option 2** 

Register your interest at http://www.celticfc.net/tickets_season_registerand we will be in touch! 

HOW TO USE YOUR OVERSEAS SEASON TICKETYou will have the opportunity to use your seat a maximum of four times per season.

To use your own seat, please complete the Overseas Ticket Application and return it to overseasseasonticket@celticfc.co.uk no later than four weeks before the match date.

** Calls cost up to 10p per minute, telecoms provider dependant. Mobile and other provider charges may vary.


Above article by AULDHEID,with grateful thanks. 

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April 14, 2021 2:44 am


No idea why one of the graphics hasn’t loaded-they are both in the copy of the article on the admin page. My apologies for that. If you can load it as a comment,I’d be very grateful.

April 14, 2021 5:54 am

Ah. Bobby . Just reading it now. Wondered if my ad blocker or some other phone issue was stopping graphics loading.

April 14, 2021 5:59 am

I’ll comment in full a bit later. Any idea how many overseas ticket holders took up the offer in that 13/14 season?

April 14, 2021 6:26 am

Bobby / Auldheid

I’ve read the article 3 times now. I’m still a bit confused as to the message here.
Is this an attempt at relaunching the overseas book again, or just a look at history?
Some of the links provided are active and some just throw up error 404.
I hesitated to post this as it’s very likely I’m missing something obvious and gonna appear thick, but I’m genuinely unclear if this is an attempt to relaunch the initiative, or as I say, a look back at history.
Common sense would say it’s the former, but with the links not current, I’m not sure.

On the idea itself, yes I think it’s a good idea. Buys into the charitable ethos of Celtic.
I’ll await clarification from someone who has understood the message being delivered better than I have. 😬

Noel Skytrot
April 14, 2021 6:31 am

I’m sure Auldheid posted this after Rebus’s question about why we support the club from two days ago.

April 14, 2021 7:09 am

Ah ok. So it’s not a relaunch of the overseas ticket scheme attempt? I see.

Thanks Noel.

April 14, 2021 7:42 am

As an overseas supporter I joined Celtic Tv in the early days, first I had to get a computer that enabled me to watch the games, a internet service? and I didn’t have a clue how they ,computer or the internet worked
I have to say the Celtic TV people were great at helping me all the way ,up to when I got disgusted by the board and cancelled a couple of months ago
I had no idea about the overseas SB, I honestly don’t know if I would have contributed
I think the supporters understand the ethos but have my doubts about most on the Board
From memory in April 2004 I took my Canadian son in law to Celtic Park for a European game night vs Villarreal, I said we don’t have tickets it’s sold out but let’s go watch them all going in then we can head to a pub and watch the game
We were standing near the ticket office and this guy holds his hand in the air with two tickets, I asked how much he said the price on the tickets, I bought the tickets and we sat beside him to watch the game. That is Celtic ethos the game was sold out he could have made money on the tickets but sold them at his cost
Was a highlight of our trip
I still don’t know why a Henke goal was chalked off , the goalie tried to punt and Henke blocked the kick and it ended up in the net
That was some team and coaching staff we had back then

April 14, 2021 8:26 am

This is from Graham Speirs.
I bet I can speak for just about every football writer in Scotland when I say we’ve found Neil Lennon engaging, articulate, witty and self-deprecating over many years.
Imagine a poor moron filming Lennon drunk, and abusing and goading him.
The utter tragedy of social media today.

April 14, 2021 8:41 am

On this day.
Was anyone at this one?
14th April 1973, St Johnstone 1:3 Celtic.

Dalglish double and Jinky. https://t.co/ps2bPDGsyp
With thanks to Lil Ze

April 14, 2021 8:59 am

TWISTY,On one of your comments yesterday when you were a director of a certain firm in Livingston I stay in Livingston and I’m trying to think of the company you worked for a step for a hint ,just give me the firms initials and I’ll probably know who they are ,and is it still in business.

April 14, 2021 9:04 am

It’s definitely still in business Timbhoy. Japanese company on the toll roundabout.

Jobo Baldie
April 14, 2021 9:16 am

Good morning, friends. The graphics in the main article aren’t appearing for me either. Was the Overseas Ticket scheme just a one off for the 125-season or is it still on the go?

In other news I know of a man who enjoys this fine site but has problems accessing. he sent me this yesterday and I wonder if anyone on here knows the solution to his problem – he has threatened to finally post something if it gets sorted 😉
“Jobo, Need your help . I usually cannot access Sentinel Celts comments until very late in the day. I use an I Phone 7 and always try to refresh , press comments or press the name name of poster. Any other ideas ? Might even post myself!!!!”

Related to this, if somebody new wants to post for the first time do they just ‘register’ by completing their comment then adding their ‘name’ and email address in the boxes below the comment box. I can’t remember if I just had to do that initially; now, I just complete the comments box and ‘post’.

Back to my never ending painting of my garden fence…

April 14, 2021 9:18 am

Morning Jobo
Yes, new posters can usually just add their username and e mail addy then post their comments.

Your name and e mail are usually saved.

Unsure why the fella is having issues. I’m sure someone will be able to advise soon.

April 14, 2021 9:30 am

I’ve posted about access issues a few times. I use iPhone XR. I need to go to the end of the previous article and click the “new article posted” link.
Even then I struggle to see the comments. Often I see a comments number on the article but when I open the article this goes to zero. I am then invited to start the discussion even though I know lots of comments have already been posted.
Had some feedback on this, probably a couple of months ago, but no solution. Since then no comments so I’ve greatly reduced my time viewing the site. This is a pity as the articles and posts are usually a cut above the other Celtic sites.

April 14, 2021 9:42 am

Now that I’ve posted again I’ll mention something that I’ve been puzzling over. Apologies if it has been mentioned before.
I can’t get my head round what Sky has created in English football. When he lost his job at Bournemouth Eddie Howe was in his early 40s. He had a wife and 3 young kids to support. In what other world would someone in that position remain unemployed for over 18 months and then waiver over a job offer from a world renowned business with fantastic facilities and a loyal customer base.

April 14, 2021 9:48 am

Todays blog was an an article by myself at the time of the introduction of The Overeas Season Ticket about 5 years ago. The OST itself was based on my perception held then (and hopefully by many) of the ethos of Celtic. It was about meeting a longing to be part of that ethos, something worth belonging to.

Sadly events since have challenged that ideal perception, but I believes it remains one well worth pursuing to make the perception a reality.

It is a long answer to Rebus question containing why I follow football via Celtic in my own way particular way of belonging.

Where URLs refer to other sites the links may not work because of changes or end of the site in question.

April 14, 2021 9:52 am

Thanks. Yes I’m aware now it was in response to an earlier question. I was just confused as to whether it was a relaunch.

April 14, 2021 9:54 am

That missing graphic,with apologies for not being able to do this when I noticed it was missing.


April 14, 2021 9:55 am

TWISTY,I know the one you are on about S/H I know a few Tim’s that work in there ,but your right plenty of Jambos stay in Livingston and Sevco is there second team,also a lot of them in The O/O,thanks for replying

April 14, 2021 9:58 am
April 14, 2021 10:05 am


Sorry about those glitches with the graphics. As I mentioned,the graphics copied into the article on our admin page,but not above.

I think the OST is a terrific idea,but I’m fairly sure that the take-up on it if launched now wouldn’t be as high as,say,five seasons ago. I hope DMcK will reexamine the idea in a year or two-by which time I expect us to have reestablished our dominance.

April 14, 2021 10:07 am

I know you’ve addressed this in the past, that unless it happens to you or Mahe, you will struggle to correct it.
If you see Frodsham Bhoy and Jobo’s posts about being able to see comments.
I know Danny Mac had an issue when he started, too.
A couple of others have mentioned it, also, it may be more widespread than thought.
I have no problems, reading any posts. I’m on a Kindle Fire.

April 14, 2021 10:09 am


There is no actual registration process-merely fill in the two boxes NAME,MAIL ADDY,and you are good to go.

As for the access problems,this has us totally stumped. It seems to have happened at some stage or other to a lot of posters But as it hasn’t happened to anyone with admin access,we can’t investigate it. It’s a bit like calling someone out to fix your washing machine and the bloody thing works fine when he’s there!

Again,apologies to everyone experiencing this.

April 14, 2021 10:18 am

Morning all..if this is of any use to anyone;
I use an Android phone and never have any issues with accessing the site. I mainly use my pc though and depending on what browser I use I occasionally do have tech issues. I’ve found that Chrome is the most reliable for me. Edge and Bing, browsers recommended by Microsoft for fWindows 10 just don’t seem to run freely for me. So if you’re having issues maybe a change of browser could help.
ASWGL will come on later and take any calls on his TechHour…weekdays between 5pm and 6pm GMT. Glad to be of service!

Jobo Baldie
April 14, 2021 10:40 am

Just to clarify, I don’t have any access issues at all, on android phone or on PC using Edge. I was “asking for a friend” who might try again tonight.

April 14, 2021 10:44 am

Jobo…I was just trying to be helpful! ,😭😭😭

April 14, 2021 10:49 am

My neebor is a tech guy and loves his gadgets. He refuses to use Apple products as they cause him problems using Word and other Microsoft apps, according to him most people in the Tech game steer away from Apple for the same compatibility issues. Maybe if your having issues it’s to do with the device rather than the site! Just an idea!

Jobo Baldie
April 14, 2021 10:58 am

McCaff – is it £1 a post you earn on here? 😉

April 14, 2021 11:00 am


There certainly used to be plenty of Tims in SH. I know because I employed most of them 😂

Jobo Baldie
April 14, 2021 11:00 am

Right, when I checked there McCaffs post had appeared 12 times, identical wording. Hence my 10.58 attempt at humour. But they’ve all disappeared now?? I’m away back to painting….

April 14, 2021 11:08 am

That’d be good Jobo….I post loads on the weekend Nightshift! I could give up my day job. 🤔👍😁

April 14, 2021 11:10 am

To be fair I do regularly get the same posts repeated but when I refresh the page it goes back to normal.

April 14, 2021 11:10 am

I only ever use my iPhone for SC. Generally no issues whatsoever.

April 14, 2021 11:13 am

I think I’m gonna have to go back and delete my Android-sponsored post with the negative slant on Apple Products. Are you sponsored by Apple Twists?

Por Cierto
April 14, 2021 11:37 am

I still can’t see those images, por cierto :((

April 14, 2021 11:44 am

No amount of backtracking will see you hit the charts this week. Look upon your entry last week as your Joe Dolce moment 😂

April 14, 2021 11:50 am

Twisty….I know when I’m good and when I’m lucky!! 🤣🤣🤣
Here’s a poor man’s Leo Sayer for ye…

April 14, 2021 12:15 pm

Vampires r us.

The site problems aren’t good at all, but we are stumped. Tried a few different things yet still same. I thought it was an Iphone thing yet some are fine with them.
Will bump heads and try to come up with a plan.

Hail Hail

April 14, 2021 12:19 pm

I have never had a problem with the site on neither my Android phone nor PC. Seems an i phone problem.

April 14, 2021 12:42 pm

McCaff 11.50.

April 14, 2021 1:05 pm

I am the “Friend of Jobo” first time poster.
Have lurked on CQN and here but have now decided to take the plunge.
Formalities first, Not a Hun, hate Politics, love golf, like a flutter on thehorses, can drink Jobo under the table and lastly,love the Celtic.
Hope to be able to contribute something worthwhile to the site and look forward to conversing with you all.
Oh by the way, stay in East Kilbride but won’t cut Jobo’s grass with the weather forecasts !!!! HH 🍀🍀

April 14, 2021 1:09 pm

Leggy 1.05.
A fine first post.
Welcome and enjoy.

April 14, 2021 1:10 pm

TWISTY ,Was there a Brian Meechan from Fauldhouse a big Tim ,who didn’t mince his words with some Sevco supporters when we worked to together in Burtons Biscuits.

April 14, 2021 1:11 pm

Welcome to this Dear Green Place. Think I know you already from your first post. Hope you stick around here.

April 14, 2021 1:17 pm

Big welcome Leggy. Enjoy yerself.

Hail Hail

April 14, 2021 1:22 pm

Welcome Big Leggy, who’da think this was nearly 40years ago!!…

April 14, 2021 1:29 pm

Afternoon all
Has anyone seen or heard from JTT53 not seen him post for a few days now.

April 14, 2021 1:32 pm

Always hated that song. Made me cringe.
Never liked John Wayne mind you.

April 14, 2021 1:37 pm

It’s a shocker Garry…no question! But Leggy’s moniker brought it to mind immediately! I’ll never play it again, you have my word. 😉😁

April 14, 2021 1:39 pm

Aye Craig, I noticed Jim and Packy had been quiet the last few days…have they been banned! 😳