Howe? Where? Why?


The next few days are shaping up to be rather interesting for Celtic fans.

On Sunday,there is the Scottish cup tie at Ibrox,where the officials will be the only fans allowed into the ground,with the rest of us either coughing up our tenner to a minnow tv broadcaster for the privilege of watching it on a buffering broadband stream or linking into it elsewhere-and probably getting a better delivery! We go into it on the back of perhaps our best two performances of the season-with the caveat that the opposition didn’t really turn up on either occasion-and with the hope that Eddie decides that every chance he gets,he’s going to put it away,that every goal between now and the end of the season could be worth thousands a week in contract terms at his next club.

Clutching at straws? Maybe-but I don’t think so. He has no love for that mob and he knows what is at stake-for him,for the club,for the fans. If he wants a decent contract at a decent club,he has to remind them that he is worth it. I’ll be looking out my I WANNA BE EDOUARD t-shirt anyway,and I hope it is not the last hurrah for it.

Monday sees the long-awaited arrival of Dominic McKay as our new CEO. He will initially be working in tandem with Peter Lawwell,fine tuning the details of the post and its requirements. I’ve little doubt that Lawwell will show him all the secrets of the office,the scouting reports,the “black museum” of staff misdemeanours-always good to know what to watch out for,you don’t want to be hoodwinked about otherwise common knowledge because nobody thought to tell the new man!-the combination of the biscuit tin,and of course the number for the Dudu Hotline.

I know very little about the man professionally,though he did go to my Alma Mater of St Andrew’s Academy and later worked in my home town. He left Pernod Ricard HQ there to join the SRU-and here’s a bonus,it was to work in their Communications Dept! At last,we might have someone who knows a bit about PR and will improve at the very least on our woeful performances in this area over the last (far too many) years. I suspect that one of his first tasks will be to respond to events on the field the previous day,and possibly to abuse received by our players from a screaming mob as they alighted from the bus prior to the match. I doubt though that it will be news to him,and he can get himself off to a flier here.

His most important task though is obvious. The hire of a new management team within a restructured football operation which will also require a Director of Football/Technical Director. There have been various names bandied about for the latter and if I’m honest it is such a specialised backroom role that I have no real preference. I simply don’t know enough about the candidates! So be very grateful I’m not in charge of recruitment,I suppose. In an ideal world though,the DoF would be working with the CEO on this appointment even before the decision had been made about the previous manager. This is Celtic,we work in mysterious ways our wonders to perform! It may well be that the new manager is in place before the new DoF and that he may in fact insist on a DoF of his own choosing.

I am not in favour of that. As I’ve said before,the DoF should be able to work with the CEO and with the manager,act as a liaison between them when necessary. But he should be independent of both,beholden to neither. This is a new direction for us,and we shouldn’t be undermining our chances from the off.

Which brings us to the vexed question of our next manager. It will be six months since we couldn’t get a shot on target against the huns,playing them at Celtic Park without a recognised striker on the pitch. That was just the latest in a long line of shocking team selections,and it was the last straw for many of us. I believe that a proactive and professional board and CEO would at the very least have started investigating possibilities to fill a managerial vacancy should they feel the need to pull the rug. Six months later we are no further forward,the epitome indeed of a well-run club.

What is worse is that our “preferred” candidate in Eddie Howe seems to have retreated to his luxury pad on the south coast,distinctly unimpressed by the overtures from our club. There is only rumour and conjecture to go by in this particular regard so you’ll pardon me if I refrain. However,taking Celtic out of his decision altogether-as I’ve said before-leaves him with a narrowing range of suitors in England. So let’s examine the possibles as I see them.

Newcastle. I can’t see Bruce being in the job for next season. Ashley will get rid of him if the appeal to the FA over Fit And Proper status for his Saudi buyers falls through. Frankly I would rather work for Lawwell than Ashley. If the Saudi takeover goes ahead,Howe is unlikely to rate a mention.

Brighton. Handy enough for him. But their ambitions are effectively limited to staying in the EPL. Why leave Bournemouth to join them? Plus,they are unlikely to sack their current manager.

Southampton. See Brighton.

Crystal Palace. Unlikely to renew the contract of Roy Hodgson. Otherwise,see Brighton.

Now,he could get a better job than these via the managerial merry-go-round if one of the top teams parts ways with their manager,but of those top teams only perhaps Everton would employ him at the moment. And they aren’t going to fire Ancelotti for him! Others,like Arsenal and Spurs,just might take Rodgers from Leicester or Espirito Sancto from Wolves which would leave the door open for him. But I doubt those clubs will make a move much this side of Christmas-and the managers might get it right in that time!

Howe might be looking at the Leeds job. Bielsa has been there for three years now and hasn’t renewed his contract. I think he will though,so again Howe is onto plums.

Eddie Howe has always struck me as an intelligent and thoughtful guy. He must know all of the above,and at 43yo with a wife and young family,I don’t think he will yet have made enough from the game to be comfortable for the rest of his life. So what is the hold up? If both sides have gone into the negotiations with the same red line-that THEY are responsible for the appointment of the Director of Football-then we have a huge problem. I’m not even sure that a relationship should begin at all when one side has been railroaded into giving up such an important point in the negotiations.

I believe Eddie Howe is the best man for the job from those realistically available. I don’t think he will get a better offer than Celtic anytime in the near future,if at all. But I don’t think that he should dictate who is the Director of Football. His loyalty to those he was worked with before,people whom he trusts and values personally and professionally,is admirable. But he has made his point and I expect that Celtic have agreed to most of his other requests,but we should not agree to this one. If he can’t see that,if he is willing to refuse the role on this principle,then I admit that I respect him all the more for it. But I will no longer view him as an intelligent and thoughtful guy.

And besides,bigger fish to fry and huns to skelp. Roll on,Sunday!


Above article by BMCUWP

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I’m with you on the preferred candidate, Eddie Howe, but regardless of who ends up being appointed, it really has to happen ASAP. No point in me going on about this any longer, but I find it worrying and unacceptable that we have not yet made an appointment.
If the delay on Eddie Howe truly is down to him wishing to bring someone with him, and the club have already decided that is not going to happen, move on, but move bloody quicker.

Garry – a wee aside on the managerial appointment. I know you’re not overly keen on Howe, and you mentioned a few times it might be worth at least asking the question of the current Leeds manager. I agree it cannot do any harm. Even though he’s in a job, you never know. Attraction of CL? Anyway, the reason I mention him. Liverpool knocked out CL last night. Klopp stated post match that he needed to concentrate on the EPL now, and added that this weekend, they faced Leeds, and further added that Leeds top the table on “all the physical statistics”

He added “
We are going to have to run our legs off to compete”

I thought that was an interesting comment. Yer man looks to have his side very fit indeed, as well as being very competitive.

I did try to source the physical stats data but cannot find it anywhere. Probably’ Opta’ or similar . I’m
Not sure they make all their stuff publicly available.

Anyhow, as I say, just a wee aside that I found interesting.

On managers out of work I seen the following listed

Football Managers Out Of Work 2020
Out Of Work Managers | The A-Listers
Premier League Firefighters – Current Out Of Work Managers
Out-of-Work Managers: Championship Contenders

No doubt there’ll be more, indeed some may also be off that list now.


Message to

The Real McCoy

If yer man Bobby is correct- you are the winners / runners in all of the comps this year. I’ll be mailing all of you later this afternoon to arrange prizes.

( CCE you have x 2) Cheltenham winner plus a runners up spot in the naps.

Raymac – Premier League winner
Garry – Winner of Championship
TRM – Runner up PL
JNP – winner Aintree
CCE ( as above)

As I say – check your e mail later today.


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends, from a slightly frosty, clear skied East Kilbride.
Back to work for me today after a wee 11-day break so time to start that 11 step commute from breakfast table to dining room desk!
Just 3 more sleeps until we continue our quest for 5 in a row 😉


Yes, it’s drawing closer.

Paddy Power offers:

Sevco 13/10
Celtic 9/5
Draw 23/10

No doubt other bookies will offer similar.


Bet 365 offer 2/1 the bhoys.


All the rumours about Eddie Howe is just noise, there are probably only 3 or 4 people who really know what has been agreed or not been agreed to. If Howe is or is not the new guy the optics looks better if the new manager arrives after DM.
Dm is the guy who should be welcoming any new staff to Celtic Park be that Coaches, Players, Physios or Board Members


Here’s another wee tale of woe for ye.

Picture it. September 2016. I’ve travelled home from Engurland for the Celtic v Sevco match. I was absolutely certain we would tonk them.

I mailed Paddy Power customer service to request odds on the following:

Celtic to have at least 5 different goal scorers in the match.

Received a mail back saying they’d offer me 100/1, however, I was restricted to £5max bet.

I duly placed the £5 win bet.

As ever we arrived at CP nice and early. Watched the team buses arrive. Cheered the bhoys as they disembarked and of course, in the interest of fair play and sportsmanship, applauded the opposition as they arrived 😉.

My eldest 2 grandsons were with us as always.
Nerves apparent in both of them as we milled around outside the ground.

I clearly remember saying to my eldest grandson, “ honestly, in almost 50 years of coming to these games, I’ve never been more confident. We will thrash them”

So it proved. 5 goals delivered . One conceded to “wonder boy” Garner just on the stroke of HT, but never any concerns and Armstrong’s extra time goal made the final score look better. 5-1 always looks so much better than just 4-1.

Of course my bet failed thanks to that greedy bassa Moussa claiming three for himself. Didn’t really matter though. Just happy that we won, won well, in fact humiliated them.

Joey Barton embarrassed. Senderos? Sendedoff.
( still think he tried to get sent off)

Anyhow fast forward to the following match v them at Ibrox. April the following year.

Usual chat online with the family in the week building up to the match. One of the kids asks
“ you trying your bet again Dad? 5 different scorers?”

I hadn’t really considered it to that point, but thought about it and decided I would. “ I’ll mail PP tomorrow and get the odds”

I was thinking with the match being in their place, I’d probably get 150/1 or more. I sent the mail, and this time, for whatever reason, they replied that to get the odds, I should “ phone them on number xxxx blah blah”

I thought fekk it, I’m not phoning. Canny be erchied.

The rest is history

Sevco 1 Bhoys 5


At the end of the match I was feeling 😂😡😂😡😂😡


I don’t necessarily agree with the categories that those out of work managers are listed under. Just a cut and paste job.

A list. Lampard?

Not for me.


Good morning all,
As Jobo said “3 more sleeps” Can’t wait as very hopeful 👍

Just passed by that fence. Ye missed a bit !!!!!

Shoddy 😭😭


A more recent, on this day, for you all, to enjoy.
15th April 2018, Celtic skelped Rangers 4:0 in the Scottish Cup Semi-Final.

Rogic, McGregor, Dembele and Ntcham. @Tom_Rogic @MDembele_10 @OlivierNtcham


Of course, sadly,also on this day.
You’ll never walk alone 💚❤️
Always remembered.


I vividly remember watching the events at Hillsborough unfold. All seemed so unreal at the time. Now that we know more about the detail, also so unnecessary. Tragic .



I also remember watching the tragic events unfold on television.
A sad,sad day that will be remembered by every decent football fan.

If Eddie Howe is that good ,why has he been out off work for so long,I don’t believe he wanted to take a year out ,I Say forget about him ,

bada bing1

Twists- Roy Hodgson….



Only Sheff Utd,WBA have sacked their manager this season. Chelsea got rid of Lampard,but that was really because Tuchel became available. No point in leaving a club you love because they got relegated to join a club you don’t know at all who are about to be relegated!


Oh yeah. Another.


As an aside,
The first time Liverpool played after Hillsborough was against Celtic in Glasgow.
Luck would have it that I couldn’t go to game as I was in Liverpool with my local Amateur team on the end of Season jolly.
I remember sitting in a boozer in Liverpool when all their fans returned from Glasgow.
In what was always an emotional day, their fans were full of praise for Celtic and our supporters.
They all to a man/woman said it was the best “ Walk On” they’ve ever been in.
I sat there and quietly thought “ That’s my Team, that’s my fellow supporters they’re talking about !!!!”.
I was so proud and although it was a somber occasion I thought, We have helped out here and this is what Celtic is all about. Great memories . HH 🍀🍀

Andy Pandy 2

I wouldn’t worry about not knowing much about any of the candidates, it didn’t seem to stop a previous CEO from signing anyone of his multiple projects!



I wish I’d said that!



One of the first guys I met when I moved to Swindon was a Scouser,and a huge Liverpool fan. Whenever his family came down for a visit,they would always talk about two Celtic-related subjects. The welcome we gave them that day,and the time we wrecked the Anfield Road Stand by simply being at the Ronnie Moran testimonial.

Seems all our singing and dancing that night led to its temporarary closure while the foundations were underpinned!



Great story 👍

Must admit loved the old testimonials.

Celtic certainly lined the pockets of many a fine ( And not so fine, player).

Talking about days out ?

Seeing as I am now into the swing of posting, when”s the next Hoot or day out? 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍷🍷🍷🍷🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃



As it stands,I’m probably gonna let things settle for a bit before planning one. I’d provisionally pencilled in a Belfast hoot for last June until the pandemic wrecked that. Might leave that particular plan for a while!

I’m home next month but only for a week. But I expect to be back around end August for my Mum’s Big Birthday so will probably try for a Glasgow one around then.

Might have to find out which pubs are still in business,mind!

Celtic Champs Elect

Good morning my fellow SC on this beautiful sunny day

I have perhaps one of the best mixes around at the moment

Every genre of music from soul to disco to rock and reggae we have piano trumpets trombones strings saxophones drums for BP everything you can think of

From the Philly sound to Eddie Kendricks to even the great Bob Dylan house vocal soul vocal rockin roll vocal there are tunes for everyone

The mix is four hours long and was compiled by a friend of mine. I listened to it yesterday in its entirety and I cannot believe how good it is so much so I had it back on this morning and am listening away again

If there is a track you might not like you can fast forward for 30 seconds at a time

You can play this mix at party’s in the garden or home on earphones on echo or technics speakers

There is a lot of love on the mix and I am sure all our good ladies will appreciate many of the vocals and love on the songs

Any feedback after you have listened is very much appreciate

Please enjoy it as much as I am

PS Empty the fkn park no other way


Of course,no reason why others can’t plan one without me-I don’t have a copyright on it!

(Although I do have a bliddy big tricolour with BMCUWP HOOTENANNY emblazoned on it,courtesy of ACGR)

I don’t understand why we are looking for a new manager, before we are looking for a new Director of Football. Can only assume that we are not looking at a DOF model.
As I have stated often, I think Howe would be a disastrous appointment. If we are not going down the Director of Football route, then I would offer Marcelo Bielsa and his coaching team a King’s ransom to come to Celtic. A challenge that Bielsa would relish. Restoring Celtic as a force in Europe.

Maestro Fan

A well run (into the ground) club.


Stephen McGowan saying Celtic & Howe’s side are relaxed about the deal.

Alan Nixon reported the club haven’t sounded out anyone since the Howe story broke.

Also, ever since the news broke, that Howe wouldn’t be starting, work again, until June ( from Howe’s agent) Skybet withdrew the new manager market and never replaced it.
As we know, Stephen McGowan is a favourite of Peter Lawwell, so my take on it is….
J.K. until end of season and then Howe takes over, if he doesn’t receive a better offer.
As ever, I have no inside information, I’m just trying to read between the lines.






You’re actually very accomplished at reading between the lines, so you may well be correct.

Here’s some lines to read between :

𝔍𝔎 𝔟𝔢𝔱𝔱𝔢𝔯 𝔫𝔬𝔱 𝔤𝔢𝔱 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔧𝔬𝔟 𝔣𝔲𝔩𝔩 𝔱𝔦𝔪𝔢 𝔬𝔯 ℑ’𝔩𝔩 𝔤𝔬 𝔪𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔞𝔩

bada bing1

JNP- Nixon is the worst rumour monger in the rags,if he said it was Tuesday, you would check it twice…..I heard McGowan, he was Lawwell’s go to guy in the SMSM


Afternoon all,


Another great article and an excellent synopsis of where we are.The silence from Celtic is as frightening as it is frustrating.

I believe we go into Sundays game with some confidence on the back of not only our last two performances in the Glasgow derby but also our last two games v teams on a going day,even this season,
that we are expected to beat.

A masterclass from Eddie is overdue but collectively this season,this team has disappointed us big style and here’s the rub,if they are now showing an application of hunger and effort under John Kennedy that was not there under Neil Lennon is that due to the fact the team were disillusioned under NFL or better structured and managed under John Kennedy.

With the situation with Eddie Howe in limbo and if the sticking point is the DOF, why has he not been disregarded.Are Celtic hedging their bets?

Sorry Twisty and I dont know if this warrants a suspension or barring from SC but are Celtic hoping John Kennedy knocks the huns out the cup and inflicts their first league defeat of the season?If this happens there may be more of an appetite to give him the job.

I hasten to add not my choice but us fans can be fickle.Iwould not be disappointed if Eddie Howe got the job as he has attributes that suit CFC but the DOF has to be independent of the manager.Everone cant leave as a job lot as that situation would be akin to where we at.

If a surprise candidate gets the job,he will always be classed as second choice but that will be quickly forgotten,if successful.

As you have said Twisty let’s get this done or at least get some information out there.Fiday is usually the day of major announcements.Positive communication tomorrow would also give us a boost prior to knocking them out of the cup.

The above could be plausible Twisty but on JnPs post,whereby he is usually on the money,I just thought I would put it out there.😀




“ Sorry Twisty and I dont know if this warrants a suspension or barring from SC but are Celtic hoping John Kennedy knocks the huns out the cup and inflicts their first league defeat of the season?If this happens there may be more of an appetite to give him the job.”

I bloody knew you were a troublemaker!



bada bing1
JNP- Nixon is the worst rumour monger in the rags,if he said it was Tuesday, you would check it twice…..I heard McGowan, he was Lawwell’s go to guy in the SMSM

I certainly would, my friend, given that it’s Thursday.
Where do the days go? Time Flies. 😁😀


Twisty 1.18.
That’s him just warming up.

Saltires en Sevilla


Agree, the delay is baffling…

Howe cannot be the best candidate available. Surely!

He doesn’t have enough European experience – the candidate sift should filter out anyone who hasn’t had hands-on experience in that arena.

Celtic Isn’t the job to be cutting your teeth in Europe.

If the new CEO is backing this strategy, he is on track to fail.

I’m hoping Howe is a smokescreen, with the real target for role kept under wraps.



“ I believe Eddie Howe is the best man for the job from those realistically available”

That’s where we are. How much our stock has fallen in two years. But you can’t get European experience until you get European experience! Neither Billy McNeill nor David Hay had it,nor did Wim The Tim-as managers.

We’ve boxed ourselves into a corner by fannying about for most of the last fifteen years. Our stock is low. That is where we are.

bada bing1

JNP- see,I told ye…😎


Bada. 2.44.
Touche. 😂😂


A CEO, any CEO worthy of the title, should be setting objectives that connect with the customer. Meet expectations. Lawwell has managed almost a decade of lowering expectations and has done it so well that in parallel with lining his pockets, large numbers of the support have accepted that Europa league also rans is now our level.

We were practically unbeatable at home v the best in Europe. Then came years of robbing. Not robbing Peter to pay Paul, but robbing us all to pay Peter. Suddenly it became ok to fail to reach the CL. The EL was our level. Before you know it, we’re being thumped in that too on a consistent basis.

All the usual shite was churned out by the Lawwell loyal:

– look what happened to the huns
– players don’t want to come to the SPL

It’s sickening.

You keep lowering expectations and this is where it ends up. Struggling in the EL. Beaten to the title by a newco.

Yet still some feel a statue to Lawwell would be a fitting tribute. If that ever comes to fruition btw, it’ll be toppled quicker than the one of Saddam Hussein.


Winning at Ibrox has always been hard.

I am confident JK will get a tune from the team but Sevco gave the confidence of playing at home.

I can see both teams scoring once within the initial 90 minutes giving a final score prediction of 55 : 55






Brilliant post.

Any statue erected to that bastard Lawwell would indeed be toppled…by Huns…and re-located to Ibrox. A fitting tribute indeed.

Hail Hail.

Mike in Toronto

An excerpt from a recent interview by Matt Taibi (journalist, author) and Noam Chomsky… on how lobbying companies can be effective in bringing about change…if others can do it, why not Celtic fans?

MT: Especially since Trump was elected, there’s been a lot of this rhetoric that democracy doesn’t work, that people left to their own devices make bad decisions, etc. As a result of this pessimism, a lot of people believe the road to progress is lobbying big companies like Facebook and Google and PayPal, and even MasterCard and VISA, to create the society that we want. How do you feel about that kind of corporate-based activism, lobbying corporations to exercise their power?

Noam Chomsky: Lobbying corporations is activism. If corporations are doing anything, it’s because they’re under pressure to do it. A corporation has one purpose, to profit. There’s variation, but very generally the fact is, that a corporation is following the principle that it should maximize its own gain and market share. Now, corporate executives are not stupid.

If they realize that they’re losing a customer base, they’re facing what they call reputational risk, meaning, “The peasants are coming with the pitchforks, we better do something.” Then they’ll react and maybe do something, sort of generally decent, within limits.

But to ask them to do it on their own, makes no sense. It’s like asking a totalitarian state to be nice. The corporations are sort of being dragged along slightly, but the real activism is having other effects. I mean, take the most important issue we face, by far, destroying the environment.

Well, change is not going to come from corporations. In fact, take a look at this morning’s papers. Even with the pandemic and the reduction of economic activity, methane and carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere has increased. Because, for example, as oil prices have gone up, you’re getting the automatic reaction, the fracking industry revives.

One of Trump’s great deeds was to eliminate the regulations on controlling methane release, which is extremely dangerous, in the short term, much more than carbon dioxide. So they do that. They can make more money that way. You’re getting more releases of poisons into the atmosphere, which reduces the time span that we have to try to deal with this. Well, that’s the way businesses are going to behave. They can make more money doing something, they’ll do it. You put plenty of pressure on them, or on the banks that finance them.

But if you do things like what Sunrise Movement did, a young activist group, sit in, occupy congressional offices, get some support from the progressive legislators who came in, kind of on the Sanders wave, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in this case, pick up some support from a long term Democratic Senator who was interested in the environment, Edward Markey, then you can get the idea of the Green New Deal, which is essential for survival, in some form.

You can get it from way off in the outer space somewhere, to the legislative agenda. Keep the pressure up, you can get something done. We can see it happening right before our eyes. Biden’s environmental program, climate program, it’s not what’s needed, but it’s much better than anything that preceded. And it’s not because he had a sudden revelation. There are pressures constantly.



Good evening all & Packy.

Back in the 70s another ‘Peter’ – Peter Parker was in charge of British Rail, pre privatisation. It was a Herculean task that he had on. Years of under investment. To make matters worse for him it was the era of huge industrial unrest. Strikes in the railways were commonplace.

Anyhows, a rail worker was speaking to a TV interviewer and said of Peter Parker “What does he know! He can’t even drive a train!” LOL 🙂

Actually I would be scared shitless if Peter Parker just decided to take the controls of a train I was a passenger on! But thankfully he had heard of delegation as a management tool.

Which brings me to Peter Lawwell. Peter thinks he is qualified to sign professional football players. An accountant!
And to operate without a Director of Football who should be the driving force in signing new managers etc.

A statue? Don’t get me started. It wouldn’t last 5 minutes!

Mike in Toronto

Interstingly, the Slavia Prague chairman seems to want to move on from the Kamara incident…. however, the Czech president (not, the club… the country) doesn’t want to give up the fight.

Vladimir Mynar, heading the office of Czech President Milos Zeman, said in a letter to UEFA’s disciplinary body that Kudela’s ban was disproportionately high compared to those for the Rangers players.

“I want to point out the racism charges were not proven. Even a UEFA inspector questioned whether Ondrej Kudela uttered the racist remark,” wrote Mynar, who is a Slavia fan.

“You have sentenced a decent man without a single proof… only to fulfil the pervert expectations of a narrow group of activists and of a club unable to win on the pitch.”

“In your hands, the fight against racism has turned into… hypocrisy, positive discrimination and ridiculous bowing to silly trends,” Mynar added.

He said Zeman, a veteran left-winger with a soft spot for Russia and China, had expressed sympathies to all Czech citizens who are disappointed with the decision.

I could be wrong, but I dont remember the Scottish government ever supporting Celtic like that …

Also worth noting that Zeman started out as a sort of left of centre type, but increasingly has gravitated towards more ‘right wing populist/anit-immigration policies since taking power …. so, take what he says with a grain of salt, I guess….

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, jim nice to see you, to see you nice 👍


Hope you’re not suggesting a statue of Peter wouldn’t be held in the same esteem as Cesar and Jinky? 😬

On Peter Lawwell. He’s one the best proponents of active inertia I’ve witnessed. Will expand on it later. Got two of the grandkids staying. Rather busy!

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