Biggest Job Interview Yet.

Honest question, of all the people involved in this weekends Ibrox clash, who has the most to lose? 

Who has the most to gain?

For me they are one and the same, big John Kennedy.

Our former defender through circumstances that need no explanation has his hands on the tiller currently.

Being a Celtic fan and ex-player, this position would be his dream job, fair play to the chap for fulfilling his dream, but it goes without saying that if given a caretaker only role or the job full time he would grab the latter with both hands.

Therefore it goes without saying he will give this shot, which may never come around again, absolutely everything he’s got in his locker.

And we just witnessed the result, we clicked for what seems like the first time this season and handed out our first wallopings, some really neat play and quality goals, a sign of growing ease and belief around the squad.

In just a couple weeks.

Now the last chance of glory awaits, typical that it’s the toughest that available but that bridge was needing crossed at some stage. 

John will realize that a victory or draw in the league after this will not be recorded in the history books, it would be a consolation prize for many, probably himself. Something viewed as too little too late.

But a Cup including scalping the current league champions on their own patch and a rescheduled game to boot,,,now that would be special, worthy of recording for posterity, and as a true Celt his finest moment.

We couldn’t ask for more.

John might. He may see the cup as as successful audition, enough to stake a strong claim. Who am I to say he’s wrong, especially if victory lifts us to another gear for the remaining games.

What I would say to John is that passing this audition, the biggest he’s sat yet, would guarantee you A job, if not the Celtic job.

JK does cut an impressive figure, and I really like the cut of his jib, but when it comes to the next Celtic manager he’s just not what the club need right now.

Most new managers have some type of bounce, it’s a new voice and approach, but would he have a plan B or C? 

When this current momentum fizzles out, as they all do at some stage, what’s next?

Signs point towards a higher profile name to get the nod over John for a few reasons, including improved season ticket sales, his enhanced reputation swaying wavering players to climb aboard, and generally having more at his disposal than a local kid done well.

That includes quality assistants, current training methods, use of modern technology, dieticians, and more.

It’s all the above will probably cost much more than John would per week, rightly so in most cases.

Just as Lenny now sits on the SPFL and Championship sidelines, a potential manager who knows the game just a phone call away, his former assistant will overtake him should he emerge victorious, becoming the latest hot property having Chairmen the land over reaching for the phone when the top job opens.

This one game offers John the chance to put his name out there, to show he’s worth a shot, to prove he’s a manager in his own right. 

Sunday will be one hell of a job interview.


By Mahe

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Freedom Friday from another clear skied, slightly frosty East Kilbride.
Whilst last week’s performance was much better than most this season I’m honestly not sure how much of that was directly attributable to John Kennedy’s input. Since he was asked to take over the reins he has, in the main just continued with the same players, formations and lack of in game tactical changes as Neil. I thought he would have taken the opportunity to get more out of, say Soro, Klimala, Ajeti, even Barkas.
My hope for next season is that we have not a new manager but a coach. Someone who reacts and adapts to different games, who gives new players (buys or youths) a chance with a run in the team over 5 or 6 consecutive games and not just the odd 20 minute appearance. And someone who understands that substitutions are meant for changing a game – not just predictable like for like changes on the 70 minute mark.
So for me I don’t see Sunday as John Kennedy’s interview for the Celtic job. But I do hope we batter them (1 nil will do!) and that John is rewarded with a top job elsewhere.
Work calling…


Morning all

Mahe. I don’t care if we win 5-0. Well actually that’s not true. I do care about the score , but, even that score wouldn’t persuade me he should be anywhere near the job , not even the interview process.
He’s been part of a management set up for years and that in itself is a long enough interview. It’s a “thanks for your application but on this occasion, unfortunately……..” you know the rest!

The word in the background is there are a handful of high profile players heading to the exit door. JK should be adding to that number.

The Scottish cup. I see there are also noises being made that he should be allowed to finish the cup run. That baffles me.
The final is on the 22nd May. That would eat up another 5 weeks of time we simply don’t have. We need a new manager in the door now. Not in a few weeks or a couple months.
There are so many components of the management structure to be rebuilt, someone needs to be on it now.

What was it Samuel Beckett wrote in ‘Waiting for Godot’ ?
“Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It’s awful.

That’s how I feel now.

Waiting for who?

For the love of god and the sake of both my sanity and our chances of a swift return to the top, can someone check the calendar!


On this day.
16th April 2005, Celtic 3:2 Aberdeen.

2 goals down but come back to win through goals from Varga, Hartson and a fantastic winner from Bellamy. @JohnHartson10


If he gets an interview it will have to be with DM as blue Peter doesn’t believe in interviews. And as Sunday is his last day in charge guard the showers

Morning all & Packy.

Craig76 @6.34pm, Sorry pal, missed your post, thank you.


Fabulous story about your uncle Danny.
I see why you like Leeds.
I have family with season tickets at Norwich, so I look out for their results.

The Real McCoy.11.50.
Great post buddy.

Calton Tongues 11.21.
Fab story, too
Incredible to think, it was 51 years, ago.

You are crazy, but I know that already. 😂

Saltires en Sevilla, Henrikschip
You are welcome.


In our ” bubble ” it’s easy to forget, that there are so many, Celtic fans, and they are Celtic fans, out there, whose opinions and thoughts are so didnt from many on here.
A quick scan of Social Media, all different accounts and as I say, all clearly Celtic fans.
First one is to set Twisty, off.
What’s wrong with giving John Kennedy , a crack at it?
I thought the childish use of Sevco, would have stopped by now and we as a support could move on. ( That one, really set me off )
We need Rangers, as much as they need us.
I don’t agree with saying there is no Old Firm, anymore.
Peter Lawwell has been brilliant, why does he get so much stick, look at the trophies, we have won when he’s been here.
That’s just a very small selection of posts on people’s accounts.
As we know we are a club open to all and we have a wide and diverse support, these posts prove the point.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, lovely blue sky here in cheshire, the last time i went to ibrox in the 70s, it was a green and white sky here,s hoping.👍



We need Rangers
Give JK a try

Is that Peter Lawwell’s Twitter account?


On this day

Craig Bellamy – quality player


Twisty 8.21.
No, his one is the one that says that Peter Lawwell should get a statue, at Paradise.


Good Morning all. A lovely sunny day in Dundee on the silvery Tay – it’s an omen, I hope.

Twisty, I would be delighted to get a new DOF and
Head Coach in asap, but it might – just might – be for contractual reasons that isn’t happening right now. Perhaps the new folks are working away in the background – I certainly hope so.



Spot on yet again imo. The time for JK is not nigh.


Morning all,

With the upcoming Scottish cup tie and the talk last night of big crowds, it got me thinking of a game way back in early 1980.

Celtic had drawn 1-1 with St Mrren ( Courtesy of a late winner if I recall) at Celtic Park and the replay was the following Wednesday.

It was pay at the gate and when we arrived the crowd outside was unbelievable.

I remember it was Baltic and as kick off neared, everyone was jostling for position and try to get to the turnstiles.

It was carnage and the kick off was delayed. I remember standing there, could hardly breathe due to the crush, and a couple of bodies being passed over our heads. I feared the worst but turns out they were kids and someone had the common sense to use the best method to get them out.

God knows how there was nobody seriously hurt !!!!!!

We eventually managed to get into the game, 30 minutes late and we had missed Celtic being reduced to 10 men with Tom McAdam being sent off and St Mirren scoring with Johnny Doyle equalising. We did catch the ” Ten men won the league, Na na na na na”) I reference to a year early methinks !!!!!!!!

Celtic eventually won the game 3-2 after extra time but my memory from that night is what a disaster could have happened.

I heard afterwards that after we got into the game someone opened the gates and this helped the situation outside.

I think the official crowd that night was around 28,000 but think Michael Kelly might have helped out with the audit !!!!

Wonder if anyone else was there that night ?


Leggy 9.02.
I was at that one.
I lived quite close to Paisley, at the time, so we arrived quite early and got in ok.
We were in the enclosure, we positioned ourselves roughly middle/middle, thinking great view.
However, by the time, the game started we were almost at the front, due to the sheer weight of bodies, pushing forward.
It was, indeed, scary.
Two other things, I recall from the match.
It was, for me, Johnny Doyle’s finest game, in the hoops, he was outstanding.
The amount of missiles, thrown by fans, at the linesman, after Tom McAdam was sent off.



And those missiles, I assume, weren’t of the paper airplane variety !!!!!!!

I think this was pre riot game and alcohol still allowed.

Not that I partaked , of course , hic !!!!!!!



You just brought back memories of kids wearing “hard hats” adorned with painted on shamrocks, Celtic crests and so on. I can just picture parents saying to the kids, “Don’t forget your hard hat, I don’t want you coming home crying because you’ve been hit by a dart, golf ball, coin or can of warm piss”
Can you imagine if something like that happened today?


Has anyone thought about this?
Eddie Howe has been appointed with effect from end of season. JK is in charge meantime. If EH is announced EVERY decision JK makes is undermined.
EH can make his domestic arrangements in an orderly fashion, and gather his thoughts for his new job.
He starts with a clean slate. It’s already too late to properly prepare for the tougher Euro qualifiers. We have NO chance in the CL and will do well to get Group Stage of EL. Sorry to be so pessimistic.



Allowing for both the “new manager bounce” and actual coaching, I believe if the right man is appointed we’ll do well in the qualifiers



Your right. They tell you drink is not good for your health.

Well it certainly was not good for my health in the 70’s.

Empty Half bottles of Buckie, vodka and warm cans of pish, zooming by my napper when I stood at the front of the Jungle.

Ahhh, the good old days !!!!


John Kennedy may well turn out to be a top class coach. He has received a lot of praise for his abilities from his peers and players. I sincerely hope he does and returns to Celtic at a later stage, after gaining vital experience elsewhere. He has to break the link between this horror season and the image of the 3 stooges on the touchline looking absolutely lost, vacant even. How could he not have positively influenced NL as we went from one shocking performance to the next. That remains a major question for me. How could he stand by and watch what we were watching without intervening? So John, not now, go and explore your ability away from Celtic and we may welcome you back in the future.


Morning all from a beautiful bright Union Flag-clad Royal Burgh of Renfrew.
The sheer size and name of Celtic should attract quality candidates for the manager’s job. Unfortunately, as Bobby reiterated yesterday we have downgraded so much in the last 2 decades that we are considering an out of work Championship manager who’s team were relegated. This might be unduly harsh on Howe but it is fact. From Brendan to Eddie in little more than 3 years is an indictment of how our Club has been mismanaged. The ONLY saving grace in the time I’m talking about is the number of trophies that’s been delivered but there has been absolutely NO SUCCESSION PLANNING throughout the Club. It’s a shocking state of affairs and here’s the nub…John Kennedy has more than played his part in this season’s failures. Whether he beats the Huns on Sunday and in the League, or not, does not camouflage the utter crap we have been subjected to in what should have been an historical season! He may very well be a good coach, he is undoubtedly a good Celtic man but in my opinion he has no place at Parkheid!

I remember the 1980 Scottish Cup run well. I was 14 year old and went to every game we played in the Scottish Cup that year. Raith Rovers, Saint Mirren home and away, Morton, Hibs in Semi, then my first ever Celtic v Rangers game in the Final. Love Street on that February night was scary, but nothing compared to City Ground Nottingham 3 years later.



Two phenomena from my early days of going to see the Celtic – Raining Bottles and Black Holes. I remember a cup match at Ibrox in the early sixties, standing at the front of the terracing when the wine and beer bottles started to rain down on all the youngsters at the front. Celtic fans lobbing bottles but not quite reaching the track. At this match they were trying to get the game abandoned and force hundreds of us to leap over the terrace wall and onto the track to escape being “brained”. They never succeeded as we were ushered back over the wall by Glasgow’s finest. But it was scary experience.
The black holes, as I call them, appeared on the terraces when fighting broke out, normally at big games with packed crowds. We were delighted to see them at the Huns end. On a packed terrace suddenly what looked like a black hole opened up as a fight broke out, sometimes several at a time. It’s strange that they almost always formed a circle. When they started it was a sure sign that they were losing!

Big Audio Dynamite

JNP, it was only a matter of time that the OF would be back, like it was never away! You can also see how desperately the media are trying to ‘re-establish the OF tag. Only dropping in to comment, as I’ve totally given up football in this wee shit-hole. Still utterly sick about our club’s behaviour in this debacle. Football in this country is so bent out of shape, it’s grotesque!

Ps, I see another young Tic fan was murdered in the street after we played them last?? Shame on everyone who wants this vile entity back! And shame on any Celtic custodian who played a part in pulling the wool over the eyes of the Celtic support.

“A stand alone club” lying bastards!!

Good to see you on here again. Your posts have been missed. If we win on Sunday, will another poor Tim get murdered?

A second man has been charged with the murder of Kamil Charyszyn RIP. 💚🍀🇵🇱

Big Audio Dynamite

Garry, I really hope not, mate. Had complete peace in Brigton for almost a decade but over the last few weeks, the cunts are appearing out the sewers again. Anyone who wants this vile entity back, really does need their head checked, mate 👍

Hope you’re good, Garry.

Big Audio Dynamite

RIP Kamil 💚


B.A.D. 12.10.
I’m with Garry, great to see you posting, even if it just a fleeting visit.
The contribution, you made to the blog, is missed.
I don’t disagree with your comments.

Saltires en Sevilla


Good shout

John Kennedy has a viable career path.

Manager of Dunfermline … win a cup or get to a final win a few European games … then manage Hibs and develop a few lads. Win something and continue to make progress on European stage. I.E. win a few at home and at least one away!

Paradise awaits, and we can celebrate the ‘second coming’

Any plan to bring in a manager with zero European experience is doomed to fail!

Unless, humping Sevvies and wiping out the rest of the dross in our league serves purposes/requirements/needs/aspirations/ambitions….


No issues in general with your post, however in the interests of accuracy EH was an EPL manager when he resigned, notwithstanding that Bournemouth are currently in the English Championship after being relegated.

Mike in Toronto


Log in problems on Monday or Tuesday (no posts visible), but no problem for the rest of the week until today. Only see one post.

Not complaining, just letting you guys know.

Mike in Toronto

as soon as I posted something, the rest of the posts appeared. again, just FYI


Ok folks, it’s the start of the weekend here, in Scotland.
Friday Five, to follow.




Today’s Banger


Levi at his finest


Gday possums.
Happy Friday and hope all are well. God bless all those with health issues or less fortunate than ourselves.

Bobby, firm up those end August dates for the next hoot pls, I’ll book flights.

Surprisingly opTimistic for Sunday’s game. Big John will have them fired up.

Hail Hail

This says Harkin is done deal, coming soon. That means that mean Eddie is coming as he wants his own guy there.

Just reading the news. The US has experienced 45 mass shootings in just the last month.
That’s horrific and terrifying. They aren’t handing their guns over either, no way Jose.
What a mess.


Hello,anyone home.


Good points Mahe.
John might be a very good coach but he will have to leave Celtic to prove himself as he wont sell season tickets.


Aha!! comments have appeared.


Afternoon all
Bit of Friday Folk music
First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining (Official Music Video) / FirstAidKitVEVO


Had the same problem from Canada.


Would a hammering on Sunday be a bad thing? Yes, I did write that! The short term gloating would be awful of course, but in the long term it may be a good thing. A big time reality check may be the only way to end the inertia of the board and get change in motion. The green light for the clear out of the ones who don’t care and want away . A renewed search for a top class manager , or a semi decent one anyway. A victory , however delightful against that shower, may just be an excuse for the board to continue papering over the cracks and try to bluff their way out of having to take the flack for all their incompetence .

On another note. The media will be like vultures looking for our support to show themselves up over the death of Prince Philip, don’t know how it can be done with no supporters etc, but the media will always find a way. It always annoys me when some thick wee neds give our enemies what they want on a plate. It’s always seems more to do with posturing and looking cool than genuine concern for the oppressed….or maybe I’m forgetting that I was also young and had no sense. I’m not a monarchist and I know that as a Tim you are supposed to take a default anti-royal position. To be honest they dont bother me, brings in the tourists etc. The Queen is a decent human and I’m sure would be appalled by the low people at an Orange Walk. I’ve heard that she had a particular dislike for Ian Paisley. Anyway, soup kitchens and food banks are the best things that Celtic supporters should be involved with outside football. Thats my opinion .Maybe I am missing the bigger picture.

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