Great expectations?

It’s refreshing to head into this weekends cup clash relatively pressure free. After the season from hell, a(nother) defeat whilst always sore would be simply filed away with the rest of the failures that have been a trademark of this campaign.
No one will be talking about the cup this year, unless we win it.
So having been liberated from the pressures of a never done before ten, and a Lurgan mans methods, we suddenly find a spring in our step, hit a little bit of form, and can waltz over to Mordor with a bit of a swagger believe it or not.
Throw in the fact Broony will of course want to depart with ‘his’ cup tucked under the arm, an unprecedented five times on the trot which truly would be worthy of accolade.
Then there’s that rarest of finds, a youth team player who has made the breakthrough, just signed his contract extension, who is aiming to nail down one of those centre back positions permanently. And there’s no better game to stake a claim for Stephen Welsh to be the first name on the team sheet.
He isn’t alone in the fact, but he will surely give everything cone Sunday.
As should Greg Taylor who will understand that should he show a fair degree of competency, there’s a good chance the club might accept him as first choice left back next season, given money will be tight. This clash is the perfect platform to stake a very strong claim for the left back berth, I hope he gets the nod over a loaner so we all get a good look at him.
If he does play, and we go through, he’s not getting dropped again, will be allowed to see out the rest of the games there, maybe win something there strengthening his claims.
That should be his focus, and why I think he must play, and will bust a gut.
Kenny could also see this as a big opportunity although I think his reputed five million fee will be too rich for our liking. He makes himself essential to this team for the reminder and that could change.
This cup is his big opportunity to collect silverware and become a little piece of Celtic folklore, somehow I feel he will be up for it.
Milan’s scouts will be watching big Kris,
the entire support will be watching Jamsie Forrest, and Turnbull comes across as a winner full stop,,,mark those three down as up for it. I am expecting James to play, I suspect his injury isn’t as bad as feared and John wants them to overlook his pace.
It’s been a terrible season for the winger, surely he will fancy some proper action before the Euros, another reason an extended cup run would be beneficial.
Our current keeper has the opportunity to play an entire cup campaign, and therefore if successful can rightfully consider himself a key part of that winning squad, something I don’t think he would have seen coming this time last year, but he would be foolish to let slip away without giving it maximum effort.
He should be up for this, very much so.
And then of course there’s our current form player Moi. While five million might be a tad much for a decent right back, for a very talented International who gets the club and more importantly knows where the goal is, five may just be a bargain actually.
If there’s any of the loaners returning I suspect it will be the Norwegian. His goals would be priceless next year given we’ve have no strikers bar an uninterested Ajeti.
Moi could well be the first name on the team sheet next season, and a few goals against the meanest defense in the league helping deliver a(nother) cup would probably force the club to move for that signature, fast.
He doesn’t need us, but I sense he wants us. His form is saying you need me, scoring at the weekend would force the issue.
Would it be to simple to say he scores he stays?
I don’t believe so, and the chap will be aware of this.
He’s another name on the ‘will bust a gut’ list.
As for the main striker, at this stage I just want to see the back of him and suddenly turning it on would just upset me.
The manager was covered yesterday. He wins this game, he wins a job somewhere.
Of course our opponents won’t want to lose this game, but realistically they have every excuse in the book just waiting on them to use. No one will judge them failures at all should they fail to lift the cup, they are tired after the title celebrations, will just want the season to end to have that luxurious holiday recharging the batteries.
It’s actually a really good time to play them.
Or is it?
So they are tired, facing an opposition that’s more up for it than usual, yet have been instructed not to lose by the manager they love.
And they’re at home.
Solution? Boot us off the park and turn it into a battle knowing the whistler has their back?
I hope not but we must be ready for this, pressure the ref to clamp down if we see this tactic, and beat them at their own game,,be tougher than them if needed, and play better football than them if needed.
Be all round smarter full stop.
The 8/11 odds being offered for the light blues is crazy to my eyes, and at 19/10 the bookmakers see the mighty Glasgow Celtic falling at this hurdle, but not this Bhoy.
Not at all.
This teams turning up on Sunday, a blind man could see that, and they will be facing a different beast than before.
We will want it more, fight for it more, and finally give the fans something to cheer about.
Prediction – a famous victory.

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I know stats count for SFA on the day, but we have a good cup record v them. I have seen much poorer Celtic teams than this win a cup tie at the bigotdome.
And JK is correct. If we show our best, we are the better side. 2/1 is a great price. I’m having some of it.

Puff puff

GER57. ..I don’t remember to many games in the Scottish cup at ibrox .

Wan for my fellow Glaswegians.
Gerry is singing about the Tims of Glesga in this song about oor City btw.

puff puff

Pure brilliant Garry ..will forever remember you for introducing me to this incredible Glasgow artist .

Only a Glesga schemie could write the truth like Gerry Crosbie does. Listen to these words Puff.

puff puff

A true Glasgow song Garry.

puff puff

Bed for me working tomorrow …good night troops.

West End Glesga takeover Puff.
Maryhill and Partick bhoys run the show. 💪🍀💚🇮🇪

I am shiting myself already about Sunday.
This match is huge.
I so want to win this game then create history by winning 5 in a row.
My two sons and I will watch it together with a few beers.
I cannae wait to pump them.
Ref my only concern.


Morning all
Mahe – 8/11? They’re 13/10.

Just a few of the other markets :

Celtic and over 2.5 goals is 7/2.
Celtic in extra time 11/1
Celtic on pens 9/1


Broony anytime goal scorer 18/1.

( 40/1 to score the first goal, and same odds for the last goal)


I’ve mailed the St Margaret’s hospice. I went to make the donation but it’s unclear if you can still donate through their “ light up a life” initiative.

The closing date has come and gone so I just want to make sure they’ll get the donation ok if I use that link.

I sent the mail on your behalf, explaining it was you who was making the donation .

I’ll let you know when they reply.

One for ACGR who lurks on here.
Yesterday Mick lost his wee cousin to cancer.
The wee Tim who done good as an excellent actress. May Helen McCrory’s soul Rest In Peace 💚

Thank you.
Sister Rita is mental.
She would drive to your home address to accept any donation to Saint Margaret’s Hospice Clydebank. The Holy Spirit is so apparent in her. Beautiful


I wasn’t aware of them, but thanks to you, I am now. I’d only just said to Bobby last week, I’d attach a charity element to the competitions next year. Problem with that of course, is there are so many deserving causes, where do you start?
Anyway, your kindness resulted in me discovering the St Margaret hospice so I’ve already decided, they will be the first recipients of the donation next year.

Whoever wins the Premier league prize will have a donation of the same amount made to St Margaret’s in Sentinel Celts / Winners name.

So thanks for introducing me to that particular organisation.

You know my fellow Clydebank man BRTH. The McGinley family are heavily involved in the fundraising for Saint Margaret’s Hospice Clydebank. A Catholic Institution in the town that all religious denominations respect, because the nuns don’t ask your religion.
They do try to convert the proddies though. 😁




What an incredible writer that man is.

He is as good wi the tongue in a pub.
In Jim’s company, I do much more listening than talking. 😁😂


His Strandsky tales were brilliant. The one about when he was a trainee lawyer and the taxman was absolutely brilliant.

Don’t tell Sister Rita or Monsignor Tartaglia that my donation was through betting please.
They really disapprove of gambling. My name would be mud in the Parishes of Saint Margaret’s and Our Holy Redeemer Clydebank. 😁

His post on the truth about the Clydebank blitz was epic. My niece used it at a presentation in Saint Eunan’s School Clydebank. Top marks Jim got her.
Clydebank Blitz was a British propaganda cover up.
Jim researched and dispelled the British Government lies of the Clydebank blitz.
They came for the workers. Not our shipyards or armament factories.


😁 I promise.

Talking about great writers. Must’ve been about a year past Christmas time, Awe Naw was coming over for a wee holiday. He very kindly offered to take a few folks out for a lunch, and I was supposed to go. I was actually really looking forward to it but as bad luck transpired, work intervention meant it was impossible for me to attend.

Anyway, amongst others who were going to attend, were, BRTH, Auldheid, Morrissey. I was thinking leading up to the event, I’m gonna be way out of my depth here!!

You remember at school, when you went into a classroom, some would head straight to the back of the class. Hide as far away as possible. There in body but not particularly in mind? I’d a few pals like that. I was actually the opposite. I loved school and would get as near to the front as I could. Never understood why anyone would want to be away up the back.

That planned lunch date gave me a good insight into why!! I was thinking it might be better if I get a table away from those 4. Imagine

Awe Naw
Auldheid all at the one table? Now that would be educational though I think I’d get held back a year 😂


I can’t say I’ve seen that one. Sounds epic though!


Haircut at 8-15 this morning. Appointment only now. For a bloody haircut.

Wife “ you excited about getting your haircut?”

Gimme strength. This is what’s it become. Supposed to be excited for being “ allowed” to get a haircut??

I loved school too, and was the front of the class swot that loved to listen and learn new things. Still do on here. 😁

McCaff reproduced BRTH’s Clydebank Blitz article on this site last year. He will hopefully post it again.

Don’t want to upset anyone. I think Covid19 is mind control. Who the fuck would have taken an experimental jag 2 years ago. Then Norrie tells me of his 50 year old relative Colin McKay RIP.
Had his Covid19 jag on Monday. Took a blood clot in the brain, then died of a massive stroke.


Better change the subject though 😬

No tv racing today cos of………….,,a funeral! Whit??



Better get myself in the shower. Got shopping to get in. 2 of the grandkids birthday party today. I’m chauffeur again 😬

I’ve only bet two horses today.

In the 1-55 the Skeltons have a heavy odds on shot, but Warren Greatrex is hoping for a much better showing from his runner American Legacy. Ran poorly in two bumpers so he sent it back to school. Had taken to the obstacles quite well and he’s hoping over the extended distance it’ll outrun its odds. 12/1. 3 places.

In the 6-45 Ed Walker fancies his chances with Peerless. 3/1. Warning: Ed always fancies his horses. 😁and his confidence is often misplaced.

Don’t shoot the messenger 🙂

Have all my Irish Rebel Tunes looked out. Windows will be wide open and Songs of Irish Rebellion will entertain my fenian Dalmuir street.
Around 3pm, Never Mind The Bollocks by the Pistols will be on full blast.

Stand for your National Anthem in honour of the Nazi parasite Philip

God save the Queen

One for oor Californian host.
What a Californian band the Peppers.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends from a gloriously sunny (though currently frosty) East Kilbride. Family lunchtime BBQ and getting a visit from my middle child who, living in Paisley, has only seen us once (Christmas Day) in the past 6 months. Freedom indeed and can’t wait to have my whole family together for a few hours. The start of what I’m hoping will be a most memorable fun filled weekend!


Good morning. Have a lovely day with yer family.


Good Morning all
Another lovely sunny day on the silvery Tay.
Also looking forward to my Bhoy visiting tomorrow for the match, as I’ve got Premier Sports (a mistake in subscription, now rectified for the future), plus showing us his birthday present to himself during the week of a new, sporty, Audi A5 pulling wagon… 😉😊

bada bing1

Remember a load of early kick offs if you’re putting a coupon on Bhoys

Andy Pandy 2

Golf today, 3 o’clock. Wonder what I’ll be missing? Not sure if I want to watch tomorrow, feel we should win but can’t help but worry that a compliant official is gonna allow a kick fest. Hope all the family reunions go well this weekend, not seen my brother or sister for over a year can’t wait for a get together, bit jealous of you guys…. enjoy.

bada bing1

There’s nothing quite like a Royal funeral, that makes you want to cut the grass


Good morning everyone from a beautiful sunny Royal Burgh. RIP HRH Phillip, may the Good Lord show mercy to your black soul! Ok that’s the formalities out of the way.
Twists… don’t do yourself a disservice about your invite to dinner with Awe Naw! He knew exactly what he would be getting by inviting you and I’m sure would have understood you were able to be a valuable addition to the company. Your thoughts and posts on a daily basis prove he has nowt to be worried about!
Garry…is this the BRTH article you mean (I’m doing this from my phone so hopefully this works)…


AP2… I’ve been lucky enough to have seen the close family that I want to see, albeit not in the way we would normally. I can’t wait to get the barbie fired up and have them all down for a beer, a cuddle and a load of post Lockdown laughs!
Ok… need to get out of my pit now, got a busy day ahead if I want to free up tomorrow for screaming at MadHun and his bunch of Cheating B’Stards! 😁


I see Garry has mentioned Colin McKay
As posted on Tues
Colin McKay (from Greenock) was my Son in Law Stephens much loved uncle.
Stephens family obviously originate from Greenock.
Colin did have his Covid injection early evening on Monday, and was rushed in hospital early hours of Tues morning, with what was originally diagnosed as a major Stroke, losing full body functions and speech.
Tues afternoon, the full family were called into hospital, to be informed Colin was brain dead, a blood clot, and only the machine were keeping his other organs functioning
After agreeing to release his organs, the machine was eventually switched off, with Colin officially passing away at 4 mins past midnight on Wed morning.
Colin’s much loved wife, is CQN’s Connaire – (Monsignor), Niece, and he also leaves behind his 18 year old son and 7 year old daughter.
A hugely devoted family man to his own family, his parents and his brother & family and wider family and friends
For obvious reasons I did not post full detail earlier this week – other family members at that time had not yet been informed.
I had posted on a RCQN WhatsApp group, asking for prayers on Tues, to support the family.

So if so minded
Can I ask you keep Colin, his family and friends in your prayers at this extremely difficult time.



Tragic circumstances. Terrible loss for all of the family. May Colin rest in peace. Thoughts with everyone affected by this .


Norrie…condolences and prayers sent for Colin and his poor family! Special prayers offered for his kids but particularly his little daughter, extremely sad times! RIP Colin

R.I.P. Colin McKay.
Prayers said.


Norrie M
Sincere condolences on the tragic passing of Colin. Thoughts and prayers for all concerned.

McCaff, That was a very harrowing article about the Clydebank Blitz on the link you posted. The author was rightly upset at the official stats being understated esp. regarding the death toll. 500+.
Out of interest I looked up Wiki. and at least they are reporting the death toll now as c1,200. Probably a more accurate figure. And more respectable to those who lost their lives. The failure to admit to the deaths of hundreds of people was/is scandalous.

Even if there was a – questionable – reason to partially play down the devastation for the sake of national morale at the time, that excuse was redundant after the war was ended.


Hi Jim, I hope you’re well! It’s been a while since I read the article but at the time I remember also checking a couple of things on Wiki. One of the main things that sticks in my mind, and I haven’t looked at it recently, was the record of the locations of where each bomb landed, the size of the bomb and the size of the crater. It is an incredible record of devastation. Further to that, there are believed to be numerous unexploded bombs still in the Clyde. I might be wrong on this but did Garry not tell a story about an unexploded bomb when he was growing up?



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