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Dunno about you,but I’ve certainly spent more enjoyable Sunday afternoons. Oh yeah,it was fairly relaxing,I didn’t exactly break sweat. The problem is that neither did any of our players. We have seen many performances this season which have been on a par with the lows of the Mowbray or Macari eras,but yesterday really was abysmal.

There was not a single player on that pitch who deserves pass marks,that is how bad we were. We had a striker who has forgotten how to put his foot on the ball or through it,a midfield who have forgotten how to create or destroy,and a defence who get ripped on the flanks and hammered in the middle. You won’t win many prizes with that to rely on. In a game which held out to us and the players one last chance of redemption in this truly woeful season,we quite simply didn’t turn up.

That is criminal. It is unprofessional. It shames the players and their “professionalism” and it certainly shames the statement made by the great Jock Stein which currently adorns the background of these pages. Inferior players? Don’t even start me.

It took us until halfway through the first half to even get a glimmer of hope by virtue of a few attacking flurries,by which time we were already a goal down. Their response was a simple burst up the park,down our left and leaving Laxalt in shreds. Two-nil and game over.

At that stage,looking at the possibility of substitutions to perk up our display a little,our biggest problem was that we weren’t allowed to make eleven of them! No-one could really have complained if he had got the tug at half time. As it was,Greg Taylor came on for Laxalt-who had been having easily his worst game for us. He was an improvement,to be fair. Still pish though. The biggest mystery for most of us by this stage was why Christie was still on the park-or even getting a game at all,given his performances and his attitude for so much of this season. He finally got hooked,and frankly I hope I never see him in a Celtic strip again. For someone who is such a big hit for himself,I suspect he is in for a rude awakening at the clamour for his services in the summer. He believes he is better than us,deserves more recognition,more money,a better club.

Don’t let the door hit yer arse on the way out,son. You had a good six months in our Treble Treble season and that’s about it. Beat it.

Eddie has been abysmal this season and I suspect that he may well find himself in a similar situation to Christie where he has to sign a contract somewhere to rebuild a tarnished reputation,rather than a bumper one built on the reputation he has built up. It is no use being a superstar when the going is good,not when you don’t have the mettle to get down and dirty when the going gets tough. Far too many of our players this season have decided that when the going gets tough,they are gonna GTF. That is unacceptable at any club,it is certainly not an option at ours. Yet sadly it is clearly the new normal.

John Kennedy said during the week leading into the match that Celtic were still a better team than the huns,runaway winners of the league. The best team in the country,he said.

We saw the evidence laid bare before us yesterday. We are currently miles behind this mob. They have a belief which we no longer have,and the shape and discipline that we have been missing for years now. They have players in every position who are generally little more than journeymen-but they are journeymen who know what they have to do once they are on the pitch. They are,in short,a cohesive unit. We are like a jigsaw puzzle,and sadly with blind men trying to put us together. We already knew the rebuilding job over the summer-and probably the two windows after it-was going to be enormous. On yesterday’s performance I honestly wonder if there is anything there to build from.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Bloody hell,the only interest we have left this season is the CHALMERSBHOY Predictor League.

Truly the slow dawn of reality hitting ye in the baws wi a turnip.

Think positive Bobby. Lawwell’s nearly gone. New CEO tomorrow. New manager to be appointed. Maybe a DOF too. A huge turnaround in players. It could be an interesting summer!



He has his bloody work cut out for him! All those years we were told that thanks to Lawwell we were a well run club,all those years that many of us pointed out what a crock of shit that was,it’s all coming home to roost now.

The person chiefly responsible for it has gone,thankfully. He has left a bliddy bomb site behind him,like the scorched earth of a nation running home from defeat in wartime. DMcK has a difficult job to do,but we can be grateful at least that it isn’t Lawwell doing it.

Statue,my arse…


Bobby blunt and straight to the point, disastrous season made poorer by a load of wage thief’s

Oh well fly fishing season starts shortly, surely that can’t be as bad 🎣



Damn,I forgot to use that term. Lord knows it was at the front of my mind for most of the game.

And my I WANNA t-shirt will next see the light of day as a dishrag if it’s lucky.

STILL pissed OFF with that display
Thank God for beer and vodka,wine, and whisky
I will feel worse the morra but I will awake God willing a Tim..
It’s been a good journey these past 10 yrs
Could/should have been better..
God Bless you all..
Stay safe and take no shit off that orange scum..


Goodnight timland.
Thought for today: It can’t get any worse


Another thing to focus on is the upcoming AGM of the CST. It might just pleasantly surprise us all and put the cat amongst the pigeons. I HOPE!

Off to bed. Night night.


Kick them out of the game,the whole lot of them.

And there’s an article in itself,maybe for later in the week.

The game was fkd as soon as.they changed the European cup format..
Champions only..
Can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch a game out with Celtic..
Not even a final..
They have taken the away fans,even here in the pish spl kick offs all over the place,we are. Very lucky to have at least 3 yes 3,3pm kick offs on a Saturday. Wtf.. means
3pm Saturday.. end of..


This is the least disgusted or down I have ever felt after a lose to sevco, I expected it, but was hoping for better
Be interesting to see who sits at the table in the morning to introduce the new CEO, wonder if they will have the tail between their legs or will they Brass neck it


There is a 26″ high carbon foldable mountain bike on Woucher today for £189 instead of £1499
17.5kg in weight
I know you were looking into getting a new bike so thought I’d mention it.

A thing of beauty

Cracking g 76,
Thanks for the info though I am pretty sure what bike I’m going to get. No harm in having a look though. Do you know anything who has a Ribble bike. I’m looking at their titanium one and would appreciate any advice.

Celtic Champs Elect

Great leader Bobby.

John Kennedy FFS so out of his depth it’s frightening

The players gutless hopeless and not fit to wear the jersey punt the lot I go them and start from scratch

As one of our esteemed posters said EMPTY THE FKN PARK I now agree with him


Sorry haven’t a clue about bikes (or anything for that matter) I just seen that this morning when window shopping for garden furniture.


There’s a cracking article on the breakaway league on Richard Murphy’s blog, Tax Network UK. I can’t do the linky thing but it’s well worth a three minute read.
He totally gets the alienation of club supporters in this PLC world.
His other articles are brilliant too, if you’re into politics and economics. Very clever man.


An accurate summation.But we are miles behind by choice.

Would not be so despondent about our future if we didn’t have The Robber Baron DD as our default owner.
The huns twigged that you don’t need brilliance just an organized and well prepared team to win the SPL.
In Beale they found a coach who could do such.
In the 9 in a row run we had 2 seasons with an organized and well coached team but as Europe showed still limited.
We laughed when the huns signed an aging goalie but he is the main reason for their success after Lawwell and DD.
It was simply them improving in a vital position.
Meanwhile Lawwell tinkered with his moneyball approach hoping square pegs could be fitted in round holes.
Our support was blinded by bling and anyone mentioning a decline was ridiculed as we lorded it over shite.
The defeatist mindset fueled by our custodians and their blog poodles has permeated the entire club.
We have been told we are not a Champions league level club.
And accept our constant whipping’s with a cheery disposition.
Now we are not even considered a competitor in the Europa league but still make cheerful noise.
Players seeing us as a stepping stone has now declined so rapidly that we struggled to persuade the fat loser Ajetti to join.
Youngsters with blossoming careers want no part of our club and in it’s present form rightly so.
Our only hope is for an introspective look at why a defeatist mindset and managed decline has decimated our financial and reputational standing .
The whole system needs rebuilt and the football club needs to be given priority.
Trust and accountability has to be a big part of this.
Making sure the dishonest Lawwell never enters the building again would be a start.

bada bing1

I wouldn’t be surprised if Lawwell wangled a job with the new breakaway Euro league, been on enough committees the last few years….


You have summed up everything I was trying to get down in your post.Brutal but so true.
Our fall is so bad I now believe it was planned.

MAHE, Seems there is always a scapegoat,in your case it’s Christie,you mentioned not one of them Celtic players deserve pass marks yet you pick on Christie,Celtic supporters have never forgot his Father mentioning that his son could be a better player if he moved to the premier league and since then he has been the whipping Bhoy,As for Big Jock not putting up with these players,this needs to stop that was a different era football tactics have changed ,we live in the past ,we need to look to the future with fans owning a percentage of the club,and to achieve that we need to be rid of the Dermot Desmonds of this world ,and finally chose your words carefully regarding criticising certain players.

Maestro Fan

You forgot a goalkeeper who couldn’t keep weans oot a close.


The suitcase Celts.

Diego Laxalt and JohnJo Kenny have a lot more in common than both playing badly in a crucial cup tie for Celtic. Summer and winter deadline days saw them sit suitcase packed, waiting to see where their next loan would take them. Unfortunately it was to the wrong club in Glasgow, even soft loan FC don’t do loanees anymore.

Cataclysmic ‘reinvestment’ of supporters and Arsenal money, sees players of this ilk roll up at Kerrydale Street too frequently lately. This pair, come from a long line of f…… /full backs who’ve had more loan spells than the credit union.

To me to you to me to you, can only really be done well by yon two comedian brothers. John Kennedy must have tossed a coin before the match and called heads for Laxalt with Tails coming on, ‘to stiffen us up’ at half time.

Not sure if Scott Brown has packed a bag yet, but seriously shows the state we’re in when a signed Aberdeen player is still leading the team out having made his bed and had the balls to blame Celtic for his decision? Shane Duffy was such a bad idea he doesn’t get near the squad, and quite frankly if Mohammed El Younoussi was anyways clinical he wouldn’t be out on loan with the Chuckle gang.

Tony Ralston CSC

Celtic Champs Elect

Tomboy Mahe has every right to single out Christie he has been abysmal for over a year now and his attitude and body language is not becoming of a Celtic player although I do agree he is not the only one but IMO he has been the worst of a bad lot


Mourinho sacked which will put speculation into overdrive .

I’m in que sera sera mode iin that respect.



I wrote the article,not MAHE. In it,I said that the entire team were rubbish,and I particularly mentioned Laxal and Eddie as well as Christie.

Christie was,in your opinion,singled out. There is a reason for that which doesn’t involve scapegoating. Simply,it was his performance and attitude yesterday,and that merely reflects same over the entire season.

You are perfectly entitled to disagree,it is a blog after all,but I stand by my comments. Which,if anything,were quite mild when compared to what I could have written.



I must admit,I thought Mourinho would see it out till around Christmas.


RB Leipzig’s Nagelsmann is the early favourite for the role so the timing of Mourinho’s bullet may have something to do with the Bayern Munich job suddenly becoming available. Spurs will want to nip in before Bayern do.



Timbhoy…this squad of players and management team have been culpable this season of the most dramatic fall from grace we could never have imagined. With that some players have shown slightly more or less than others. During yesterday’s game I thought Kenny was the worst player on the park in terms of his confidence, his use of the ball and lack of bravery. But he was visible the whole game. He was very poor but he was there for a pass when his teammates required him to be. As for Ryan Christie I didn’t even notice he had been subbed – actually worse than that I can’t even remember him doing anything at all during the whole game. If players want recognition from the support they need to earn it. Christie hasn’t earned it this year apart from his performances for the national team!


Seems the latest Super League proposals are about as popular as a fart in a space suit. And UEFA etc are promising to ban clubs and players who join it.






The expectation management has truly been a wonder to observe. Even those,like most of us on here,who railed against it can’t say we weren’t warned. Yes,we tried to turn the club away from that particular path,and we definitely warned of the likely outcome of such a plan,but it certainly can’t be viewed as a surprise.

Even to call it managed decline is disingenious. It has been a decline alright,but it has certainly not been managed!

Alba gu bràth

The proposed soccer super league comprised of Europe’s richest clubs will have cheered up Dermot. With England’s top teams leaving the EPFL or hopefully being thrown out of all competitions by UEFA the door is potentially now opened for a British league set up with Celtic and their own firm partners in crime being invited to join the revamped EPL after all they will need big-name teams to attract TV sponsorship and crowds. Who knows perhaps a UEFA Atlantic league may yet happen with the mega-rich super league clubs becoming nothing more than the soccer version of the Harlem globetrotters while the real competitive soccer is being played elsewhere
Perhaps Dermot has played the long game well

Ayrshire Bhoy

A thing of beauty

My wife has a carbon ribble bike which she loves she bought it quite cheap initially and she has upgraded it in bits. She did London to Paris on it and the hebridean way with no issues.



London to Paris? Does it come with water wings? Only kidding,I’m sure that ATHINGOFBEAUTY will read this when she finishes work,thanks.

Ayrshire Bhoy


Ha ha ye old ferry was used, they actually did it to raise money for the scottish homeless football team. I wanted to do it but was left home alone looking after the kids. Guess that was payback for taking to the derby game on her birthday 2011 🙂

Saltires en Sevilla


Good shout. Feeling the pain.

Can’t disagree with assessment of players, although most players need leaders about them to follow and perform.

Right now I can’t find it in my heart to single any one player out. They were handed a shirt and pointed to a position on an iPad and that was probably about the size of it.

Consider they weren’t trying enough but really they just weren’t in the right place, mentally and physically. Hell, I’m not in the right place physically and a few would say mentally, but if you hand me a hooped jersey and point to an iPad, I’d be out there trying very, very hard….

The group have generally provided many enjoyable moments and in 100 years folk will be remembering them with pride/nostalgia, probably in the same way we imagine or remember the glory teams of 1890’s; 1900-1920; 60’s & 70’s.

The problem is a lack of honest leadership at the club.

Today should be the start of a new era … a new CEO with an operational pedigree. The problem with this is he isn’t the ‘leader’.

Today, thoughts are turning back to hopes and expectations when the Old Board rolled out Jock Brown and Terry Cassidy, when much was promised, but fek all happened. Mainly because the ‘leaders’ that selected them had a no leadership skills, and a different understanding of real issues than the fans.

Money talked then will be the same again.

Except. Given the private means of shareholders they could sit it out for 5 years or 10, just because they can.

Good luck Dominic, you are going to need it.



A worthy cause indeed. I was in fairly regular contact with one of the leaders in the foundation of the tournament,who went by the name of JIMMYINCAMBODIA on CQN at the time.

Also turns out that a former neighbour of PADDY’S MAW,and a classmate of her son,was playing for the Scottish team! Motherwell Ladies signed her up as a result and it seems her life has been back on track since.



I’m confident that DMcK will be as aware as we are of the problems at the club,and will have a strategy to reverse the situation. I hope he has sought written reassurance that he will be allowed to do so.

bada bing1

I thought Gary Neville done football a service, by speaking out against this Super League nonsense. Didn’t miss anyone, and particularly in about his own Club



His outburst was refreshing,as was the backing from Keane and Richards. Turns out that they got the zeitgeist right,as the plans have met with disapproval across the entire continent.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, well it doesnt feel any better the day after, FFS they are not a great team, shows you how bad we are ,as for this breakaway league, what a bunch of money grabbing bassas, go on sell your soul.

Ayrshire Bhoy

Even in the darkest days of the 90’s we had guys pulling on the hoops and giving everything against the huns. Not the most skillful or talented players but on occasion they played out of their skins and pulled of wins. That team of imposters yesterday should hang their heads in shame.

Mike in Toronto

Jose fired by Spurs. I know that in the past BR wanted that job. Would he still take it? Arguably a ‘bigger’ club than Leicester, but is is a better club at the moment (especially if Kane decides to up sticks)?

This could start the manager merry go round …. may see where EH’s head is…. if he is still in the running.



I said as much to ATHINGOFBEAUTY yesterday. We knew that on current form we were up against it,but we gave them some good doings in the dark days of the early 90s,and in fairness they did the same to us even under MON when they were going through difficulties.

Sadly,those players yesterday lacked the desire of the players from back then.


So Tottenham is a potential destination for BR with Mourinho getting his jotters.
If they reach the promised land of the Super league his limitations will show .
He lacks the pragmatism to be the best,
Or perhap’s they can bring new rules that will award points for possession increasing he and Pep’s chances of success..

Ayrshire Bhoy


Julian Nagelsmann favourite for Spurs job, BR rates himself higher than reality

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