Delivery Alert – Your new CEO will be arriving today!

Welcome to Glasgow Celtic, Dominic.
I really hope you know what you are walking into, but welcome all the same.
As someone hoping for a lot more transparency in general surrounding the club, I hope the reason(s) for your early arrival will be made clear in your opening statement to the world famous support.
Information voids leading to speculation is something I hope to associate with the last CEO and his board, please take every step to make it so.
I like to believe that prospective manager has made a few phone calls and made not working with Peter a condition of his way acceptance, although I admit that’s wishful thinking on my behalf. Howe we should we find ourselves with a Nike Friday in a couple of days time, I will be inclined to believe my hunch was correct.
A brand new duo shaking hands to adorn the session ticket renewal forms has probably been deemed necessary at the top levels, maybe the biggest reason for the early arrival, but of course it could be plain old fashioned ‘its worst than we thought’ coming into play here.
The reason doesn’t really matter tbh, it’s what happens from arrival no matter when that happens to be.
I’ve struggled a little bit but I’ve narrowed my top suggestions for the new CEO down to three, the magic number.
One,,, Protect yourself.
The chap you are replacing was getting the blame for everything at the end, running out of pies and no hot water in the toilets, never mind blowing over a hundred million on projects.
This alleged megalomaniac behavior did not benefit the club, if anything the opposite.
In order to nip such allegations in the bud, thus protecting your integrity and reputation with the clubs lifeblood, I believe it would be for the best if job parameters were made public.
Dont have another Bayo laid at your feet.
Tell the world you’ve delegated scouting and acquisition responsibility to Mr X, publicly putting the pecking order out there.
Know your role and stick to it, something we all wish your predecessor had clicked onto.
Two,,,reduce the operating costs. Our operating costs are close to scandalous for a footballing backwater, around the 80million mark usually.
Dont ask me how or why, it’s just another reason why were in bad shape.
I do know the time is ripe to address it though.
We will have our top two wages departing in the summer, plus our two biggest saleable assets wishing a transfer, on top of three loans off the books plus the Frimpong money incoming.
Operating costs will plummet almost instantly in July, and Dominic you should do everything within your power to keep them at a reasonable level now that the opportunity has arose.
A decent base wage with bonuses is the footballing way to go I believe, why should corporate be much different?
One things for sure though, our highest paid employee should never be in the boardroom, that sorry fact says a lot about the regime I hope you will dismantle.

Three,,,,surround yourself with men, not mice.
There’s a very old saying that simply states hire the best person possible for the job, and it has survived because it is very true. We’ve done that surprisingly few times in our illustrious history, but when we have it’s paid dividends.
We’ve all heard there was only room for one ego on Kerrydale Street, that must end today, right now.
Any decision should be viewed through the prism of helping the club in some way shape, or form. Hiring sycophants who won’t question your methods should become a thing of the past this very day.
Hire honest men and women who will speak their honest opinions, which can be uncomfortable yes but is sometimes needed full stop.
If one of our incumbents had stormed in and insisted Peter sign Toney when he was sitting in the very building twiddling thumbs today could have been so very very different.
No more ‘yes men’ but real men.
Professionals not acquaintances.
Find, give tools, let do job.
It sounds surprisingly easy and perhaps it actually is.
Can we try this revolutionary concept?

Speaking of concepts hopefully the seven year Director stint recommendation is adhered to from now on, something that almost made the list along with finish the Barrowfield rejuvenation project with the aim of producing much more of our own youth players, and perhaps upon your departure there will be a much different vibe than that of he you will replace.
I long for the day I pen a tribute to any of our board members, and the one who forces me to ink accolades shall have my respect at the very least.
Anyhows, you’re a busy man so I’ll let you go but you need anything it’s and young Mahe here will give you the honest answer whether it’s what you wanted to hear or not, guaranteed.
Oh, up the pie order and instruct the groundsmen to fire up the boiler on match day from now on is your fourth and fifth bit of free advice.
Take it easy, Up the Celts,

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. Surely mine cannot be the first response to a Leader article that was posted 5 or so hours ago?
I did expect that there’d have been some sort of media even yesterday to reflect the arrival of our new CEO. But perhaps Mahe is right and it’ll be a bigger announcement on Adidas Friday? 😉

Gordon64 Different League: The Derry City Story
Superb documentary shown last night available on BBC i Player 👍


I think it’s difficult for the new guy to take over while the old guy he is replacing is still in the building
The new guy should be introduced by the owner ,and a farewell to the old guy should have happened on Friday
Having the old guy still there will only delay the changes that are needed

Dharma Bam

Good morning

Re Christie – I have always wondered about what happened in the tunnel with Morelos at the New Year game and Ryan Christie going to hospital afterwards.
Did Morelos assault him? It seems like something did happen that caused him to need to go to hospital to be treated.
If that was the case and if the club didn’t do anything to support him, I wouldn’t be surprised if subsequently he gave the club the amount of support they gave him. I would domthe same if I thought my employers didn’t value my Wellbeing at work. And how would other players feel if they learnt of this?
This is complete speculation; I have absolutely no sources and have hardly watched the team this year, by choice, so please take that into consideration.


Morning all & Packy.

Couldn’t argue with that advice Mahe. Well said!



You may well be right about Adidas Friday but it is very curious that Eddy Howe chose yesterday to make an appearance again, after going to ground. He suddenly turns up, just as the managerial merry go round gets under way in England. I will be pleasantly surprised if he appears in Glasgow any time soon.


Agreed Gordon that documentary about Derry City FC was superb.


Hate to get away from Mahes lead article but I was busy yesterday and just read yesterday’s posts. This Super League sounds like the Americanization of European Football, the Leagues in North America do not have relegation,and as the expand they start playing in Zones
If they end up with 18 teams they would play heavily in their Zone but there would be some sort of crossover, not hard to do with a computer rather than frozen balls
If your(our) team left SPFL to join the super league would you throw your scarf away and not attend their games? Would you go support another Glasgow team or One nearest your home
The level of play would go up a level the elite players would want to try themselves at that level
Take the NHL, Or Major League Baseball they have the Best players in the world from any Country that plays Ice Hockey or Baseball this will happen in the Super League
If Celtic have the opportunity to get in to the super league I hope they grab it
When the Super League gets going and they expand the new expansion teams owners will need very deep pockets to pay the expansion fee, and teams will be scrambling to get in. The League already has an established fan base they are not starting from scratch and with full nearly full take up of season tickets there will be less travelling fans and less fan trouble
Where would an Elite player rather play on a Wednesday nightingale in front 65000 fans in Liverpool or 6000 in Inverness(5500 of them Celtic supporters who travelled a great distance to be there)
Honestly I would love to see Celtic leave the SPFl and the SFA behind to join any League. What other Governing body would draw out the appeal of the Sevco Covids to benefit one team?


The handover from Lawwell to Dominic McKay should take place in one day. Tour, introductions, keys of the safe, a one hour resume then goodbye! He’s always at the end of the phone if necessary.
As a manager of many years there is not a chance in hell I would tolerate an outgoing incumbent watching my every move for weeks on end. It’s actually insulting. Not to mention awkward for everybody concerned.

big packy



Thetic…an interesting view and definitely worth considering, my own immediate thoughts are that Elitism in sport is one thing but hoovering up the best leaving others without a Shot at Glory is another thing entirely. Leeds’ t-shirts last night probably typified the man in the street’s attitude to sport – Earn It! – while the Best of the World look to expand and exclude.

JimtheTim…when I took over Sandhu’s newsagents in Ru’glen we had agreed he would work with me from the Sunday (the transfer day and start of the newspaper invoice week) to the Wednesday to show me the ropes. By Sunday lunchtime I needed him gone to allow me to rip apart the shithole he was expecting me to work in! By Monday I had asked him politely to go and leave me to it. His input while ha was there was helpful but no more than that…I needed my own space to sort out my head. I’m with you on this unless of course all the stuff you expect to be documented, filed and delegated is in PL’s large, overfed dome!!


Dharma Bam
You may have a point with Christie and he wouldn’t be the first Celtic player hung out to dry by our old firm board.
Biggest issue though is he needs coaching to get the best from his talents as his game intelligence is poor.
I’m also sure he and his agents are aware of what the Celtic fans think of him and the petted lip is weighing him down.
I pointed out long before this season his decline under Lennon and was ridiculed.
Like McGregor nostalgia has fooled the fans.
A proper coach and set up may save McGregor but it’s to late for Christie as he has taken it personally.


McCaff, I understand what you are saying and I thought about that aspect myself. Lawwell keeping a lot of crucial information to himself.
Two things: Once Dominic starts to build trust with folk at CP and gets chatting to them, he might be pleasantly surprised at what they know! ‘Walls have ears’. Who knows maybe some people at Parkhead have as much respect for PL as we have.
Secondly, I personally would rather blunder through in ignorance of all the stuff PL is withholding. There is nothing that cannot be sorted out.


McCaff TheTic JimtheTim53
I once was a consultant for a company who had a singular owner.
Nice guy on a personal level but he had a Peter Lawwell complex in running the company.
Many times he affected the companies performance by his personal whims and dictatorial behavior.
The company though had a niche market and succeeded despite him.
A large corporation saw potential and bought the company for about $115 million.
They also gave the guy a two year consultancy contract at $1 million to facilitate the transition.
After only six weeks they sacked him as in reality he was stunting growth and killing morale.
After five years that same company was valued at $2 billion and is now worth substantially more.


Morning all, I made a couple of temporary changes earlier to the website this morning that will hopefully stop the recent problems of users not seeing updated posts. If you have any issues please report them to Mahe or Bobby or let them know in the comments.

The hiccups are due to auto-updates, and beyond their control, they will however be rectified, if you let them know of any issues that occur.



ASWGL, the updates are now ‘happening’ and in their familiar yellowish colour! 🙂 And the time/dates of posts are back. Well done!


Fan…it’s a great example of how a decent guy doing a reasonable job becomes stuck in the conundrum of taking a chance of progress or holding through fear (maybe?) of either losing control or the job becoming too much for the guy! Lawell, in my opinion, is likewise caught. He’s a micromanager, he surely talks a good game to his peers, he must be a confident guy in the wider circles of UEFA as he has held Committee posts but what of his actual job? Did he become fearful it was too big, was he fearful of losing control, was he subjected to FIFA-style hospitality and kick-backs from agents that took his eye off the ball at Parkheid. Did the Res 12 stuff impact his ability to properly take on the Authorities in the domestic game that so favour one Club? Does DD and Train inhibit his ambition but fill his Bank Account in return for compliance in the PLC bottom line rather than the core success of the fitba team? Who knows what has really gone wrong at Parkheid, or put another way WHY it has gone wrong but if Dominic McKay has agreed to work under the same set of guidelines and protocols as PL has we may be no better off than we were. We might see a new BR-type name for a couple of years but what we really need is a Man With A Plan. A guy who is prepared to talk to SFA/SPFL and all the Clubs in Scotland to ensure a system that produces International standard players in the next generation. The days of unearthing diamonds from elsewhere must stop, we need to ensure the Academy is as important as the First Team.


Excellent Jim, hopefully it’s now sorted 👍


ASWGL…I refreshed the page just before I typed my last comment. The page just disappeared and didn’t come back, all I had was the header and footers with no article or comments. This has happened a few times over the last couple of days. When I’ve posted this comment I’ll try it again and let you know.


Refreshed and all in order! Tickety-Boo👌


Thank god for that.
Was worried you had caught my repetitive post syndrome .



Great stuff,mate. WordPress are a pain,but the other options are worse!!!



Great article. The whole structure of the club needs rebuilding from the boardroom down. Employing the right people in the right areas,with clearly defined responsibilities,will be a very good start.


Gordon64…the Derry City prog was brilliant! I only caught the last half hour but will make a point of watching the whole show later. I was in Ireland (Newcastle, C. Down) for my bro’s wedding and we travelled to Derry for a friendly between DC and Barca. I can’t remember the year (2004?) but Kluivert was the manager and it was just before Ronaldinho signed. What a great day out that was to the Brandywell, the DC hardcore in the Shed singing Teenage Kicks from start to finish for 90 minutes broken only by shouts for Kluivert, Saviola etc to give them a wave!! If they got a wave a big cheer went up, if no wave was forthcoming it was a load of BOO’s then back into Teenage Kicks!! Fitba being enjoyed as fitba should!!


I’m not sure if I would put being a past member of a UEFA committee on my CV. UEFA are as corrupt as the SFA.
They have watched silently from afar the corruption in Scottish football. From the days of Ranger’s anti-Catholic policy to the ‘Secret’ 5 way agreement, Res.12 etc.

Since many of the clubs & countries in UEFA are from Catholic backgrounds and therefore should have been punishing Rangers where it hurts most for their sectarianism, I am left with the impression that the whole thing stinks of free masonry.


Just watched that video, it was just after Ronnie signed…he scored the fifth! It was obviously a better day than I remembered!!

Saltires en Sevilla


Good stuff yet again!

There’s more to add to that request list, but you covered most of the key points. Hope the new guy does reach out to you and Bobby. If he does, and stays in meaningful touch until this time next year… all good. At least we know he’s heard it plain and straight.

What he does with it, or is permitted to do. That’s for another day.

Recent events with 12 clubs breakaway plan. Unfortunately, this honks of Something DD & Train would be into, big time. Their mindset will require 2 Glasgow clubs to be on their application/presentation/supplication… Whatever happens at Ibrox will continue to be overlooked, to keep that ‘package’ alive.

I’m listening to Talk Sport ( holding my nose … bleeding ears) chortling away at the almost supine efforts of the in-house Sky luvvies complaining. Spurs, Liverpool & Man U fans now moaning about tradition and supporting Barnet, Tranmere and Rochdale etc…

Not a fekin thought about the last 30 years, of scooping up gravy, best players, stadia, TV coverage ( well maybe..) being invited to CL without a league flag to their name!

Leaving the other country league champions to scramble for crumbs.

Soooooo….there’s yer dinner lads.

Sensing that the majority will be lapping it up on the Settee with a good Cargo of Carlsberg or Budweiser ( ueuch!!) in, the sponsors’ ‘favourite chips’ in a huge bowl and all the mates ’round with 5th strips on.

Government are setting up a committee … might Supertax them… Aye, right!

Audience of +3 billion awaits …


Sky TV trying to take the moral high ground and slagging this new proposed Super league.
Were they not the ones who ruined football in the first place !!!!!!
You couldn’t make it up.

Well done the Leeds players for wearing those T shirts last night 👍

Saltires en Sevilla


Just like to record appreciation for your selfless efforts in keeping the blog up and running …great work buddy.

Everything looks back to normal here. (IPhone & old ipad2)

Angel Gabriel

Good morning all .

I wish Dominic MacKay every success .

Unfortunately, he answers to the Irish Raj , that doesn’t look on Celtic FC in the same light as any supporter that I’ve ever met .

Until Dermot Desmond actually cares , not much will change. We’re nothing more than a play thing to return on an investment.

On other matters, I see the SPFL & SFA mentioned sporting merit , and upholding the values and very fabric of football.

Excuse my French, but , feck right off . Then frck off again when you get there .

Basic registration requirements….. punted
European licence….. endorsed a fraudulent application.
Financial fair play doesn’t exist.
Fit & proper person , scrutiny doesn’t exist.

The list is endless. They relegated Thistle & Hearts rather than reorganise the league’s .

This lack of self awareness was evenly matched by callers on BBC 5 live this morning. The fans of English Premiership clubs complained that the new European Super League will be a cartel !!!!

They can feck off an awe .

Scunnered by fitba full stop CSC


Morning All,

Loving Sky’s pain.

Can remember when they started up here. We were just the Lab Experiment for the EPL which was starting in 1992. They were trying out all sorts of new camera angles etc. Now, hopefully they’ll have to sell said cameras at knock down prices.


Firestick CSC ya bass. 😁


Smart phone test

Seems to be working fine here

All good on Samsung Android phone. 👍

Andy Pandy 2



This sudden new found support in ‘Sporting Integrity’ by Murdoch’s SKY should be treated with the cynicism it deserves 🤔

Andy Pandy 2

So the Premier League are up in arms about being left out, the same people who pushed for more teams in The Champions League at the expense of other country’s Champions, the same people who broke away from their own league set up, for more money….now you know what it feels like to be shafted….bunch of hypocrites. Rant over…off to work.



A big thanks for getting the blog back up and running.

Everything looks ffffffffffff iiiiiii nnnnnnj eeeee, nnnnnn
oooooo wwwwww.



‘Did we complain about our owners? Of course, we didn’t. We just dreamed of ever greater success. So when they came for those too poor to watch the game, we might have muttered a few dissenting words, and then went on enjoying the glory days. When those with a moral conscience gave up on the club, we said they were supercilious prigs and we were better off without them. When socialists complained that bought success wasn’t true success, we dismissed them as killjoys. It just meant there were more tickets left for us.
And finally on Sunday the club came for us. City, along with the five others who make up the so-called big six (or more accurately, the rich six) told us in no uncertain terms what we’d known for ages but had not been prepared to admit – they couldn’t give two hoots about us’.



I would extend your point re players being neglected to the effect on their value. This will be part of the disastrous legacy left behind by PL. The appointment of a blundering coach has resulted in the poor individual and collective performances. As a result, the value of players like Christie, Edouard and Ajer has slumped along with their performances. This season was the worst possible time for player devaluation because CV19 has already caused devaluation in transfer transactions….a double hit, if you like.

So players like Edouard have seen their values tumble by 10 million or so. Given that outgoing funds are needed for a rebuild, this will have an effect for some time, extending the recovery from one year to two or more. For example, selling Edouard for 25 million plus and replacing him with Tonev at 6-8 million would have contributed to the coffers plus delivering a striker who cared.

This is yet one more example of the folly of PL’s reign which will be typified by missed opportunities.


Rebus If our player’s value has reduced due to Covid19, then surely that will apply to their replacements that we need to purchase.
Don’t really buy the bad coaching aspect.
Edouard’s stats and his potential will be what a buyer looks at. Not who his coaching team is.

Ayrshire Bhoy

Super League

Usually this is just the big teams flexing their muscles waiting for UEFA to blink and bow to their demands but this time I’m not so sure. This smells like a football NFL is being planned and to hell with the consequences. These clubs are in so much debt I don’t know if the current structures can save them.

A system like the NFL currently has would essentially give them all the money and tv deals that would make your eyes water. Teams split into regions (of say 5 teams) and conferences (like NFC – AFC) playing teams in their league home and away, 3-5 games against other conference teams and a couple against the other conference with the league winners being joined by 2 wild cards on each side to go to the playoffs, ultimately leading to the football superbowl!


The players probably banned from international football
No college system to provide a draft to produce the next generations of players
Players wages that are already obscene becoming even higher to play in elite league and forego internationals (greed would entice more players than you think).
Covid (obvious reason, no idea when this will finish)
To run a true NFL style franchise fans have to buy into only 1 winner every year as only 1 trophy available.
The cost to fans will increase on matchday and to watch on TV. The cost of a superbowl ticket would make you weep and NFL jerseys cost twice what a footie jersey does.

These might all sound insurmountable but money talks at the end of the day so this may run for a while.

Anyone elses thoughts?

Ayrshire Bhoy
Football is just following the example of the Capitalist society in which we live.
The rich are obscenely greedy bastards, who like to become richer at the expense of the poor, who the rich enjoy seeing become poorer. This is the modern world. Inevitable that football would replicate society.
I am becoming less interested in football, and more interested in amateur sport, by the day.

The Gombeen Man

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher can stir up the natives as much as they like in the hope of safeguarding their juicy contracts at Sky.

The problem is the baw is burst and billionaires  look after number one (and come out of uncertainty stronger).

Barring a multi million (or billion) bail out by governments and re-structure, football is about to hit the wall.

The days of just above average footballers and coaches living lives of luxury are ending.

This will mean acute difficulty for players and clubs that are overly leveraged.

Talksport and Sky can rant all they like – the numbers don’t work.

The big clubs can’t (and won’t) prop up the minnows.

Saturation of an unattractive product (football) and Covid have killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

If there isn’t a restructure the big clubs in Europe are likely to hit the wall (or so they’ll claim).

The pandemic has brought an end to the EPL gravy train.

It’s not sustainable.

Downsizing will be the new vogue.

This has been telegraphed by the major clubs for months.

Deloitte Football Money League 2021.

“…The longer-term outlook remains uncertain, and we estimate that this year’s Money League clubs will have missed out on over €2 billion in revenue by the end of the 2020/21 season as a result of the pandemic.”

Liverpool Finances,

Tottenham Finances,

(Did I mention that Dermo is very close to the majority shareholder at Spurs, Joe Lewis?)

Arsenal Finances,

For soccer the fallout from the pandemic is only beginning.

Sky and UEFA just haven’t told you.

They’ll want you to think that the unfolding mess has nothing to do with them.



Edouard’s stats were affected by the performance of a poor team. The team’s performance was affected by the coach….else why have one?

Let us say CV knocked 30% off the value of players. Edouard at initially 25 million has a reduced value of 17.5 million…a loss of 7.5 million. Take a player valued at 5 million, new value 3.5 million, a reduction of 1.5 million. So Celtic save 1.5 million by losing 7.5 million!

Why is Celtic better off?

Fag package arithmetic,


Ayrshire Bhoy


Can’t disagree with any of that and lets face it Celtic PLC would jump at a chance of a franchise even if it was initially in the 2nd league.

Ayrshire Bhoy

The Gombeen Man

Sky, Uefa, Fifa, Epl all are making noises as it will kill their gravy train nothing to do with integrity, the fans or anything else.


Here’s a novel suggestion…why don’t Clubs just cut their cloth to suit?


Started watching Liverpool v Leeds last night.
Had potential to be a good footballing contest.
But i just couldn’t get into it so switched off after 10 minutes.
My appetite for the game is dwindling and i include Celtic in that.
Instead watched former Hulk star Lou Ferrigno in a revenge movie.
He was a giant ex special forces guy who spoke with a lisp and walked like he had a severe bout of arthritis yet despite that he slaughtered multiple bad guys.
Strangely it was more entertaining and believable than modern football.

Scottish football will probably be dropped by Sky or receive even less in future, who will struggle to compete with Superleague, as will the top five leagues.
Their clubs will cut their cloth, watch a lot of two and three, not four and five year deals, EPL new salary about 50k a week max not the usual double that.

What happens to the game up north depends on how the chips fall. Tbh there really is a good chance we (and them) get an invite to a British League if the top 6 teams skiddaddle.
I would be ecstatic.
I mean over the bloody moon.
And the domestic game would see a renaissance with new Champions I reckon.
In saying that a slot in Superleague itself might come about here.

I’m writing an article on Superleague so can’t say too much.

Hail Hail

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