A BIG rant

The seeds of Sundays humiliation were sown when Celtic FC PLC were first informed if their business partners use of EBTs. It is well known we spoke to them regarding the issue.
The minute they were deemed tax evasion in a court of law was the time ourselves and the Dons for instance should have formed an alliance to point blank insist at the threat of a lawsuit involving UEFA that they not enter Europe.
We had the opportunity of a New Firm.
One not mired in illegality but actual adherence to the rulebook as a matter fact. Protection from Hampden wouldn’t be needed, or the masons in black.
“Rangers” could have slowly climbed their way back to the tip echelons, humbled and cowed by the New Firm at either the use of Old Firm or the claims of historic titles.
But oh no, money over morals triumphed, at after that board meeting Brother Walfrid along with my buried kin turned in their grave. A Club Like No Other got a big dagger in it’s heart from within.
Which lead to Sunday.
I woke up Sunday at approximately half time and it took time to dawn the game was on. You may just read that and shrug your shoulders but on every level that is an absolute travesty and failure. For a diehard Celt to forget the game just shows how much they’ve disgusted me.
I’ve joined the growing list of friends, mostly expats, who just couldn’t give a f@#k anymore.
This is so very ironic when you think about it. It’s actually the expats who should be desperately clinging onto that team as it’s one of the biggest and easiest lifelines to your past and family etc.
One would imagine it’s the locals who can shrug and say I can go anytime but it’s the opposite. The expats seem to have decided, and who can blame them, that those ‘Old World’ ways such as bigotry, religion and Masons dominating affairs is just a step too far when you can easy avoid it, in the main.
Back from a great time at the beach with the family with not a hint of sectarianism within thousands of miles, yet you’ve to give 90 minutes of your precious time watching ‘honest’ mistake and ‘honest’ mistake? Meanwhile the local sports have mic’d up refs explaining every situation to the interested onlooker.
I mean even the guy with the worst eyesight in Scottish football was proven a true visionary when he predicted our collapse like a ‘house of cards’.
This was publicly predicted,,it’s not football it’s literally sports entertainment World Wide Wrestling style.
No team in Scotland that has forty million in the bank loses a title, unless they want to that is.
And there’s the crunch.
It’s a fix, theres no other way to put it.
Ask Auldheid.
Couple for you, couple for me.
Mediocrity are we,,whose lives are pledged to Moustache.
Europe if you’re lucky, but pay up as that waiting list is swelling, didn’t you read our prefered outlets?
I have my own selfish reasons for continuing an interest in that club, that my father held so dear,plus helping establish this blog which has become a source of great pride.
But my next generation has no need of such. There’s no need to get them involved, none at all. Her grandad would have loved to have taken her to Paradise, but he’s gone now.
And if she should find herself involved, emotionally addicted to a fixed game, asking me what’s a fenian or what does go home mean, then I am likely to blame some of the people involved for that corruption, and that I will not forgive.
But until that day, upon my honour, I will not start a war with that club 😉

Ok so I sit down Sunday night having avoided the score and first thing hits me is the team sheet.
Taylor was totally the obvious choice.
Eddy I can just about understand but access after one half, and that should have meant replace at half time.
Christie for Forrest though?
Just look at our entire right hand side for a moment,,no settled right back at all and no settled right winger. We don’t have a solid replacement for an injury prone 29 year old James Forrest, a player we just can’t rely on and just see as a bonus.
Yet there’s no one takes that slot?
What about pacey hungry Klimala getting a shot? What about buying another right winger? What a joke our entire right side has become.
Jackie and Sid.
Telfer and Aiden.
Lustig and Forrest.
Toss two darts.
Well bloody done unofficial Director of Football.
We basically started the game three players down, against the best team in the land.
Laxalt, Eddy,Christie all a waste.
I would be delighted to never, and I mean that, ever see them in the Hoops again.
Where’s Soro?
Why are we keeping an Aberdeen signing ready instead of our own dynamo who passes forward more?
Why okay the loaners now and what will we learn, what will that prove?
Unless we fancy buying one, why no access what we actually own?
Ralston worse than Kenny?
Taylor was an improvement ffs,,a blind man could see he was gonna give it his all if selected.
As for 35/36 year olds, ours was losing his man in dangerous situations whilst theirs was actually bombing forward scoring overhead kicks in our box, even though the tail end of a long hard season,compare and contrast.
The benches, what a difference.
We had maybes, they had real options.
We could have done with Hagi, young, skillful, direct, hungry. Roofe isn’t that much different.
We reacted to our deficiencies while they offered us a different problem to deal with.
Assembled for less money of course.
The coaches,,can’t blame John and won’t. He was up against seasoned operators, and the best tactician in the land called Beale plus the best figurehead in you know who.
I did hear John yelling at Bobby, credit marks, but that team never went out and stamped it’s authority on the game or the opposition, why not?
They didn’t look ready for battle, fully fired up,,why not?
Judging by the amount of inward and backward passes we weren’t under orders to attack attack and win this f@#king game,,why not?
I’m afraid John failed his biggest job interview in my eyes.
Which leads me to the big footy news,,Superleague.
I note the bloggers and Garry Neville’s opinion, an opinion I would point out SHOULD hold exactly the same amount of weight as any football fans, and surprise surprise I don’t agree.
My argument in three words,,
Who’s winning Superleague?
Exactly. You’ve no idea and no one does.
Unlike Italy – Juve
England – Man Shitty
France – PSG
Germany – Bayern
Spain – one of two.
Scotland – one of two.
Most leagues are predictable, Superleague won’t be, not at all, and that very unpredictability will become one of its strongest selling points, it’s something sorely missed by many fans.
One of the reason the sports fans of the globe really really enjoy the Olympics and the World Cup is because they pit the best against the best.
However when you think about it, four yearly cycles severely limits your actual playing time against world class opposition.
Injury, wrong coach, sanctions against your home nation, bad time in personal life,,a once every four years format could easily ‘miss out’ some real talents altogether.
This flawed yet beautiful festivals biggest rival to date has been a season-long side cup campaign called the Champions League.
But that competition has become all to predictable, and helped skew national leagues with it’s prize money.
It’s almost a closed shop, the only way to break in is to spend more than the regulars despite rules publically staying otherwise.
Fans of the eight, nine or ten clubs that have a real chance of lifting that trophy may be happy, as are the CEOs of all entry teams, but interest in this elite cup has peaked for the average fan, just look at the comments on match night.
Yet the idea of the best versus the best all the time seems alien to fans of the beautiful game, and I’ve yet to read a compelling reason why if I’m being honest.
National associations will be hurt,,well bandage up my achy breaky heart.
I’ve seen association after association fail the average fan, from Hillsborough to Suarez, from Tonev to 55.
They dig their own grave.
Fifa, bent as a six pound note, and even Champion of the People Platini eventually succumbed to the rot.
The games current rulers and orgs cannot preach, not one bit.
In Superleague we have for the first time in football, the best against the best, all the time.
This format isnt new, and has proven successful in other sports so why not the beautiful game?
The UFC made major gains into the fight fan market based on a ranking system which stated that the person at the top fight the number two ranked contender and not just flaff around like boxing with it’s numerous belts and step aside money for mandatory challengers.
Formula One operates on a season long campaign of the best drivers against the best, not he who has won the most domestic races sometimes competing against other foreigners in the same boat, and that sport seems to have done well out of it.
No one was yelling thats a disgrace when the top drivers signed up to go against each other permanently.
Snooker,,please forgive me and ‘our’ Jim will correct me but is the current Pot Black format not a rankings based system meaning the top ten or twenty continually play each other?
Again, where was the out cry at simply putting all the best into a league format and letting them battle it out to see who was the greatest?
As far as I can tell, that has massively benefitted that sport.
And then of course we have the American sports, all based on that very same principle. The best baseball, basketball and American football players on the face of the globe all square off against each other full time on a league basis.
There’s exceptions to every rule, but I contest these sports have truly benefited from genuine competition which in turn increases the unpredictability factor football could do with again.
Who shall finish top is far from a given deal, in most anyway.
Many of these sports are providing exactly what it says on the tin, the steps taken to negate domination by the few look to have played their part.
Many are looked down upon by football fans, despite the fact they offer lessons that can easily be learned..
So when the broken, over indulged, hype machine that is modern day football finally gets a serious proposal that will lead to an actual genuine game (remember no one could tell who would be the Superleague Champions) theres predictable outrage with terms like greed and breakaway bandied about, funnily enough the words unpredictable, exciting and groundbreaking receiving no air time.
Why is that, because it would be all of the above.

Right now we are lucky to see the top two teams in the world play each, why is that and surely thats not what football was supposed to be about.
Its the luck of the draw whether the probable top four teams on the planet will meet each other at all, the biggest matchups possible left to mere chance,,how very human ie flawed.
While the Champions League CAN provide genuine clashes of titans, with Superleague its guaranteed.
One reason I would agree with this new creation is the clear potential to raise the bar. English teams still struggle on the continent a lot, finding the differing style and better level of player hard to instantly adjust to. Occasionally a big domestic fixture pushes a European game to the back burner, and the opposite can happen,,just this season Jurgen was ordered by his bosses to play the full strength team in Europe in order to have a much better chance of winning the games prize money despite the fact the game was a dead rubber,and this decision cost Liverpool another injury they could ill afford.
When teams play against that level week after week, they cop on and tend to step up themselves.
The globes elite players rarely clash under the current system, imagine if they are concentrated in one league, continually facing and learning from each other, the potential for improvement is huge.
Football could be taken to a new level.
That opportunity should not be spurned,not for the current closed shop model.
One of the biggest arguments against Superleague is the no relegation system, very similar to the franchise NFL set up. There seems to be a misconception that this will lead to meaningless ties galore, the necessity to garner points to survive being moot.
That misses the point though.
Apart from stating the fact the Yanks are running their sports much better than football has been doing, has anyone realized that the threat of relegation is one of the biggest drivers of dull, defensive play and a safety first approach?
When your position is set in stone, your access to the riches not in the balance, membership is guaranteed, there’s really only one option,,and that’s try to win.
It’s also the more profitable option.
When viewed through the prism of supporter happiness, given the fact at a stroke many professional clubs and by extension their fans face a different reality than the one they have been almost trapped into now, the inevitable changes that arrive may not be viewed as harmful.
The fans of the English top6 teams face a massive upgrade in the quality of visiting player, whilst the fans of the rest start dreaming of glory again, something alien to most since Sky money tilted the scales unfairly.
Everton, West Ham and Leicester fans gain a new burst of life, now they all fancy adding more to titles to the trophy room.
Villa, Leeds and Burnley fans won’t face the perennial relegation battle but can rightfully dream of adding their name to the list of title maybes.
And six Championship teams with their support find themselves at a much bigger table, suddenly in the right place at the right time.
The new look top flight may look and sound less sexier without it’s usual giants, but I would wager it’s more exciting.
Real Madrid Perez tells us 40 percent of kids aren’t interested in football today, and this is an attempt to arrest that slide. That may be true to an extent, but the fact GenerationX prefers to hang out and play online is the biggest reason, not the sports general unpredictability factor being lost.
This new behemoth would truly produce ultra mega stars of a level we thankfully havent seen yet which Perez feels will capture those turning their back.
I admit that side of the business is off putting and it’s only going to get worse, the advertising and sponsorship will also reach never seen before levels to help sell this venture, it’s inevitable but the founders would argue maximizing these revenue streams is part of the new business model.
As I type this current version of Superleague looks to have been derailed through a mixture of media and supporter pressure, it truly isn’t the right time due to Covid imo, but this concept is far from dead and someday some smart chap will assemble the games best under one banner.
Best players + Best teams = Best Games
Hardly rocket salad is it?
By Mahe

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April 21, 2021 5:36 am

Mahe I agree with what you have written, I am disappointed the idea of the super league has crashed already, but you cannot kill an idea
Maybe it’s because we live in N.A we share the same view

A thing of beauty
April 21, 2021 6:49 am

Spoken like a true Liverpool supporter who doesn’t attend football anymore and just wants to be entertained.

April 21, 2021 6:49 am

Football is not like any other team sport. It is THE team sport, played and watched world wide. Most European clubs are “works” teams which grew into professional clubs. In Britain, the working class fans and players set the cultural tone of the game. It needs a live audience to make the game the riveting spectacle it has become. Youngsters in fitba’ countries dream of playing at the Bernabau, Hampden, San Siro etc. There’s an emotional investment by supporters in their team, which has been monetised by the TV moguls. Get yer fitba’ fix through yer telly for £50 per month. We know it’s not the same. There’s no way TV can replicate the euphoria of winning a big game, or the bitter disappointment of losing one.
So American money men who have no idea what the game is about, and whose only interest is in extracting as much rentier income as possible, are now running the show. They value mass TV audiences in the Far East more than the live fans at the game. “Were you at the game, caller?” is a distant memory. Saturday at 3pm means nothing any more. We’ve allowed these bastards to transform our weekends without a murmur. We only have ourselves to blame. Stop paying for the TV packages.
Is the product on the park that much better? Sure there are some great games with amazing skills on show, but it reeks of WWE or the Harlem Globetrotters. Not real.
We’ve watched loads of TV fitba’ in the last 15 months with no fans. Nowhere near the same. Nothing beats meeting pals before the game, couple of pints after, chew the fat, you know the deal.
Corporate chiefs, in their single minded pursuit of profit, behave like psychopaths. No empathy, bottom line is everything. That mindset has no place in a community game like football.
Where does all this leave Celtic? It seems to me we count for feck all.
I’m seriously losing interest. Our wannabe smart people have just been stiffed by the real heavyweight shysters. I can’t see the Celtic support being happy to pay top dollar to watch mediocre fare without the lure of CL nights. We’re defo in the slow lane now and for the foreseeable future.
Da, whit was a tanner baw player?

April 21, 2021 7:24 am

Maher, fantastic read this morning.

Keep them coming, news corp at full tilt protecting their interests and the masses follow without a single individual being given air time to contradict the narrative.

Was Gary Neville worried about his investment in Salford city maybe?

Rant after rant, I even heard some pundit saying he would miss Stoke on a cold Tuesday night, and then read back last night about a Chelsea fan being applauded because he wrote the same statement ( I think it was because he didn’t make a spelling mistake)

Chelsea fans being applauded on here for breaking covid rules.


Still angry from Sunday

Cosy Corner Bhoy
April 21, 2021 7:44 am

As far back as 1982 I started watching NFL on the not-long-started Channel 4 on what was then known as relay TV from the local, Saltcoats, TV and Electrical shop. I enjoyed it but never watched a full game as four hours for a game was like a day out to see the Celtic. Right away I couldn’t see the point of competitions where no-one really lost. You were still in the same competition the next year anyway! I remember the feeling of playing in a team which was relegated. Bloody shit! Winning the lower league and getting back up was great but a not to be repeated experience as far as I was concerned.Our game, the fitba’, is about dreams and aspirations at all levels. Celtic didn’t always win leagues and although relegation wasn’t actually as near as ‘remembered’ by some, it was still a possibility. Not everyone follows the ‘big’ teams. I know men who have been to virtually every game their local Junior team has played in the last 50 years. It’s about which team you FOLLOW. Not where they are in the pecking order today…. next year we’ll be better. Dreams, whether on the field or on the terracing ( or nowadays sitting on our bums). Perhaps it’s easier to drift away from Your Team if you are away from your country, but, like everything else you don’t know till it’s actually you that’s in the position.
All that said, I can’t believe I am going to be searching all by myself for a ‘stream’ to watch tonight’s game. They have almost got me on the floor after this seasons efforts, using the word in the loosest sense possible.In 1951 after seven years of absolute famine I still looked forward to us winning something…. and we did. That Bob Dylan punter knew a thing or two😁.
At least it’s Wednesday medal day!
COYBIG, if I can find it!

Cosy Corner Bhoy
April 21, 2021 7:49 am

ATOB: Sometimes short, sharp sentences are the best, today being such a time. Whereas verbosity and I are long-standing bedfellows 😁

April 21, 2021 7:53 am


April 21, 2021 7:54 am

The hypocrisy over the ESL is staggering. Sky have pundit after pundit banging on about the ESL being a closed shop with no competition. That’s what we have right now! The EPL is a closed shop, protecting the money interests of the rich clubs. There’s no way for any team outside of England to access that. The grandstanding of Boris Johnson is pure political expediency. He knows Greensill will make him look like a Saudi puppet and wants to pretend he can stand up to them.

The idea of “football” that the ESL critics want to preserve is already dead and buried.

Bada Bing
April 21, 2021 8:07 am

Just seen the initial report by Minneapolis police on George Floyd,talk about collusion? A whole trail of cops who should be charged, specially the ones who stood by and watched Chauvin,if it wasn’t for a young girl with a smartphone, the report would have probably stood.

The Gombeen Man
April 21, 2021 8:10 am

It’s refreshing to see the Chelsea supporters and Sky celebrating sporting integrity.

In the spirit of integrity will the Chelsea supporters start paying back the £1.4 billion they owe Mr Abramovich in interest free/soft loans?

Will the Chelsea supporters demand their company steps aside from the CL? (Or Manchester City? Or PSG or Real Madrid?)

Yep – £ 1,400,000,000 million, in interest free loans.

The world’s most effective laundry.

Those debts to Mr A (as he’s known in the Kremlin) rose by £228m in 2019.

Why did the Swiss refuse Mr A, Residency Status?

Is this the same Chelsea that were banned from signing by FIFA for the improper registration of international players under 18 years of age?(The FA were sanctioned too).

Manchester City? Financial integrity? Beautiful game? Financial Fair Play? Champions League?

Sky, Neville & Carragher stirring up fear and mob rule shows just how detached from reality football is.

The big six are on Live TV six nights out of seven this week. Leicester are on the other night. Without the big six companies Sky’s monopoly was in serious trouble.

The money is going to have to come from somewhere to sustain this drug.

More illicit money from Russia or the Middle East?

Who knows?

Maybe the UK taxpayer?

It’s the opiate of the people after all.


Noel Skytrot
April 21, 2021 8:24 am

Football is now an absolute cesspit where the only thing that matters is the generation of capital, nothing else.

On Celtic matters, a clear out and rebuild needs to be upped a gear. If your not willing to bleed for the supporters, off you feck, you’re not wanted.

Mahe/Bobby, the articles have been excellent.

April 21, 2021 8:25 am

Great read Mahe. I have long felt we deliberately were throwing this season. As early as August the signs were there. We didn’t ignore them, we allowed them to continue. We unsettled players by breaking promises also. We have a guy earning £3m a year doing nothing but controlling everyone. I came over regularly from Ireland for matches, I didn’t even watch Sundays match. Why spoil my Sunday with the wife to watch these yahoos? Desmond, Banker, and the rest need shifted not just Mr heated driveway. I can accept losing the league but not the way we did. Sevco improved a lot but how did we go so backwards?

Peter Catterson
April 21, 2021 8:26 am

Spot on with your expat comments. I stopped watching months ago and I have an overseas annual subscription to Celtic TV which doesn’t expire until August. Why bother? I have better things to do with my life than be lied to by a complicit bunch of cowards.

Bada Bing
April 21, 2021 9:01 am

I wonder how the fans of Arsenal, Man U,Man C,Chelsea and Arsenal, would react, if they were papped out of the European semi finals next week, and banned from Europe for a year? These clubs need to get punished, and used as a deterrent for future breakaways

April 21, 2021 9:40 am

For me who has lived in the USA for over 30 years i view the various leagues as entertainment but long ago realized they were not sport.
Sport is a fair competition.
The spectacle is very well presented but the real fans struggle for representation.
When New Orleans won the Super Bowl post Katrina it was clear they were the preferred choice with officiating in the play-off run that would have made a Scottish referee blush.
Was it sentiment?
Partly but it was mostly because that sentiment produced enormous interest and a huge amount of advertising dollars.
Which is what the industry is about, sport being merely a word used to sell the product.
Every season when the play offs come around in the NFL,NBA and NHL you pretty much accept that the teams in cities with the largest tv audience will be refereed favorably.
The refs unlike in Scotland are not biased but do understand that costing your employers millions is not a smart career choice.
The revenue from MLS is not yet big enough so fans are still relevant.
Also the American people are conditioned to view losing as a major flaw so having no relegation suits as they can always come back as a gallant underdog.
Their refusal to accept their many military failures in Afghanistan ,Iraq and Vietnam typifies this mindset.
Truth and introspection is casually dismissed as reality would be viewed as failure.
McMahon of WWE fame understood this and used redemption as a selling tool to build his empire.
In fairness to him he always saw it as entertainment and never claimed it was a sport.
Sport would make profit largely unpredictable so for people obsessed with money it leaves them vulnerable.
A lot easier to control revenue through entertainment which is fairly predictable.

April 21, 2021 10:05 am

Morning all,

I agree with Bada. Some sort of punishment must be handed out for the “Elite” six.

The decision to form a Super League wasn’t an overnight decision. You can bet your bottom dollar months of planning has been put into this,and the fat cats in charge of these clubs, just thought “Ching,ching ,ching !!!!!”.

No thought for anybody, but themselves.

Well fu-k them !!!!! You reap what you sow baby.

Hang them at dawn !!!!!!!! ( Maybees a bit harsh 😜)


The Gombeen Man
April 21, 2021 10:15 am


The companies in question will argue that they generate the majority of the income for UEFA and media companies, attract sponsors etc…

They’ll argue that the grandiose football model in the CL and the EPL isn’t sustainable.

There’s too many clubs and individuals sponging off the larger clubs. Rampant corruption at UEFA (as we know).

The post pandemic financial landscape is going to look very different. Will Manchester United or Liverpool fans welcome the period of austerity that might be coming their way?

Will they force out their owners and find another sugar-daddy to bankroll their domination of the game?

Without significant new money or increased costs to the customer they need a bigger slice of the pie to sustain their models and keep the whole circus going.

Chelsea, Man City and PSG have backers with buckets of money to ‘invest’ in football for a variety of reasons.

It doesn’t appear that Fenway and the Glasiers have the same level of resources or can compete with those financial models.

Arsenal and Spurs have just built new stadiums.

All have seen their incomes collapse over the last 12 months.

Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs face a difficult period of restructuring. This was their attempt to avoid that austerity and safeguard their futures from increasingly unsustainable model.

The proposed re-structure offered Celtic some hope of a move out of the limitations of the Scottish scene.

Hopefully if there’s some form of re-structure we can benefit in some way through the trademark ™️ the Old Firm?

There again.

Who cares?

That acknowledges the Continuity Myth and is complicit with the systemic corruption at football’s core.

Professional football died as a competitive sport years ago.

Money and greed killed it.

It’s just one bunch of charlatans squabbling with another bunch of charlatans.

April 21, 2021 10:19 am


I honestly couldn’t disagree more with you. I started to write my response but it grew legs so I thought I’d put it up as tomorrow’s article instead. Saves me the embarrassment of writing a match review later!

There was nothing in that proposal which was designed for the betterment of the game,nothing which was planned for its democratisation. It was and is a power grab,a move aimed purely at creaming off all that is available while it is still there. I said on Sunday when the news broke,and again on Monday,that there was nothing good in these proposals except for those initial participants-and that I wasn’t convinced either that they would work very well for them either.

This was a failed coup d’etat. History is littered with the corpses of the leaders of failed coup d’etats. There should be another twelve names added to that list.

April 21, 2021 10:26 am


I believe it is known as The Blue Wall of Silence. Break it,you get Serpico’d.

April 21, 2021 10:32 am


Mr A paid £100m for a club who had won next to nothing for fifty years and were still best known for their players clubbing with The Beautiful People on King’s Road in the sixties. They had a ramshackle stadium and were on the verge of bankruptcy.

That £100m bought Abramovitch respect and the protection of the British state from a vengeful Putin,hellbent on claiming oligarch billions for his own. Not a bad deal,I reckon.

April 21, 2021 10:33 am

ATHINGOF BEAUTY delivers the boot tae the baws,while GER57 explains why it was deserved. Great stuff,folks.

April 21, 2021 10:42 am

Meanwhile,this overnight from MIKEINTORONTO explains why Celtic fans can hardly cry “Foul!” at those proposals.


Mike in Toronto
As we have seen over the last decade, our company (and that is what it is, not a club, not the fans… it is a company. period. end or. and fans are not fans. they are consumers. … we may not like it, but that is the reality).
We sat back and did nothing while our company ignored cheating, or went along with it …. all so we could lord it over our provincial rivals (all the while ignoring the manifest social ill this was causing)….that is the product our company sellls,and that is the product consumers buy (although dressed as football)
So, I dont buy any sturm and drang over big boys stealing our lunch money … we have been happy to do that within scotland, so we cant complain if somebody else does the same to Celtic ..
and if lots of small clubs go to the wall … frankly, there are far too many teams in scotland for its population ….
maybe, in order to get into the ESL, Celtic and Rangers will merge into Glasgow FC … they are really already two divisions of the same business anyways…

April 21, 2021 10:55 am

What happened to Mikhail Khodorkovsky was a sobering lesson for many Russian oligarchs on what can happen if you fall foul of Putin.
Abramovich has found a good vehicle in Chelsea to stash money if same happens to him.
He has never gifted Chelsea money just wisely given loans that will have to be repaid to him if he finds a buyer.
He probably would sell if convenient and since the UK denied him a British passport he has no allegiance.
He has since gained an Israeli passport which allows him time in the UK and an escape route if shit hit’s the fan to Israel or USA.

The Gombeen Man
April 21, 2021 10:56 am


Where is the evidence that Mr A sought the protection of the British State from a vengeful Putin?

£ 1,400,000,000 million, in interest free loans.


April 21, 2021 12:40 pm

A veritable tour de force article – bravo Sir.
It has most certainly made me rethink my position on the Super League construct, and I have sadly come to the conclusion that history will prove you correct. Maybe not now, although how the hypocrites in Sky, BT Sport, EPL, UEFA et al have the brass neck to complain beggars belief (but does it though, greed does as greed is). Inevitably, money talks – distasteful though that might be. Integrity and honesty – don’t make me laugh. And the current Celtic Board would sell their (and our) souls in a heartbeat to join that circus – no doubt at all on that front, imho. Perhaps, perhaps, that has been their ‘plan’ all along…

Ger 57
On the other hand, you make a powerful case for the opposite standpoint – and my heart and soul agree entirely with your thoughts.

Many, many, insightful posts today 👌👏 If only we could solve the Celtic team shambles.


April 21, 2021 12:54 pm

Great article Mahe, and some great follow up posts, apart from the rude one from ATOB.😜😂
I can actually see both arguments here. Only one side leave me feeling a bit sick. The hypocrisy of SKY and Neville et al.
I think this Superleague is inevitable. This is just the first shot. It will be the death of domestic football though. I have no doubt that given the invite, that Celtic plc would have no qualms in joining a European Super League.

April 21, 2021 12:59 pm

Certainly food for thought in that article Mahe.

One aspect I did like about the Superleague was that it would be out with the greedy corrupt hands of UEFA. They (UEFA) wouldn’t be lining their pockets with a huge share of the income/profits and trying to kid people on that they are there for the common good.

Talking of which. I wonder what the monetary value is of being a member on their various committees. The 1st class travel costs. 5 star hotels, hospitality, out of pocket expenses etc. I think we can safely guess many thousands per annum. Same as the SFA.
I wonder how much Lawwell has earned over the years in this way! On top of his scandalous earnings from Celtic. Perish the thought that there might have been ‘brown envelopes’ involved in those many many transfers.

Heaven forbid he goes down the same road as Sur David Murray and gets a knighthood for his ‘troubles’.
it wouldn’t surprise me.

April 21, 2021 1:06 pm

For those doing score predictor please remember there are 2 early kick offs at 6pm.
Totally scunnered csc..
When the fk is anyone going to call them out
All this 150th anniversary shit..

Mike in Toronto
April 21, 2021 1:18 pm

Been an interesting time for Celtic fans….

For so long, so.many excused Celtic’s woeful European record by saying that the gap was too large between Europe and the SPL, such that the teams could not make the jump from SPL to Europe….. well, over the last 2 seasons the zombies have shown that was nonsense. They may go unbeaten in the league, but also had a second good showing in Europe.

The other favourite one was that there is no point in trying to change Scottish football… you cant fight city hall… enemy is too powerful. And yet, within 36 hours, the fans of six English clubs were out protesting, and forced their clubs into changing their decision to join the breakaway ESL. Admittedly, the fans had some help (from UEFA,who, it has been reported, have offered incentives to some English teams to renounce the ESL), but they were also fighting big game like Real Madrid and Juventus, not a bunch of old SFA geezers at the bowling club. Hell, the Agnellis, who own Juventus, alone are worth 10 billion, so several times what the entire Scottish league is worth!

To me, this shows what fans can do …. IF THEY REALLY WANT TO.

April 21, 2021 1:25 pm

Professional football has had no relationship to sport or integrity since the inception of large tv deals.
In Scotland inherent bias has made sure of that for decades.
I couldn’t care less what form of construct they come up with in the future.
Greed will overtake any notion of FairPlay.

April 21, 2021 1:30 pm


They are not defined by such trivialities as definitions. Refer to liquidation,for example. Equally,numbers don’t matter to them-and not just in the accounts.

RFC were founded in 1873. It is literally carved into the bricks of their listed building stand. Time was that it was printed on their shirts,merchandise and programmes. They even opened a stand called The Centenary Stand in…


This all started when Whyte arrived,sipping from The Loving Cup in 2011 to toast the beginning of their 140th year. Up till then,their fans were brought up in the knowledge that it was 1873 that they traced their foundation from. Suddenly it became 1872. Now,a decade later,is it 1871? How long before it is 1690,with King Billy laying a sod in the centre circle?


April 21, 2021 1:44 pm

Your last line gave me a decent giggle there.
PMSL 😁😂 VG 👍

April 21, 2021 1:49 pm


It would have been sheer negligence to pass up on that punchline!

April 21, 2021 1:50 pm

Just caughtened on to that there! LOL 🙂

April 21, 2021 2:04 pm

Hahaha 😉🙄👌

April 21, 2021 2:12 pm

ESL is a North American model without draft picks.

April 21, 2021 2:36 pm


That’s pretty much the case. MAHE and I don’t really have hard and fast rules about what we say in the articles-he can state his opinion without running it past me first,and vice versa. When he disagrees with me,he says so in the comments or alternatively writes the following day’s article on the topic.

I’ve written one for tomorrow giving my personal opinion of the events over the last few days,and given my reaction on Sunday and Monday to the news,I don’t think it will surprise anyone that the now dormant proposal is not one which I favour.

Mike in Toronto
April 21, 2021 2:44 pm

So, who is going to take over from Woodward at Man U? Here are some possilble candidates….

Lawwell — Man U likes bean counters over football guys, but they also like them young (Woodward was a 35 year old accountant so when he took over commercial operations at Man &U), so PL’s age may work against him….. rating C

Edwin Van Der Saar – the obvious choice, if they can get him away from Ajax. rating A

Richard Arnold – current managing director. might split the vote with Batty. B

Cliff Batty – current CFO. See Arnold. B

Antro Henrique – after 25 years getting Porto to punch above its weight, he moved to PSG in 2017 and promptly signed Mbape and others. I wouldn’t think someone would go from Paris to Manchester, but If he doens’t win the CL this season, he may be feeling the pressure, and decide to jump before he is pushed B+

Nana Mouskouri Csc
April 21, 2021 2:54 pm

Anybody who thinks men like the Glazers, Hendry, Agnelli, Kroenke etc have the interests of the game and not their already fat bank books is badly mistaken. Some in here seem to like the idea of the closed shop franchise model were all the money of the game kickbacks to the wealthy owners. Enjoy your Liverpool Tigers v Manchester Seahawks game live from Bejing at 3.am don’t overdose on the popcorn

Big Audio Dynamite
April 21, 2021 2:59 pm

Hi, Jose? It’s Dermot Desmond from Celtic …I hear you may be looking for a new challenge?

big packy
April 21, 2021 2:59 pm

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, well im glad its off the table for now, but the vultures will come back with something, dont worry money talks, what id like for celtic to be in, is dutch teams and belgian teams and scandanavian teams, who dont get the big money being splashed about, celtic v ajax, celtic v feyanoord dont know if i spelt that right, mind you i was top spellar at our lady and st josephs primary back in the day😎 celtic versus helsingborgs you know where im coming from.👍

April 21, 2021 3:08 pm

Afternoon Packy. I read in the past few days that the top clubs in Germany were not interested in the Superleague because their fans own 51% of shares. Big investors are not allowed to own more than 49%. Or something like that, I’m not sure of the detail. But that’s the type of model I’d like to see here in Scotland. Or at least with Celtic.
I wonder how long Dermott Desmond would hang around for if that was the case!

April 21, 2021 3:11 pm

Thanks for the compliments folks.

ATOB,,”and just wants to be entertained.”
Imagine that.

“So American money men who have no idea what the game is about”
You don’t know that and look what happened when the game was left to those who know what it’s all about. A predictable closed shop where the richest usually win.
“I can’t see the Celtic support being happy to pay top dollar to watch mediocre fare”
They will pay for what’s offered.
“We’re defo in the slow lane now and for the foreseeable future”
That’s our PLCs choice and nothing really to do with Superleague, but if SL is formed we would get caught up in the void created which is good.

Look football was meant to and does change.
The current model can provide highlight games and moments, but the giants have torn away from the rest and under this model will hoover up indefinitely.
It’s natural to want to change this, evolve as a game.

This SL proposal is far from perfect, but like I say above at least it will provide unpredictability, which just might be the biggest underlying factor for diminishing interest in the sport.

Now we all know it’s the globes game, truly worldwide and the next big thing can come from anywhere, plus travel and internet have made the world much smaller.
Why not incorporate the entire globe into SL?
Europe should not have a stranglehold on the game like now. Rollerball seen Houston take on Toyko, that’s more like it. I would make SL intercontinental.

It’s clear, if this version of SL went ahead, that the Yank households would have been heavily targeted, an unexploited audience as far as football is concerned. That’s where the extra income was going to materialize from.
In getting America involved SL would have to guarantee excitement, and thrown in a bit of glitz and glamour, just the way here.
Who is to say those wouldn’t help the game?

I know what won’t help the game, the same clubs people and committees deciding it’s future. There’s been one big change in 25 years in VAR that has went horribly wrong.
The Classico, perhaps the greatest club game ever, is at risk through both clubs being over their heads in debt.
The Old Firm derby, world famous for it’s passion, died under a mountain of debt.
The mighty Old Lady of Italian football resorted to cheating, and one morning we just woke up to be informed Man City are now a big club thank you, PSG soon followed.

Football is a mess, needs a solid plan and hand on the tiller, and delivered to it’s next phase. The Champions League has had it’s day, the money of Shitty or PSG will triumph.

In what other area do we actively hinder the best gathering under one umbrella to compete?
Can anyone reading offer me any type of reasonable explanation why the biggest clubs should not form a Super competition?
They’ve broken away from the rest anyway, let’s just make it official while those who fill the gap can dream of glory again.

Hail Hail

Nana Mouskouri Csc
April 21, 2021 3:12 pm

Jim Barcelona are a members owned club and they were one of the ones pushing for it. Saying that they are a billion in debt so if they don’t come up with something soon they might end up like the old huns

big packy
April 21, 2021 3:13 pm

JIM, for once in my life, used to play that stevie wonder song every night with the band, the horn section went to town on it, anyway i digress, yes agree jim H,H,

April 21, 2021 3:19 pm

Nana, yes I thought Barca worked something like that. I don’t know the story behind it but why on earth did the fans allow their club to get so deeply into debt?

big packy
April 21, 2021 3:21 pm

MAHE hi pal, i know you want us out of the spl hell, but this proposal where no team gets relegated just does not wash with me, just money making,,hope you are well bruv.H.H.

Nana Mouskouri Csc
April 21, 2021 3:24 pm

Jim not sure why but if you are paying players like Messi 1.5 million a week it soon adds up. Also paying 100+ million in transfer fees disnae help oh and don’t forget the agents cut

April 21, 2021 3:29 pm

Celtic ladies in a Glasgow derby tonight, live on BBC Alba 7.30pm. (In case you’re fed up with our men’s team!)