Nobody’s happy, please understand why

No matter where you read,no matter the league, no matter which team that person supports chances are that supporter is unhappy.
It certainly feels like there’s a ton of supporter unhappiness everywhere you look, a fact I suspect has lead to less polls on the topic, they already know the answer.
Of those Celtic fans that won’t buy merchandise and season tickets, not being happy with the club and league is the root of the issue, and even for a large percentage of those renewing the same could be said.
Everyone who has read the new Champions League format is unhappy with it. 10 group games will mean playing kids in the cups and against minnows, but also a ton more cash to tear away at the top of your domestic league.
It just cements the current status quo, the big get bigger and the small get smaller.
Fans of the breakaway clubs weren’t happy upon hearing Superleague plans, joining Uefa and Fifa with their upset.
Some fans were already unhappy though, Barcelona’s eye watering billion Euro debt putting them at risk. Unlike Scotland though the Spanish football authorities ordered the club to decrease costs by a whopping 42 percent next season in order to meet financial fair play obligations.
They either cut their cloth and see their spot as perhaps the biggest placed in jeopardy, or no Euro action.
Ouch, no wonder they arent happy, it’s a massive failure on behalf of the entire membership not to elect belt tighteners years ago but I suppose they were having a good time and weren’t concerned with the future.
Where have I seen that before and will the football world accept a new Barca as the same should the worst happen?
If they did, would it change views of our rivals reincarnation?

All this unhappiness can’t last. It’s bad for the soul and I’m delighted it hasn’t boiled over into a spat, yet.
We’ve all been failed by the games rulers, then the clubs owners and executives.
Whether 55, VAR, Newco, Tonev, Dubai, the list is long and growing.
It can’t go on.
The game and it’s lifeblood are crying out for something, someone, to step up and show leadership, come up with something to replace the current model which has run its course.
UEFA caved into old threats of a breakaway with this new format which will bring in more money for the bigger clubs, but yet also force leagues to reduce games or risk having it’s big teams rest stars a lot more often, maybe even not enter cup competitions.
They could have, maybe should have, stood their ground against the giants and their threats, but tried to compromise and satisfy all involved.
The changes may not prove very successful in the long run, but at least they acted and can again if the will is there.
JP Morgan were the Superleague backers, and many USA born club owners were onboard with SL. The Yanks fancy getting involved in ‘socca’.
Can you blame them? The sports a mess, it’s top teams rarely meet, it’s club owners losing money hand over fist instead of actually earning like the Land of the Free.
No wonder they thought they could step in with a newer, sexier, glitzy setup with pricing tiers to match and the masses would queue to sign up.
They smelt blood because it’s there, football is in a weak state.
Colts, British League, VAR, 5 subs, standing tiers, Superleague, minimum number youth on bench, Bene-League, Atlantic League, taking the knee, piped in crowd noise,,,football just doesn’t stand still, it’s always evolving and there to be tweaked if and when needed.
Well it’s needed. More than ever.
Superleague has really helped place the spotlight on the general unhappiness and malaise the game currently finds itself in, which is a good thing. The venture itself may have failed (this time) but don’t count on it going quietly into the night.
The unhappy should not automatically mistrust those who would get involved in plotting the next version of the game, their aims may well align.
If there was an obvious solution to fixing football’s woes some bright spark would have announced it by now, which tells me it’s a complex issue that will require some give and take negotiations, and some out of the box thinking.
Football isn’t exactly known for either of these.

Nobody is happy, leadership has failed us and the sport they were hired to protect, so when clubs themselves get together to conspire against bodies they see as lazy and corrupt, please understand why.
If a troubled soul decides to announce he has had enough of the Old Farce, and will be bowing out for the foreseeable future, that they no longer get happiness from the games or feel pride in the club, please understand why.
If those who find little interest in the current boring setup suddenly become interested in a more competitive proposition containing a mixture of clubs, please understand why.
If Jose gets announced as our manager and there’s no petrol left in the pumps for your car, please understand why.
Those who run football often get accused of not understanding the common fan on the ground at all and what they actually want from the sport. That may well be true.
But in these testing and troubling times we can all at least show a little understanding for each other.
Whether renewing, foreign based, pro Palestine, boycotting, into snooker or not, to be forced into making a decision whether to continue support for your team or not is a terrible, terrible thing.
No one should be judged for their choice.
Please understand why.
By Mahe.

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Saltires en Sevilla


Aye, more high standard and resonating.

Constant change, faster than before. With more to come tomorrow…

There will eventually be some form of Super League. North American Biz undoubtedly see European Clubs as the classic ‘dripping roast’ – better housekeeping could turn losses into 5% (plus) profits. Big money, if you can get it right.

However, The target audience/market for ‘socca’ or ‘saccer’ isn’t in Europe, I’d argue it’s not in North America either, although there is surely still room for high spending growth there too.

There is a +3 billion audience outside Europe that love football, and at the moment they are excited by the Top Teams in European Leagues. How passionate or loyal they are to their ‘chosen’ club is a matter for debate. Anyway, the flip-flopping between clubs won’t matter as long as they keep betting, paying for kits and affiliated products. Slowly but surely, and inevitably, they will see their own clubs emerge and grow stronger and attention will turn away form European clubs. What will remain of the game in Europe when that happens? We are all getting older and I’m sure my boys have attended less games in their lives than I went to, and I attended less than my dad. We might begin to see the re-birth of local teams.

High spending football supporting Europeans might be a thing of the past..disposable incomes will soon come under severe pressure and luxury items will suffer. Paying over €1,000 for a season ticket, before match day expenses and all those kits, will no longer be a viable option for many. Numbers attending games will decline and gate income will continue to fall.

A combination of personal finances, viruses, out of touch owners/leaders and corrupt/incompetent governing bodies, are seeing feelings of loyalty (if that is allowed…) to Yer ‘team’, severely tested…already being put under severe strain.

In the meantime, TV subscriptions, or some other remote viewing platform, will be heavily marketed and still be affordable… admittedly folk will only half watch it …looking up as the commentary volume reaches a crescendo… endless replays of the ‘incident’ a mouthful of sponsors’ beer a handful of whatever pretzels and more adverts …soooo back to whatever they were doing on their device.

4 quarter games lasting 4 hours with more VAR delays and adverts is almost inevitable.

I’ll be hauling my sad case up to see ‘The Burgh’ ( gang forward) a good coat, scarf, hat, gloves, thermals, two pairs of socks and a wee flask….that’s just in April…..and it’s only a mile walk …and I probably won’t be told to ‘go home’ or be a Fenian Bastard… ( still might be Unrepentant…)

Of course, none of the above might happen…

A thing of beauty

Please understand why I am fed up reading your constant whining about why you don’t want to support Celtic. Your fan boy, starry eyed support for the Super league tells me all I need to know. You are happy to be entertained and have lost your connection with Celtic. I’m quite sure you’ll start off supporting Liverpool in the Super league but give it a couple of years and I’m sure you’ll change to Barcelona or a n other. Could depend on what strip you like best that year or what club you think are doing the most for the vegan supporter. What it won’t depend on is whether it’s the club your dad took you to watch, that you built memories with during trips over the water, that was the vehicle for meeting people with a similar emotional tie all over the world and that consistently gave you a bigger high in 90 minutes than any other experience in your life. But hey, don’t let me try to sway you. Grab yourself a bucket of popcorn and pull up the armchair – a whole world of corporate, manufactured entertainment awaits you. C’mon you boys in red eh blue eh maybe white. Enjoy 😉


24th April 1916. Dublin

Irish patriots mount an armed insurrection against the British occupation of Ireland

At 12.00 noon Patrick Pearse, on behalf of fellow rebel leaders, read out ‘The Proclamation’ to onlookers outside Dublin’s General Post Office. To the astonishment of the British, the Rebels held out for six days of heavy fighting despite facing insurmountable odds. During the fighting, much of the center of Dublin was reduced to rubble by British artillery.
After the Rebel surrender British retribution swiftly followed with 16 of the Rebellion leaders being executed by firing squad between the 4th and 12th of May. Over 3000 other individuals were imprisoned.
The seemingly quixotic rebellion was first met with open hostility by a large section of the Irish population however the British response in suppressing the rebellion and the subsequent treatment of the Rebel prisoners combined with a growing realisation of the just cause the rebels had fought for and a growing sense of pride and admiration that Irishmen had once again courageously stood against the British occupation of their native land despite knowing the inevitable consequences of their actions ensured that the ‘Rebellion’ had indeed succeeded in saving Ireland’s soul and had reawakened the desire for freedom in her people.

They lit a fire within their land that long was ashes cold,
With splendid dreams they made it glow, threw in their hearts of gold.
They saw thy slowly paling cheek and knew thy failing breath,
They bade thee live once more, Kathleen, who was so nigh to death.
And who dare quench the sacred fire, and who dare give them blame,
Since he who draws too near the glow shall break into a flame?
They lit a beacon in their land, built of the souls of men,
To make thee warm once more, Kathleen, to bid thee live again.
Dora Sigerson Shorter

Within 3 years of the 1916 rebellion Sinn Fein had won the majority of Irish parliamentary seats in a general election, had refused to take their seats at Westminster and had formed the first Dáil Éireann, An Chéad Dáil, declared Irish independence, ratifying the Proclamation of the Irish Republic that had been issued in the 1916 Rising, and adopted a provisional constitution. On the same day the 1st Dail sat the first shots of the War of Independence were fired and the bloody ‘Tan war’ commenced.

The subsequent ‘treaty’ and Irish civil war meant our revolution was ‘sold out in the main to right-wing Catholicism. Rather than becoming a forward-looking Republic based on equality, Ireland remained a backward rural economy controlled by a right-wing theocracy.
“A revolution betrayed by a counter-revolution and a carnival of reaction. An Orange state was born in the North. Repression, discrimination, and pogroms used to consolidate a perpetual Loyalist majority. In the ‘Free State’ revolutionary ideals were lost to the Civil war. Freedom, unity, and equality were betrayed and home rule did indeed become ‘Rome rule’. Sons and daughters exiled, single mothers and babies condemned to mother and baby homes, Republicans interned and executed. The legacy of the counter-revolution lives with us still because Ireland remains partitioned and our people separated. Inequality exists and poverty remains and all of this is an affront to Irish republicanism.”

Only recently has Ireland emerged from this modern ‘dark age’, as some refer to it as, as her young decide to cast off the shackles of religious state control and join, and in some instances lead, the modern world in ideas of equality and inclusiveness. They are the true inheritors of the 1916 rebellion. There is still much more to be achieved to fulfill a united Ireland as envisaged in the proclamation but undoubtedly ‘our day will come.’

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, mahe credit where its due, you are doing your best to get us out of the spl hell, but listen pal we would be better trying to get an atlantic league going ,what sounds better playing ajax and feyenoord or hamilton accies and ross county, no disrespect to them clubs, the american model just does not work for me, its just greedy men wanting to get greedier,IMHO of course,.hail hail brother

Big Audio Dynamite

As if football doesn’t generate enough money for the fat cats, they want more? Football is now grotesque …a closed shop for the mega rich …a play thing.

We phoned Jose yet? Nah, didn’t think so!


Once the Yanks saw the potential of riches from soccer the game was well and truly Donald Ducked.
They merely see consumers not supporters and especially based on the fickleness of consumers in the USA.
How long before an established side is uprooted to a place with a higher demographic and income?
Capitalist’s are never content and are on a permanent quest for profit.
They will charge the highest prices the market can sustain.
In the US i travelled around for work and whenever i was somewhere where they had an NHL team playing i would make the effort to.go.
The variation in prices was wild.I saw the Florida Panthers for about 30 dollars,LAKings in good seat’s in the playoffs while for the equivalent to see NYRangers at the Garden was at least 150 for a seat high up in the rafters but at least it’s where the real fans sit.
I had a friend who played for the NYRangers and in his contract he had 2 very good seats so i often went but despite the seats being some of the best it was a soulless experience.
Most of the people in attendance in the good seats are freeloaders(me) on a corporate ticket and are there to network not watch the game,They constantly walk around blocking the view and chat amongst each other.
I had a friend who worked for Citybank and his office had 30 seats for every game due to corporate
As Roy Keane said to many of the prawn sandwich brigade and corporate boxes now.
This will increase in new super leagues and the ordinary fans will be priced out and forced to pay high prices for a tv/internet subscription.
I prefer to watch local high schools and youth teams now in soccer and hockey.
There is something refreshing seeing the excitement of genuine local rivalry rather tan the manufactured for profit one of modern professional sports.


Morning all and Packy.

Welcome back Oglach. Great post.


Packy, wasn’t sure if you would be posting, I thought you would still be in mourning for the passing of Les McKeown. 🙁


Watched the first 20 mins of Leicester v West Brom and one player who caught my eye was Iheanacho.
He looked like Man city had sold a 20 million pound dud until this season.
Credit must go to BR and his coaching staff for the turnaround in this guys play.
His off the ball movement and link up play was excellent.
There was 3 passages of play that caught my attention and each time with his back to goal and defender at his heels he played quick back pass to midfielder and then turned and attacked a channel leaving defender out of position in no man’s land.
This is a tactical instruction and is straight out of the Bayern Munich playbook form Lewandoski and Mueller.
Whichever one makes the play the other striker always makes a great diagonal run into space vacated by defender tackling the other leaving opportunity for midfield to play forward pass into dangerous area.
The other attacker also runs diagonally but to where his attacking partner was as defender has vacated to try and cover other guy.
It’s a simple and clever tactic that is incredibly hard to defend as both defenders are forced out of comfortable position.
Wish someone at Celtic understood that running in constant straight line patterns offers little threat to organized opponents.


One thing that flummoxes me is the dislike and criticism that the Superleague is all about the money. A business model, consumers not fans etc.

But here’s the thing – That is exactly what we have at the moment! If anything the Superleague are more honest and up front from the get-go as to what they are all about.
What we have at the moment – FIFA, UEFA, SFA all corrupt to the core. All of them leading associations which are meant to look after the greater good of football. With fairness and integrity.
My erse!!!

And yet some folk would rather stay as we are with a few tweeks. The chances of going back to basics and honestly being clubs ‘Like No Other’ are zilch. Dermot Desmond is no Bro. Walfrid. The dream of fan controlled clubs are simply that – a dream.

We should come off our high horses.


Having said all that, we shouldn’t stop trying to hold the Celtic board and the SFA to account! Whilst we are part of it, we should keep facing them all down.


Not on a high horse.
It is inevitable that change will come.
Football was about camaraderie ,community and passion.
Money has taken away the essence of sport.
Not saying it will be any better or worse than the present corrupt environment but just opining on my experience within the American sporting realm.
The ordinary fans have been priced out and connection to the community has been lost.
I have never told another how to support.
Already disillusioned by DD and Lawwell so won’t be too hard for me to give it all up.
Giving up this blog and kinship of fellow Celts would be far harder.

The Gombeen Man

Welcome to the new posters. Great reading this week…


Thanks for your reply yesterday. I hope you’re enjoying your time here.
I think you’re from the town that’s east of the Church of St Brigit (EK). I know it well.


Great to see you back with a fine post.


Blogs are good fun.The problem can be the lack of body language. It’s easy to pick up the wrong end of the stick.

In real life we pick up on gestures and can read when someone is serious, things don’t get out of hand so easily.

I think about 70% of communication is through body language…It’s easy to misinterpret something posted on a Blog.

After a while you get used to someone’s writing style and you can pick up on clues…


A good leader this morning.

Folk don’t seem to get that when a Club is sold, it’s changed forever.

Effectively it’s dead to what we think it is.

What we perceive it to be is largely a product of our minds.

It isn’t the reality.

The club have been sold. It’s gone. There’s new owners calling the shots.

In Celtic’s case it’s a Plc. It features in the Tourism and Leisure section of the stockmarket.

Talk of culture and causes, is just marketing.

Nick Train sees value in Celtic due to our large emotionally attached fanbase.

Buying products from the Plc is a personal choice just like buying a car or clothes. The problem is that the Celtic of our childhood has gone.

The Celtic of today is just a company trading off the goodwill of the club’s founding traditions.

Taking Celtic seriously is like believing that the characters in Coronation Street or Eastenders are real people…

This week has been an exercise in jingoism, not seen since the days of the Falklands.

iNHouse Communications were involved, (run by former Downing Street advisor and advisor to Boris as London Mayor) Katie Perrior.

Ed Woodward was in Downing Street last week and met Boris.

This won’t end well and suggests the masses were led up the garden path.

Some of the comments of Gary Neville and others last week were incredible.

It doesn’t change the fact that the finances of the EPL aren’t sustainable.

If the EPL wants to be the glamour league, with obscene salaries, it’s going to have to find a way to pay for it.

They are going to have to find more money…

The last week is only about who makes the money out of the inevitable further globalisation of the product.

Sky will move things on.

Till Later,


Fan-a-tic, I totally get that. The Celtic support are truly what makes us a special club. The camaraderie, community and passion you mention are certainly there DESPITE Desmond & Lawwell & co. Likewise infamous boards of Celtic in the past. I think the support would still be there if we were asked to be part of a Superleague!
As quite a few S/T holders on here have mentioned, the match day experience is too important to give up because of ‘owners’.

I know next to nothing about North American sports. But with my business head on if fans are being priced out of the games, they will die! They need to change their model.

Saltires en Sevilla

One thing that flummoxes me is the dislike and criticism that the Superleague is all about the money. A business model, consumers not fans etc.

But here’s the thing – That is exactly what we have at the moment! If anything the Superleague are more honest and up front from the get-go as to what they are all about.
What we have at the moment – FIFA, UEFA, SFA all corrupt to the core. All of them leading associations which are meant to look after the greater good of football. With fairness and integrity.
My erse!!!

We should come off our high horses

April 24, 2021 9:49 am


This is so true…. The two Glasgow Clubs are as guilty of ‘arranging’ things to suit their wishes as any.

I’m not sure if the 2 votes veto still stands in Scotland but it has been used often enough. It’s no wonder every other fan in Scotland see us as ‘twa cheeks…’ and why wouldn’t they?!

Your following point on keeping the spotlight on The Board is hugely relevant, but they now seem impervious to accountability. The truth is too many fans are still content to let them lead (sic) however, they choose. I am acutely aware that the vast majority of Celtic fans will keep paying the money, turning up and they have every right to do so, and good luck to them because I hope beyond hope that their faith is rewarded.

A long time ago there was a schism at Celtic. A group in the early days wanted the club to ‘remain’ RC and only have players from that faith. That attempt was rightly rejected and the club we grew to love continued with a ‘welcome all’ ethos. The other group decided they would ‘breakaway’ and play only RC and set up around Dalmarnock area. They didn’t last long. Thankfully saner heads prevailed.

Now, there might be a group of fans who would want to try something similar. Not to encourage an RC only model, of course that would be ridiculous, but to be an active part of supporting a club that enshrined Walfrid’s founding principles. Not an appendage of something that is dependent on an OF power base.

Maybe that club already exists in Glasgow..playing in the Hoops… soon could they rise with a few more thousands on their gate year after year.

Note: I’m not advocating this plan, as I don’t live in Glasgow, and will follow my own local team and keeping a weather eye on events at my First Love.

bada bing1

Send a message to say to the players that this season is unacceptable, boycott POTY vote.


Nice to have you back,OGLACH. Five years ago,a huge crowd of us descended on Dublin for the 100th Anniversary. We went for Easter,rather than the actual date. The Irish realised that there would be two actual anniversaries,so they celebrated the occasion for a month!



Bloody great idea!


Excellent article Mahe. The changes you suggest are looking inevitable now. Whether that will be for the good of the game or for Celtic FC, who knows?
But let there be no doubt that a major change in football is coming.

Andy Kilcoin

Terrible memory, but I hope that at least one person on here will be smiling while reading this, I know I did….hope the link works.
BBC News – Gregory’s Girl: ‘The affection for it overwhelms me’

Andy Pandy 2

Back to the discussion….have to agree with Garry, the changes are coming like it or not.i just hope that the people in charge at our club are able to take advantage for our benefit, not just theirs.

Just realised something went wrong with my last post, apologies. Fat fingers on a smart phone keyboard!!


Andy Kilcoin
Andy I had the good fortune to drive Clare to the airport,she was charming as she was leaving
I blurted out ” We all love you Clare” I could see ‘stalker alert ‘in her gorgeous eyes. :O)


Andy K
I enjoyed reading that. I grew up in Knightswood with Gordon Sinclair. The irony of him playing Gregory, was that big Sinky hated fitba, and as a kid, never kicked a ball at all.

Andy Pandy 2

You lucky man, the effect that meeting our heroes has eh? Dee Hepburn was the one for me, but as I’ve got older I’ve appreciated the charms of Miss Grogan a lot more!!
Remember thinking at the time why had he been picked for the role, because he couldn’t kick a ball. Makes sense now.

bada bing1

I see Dee Hepburn in EK regularly….


Good day all,

When I read “ It’ll be too dear and we’ll get priced out the market!!!

Anyone remember when your favourite pint was being put up to £1 a pint. Disgraceful, I’m stopping drinking, Then heading to £2. “ Ok that’s me I’m finished “.

Lo and behold , the £3 a pound pushed people to the edge and now it, take your pick from £4 to £10 in certain places/countries.

Well stand up all on here that are in the PTAA.

Well done you at the back 👏👏👏

Not me afraid, I can’t wait for the pubs to open and the inevitable price rise. Bring it on 🍺🍺🍺

#Jakey’s r us CSC 🍀🍀


bada bing1
I see Dee Hepburn in EK regularly….
Is that through her windae ? give it a rest big mhan you’re gonna get lifted :O)



£2.50 for a pint of Guinness in Swindon.



You lucky Bar Steward !!!!!!

Do trains from Glasgow stop at Swindon 😜😜😜



Got me thinking there.

My cheapest pint, was a pint of light in the Dolphin Bar at Patrick Cross, on a visit to Glasgow Uni, Open day.

Must have been around 1975 on a school trip there.

The price 19 pence a pint. And no I never made Uni !!!!

Good times 👍👍


My first pint was 1/2. That’s one shilling and tuppence. A pint of Light. I was 16 going on 17.


Gday lassie.
I notice you won’t heed the don’t judge call, ah well. I won’t judge you.

Anyways to the matter at hand.
Constant whining is a bit much no?
This article wasn’t even based on the club.

“You are happy to be entertained and have lost your connection with Celtic. I’m quite sure you’ll start off supporting Liverpool in the Super league”
Yes, yes, and no.
We are all happy to be entertained not just me, yes lost connection with the club.
Will certainly sit down to watch a game sometimes, if Superleague even better as it should be unpredictable.
But Ill never support another club. Once bitten twice shy. Football is an entertainment business so I will take my entertainment from the game if available then walk away.

I’ll give up the team but never the Tims, hence the blog, hence making the Hoots.

” a whole world of corporate, manufactured entertainment awaits you”
Great! Because what usually awaits me is pre-ordained, bigoted, poor fare that doesn’t entertain me but raises the blood pressure.
Proper organized entertainment, even if more expensive, sounds like bloody heaven at this stage.

Hail Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, jim yes about your post regarding the bay city rollers, dont think les mckeown was with them when i watched them at our lady and st josephs parochial hall, remember the longmuir brothers because i asked derek if i could have a shot on his drums,, no problem he said, after 5 minutes he said stop we need to rehearse a number, ill let you fill in the blanks.LOL. he was a decent drummer to be honest ive heard worse,😎😎

Mike in Toronto

The events of this week have been interesting to say the least…

For years, Celtic fans have said we didn’t fight the cheating because ‘you cant fight city hall’. Well, fans in England actually stood up for themselves, and got out in the streets, and look what happened? a project championed by 12 of the biggest clubs in the world, and financed by one of the biggest banks in the world, stopped…. and in 36 hours!

I must admit that I didn’t see that coming.

I could be wrong, but I dont remember these types of protests when the CL was formed.

I would have thought it would be fans of the teams who just failed to make the cut that would be protesting….

I would have thought that, for most fans of the big clubs, the chance to play with the big boys regularly, would have been a big draw. To me, it just seemed like the next step on the process that has been going on for years to give large teams more control….

So, I will confess that I am still struggling to understand why the ESL provoked such strong reaction, and what lesson we can take from this week.

Is there a lesson here for Celtic? So far, I’m not certain….

On one hand, the fans didn’t want change. is this why Celtic and its fans dont address the systemic issues in Scotland?

On the other hand, as soon as this was announced, the English fans mobilized and were out in the street, whereas every time some scandal erupts in Scottish football, the response is muted at best.


Packy, I remember seeing them around that time too. In our Miner’s Welfare Hall, it was packed! They’d had a bit of a hit a few years prior but looked like they were going to be one hit wonders. Yes the two Longmuir brothers were there but the new youngsters were yet to join. There was none of all that tartan stuff!

big packy

JIM, yes dont remember any tartan stuff, just think if derek had thought about it and realised I was a better drummer than him, id be a superstar today, id be on wikipedia.what a claim to fame,.another true story,😎😎


I keep thinking if Barca go under, and make no mistake that’s a possibility, then the football world at large would genuinely accept them back, as the same club, because they actually might be too big to fail as much as I hate the term.

If footy accepts a Barca reincarnation, will we then be forced to view Rangers liquidation and reforming differently.
We can hardly accept Barca but not them after committing the same crime?

When liquidation happens to a major club, how their death was dealt will be dragged up again just like 55.

I’ve got a feeling football will accept clubs as the same after liquidation and blame the fact they went under on the games broken system rather than themselves.
Fifa and Uefa may as well start a fund to help clubs in trouble with the aim of avoiding death, but yet when Barca owe a billion and are valued at 1.4 Billion, with no real huge assets to sell, it’s the clubs that need to help themselves.
They will hawk the naming rights of the world famous Camp Nou I imagine, then fall into also ran for a decade.
Sports Direct arena?

I wonder will Real speak out on the perilous position their rival/business partner finds itself in, or hide behind petty tweets?

Off field is more interesting than on field these days, it’s like sometimes the actual games of football get in the way of the football industry.

Take it easy Sir
Hail Hail



Very impressive stats there !!!!

Just wondering, you must be due a telegram shortly 😜😜


Leggy, LOL 🙂 Time’s flying past far too fast!


Packy it’s all for the best really. Being a teen idol can knock years off your life expectancy. Sex drugs & rock’n’roll lifestyle. LOL 🙂



If a club goes into liquidation through mismanagement of finances that contributed to their trophy haul one solution would be to allow them to continue as the same club but remove all claim to the history preceding.

The bigger the debt, the further back the removal goes.

Same club no history, supporters would not want their clubs to take the risk and as they are the ones who put pressure on clubs to amass trophies then responsibility to act responsibly goes back to source. Us!

big packy

JIM, id have liked to try it,😎😎😎


Auldheid, gonna go do some chores here but it’s clear the membership model failed Barca, has lead then to peril.
That’s not good.
Football could actually do with forming an encompassing think tank to try and take the game forward.
Hail Hail


Chillin in da back garden with No 2 son. I’m drinking Corona, he’s drinking an Aldi lager, St Etienne. I was reminded of the ‘75 (?) European cup final at hampden. St Etienne v Munich of Bayern. I went to it with a pal. Shit game that Bayern won 1-0.
My abiding memory though was of my jealousy of the French supporters. As a full bollocksed, rampant 17 year old, my jealousy stemmed from the attention these green clad Gallic romantics were getting from the Glasgow girls. Something up to that point I WASNT getting. These Gallic troubadours were ALL bearded. They had chalked their beards green. The colour of St Etiennes strip. Their Gallic charm was enough to persuade any passing girl for a kiss. So much so, almost EVERY girl in town that night sported a green face. A rather nice ploy by their supporters to get half our population wearing their colours


The European Super League is Dead, It’s Time for Fans to Take Back Control | Jeremy Corbyn




31003 LOL 🙂

Mike in Toronto


Sound similar to mMy favourite ever football game

Brazil Sweden at the 1994 World Cup …. at the old Detroit stadium… think it held about 70,000, maybe more … 3 quarters of the stadium was Brazil … so drums, samba music, and beautiful Brazilian dancing … and the other quarter was tall stunning Swedish women who loved the samba music too, and were dancing away!

I am sure that the crowed wasn’t completely all beautiful women dancing, but I dont remember anyone else …

I’m told that Larsson played and the game ended 1-1… not that I recall either.

Best football game I have ever not seen!

all joking aside, that was two good teams…. Sweden had Larsson, Brolin and Anderson up front, while Brazil had Romario, Bebeto and, I think, a young Ronaldo, who had just joined PSV.

Mike in Toronto


As you say, the rules seem to apply if and when the big boys want them to. there is precedent … Fiorentina.

As for Barca, I agree that they are in a real precarious position, and if it was any other business, liquidation would be almost inevitable. But I dont think it will be allowed to happen.

With so many rich billionaires looking for playthings, I can see someone throwing money at the fans, who may not like it, but may have no choice. And if you can get a distressed Barcelona for what Newcastle is presently going for… might not be a bad bit of business for someone for whom a billion or so isn’t too much. Abramovich paid that for his yacht, and I cant imagine he will make his money back on that… but in a few years, that kind of investment could pay of handsomely..


Happy Rebellion Day one and all 🇮🇪
Oglach @ 8.05 👏👏👏 👏👏 HH

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