The Year Of Living Dangerously


The title of today’s article refers of course to the award-winning film of the same name. It is almost forty years old now,and where did all those years go? It refers to a coup in Indonesia about fifteen years earlier,which saw a widely reviled but conversely also much loved political leader ousted from office. The very definition in fact of cultism,or cronyism. If you showed your love for Sukarno,you were rewarded-if you didn’t then you were banished or worse.

It took his successor years to rebuild the country. It was obvious that he couldn’t do it overnight,but that simple fact meant that he was failing to live up to the expectations of his supporters. While it may be stretching a point to draw the comparisons at Celtic,the obvious one is the removal of the cult called Lawwell and replacement by a new broom in Dominic McKay,a man of whom most of us previously knew nothing at all.

Lawwell’s many supporters have told us for years to be careful what we wish for,we won’t know what we had until he’s gone,build him a statue,etc. Sukarno was never tried for his failures in office,much like Lawwell won’t be. Like Lawwell,it later transpired that he had collaborated with the enemy.

DMcK can no more be expected to rebuild overnight a ravaged and corrupt football club than Suharto could when he took over. Unless “the fix is in”,a fix takes time. Dom has now been in office for all of a week-!-and so far we know little more about the man or his methods than we did in late January when his imminent arrival was first announced. What has he been doing since then,it surely can’t take that long to memorise the combinations to the biscuit tin and the scouting networks,and maybe put Dudu Dahan on speed dial?

Suharto had to rebuild a country,but it took him decades. Sorry,Dom-you don’t have that much time! It is a sad but true fact that football is a results business,if you stand still you go backwards,if we aren’t winning then our hated rivals are. We need at least a show of intent,that you aren’t simply content to cream in the money with your feet up at that walnut desk. We need in fact some justification that emdy would be better than that cult Lawwell!

Of course,Celtic fans aren’t the most easily placated,not for us the lapping up of an aggressive statement telling us that nobody likes us and we don’t care. Equally,I don’t believe we are stupid enough to expect an overnight miracle. As I said to my mates down the pub the other day,we can write off the forthcoming season,simply because the rebuild is too big for that quick fix. It’s not only that we need to rebuild the team,but also the structure of the club and indeed of the company. If you want a 67% return on your money inside a year,take it to Paddy Power and take the 4/6 on offer for the huns.

But don’t take the 2/1 on offer for them to win next year and the year after!

We are down but we aren’t out,and I suspect that the inactivity at Celtic is a result of quietly figuring out how to repair the damage,a much more preferable option than sticking a bit of Sellotape or superglue on it.

I’ve effectively written off next season. We need to be ready,rebuilt from top to bottom,for 2022/23.That doesn’t mean I’m going to give the players,management or executives a free pass until then. Far from it. I wrote this season off in October,but I still gave the lot of them both barrels since! There are no Get Out Of Jail cards in this game,Dom. While you won’t-IMO-be held responsible for the looming disaster of next season,by the start of 2022/23 you will have been in office for eighteen months. You really don’t want,in eighteen months when you are held responsible for your failures,to ask as I did at the start of the article,where the time went.

The Year Of Living Dangerously,indeed.

The Celtic support have welcomed you warmly,and with our heads held high in the same manner as our hopes. You have eighteen months,and with a clean slate,to right the wrongs of the previous regime. You might say that is an unrealistic target,too short a time span,an impossible dream. Well,take it from me,it will be a bloody never ending nightmare for us if you don’t!

No pressure then,Dom.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Mike in Toronto

I think its The Year of Driving Languorously …. which sort of suits the way Celtic played equally well… 😆


I would totally accept being trophyless at seasons end IF we are heading in the right direction.
We both agree the huge operating costs need tackled, so when a player gets sold/released and not replaced we should accept it.
That is how you achieve a smaller tighter squad, something I think we need during these times.
When we go for a freebie, let’s not automatically get suspicious but jump onboard with the signing, it’s not the price or the creed but the man himself that counts.

I do have some fears though.
First , you can downsize too much and we must be careful of that.
That can lead to a scramble and/or spiral out of control, not to mention upset an already upset fanbase.
Dom has a fine line to tread, buy smart but quality, accept only quality freebies, but every in and their dog imagines cracking that market.
I like the fact we were rumoured to be heading back to Croatia for a centre back ala Jozo, it’s good value in Eastern Europe.

I also fear after this Superleague malarkey that football will adopt a holding a holding pattern, everyone uncertain of their position all of a sudden, which could lead to a stagnant or overpriced market.

I’ve heard lots of comments re the cats out of the bag etc, so in fairness our club of choice could easily say hmmm interesting we might be moving after all, let’s just spend minimum next few years incase.

However all this ignores the elephant in the room, their spend and accounts.
If they don’t receive any scrutiny, and therefore aren’t playing by the same rules, what we spend is irrelevant.

I’ve stated before, but a league move would actually force the Ibrox club to get serious, published accounts, kill the song book, you know grow up and behave because there’s a real ‘daddy’ now plus you just know the press elsewhere won’t automatically give them a by ball, unless the world is more riddled with Masons than I think.
Readers may laugh, but moving may just save the Old Firm, sober it up so to speak.
If true, it’s a price worth paying.
I would move in a heartbeat as you know.
Did when I personally got the chance. Worked out better than I could have imagined.
I believe moving is inevitable actually, for both clubs as I do realize it’s a partnership move.
That would really help the domestic league I think and can anyone argue that Hibs, Aberdeen, Hearts, won’t sell more STs?
I dont think so.

I hate to harp on but I’ve listened to podcasts all week regarding Superleague and hand on heart I’ve yet to hear a valid argument against it.
The average fan of the top 6 is up in arms because they realize their EPL season ticket may get the B team, the A team reserved for the expensive SL games.
That’s not a reason against Superleague, it’s being pissed at being screwed which we all understand.
Very little coverage given to fans of those outside the giants. Very very little.

I hate to be a pessimist, but if DmcK departs within two years,no matter the reason stated, then I will assume the domestic game is riddled with enough funny handshakes and backroom deals to have made an honest man run, call me naive or not.

You know it’s not just myself, many of us realize it’s a bent farce and are walking away despite history and family memories, so if given the choice of what we walk from, and a new game with new bosses and teams, of course we are gonna jump at it. What’s the alternative, disinterest and barney’s with yer sis 😉

The chips are still in play, the game can’t settle down until all hands have been played and a strategy confirmed.
Twiddle thumbs time I guess.
I dont see us being Champs next year either btw.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


Wow! What a great track!!!!


I’m chuffed here 😉

Not sure it will live up to the hype now but you might like this vibe


It’s only fair I lay down a track for my boy DMX.
The pioneer of Gruff.
RiP brother.
Til the next world.


I have never started a season since The bonnet arrived that I have not thought we will win the League this year. Any team that starts the League not thinking they are going to win it will not win it. Don’t give the excuse we have 18 months to get it right we don’t , the day DM started was the first day of getting it right, if they are not getting it right they will not be selling Season tickets. If you believe the last accounting we are still the wealthiest team in Scotland and can afford a rebuild
The difference between Celtic and 98% + , of the teams in world is you are expected to win every week , that’s what is hard about playing or managing Celtic ,a draw is a disappointment and two losses in a row in the League is almost unheard of, and that’s why we tune in or show up every week to watch some Celtic magic that will make us bounce till next week. It shouldn’t be us or them with the Board, let’s hope DK can bring us all together


And I bow out with a track showing modernization isnt always bad.


Living dangerously.
One of the best songs ever written.

Puff puff

The freewheeling bob Dylan is my favorite album at the minute Garry …listen to two times at work today .


Maryhill Bhoys know the score.
Sorry to be so brief pal, but need to hit ma pit.

Puff puff

Sleep well man …thanks for the hit if out the park tonight

Noel Skytrot

Have the Celtic Politburo made any announcements of which direction, if any, that they’re taking for the new season? Any concrete news? Do they have it all sorted and are just awaiting the seasons end before a Celtic glasnost? I’ve never been so disillusioned about the way the club is run and where we’re heading.

I’ve not been on here much of late due to work commitments, absolutely knackered at times, but the quality of headers and comments are still first class. Positive vibrations to you all and I hope to be back posting on a more frequent basis.

good to see you back and an excellent post yesterday.

Trebles, they’re very difficult to win, get it round you ya hun fucks.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks BMCWPS for the article. You’re right there’s a huge job ahead for Mr McKay.

We really are a Club like no other. We’ve no permanent Coach or Manager. No Director of Football. We’ve no idea who’s running the scouting or making the decisions about who stays or goes and we’ve two CEO’s on the payroll…

Joking aside…

Dom doesn’t become the CEO until the 1st of July. Pedro is still the CEO and Board Member until the 30th of June.

He’ll probably be shadowing Pedro and getting to know the role and thinking over his plans.

It’s a valuable time and will pay dividends, if he is better prepared for when he becomes the CEO.

I’ve a feeling that Dom will be delighted with all the uncertainty down South with the ESL and the Plc model. If he wants to make changes, the noise in England can only strengthen his hand with the Board.

He might have already made his mark?

Club Statements are using the name Dom now as opposed to Dominic. A good move. The use of Dominic looked like a bit of (well intentioned) marketing to me.

CQN told us on the 6th of April that it was expected that Eddie Howe would start on the 1st of June.

On the 8th of April, Howe’s agent appeared to contradict that.

CQN then told us that we were talking privately to a number of candidates.

There’s still work going on in the rebuild. It’s important that they get it right and Dom’s comfortable with the decisions that are being made.

I’ve a feeling that Dom carries a bit of luck.

Expectations are low (atm).

Sevco aren’t the Invincibilly’s the media suggest.

The impact of the pandemic has empowered the support like never before.

If Dom’s keen to make changes, he’s in the right place at the right time.

The Gombeen Man

Congratulations to St Johnstone.

Their first ever League Cup victory and now the defeat of Sevco at Ibrox in the Scottish Cup.

Would Nathan Patterson have been available for selection if he’d served his ban?

I’m not 100% sure.

James Tavenier was probably fatigued when he missed that penalty.

Only one team for Team of the Season for me, St Johnstone.

Let’s face it, Sevco have won that many Titles, what’s the fuss about another one?

St Johnstone’s exploits are history making.

CCB will have a spring in his step on the golf course today.

Till Later

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, BOBBY, good article, but I would not write off next season just yet, lets wait and see, the govan mob are no great shakes,👍 MAHE, the auld firm is deid 👍😎 aff oot dugwalking,.H.H.


Morning all,

Noticed last night that Defoe took a penalty for the Huns in shootout but he didn’t play in the whole 120 minutes.

I always thought you had to be on the park after extra time to take a penalty ?

Any thoughts anyone?


Big Audio Dynamite

Why do our fans constantly crow about “Masons” operating the Govan club? What exactly do you imagine guys like DD, Lawwell and Reid are??

Btw, be brilliant if St Johnstone won both cups.

Lurking Huns, GIRFRY! 😊

Big Audio Dynamite

Leggy, I’d have thought anyone in the squad could be a PK taker, no?

I’m definitely not writing of Celtic next season,what’s the point of going to games expecting them to get beat ,

Celtic Football Club should forget about joining a British League,They should through UEFA try and join some European Leagues ,and go it alone forget about them at Ibrox,

Andy Pandy 2

First season in many years where I sit in hope more than expectation. But by all accounts last night was a case of them wilting under pressure, again. We need to be in the hunt at Christmas, and then see what happens. Long way off I know, but given the right appointments and some shrewd signings it is possible. But before that, can someone please give us a little insight about what’s going on, it might help to soothe some of the anger and frustration amongst an already hacked off support.


Anyone who watched St Johnstone v Rangers right up to the 119 minute and switched to Line of Duty as I did and missed St J get just rewards for their efforts, could not help but be impressed by their work ethic.

They worked their socks off. They had a good physical presence and won a reasonable share of mid field and up front tussles as a result.

They pressed as if on the bar of one of those old fashioned footy games in amusement arcades where you spin the handle like eff whenever the ball comes into spin range.

My point is Davidson arrived last June. He had earlier connections with St J as player and was assistant coach which would help engender a spirit of belonging to St J, a spirit sadly lacking in Celtic and reflected in their play this season.

I’m not advocating Davidson or Kennedy for the job but whoever gets it will find merging that belonging spirit with a well drilled side with athletic muscle will shorten the period it will take to become serious rivals for the titles although a 6ft 5 goalie in luminous green might shorten it further.

The Gombeen Man


“Peter Lawwell continues in his role as Chief Executive Officer and board member until June 30. Dom will join the Club from April 19, working with Peter and the Executive team to ensure a smooth transition, until Dom takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer and board member on July 1.”

Celtic Statement on 6th April.

That’s as much as we have for the moment. It’s going to take a bit of time.

We know they offered the job to Eddie Howe and expected him to start on the 1st of June.
Howe’s agent cooled that expectation.

We’re either preparing for Howe’s arrival or are looking elsewhere.

Given our recent form, it looks like it’ll have to be an external candidate.

It’s important that there’s some level of structure in place at Executive level, before the new guy comes in – All that is background work.

Hopefully improving communications with the support is on Dom’s agenda.
Deciphering scarps from Pedro via his bloggers is tiresome.

Dom McKay speaks well. There’s plenty of good footage of him doing interviews on YouTube from his time at the SRU.

Transition is always a frustrating time.

Just think of all those Invincibilly’s T shirts that’ll end up as tea towels.


In a nutshell Organization!
Something thats been sadly missing at Celtic plc.
Too many self important blowhards making building a team impossible.
Hard work comes from collective responsibility.
The best modern teams press high.
At Celtic what are the aspirations and goals of the plc?
A strategy to build a football organization?
Or the usual poor choice with the hope that the fans get behind it?
So far the fans have been treated with disdain.
McKay has arrived and been consistent with the clubs silence and leave it to us policy.
Unless he is about to execute a previously unseen strategy that has footballing success as a priority i fear it will be more of the same.

The Gombeen Man


I know Scotland is technically outwith the remit of Tracey Crouch’s review of Football. You never know a summary of your frustrations and insights in dealing with the SFA, UEFA Celtic etc might be beneficial to her work.

Maybe someone in the English media, or politicians, might be interested in the shenanigans with the 5WA and the Plc culture north of the border?

It keeps on unfolding…

Good luck tomorrow.

Till Later.


Empty stadiums do have an impact on home results and officiating.
But reality for us Celtic fans is that our home form had been less formidable under BR in last season and a half and NL when we still had crowds.

1994 we supporters were known as nobody’s mugs.

2021 we supporters are known as everybody’s mugs.


Fan a tic

I think I’ve mentioned before but years back when working on the Membership Scheme idea and wearing my work experience in government hat I saw little evidence of a structured approach.

No surprise the lack of it is now manifesting itself.

Noel Skytrot

Organized team, definitely, but the carpet baggers are not a good team, some alright players but nothing special, yet they have still trumped us. It makes me angry how mediocre our season has been regardless of other circumstances we couldn’t control. The current mob running Celtic should be chased all the way down London Road. Disgraceful


The Gombeen Man

Thanks for the lead. I’ve followed up.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for coming back.

“Football’s difficulty is our opportunity.”

Back to the Mediterranean sunshine in the Emerald.


Celtic have to win next seasons league championship no if’s no buts. Next season’s champions are just about guaranteed a place in the CL group stages the season after next and the huge amounts of cash generated by this. Failure to win the league next season will be as big a failure as this season’s campaign imho. The implications of Sevco pocketing +£40 million while Celtic’s bank account is drained are all too obvious. Forget winning the title in a season or 2 after a rebuild, you’d be best contemplating a prolonged period of Sevco domination.

Something akin to MO’Ns arrival and the quality of players he bought then is what is needed to stop this, albeit we still had Henke, Mjallby, Stan, Lubo, Lambert, Macnamara and Boyd at the club then – which helped Martin a wee bit😉. Now we have ????? to build a team around. Feck me talk downsizing we do not have one player in the squad anywhere near the quality of those mentioned above let alone the seeming abundance of talented young players we had in the squad back then.

Will Dermott provide the new manager the huge amount of cash required to undertake to properly rebuild the squad?


The task facing Dom is indeed a huge one but if he is smart, he will realise that job 1 and even job 2 is to tackle the ST renewal. Without success in that, progress will be slowed. He has now had his honeymoon period(one week), now he needs to communicate with the fans. As a communication exercise, his first week was a failure. Some form of statement of intent was needed shortly after his arrival. None was forthcoming. There was no need for specifics but a message of hope was very much needed. Was he muzzled? If he was, he has already lost his first battle.

Congratulations to St J who revealed what it takes to defeat the incoming champions! Not least amongst their admirable characteristics was the presence of steel.

The new week has an impetus to be a good one.


Jobo Baldie

Leggy @ 9:06 –
As soon as St Johnstone equalised, Gerrard made this substitution that got Defoe on the park and therefore allowed to take a penalty. I believe the penalty (a very good one!) was his first -and last – touch of the match.


Noel Skytrot

TRFC Ltd might not have great players but they have a few very useful players in all key positions.

The Goalie is worth points to them.

The two regular full backs when they attack give the team everything missing from the Celtic line up.

Mid field they are strong with Aribo, Kamara and Arfield with Davis at his age bringing years of experience we will lack when Scott Brown leaves. The lad Wright from Aberdeen should be at CP after he waltzed through our “defence” at Pittodrie.

In Ryan Kent they have a match winner, the way he picks up the ball in their half when the ball breaks and gets into the opponent’s at speed and make good use of the ball is something we do not have.

Morelos wins a fair share of tussles with CBs and the young lad they were desperate to keep at full back, Patterson, reminds me of the impact Tierney had when he arrived. He has the same determined unafraid look about him and can motor.

Those are the areas we need to outmatch them next season. Not beyond us but they cannot be underestimated.

Noel Skytrot

that’s a fair assessment of some of their playing staff and I do rate some of the players. Do I think they’re anything special as they’re made out to be? not one bit. One trophy out of three when you consider the dysfunction that’s taken place within our own club its a pretty poor return.

I agree on the point that they’ve been underestimated and we need to do something to make sure there is no repeat of this, as Oglach points out they could amass a few dinero’s if they qualify for the Champions League, which could be used to bolster their squad.

PS, I hope things go well tomorrow



There are pros and cons for Celtic moving to a different league but the greatest for me if they accompany us is that the results when we play each other will lose the importance in terms of winning titles and CL access. No game will be a given.

That will change the reaction to points being dropped to them.

I think the clubs left behind will prosper too around Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen population centres. Lanarkshire might become a proxy for Glasgow.


Noel Skytrot

I’m with you although the best thing about the hype when they fail is it increases the depth of schadenfreude, it widens the smiles. 🙂 🙂 🙂


The main advantage that Sevco have is not their player resources but the system that they play. They have a system that utilizes their player resources ….in a word synergy. We, on the other hand, have hardly any synergy and no fixed system of play that uses our players properly. This is NL’s legacy.




I hadn’t even factored in the doomsday scenario of Das hun getting relatively easy qualifying games and making next season’s CL group stages thus banking +£30mill. Now add a further £40 mill for winning next season’s SPFL from automatic qualification for the group stages of the following season’s CL that will be a massive +£70 mill they may amass over a short period. Whereas we, likely, will be struggling in qualifying for the Europa group stages after having been pumped out of the CL qualifiers again and may not even have a team capable of challenging Sevco for next season’s title if our recent player acquisition form is maintained – cheapness and quantity over quality. That will not change unless Dermot says it will irrespective of who the CEO is.
Imagine Sevco with that amount of cash. Do you think they’ll bank it? Not a chance, they’ll do what their previous incarnation did and spend big to keep their boot on Timmy’s throat for the foreseeable future.
We need to ‘spend big’ now – empty the bank account in other words – bring in a good manager and proven professional footballers in order to mount a credible title challenge for next season. Building a football structure for the future can wait another season IMHO Speculate to accumulate now.

Noel Skytrot

my oul da always says that Celtic winning brings the biggest smile to his face, but the carpetbaggers getting beaten is second on his list of things that make him smile in football.

looking at both teams performances that could definitely be the case. Personally, I think there’s far more went on that we the supporters don’t know about.

Noel Skytrot

good to see you back in the yard. I mentioned your exact point about bringing in quality players in the mould of those mentioned earlier by yourself a few months back. I was coming at it from the perspective of players who take no nonsense and would have a right dash with the opposition whatever way they wanted to proceed. As for William and the CL riches, yer giving me the fear man. Lol


Much as I enjoy reading The Grauniad,it really isn’t much known for its sense of humour. It has even taken them nearly a month to come up with a decent April Fool joke.

It IS an April Fool,isn’t it?


The most important news that we are waiting on is who is the new manager. If Dom cannot announce the new man then infill would not placate the fans. I suspect that the new manager will be announced after our last league game. If the new manager is available now i.e unemployed, then he probably does not want to be associated with this season’s fiasco and rightly so. It does not mean that he is not planning what he will do on arrival. The reason for the delay could be that the sports science and fitness coaches and the DOF are all gainfully employed at the moment and have to wait till season end in England. NL binned the fitness regime of BR and it showed this season with the team running on empty after 60 minutes. I am confident that under the new regime all of that will be restored. Dom, coming from the rugby world will gladly fund that aspect of the football operation as he knows how critical it is. We can buy the best players in the world, I wish, but half fit they will be next to useless. I still think Eddy Howe will be announced or someone at or above that calibre. Anything less will mean mediocrity on an ongoing basis, poor ST sales and I don’t think that is why Dom is here.



A brilliant and obviously well researched article. Some great posts today too.

So that’s the poor old Huns oot the cup then. Who woulda thunk it? After they put us out, I honestly did not consider anything other than a second major trophy for the new club. After all, they have only appeared in one previous final, though Huns being Huns, would argue that they have appeared in 55 finals. Poor bastards. Arithmetic is not their strong point…along with reading, writing, thinking, etc etc etc. I assumed that anything other that a cup victory for that
mob would be a given. Surely any other outcome WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. I’ll come to that in a minute.

After what happened in March, I took last week’s result very badly. Not only were we deprived of another cup final weekend, but more importantly, we were in for more of the same if the Huns won. A week of mayhem and rampage by the celebrating hordes, but worse than before, considering the boozers will be back to normal. Thank feck we have been spared that.

I honestly thought that the SFA would use every trick-in the book or not-to ensure a double for the Huns.

I’m surprised that when the game went into extra time, that the legislaters at Hampden did not enact a new law that Tavpen be allowed to take all the Huns penalties. Why not indeed. We have previously had the unique concept of ‘associate membership’s of the SFA to accommodate the new club. And, of course, the other unique concept of ‘imperfectly registered’ players. The kicker for me though, was a convicted criminal and tax-dodger being considered a ‘fit and proper person’s by the SFA. You couldn’t make it up…except the SFA do. All with the knowledge and collaboration of our dear PLC. Which reminds me…is that bastards Lawwell gone yet? I have been on a self imposed news blackout for a week. Only found out this morning that the Huns were beaten…thanks to a text from an old pal.


Nice to see you back on.

A thing of beauty

Good read today.i am late in replying as I was in Glasgow looking for a new bike and taking Mr ATOB for a pint. Absolutely Baltic and not something I will be doing with him again. I believe like others have said, if we employ top class football operators in the boardroom, the dug out, lennoxtown and on the pitch we will be more than a match for sevco. It is scandalous how standards have slipped since BR left. We laughed at Lee Wallace and his world class breakfast speech but that was the beginning of them instilling practices from anfield into their club. While they were squeezing every ounce out their playing staff, we were treating ours to jollies in Dublin. The culture at our club has been eroded and it showed up badly this season. Fix that and we’ll be well on our way.
I know we disagree vehemently about this ESL situation but today you say you can’t see any downside. If it is a closed shop for all but the richest clubs, what is the point of any other teams playing the game? So in years to come across Europe you have 20 teams playing each other and the rest is the equivalent of the league of Ireland or the conference in England. If there is nothing to strive for why watch and from that there is no money, so no players and therefore no clubs to support. It will be a version of the NFL in Europe and I’m sure if not enough people are showing an interest in Real Madrid they can relocate them to another city. The legacy fan as we are apparently known will just have to suck it up. That’s not football and that is why it stirred up such strong feelings, in my opinion.

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