The last of the famous?

It is now only a matter of weeks until Scott Brown leaves Celtic. I typed that three times before and the laptop deleted it, automatically thinking it’s spam, those words just weren’t meant to be strung together.
I think we’ve been spoilt for Captains and options for the armband in the past. Billy and Paul instantly spring to mind, Tom Boyd and Paul Lambert were very able, and now it’s very easy to add Scotts name to the illustrious list.
Unlike the past though, no successor is apparent. At least not to me.
In general I would imagine or even encourage a manager to source (buy) his new Captain if he feels that character isn’t already in the building, but money is tight and I imagine Captain material isn’t cheap either.
It’s just not that simple and we are in a bit of a bind I believe.
The Celtic Captaincy is also different than others in that they have the pregame huddle every match to deal with. This calls for a different skill set than talent with your feet which can rule some out of the search. A good communicator and speaker of the native language suddenly become factors at play, for better or worse.
When Fergie realized he was letting his long standing, legendary Captain leave, he was smart enough at the time to not replace him like for like, but with a totally different style of player in Michael Carrick.
In hindsight it was a masterstroke.
He knew the new Captains no frills passing game would never get compared to the swashbuckling Corkmans role, and thus the comparisons couldn’t even begin.
This helped take the pressure off Keanos replacement, the Captains role changed instantly.
I contend Glasgow Celtic need a Broony type player on the pitch, the game up north demands it, who will then automatically be judged in direct comparison to Scott when he leaves. That character doesn’t need to get the armband but it does make moving on harder. We fully need at least one holding, tackling defensive midfielder, when one moves he gets replaced, which isn’t great for succession planning but there you have it.
Broonys on-field replacement Ismail Soro shouldn’t automatically inherit the armband of course, but would anyone be surprised if he decided to up sticks for a better league and climate, or wished to move closer to home during the pandemic?
He’s a no and there’s an argument our defensive midfielder should not be the Captain, that position being vital plus offering the ref the most opportunity to get the cards out.
Turnbull hasn’t done enough, same with Taylor, same with Welsh. Bain will be replaced, Ajer will go as will Olly n Eddy and probably Ryan along with Griff.
Of those that can reasonably be expected to stay there’s no reliable strong character to award the armband to, strange but true.
Nir should leave or be moved on, but he’s a big lad, a fixture around the club and training ground, and his name may get discussed.
He’s not Captain material, doesn’t play very often, won’t inspire in the Huddle, and like Soro wouldn’t be surprised if he upped sticks now at the end of era having given long service.
Big Jules has his size going for him if that’s even a metric but not much else.
Like James Forrest he’s missing a lot, may or may not be very committed now his compatriots look set to depart, and unless I’m mistaken isn’t a strong communicator.
James just doesn’t seem to have the gravitas needed for the job, I get the feeling he would rather shun the limelight and the weight upon his shoulders would be unwelcome, and Ill advised.
Which leaves Calmac almost by default, terrible position to be in. Yet he wouldn’t get many ticks beside his name if genuinely accessed. Not inspirational, nor what I would deem a strong character, doesn’t look a leader. He might accept it, but should get a payrise and new contract alongside it.
Looking at the next option, new head coach buying/bringing the new Captain with him, that is a simple sticking plaster fix for the problem. It would feel very alien to us for a brand new character to waltz in and straight away lead the team out. Sure there’s guys out there who really would enjoy that, but would the dressing room accept it, and would it help or hinder that players Celtic career?
We aren’t the most forgiving crowd if truth be told, nerves are extra heightened right about now, and any money spend we will expect first team ready standard more than usual.
Any new player will be under a huge microscope and given the weight attached to the armband, if the new Captain is also brand new in the door, there’s additional weight of expectation.
That’s a lot to ask.
What if they get dropped, don’t settle, can’t take the pressure?
I think a new guy getting the nod would be crazy, yet there’s no new Scott in the dressing room.
As such, all signs point towards moving away from the traditional Captains model of being the group and on-pitch leader.
This may be a little hard for us to swallow than most given some of those Titans mentioned above, but times do change.
That football sage Fergie shunned the tough guy leader, something we also look set to do 15 years later.
Captain, Leader, Legend.
Captain Fantastic.
Those days are ending, and it’s us who must now adjust our mindset of what qualities he who leads the team should bring to the table. If new guy doesn’t get in the oppositions face after a hard tackle, isn’t cajoling teammates, is the opposite of what came before him, then we must shrug and admit those days are gone.
Scott Brown could very well be the last of our legendary Captains.
By Mahe.

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Morning Mahe.

Great article


Many thanks Kev. Glad you enjoyed.
Bedtime in California. Take it easy.

Hail Hail


Great background lad.


Quote” We aren’t the most forgiving crowd if truth be told,”that’s because we have high expectations, look at the trophy haul in the last 20 years, and when you have watched guys like Henke, Sutton ,Naka …. you kind of expect or want the new players to rise to those standards. I think a good manager coming in will get a lot more out of the players who are left over after the clearance than we are getting from them right now . I honestly think Big Kris Ajer has the ability and potential to be a top player if played in the midfield.
I also think he would be a great Captain given the proper schooling and direction from the manager. I also had high hopes for Anthony Ralston I thought he had that Glasgow charectoristic of not taking any shit, and bring it on attitude ,I don’t know if I over rated him, but honestly I have not seen him for a couple of years so really don’t know where his game is at. Griffiths has lost most of his proffesional career either through illness or bad habits. Leigh,s best earning years could be behind him if Celtic let him go, we know there is a goal scorer there ,the decision is does he deserve another contract, definitely not a captain to look up to.
And Callum has a lot to offer ,he definitely needs a break to recharge his batteries, the new manager could be pleasantly surprised by what we have there.
I don’t know maybe your right bring one in.
So another great Article to get us thinking, I can’t imagine how much time you guys put into putting together each leader.

Noel Skytrot

Simple solution, every single player that steps on that pitch should be a captain and behave accordingly. It might be Calum or Jamesie unless they sign someone who cuts it.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Would the attraction of being Captain of Celtic convince Kris Ajer to extend his stay with us? He’s just about the only ‘captain material’ that ticks the boxes for me.

Jobo Baldie

Oops, not sure why that post appeared twice… 😉

Noel Skytrot

if a top player gets brought in and displays all the attributes needed to be captain he might be given the captaincy. As for masons, i’m not sure who your referring too.


I’m sorry but Brown is nothing other than a very average (im being kind) footballer. Poor first touch, erratic passing ect. Fans seem to be blinded cause he scored at ibrox and got in a huns face. I wish he’d left years ago.

Noel Skytrot

have a good day.


Before I go about the good day that you wished me, Noel, am I correct in observing that you work for the authorities?

As per your own testimony here?


Morning all & Packy.
Another fine article Mahe. Yourself & Bobby should get a medal for the work you put in with the site.

I’ve never been a big fan of Scott as a player. Years a go – I think during Neil’s first stint – myself & a pal used to watch the games in the pub, for a laugh we used to count the number of Scott’s missed passes. We stopped doing it after a few weeks, it was becoming not funny!

I reckon he was a better captain than a player. Although the best people to judge his captaincy are those with the inside knowledge.


I have the inside knowledge, Jim.

He did what he thought was right for him, just like Peter.

So fuck the perra thum.



Are you saying Scott Brown picked the team and overruled the manager and club doctors to decide that KT played through injuries?


Big Billy will be turning in his grave at this abject fiasco that even the bloggers have bought into.

Celtic First, before all personal pride & glory.

And these two wanks turned that entire concept on its head to fulfil their own personal wishes and their lunatic self obsessed ‘statue outside the ground‘ dreams.


Charlo, name one single poster on this site who hold DD & PL in high esteem. You have not been lurking much methinks!



You spooked me there using my name

The reason I asked the question, if Scott did force KT to play and ignore medical advice, surely it’s the management and club doctors who should be called into question here.
I would doubt Scott and any medical skills and was doing what we all done when we played ourselves, ie, “run it off, you’ll be fine”


To be honest I don’t think KT would need much coaxing to play when he shouldn’t have.


Reminder to all that language violations and personal attacks are not encouraged here. Certain posts have been deleted.

Noel Skytrot

I’m not going to respond to your previous personal questions as it’s fuck all to do with you or anyone else for that matter. Let’s leave it at that.

On the topic of Brown and Tierney, do you personally have information that suggests that the club captain intentionally set out to ruin someone’s career and at the same time scupper the progress of Celtic’s most sellable asset?


Kieran Tierney’s message to Brooney,

: “Congratulations on everything you achieved mate. Was an honour to play alongside you for so long.

“My hero. Captain, leader, legend.”


Morning all! An interesting read today, both the main article and the various comments not submitted by Charlo! The discussion about who will replace Scott Brown – incidentally, a better technical player than he is being given credit for here – again highlights the dysfunctional nature of how the fitba business has been mismanaged in recent times! The simple fact that we seem set to lose up to half of our first team squad absolutely astonishes me. That we don’t have a ready made player capable of assuming the captaincy is just as bad as the situation regarding the new manager, whoever it will be. The sooner PL goes and DMcK is permitted to start righting the wrongs of the last 20 years the better!!
…and Calmac might not be a bad shout for the job…just saying like!!

Noel Skytrot

Various articles can be found online dated 26/03/2021 with Tierney giving Brown many accolades.



Good to have you around,oul’ mucker! Hope yer looking forward to Punchestown and some golf in the near future.


The thing annoying me most at the moment is the total disconnect between the board and the fans/customers. Absolutely nothing coming information wise from the board. They know fine well that there are hundreds of thousands of Celtic fans/customers wanting to know what the plans are for next season and beyond. It’s as though they’re revelling in our angst.
Not a word from them for months. They’re treating us like shit on their shoe

Jobo Baldie

Corkcelt – great to see you on. This site improves by the day 😉

Noel Skytrot

For the multiple named poster, what is the truth, and how would you propagate change?

bada bing1

Corky- nice to see you on.

bada bing1

A photo of Neil Lennon and Chris Wilder ,allegedly in Edinburgh yesterday, doing the rounds…


My,how bloody entitled do some people believe they are that they can pop in and behave like a pair of tossers whenever they feel like it?

Noel Skytrot

it’s a sad day when people who don’t know you or anything about you start personalising chat on a football blog.

Troll Crusher

See the troll is back

comment image


Good to see you posting. Hope you and yours are well.



It is,mate. And while I can’t be on here 24/7,I’ll nip it in the bud as soon as I see it. Meantime,if anyone is attacked as happened earlier,please mail me on

and I’ll sort it as soon as I can.

We wouldn’t put up with being spoken to like that in a pub,so there’s no reason why it can be acceptable on here either.

Noel Skytrot

I can wring trolls out all day long, but I just can’t be arsed with bringing negative vibrations onto the site. I sent an email earlier to the SC email addy.

St tams

As much as Broony has been a great captain and servant. I’m not entirely convinced that a captain is a big issue.
More of an issue is the all the players acceptance of decisions on the park.
We never see anyone screaming for free kicks or penalties. Watch any game down south and players are surrounding refs all the time.
We accept everything. On and off the park.

Noel Skytrot

St Tam’s,

I made a similar point earlier, we should have eleven captains on the field.


If….as it seems, VAR cannot be afforded by our league, we should at least mic up the match officials. How refreshing, and open would that be? It’d be much harder for skullduggery in officiating


I think Kris Ajer is the best candidate but will he remain? Depends on his reasons for moving I suppose.

I can remember watching Scot Brown at Hibs and thinking I’d love to see that attitude at Celtic, same when I saw Neil Lennon at Leicester.

I cannot think of any players I’ve watched Scotland or England recently that I’ve thought the same of. McGinn maybe the nearest but he is the obvious one that got away.

Noel Skytrot

Kris Ajer is the most probable candidate, but as you state, he might not be around the club much longer.

Give it too Barkas.


3sy…. and that’s EXACTLY why it’ll no happen! 🤔

Andy Pandy 2

We can argue about Scott Brown’s skills as a footballer, and it is clear that they split opinions. What however cannot be denied is the presence he brings onto the pitch, and by all accounts in a number of aspects around the club. Nobody at Celtic has, it seems, a bad word to say about him. As for the opposition, they are not too fond of him, that in itself tells you something. That is the hole that needs to be filled. Not sure if anyone currently at the club will have that, either now or in the future. We may need to look elsewhere.
Work beckons, have good day one and all.



Noel Skytrot

Check the article in the online Daily Radar about what Celtic supporters love about TRFC, its a hoot.

I’ll tell you what I love about them, absolutely feck all. Where do they find these people?


A captain whose style of play inspires the team.
Difficult as we have no discernible playing system.
New coach if he arrives before 2024 will know what’s needed.

bada bing1

I know you will struggle to comprehend ,that this happened at that squeaky clean Klub in Govan…

Saltires en Sevilla


Broony will forever be a part of the folklore of Celtic, his status is assured.

His trophy cabinet at home built by Krupp and sponsored by Silvo Duraglit.

As to a replacement, the safest bet is that it will be a new hire!

The lack of leadership at the club is stark… from top to bottom.

We need 3 captains, one for each department on the pitch Front, Middle & Back.

Players that can win possession – keep it when required, and pass the ball quickly to feet under pressure in European games.

Plus, encourage, train/mentor and demand the junior players around them to do the same.

The earliest ‘test’ of the intentions of ‘new’ management will be the absolute requirement that players purchased can fulfil these essential criteria. They will come armed with plenty evidence of same on their CV.

If we don’t see this happening, and bedded in by start of European games, we know we have the wrong leaders in the recruitment department. The wrong leader sitting above them, and we are staring at more mediocrity.

It will not be difficult to suss them out…early doors…from the get go …at the start of the journey …

Jobo Baldie

So, I know it’s not quite as confusing as Line Of Duty but that WAS ole KevJ that was on with a few rants earlier this morning, yes?



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