The Booty-Full Game

Boris Johnson gazed at the potrait of Winston Churchill on the wall of his Downing Street office. Things were tough. Brexit, the Pandemic. If only his luck would change…
The Prime Minister’s precious moments of contemplation were interrupted by a rousing chorus of Jerusalem on his personal mobile phone. Boris looked at the screen. It was his old friend and collegue Katie Perrior on the line. Katie had startling news.
Johnson and Katie had worked together during his time as Mayor of London. Ms Perrior later moved to Downing Street to work as Director of Communications for Theresa May. Somewhat fortuitously Katie currently has a senior position at iNHouse Communications.
Katie excitedly told Boris how she’d been hired to represent 12 major football clubs who were secretly planning to breakaway from UEFA to form a European Super League. Katie’s news was manna from heaven to Boris.
Boris reached into his top drawer and pulled out a coffee stained manila file. Before opening the file, he looked at the smiling figure of Winston and quietly mouthed the words, “Thank you.”
The following words were scribbled on the grubby manila file –
“2030 World Cup Bid.”
On the 1st of March 2021, the British Government pledged £2.8m towards a joint bid to host the planet’s largest sports tournament in the UK and Ireland. Mr Johnson backed the bid saying, ” We are Very, Very keen to bring football home in 2030.”
‘Impeccable timing, almost uncanny.’ Thought Boris.
A meeting with the Chief Executive of Manchester United, Ed Woodward, was hastily organised.Woodward had previously worked as an investment banker for the backers of the Super League project, JP Morgan.
Boris would not only save the English game but also UEFA’s blue ribbon tournament the Champions League. An embattled UEFA and FIFA were going to be extremely grateful.
The news of the planned breakaway was scheduled to be announced during the evening of Sunday 18th of April, by way of a rather clumsily worded press release.
At 1pm that afternoon, The Times’ Martyn Ziegler leaked the story, before the official launch.
On Sky’s Super Sunday, Gary Neville was apoplectic. The proposal was the personification of greed. The Americans were to blame.Thankfully Neville stopped short of advocating a second assault on the White House. Perhaps, Phil Neville and David Beckham might of led the attack from their base at Inter Miami CF?
On Monday evening Jamie Carragher suggested Liverpool supporters might tear Anfield apart. I don’t recall any mention of the Champions League and Premiership titles won during the stewardship of the Fenway Group.
Neither pundit discussed the huge losses suffered by Manchester United and Liverpool during the pandemic. United took out a £200m rolling facility at the beginning of the pandemic. They recently announced they’d drawn down £60m of that emergency funding.
Sky’s campaign to save British football had all the hallmarks of a Roger Ailes masterpiece. Selective amnesia, squirrels, distortion, it was all there.The Royal Family even pitched in with messages of support in the country’s hour of need.
The newspapers declared War.
Lord Kitchener would have enthusiastically approved.
On Sunday the 25th of April, Sky Sports viewers were reminded by Mr Neville that the owners of the six clubs had, ” Attempted to murder of English football.” Be very afraid, “They haven’t gone away.”
Sky forgot to mention their attempted takeover of Manchester United in 1999.Their bid of £623m was blocked by the Monopolies and Mergers Commission.
Conveniently they also forgot to mention the sale of their 10% stake in United at an inflated price to market speculators, in October 2003. That stake was then bought by the Glazers forming part of the now infamous leveraged buyout.
Aleksander Čeferin the President of UEFA appeared on our screens. Mr Čeferin did a convincing impression of a Pakhan of the Eastern European Mob. He’s Slovenian but forgot to mention his own links with Russia, and persistent rumours about how he got the job at UEFA. Nor did he mention his alleged dubious connections in Croatia.
President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino did his own Cosa Nostra routine infront of the cameras. He didn’t discuss the Panama Papers and his signature on the dodgy broadcasting rights for Champions League and UEFA broadcasting rights. Nor did he mention Hugo Jinkis, the FBI or the Swiss Police.
The US made quick progress with their investigations into corruption at FIFA. There’s still in excess of 20 ongoing and unduly protracted criminal investigations in Switzerland.
Potential criminal charges facing Mr Infantino are incitement to abuse office, incitement to violate secrecy, incitement to obstruct justice.
The attached document provides background in respect of the 20+ cases and highlights concerns over possible implications of time time-bar of prosecutions. Some clues too in respect of Germany and France.
So disgusted was Boris Johnson by the Super League proposals he threatened to drop a “legislative bomb on them.” Boris didn’t offer any elaboration on the providence of £1.4bn of Russian money invested in Chelsea via interest free loans.
Nor did Boris discuss the extravagant funding of Manchester City and any possible sporting advantage.
Faced by a tsunami of criticism the six English football clubs involved in the ESL backed out of the proposal on Tuesday evening.
A governmental review of professional soccer has been established. Mr Johnson’s timely intervention and leadership in the face of unprecedented greed saved the beautiful game.
Boris’ Battle of Britain Moment.
Strangely, given the Prime Minister’s concern for the integrity of the sport. He’s never offered any form of criticism at the appointment of a convicted criminal as the Chairman of Sevco or any of the nefarious activities at Ibrox over the last twenty years.
With this week’s purchase of £340k worth of Dave King’s shares in Sevco by Club 1872- and the target of another £2m by the end of June. Club 1872 are making steady progress towards their £12m agreement to buy Mr King’s shares.
Will the Club 1872 model be touted by Boris’ Parliamentary Review, as the benchmark for supporter ownership of football clubs?
I really hope so. Nothing could go wrong.
Boris Johnson is the toast of soccer supporters and the game’s mandarins.
Will the good people at FIFA remember how Boris saved UEFA’S booty-full game when the voting comes to decide the venue of the 2030 World Cup?
(Any resemblance to actual person(s) in this work of fiction is purely coincidental.)

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The above was put together by The Gombeen Man and gratefully received.
If you ever fancy penning a piece we would be happy to publish it.

Happy Friday folks.


Well done the Gombeen Man , this theft and mistrust goes all the way down to kids football,I know it happened to the neighbouring association here just a couple of years ago, and we rarely hear the outcome of the proceedings,just like it is happening in Zurich. What a lucky break for some of them that Covid delayed their trial, and now it is abandoned because of time.
We know we have a cheating wee prick from Glasgow who is wormed right in with UEFA, in Switzerland ,how could our Board standby and let that happen.And how does SDM hold on to his title, shame!
I guess the purist form of football was when we dropped our jackets and jumpers for goal posts and played without refs, coach,s or time limits, as long as there was a street light and your Ma didn’t call you in you played for hours .There was no better stadium in the world, not Hampden,Wembley,or the Maracana ,the only place that would have been better was a beach on the Ayrshire Coast
I played well into my 40s but had very few games that gave me as much pleasure as those street games where everyone thought he was playing like his idol.For me it was Big Billy,I wasn’t playing on the streets of Easterhouse, I was playing at Celtic Park against Eric Caldow ,Jimmy Johnstone , Bobby Shearer and Frank Haffey and sometimes even on the same team as the players I disliked.Those were the days that hooked me to Celtic, that and the stories I heard sitting listening to my dads and uncles talk about their favourite Celts.
Ahh, Easterhouses streets, “the fields of dreams”

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Pay Day Friday from a cloudy but dry and bright-ish East Kilbride. And just 2 more sleeps till we hide behind our sofas again 😉


Score predictor update 30/4/21
Morning bhoys and ghirls
Bada (j)..2pts..143
Chalm(j)..4pts. 121
Trm(jj)No entry..116
Lct (j)..4pts..115
Atob..3pts..114 entry..108
C76..4pts..104 entry
Jobo(j)..2pts..55(No luck)
Well done to celts champ elect who got 8 point’s which doubled to 16 thanks to his joker
You once again have a free£5 charity bet this weekend, know in plenty of time..

Mahe,you have £15 waiting to go to a charity of your choice after your bet came up,well done..

This week’s fixtures
Dundee Utd15:00Ross County

Hibernian15:00St Johnstone



St Mirren15:00Hamilton


Only 3 round of fixtures remaking and Bada remains In front with Vp and cce breathing down his neck.The jokers I think will play an important part to determine the winner.

Good luck to you all.


Morning all…poor Jobo Baldie on the Predictor! He’s only got One point but as per Scottish Football Competition Regulations it is automatically registered as 55…so actually Well Done Jobo!! 🤣🤣🤣

Cosy Corner Bhoy

I notice on the news now that Boris Johnson has been taking lessons from Scotland’s Finest, previously known as Strathclyde Police, on how to deal with questions that really need answering! ‘Nothing to see and nothing to worry about’ on The House refurbishment. Obviously forgot it’s not the SMSM he’s talking to but the MSM!
Now the fiancée is ‘taking the blame’!! Don’t worry, hen, we never thought it was his idea to modernise a flat! He’s not even modernised his style or even his hair in over 20 years! He’s been lying all his public life and probably before then as well.
His newly appointed ‘Investigator’ has to report to him first! Straight out the SFA handbook.

A thing of beauty

Interesting article that seems to point to the fact that all of football is corrupt. It’s hard to disagree. What I will say is that the champions league at the moment still allows a club like ours to dream and test ourselves against the best. The Superleague negates that prospect. Had it been invented 60 years ago the world would never have seen the Lisbon lions. That’s exactly what makes it wrong.
Ah the back of the couch again. Serious questions must be asked why this was allowed to happen.ot doesn’t actually make any sense. I’ve never known such apathy around Celtic and that is more dangerous than anger.
Right off to work. At some point over the weekend I’ll catch up on the acsom share stuff. I feel as though I do nothing these days but finding a spare hour and a half is really hard. Hmmm maybe I should just skip the game on Sunday and watch it then.



Outstanding piece of work. Quite an eyeopener to see it all written down like that,reminding us all of the sheer money-grabbing cynicism of everyone involved in The Beautiful Game these days.

And yet,as THETIC reminds us in his comment,it was never meant to be like this. And there we also have Jock and co in the background with The European Cup,a permanent reminder that it really should be about pure,beautiful football.

Football at its heart is a simple game,but it can be easily destroyed by overthinking,or by coaches like Herrera,or as you pointed out so succinctly,by simple greed and self preservation.

Geez ma ba’ back,ya money grabbing basterts!

Maestro Fan


Jobo Baldie

On the ole predictor can I just say that I only joined this in February…. if I have jokers to play (wasn’t on herecwhen rules were explained) just apply them by default as soon as possible please!

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the comment.
I suppose the backdrop to the blog explains why many of us keep coming back.
At it’s best there’s a purity and humility about the game.
Maybe we just didn’t see the other stuff as kids?
People like Jock Stein & the Lions, Paul McStay, Henrik had a humility about them. It never seemed to be about them, money or a cause.

Just the game.


This is what Boris had to say about Inhouse Communications (the crowd that the ESL hired).

If you’re at a loose end they’re streaming the Tory Party Conference Live on their site.

I hope you’re well and back at the golf.

“They are the Fortnum and Mason of communications. They deliver and they deliver quality. Without them, I simply would not have been made Mayor.” Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP


Thanks, I know. It’s just a matter of enjoying the game, I suppose in the knowledge that it’s not what it says on the tin.

Fingers crossed for Sunday. I hope the new bike goes well tomorrow.

Here’s my version of the CL Semi- Finalists,

Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s XI v Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani’s  XI

Roman Abramovich’s Xl v Real Madrid, €350m in debt (and counting).

(What chance have you got?)


Thanks M.

I caught these figures yesterday. With the news from BT Sport, it might take the World Cup in 2030 to stop the rot.

Liverpool’s external debt does rank fifth in the Premier League, with Brighton & Hove Albion (£306m), Everton (£409m), Manchester United (£526m) and Tottenham Hotspur (£831m) above them.

Liverpool Echo, 28th April 2021.

Maestro Fan,

Thanks for the comment. I enjoy your contributions.

Till Later.

Angel Gabriel

Morning all.
Another excellent article that further raises the standard of articles on this site. Hat doffed to Gombeen Man .

The article exposes the hypocrisy behind the tantrums from Sky pundits, politicians, many of the media, and fans from the league that’s been self declared as the world’s best .

A couple of points.

There’s also hypocrisy among us , as Celtic fans .

The anger at how Sevco are funded wasn’t apparent from many Tims until our self imposed implosion. Many of us helped out in a small financial way to Res 12 and also gathered support from shareholders who didn’t do online blogs and gleaned the knowledge from newspapers etc who blissfully ignored the corruption in Scottish fitba.
Many done their wee bit .
Then again .

How many stopped attending Celtic Park ?
How many emptied Hampden ?
How many rejoiced in not seeing the Rainjurz coming, while we were blind to the negligence happening inside Lennoxtown with poor coaching and standards of fitness falling.

When Celtic used to vote in harmony in every vote with the original Rangers, how many wrote letters of complaint to the boardroom ?

On numerous occasions many have written their desire to see Celtic leave this ‘sectarian cesspit of football ‘ . My question is , in the rush to leave Scotland, the only way we will leave is hand in hand with the law breaking, rule breaking, new 55 Rangers .

The game is f####d and has been for a while.

Where’s the next World Cup ? What date is it taking place?
Will we watch, bet , and debate on every game ?
Or will we take the moral high ground and just ignore .

There’s not a great deal, that us as Celtic fans can influence with world fitba.
There’s plenty we can influence here in Scotland, in our own particular way.
It comes down to how much you care about sport, us ( as in Celtic fans ) caring more about only us , or the game in general.

We only moan when we’re not winning.

I always like the dude that posts on CQN during any debate about governance in Scottish fitba.

Fix fitba. Empty Hampden.

That’s a start that few ( including myself until the invincible treble Tom Rogic day when my self imposed ban strangely subsided) were ever prepared to make.

Until we make our own protest, not much will change. HH


The Gombeen Man…if it’s possible to leave aside rivalries and politics it’s a hard read to know that the simple game we all love is so corrupt! But…where there is a coin to be extracted or exploited there surely will be no shortage of willing exploiters (and exploitees!)
In its purest form it is the best game in the world…I watch the wee guys as young as 5 coming onto the pitch to start their training sessions and it’s great to see the joy they have just being involved. Even at our age group of U16s, where the boys are full of attitude and faux machismo, once the game starts and the concentration levels increase there is nothing better!
Cash is the Great Corruptor in all avenues of life!


Angel Gabriel… whilst I agree with just about all of your post I’ve long bemoaned the lack of opportunities given to youth players, not only at Celtic but Scotland as a whole. Our structure just does not allow for the proper development of our young players. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact moment when the decline started but the cancellation of the Reserve League was the final nail in the coffin of youth football in Scotland. But, in relation to TGM’s lead article, the decision to cancel the Reserve League was purely financial (and if I remember correctly was instigated by The Old Huns at a time when they were buying Dutch internationalists like they were going out of fashion).


Morning all,

Just read on Phil MacG’s blog that the Howe deal is done and dusted and he’s heading our way. Great news, if true.

However, the article also states that Gutman,Klimala and Perez were sold on Howe’s say so.

Call me cynical, but Gutman and Perez sold on Eddie Howe’s say so, !!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you could ask many Celtic supporters who Perez and Gutman were and you would get many different answers from;

2 new muppet characters ?
The new figure skating world champions ?
The reporters that discovered the Watergate Scandal ?.

My point ??????

Eddie Howe has suddenly become “The Memory Man” and has somehow managed to jettison 2 players who, are long distant memories of many a Celtic fan. Come on ??????

Must be a very talented man.

If that is the case, perhaps when he gets the Manager’s job, at his first press conference, someone with Res 12 in mind, shouts out from the back of the room, ” Mr Howe, forget the 39 steps, but what have the SFA got on Peter Lawwell ?”.


The world these days really is getting beyond satire,and nowhere is that more true than in Norniron,where Her Arleneness has been forced out because of her “progressive” views.

I mean,you really could not make that up,could you?

Her mooted successor is someone by the name of Edwin Poots,which frankly sounds like the sort of pseudonym you might find in Private Eye,and who genuinely believes that the world was only created 6000 years ago (and that dinosaur skeletons and fossils were buried by God as a playful Treasure Hunt)


He might be onto something,and it has been hiding in plain sight for those with the eyes to see. For after all,1 is the new 55. So it follow follows that 6000 is the new 330,000. Which is the approximate age of the earliest known human existence.

Vote Poots,the new Messiah. It’s a sign,I tell ye.



At least I now know who “ H” is !!!!!!!!!!

But Schhhhhh ! Don’t tell anyone, I know 🤫

#TheWeeDonkeyCSC 🍀🍀


Bobby…is Edwin Poots the New Stoopid! 🤔

Angel Gabriel

Leggy 10.15am

Regards your last question.
I’m not convinced that the SFA have anything on PL .
I just think Lawwell is looking after future career prospects, probably with UEFA in mind.
Please keep in mind that Lawwell answers to Dermot Desmond.
Both will see Celtic through the eyes of the PLC and the share price first and foremost. That’s why they cling onto the cash cow of the Old Firm .
With those 2 charge we remain one half of something deplorable. There’s no evidence to suggest otherwise.
Think secret 5 way agreements that we were complicit in .

Angel Gabriel

McCaff 10.07

Agreed. We’ve neglected our youth set up .



This Charles Poots?….

Hope not 🤬

St tams

Once again an excellent lead article, which puts another Celtic blog to shame.

Keep up the good work H H


The Gombeen Man

A top class article, mixing fact with conjecture and humour. Ye missed your true vocation…should have been a writer for Private Eye.

I mention on occasion a book that I have found particularly interesting. Got 2 for ye here.

1. How They Stole The Game by David Yallup. A magnificent investigation into corruption within FIFA.

2. The 2nd book may interest Oglach. The title is ‘The Time Has Come’ by Tony O’Hara. Best bits include childhood memories of Brandywell and The Bogside…Lisbon 67 even gets a mention. The book also reflects on the author’s time ‘on the blanket’ and of course the 1980/81 hunger strikes in Long Kesh.

Hail Hail.



‘We know we have a cheating wee p***k from Glasgow, who has wormed right in with EUFA’.

Just to clarify…do you mean Hugh Dallas or Peter Lawwell???

Hail Hail.


Excellent lead today TGM

It is laughable that Johnston the spoilt Elton boy would become the people’s champion, saving the beautiful game for the masses and fighting against greed. Mr «greed is good » himself.
Now that the scare stories regarding John Kennedy for DOF have been dismissed, we may have something to look forward to on Sunday and Monday, a victory and a new Manager. If James Forrest plays and RC sits it out, we may well record a victory at last at the bigot dome on Sunday.


Good morning troops and thank fork it’s Friday. Good bless all those with health issues or less fortunate than ourselves.

TGM, quality man, great way with words.
It’s corrupt, bent, a farce, whatever way you wish to describe it.
It’s notable Superleague had a 55 percent on wages clause, so owners are guaranteed profit. There is a way for corporate needs (greed) and football to coexist I believe and a salary cap may or may not help but it’s a start.
ACSOM were detailing a company DD is involved in that specializes in surveillance and is banned in the USA, you’ve mentioned it also.
I think we just have to accept he’s not Celtic class. Might have been once and claimed to be recently, but actions speak louder than words.
I league change would take priority but good Lord I would love a decent majority shareholder, ideally the most decent of all, the Tims!

The island should be fun this weekend, wish I was there. High 20s here this weekend. Got most of my outdoor work done during week in anticipation.

Cheers again

Hail Hail


Regarding the City game, I thought Poch lost the game as much as City won it.
Around the 55th minute the wonderful but aging Di Maria was huffing and puffing to get back into position, not his fault tbh at 32 and a high tempo game.
Poch kept him on the field another 20 or 25 minutes, while they went behind.
He should have reacted much faster to a rejuvenated opponent in the second half.
I think he flopped on the night. If Neymar doesn’t play, Mbappe gets starved, looks like it to me. They need each other, he needs to remedy that.

On Neymar he has turned my opinion of him around, something I’m always happy to have happen.
Yes he’s a turd but the lad can play, goodness he can.
A hand in 67 goals in 67 Champions League appearances is up there with the very best.
The tie isn’t over by a long shot, but all City have to do is nulify him and that hurts Mbappe a lot so they have a great edge.
But don’t be surprised if that lad is instrumental in another giant killing along with his partner in crime, they really are that good together at times.
I suspect the days of Ronaldo and Messi automatically being thought of and perhaps actually the world’s number one and two are closing, the new breed will dominate the award podiums now and the super talented yet super annoying Brazilian and Mbappe might just fill the void. Ive come to like watching them play together.

Have a great weekend
Hail Hail


I see that ‘The Herald’ andd ‘Evening Times’ chip wrappers have joined the social media boycott over discrimination in football. That’s nice.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, the fallout from the ‘Fenian C**t’ incident at Ibrox continues unabated, with all major titles in the MSSM and broadcast media, condemning this discrimination in the strongest terms…aye, right. Silence reigns, as per usual.

It seems that only certain types of discrimination are to be condemned. The bandwagon jumpers will happily embrace whatever their cause of the week is, then feck off to something new.

In real time however, anti-Catholic sectarianism, anti-Irish racism and discrimination against Celtic Football Club continues, with not one peep from anyone…except ourselves, of course.

The silence of the PLC scumbags is the hardest of all to take. However, we shouldn’t really be surprised, considering the low calibre of the individuals involved. Thieving, corrupt, carpetbagging quislings the lot of them. As BMCUW recently mentioned, THAT is their legacy.

Hail Hail.


Mahe sentinel celts donated £20
Hopefully Cce this weekend can add to it..



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We have lost 4 youth players this year.2 to Germany….1 to Man. City and 1 to Italy.We have to find a way to hold on to them.
It’s tough when the big countries come calling but i think we have to have better coaching etc. for the young lads.
Probably a lot more ,i’m sure some of you can expand.

Mike in Toronto

Angel Gabriel

“We only moan when we’re not winning.”


Not true….. ask anybody on CQN, when it comes to the cheating, I’ve been moaning since 2012 ….. in fact, you dont even need to ask them, just mention my name, and the standard response is likely to be ‘… oh, that moaning git…. he’s always moaning about something… he’s like a broker record “….


I never really got the hatred some Celts had for Neymar…. a show pony… but that’s the modern game….. Ithink he is a step down from Messi and Ronaldo in their prime, but even to be in the same sentence as those two is high praise …..and Mbape and he make a frightening tandem…. skill and pace….

but the combination I would LOVE to see ….. Mo Salah and Kevin DeBruyne … two players that I would pay to watch every day … play smart fun, football .. they are such fun footballers to watch, I would love to see them play together…. they are the sort of players that are fun to watch …. together, I think they would be a magical combination…



Dallas , the other guy is still working his ticket

Por Cierto

PL needs a position at Celtic FC if he is to, keep his position or continue to climb the ladder at UEFA. You must have an official capacity at a club to be on any committees or hold a position. Personally, I think we will find something for him, as he is highly thought of at UEFA and is something I’m sure the club does not want to lose, por cierto

The Gombeen Man

St Tam’s, Magua, Henrikschip, Mahe,

Thanks lads for the compliments.

I guess one thing that sets us apart from the rest of the growing corruption in the game is that we’ve managed to collude and screw ourselves up.

In the haste to save the sacred cow of the Old Firm, we’ve succeeded in handing Sevco unfettered access to the “55th Title.”

Bought of course with illicit funds and while trading very close to, or in insolvency…and with more than a little help from their friends.

That takes some doing.

Thanks again. Thanks Mahe & BMCUWPS for publishing.

Roll on Sunday.


Can anyone conversant with Germany football, explain exactly how the 50+1 system works in reality, as opposed to theory. Could such a system work for the Celts? Of course, if this system is ever introduced at Ibrox, it would be known as 50+5.

Just been on etims diary. The article today is an absolute hoot, as are some of the comments.

McCaff you scamp

Yer fair on form today. I’m still having a quiet chuckle at your 8.24 comment re 55.

Got a 55 story of my own, at my own expense. Not something that I wish to divulge on a public forum, but would gladly spill the beans at a hoot.

Hail Hail.

St tams

It’s not just coaching that’s the issue.
The boys need to see in front if them a plan an pathway to the first team.

For example.
When Bayern started sniffing around Liam Morrison, he was taken on the preseason tour and given a game. But the boy had already made his mind up to leave. So it was too late.


TGM Superb Leader HH


Was walking hound before gets really hot here.
I’ve noted your ‘fetish’ for a Salah/KDB combo, a very tasty proposition.
The destinations of CR7 and Leo will be interesting. I think one goes to a lesser league, the other stays in the big 5 to smash record after record.
No prizes for guessing which one of course.

If money were noobject I’d probably opt for the M&M combo up top.
Mane and Mbappe.

Hail Hail from the heat



Thanks a million for posting that article. Very informative. Perhaps you could send a copy to Blue Peter. You can just imagine the fecker:

Blue Peter: What, what, fan controlled clubs. Cheap entry for supporters. Oh, we can’t be having that sort of thing. What would happen to my massive bonuses and unlimited expense account. No, no. That will not do at all.

Or something along those lines. On the plus side, it may well give the bastard a nervous breakdown, thus hastening his departure.

Hail Hail.



Hail Hail from the heat? FFS man, were all freezing our he-maws aff here in not so sunny Glesca. Not that I’m jealous or anything…

Hail Hail

Gordon64 Dropkick Murphys “Queen of Suffolk County”

Mike in Toronto

For those of us who aren’t enjoying the warm sunshine like Mahe, this might help a bit …


TimHorton…regarding coaching youths to keep them here, unfortunately it’s not quite so simple! Have a search if you can at the structure of youth fitba in Scotland. Try and ascertain how, where and when our boys from age 16 to 21 can play their peers in proper structured competitive games and leagues. I’ve been talking about this for years…there is no structure for Youth fitba that allows proper games and development. Fan has mentioned many, many times that Tommy McIntyre does a great job with Celtic’s young players but they reach a point in their development that they need to look elsewhere for opportunities to further develop as the structure in Scotland just doesn’t allow it! It’s over-simplifying it to blame individuals or clubs, or the SFA or SPFL, the problem is much deeper than that – the game needs re-structured from Grassroots level to Under 21 level. Until that happens we will continue to lose players to other countries. The only positive to be taken from the boys you mention is that they have gone to quality sides in quality Leagues!!


Magua…spill the beans on your 55, who knows when the next Hoot will be! Ah go on…ye know ye wanna!! 😋😁

Nana Mouskouri Csc

McCaff the other thing those clubs will have those young boys loaned out to other clubs to get some serious men’s fitba game time

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