The Dont Care Derby

It’s been a season from hell, but not necessarily ‘the’ season from hell.
We’re still second, have a few decent/saleable players about the squad to fund the big rebuild, and haven’t been spanked by a record scoreline, touch wood for that’s what it’s come to.


As such, there’s a reasonable chance something goes right, just one thing.
It would be so very Celtic like to really show up this Sunday but then I also wrote that regarding the recent Cup defeat.


I don’t want wholesale changes despite the outcry for it, because I want the main protagonists to experience this fixture and all that it brings, for better or worse, and recently it’s definitely been for the worse.
No, they should fall on their sword together, fresh names and faces should not be brought into this disaster of a campaign, or put out there to be kicked off the park, ‘given a taste of the man’s game’ the commentators would no doubt tell us.
Let the usual suspects take the field, and give us this final memory of them as a group.


How or what Kendo is supposed to say to instill some fire in the belly is a huge conundrum. There are things to play for beyond professional and personal pride, but I find it hard to believe this group would care at this stage.


Take the fact Martins 21 point legacy is on the line.
That swing happened a crazy twenty years ago this year, how time flies, and it absolutely just made my day, day after day, back then. I recall it like it was yesterday ‘they are the benchmark, only trying to narrow the gap’ Midas waffled.


Big John and our readers will know exactly what Martins 21 point swing legacy is, but given our expected central defenders come Sunday were in nappies when the momentous Little General toppling took place, good luck getting it to motivate them.


I guess it’s just a matter of personal pride for myself and maybe a small band of others, but to see Martins achievement beaten by not a good team, just a solid one, would feel very unfair to me.
No matter what though, I’ll never forget what he and the troops did that year.
I never thought I would type it but losing the league by twenty points would actually suit me this season.


Those hoping to earn a permanent position or move to the club should in theory be putting in a real shift in order to catch the next managers eye, or DoF or whoever.
Taylor and Moi spring to mind, as does Bain. Superclub linked Soro I’m happy to keep hidden away, but not see scarper away, but I get the feeling that link will put a spring in his step and as such wouldn’t be surprised if he got the nod.
It must be said though, for a club NEEDING a massive rebuild, the two most saleable assets (Kris and Odsonne) need not be risked for this dead rubber. Their collective 40 million or so might just see the bench with a safety first attitude.


I’m not predicting scores or how the game will go, not with this shower of ,,
But I do have another hope, and that is our new regime under Dom are savvy enough to hog the headlines next week no matter what the result of this game.
Dom being in the PR game previously shouldn’t need told this, but we could and should use the Mondays after big games or events to hog the limelight, get the chins wagging all week, start setting the tone ourselves. This time it would be Tuesday due to the clubs self media blackout to help highlight racism.


It felt like Wednesday was our usual news breaking day for a while, but post big game Mondays no matter the result should be used to our advantage from now on.
We win and announce news, the fans feel even more reassured the club was just looking down and out, but in reality plotting.
We draw see above.
We lose, we’re automatically competing for the sports headlines, helping set the tone rather than reacting to it as usual.


The Monday after the Champions receive the league trophy could similarly be used, but hopefully under Dom and perhaps a new head of media we must become much much more savvy about when to break items for maximum effect, how to counter perceived negative publicity, speaking up to fill the information void with fact rather than fan fiction.


If the season ticket renewal forms are heading into the postbox this Monday, the PLC will be praying for a victory to help sales along, while the fans pray for victory for very different reasons, mostly to salvage some pride.


With goodbyes, reputations, purchases, renewals numbers, legacies and more on the line it actually has more to offer than the dead rubber it’s become, but this shower have placed themselves in an impossible position in that win and we roll eyes wondering where that has been hiding, lose and the apathy strengthens hurting the ticket sales and sending Tim’s into the summer hurt.
A tragic mess and it’s just best for everyone to consign this season to the dustbin, and move on spiritually and physically in some cases.


Because it’s clear that some players, and now some of the support sensing the future under a hostile regime, just don’t care anymore.
Certain players dont deserve a final Walk On, and if there was a full house would probably receive two different words.
That’s the tens real legacy.
Wishing for us to lose by ‘only’ 20 points and never to see half our team in the Hoops again.


By Mahe.

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Celts champs elect
Did not realise Southampton were playing last night (luckily)
Please let me know your New bet..


Thank you, that was my grans favourite hymn.
Tear in my eye..

big packy

my wee mammys favourite hymn


Auldheid @ 1.15am.
That letter from Peter Lawwell to Stewart Regan (SFA) was totally amazing. It is exactly the type of correspondence we might expect from our CEO with regards to Rangers’ use of EBTs. Bravo that man!
What on earth happened after it? As you suggest there are huge question marks over how PL’s fire in the belly became a damp squib. If only he had followed it through! To go from that position in May to the meek & mild acceptance of LNS is astonishing.


Beautiful Hymn Packy. I love those hymns to Mary in May.

big packy

cheers jim, always loved the month of may, going to school and singing those hymns in my headπŸ‘


In primary school we always had a ‘May Altar’ in the classroom. A statue of Our Lady, a couple of candles and lots of flowers. Kids who had gardens & grew flowers used to bring them in. We always stood and turned towards the alter when saying our prayers. Which was often in those days! LOL πŸ™‚


There was a woman who sang lead singer in our church choir , I never sang so I could just listen to her voice
Honestly the hymns were the the best part of going to church , I only attend now for funerals
I also heard a woman singing in Cathedral Notre Dame Paris, another voice that I imagine sounds like an Angel
Would loved to have attended the church Shirley Bassey sang in


Of course not everyone on here is Catholic, so in order to be balanced, we should remember that today is also May Day.

big packy

JIM i concur, up the workersπŸ‘


big packy

THETIC, took my mother to paris for the weekend just after my father died for a little treat ,what was the first thing she wanted to see the eiffel tower, no chance notre dame cathedral, another true storyπŸ‘


Packy I met the Hunchback of Notre Dame once. After a blether he tried to tap me for money to buy some vino. I said ‘no chance’. He then took the hump and told me to eff off! πŸ™


Happy International Workers Day ✊

St tams

I don’t think that I have ever been so unenthusiastic and couldn’t care about a jund game ever.
I even asked the missus if she wanted to go out for the day. πŸ˜„



I’ve always had suspicions about UEFA knowledge of what went on in 2011 iro the UEFA licence granted to Rangers based on the tone of the e mail of 19 Sept 2011 from Sharp at SFA to Olverman at Rangers.

What exactly was said for UEFA to basically ignore the possibility of non compliance?

Did SFA tell UEFA the truth and decision was taken to bury the matter or did SFA continue with the lie that there was no payable only a potential liability and its status was postponed?

When you look at Infantino’s history at he does not come across as Mr Squeaky Clean.

Were Celtic put under pressure by Infantino in 2012 to keep UEFA free of any consequences of Rangers use of private agreements?

Did UEFA not want to explain what they agreed to in Sept 2011 iro UEFA licence which would have come out had a meaningful investigation taken place?

Given Infantino is in charge at FIFA does that still apply and does the corruption of the game go beyond Scottish shores.

No one would be surprised now.

St tams

That should have said huns game


Auldheid, that letter from Sharp to Olverman stinks to high heavens. What a cosy wee relationship between the parties!

Regards Infantino – nothing surprises me. It’s par for the course. What is it about all these top notchers at EUFA & FIFA? Why do they seem to attract folk who behave in this way? The ‘expenses’ claim from Infantino is almost hilarious if it weren’t so crooked! I’ve said it before the administration of football is corrupt. Maybe these EUFA & FIFA gangsters learn their trade in the National Associations to begin with. You know – the likes of the SFA. Or even the Lanarkshire Referees Assc. !



Hump Yer Drink



These your mates or whit?

Celtic Champs Elect

Hi CB.

New bet 5 win DBL Leeds Utd & Blackburn

Many thanks


Ivan Toney: Is prolific Brentford forward ready to become the Premier League’s next star striker?

Cheers Pete ya bean-counting eejit



Cheers Pete ya bean-counting eejit .
That’s one of the most polite shiriking he’s had :O)



Although a cracking background,it’s a strange game,that one. We were at a disadvantage,with the numbers being uneven-and I think one of the linesmen has effed off for a pie and a bovril!


VP Only another 16 days until The Vogue reopens πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸΊ


VP Only another 16 days until The Vogue reopens πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸΊ
How many minutes is that ? :O)



About twentythree thoosin!



About twentythree thoosin!
A dawdle :O)


23040 to be exact (yes I Googled it) πŸ˜ƒ


Bmcuwp Excellent Leader as always and although it’s probably a derby match most folk CGAF about our players must still have enough pride in the shirt to muster at least one decent performance against them this season HH

big packy

JIM ,if your lurking had to go out dugwalking this morning, just seen your notre dame joke πŸ‘ 😍

big packy

MY TEAM FOR SUNDAY, Beattie, Donnelly, Fallon, Fernie, Evans, Peacock, Tully, Collins, McPhail, Wilson, Mochan. might be another famous victory,.cyber pint if you know why that team was famous??


7-1, League Cup Final v Huns, 1957.

Monsieur Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Did I tell you I saw the hunchback of Notre Dame running down Rue d’Arcole with a crowd of kids chasing him? He kept shouting at them that he hadn’t stolen their football. True story. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

Gordon64 Angelic Upstarts – Streets of St Pauli 😎

big packy

HENRIKSCHIP cyber pint on its wayπŸ‘

big packy

HI SOL, how are you pal , is that a true story or a festival park story,😍😍


Cheers, make it a Guinness!

big packy

HENRIKSCHIP, its on its way, enjoy😍

big packy

SOL, did I tell you the story about when I was a lifeguard on the beach at ardrossan, well it wasnt really a beach more stones than anything, I used to sit there in my big high chair all bronzed from the ayrshire sun, in fact I think thats why I got the job on baywatch on the tv,ach memories 😍😍😍


It appears Celtic will not be pursuing the signature of Diego Laxalt once his loan deal expires. Initially, I liked what he offered, seemed to have a decent engine and attitude. However, like the rest of the defense, he quickly became a bit of a bomb scare. I’m sure he is just as keen to leave Celtic as we are to see him leave. Along with Big Shane, he at least will leave with a cup winners medal and reoccurring nightmares of how pish he played for most of his time at Celtic.

Gordon64 Gil Scott-Heron Three Miles Down

Gordon64 Billy Bragg -There Is Power In A Union ✊



I love GSH,but if that vid was 1990,by ‘eck,he was on the slide earlier than I thought.

His voice never left him though. And neither did his talent.



There’s another hump joke that we know well,and not the one that I banned when I got up this morning!


The Ramones and I defo don’t give a flying fig about tomorrow’s game. Changed days, our morale and trust has been so battered by this season’s spineless capitulation that it will take a hell of a lot more than the appointment of an average English manager to transform my cynicism back to a scenario where I get stomach butterflies the day before a game against them and either a euphoric high if we win or a week long depression if we lose.

Feck you Celtic PLC

Monsieur Sol Kitts

Big Packy
There are 2 beaches in Ardrossan, North Beach and South Beach. North beach is rocky, but the more popular South Beach is a long stretch of golden sand extending into Saltcoats. If you were the lifeguard at North Beach you would have the easiest job in Ayrshire as not many people went there.
We used to go to South Beach as kids, but there was no lifeguard on the beach. The biggest danger we faced when swimming in the sea was hypothermia, closely followed by the floating jobbies from the sewage pipe. Our motto was never swim with your mouth open. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

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