Hold yer breath Tuesday!

Given the big potential for some news to emanate from headquarters today, I’ll be brief.
We have reached the stage where those renewing fully understand the reasons and rationale of those opting not to.
Those who opt to pay up again will not and must not be made to feel any guilt for their choice, but hopefully they adopt a ‘this is the last time’ attitude with regards to granting the PLC automatic trust that they shall spend all fan income wisely.
Most or nearly all recognize the club has huge problems starting at the very top with a wrong mindset and gameplan.
The groundswell of fan power whipping itself into existence will eventually travel north I believe, maybe travel the globe.
Our support aren’t united over much at all these days, but the PLC overseeing a shambles whilst pocketing Champions League boardroom salaries has done a great job uniting the clans.
When that groundswell for fan action does eventually hit Alba, the Tims aren’t well placed to take advantage of it at all.
Fractured and leaderless, plus many just don’t like change, or still believe the rags and fixed phone-ins which will never back the fans to majority own Celtic.
Only when the entire fanbase is together will we see fundamental change initiated, and that in turn will only come about when those hardcore renewers put the club first, by keeping their cash in the pocket.
If those buying in now with a last chance attitude aren’t happy with what their big rebuild cash was spent on, or don’t see significant change in how the club handles it’s affairs, their jumping onboard the action train later will make all the difference.
A final board chance is understandable, a board failure now of all times most definitely isn’t.

By Mahe

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Morning all,

Only 75 minutes to The London Stock Exchange opens.

Ahh canny wait !!!!!!!!£

Or Am I being a tad optimistic ????????

HH 🍀🍀🍀🍀

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends, howe’s it going? 😉
Leggy – I thought it opened at 8.00am but I will bow to your superior knowledge, knowing as I do that you are a regular wheeler dealer on there!

Saltires en Sevilla


Good points buddy.

When manager is chosen and players are bought it’s too late to complain to football Boards. If we want changes to how our clubs are run, the only window of opportunity is Season Ticket renewal time, it’s the only time fans have any real power to influence clubs. Shareholder meetings are a stage-managed farce, complete and utter lip-service. They are smirking at you.

Every year since 2013 some of us have tried to speak out during this period. To reach out to fellow Celts, urging them to seize the moment and grasp some influence, if not power. It’s been a bloody challenge when the trophy room is bulging with domestic silverware. Understandably so. If your measure of success is trophies then why would you have cared about guys like me, or what I have to say?!

Now that sheen has gone and the harsh reality bites in hard to the very bone. Sevco are now dominanting the league, SFA still turn a blind eye, referees ignore rules, players are booted up and down, our European reputation is still in shatters… the Board are collaborating with our natural enemies in the self-interest of making money. Money that you work damned hard for, choices that you will make to do without, sacrifices.

This Board just want more and more money and you are the ‘mark’. They don’t give a tuppenny damn about your history, your values or your dreams. How obvious do they need to be to make that clear?

The option to buy, or not to buy season ticket.

Mahe, I Totally agree that fans choosing to renew should never hear a word of condemnation. It’s an emotional decision and an emotive subject. Giving up something that fills a huge part of everyday life and a cherished seat next to loved ones or old friends, maybe held those seats for +50 years in the main stand. Belonged to an uncle or grandfather…A huge, perhaps, impossible decision.

There is a middle ground. It’s not a binary choice.

My fervent hope is that those Celtic fans, planning to renew and already decided to renew, no matter what, could consider the option of pausing or delaying the payment. Keep them thinking and guessing guys. It might force some helpful changes. What have you got to lose?!

Maybe someone can advise on technical aspects on how to withhold payment , without risk of losing preferred seats.

Please send out a clear message to this Board. Wait until the last possible moment. If you can.

This is the only time to make a real difference, renewal time. Shouting and complaining after you have paid clearly has no impact on this Board. All they understand is revenue/income/cash-flow, profits and dividends.

If not now, when?

If not you, who?

A thing of beauty

Ah well another day passes without a new manager. We just seem intent on making this clusterf…. of a season get worse. Around 75 days till our first CL qualifier and we have no DOF, no manager and a CEO who believes in the power of silence. The renewals must come out soon but they surely can’t do that without giving the support something they can buy into. How DD allows Celtic to be run in this manner is shameful. As we have said ad nauseum in here, it wouldn’t be allowed at any of his other companies.


ATOB, I haven’t a clue how well regarded Dermot Desmond is in running his other businesses but I know how I feel about his largest shareholding in Celtic.

“Rangers is a great football club, it has a great history and it’s unfortunate that they have been relegated,” said the Irish businessman.”
(Speaking to BBC Sport 2012)


For a Catholic Irishman to come away with a statement like that tells me everything about him as a person. He is a disgrace to his country, to his ‘religion’ and to every Celtic supporter who ever lived. RANGERS, A CLUB OPEN TO ALL?

I understand his son is angling for a job on the Board. He should be asked from the body of the floor at the first general meeting if he agrees with his father!

Cosy Corner Bhoy

ATOB : I would imagine Celtic F.C./PLC would be low, in fact, very low in Dermot’s priorities in financial terms and lower even in peripheral activities. At least well below Pro-Am days at major golf tournaments where he can be seen ‘hitting the wee guttie’ on every available opportunity!
Nae manager yit then? Thought not. Only an idiot or masochist would come here before this cluster…. season ended. Hopefully he is at least watching the games and videos.


Desmond may have a small emotional attachment to Celtic but he is never a fan. His love of money and power is much more a driving force to him. He wanted a strong “Rangers” to support his business model of the “Old Firm” hence his comments about their death. He will not have lost one minutes sleep over the shambolic season we have had.

Hump Yer Drink

The dream is over.

Sevco won.

With Dermot’s blessing.

Celtic died with Rangers.

Andy Pandy 2

Good Morning all, from a damp, cold and miserable North Yorkshire.
Reading back from yesterday, noticed a number of new posters. In particular ONIL,who noted that his views have been treated with some unpleasant replies elsewhere….you won’t get that here.
Think anyone watching videos of this season may well be put off taking the job. The only thing in his favour will be that he’ll hopefully get the tools to put things right.


Morning all…some random thoughts before I head to work. In my heart I know I’m likely to renew. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it now…the time I spend with my wee guy at the games is a highlight of my week and I’d hope he enjoys the same when he’s lucky enough to have his own wee guy. We are the Club. As a great fitba man once said “Without fans football is nothing”.
Emotional claptrap? Indeed, but emotional claptrap that I’m sure even the most cynical on here at least understand if not agree with.
But this time, this renewal time, I’m not so sure I’m ready to just hand over the dough quite so readily. There has to be something tangible that make sense, something that shows contrition to how this PLC have treated us.
A new manager of a standard that promises to elevate our European performances and standards would normally be the least we’d be expecting but unfortunately after this season there’s much to do before we can broaden that vision. An expectation that the new manager will win the League Title back immediately is my expectation. Decent European results would of course be welcome but let’s get back what should be ours first. The new man in the Boardroom has it all to do but the right appointment as manager will make his job so much easier. It’d be good to hear from him but I expect that won’t happen until Lawwell goes.
To the question of withholding cash until we hear, I’m in agreement, but legally and technically there’s no way of doing so and getting Celtic to guarantee your seat. I’m sure they won’t be held to ransom…after all it’s the only thing they hold over us. I’ve held my seat in the North Stand since it opened and don’t want to change it, the stairs are higher and steeper and I think more numerous than in 1995 but I still enjoy the experience of climbing them for a game. I used to take the wee fella’s hand while he moaned about them, and cajole him into getting up them quicker…now he’s racing up telling me I’m an old man noo!! It’s funny and a wee thing that’ll stick with him for a long time.
Andy Thom against Dundee United. Tommy Coyne against the Huns, Martin’s Team. Walking out into the middle of the 125 Tifo, a backdrop for this site a few days ago, will be a lifelong memory of every fan who was there. KT and his loudspeaker at the Green Brigade corner. “Let’s All Do The Broony!” How many Beautiful Sundays have we had? Heraghty’s after the ’94 Scottish Cup Final. O’Neill’s on Sauciehall St after so many European Nights. The Centenary Double. The following seasons Scottish Cup Final…
Apologies, these are random thoughts for sure but we’ve all got a lifetime full of them…
To give up the Celtic would be the hardest thing in the world for me.
Enjoy the rest of your day.


I fully expect Eddie Howe to be unveiled as our new head coach today. If he is given full charge of football matters and a decent budget, I also expect him to improve the team such that Celtic can mount a real challenge for the league next season. So far, so good.
He’ll be asked by our media friends for his reaction to the Man Utd fans protest against the Glazers, and I expect him to state that he has been assured that the current major shareholders have no intention to sell their shares at present, although that is something he can’t be expected to control.
I’m concerned about how he will handle our media friends. Will he be fully briefed that they will attempt to trip him up with EVERY question they ask him? I sincerely hope so. Remember Stevie G moaned about our referees before he had picked a team? Will EH get away with that? Not a chance.
No, his teams will have to do all their talking on the park. I wish him well.
As regards the PLC structure of our club, and our concerns about the cheating, the referees, the bigotry etc etc, he will say nowt. We must accept that most fans of most clubs are not au fait with the machinations of EBTs and the 5WA. How can we expect otherwise? Boris is still running at 42% in the polls despite his disastrous performance handling the pandemic and the obvious corruption and cronyism shown by his senior colleagues.
No, we will only get meaningful fan participation when the penny drops for a sufficient number of fans that they withhold their season ticket cash AND their SKY subscriptions. Us internet bampots ain’t gonna change that any time soon. Proper fan participation means getting involved, going to fans’ meetings, getting educated and organising; taking control of the clubs that they finance. If not enough folk won’t do that for the really important things in life, like the economy, the environment, inequality, what chance that they will do so in regard to their football team? Celtic fans have witnessed first hand what concentrating on short term finance does, and they still won’t get up off their arses.
We get the leaders we deserve. No point in moaning if we’re not prepared to take the remedial action required.
I remember many on here said that any mug could manage Celtic to domestic success, given our superiority off field. Well, Sevco still have severe finance issues and look where a poor manager has taken us in less than two years.
If EH is a progressive young manager and he does improve the team, most of our fan base will be content. We can still moan from our laptops but nothing of substance will change. I’ve been stuck in the house for 18 months now and I’m desperate to get out to a game at Paradise. Most of us feel the same.
C’mon the Hoops.


Andy Pandy 2

Many thanks for the kind comments.

A couple of guys on CQN just jumped on every comment I made, got called a hun so many times and yesterday was asked about where I sit etc etc. Just got fed up with it. I respect other people’s views and treat people the way I would like to be treated. CQN seems to have a clique where certain posters are more welcome than others. Anyway, thanks again, feel like this is a genuine Celtic blog.



ONE NIGHT IN LISBON is imo a very good poster on CQN and I agree with much of what he posts. He is well respected by many on CQN but has his detractors too!

But be assured, he is no shrinking violet and looks after himself well.

So please don’t give the impression that his relationship on CQN is one sided.

It isn’t.

Saltires en Sevilla



A brilliant heartwarming post. Reminder to all of us of what is at stake.



Glad you are here!

A few decided that due to me not being a Neil Lennon fanboy, I was fair game.

Not sure whether I’ll post there again to be honest.

Anyway, hope we have bottomed out and that the only way is up at Celtic Park!



I’ve been here for years!

Great articles, and debate.

SC and CQN are the only Celtic sites I read. Enjoy them both!

Take care!

St tams

Personally I’m not for holding back season ticket money as it is too difficult to get organised on a full scale basis and would end up 50/ 50 on renewals.
Protests and marches are the way to make our feelings known and continue o do this .

Mcaff, lovely post.

I see Nicholas is bumping his gums again .
A guy more famous for being on sky sports than he was playing for us or Arsenal


If I were a S/T holder determined to renew I think the least I could do is renew as late as possible. A rush to renew would send the wrong signals. I would also email John Paul and let him know that I was renewing but serving the club one year’s notice, spelling out the areas of improvement to be demonstrated this coming season.

St tams

I was treated exactly the same on cqn. By one individual in particular.
Some of them are still in denial

Maestro Fan

Won’t be renewing, Eddie Howe or no. I’m not buying into a corrupt enterprise, a giant con facilitated by our plc because ‘the Old Firm brand sells’. All manner of cheating tolerated for that reason. Not on my dollar, no more.

Maestro Fan


I strongly suspect some of the attack dogs on CQN are Board plants. They’re not very good at it in my experience.

Billy Bhoy

I’m hearing that the Board are going to blackmail ST holders by offering a £100 discount for renewal within 7 days. This would obviously be a disgustingly cynical ploy to break the resolve of those of us who intend to hold off for as long as possible to apply pressure on them.

If so, this would be a new low for this bunch of charlatans.

Jobo Baldie

I’ve already spent my budgeted-in-advance season ticket money on a golf season ticket. Doesn’t mean I won’t be trying to get to games (and not just the ‘big’ ones either!) but no more up front donations for now.
As for boycotting Sky, I cancelled my subscription to Sky Sports about 4 years ago and immediately felt better in myself. Off at a tangent but around last September when we were all well into ‘working from home’ and therefore the need for very reliable broadband I had issues with my supplier, Virgin media and threatened to leave. AS well as offering to improve my broadband speed, etc (no idea what that means!!) they also told me they would add on both Sky Sports and Sky Cinema FOR NO CHARGE. This was in exchange for me extending my contract with Virgin media for their broadband, TV, phone package for 18 months and I eventually agreed.
My dilemma now is – if I decide to protest by cancelling my Sky Sports channels is that just cutting off my nose to spite my face, given that it’s not costing me anything? I’m more inclined to wait until my free 18-months is up in early 2022 and cancel then.
For the avoidance of doubt I am not giving up on my Club. In fact I’ll still be excited when this season’s final 2 game day’s come around and I get to shout at the TV and jump about like a youngster for a couple of hours. And next season might even see the return of the ole Man Of The Match thingy (though I’ll need a snappy new title and email address to replace CQNPOTY 😉 )
But no more just buying ‘everything Celtic’ without questioning what I (or we?) are getting in return.
Tea break over and time to chase more bad guys……..


Appreciate the comments guys.

Healthy debate is one thing, personal attack is another.

Still no new manager? Did we honestly expect one today?


Hopefully no Celtic supporter is actually holding their breath waiting for our boards charlatans to announce football appointments as this could result in a fatal outcome.
We plebs will get our new coach when they decide(probably after numerous knockbacks.)
Once season ticket money is in player assets will be sold and the old cheap replacement strategy will resume.
Has anyone seem Dominic????
Worried he has had an adverse reaction to Lawwell’s rendition tactics in the Celtic park bunker.
Or is he resisting being turned into a failed CEO like Lawwell so the brainwashing into boards brilliant deserve huge bonuses, fans to be treated with utter contempt and disdain strategy is not yet complete.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Billy Bhoy 0950: A ‘bribe’ of £100 reduction on early payment of season tickets costing £666, who the f..k thought up that price in a vital season, is almost exactly 15 per cent…Not exactly bribery, more a case of how little would we (the Board) get away with! An announcement that ALL non-playing members of the PLC would be taking a minimum cut of that amount in emoluments would be more appropriate. In fact, a cull of ninety per cent of them would be even better.
Not that any of that will of course happen. It will all be as before, and as before, I will be ponying up.
This time it will feel like my original introduction to supporting Celtic in 1943… more hope than expectation and that was just winning a game!
‘The times they are a-changing’ but we are so low ‘The only way is up’.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

fan-a-tic: From what I hear from members of Largs GC, Dominic being a Largs resident, we should have no fear that he will not be his own man.Especially if he takes after his Dad!


MIT put up an article on subconscious bias last night i will find and link.

I was a CQN poster from it’s early inception.
Mostly like here i posted tactical thoughts and my personal opinion on players.
Was never very popular and noticed it was often the same few who got snide and personal.
They were a minority and there was some really excellent posters.
I committed the cardinal sin to many on there by opining that we were becoming less potent in BR’s second season.I also criticized our spacing and lack of shape without the ball that saw us humbled in Europe.
One day a regular poster just snapped and called me all sorts of names and gave dogs abuse.
I did not react personally but tried to have him debate my points.
He was having none of it and continued to the point that i thought he was drunk so did not respond.
The moderators got involved and deleted both our posts.
I knew i had not broken the blogs rules so emailed Paul to ask why my posts were deleted.
Two days later he responded by saying my posts should not have been deleted and he had restored them.
The same abusive poster got no censure despite breaking the rules and continues attacking other posters to this day.
So it appears he has leeway not afforded to others.
I stopped posting after that and had been reading this site so decided to post here.
Many have disagreed with my nonsense but the tone and debate remains civil.

MIT’s article.
How Common Are Implicit Biases?
Since 1998, more 20 million people have taken the Implicit Association Test (IAT), an online assessment at the Project Implicit website (implicit.harvard.edu). Despite the self-proclaimed title embraced by most individuals of being a good person and having good intentions, the data strongly suggest that many people hold implicit biases toward members of particular groups. For example, more than 80 percent of people who completed the IAT related to age bias exhibited a negative implicit bias against the elderly. In addition, about 75 percent of whites and Asians demonstrated an implicit bias in favor of whites compared to African Americans.

How to Address Unconscious Bias?
The first step in addressing unconscious bias is to begin examining your personal beliefs, values, attitudes, and perceptions. What experiences have shaped your personal narrative or worldview? How do these experiences influence your interactions with others? According to psychologists, implicit biases are shaped by our lived experiences. Implicit biases are learned from the society and community in which we live. In the early stages of life, we are exposed to images and ideological perspectives that define our vantage point. Some studies show evidence of implicit bias in people as young as one year old. The ideas and images over time become a part of our perspectives and influence us even when we do not realize it. These instances are manifested in our verbal/nonverbal communication, body language, and everyday interactions. Howard Ross, a thought leader on unconscious bias, warns: “Ultimately, we believe our decisions are consistent with our conscious beliefs, when in fact, our unconscious is running the show” (Everyday Bias, 2014).

Unconscious bias can be challenged through a process of critical reflection. This starts by looking introspectively. I refer to this as the process of putting up a mirror to see yourself clearer. Tools such as the IAT and the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) can aid you on this journey of self-discovery. Introspection should also include hunting hegemonic assumptions. As defined by Italian political economist Antonio Gramsci, hegemony is a “process whereby ideas, structures, and actions that benefit a small minority in power are viewed by the majority of people as wholly natural, preordained, and working for their own good” (cited in Stephen Brookfield, Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher, Second Edition, 2017). Hegemonic assumptions are assumptions that we think are in our own best interests but that actually work against us in the long run, according to leadership scholar Dr. Stephen Brookfield (Id.). This keeps our imagination bound in terms of this is the way things are versus this is the way things could be. Applying these concepts to diversity and inclusion, the workplace could and should be a place where individuals can unveil their gifts and talents in meaningful and productive ways without the impediments manifested through biases and stereotypes.

What Are Microagressions?
A microaggression can be manifested in a myriad of subtle ways and is pervasive in nature. According to Dr. Derald Wing Sue, “microaggressions are the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership” (Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation, 2010). Dictionary.com defines microaggression as: “a subtle but offensive comment or action directed at a minority or other nondominant group that is often unintentional or unconsciously reinforces a stereotype.”


As I say, not a dig at yesterday’s ref in particular, but I think there is stuff in there that can be applied across the Board in Scottish football.


Just worried about Lawwell and DD’s attempted brainwashing.

St tams

One of the ideas that I had heard been suggested re. season tickets.
Was that you paid a percentage of your season ticket up front . Say 20% . So you would paid around £100 / 130 . Then you pay as you go if you are allowed into a game as not all fans would be allowed in.

Any white smoke yet 🤔


There’s a lot of rumours regarding Season Tickets.

I will wait for the Official news but will definately ( I’m not Spartacus , but “H” ) wait until the very last moment to renew.

I do hope this £100 bribe is not true as surely the Board aren’t that stupid.

Oh wait ————. !!!!!

Maestro Fan

Cosy Corner Bhoy

I salute your longevity! And your comments on the bribe!

Andy Pandy 2

Been out for the usual wonder to the shop. Get back and find out that there’s still no announcement…of any kind….. Off out to work, maybe we might get something by the time of my first break…. enjoy your day everyone, whatever you’re doing.


Score predictor update 4/5/21

Bmcuwp (jj)..1pt..131
Mahe(jj)..No entry..127
Chalm(jj)..6pts… 127
Trm (jj)..3pts…119
Atob..no entry..114
C76..1 pt.. 105
Ccb..no entry..93

Getting close at the top with 2 rounds games remaining,will it be Bada,Vp or will it be an outsider as a couple of them have still to play their joker!as there are only 2 games to go jokers will be played..

Well done jobo on winning this week’s free£5 charity bet with 4pts, let me know by Saturday morning.
Totally scunnered csc..

Jobo Baldie

Chalmersbhoy – what’s the story around the charity bet? Is it just a single bet and do folk try top be adventurous (e.g. correct score) rather than the safer option of just picking a team to win a game? If you want to spare my blushes you can get me at jobobaldie@yahoo.co.uk 😉


Your choice mate..
Bet on any sport before the next round of fixtures.
Mahe won £15 on his bet(2/1)for his charity
Good luck🍀


I propose a couple of verses of « why are we waiting ». I am assuming that if there were to be a new manager announcement today or even this week that a major Press Conference date would be announced. As no such thing is forthcoming, it would appear that we will not hear any time soon. If Celtic have not secured a new manager and his signature on a contract with a start date then we are even more incompetent than we all believe. DMK must understand the growing frustration of radio silence. Why can’t he introduce himself to the fans and state clearly when the new manager will be in place without necessarily divulging the name. Right now the silence suggests a struggle to get our man.



I’ve heard the delay is due to the shower door being faulty and someone’s away to B&Q to get the old WD 40.

Nothing too serious 🧐


A warm welcome to this Dear Green Place for all new posters.
A wee bit of sad news.
Frank Brogan passed away today.
Frank Brogan RIP



The new manager should have been in place for the international window six months ago. The wait since our last one left is now around ten weeks.and is a bloody disgrace. If there are good reasons for that,then fine-explain them!

But Flick announced his departure from Bayern,they got Nagelsmann in from RB leipzig,who then took Marsch from Salzburg. All happened inside a fortnight-but all of the managers and appointees are still in their old jobs!

There is no reason not to announce a new manager,even if we have to wait for him to leave his old club. Unless we haven’t found one yet.



Frank scored our 5,000th goal.



Do you know who scored Celtic’s 4000th goal?


Surely they must know that the new manager must be a popular appointment?

Imagine all this and they reveal Alex Neill or Jack Ross… would not put it past them.



Aye-a relation of yours!

Jimmy McGrory got the 3000th. Can’t recall the others.


6000 Bobby Murdoch
7000 Brian McClair
8000 Aidan McGeady



There won’t be white smoke for either of those being announced. It will be black,after fans have burned down the stadium.


If it is any one of those 2 mentioned the euphoria will be the same as when NL was announced. I hope and believe that it needs to be a top class manager and the club will need to sell season tickets, probably their no 1 priority. The lack of information at the moment is baffling but true to form.


Never mind a manager, has anybody been foolish enough to buy RC from us yet ?

On yonder hill there stood a dookit 🚪
It’s noa there noo, coz some c*nt took it

St tams

I’m sure some mid table English championship club will buy him for a couple of million.


Aye knowing our board they’ll probably list him on Gumtree 😂

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