Love And Affection-And A Bang On The Ear!


In the continuing absence of the fabled white smoke at Celtic Park,not to mention the silence from our custodians old and new,I thought I’d turn to a rather controversial subject for today’s article.

The future of Leigh Griffiths.

About a year ago during the first lockdown,we ran a series of articles titled “Me,Myself,I” where members were invited to write about their favourite five albums. One clown gave me grief for the title,calling me narcissistic and worse for it. As I make no secret of being a fan of Joan Armatrading,that the title referred to one of her early albums was obviously lost on him. Today’s then is the title of her first big hit,but also a good description of what I think Griff needs most from us. The second part,by The Waterboys,is a good description of what awaits him otherwise!

Griff has been with us now for seven years,but in only two of those seasons has he been first-choice striker. 60 goals in 90 matches showed us what he can do. Those seasons were under the leadership of Ronny Deila,and whatever we may say about him,he managed to get the best out of players like Griff,CalMac,Rogic and Jamesie,as well as a number of others whom many of us had written off.

I’m not privy to his methods,but I suspect it was a mixture of love and affection,and a bang on the ear! The arm around the shoulder when that was the right thing to do,yet also the promise of what would be forthcoming if standards were allowed to drop in ANY aspect of a player’s behaviour at the club.

Griff,I suspect,reacts to that sort of man-management better than others,because he is aware of his potential to stray. Acutely aware,I reckon,of the need to stay focused because his off-field activities are,shall we say,more suited to the players of the 50s-70s era. We all saw that every time he returned from close season with his trademark wee paunch! But he worked that off in no time every time,and was there for the team,where he should be,scoring goals.

More even than the arrival of Moussa Dembele,I think that was why he so quickly drifted from the plans of Brendan Rodgers. Deila had already advised Rodgers of the fragility of Griffiths,and Rodgers barely played him then gave him “compassionate leave” to work out his problems. He and the club were roundly applauded for this level of understanding in a very unforgiving sport,but in retrospect it was completely the wrong thing to do. His treatment should have been in-house (though confidential,of course) while allowing him,say,an hour of training to maintain both his fitness and his bond with the rest of the players.

When he finally returned,Rodgers clearly judged his fitness levels to be nowhere near the levels required-and he was back to Square One! This time it was Eddy who was ahead of him,as well a few others on occasion who weren’t fit to lace his drinks. The final straw for many being his return from lockdown  last year looking about as unfit as me. Hardly surprising when he was left unsupervised for about four months.

There is an option on his contract for another year. I say that we have to take that up,and that he has to be worked hard but encouraged,reminded of his importance to the team. Given the carrot of an extension if he is proving himself by Christmas. As it stands,it looks like our only other “strikers” next season will be Ajeti and Johnston-and that is a bloody scary prospect. Our new manager-whoever he is,whenever he arrives-has to make a priority of getting Griff back to the player he should be,because he won’t have alternatives up front. I’d suggest that he gets him into the training ground at least twice a week to give him a few fitness routines. Remind him that three more seasons of doing what he does best for us will put him among the fabled few who have scored more than 200 goals for the club.

I’m as pissed off as anyone at too many performances this season,and we will thankfully never have to see some of those players again. Griff shares his own responsibility here too,but he is not yet beyond redemption. The decision on his future is down to the new manager,but the success or failure of that decision is Griff’s alone.


Above article by BMCUWP

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The Real McCoy

Joan Armatrading first came to my attention on an A&M sampler album and I saw her at the Apollo Nov ‘75 as support to Supertramp.
( Imagine remembering nearly 50 years ago 😱)
Love & Affection ——

The Real McCoy

I’ve mentioned on the nightshift before about The Waterboys playing in a Big Top at Strathclyde Park in September 1990 as a test event/ forerunner to the original T In The Park.
And A Bang OnThe Ear ——

The Real McCoy

Repost from previous.

Oglach , MIT,
No surprise but nevertheless disappointing.
In my introduction to SC I recalled my first game. 1965 Glasgow Cup Final.
I remember Fir Park and subsequent jubilant march down into Motherwell after Bobby Lennox scored to secure the first of the original 9-in-a-row, May 7th 1966.
A young boy recalling football from 55/56 years ago.
However, Tobias Ellwood ( Tory MP and pretendy Army Captain) thinks it would be inappropriate for soldiers to “ recall events that took place almost 50 years ago”.
Q. “ Do you remember shooting a man dead?”
A. “ Eh. Naw.”
Ok then.


Óglach Roibeárd Gearóid Ó Seachnasaigh
9 March 1954 – 5 May 1981
Died after 66 days on hunger strike.

They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn’t want to be broken.


Also thoughts of my Da tunneling his way out of ‘The Kesh’ with his comrades 5th May 1976

RIP Cahir
comment image

Mike in Toronto


I never realized that was your da.

The Real McCoy

The Roll of Honour 🙏🏻 🇮🇪

The Real McCoy

Requiescat in pace Cahir O’ Doherty 🙏🏻
Oglach , God Bless your Da

Permission to post the
“ Willie Gallagher account “ please 🤔


The Real McCoy

Feel free to do so a chara but just to let you I recently posted it on SC.

The Real McCoy

In case anybody missed this recently and since it’s the anniversary.
Originally from Oglach.
*ON THIS DAY* 1976

The FIRST mass escape from Long Kesh. Nine INLA prisoners tunnel out of Long Kesh. May 5th 1976.

There has been no shortage of articles and documentaries chronicling the various escapes from prisons by Republican prisoners, however, there has been little written about the INLA escape from Cage 5 in 1976, which ranks as the very first mass escape from Long Kesh prison camp! The first mass escape from Long Kesh in 1976, occurred on the 5th of May, a date that ironically doubly ties it to Irish Republican penal history, as by grim coincidence Bobby Sands died on Hunger Strike some 5 years later, in 1981. The Irish Republican Socialist POW’s who successfully made that first mass escape from the infamous Long Kesh concentration camp were:

1.Seamus O’Kane,

2.Cahir O’Doherty,

3.John-Eddy McNicholl,

4.Harry Flynn,

5.Gerry Clancy,

6.Hen Doherty,

7.Jake McManus,

8.Joe Kelly

9.Gerard Steenson.

The Republican Socialist jail-breakers chose tunnelling as their means of escape and brought new meaning to the term ‘Red Moles!’ An even more remarkable fact, about the 1976 Republican Socialist mass escape, was that the Irish Republican Socialist Movement had only been formed 2 years earlier, at the IRSP’s inaugural convention at the Spa hotel, Lucan. Unlike the Provisionals, who have made a cottage industry and travelling roadshow, based around the second mass escape from Long Kesh in 1983, Republican Socialists have been relatively reticent about their successful jail-breaking methodology. In contrast to others, they have been quietly modest about being the sole authors of the very first spectacular mass escape from Long Kesh.

The Long Kesh prison of 1976 was very different from the prison of the H-Blocks era, which the general public would be more familiar with. Following a Hunger Strike by Billy McKee, by the time of the first mass escape the British Government had given de jurePOW status to Republican and Loyalist prisoners and the prison regime was reminiscent of a World War 2 camp for captured combatants, something similar to that seen in the Hollywood movie The Great Escape. The similarities did not end there, as like any other era in Irish Republican penal history, the POWs spent much of their time devising ways to go under, over and indeed through the perimeter fence! Like the POW camps depicted in movies, the Republican prisoners were allowed to, more or less, control their own time, with the command structures of the various organisations being officially and legally recognised by their ‘opposites’ within the prison guards and indeed by the state itself.

There were in fact 10 “Red Moles”who emerged at the end of the Cage 5 tunnel, but the tenth tunneller, Dessie Grew, injured his leg at the final wall-scaling stage of the escape and had to return via the subterranean passage to his Nissan hut. The Republican Socialist escapees had to morph into Communist Kangaroos to successfully clear all the rolls of barbed-wire, chain-link fences and the formidable perimeter wall, despite it being bathed in the glare of searchlights every few seconds!

Unfortunately, two of the Irp escapees were captured some 10 miles away, later the following day by the British Army and RUC. The remaining seven Republican Socialist prisoners made good their escape, by a variety of ingenious methods. As an interesting postscript to the Great Irp Escape from Long Kesh, several SAS death-squads were dispatched to track down and kill the Republican Socialist escapees. Their deployment had been authorised at cabinet level by the British government of the time and the death-squads were armed with a variety of non-standard issue weapons, including shotguns and Ingram Sub-machine pistols. Their use of ‘unconventional’ weaponry added weight to the widely held belief, that if the SAS had made good on their heinous manhunt, the escapees would have been murdered in cold blood, MRF-style. One of the SAS death-squads, travelling in an unmarked van, were stopped at a joint Gardai-Free State Army checkpoint, 2 days later on the 7th of May. In contrast to the immediate imprisonment Republicans routinely received at the hands of the Gardai, the 8 man SAS death-squad were quickly flown back to their lairs, following a brief court appearance.

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, the story of the great Long Kesh escape of 1976 will be told in greater detail and to a wider audience. It is a fascinating story and a very important piece of Irish Republican penal history.
The following first-hand account of the 1976 INLA escape from Long Kesh is reproduced with the kind permission of Willie Gallagher, who was then an 18 year old political prisoner in Cage 5 within the infamous concentration camp.

The 1976 Escape From Cage 5

by Willie Gallagher

“The tunnel in Cage 5 resembled nothing like what you would see in the movies and was indeed quite narrow in parts which required literally for us to wriggle through in parts. Looking back now, it was quite dangerous and on a number of occasions we had a number of cave-ins when various degrees of parts of the ceiling of the tunnel collapsed and a number of times diggers had to be pulled out by the feet. The majority of us who dug the tunnel were all fairly young and had no sense of danger. I had just turned 18 at that time and in the interview I done I described that escape as an amazing experience and one of the best experiences I ever had whilst in prison.”

“The previous May five Irps from Cage 14 escaped from Town Hall Street when appearing for a remand hearing. There were at least two other near successful attempts from Cage 14 that same year and towards the end of ’75 we were moved to Cage 6 and then to Cage 5 by the screws in an attempt to frustrate escapes. I’m sure some of us, who took part in the escape, have different recollections. For example, in the interview I done I said I thought the tunnel took three weeks, four at most, to dig whereas Micky Smith thought it took six weeks. Even though I covered this in the visual/audio interview, I’ll give some of my memories on this event which has been practically air-brushed out of Republican history”.

“The tunnel in Cage 5 actually began in my pad/cell/cubicle, as it was the second last pad from the end of the hut which was nearest the fence which surrounded our Cage. Each living hut was divided in two with a narrow corridor in the middle of the hut. This was partitioned off into what we called pads, others called them cells or cubicles. They were in effect wooden cells with a curtain covering the entrance of each pad. The hut were Nissan huts made up of sheetings of corrugated paper-thin metal. At the entrance of each hut was a boiler and a small ring like cooker for making toast and cooking. At the other end was a TV and small toilet.”

“I can recall Frank Gallagher from Beechmount who was the OC of the Cage convening a meeting of those selected to take part in the escape. Some prisoners were moved out of our hut and others who were selected moved in. Escape plans were nothing unusual for the Irps but this one had a greater sense of excitement as it was the first tunnel plan as this Cage was closer to the perimeter wall than the other Cages we were previously in. Materials such as chisels and the ingredients for making a small concrete block were smuggled in. Light bulbs were stolen from the hospital quarters which was in a different place in the camp. Blow heaters which were in the huts were converted into pumps for putting oxygen down the tunnel though this was used in the latter stages. Cooking utensils and food trays were converted into digging equipment. Much of this was done by Cahir O ‘Doherty from the Bone who was one of the eldest prisoners in the Cage. I think he was only 40 then though he looked about 70 to us at the time. Cahir was a genius in improvising and played a crucial role in the escape.”

“We got into action immediately after the next big search with the first part of the operation being the entrance of the tunnel which would be located under my bed. Four floor tiles were removed intact which measured, give or take a few inches, 18 square inches. This area was chiseled out and was, I think, maybe 8 inches deep. During this loud music was played from record players playing LPs which wasn’t unusual with look-outs placed strategically throughout the Cage to spot any unusual activity from the screws. The screws were not allowed into the Cage except at night time, 9pm, to do the head counts and lock us in the huts and in the morning to unlock and do head counts. The only other times they were allowed in was during big searches and what they called tunnel searches. Tunnel searches consisted of two screws being accompanied by a member of the Cage staff who would do a bit of tapping on floors with hammers listening for an echo which would indicate a tunnel. I’m not sure how long this took to complete but it wasn’t long. If I had have brought you into my pad and said there’s a tunnel in here, there’s no way you’d pinpoint it. The entrance was visually perfect and was a work of art. Basically you flipped a corner of the tile, pulled it back and there was a handle made of rope like material imbedded into a constructed concrete block and it was just a matter of lifting the whole lot up intact. It literally fitted like a glove.”

“We dug about 6 foot down and headed towards the perimeter wall. We divided up into teams and worked almost 24/7 in the digging. We would stop an hour before lock up/head-count at night and an hour before unlock/head-count in the morning. Each team throughout the day and night got breaks for food and sleep with smaller breaks for cups of tea and a smoke. As the tunnel progressed a stick with a white hankie would be poked up through the ceiling of the tunnel to gauge the distance and direction of the tunnel itself. We normally went down the tunnel wearing just football shorts as it was quite warm despite the wetness and flooding at times from rain falls. A number of photographs were taken but I never ever seen any of them and the camera may well have been taken by one of the escapees.”

“The ceiling and sides of the tunnel was shored up at various points which we thought were weak with bits of wood and sheets from the wooden pads. It was a patch work job and lengthy parts of the tunnel had no protection at all with nothing shoring up the walls and ceiling. There were a number of cave-ins of various degrees some freaky enough with a few being dragged out by the feet from underneath a pile of soil. The gases from the soil had a sickly impact as well as giving ones headaches and this became more intense as the tunnel progressed so this restricted the time each of us would be digging at the face of the tunnel. Some parts were very narrow which only required one person digging at the face with other parts wider allowing two to dig. We used improvised trowels for digging, the food trays for putting the soil in which would be relayed back up the tunnel by prisoners strategically placed along the length of the tunnel where a team at the entrance would bag the soil and hide the bags between the corrugated sheets of the hut itself. The amount of soil was unbelievable and eventually every hut was filled with soil between those corrugated sheets. In the last days of the tunnel there was no more room for the soil and we had no other choice but store the bags inside clothes lockers which meant a search would uncover them.”

“We were both lucky and unlucky during this period. For example I can recall the floors not being properly dried after a clean up in the morning which would be hugely suspicious. Also I recall a mucky handprint on a mug beside the boiler at the entrance of the hut which would have given the tunnel away if spotted by the screws. We never got the usual bed linen change which I think was every three weeks. Many of the bed sheets were used for bagging the soil and so many could not have been accounted for. We also got at least one tunnel search during that period but again luck was on our side.”

“The original plan was to empty the whole Cage of those doing or facing big sentences but our luck had run out. The night before the escape there was a heavy rain fall which caused quite a bit of flooding in the tunnel. The next day however was like a summer day and a few of us were out the back taking a break. Some of the other lads actually took some mattresses out doing some sun-bathing. I can’t remember who spotted a small hole appearing in the yard directly above the tunnel which caused great concern. The talk was the tunnel was ****ed, it had fallen short of it’s objective, was flooded and at the point of collapse from the yard. Some bright spark, whose name I can’t recall, had the idea of putting one of the mattresses over the hole and hoping for the best. The hole wasn’t too big but was very noticeable and would have definitely been discovered. It was the practice of the screws to walk around the yard just before the night time head-count and lock up. Up until that point we thought we needed at least another week maybe longer to complete the tunnel but the hole in the yard had changed those plans. It had to be that night or else it was ****ed.”

“The screws that night just walked around the mattress barely looking at it and then the head count was completed and we were locked up for the night. I’m not sure exactly what time the batch of 11 prisoners went at, 11pm perhaps midnight. Bags of clothes were prepared as you couldn’t get through the tunnel without getting soaked due to flooding which was quite deep in parts and also money was distributed. Lookouts were strategically placed keeping an eye out for Brits patrolling the perimeter and watching the two Brit watch towers. We were all very conscience of the mass escape attempt from, I think, Cage 4, by PIRA at the end of ’74 which resulted in Hugh Cooney being shot dead. The tunnel fell short of reaching the perimeter but I can’t recall how far. We watched the first escapee pop his head up and crawl towards the wall. Grappling hooks were made from the tubular framework of the chairs and ropes from sheets. Dessie Grew fell from the wall on the inside of the perimeter badly hurting himself and another prisoner, whose name I can’t recall either, brought him back through the tunnel which was caving in in parts.”

“We waited up all night watching and listening for any indications of the escape being rumbled but nothing untoward happened. Next morning the screws had came in for their usual unlock and head-count and no doubt were curious as they pulled each curtain back seeing prisoners fully clothed with big smiles. You could hear the odd snigger and when they got to my pad, which i obviously wasn’t in, they would have seen a pile of soil and a hole in the floor. There was a scream of “****” and I think a shout of “escape” which was drowned out by the running of feet and all us laughing and cheering.”

“Two of the lads were caught the following night, Cahir O’Doherty and Gerard Steenson. I think all of us were shattered for Cahir in particular as he put his heart and soul into escape plus he was the brains behind the improvised tools, lighting and supplying oxygen into the tunnel.”

“About half an hour later the Cage was full of screws like a big black blanket of the ****s. They took us out one at a time, each of us refusing to give our names hoping to frustrate them getting the identities of the escapees for as long as possible. Each of us had to walk down to the canteen between a gauntlet of screws who were hissing and the usual remarks of scumbag etc. We were locked in the canteen for I think two days whilst they done a search and sealed the tunnel with all our possessions threw down it and sealed with concrete”.

I think the above account is much more detailed that the one I gave in the interview and no doubt other recollections will come to me when seeing/hearing other accounts of that escape.”

© Willie Gallagher 09/11/2010


There can be no discussion here.
My favourite ever Canadian musician ever.


The only Joan that has a better voice than Ms Armatrading that I have heard.


This tune is bliss.


Away tae ma pit wi Ayrshire finest band playing


Optimism song for all Tims today.


That is an excellent article and position to take, it has moved me from the “get rid” camp to “ last chance”. I hope Griff can come back.



Thanks for letting this article be shared.

Remarkable story and a truly inspiring.

Reading it, I felt I was actually there and willing everyone on. Brilliant read 👍👍

Also, RIP Bobby Sands 🍀🍀🍀

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, OGLACH/ THEREALMCOY, thanks for posting that,H.H, bobby sands,RIP.H.H.

big packy

BOBBY, interesting article not sure about griff he has had quite a few chances, but the last management team would not have helped him, so ill go along lets give him another chance, the new management team if and when they come in, might just get the best out of him.👍


Good article Bobby…………….but I’m not sure the club can take a chance on possibly wasting his wages for another year for little or nothing in return, as money is tight. What’s he on, £15k a week?

Personally I think he has had his chances which is a shame.

I know how difficult it is to live with depression and have every sympathy for him, but regrettably think he is done with us!

He will still be good enough to earn good money somewhere else, so he’s in a better position than a lot of players who worked their socks off for not very much in comparison.

We’ll see!

St tams

Bobby well constructed article.
First seen the Waterboys in 1986 supporting Simple Minds at the bigotdome. Loved them ever since. Still have, This Is The Sea album in vinyl.

As for Griffiths. Not for me , he has had too many chances.
A professional, who was so unfit and overweight that he wasn’t allowed to go on preseason training. I would swap for Doig or Nisbet at Hibs

A thing of beauty

A well constructed argument bmcuwp but not enough to persuade me. We have wasted enough money trying to keep Griffiths in the professional game. We need to call a halt to this charade. As St Tams said, he was too unfit to go on preseason training for goodness sake. He would have been some player in the 70s but we’re not in the 70s. In my opinion going forward at Celtic we need 24 hour athletes and proper professionals. If that’s too much for you at 30k a week don’t let the door hit your arse on the road out.
Thanks for the post. A proper history lesson that the British state still seems unable to learn from.


R I P Bobby Sands.

A very brave man who changed the political landscape on both sides of the border.



Thanks for posting that. I knew about the escape,but not in that detail. And definitely not that OGLACH’s Dad was involved.



My musical taste,when it comes to women,runs from A-B; Armatrading,Baez and Bush. With a fair bit of Stevie Nicks,of course.

The Gombeen Man

Good article BMCUWPS. It’s a tough one and will take sensitivity and clear thinking to resolve.

Danny Mac,

I read your comments regarding Man City last night.

City are a fine club and have a dedicated support, in many ways similar to our own.

It’s important to remember that the Two Year ban imposed by UEFA for signicant breaches of FFP in February 2020, were struck down by CAS mainly as a result of the Time-Bar.

The evidence against them was produced by a German publication in the way of internal e mails at City.

This prompted the investigation and ban.

CAS found, by a majority decision that City had obstructed the investigation but the five year time bar rule had and been exceeded and hence the two year ban was rescinded.

City got a €10m fine for obstruction of the investigation.

It’s likely that if the evidence had been allowed to stand City wouldn’t be playing in the competition, due to breaches of FFP. (disguising payments as sponsorship.)

PSG themselves had a FFP case against them dropped in 2019 due to the time-bar rule.

FFP is a complex area and paradoxically often discriminates against the smaller clubs, due to the Break Even rule…They have smaller turnover and struggle to compete.

That advantage doesn’t seem to stop the so called, Super Clubs from looking for more and further undermining any semblance of integrity in the competition.


Morning all, the situation with Griffiths has a few angles which makes it difficult to say Yea or Nay to keeping him. He’s had much publicised mental health issues which resulted in him getting professional help from the Club – on that basis we should be sympathetic to his plight. After the treatment the country went into lockdown and he was left to work on his own, as everyone was, but was being tracked by the Club to ensure he was maintaining his fitness – he didn’t! He surely has a responsibility to look after himself but if he has mental health issues that may not have been possible. So it’s back to the Club then to support their troubled employee – but he in turn needs to show willing to help himself. As Bobby says in the meantime he’s fallen down the pecking order – and on his day by far the best striker at the Club – which makes it harder for him to get in the team therefore harder to motivate himself to maintain fitness and harder for him to get match sharpness…and so the vicious circle goes on and on! But the other, important, aspect is his value in pounds sterling if not goals. The Club has a fiducial responsibility to all stakeholders to maximise the value of its assets. By not helping Griffiths and taking an easy option to let him go for free are the Club not failing both Griffiths and themselves? In my opinion it would be prudent to let him know he’s wanted, take the time as we are coming into a wee bit more normal times and get him up to proper match fitness over the close season. It’s only gonna cost a year’s salary but he might, just might, react positively…and I’d rather have a positive Griffiths than a huffy Moussa, or a lethargic Eddie or a lightweight Mikey any day of the week! All in my humble opinion of course!!


Griffith’s is a problem for Celtic as he is unprofessional.
While his mental health issues may be a factor and Celtic have shown sympathy his unprofessionalism has a negative impact on the club.
He may score goals though it’s becoming less likely but does his inclusion make us a better team?
Football is a team sport and different rules for some fracture collective harmony.
We have had ongoing issues with him for three seasons.
Also to see him constantly get game time over others undermined any chance of guys like Klimala, Bayo or youth having self belief.
We are supposed to be a professional football club so time to start behaving as one and rid ourselves of anything that infringes negatively on this.
Unfortunately sentiment does not trump professionalism.


A lot of decent strikers feed off scraps, ie, they don’t necessarily create their goal chances themselves.
I think we missed a trick when Dykes left Livvy and went down south.
We don’t have a “rummle them up” type forward to take on centre halves, especially at set pieces.
Dykes paired with EDDIE/Ajeti/Griff or any of the attacking miss would have scored a few more this season


miss = mids


Morning all & Packy.
Just listened to ‘Me Myself I’ about half a dozen times! I’d forgotten how much I loved that song.


The Griff situation is indeed a difficult one. I doubt anyone on here knows all of the facts about what has been going on. Most media seize on an opportunity to be negative about a Celtic player. Because of this, it might be better if he left and joined a team that is less in the spotlight, say Hibs.

I think the club has discharged its duty of care for an employee so no fingers should be pointed if he is released. Letting him go without a fee would permit him to get a signing on fee that would help his finances if he acts wisely.

I sense that we are entering a new era and Griff has done very little recently to suggest that he should be part of it. He can find goals to turn games but more often he is not available when needed. For the benefit of all parties, it is time for him to move on. The club would be able to rely upon someone like Kevin Nisbet more than the occasional flashes of Griff.



Love Joan.
This is one of my favorites and sums up Celtic today.

bada bing1

‘Ross resigned from Notts County after making racist remark’


From The Herald:-

“FORMER administrators of Rangers are fighting the liquidators of the business who are suing them for £56.8m because they believe they should have conducted a “bonkers” strategy which would “effectively shut the club down for good”.

Details have emerged as Rangers liquidators BDO began court action against the former club administrators Paul Clark and David Whitehouse of Duff and Phelps who have already agreed an estimated £24m settlement after Scotland’s senior law officer the Lord Advocate agreed there was a malicious prosecution in connection with the collapsed club fraud case.”

I can’t see what is bonkers about this



Whilst I have good reasons not to join CST I have renewed membership for reasons I set out on Twitter in response to a no thanks reply to a CST invite from an individual which I’ll copy here.

Auldheid on Twitter.

” If folk say no thanks, why not join & take part & change their reasons? It is a democratic organisation & the bigger it grows the more it will change. There will always b areas of disagreement but there will b more to agree on. There is one good reason to join. ACCOUNTABILITY!

Accountability is about asking ?s & seeking reasonable answers. The process for doing that is by resolutions to Celtic AGM. It is’nt perfect but it gets answers even if it takes persistence over 8 yrs to get them. When folk say no thanks they allow the Board to be unaccountable.

That let’s the Board make mistakes the consequences of which Celtic supporters now suffer from on and off the park. 55 anyone? Sure there will be growing pains but if folk want changes in the running of Celtic then become part of the process of change, not a spectator.

Sometimes, just sometimes we all have to set ego aside in pursuit of a greater good.

At their AGM the CST took on two proposals for Board Reform and SFA Reform. Once debated with points raised and questions asked and answered both proposals (which you will like) can be converted into resolutions to be tabled at Celtic AGM.

Answers need to be given and if mendacious/disingenuous as happened in 2019 AGM then more questions can be raised.

The weakness in the AGM process is it is annual, however EGM’s can be called in certain circumstances and whilst I’m unclear with the rules, the Chairman isnt and with growing and informed membership the conditions for calling for an EGM might become easier to achieve.

By not joining you give up the opportunity to become part of the reason for change.

The CST themselves have gone from dismissing Res12 through a misunderstanding of Res11 to supporting Res11 and have agreed with the prosposers of the reform issues, who are CST members who have joined up, to address when it’s time to discuss resolutions for Celtic AGM, which is usually 4 to 5 months before the AGM.

By joining you can contribute to the debate and vote on the proposals for reform and be the change you want to see in the world.



I’m not overly taken by the CST’s approach on everything,but I agree with you that they are the best way forward,best chance of unifying a fractious support. There are a number of things that I wish they would do differently,but that’s life.


Are we picking the right battle here?


A bird in the hand….


I forgot to add that you can read the correspondence on Covid quarantine to the club if you open up the link contained within FOI 2021…….886

Looks like an go to me as the Govt. advised clearly on maintaining the Dubai bubble


Good article.the lad Johnston will have to bulk up or he could be out the door in a year or two.
Watched the Man.City v Psg yesterday different planet skilled athletes all over the park that’s what billions get you.
There are a lot of teams in Europe that are streets ahead of us in skill and coaching.We are in a bad place just now but that will change.(i hope)


own goal is what I meant to say


Always preferred Christine to Stevie.
My English Rose.


The Gombeen Man.

The 5 year time bar has been trotted out by UEFA and repeated by Celtic in respect of investigating the UEFA licensing process in 2011.

Celtic by not voting for Res12 in 2013 then directing requisitioners down the SFA route who then caused further delays like Man City, were both playing for time.

However there is no statute of limitations when corruption took place, which happened when licence granted on false pretence in April 2011 but PL did not raise that in the phone call he said he had with UEFA on the day of the 2019 AGM. He stuck to non compliance in the monitoring period in spite of being well briefed in Aug 2018 that the statement from Rangers that allowed the licence to be granted by lying about the status of the liability at 31 March as potential and not the actual payable it became on 21st March 2011.

Celtic have avoided like the plague making any statement on the nature of what took place in March/April 2011 because it is that serious the 5 year time bar does not apply and the last thing Celtic want is to say they believe they were cheated because of the consequences for SFA for being party to it, knowingly or not and of course Sevcos application to join the SFA as Rangers.

The conclusion you eventually arrive at is that UEFA and their FFP are but a part of a grand illusion that rules and the law matter, when in football at least, if not everywhere, they clearly do not when the politics of the game require them to be avoided.

The rules do not matter because no one is made accountable for avoiding or misrepresenting them.

Plato’s audience are going to need a bigger cave or finally walk out.


The song my beautiful granddaughter was named after. My favourite by FM.



The thing is that by joining we can bring about what we wish for.

My Tweets were liked by the CST btw.


Phil Foden is 2 years younger than Mikey Johnston. Compare and contrast.
Foden looks a complete athlete.
Mikey looks like a weak wee schoolbhoy in comparison.


Afternoon all, I’m in the move Griff on camp, even though I know i’ll more than likely regret it when he takes the odd goal off of us probably with Hibs.

The background image was published with Stuart’s permission,

He has some very fine prints which i’m sure some of you may like, I know Garry will his favourite musical artists are there. I actually ordered one for my buddy who’s birthday is next week, that plus a bottle of McCallan so at least he will be able to see the print at the start of the bottle.


bada bing1

Johnston and Ralston given improved contracts after a handful of games,something else to address moving forward

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