Duty Of Care


Honestly,today’s article wasn’t planned before I wrote the one I posted yesterday. Any resemblance is coincidental,and thankfully barely compares.

It is about one of the most exciting and explosive strikers I’ve ever seen even now-and thirty years ago he was a phenomenon!

Dalian Atkinson,bloody hell he was Didier Drogba before Drogba-or a striker like him-had even been thought of. An absolute powerhouse with the pace of a sprinter and the touch of a ballet dancer,who struck like a cobra.

That’s not a bad combination when you’re in your late teens and early twenties,and it’s a damn fine thing to have on your CV. So when your team-Sheffield Wednesday-decides to sell you to a Basque club-virtually against the law to play for them if you aren’t also Basque!-and you are a 21yo big black guy from Telford,what could go wrong?

Turns out,not a lot. The fans loved him. All of the locals loved him. His fellow players loved him. But they all had one thing in common with his bosses at the club-he was driving them nuts! His focus was not on football,but on Billy Big Time. This link almost certainly won’t embed in the article,but I’ll put it in a comment ASAP. It tells you how highly he was thought of at Sociedad.

Goals, class, a red Ferrari: Aldridge, Richardson and Atkinson at la Real | Real Sociedad | The Guardian

Btw,I remember them knocking us out of the EC in 82,and they wore blue and white. Nuff said!

Atkinson was sold to Sociedad by Atkinson when he was at Sheffield Wednesday,then bought back a year later by Atkinson when he arrived at Aston Villa. Ron,that is. I think Ron-having previous experience of him at Wednesday-reckoned he could handle him. He had,after all,worked wonders with Paul McGrath,though it later transpired that he did little to help the man other than get him on to the field of play.

I think though that Ron gave them something,that hope that someone believes in you and needs you. He was replaced by Brian Little and Little did nothing for either Paul or Dalian,despite apparently the best efforts of the aforementioned Richardson.

Effectively binned at 26yo-and Stan Collymore had a similar experience at the same club a few years later from John Gregory-fortunately Stan is definitely in a better place!

Now we have two police officers on trial for his murder. A simple question would be if those two officers would have been so quick to put the boot in had he been white? Apparently he posed no threat but just wouldn’t shut up at 2am. So have a tazer for THIRTYTHREE SECONDS,a few blows from an extending baton,and a Size Ten twice in the head.

We can’t bring Dalian back from the dead,nor can we give the like of him and Paul McGrath and so many others back the life that they should have had. All that talent,but so many insecurities and other problems-yet all that the clubs and the fans too were interested in was what they did for ninety minutes.

Quite probably,no-one could have saved Dalian Atkinson from his demons. But there were a lot of people in his professional life who may have tried harder. Many of us have read this court case,many of us have read the astonishing autobiography of Paul McGrath,and we all know of others too.

This has to stop. Football as an industry needs to realise that there is a duty of care to those it carelessly discards. Dalian won’t be the last,but his tragedy needs to be the one that makes a difference.

Above article by BMCUWP

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Mike in Toronto

blogging at its best. respect.


Beautiful article.
Beautiful fitba player and human being was Dalian. I loved him, my missus adored him for more than his fitba genius.
Sadly his demons fucked him.
Tragic end for a good man.



Beast of a player,but by all accounts a lovely human being. Football should have served him better.


Unfortunately this is now Dalian Atkinson’s song.



My personal Henrik Larsson song.



My one and only political comment today.
A plea to all Scottish voters.
Do not give a Unionist party your vote please.
I am voting for Ross Greer, a fine intelligent young Clydebank Tim.
Mon the Greens!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends – remember, vote early and vote often 😉

St tams

Excellent article Bobby as always.

Anyone but the Tories

The Gombeen Man

Thanks BMCWPS,

Great piece of writing.

You’ve both helped a lot of people through this Pandemic.

They might have Plc’d football but it’s spirit is kept alive in the relationships around it.

I didn’t know there was an election on today. Fair play too for sparing us the cul-de-sac of politics.


Obviously with deference to Mahe and Bobby I will avoid politics today. So I won’t mention the story I heard that all the Lisbon Lions & Jock Stein voted LABOUR. As did Brother Walfrid. (Or would have if Labour existed at the time).
Cheers and Hail Hail.

A thing of beauty

I understand that sentinel Celts try to keep politics off the blog. Whatever party you vote for it’s important you are fully informed of the facts and not carried away by sentiment.


ATOB, spoken like a good Labour woman! Hail Hail.

Billy Bhoy

A simple but very powerful blog Bobby.

I had to put down my cereal bowl out of respect for the subject matter and offer up a wee prayer.

Away oot in the rain to cast my vote with a heavier heart than I had a few minutes ago.

Saltires en Sevilla

Bobby, Absolutely Superb!


Ronnie Simpson was a Tory councillor in Corstorphine Edinburgh.


Strictly speaking Ronnie was a Progressives politician. Yes anti-Labour. Which probably explains why he never scored a single goal for Celtic! 🙁


Packy, a true story.

Back in the day when Glasgow was the City Of Culture, Pavarotti sung at the Exhibition Centre. Tickets were like gold dust. I think we paid around £50!!!
For some reason a pal of mine John R suggested we bring along Margaret – ‘Peggy’ – Herbison. We clubbed together to pay for her ticket and booked a large taxi there and back for us all.
Peggy was a retired old school type Labour MP for many years. She was much loved in the locality. During the Harold Wilson era 1960s she was minister for Pensions/Social Security. She resigned in protest at an increase in prescription charges. That’s the type of woman she was.

She was pleasantly surprised that this handful of young (at the time) guys wanted to show their appreciation for her lifetime of dedication. I personally bought her the programme on the night. Pat on the back Jim!

Several people looked at her twice as if they recognised her. Although she was retired many years by this time.

She thoroughly enjoyed it, as we all did. The orchestra and chorus were from Scottish Opera if I remember right. So you can imagine the quality of goods on offer! Nessun Dorma was sensational.

A happy night was had by all. 🙂

ps She was the first woman to be honoured with becoming the High Commissioner to The Church of Scotland General Assembly 1970-71



Sorry Jobo? But in our constituency you can only vote once. !!!!!

How often do you vote? Do you use the funny moustache and wig to sneak in a very extra votes for your chosen party 😜😜

Jobo Baldie
Angel Gabriel

A different, but excellent article . Thanks for reminding me about Dalian , seems like a top player and top bloke.



I always assumed that it referred to the system in Norniron where people who owned businesses and homes in different areas had to spend the day voting in each of those areas,as was their entitlement.

The democratic One Man,One Vote system practiced elsewhere in the UK didn’t exist there.

Noel Skytrot

How anyone can abuse, assault and murder another human being due to them having a different genetic structure to themselves goes way beyond any decent human beings rationale.

As for institutionalised racism, its here for the duration and it would be folly to think anything else.

Until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes the human race are showing themselves up to be nothing more than the primates they are.


Bobby/ Jobo,

That’s why I never talk politics.

On another subject, Without googling it, Does anyone remember the” Daily Express” 5 a sides played at Wembley during the 70’ and 80’s. From memory, it was an Annual tourney and featured on “ Sportsnight with Coleman” on a Wednesday night.

I’m sure Celtic won it one year and I recall Charlie Nicholas and Danny Crainie playing .

Another tourney was the Tennents 6’s , played at the SECC from the 90”s which I believe Celtic also won and again, I think Joe Miller played and scored a few times.

I don’t want to Google so thought I would ask if anyone remembers these ?????

Beats politics anyway 😳😳


Leggy, I used to love Tennents 6s when I drank lager. I also enjoyed watching the footy version on the telly!


Talking about lager. I gave it up after speaking to my doctor about heartburn. He said lager is notorious for causing it. He suggested Guinness or Light or Heavy. I complied.


Celtic won Daily Express tournament in 1981.
Our squad was,
Peter Latchford
Willie McStay
Charlie Nicholas
Danny Crainie
Willie Garner
John Weir.
Coach was Clydebank legend Jimmy Lumsden.
Celtic beat Watford, Man United, Ipswich, and Southampton in the final.



Never realised Willie “They embarrassed the Hoops “ Garner was in that squad.

Well at least he won a trophy 🏆 HH 🍀🍀

Jobo Baldie

I understand that the pressure is on me to provide Chalmersbhoy with the selection for this weekend’s charity bet. Does anyone have his email addy or do I just post it on here and hope he sees it?



I saw an irony in there that made me laugh.

If it was intended it hit my irony funny bone it worked.

If it wasnt my irony funny bone got the better of me, for which I apologise.


The latter. 👍


Willie Garner was excellent in that tournament beside Willie McStay in defence.

Jobo Baldie

For this weekend’s charity bet can I go for a Scottish Cup semi final double of Hibs (4/5) and St Mirren (2/1) – both to win in 90 minutes. St Mirren’s odds might reduce as news leaks out that a couple of St Johnstone players are out with COVID…
Those odds are per bet365.


Good bet.
Would like a Hibernian v Saint Mirren final.
Good luck. 🤞



I’ve mailed that to CHALMERSBHOY. As always,I double up his fiver and the return I got was £27,or 4.4/1.

Good luck!


Bobby excellent article. 👍

Sadly I don’t remember Dalian, however Noel Skytrot’s reply at 12:38 pm nails it for me, it’s shameful how anyone can treat another human being in such a way, even more so, when that or those “anyone’s” are supposed to be the very people who are responsible for protecting the public, and especially the weaker among us.


I watched a Lou Macari interview earlier, his insight into big Jock, Ferguson, Shankly, Tommy Docherty was enlightening, and funny at times, even though it also covers a serious topic his Homeless Project, worth a watch if you get a spare hour and a half.

Edit: It does contain a few sweary words for the PG amongst us


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ,brilliant story jim but i might just beat it with this one, left a job in 1986 think i told you jim my boss was sending me all over wales, it got so bad i was speaking fluent welsh in the end😎 anyway i digress, phoned up a company called overdive went in for an interview ok they said start tomorrow ,now this company just hired out drivers, was told to report to a company in warrington, and ask for a mr chris smith, anyway got there at 8 knocked on the door, is chris smith there please, guy says no chance he never gets here till after 9, are you from overdrive yes i said, well there is your van, JIM even to this day i can remember it it was a little peugeot 205 van, now bear in mind i was told by overdrive id be driving anything with wheels on it, but id be getting HGV money, the guy says to me there are 8 drops 4 in liverpool and 4 in manchester, i looked at the delivery notes i knew every one of them, then he says if you have trouble with the deliveries phone us and we will send someone out to help you,JIM id done them all by 1,and then went home watched tv and got back to the depot at 4-50, said to the guy bliddy hell mate that was hard going,😎JIM i had that job for 3 months, at the end they wanted me to stay, but when i found out the money they were paying to their own driver who had retired, it was less than half what i was on, so it was goodnight from him and a goodnight from me,another true story👍


From the BBC site- a great example for budding Journalists of how to be blind to any signs of BS being spun, from Chris McGlaughlin, and a masterclass in non-deductive reasoning from Stephen McGowan:-

“The former owner of Rangers, Craig Whyte, says getting involved with the Ibrox club was the biggest regret of his life.
Whyte took over Sir David Murray’s majority shareholding for £1 exactly 10 years ago, while agreeing to take on millions in debt.
The business also faced the prospect of a huge tax bill.
Whyte used money projected to come from future season tickets to allow him to complete his purchase.
However, under Whyte’s stewardship, the Rangers business went into administration and then liquidation in 2012.
Whyte, who is now 50, was charged and later cleared of fraud in relation to the takeover.
“I thought it was a good opportunity to make a profit,” he said.
“It’s hard to believe it is 10 years but I remember when I was first asked to have a look at it.
“It seemed like a good idea at the time but clearly it turned out not to be.”
Loathed by Rangers fans and lauded by some supporters of other clubs, Whyte still maintains he should never have been painted as the villain.
“I don’t believe I did anything wrong,” he said.
“I was not responsible for the build-up of tax debt that caused HMRC to pursue Rangers.
“I was the guy who was there when it went wrong but I wasn’t the person who caused the problem.”
Whyte, who now does most of his business in South America, admits he could have been more open about his funding of the takeover.
The sale of the club was predicated on wiping out bank debt totalling about £18m.
He used the company Ticketus to secure a loan based on future season ticket sales – effectively buying the club with fan money.
But he decided not to make that news public.
“I should have been more open with the fans and the media,” he said.
“I should have disclosed the funding method on day one – by not doing that I gave the media and the fans ammunition to throw at me.”
It is an argument that is unlikely to make its way into the history books.
Whyte knows he will forever be the main villain one of the darkest chapters in the history of Rangers – something that is justified, according to journalist Stephen McGowan, from the Scottish Daily Mail.
“I think Craig Whyte will be remembered as the man who took Rangers into administration and ultimately towards liquidation,” he said.
I don’t think history will remember him in any way in any fond or benevolent manner.
“He may wish to paint himself as the man who had the wool pulled over his eyes, but ultimately Rangers fans will always feel that he was the one doing the pulling.”
Whyte admits his brief association with football is not one he is keen to repeat.
Asked how he would look back on his time at Rangers, he used the word “nightmare”.
“I think it’s fair to say that the whole experience, from start to finish, from walking into Ibrox on that first day, to being acquitted at the High Court, was the most traumatic experience of my life, for sure.”


What a load of old bullshit by McGowan.
Who is this Chris McGlaughlin wi a G in his name? 😊


There are many Dalians out there. I am sure most of you have come across at least one example. I wonder whether fame and fortune is the cause of their demons, or whether it would have happened anyway. I suppose that question is a variation of the nature or nurture argument. Perhaps the good old Canadian compromise is the truth……..a bit of both.

My own experience of a sad self destructive personality occurred in my line of business. We had a superb teacher who transformed education in that subject within Newfoundland. Many practitioners owed him their careers. When reading through the little that he left behind, I spied his autobiography. He never finished it, nor did he get very far into it. However, he did make clear his philosophy of life. Essentially, it was do your best but never cause anyone any harm. Whatever demons possessed this fine man, we shall never know but, ultimately, they destroyed him. He consumed everything that he had and sadly there had to be a collection to bury him.

Towards the end, I had to pull him off a course he was teaching because he either did not turn up or was under the weather when he did. There were heavy hitters in that class so there was no option, but I know it hurt him deeply. For years, others, including me, had protected him and patched over the messes. In retrospect, this did him no favours.

I often ask could anything have been done? I am sure different approaches could have been taken but I am not sure they would have made a difference. Still, I and hundreds of others remember him 20 years after he left us.




Fair point- The G stands for ” Gee, I don’t want to be banned from Ibrox”

A thing of beauty

I honestly believe minty moonbeams must have the goods on every journalist and high ranking official in Scotland. He took the Huns to liquidation, same as he robbed the taxpayer of hundreds of million when MIM went bust but he was allowed to cherry pick the profitable parts and pass them to his son. Wtf? There is not one journalist in the whole of Britain has the cajones to tell it like it is. Just happy to take their money producing puff pieces like today’s shitey effort by Chris McLaughlin and Stephen McGowan. Shameful


Oh for the good old days when we had at least one extremely fine journalist who gave us this masterpiece of investigative reporting. 🕵️‍♂️


That’s the shite we get fed daily, SDM knocked back a £18m bid by consortiums, and further bids by the Liar King, but finally sold to the highest bidder CW for the vast sum of … a quid

No wonder the rags are going to the wall. Good riddance to pure rubbish


The power of a high ranking Mason in this country.


Topper’s tune.
Strummer’s lyrics.


big packy

you younger ghuys will probably be jealous of jimthetim and I because wee saw the lions in the flesh, but me personally id have loved to have seen johnny doyle and paul mcstay, I mention johnny doyle because very shortly after he died my sister got married down here, and we had about 6 or seven uncles from both sides of the family came down for the wedding, and they had nothing but praise for johnny doyle, sad now to think everyone of them has gone to pastures new, what they would think of this lot i couldnt comment.H,H,


Allegedly an investor from the far east about to pump £20 mill into Sevco’s coffers. Attracted by potential CL riches apparently 😲


Suprised the ref didn’t make us retake the freekick


Slán big Shane and thanks, I think🤔. I honestly believed you were the answer to our defensive frailties. An experienced big tough no-nonsense defender from the EPL, but you were an absolute disaster in a Celtic shirt for whatever reason. There aren’t enough words in the English lexicon to properly convey how bad you were mate. But look on the bright side, you won a cup medal and lived the dream of every Celtic fan – you got to play for Celtic, badly admittedly but you wore the shirt.

Best of luck on your travels big man and I hope you don’t dwell too much on what could have been.


Sacked Roma manager Paolo Fonseca has entered the betting for new Celtic manager.
His agent has informed Celtic of Fonseca’s interest in the Celtic Manager job.