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I find we as a group spend an excessive amount of time explaining how exactly the PLC pulled the wool over our eyes on several issues, like Res12 and the death of Rangers, but we rarely seem to touch upon the big question of why they reached the decisions the did at the time.
All that follows is mere speculation of course, but understanding the rationale behind these choices will help us possibly forgive some of them and maybe anticipate future decisions based on this past behavior.
The last decade has shown one thing very clearly, we are the green half of a partnership, not a rivalry.
You see a rival would have no hesitation in helping the competitions demise with the aim of stealing their customers, a bigger piece of the market share. Some rivals would even help foster the opportunity to grab a bigger slice of the pie at their rivals expense. Rivals are there to be crushed, before they crush you.
They certainly aren’t your friend.
A partnership though is much different. There may well be a dominant partner but either party never enacts harm on the other, quite the opposite. They help each other out and if one should need assistance the other has their back.
Glasgow Celtic were faced with numerous opportunities to kill off their world famous ‘rivalry’ known as the Old Firm and as one half of the duet had more than enough reason to speak up when it was in trouble, dire straits, then dead.
Our club of choice ignored their death, pretended it never happened while dropping hints it never (49 quid and dropping ‘The’ infront of their name etc) then downsized to help them to a title, whilst never objecting to the use of 55 which totally affects us.
We held out the hand and helped them out of that pit they had dug for themselves.
That’s evident.
Being far from a legal mind certain questions spring to mind regarding what a PLC may or may not do.
For instance, announcing the Old Firm was over to the world would clearly have affected the share price negatively, yet as we now know the option to continue/revive the partnership existed.
When faced with these two options, both legal, one much more profitable than the other (presumably), were the board legally obliged to follow the money of the Old Firm?
Where their hands were tied, required to ignore sporting integrity for the bottom line?
I get the feeling if that was true they would have announced it and hidden behind it.

Forgetting legal requirements for a while, the board clearly took a the view this partnership was in the companies best interest but is this necessarily true?
Could we have went alone, could we thrive out with the dreaded Old Firm?
We may never find out, the famous ‘its just cost us ten million a year’ statement from Peter post liquidation showing their mindset, profit first always.
I suspect many would hark back to the Ronny D years and the drop in sales, the sold out 49 pieces of silver cup game that sold out, and say aye we need them, sorry fact or not.
Looking at the football landscape there’s very few one horse races out there, Cluj being the first that springs to mind,,a club that has cracked onto a successful European qualifying strategy, but also has a much larger native player pool to draw from. Processions to title after title aren’t that interesting sometimes even for the winning teams support.
Our certain two horse race is so successful it’s world renowned, and does keep interest and sales high enough.
Was that a strong enough reason for this PLC to keep the show on the road?
They clearly thought so.
In private I suspect Peter would probably admit to fearing season ticket sales of thirty thousand to be the most important mitigating factor for ignoring their demise, but then this board have never been visionary, would probably see going it alone is a crying shame and lost income opportunity.
I personally would have embarked on a youth first policy supplemented by the finest local experience we could buy, always playing in the traditional Glasgow Celtic way.
A lower entry point for season ticket sales especially for young ones, alongside local groups using the Park as a community hub, and a partnership with a decent food outlet to revamp the day out experience off the top of my head.
But overall an emphasis on becoming a club of the people again, with mostly/only locals aiming to conquer Europe with dazzling football for the second time.
Eventually a new rival would emerge to replace that which was lost, the Dons or Jambo’s more than likely.
We weren’t born the green half of the Old Firm and some at least would opt not to be if given the choice,,yes there would be some drift but an exciting path could retain a lot of those I believe.
To help cement the new vision and get the fans fully involved in the project, the support should have been given the honest facts from day one and probably would have sympathized with the club for the huge dilemma, maybe going the extra mile to show their solidarity.
Peter could have done a roadshow series explaining we are not only ten million down but a one horse race won’t work after a two horse one, plead clemency due to being between a rock and a hard place, and maybe just maybe came away with a large degree of sympathy.
A consensus could have been agreed, such as okay we all accept them back into the top flight under certain conditions such as no claiming previous titles and operating a solid business plan with public accounts that must be signed off.
If the will was there to accommodate them again, something could have been cobbled together, but it would have needed consensus plus strong leadership.
We got neither and were left to our own excitement talking jelly and ice cream only to find out Peter rushed down to London to sign a four Old Firm games per year contract, the perfect shield to hide behind he probably thought.
The board shat the bed and said we need them, gotta have them, and by helping the resuscitation stuck an engagement ring on that clubs finger.
Alone was just never an option for them, sporting integrity and trust be damned.
If the majority of the fanbase honestly believe and accept that Glasgow Celtic needs its rival and world famous rivalry, then our board have been proven correct in their assumptions and some of us need to accept that facts of why exactly events took place like they did, why we never said they died out loud.
If the board really were just delivering what the people wanted, at the known price of sporting integrity, maybe some of the wrath they receive is unwarranted?
Did the board in reality save Celtic from mediocrity and/or the slow ugly demise of a one horse league by reviving them?
Now years have passed and fans in the main have accepted the rivalry again, do the PLCs actions at the time make more sense?

Blog Poll – a simple yes or no please.
Could Glasgow Celtic thrive without Rangers?

Mahe = Yes.

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Dharma Bam

And I think we would all be a bit more at ease with ourselves, board and supporters.

Retired Internet Bampot






Jobo Baldie

But whilst I fully expect this poll to be a resounding ‘yes’ (as it would be on the other channel too) I think that there are many thousands in our wider fan base that would say differently.
But good timing to hold a referendum today 😉






Sentinel Celts Ballot Paper
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Please Put A Cross In One Box Only:

The Auld Firm Party
The Huns Party
The WATP Party
The SFA Party For Deaf, Dumb and Blind Administrators Party
The SPFL There’s Nothing To See Here Party
The ScotGov Please Be Quiet Timmy and Know Your Masters Party
The Police Scotland Shut The Fuck Up Or I’ll Lift You Party
The All Year Long 5th of November Party
The Know One Likes Us We Don’t Care Party

I could’ve gone on but when to stop!


Personally I really enjoyed our football – games without bile – while that new team were in the lower leagues.

big packy





1888% Yes




100% YES

St tams







Did the board in reality save Celtic from mediocrity?

No, they ensured that mediocrity became the ‘new normal for Celtic. From Larrson to Ajeti, from Brendan to Lenny, from KT to Greg Taylor.

bada bing1


Maestro Fan


Lawwell can retire knowing his work to restore the huns is complete. The cheats have won… with our help.



Said it in 2012 and some of my friends replied
“ But we’re going to have no Competition “.

Don’t give a shit. I want them gone !!!!!

Nothings changed for me.

Gerry M



Fun and family friendly matches – yes
No vile and bigoted atmosphere – yes
No cheating and stealing – yes

Should have been reality
Competing with Europe elite – yes
More money from Europe than OF – yes
Youth team in lowland league on our own – yes
Produce and nurture young players – yes
Bonuses earned instead of taken – yes
Match day experience improved – yes

Wasted opportunity over the last ten years to improve Scottish football as a whole but instead the suits decided to downgrade and ignore their own regulations to allow a new club to reach the top – real celtic men would never have allowed this.
DD, PL and the rest of the suits guilty of the above – yes

The Gombeen Man


Celtic were dead for years before 2012.

We are half of the Old Firm. A British Institution, that thrives on dominating minorities.




Celtic Champs Elect



Is this an Indyref2 poll? 😊



Exist yes, thrive No.

Symbiotic relationship , both clubs serve their fan bases with a “competitive” offer.

Noel Skytrot




I don’t think there is much doubt that most of us on here think we would have been absolutely fine without the huns. But then,we are fans,and not the businessmen who run the club.

The problem is that the businessmen who run the club aren’t fans!


But we’d have to survive within our means
A lower standard of player
Lower crowds due to lack of serious competition
No big name transfers


the businessmen who run the club aren’t fans!

That’s it in a nutshell 😡
Doesn’t matter what we think

The Gombeen Man

They lowered the standard of player and management, to synthetically create competition.

Lost any semblance of integrity and are stuck with their 5WA.

Any attempt to manage the relationship with Sevco was doomed to failure within the corrupt construction of the SPFL-SFA-UEFA-FIFA.

Add to that the media, politicians, courts and police.

Sounds like a great plan.

The upside of all is we revealed the true nature of Celtic Plc.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

The fairytale image we’ve created of Celtic is gone.


The Gombeen Man

Spot on. !!!!!!

Well said that man 👏👏👏



You raise the point what is in the Company’s interest?

That phrase is oft used by Celtic with reference to Res12 etc, but why it is in the Company’s interest, as opposed to the interests of Board members, is never explained.

Instead we have been fed a huge lie and it seems it is still in the Company’s to stick to it.

To kill the lie it has to be made into the Company’s interest to do so, but the obvious leverage – delay ST renewal is something not enough ST holders are prepared to contemplate, so an alternative route is required.

What is irrefutable based on events is that at the 2019 AGM the CEO lied to shareholders re sight of 5WA and was either disingenuous or deceitful in explaining why Celtic would not take the case to UEFA, as the second Res12 sought, and was supported by Bankier.

This surely has to be The Boards most vulnerable point. What rights do shareholders have and what responsibilities do Directors have to shareholders? Do shareholder rights depend on the size of their shareholding?
In situations where shareholders feel they have lost out as result of Directors behaviour what they can do is seek remedies with the Board.

The proposal on Board reform put to CST AGM uses the misleading of shareholders as a fundamental reason for change, but the problem is how strong is the case to justify shareholders to seek remedies and for that legal advice is required.

That shareholders were misled in 2019 is irrefutable based on evidence, yet that was not the finding of Bankier at the 2020 AGM. You can watch him say so at .

I believe it will not be in the Company’s interest to have this matter raised in public view, but the proposal for Board Reform, if adopted as a resolution for next AGM , which depends on CST members to support it, which cannot be done if you are not a CST member, will put the issue of being misled in full public view.

That in my opinion will not be seen as in The Company’s interest, whilst coming clean will be, especially after those that misled shareholders are not around to defend their personal interests.

The barrier is twofold:

Who speaks for shareholders? The CST are best placed to do that.

Finding the funds to pay for the legal advice that will be needed to strengthen the hand of whoever represents small shareholders.

Anyone know a law firm that might give an estimate of costs based on a preliminary view of the strength of the case?


The Gombeen Man 11.15
Though it pains me greatly, I fear that you are correct in your summation.
How do we change it though, that will garner widespread support (sic)?

Bluegrass Celt

I wanted us to be a one and only, ugly sister. But one that would have grown into a beautiful European princess, admired and respected by all who came to town


I think greed and short sightedness has destroyed any hope that Scottish will improve with the custodians we have now.
Celtic had the financial muscle to demand change and a fair proposal would have got others on board.
The greatest opportunity was spurned for short term gain.
There is a total lack of forward thinking in the Scottish football establishment.
When the huns died forward thinking people would have used the opportunity to rebuild Scottish football with integrity and a proper economic model.
Some form of shared revenue and properly implemented financial safeguards would have seen an improvement though incrementally slow we would eventually have had respect again as the once proud football nation we used to be.
The development of the game and youth should have been a priority.
We are too small a nation for the present league set.
A larger two league set up with regionalization for the rest including semi pro and juniors to reduce costs would have made more sense.
Scotland has the highest proportion of attendees per capita of any European nation i believe.
The Icelandic model produced a team who excelled in international football because they had a well implemented plan for all levels of football in their country.
I said to a friend a few weeks ago when watching the dismal fare and draw that Celtic v Aberdeen served up that neither team seemed like professional’s with little skill and no discerning plan that if next season is more of the same then it’s just not worth watching.
Every team in SPL struggles to have a playing style due to playing 8 league games against us and the huns where they just shove 10 men behind the ball and hope to steal point’s.
The individuals involved in Scottish football have no interest in collective improvement and are happy with crumbs from the selfish Old Firms table.
As for Lawwell and DD they will rue the day they got into bed with a partner who has lied and cheated through their entire existence ably supported by Scottish society and their institutions.

So a YES! from me.

Billy Bhoy


However, we will never truly know as the Board downsized and stagnated during the 4 years of “the journey”. The opportunity to focus on regaining some real credibility as a force in Europe was lost and so we got Legia Warsaw (1-6), Maribor, Malmo, AEK, Cluj, Copenhagen, Ferencvaros and Slavia Prague (2-8)

It looks like a very long way back from here.

Still, we’re ” One Club Since 1988″ and “Not Half Of Anything” so I suppose that’s something eh?

Angel Gabriel

Yes , for Celtic FC .

No for the Celtic PLC , as it doesn’t care about the rules of the game, its only rule is making money and keeping the share price up .

The landscape has changed. Forever.

They’ve sold us out , but still want our wonga.

The Gombeen Man


“Each day, 25,000 people, including more than 10,000 children, die from hunger and related causes.”

John Holmes is the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs

Ten thousand children die from hunger and related causes per day.

That’s 625 kids dying unnecessarily during a 90 minute game of football.

We wake up and see how self-centered and dishonest the whole football debate is.

It’s a distraction of the privileged and is an obscene waste of time, money and energy.

As individuals we look for simple ways to make a positive contribution (S.B. or merchandise money for example.) and in doing so we let football’s troubles sort themselves out.

If it cleans itself up, then give it money.

By doing something positive we can get out of this selfish rut we find ourselves in.

Suddenly we see the world as a different place.


Yes. 100%

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the comment.

I see the guy that created Spotify, Daniel Ek is interested in buying Arsenal.
He’s reputedly worth $4.5bn.

I was hoping he was a Tim from EK…

I’m enjoying your comments on the Blog.

Mike in Toronto

Sorry… but if we are being honest, Celtic didn’t lie to us , at least After PL’s initial statement..

thereafter, DD told us what the plan was (Scottish football needs a strong Rangers) …and

then basically said nothing… even when they were probably required to by law (disclosure requirements under Companies legislation)

they didn’t need to lie to Celtic fans, because Celtic fans did it for them…

I lost count of how many excuses we made for that statement and/or the Club’s inaction…

‘DD must have been ambushed/caught unaware ‘…

‘Celtic are keeping their powder dry…building a case’

‘Cant comment on anything before the Courts…sub judice’

‘Celtic are the victims…but are just one club… they must have tried, but been rebuffed’…

All the while, the club was just running out the clock to ensure that limitation periods expired, so they could say it was too late.

Time for talking is over. Time for hoping that the Club will suddenly have a crisis of conscience and do the right thing is over.

People are either going to do what is necessary, and force the club to behave honestly and honourably. If you do what is necessary, you will get the kind of club you can be proud of.

Or people are going to continue to do what they have been doing, (for the most part, sitting on their hands, and hoping someone else will do it all for them), and the club will fall farther and father into decay (on the pitch and off).

It is up to the fans to decide if they care enough about their club to do what is necessary to save it while they still can, or whether they are content to value their day out over the long term health of their club.

It is up to the fans.

But, whichever route people choose, they will get the sort of club they deserve.




The Gombeen Man

Don’t think Daniel Ek is in fact a Tim from EK.

Only thing is, the high rollers from EK tend to mix together so, possibly Jobo might be able to answer that 😜😜😜

HH 🍀🍀🍀


We could have and should have created a Celtic football club free from a poisonous and pervasive neighbour. It would have taken time but all clubs in Scotland would have benefited. Sadly, we chose not to grasp that opportunity.

Mike in Toronto


The thing is it is NOT too late. We have made it more difficult for ourselves for sure (its the old saw… when you are in a hole, stop digging)… but, the damage is not irreparable …. it can still be salvaged…. if there is the will to do so.

Like the English fans of late (or the Liverpool fans after Hillsbrough), if enough fans stand up and say they wont accept being cheated, the Club will have no choice but to act.

I’m not saying it will all turn into sunshine and lollipops overnight… we wont get everything we want … that is life… but we will get something …. and most importantly we will have stood up for ourselves and our club.

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